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Constitution and Rules 

AND — 

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Committee of Management. 


Hon. Sir Wm. J, Ritchie. 


Lt.-Col. Thos. Ross. 


Wm. Smith. 

members of committee: 

A. D. DeCelles, S. C. D. Roper, 

W. E. HoDGiNS, T. C. Watson, 

G. F. Henderson. 


W. L. Heron. 


Merchants Bank of Canada , 


.-V ''••_:i''',f 



OTTitlZSTii. CLTJ38. 


1. —The Association shall be known as the ** Ottawa 


2.— Politics and religious questions of every descrip- 
tion shall be excluded from the objects of the Club. 


3.— Each candidate for admission shall be proposed 
by one member and seconded by another. The candi- 
date's name and usual place of residence, his rank, 
profession, or other description shall be inserted on a 
printed form to be -supplied by the Secretary, and which 
shall be signed by tne proposer and seconder ; the notice 
when completed to be sent to the Secretary. He shall be 
balloted for at any ballot which may take place after 
the lapse of seven days from the time of such proposal, 
provided that the name of each candidate to be balloted 
for, with those of the proposer and seconder, shall be on 
the notice-board of the Club at least seven days before 
the day of ballot. No person shall be eligible to become 
a member until he has attained the age of 21 years. 


4. — The ballot for members shal! take place bttween 
the hours of 10 o'clock a.m., oa the day upon which the 
ballot is opened, and 6 o'clock p.m. on the day following. 
During the hours of ballot a notice to the effect that the 
ballot is going on shall be posted on the notice board 
with a particular request that members will attend to 
same. The ballot boxes shall be examined and secured 
l)revious to use, by the Secretary and one member of the 
Committee ; and after the ballot is over the boxes shall 
be opened and examined by the Secretary in the presence 
of at least two members of the Committee. The result 
of the ballot as regards each candidate shall be imme- 
diately entered opposite their names respectively in a 
book provided for that purpose, and signed by the Scru- 
tineers . Each candidate must have at least 80 votes to 
constitute his election, and one black ball in seven shall 
exclude. In the event of any candidate not having the 
required number of votes, his name may be placed at the 
top of the list for next ballot. No candidate who has 
been blackballed can be again proposed within six months 
from the date of his rejection, and any candidate who 
shall have been twice blackballed will not be eligible to 
be again proposed. 


5. — Members shall be divided into 4 classes : 

(1) Ordinary members. 

(2) Supernumerary members. 

(3) Privileged members. 

(4) Honorary members. 


6. — On the election of each new member the Secretary 
shall notify him, and furnish him with a p: Inted copy of 
the Rules and Regulations. He shall also request him to 
remit the amount of his entrance fee and half yea4''s 


subscription, which bhali tlien be deemed to be due, to 
the Treasurer (or Secretary), pending which payment no 
new member shall be admitted to ballot for a candidate, 
to vote, or to enjoy any of the privileges of the club. 

Should a new member not pay his entrance fee and 
half-year's subscription within two months from his ad- 
mission into the Club, in case he resides in Canada, or 
within six months in case he resides elsewhere, the Secre- 
tary shall report the circumstance to the Committee, 
who may cause his name to be erased from the list of 
members, unless he can justify the delay to the satisfac 
tion of the Committee. 


7. — The Entrance Fee payable on admission to the 
Club shall be Fifty Dollars, pnd the annual subscription 
Sixteen Dollars. But members elected after the month 
of May in any year are only required to pay 2^t^o rata for 
the remainder of the year in which they may be elected, 
but no member shall pay for the unexpired portion of 
any quarter in which he may be elected a sum less than 
$4. All subscriptions shall be payable yearly on the first 
day of May , or half-yearly on the first days of May and 
November in each year, and after these latter days no 
notice of withdrawal shall exempt the retiring member 
from the payment of the current year's subscription, or 
of the balance thereof then remaining unpaid. 

Members ceasing to belong to the Club by resignation 
or otherwise, except members who may be expelled 
the Club, shall not be entitled to have any jiart of 
their entrance fee or annual subscription returned to 


8. — The name of every member (other than a new 
member) who shall not have paid his subscription within 
one month after the same became due, shall be put up on 
the Notice Board in the Club, a notification of which shall 


be sent to him by the Secretary, and if the subscription 
be not paid on or before the last day of the third month 
after the same fell due, the defaulter shall cease to be a 
member of the Club, and the Committee shall cause hi& 
name to be erased from the list of members ; but he may 
be re-admitted on assigning to the Committee satisfactory 
reasons for his failure of payment. 

