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Full text of "Constitution, rules and regulations of the Rideau Club, Ottawa [microform] : adopted 13th August 1881"

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WEBSTER, NY 14580 

(716) 872-4503 





Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checlced below. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a dt6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-6tre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mdthode normale de filmage 
sont indiqu^s ci-dessous. 







Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommagde 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurdo et/ou pelliculde 

Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps/ 

Cartes giographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other mateiial/ 
Relii avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La reliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge intdrieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajoutdes 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela dtait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 filmdes. 





Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag^es 

Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaurdes et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages d^color^es, tachet^es ou piqudes 

Pages detached/ 
Pages detach^es 


□ Quality of print varies/ 

ualit^ indgale de I'impression 

iludes supplementary material/ 
mprend du materiel supplementaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6t6 film^es i nouveau de fapon i 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 


Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppl6mentaires; 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film^ au taux de reduction indiqud ci-dessous. 














The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Library of the Public 
Archives of Canada 

L'exemplaire film* fut reproduit grAce k la 
g6nArositA de: 

La bibiiothdque des Archives 
publiques du Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quelity 
possible considering the condition end legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers ere filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or Illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — ^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Las images suivantes ont AtA reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nettetA de l'exemplaire filmi, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimAe sont filmAs en commen^ant 
par la premier plat et en terminant solt par la 
derniire page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, salon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmis en commenpant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la derniire page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
derniire imege de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbols — *> signifie "A SUIVRE ", le 
symboie y signifie "FIN ". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction retios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
filmAs d des taux de reduction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul clichA, il est film* d partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche A droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nicessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la methods. 











Rules and Regulations 



RiDEAU Club, 






V-..!, \.. !, '....:{ 

. I 


■t If 


»MiSriir»nrM,-i^ tWirMtaiMia 

•■' '^[< --."■''i'^'^ 


• Rules and Regulations 


RiDEAU Club, 





^V(^ 5? 








Jncorporalcd under the Act of the /.cj^'is/atiire of Canada^ 
2gth Vic, Chap. gS, iS6j. 


Mr. Sheriff Swefltland. 

Major II. R. SMnir. Mr. J. A. (Iemmill 

Mr. a. MacLean. Mr. C. J. Jones. 

Mr. R. E. KiMjiER. 

Mr. C. II. Car Ri ERE. 

La Banque Nation ale. 

Mr. John Makinson. 






An Act to IxrouroHATr: thk Riiikai' Cllp. or Tin: City 

OF Ottawa. 

[AsHtmtttl to IS/A Srptciiilx r, ISfif).] 

WHEREAS the persons liercinaftor nnincd, with ji hirnc 
nuinhcr of others in (inehoc and elsewhere in the 
I'rt vinco of Cumuli), have associated themselves for the 
estithlishment of a Club for social purposes, and whcreus 
certain of the said hereinafter named persons have prayed 
in be incorporated by the name of (he " Rideau Club," of the 
City of Ottawa, and it is expedient to prant their prayer: 
Therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent 
of the Legislative Council and Assembly of Canada, enac's 
as follows : 

!• The ironorablo John A. Macdonald, the Honorable 
<leorpe Etiennc Cartier, the Honorable Ueorpe IJrown, D. 
Ford Jones, Esquire, W. Slianly, Esquire, the Honorable 
John Carliiig, the Honorable L. H. Holion, the Honorable J. 
S. Macdonald, D. A. Macdonald, Esquire, the Honorable A. 
T. Gait, the Honorable HeciorL. Langevin, Alex. Morris, 
Es(iuirc, the Honorable W. P. Howland, the Honorable L. 
Wallbridge, the Honorable James Cockburn, the Honorable 
J. C. Chapais, R. J. Cartwright, Es(iuire, T. C. Wallbridge, 
Esquire, the Honorable C. Alleyn, M. C. Cameron, Esquire, 
Robert Mclntyre, Esquire, John Poupore, Esquire* W. 
McGiverin, Esquire, R. vS. At^'ieson, Esquire, the Honorable 
1). L. Macpherson, the Honorable John Ross, the Honorable 
D. C. Price, C. J. Rrydgcs, Esquire, Thomas Reynolds, 
Esquire, iEmilius Irving, Esquire, Thomas Swinyard, 
Esquire, the Honorable Alex. Campbell, the Honorable J. J. 
C. Abbott, the Honorable Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Win. F. 
Powell, Esquire, Alonzo Wright, Esquire, J. M. Currier;, 
Esquire, the Honorable T. Ryan, the Honorable Sir N. F. 
Belleau, the Honorable James Skead. the Honorable J. J* 
Ferguson-Blair, the Honorable John Hamilton (Inkerman), 
Thomas McGreevy, Esquire, H. Rernard, Esquire, J. Ash- 