From and after the first daye of May and November in 
each year, no member of the Club shall be allowed to 
vote at a ballot, to attend or vote at any meeting of 
the Club, or to act as a member of the Committee, 
until he shall have paid his subscription for the current 
half year. 


9. — Any member whose dues are all paid shall be at 
liberty to withdraw from the Club, on his written appli- 
cation to that effect sent in to the Committee. Any such 
member, so resigning, may be readmitted upon being 
proposed and balloted for in the usual manner, and the 
Committee are authorized, in their discretion, to make 
such terms as regards entrance fee as they may think fit. 

Any member who shall withdraw, resign or be 
expelled, or shall cease to be a member of the Club, shall 
forfeit, ipso facto, all right or claim thereon, or in or to 
its property or funds, except in respect of any debt the 
Club may owe him for moneys advanced or lent to the 
Club ; and any member who shall be expelled shall for- 
ever thereafter be ineligible to be readmitted a member 
of the Club. 


10. — Officers in Her Majesty's Army and Navy, and 
persons holding military and civil appointments under 
the Imperial Government, who may be stationed in 
Canada for an indefinite period, and officers in the per- 
manent corps of the Active Militia of Canada, and of the 
North- West Mounted Police (other than those resident 

or permanently stationed in Ottawa), and any other 
persons who shall satisfy the Committee that their resi- 
dence in Ottawa is temporary and precarious, and 
subject to be terminated by the occurrence of circum- 
stances beyond their control, may be admitted as 
Privileged Members of the Club, upon being proposed 
and balloted for in the manner laid down for ordinary 
members. Such members shall not pay any entrance 
fee, but shall pay an annual subscription of twenty-four 
dollars. Such subscription to be paid in advance in 
quarterly instalments of six dollars, on the first days of 
January, April, July and October in each and every year 
during their membership. If elected in the interval of 
any quarter they shall pay for the balance of such 
quarter not less than six dollars. 

Privileged Members shall enjoy all the rights of 
Ordinary Members, except ti^ose of attending and voting 
at meetings or for members of the Club, and being 
elected officers or members of the Committee. No Privi- 
leged Member shall have any interest whatever in the 
property of the Club. 

If any such member shall become a resident in Ottawa, 
he may be admitted by the Committee, and without 
election, as an Ordinary Member, on payment of the 
entrance fee and also the difference betw^een the amount 
he may have paid as such privileged member and the 
regular annual subscription for the year. 

All Privileged Members, whose term or terms of 
subscription shall have expired, whether resident in 
Ottawa or otherwise, shall be considered as retaining 
their membership if they continue to make use of the 
Club, and shall be held liable for their quarterly sub- 
scription as usual. 

If any Pi'ivileged Member shall remove his residence 
from Ottawa, he shall not be liable for any further sub- 
scription than that of the then current (juarter. 


11. — Any Ordinary or Privileged Member who may be 
about to absent himself from Ottawa for a period of one 


year or more, on giving information of such absence in 
writing to the Secretary, may, if the Committee see fit, 
be placed on the Hst of Supernumerary Members, and shall 
pay a fee, if an Ordinary Member, of four dollars per 
annum, and if a Privileged Member of six dollars per 
annum, and shall be subject to such rules and regulations 
as may from time to time be provided for Supernumerary 
Members. On the return of any such member, if he 
remain for a period exceeding three months, he shall be 
pable for the full amount of the current year's subscrip- 
tion, deducting therefrom the sum paid by him during 
gUch year. 


13 — Any member wishing to introduce a friend tempor- 
arily visiting Ottawa as a Visiting Member of the Club, 
for a period longer than fourteen days, must send in a 
written application to the Committee at their weekly 
meeting for permission to do so, stating the name, resi- 
dence and occupation of such friend, for their sanction . 
Tlie application, when approved, shall be handed to the 
Secretary, who will notify the person named therein that 
he has been admitted to the Club ^or a period of not more 
than one month, on payment oi Five Dollars ; but this 
privilege shall not be extended to more than one friend to 
each member at one time. Each member to whom this 
permission may be accorded will be held responsible for 
the eligibility of his nominee, and for all dues incurred by 
him to the Club, as well as for his observance of all the 
Rules and Regulations of the Club. The Visiting Member 
so introduced shall not be allowed to introduce any other 
person to the privileges of the Club. The Committee 
may extend the term of such Visiting Member for a per- 
iod not exceeding in all six months, upon payment by 
him of Five Dollars per month. 


14. — The Committee shall have the power to idmit as 
Honorary Members, the Governor-General Ox Canada, 


and any strangers of distinguished rank and position 
visiting the city, to whom it may seem proper to offer 
such a compliment, for such periods as they may 
think fit. The resohition to admit them must be agreed 
to by a majority of the whole Committee. Such Hon- 
orary Members to pay no entrance fte or subscription. 


15 — Tlie Committee shall have power to admit members 
of other Clubs to the privileges of the Club, upon such 
terms and for such periods as ma}" be mutually agreed 
upon by the respective Committees. 


16. — Any infraction of the Rules and Regulations of 
the Chib shall be taken immediate cognizance of by 
the Committee, and any member v/ilfuUy infringing 
the Rules and Regulations shall be liable to suspen- 
sion for a period not exceeding three months, by 
a vote of two-thirds of at least one-lialf of the Commit- 
tee, present at any meeting specially called for the 
purpose ; two day's notice of such meeting being pre- 
viously given to such member, subject to an appeal by 
such member to a General Meeting of the Club, to be 
called within seven days from the date of such 

In case the conduct of any member shall, in the opin- 
ion of the Committee, or of any three members of the Club, 
who shall certify the same to them in writing, be injur- 
ious to the character and interests of the Club, the 
Committee may recommend such member to resign, 
and if the member so recommended refuse or neglect to 
resign, then the Committee shall be authorized to sus- 
pend him from the privileges of the Club until his 
conduct shall have been investigated and decided upon 
by a Special General IMeeting to be convened for that 
purpose by the Committee, at which meeting twenty 


members shall be a quorum : and whenever any circum- 
stances shall occur likely to endanger the welfare and 
good order of the Club, or whenever the Committee shall 
find it expedient, they may submit the conduct of fmy 
member to the judgment of a General Meeting, giving 
fourteen days' notice thereof ; and in the event of it being 
decided at that; meeting, consisting of at least twenty 
persons, by two-thirds of the persons present, (voting 
to be by ballot,) that he name of any member shall be 
removed from the CIl h, then the subscription of such 
member lor tHe current year, or a portion thereof, shall 
be returned, and he shall cease to belong to the Club. The 
decision of the Special General Meeting shall be final. 


17. — Two ordinary members of the Club, one of w^hom 
shall be a member of the Committee, may sanction the 
admission of any person not a resident of Ottawa or 
within five miles thereof, as a Visitor, for any period not 
exceeding fourteen days. This privilege to be purely per- 
sonal, and not to entitle such Visitor to any of the i)rivil- 
eges of the Club, except for himself alone, and not to be 
granted to the same person more than once in three 
months under any circumstances. The Secretary shall 
forthwith provide such Visitor with a card, ard such 
Visitor shall j^roduce the same to the Steward w^hen 
required, otherwise his admission shall be cancelled by 
the Committee. The Committee may at any time limit 
the number of Visitors entitled at any one time to 
admission under this Article, and may also limit the 
number to be introduced by any one member at any 
one time. No person under the age of 21 years shall be 
eligible to be introduced as a Visitor. 


18. — The management and control of the affairs of the 
Club shall be entrusted to a Board of Directors, to be 