wiutli, Ks'iulre, Alliin (Jilniour, Ksiiiiire, J. (i. VanHitliirt, 
Esquire, the lloiioiiilile (i. W. Allnn, llalpli .Ioiu'j*, Ks<iuiie, 
flio lloimrable M. liiiriiiiiiltoi.-e. (lectrpe Ir\in<', Ksjmuire.W. 
!Mi'NaiiKlit<'ii. I'iS((iiiie, William White, K^<iiiire, Robert I'ell, 
Kf<iuiie, John I'.ell, l']stniire, 1*'. ('iiinherlaiul, Kyijuirc, the 
lloiiurahle .). Jliilyard Canioroii, tiie Honorable James Siiaw, 
Ihc llononiblc A. 11. Foster, C. S. Uzowski, 11. V. Noel, and 
>Vil!iam Petrie, E>'(iuires, the IlonorahlcJohn Rose, and such 
otiicr persons as now are or her»'atter shall l)ecomo members 
of the said Association, .^hall be and are hereby decbired to 
lie a body politic and coriiorate, in deed and in name, by the 
name of the *' Rideau Club," and shall by the samo name, 
lr<tm time to time, and at all limes hereafter, bo able and 
capable to purchase, acMuire, hold, possess and enjoy, and to 
have, take, and receive, to them, and their successors, to and 
for the actual occupation of the said Corporation, any hinds, 
tenements and hereditaments, and real and immoveabb' 
property and estate, situate, lying and being within the City 
of Ottawa, and the same to sell, alienate and dispi so of, 
whensoever the said Corporation may deem it proper so to 
do : and the constitution, rules and repuhitions now in force, 
touching the admission and expulsion of njembors, and the 
management and conduct generally of the atfairs and con- 
cerns of the said Association, in so far as they may not be 
inconsistent with the laws of this Province, .shall bo the con- 
stitution, rules and regulations of the said Corporation ; 
provided always, that the said Coriioration may, from time 
to time, alter, repeal and change such constitution, rules and 
regulations, in the manner provided by the constitution, 
rules and regulations of the said Corporation. 

2. All property and effects now owned by or held in trust 
for the said Association, are hereby vested in the said Corpo- 
ration, and shall be applied solely to the maintenance of the 
said Corporation. • 

3. No member of the Corporation shall be liable for any 
of the debts thereof, beyond a sura which shall be equal to 
the amount of the original entrance fee, and the annual sub- 
scriptions which may remain unpaid by such member ; and 
any raeaiber of the Club not being in arrear may retire there- 

from, and .«linll cease to be sucli inombcr, on jjivinp n >}icc to 
tliiit c'fl'cct ill fucli form as may 1)0 nMiuijcd by tb« by-hiws 
tlicrool, ami horoaf'ter sbiill be wliolly free Ircmi liability for 
any ilebt or ongaKemcntuf tlic Cub. 

I. It shall be biwful for the Paid Corporntlon to Ihsuo 
stoek to tjiK'li an extent us tiiey iniiy deem iieee^sary, not 
exceeding in thenfrgroKatc the sum ut' forty thousand dolbirt'i 
in slinrcH of one hundred doUais each : sueh stock to bo sub- 
Hcribed for in a book to be oitcned for that purpose by the 
committe<j of the said Club, and to be paid up in sueii manncri 
and witJKtut such delay, as maybe determined by the said 

a. The funds arlsiiiR from such stock shall be applied 
exclusively tothc«^i ctio) ')f a CI' 'i House and dependencies, 
and to furnisliincf ttie sann;. 

6. The shares of .-iwh stock sliall be assi^'nable by deli- 
very and surrender <(f the certificates to be issued to tho 
holders of such shores resjieclively.and by assignmeiit on tlie 
books of the Corporation. 