called the Committee, and who shall consist of an 
Honorary President, a President, a Vice-President, and 
seven members, to be elected from among the Share- 
holders, by ballot, at the annual meeting of the Club. 
The President and Vice-President may be elected separ- 
ately. The Commictee may fill any vacancy that may 
occur in their body by resignation or otherwise, during 
the year ; such appointment to be in force until the next 
annual meeting. The Committee may appoint a Secre- 
tary and Treasurer, or on person to hold both ofiices, 
as they think best, and may pay a me^iiber of the Club, 
or a person not a member, holding such office or offices, 
such salary as they may think proper. They shall take 
from such officer a sufficient bond of indemnity for the 
due performance of his duties. The Committee shall 
also appoint an Auditor, not a member of the Club, to 
audit the accounts, and examine all vouchers, who shall 
be paid such remuneration therefore, as the Committee 
may decide. They shall, from time to tiuie, appoint two 
of their number, in rotation, to act as a House Com- 
mittee, whose duty it will be to superintend the Steward 
and the internal management of tlie Club,to answer com- 
plaints, and in general to see that the Rules and Regula- 
tions are observed and carried into effect, and also to do 
such other acts and duties as the Committee may assign 
to them. The Committee shall have all necessary powers 
for the good management of the Club, consistent with 
the Rules and Regulations, except the borrowing of 
money on Club credit, or any matters wdiich re(juire 
the authority of a general meeting of the Club before 
being done. 

The Committee may, at its first meeting after each 
annual election, or so soon thereafter as they may con- 
sider it convenient, appoint from amongst themselves, as 
many sub-Committees as may be rec|uired, to superintend 
the several departments of the Club, and may make from 
time to time such Regidations, consistent with the exist- 
ing Rules and Regulations, as they may think necessary 
for the vvell-ljein.ii: of tlie Club. 



19. — The Committee (four of whom shall form a quo- 
rum) shall meet weekly, on a stated day, to transact cur- 
rent business and to audit the accounts. 


20. — There shall be an annual general meeting of the 
Clubregu'arly every year, on the third Monday in May, 
for the purpose of electing the Officers and Committee for 
the succeeding year, and receiving from the Commit- 
tee a report and abstract of the accounts and general 
concerns of the Club for the past year, which report 
shall be printed for the use of the members, and a copy 
put in the public rooms of the Club, at least three days 
before the meeting. At this meeting members shall be 
at libertj^ to bring forward any subject having reference 
to the management and concerns of tlie Club. Twenty 
members shall form a quorum. 


21. — The Committee shall have power at all times to 
convene an extraordinary meeting of the Club, on giving 
se\^en days' notice, to be posted up during that period on 
tlie notice Board of the Club, and a notice mailed to each 
ordinary member, specifying the object of such meeting, 
at which meeting no sui\iect shall be discussed beyond 
that si:)ecified in the notice. On a requisition signed by 
nou less than twenty members, the President shall call a 
special meeting of the Club, but in such case there must 
be at least seven days' notice of the meeting posted up in 
the Club, wliich notice shall state the object of the 
meeting ; and no subject shall be discussed beyond that 
specified in the notice, unless said special meeting be at 
same time as the annual general meeting. 


22. — A quorum of twenty members shall be necessary 
to constitute a special or extraordinary meeting. 



23.— The President, or in his absence, the Vice-Presi- 
dent shall take the Chair at all Club meetings. Should 
he be absent the members present at such meeting shall 
elect a chairman. 


24.— At meetings of the Club the order of business, so 
far as the nature of the meeting may admit, shall be as 
follows : — 

1.— Chair taken and meeting constituted. 

2.— Minutes of last General and any intervening 
Special or Extraordinary meeting read and confirmed. 

3.— Reports of Committee and Auditors. 

4.— At the Annual General Meeting in AprU, the 
election of Officers and Executive Committee of Manage- 
ment shall take place immediately after the Reports of 
the Committee and Auditors. 

5. — Miscellaneous. 

6.— When a question is before a meeting no motion 
shall be in order except : — 
a. To adjourn. 
h. The previous question. 

c. To postpone indefinitely. 

d. To postpone for a certain time. 

e. To divide. 

/. To amend an amendment. 

g. To amend. 

Which motions shall severally have precedence in the 
above order. 

But this order of business may be changed by a major- 
ity of the meeting. 

7.— The ruling of the Chair on any point of order 
shall be final. 

8.— The Chairman may prevent any member from 
speaking more than once on the same motion, until all 
other rnembers present have had an opportunity of 
expressing their opinions. 


9.— The Chairman shall not take part in any discus- 
sion without first resigning the Chair, 

10. — Tliere can be no " suspension of the rules," except 
by a two- thirds majority of the members present. 

11. — All resolutions and amendments shall be delivered 
to the Cliairman in writing, signed by the proposer and 
seconder . 


25. — The Secretary shall furnish, for all meetings, an 
alphabetical list of all members qualified and entitled to 


26. — The Club shall be open every day for the reception 
of members at 7 o'clock, a.m., in the summer and 8 
o'clock a.m., in the winter ; and shall be closed, and the 
lights extinguished at 1 o'clock, a.m., except on Satur- 
days, when the House shall be closed at 12 o'clock, p.m., 
and no member shall be admitted into the Club House 
after these hours under any pretence whatever, unless 
specially authorized by the Committee. 


27. — Any member may introduce friends to breakfast, 
luncheon, dinner or supper at his own expense, and after- 
wards to any rooms of the Club, including the privileges 
of the Billiard and Card Rooms. No member of the Club 
shall introduce a resident of Ottawa into the Club, unless 
for the purpose of breakfasting, lunching, dining or 


28. — All members are to pay their bills for every 
expense they incur in the Club before tiiey leave the 
House, the servants having positive orders not to open 
accounts with any individual. 


29. — No member shall give any money or gratuity to 
any of the servants of the Club, or permit any stranger 
to do so. 


30. — Should any new rule or the alteration of an old 
one, be desired by any member of the Club, two week's 
notice thereof must be given to the Secretary before the 
meeting to be called for considering same, and a copy of 
such notice shall be posted up on the notice board of the 
Club ; and the said new rule or alteration must be con- 
firmed by two-thirds of the members present. 


31. — These Rules and Regulations shall be printed, and 
a copy of them, together with a list of the Committee, 
shall be delivered to every member of the Club, or trans- 
mitted to his address, and shall thenceforth become bind- 
ing upon every member of the Club ; but no member shall 
be absolved from the effect of these Rules and Regula- 
tions on any allegation of not having received them. 


32.— In the absence of the President or Vice-President, 
a Chairman for the day will be first elected, and the 
minutes of the last meeting having been read, the 
question shall be put by the Chairman, "that they be 

If the minutes be objected to by a majority of the 
members present, the particular subject objected to may 
be reserved for consideration, either at a special meeting 
or at the next ordinary meeting, as may be decided upon ; 
and if not objected to, then the Chairman will affix his 
signature thereto. 

After the disposal of the minutes of the previous meet- 
ing, all such matters as require the consideration of the 
Committee will be brought before them, discussed and 
decided upon. 


For I he despatch of business the Committee will, from 
time to time, appoint two of their number, to be called 
the " House Committee," to superintend the ordinary 
business of the Club, and, if necessary, submit a weekly 
report of their proceedings. 

A tariff of meals, wines and cigars, which shall be 
observed by the Steward, shall be i)repared by the Com- 
mittee and constantly exhiljited in the Coflee Room. 


33. — The treasurer shall collect and bank daily all 
moneys of the Club, and shall disburse them under the 
direction of the Committee. All cheques for payment 
authorized l)y the Committee shall be signed by the 
Treasurer, and countersigned by the President, Vice- 
President, or in his absence, by the Chairman of the 
Committee authorizing the expenditure, or in case of 
emergency, by one of the House Committee. He shall 
keep proper accounts, and at each meeting of the Com- 
mittee shall submit a statement showing the financial 
position of the Club, with the Bank Book, showing the 
balance at the credit of the Club. His books shall always 
be open to the inspection of the Committee. 


34. — He will have the general control and superintend- 
ence of the establishment, under the Committee, and 
will attend all meetings of the Committees, note their 
resolutions, and minute them in the book of their pro- 

In all his written official communications he w^ll state 
expressly that they are made by direction of the Com- 

Bt sides his attendance upon the Committee he will 
conduct the official corresponden e of the Club, draw up 
reports, keep regular accounts of all the financial con- 
cerns of the Club, an account of the wine and other 
stores in the stock cellars of the Club, an account with 


the Steward for wines and stores delivered for the con- 
sumption of memV)ers and for tlie use of the establisli- 
ment ; examine tiie accounts of the Treasurer ))revious 
to their being submitted for final adjustment, and will 
pay the same when jmsse*! by the Committee. 

He will ascertain that all ^oods and provisions deliver- 
ed are in strict accordance with the orders given, and 
are correctly charged in the tradesmen's books, and will 
sign such books. 