7. Each holder of such stock, diil.\ i)iiid up, .'■hall be 
proprietor of an undivided share of the real estate of tho 
Corporation, and of the buildinKS tlicrcon to be erected, and 
shall be exempt from all liability beyond the extent of the 
stock he shall actually hold : Provided always, that no salo 
or transfer of any such share or of any interest in such real 
estate, by or under the authority of any execution out of a 
■court of common jurisdiction or otherwise, shall bo held tj 
be valid unless and until after due notice and demand, said 
Corporation shall refuse to purchase such share or interest 
at the then market value thereof, but in no case exceeding 
its par value. ,♦ 

8. It shall be competent to the said Corporation to pay off 
so much of the said stock, from time to time, as tho Com- 
mittee may deem desirable ; the share or shares so to be paid 
off to be selected by the said Committee by ballot. 



i ' 









0. Such payment may be iinade hj' depositing in any of 
the chartered banks in this Province, to the credit of the 
hoh.Ici' or hoklers of such share or shares, the amount of sucli 
s'.iare or shares, and of all dividends unpaid thereon, and 
thereupon such share or shares shall, ijiso facto, cease to exist. 

10. This Act shall be deemed a Public Act. 

RiDEAU Club. 


I.— Politics and religious questions of every kind i^liall |y)jiti,cs and 
be absolutely excluded from open discussion in the Club. ^^ igion. . 

31.— Every candidate for membership si all be proposed E]lcction of 

Candidates by 

by one Ordinary member and seconded by another, by a pro- 
posal in writing, to be inserted in the book of candidates, 
stating the candidate's name, place of residence and addition, 
profession or callinR, which proposal shall be signed by said 
mover and seconder. A notice dated and signed by the 
Secretary of such nomination shall then immediately be puf, 
upon the notice board of the Club, containing the name, 
residence and addition, profession or calling of said candi- 
date, together v>ith the names of his mover and seconder, 
and the days on which the ballot is to take place. The elec- Rules of ballot, 
tion of candidates shall take place by ballot of the members 
qualified to vote. A notice to the effect that the ballot is 
open is to be put on the board by the Secretary immediately 
before the ballot opens. The ballot shall commence at 10 
o'clock a.m., on the eighth day after the candidate's name 
has been put up, and shall continue to 6 p.m. on the following 
days except Sunday. Eaoh member voting shall write his 
name on a card, to be provided for that purpose, and such 
card and a white or black ball, as the case may be, shall be 
placed by such member in the ballot box. The box shall not 
be oi)ened during the continuance of the ballot, and at the 
expiration of said second day it shall be examined by the 
Secretary in the presence of two members of the committee 
as scrutineers (provided neither of them is either the pro- 
poser or seconder), the result to be entered in the book of 
candidates and signed by the scrutineers. Each candidate 

m, i $ f^miU f^Mmmimmm 

■t'g'iKffigai ! 



Votes by in'oxy 

Failure of 

New Member?, 

Entrance fee 
and subscrip- 
tion for Ordin- 
ary Members. 



must have twenty-one votes in his fiivor to effect his election, 
and one black ball in every seven shall exclude the candi- 
date. Votes by proxy shall be considered valid for the 
purpose of election of candidates, if a sufficient proxy in 
writing is filed with the Secretary previous to its being used. 
In the event of a candidate not receiving the required num- 
ber of votes, or if through any irregularities occurring in the 
ballot it shall be rendered void, a new ballot known as the 
second ballot, may, if desired by the mover and seconder, be 
taken in like manner in seven days from the close of the first 
ballot; the notice of proposal to remain upon the board 
during that period, with a new notice as to the days on which 
the new ballot is to be taken. Any candidate who has not 
obtained tlie required number of votes for election in the 
two ballots shall be ineligible to be proposed again for the 
I eriod of one year, and any candidate Avho has been twice 
black balled shall be ineligible for further proposal. 

III.— On the election of each new member the Secretary 
,'hall notify the same to him, and furnish him with a printed 
copy of the Constitution, Rules and Regulations, and request 
him to remit the amount of his entrance fee and subscription 
to the Treasurer. 

IV.— The entrance fee shall be Eighty Dollars, and the 
annual subscription Twenty Dollars, the latter to be payable 
in advance on the first cf March in each year. The subscrip- 
tion of new members elected on and after the first day of 
April, shall be a sum equal to S2 per month or poriion of a 
month, until the first day of March following, not to exceed 
in all up to said 1st of March, .$20 W. 

v.— Any person residing beyond five miles from Ottawa 
shall be eligible for election as a Privileged Member of this 
Club. The annual sum payable by such Privileged Member 
shall be ,S25, payable on the first day of March in each year, 
and if elected during a quarter, such Privileged Member 
shall pay the full proportion of that sum from the first day 
of the quarter thenceforth to the end of the year; but Privi- 
leged Members (tf this Club coming to reside within five 
miles of Ottawa, shall cease to be Privileged Members at the 
end of the then current year. 