He will attend to all communications, receive infor- 
mation upon all subjects connected with the business of 
the Club, and particularly all matters relating to the 
members thereof. 

He will place before the Committee the receipts for 
payments which have been authorized by the Cf)mmittee 
at its previous meeting, and he will submit to the Com- 
mittte a weekly statement of the receipts and dislmrse- 
ments of the Club. 


35. — The Steward shall be subject to the control of the 
Committee and House Committee for the time being. 
He will constantlv reside in the Club House, and will 
have the custody of the Plate, Cutler\". China, Glass, 
Linen, etc. He will have the general control and super- 
intendence of the servants, and be responsible for their 
conduct and cleanly appearance, as well as for the clean- 
liness and order of the establishment. 

He will account daily with the Secretary for all 
moneys received from the membeis for sui)plies. 

Subject to the Committee, he will make the established 
charges for all provisions, wines, etc., and cast up and 
receive from the members the amount of their bills. 

He is required to notif}^ meml)ers of any violation of 
the regulations, and report the same to the House Com- 



36. — The following regulations will be in force in this 
Room : — 

1st. — The Game of English Pool shall have choice of 
tables, and take precedence over Billiards and Pyramids, 
and may be plaj^ed in consecutive games. 

2nd. — For Billiards and Pyramids the tables can be 
engaged only for one game. Precedence in playing and 
choice of tables given according to entry of names on the 
marker's slate. 

The charges will be as follows : — 

Pool. — Five cents per ball. 

Black Pool. — Five cents a ball every half hour. 

Billiards. — Twenty cents for a game of one hundred 
points, and fifteen cents for a game of fifty points. 
Fourhanded games, thirty cents. 

Pyramids. —Five cents each player per game. 

Carom Games. — Ten cents for game of thirty-four 
points. Fifteen cents for game of fifty points. 

Other Games. — By the hour, fifty cents. 

Players are particularly requested, immediately after 
play, to obtain their cheques, and deposit them in the 

The marker is instructed, on the conclusion of each 
game, to present to the loser a cheque for the amount of 
his game, together with the box in which the same is to 
be deposited. 


37 — The charge for cards will be fifty cents for each 
new pack and thirty cents for each second-hand pack. 

The cards will be the property of the Club — except 
when sold as second-hand to members after having been 
played with twice (at fifteen cents per pack) to be taken 
out of the House — nnd shall be taken charge of by 
the Steward immediately after the party using them 
shall have retired from the room, or after the table has 
been broken up. 


38 — No game of cards shall, on any account, be played 
for money, except wliist, euchre and cribbage ; nor shall 
dice be used in the Club House except at backgammon. 
No higher stake than quarter dollar points shall be played 
for at such games, nor shall any bet exceed one dollar. 


39 — All complaints respecting Breakfasts, Dinners, &C.,. 
stated on the back of the Bill, and signed by the member 
so complaining, must be specially noticed by the Com- 
mittee at their next meeting ; and all complaints respect- 
ing the servants or domestic arangements of the Chib, 
must be stated by letter, signed by the member om- 
plaining, which letter, adressed to the Secretary, must 
be laid by him before the Committee, at their next 
weekly meeting. 

40— No member shall take, or permit to be taken, from 
the Club, on any pretence whatever, or shall injure or 
destroy any newspaper, pamphlet or other article the 
property of the Club, except those ' ;hich may be sold or 
disposed of by the Committee for the benefit of the Club. 

41 — No member is, on any account, to bring a dog into 
the Club House. 

42 — No smoking shall be permitted in the Reading 
Room or Dining Room. 

43— Strangers calling to see members will be required 
to remain at the entrance of the Club until it is ascer- 
tained if the member be within. 

44 — If a letter for an absent member be applied for by 
another member, who may wish to forward it, the latter 
will be required to pay the postage (if any) and to sign 
an acknowledgement of his having received the letter, 
in case of any further question. 

45 — The Waiters and all other servants of the establish- 
ment will be subject to the order of the Steward and 
Secretary, and will perform such duties as they may 

46 — No stranger shall be admitted into the Club House 
except on business, and the servants are strictly pro^ 

hibited from receiving visitors or followers. No member 
shall give and no servant shall receive a gratuity in the 
Club on any account whatever. 

47— Servants while on dutv will not talk to each other 
except on matters connected with their business, and no 
servant is permitted to address an individual member in 
the House on matters personal, or relative to the con- 
cerns of the Club ; all communications of the latter kind 
to be made through the Steward to the House Committee. 

They shall also be held responsible for the breakage 
and loss of or damage to the property of the Club oc- 
casioned by their carelessness or neglect, and the value 
thereof may be deducted from their wages, by the 

48.— If any money or articles supposed to be the prop- 
erty of members shall be found by the servants in the 
Club House, they shall be delivered to the Secretary 
through the Steward . 

49. —The servants' entrance in the rear will be under 
lock, and the key thereof be in the custody of the House 
Steward, and servants must not enter or go out of the 
Club except by servants' entrance at the rear of the 

50. No large boxes or articles of luggage belonging to 
members will be admitted into the Hall. 

51.— Breakfast may be served from 8 until 12 o'clock, 
Noon; lunches and dinners from 12.30 p.m. until 8 j'clock. 
p.m.; suppers up to twelve o'clock, p.m., and 
liquors, teas, and corfee up to 1 o'clock, a.m., after 
which no orders of any kind can b^' received, unless 
specially authorized by the House Committee of the week, 
on timely application in writing. Members not in the 
habit of dining at the Club, and desiring so to do, must 
give the Steward one hour's intimation thereof. Mem- 
bers will fill up their bills for meals themselves, and 
must on no account em])loy the waiters to do so. 

53. — Articles of glass, earthenware, etc., which may 
be broken by the members, either in the Coffee Room 
or elsewhere in the House, must be paid for by them. 

58. --No pamphlet, advertisment, or notice of any kind 
shall he allowed to be laid on the table, or put up in the 
Club by a member ; but any pamphlet, etc. which it may 
be wished to be made known to the Club shall be sent 
to the Secretary, to be laid before the Committee. 

54.— Writing materials will be provided in the Reading 


Honor, ry Members : 
H.E.The Governor General of Canadn. Hon. A. S. Hardy. 

Ordinary, Privileged ar\d Superr\un\erary N'en\bers: 

Privileged Member^s Marked * Sniierniimeraiy Members Marked s. 


Adams, F. D, 
Adamson, Jas. 
Almon, A. U. 
Allan, W. A. 

Anderson, Lieut. -Col. W. P. 
Ashworth, J. 
* Armstrong, C. 
Audet, Lieut, -Col, A. 


Bate, H. A. 

Bate, Captain H. Gerald. 

Bate, T. C. 

Bate, Llewellyn. 

Belcourt, N. A. 

Benoit, Captain A. 

Billings, Captain B. 


Billings, W. R. 
Bishop, J. 
Blackadar, W. H. 
Boardman, \V. F. 
* Boswell, F. J. 
Bowie, G. S. 
Bowie, Captain li. W, 
B rough, J. S. 
Brown, R. 
Browne, J. C. 
Burgess, A. M. 
Burritt, H. S. 
Blanchet, C. A. 

• Campbell, D. C. 

• Carter E. H. 

Chamberlin, Lt.-Col. B.,C.M.G. 

Chamberlin, E. J. 

Chapleau, Hon. J. A. 

Charlebois, A. 

Clayton, J. A. 

Code, R. G. 

Colston, F. 

Conrad, W. G. 

Costigan, Hon. John 

Cote Captain N. O. 

Cross, G. E. K. 

Cross, Thos 


D'Auteuill, E. 

• Davies, F. A. 
DeCelles, A. D. 
DeLanaudiere, C, T. 
Desbarats, G.J. 
Deville. Captain E 
Devlin, R.J. 


Dewdney, Hon. E, 
Dewey, F. E, 
Dixon, F. A. 
Douglas, R. C. 
Duval, Geo. 

* Dawson, Lt,-Col. Geo. D. 


Edwards, W. C, M.P. 
Egan, H. K. 
Ewart, D. 


Fairweather, J. H 

Fisher, J. P. 

Forlescue, L. 

Fournier, Hon. Mr. Justice. 

Franchot, T. P. 

Eraser, G. L. B. 

Frechette, A. 

French, T. P. 

Fripp, C. D. 

Fuller, Thos. 