VI.— Officers in Her Majesty's Arnij' and Navs', and of Officers in 

tlie active Militia, while on service or full pay (except those Army or Navy, 

officers permanently stationed at Ottawa), shall be eligible as 

Privileged Members, for such time and on such terms as the 
Committee may determine. 

Rights of Privi- 
leged Members 

Mode of Elec- 
tion of Privi- 
leged Members 

Monthly Mem- 

VII.— Privileged Members shnll enjoy all the rights of 
Ordinary Members, except that of attending and voting at 
meetings of members of the Club, bcinK elected officers or 
members of a Committee, introducing strangers or visitors 
under Article 15, or of proposing or voting under Article 2. 
No [Privileged Member shall have any interest whatever in 
the i>roperty of the Club. 

VIII.— The election of every candidate as a Privileged 
Member shall be carried out in the manner and form provided 
by Article 2. 

IX.— Any stranger not a resident of Ottawa, and not in 
the habit of visiting Ottawa periodically, upon the introduc- 
tion of two Ordinary members and the sanction of the com- 
mittee, may be admitted to all the advantages of a Privileged 
Member of the Club upon payment of an entrance fee of $5 
fur any period under one month, and at the same rate for 
every inontli or portion of a month thereafter, and such shall 
be denominated Monthly members. 

X. — No person elected as a member shall be permitted to Members to 
use the Club or vote until his entrance and annual or other pay up before 
subscription are paid ; and any person so elected, neglecting '^sing tlub. 
to pay such fees for one month from date of election, liis 
election shall be considered cancelled, unless explanation for 
tlie negiect is made to the satisfaction of the committee ; and 
no such person shall be again eligible during the then current 
year: and no Ordinary member in arrear for his annual 
subscription shall be allowed to vote at any meeting of the 
Club or at any ballot for member. 

XL— The name of every member failing to pay his annual Members fail- 
subscription on the first of March, shall be exhibited on the anniiaf sub- 
notice board on the fifteenth of April, if not then paid; and scriptions. 
if the subscription be not paid on or before the fifteenth day 






of May following, the Secretary shall report accordinglv to 
the Committee, wlio shall eaut-o his name to be erased from 
the list of members ; but he may be re-admitted by the Com- 
mittee upon assigning to them rcasoris satisfactory to them 
for his failure of payment and upon his paying up all arrears, 
provided, however, in every case, the Secretary shall notify 
each member by the lath February that all subscriptions are 
due on the 1st March. 

M'ithdrawal XII.— Any Ordinary or Privileged member, so long as 

irom the Club, ^jjg Q^xise of privilege exist, who shall remove his residence 
to a greater distance than five miles Irom Ottawa (all his 
subscriptions then due being paid), may give notice to the 
Secretary of such removal, and of his intention not to make 
use of the Club thenceforward ; and such member shall cease 
to be liable to pay the yearly subscription so long as he shall 
continue to reside at such distance from Ottawa and does not 
use the Club, shall be considered a supernumerary member, 
and his name shall be entered by the Secretary in a book 
kept for that purpose; and such member shall at any time 
have the right of again using the Club by notifying his inten- 
tion so to do, and paying up the full iisual subscription for 
the then current year. But if any member so removing his 
residence from Ottawa and taking advantage of this rule, 
shall again return to reside in Ottawa, or nearer than five 
miles therefrom, he shall within one month from ?uch return,* 
notify the Secretary thereof and pay the subscription for the 
then current year: and failing so to do, his name shall be 
struck from the roll of members, unless some good excuse be 

oflFered to the Cuuimittee to account lor his neglect. 

Sn pernumery 

Resignation of 

XIII.— Any member whose dues and Club debts to the 
Club and to the Steward are all paid, shall be at liberty to 
withdraw from the Club on his written application to that 
effect. All resignations shall be made in writing to the com- 
mittee, but if made after the 15th March such resignation 
shall not discharge the member presenting it, from his dues 
for the current year. All interest in the property of the Club 
of members resigning or otherwise ceasing to be members 
shall be vested in the Club. 