* Germaine, W, L. 
Gibbs, C. T. 
Goodeve, W. M. 
Goodwin, George. 
Gordon, T. C. 
Gouin, J. A. 
Gourdeau, Captain F. 
Grant, Dr. J. A. jr. 
Grant, E. C. 

s Gray, H. A. 

Guy, Major George 



Hamel, F. M. 

Harkin, W. A. 

Harrison, Major E. 

Hatch, W. 

Heming, A. E. 
*Hendeison, G. A. 

Henderson, G. F. 

Heron, Captain W. L. 

Hill, W. B. Almon 

Hodgins, Captain John 

Hodgins, W. E. 

Houston, J. A. 

Hubbell, E. 

Hurdman, Dr. 3. F. W 
*Hurdman, Robert 

Hurdman, W. G. 

Hurdman, W. H.,jr. 

Ingall, E. D. 

Jarvis, A. L. 
Johnson, James 
Johnson, R. A. A. 
Jones, E. D. 
s Jones, T. Glyn 


Kearns, \V. 
Kidd, G. E. 
Keeley, D. H. 
King, Edward 


Lam be, L. M. 

Lauder, Ven. Archdeacon 

* Leacock, E. P, 
Lelievre, S. 

* Lewis, C. A. 
Lindsay, A . 


MacCraken, J. J. 

Macdonald, Rt. Hon Sir John A. 

Mackintosh, C. H. 

Macpherson, D. Alma 

Macpherson, Lt.-Col. J. P. 

McConnell, R. G. 

McDougall, J L. 

McEvoy, James 

McGirr, W. 

Mclnnes, Wm. 

McKay, T. M. 

McMahon, A,D.C„ A. H, 

McRae, H. 

Marmette, J. 

Martin, Alex. 

May, A. F. 

Mercer, F. H. F. 

* Middleton, \V. H. 
Mothersill, G. A. 
Moylan, J. G. 


Nettle, C. R. 
Newcomb, G. 

Panet, Col. E. 
Parker, Captain J. E. 
Patterson, J. 


Paiterson, Hon. Mr, Justice. 

Percival, H. A, 

Pereira, L. 

Perley, Major II. F. 

• Piddington, S. 
Poper, J . C. 
Pouliot, Captain L. H. 
Poupore, W. J., M.P.P. 
Powell, Grant 
Powell, F. W. 

Powell, Dr. R. W. 
Power, A., Q.C. 
Pugsley, J. W. 


Raphael, T. 

Read, C. E. 

Ritchie, Hon. Sir Wm. J. 

Ritchie, J A, 

Ridout, Thos. 

* Robinson, G. A. 
Roger, J. C. 
Roper, S. C. D. 
Ross, P. D. 

Ross. Lt.-Col. Thos. 
Rothwell, T. G. 
Roy, E. 
Roy, Henri 
Russell, A. J. H. 


Saint Jacques, F. X. 
Scott, Dr. VV. 
Sedgewick, R. 
Senecal, A. 
Sinclair, R. 
Sinclair, R. V. 
Sherwood, H. 
Smith, Marcus 
Smith, Wm. 


Smith, W. H. 
Steckel, R. 
Stephen, F. 

* Stephen, \V. 
Stewart, D. 
Stewart, Major John 
Stewart, Neil 
Surtees, R. 


Tache, L. H. 

Taschereau, Hon. Mr. Justice. 

Tasker, C J. 

Taylor, E. F. 

* Taylor, \V. H. N. 
Thompson, Geo. F. 

s Thompson, J. H. 

s Thompson, Captain P. N. 

Thompson, Robert 

Todd, Major A. H. 

Todd, P. R 

Toller, Major F. 

Tyrell, J. B. 

Tupper, Hon. C. H. 



Wallis, B. 
Walsh, Major John 
Waters, J. F. 
Watson, Major T. C. 
Watt^rfc,*^. J.: .'.* 

Wat<Csrjr» >v. ^^.: 

Whit^,'Ca^t£fifi >'. 

,WJiit€. Gf R.»»» •• • •» ••-•.•«'*•• 

Wh;tea^ie€,; T. 'F* * • * •^ - . c • • • • • • 

V/iv:k*sl?ecA, Major HV **••'• <.•*• t'.'J,» 

Wise, F. A. 
Wright, C. M. 
Wurtele, Mr. Justice 

• •••»* *• •••