XIV.— All entrance fees and annual subscriptions shall Fees and Sub- 
be paid either to the Treasurer personally or the Secretary scrintions to be 

by cheque to the Treasurer's order. }i^^^ ^*^ ^'^® 


XV. — Two Ordinary members of the Club, one of whom Admission of 
shall be a member of the committee, may sanction the ad- Visitors, 
mission of any person not a resident of Ottawa or within five 
miles thereof, as a Visitor, for seven days ; this privilege to 
be purely personal, and not to entitle such Visitor to any of 
the privileges cf the Club, except for himself alone, and not 
to be granted to the same person more than once in three 
months under any circumstances whatsoever. The Secretary 
shall forthwith provide such Visitor with a card, and such 
Visitor shall produce the same to the Steward when required^ 
otherwise his admission shall be cancelled by the Committee. 
Provided always that the Committee shall have power at any 
time to limit the number of Visitors entitled at any one time 
to admission under this article, and may also limit the num- 
ber to be introduced by any one member at any one time. 
The Committee may invite to accept of, and admit to the 
privileges of the Club as Honorary members, for such period Honorary 
as they may from time to time see fit, the CJovernor-deneral Members, 
of Canada, and such other persons to whom they may unani- 
mously see fit to extend such an invitation. . 

XVI.— Any member shall have the privilege of intro- Special Rooms 
ducing a friend to breakfast, luncheon, or dinner, at his sole ^^^ strangers, 
expense ; but no stranger shall be admitted at any timci 
except into the Reading Room, Smoking Room, and Drawing 
Room, unless accompanied by a member ; Provided always, 
that any stranger dining or lunching with a member may be 
introduced by him to the Billiard Room or Card Room, and 
be permitted to play at the tables on the day he shall have 
dined or lunched with such member. 

XVII.— The privileges under the two preceding articles Limitations to 
shall not be granted to any member of any Club in Canada Clubs^ Recipro- 
which does not extend the like privileges to members of the * "' 
Rideau Club. Any member introducing a stranger into the 
Club under Article 15 or 16, will be responsible for his con- 
duct while in the Club, and for all regular Club charges and 







Expulsion of 

liabilities incurred by him to the Steward whilst enjoyirg 
said privileges, the same as if incurred by the member 


XVIII.~In case the conduct of any member either in or 
out of the Club, shall in the opinion of the Committee, or of 
any member of the Club, who shall certify the same to them 
in writing, be injurious to the character and intersts of the 
Club ; or if any member shall wilfully infringe the Constitu- 
tion or any of the Rules or Kegulations of the Club, or if any 
member shall be guilty of conduct unbecoming a gcfntlemnn, 
the Committee may recommend such member to resign, and 
if such member shall not resign he shall be liable to suspen- 
sion from all the privileges of the Club on a vote of twc- 
thirds of the whole Committee, at a meeting of which the 
accused member shall have notice, subject to an appeal to a 
general meeting of tlie Ordinary members of the Club to bo 
called by the Secretary, on the request in writing of the 
member suspended, within one month after the mailing to 
him of notice of the resolution of suspension ; and if such 
request is not made for a general meeting by said suspended 
member, or if the suspension is sustained by a vote of twc- 
thirds, of the members pre.>^ent at the general meeting so 
called, the member so suspended shall be considered to I e 
expelled and his name shall be forthwith removed from the 
list of members. 

Leaving forfeit XIX.— Any member who shall withdraw, resign or be 
all claims. expelled, shall cease to be a member of the Club, and shall 

forfeit, ipmo facto, all right of claim therein, or in or to its 
property or funds : iiny member who shall be expelled shall 
for ever thereatter bo ineligible to be re-admitted a member 
of the Club. 

Committee. XX.— All the affairs of the Club shall be managed by a 

Committee, to consist of the President, Treasurer, and five 
members, all of whon shall be elected annually, by ballot, 
at the Annual Generul Meeting of the Club. The said Com- 

Secretary. mittee shall have full power to appoint a Secretary, either 

from amongst themselves, as an Ilonorj'.ry Secretary, or to 





lii!t<t erijoyirg 
the member 

31' either in or 
nnittee, or of 
same to them 
itersts of the 
the Constitu- 
lub, or if liny 
a gdlitlemnn, 
' resign, and 
le to suspen- 
vote of twc- 
f which the 
1 appeal to a 
le Club to bo 
•iting of the 
e mailing to 
and if such 
i suspended 
'ote of twc- 
nieeting so 
dercd to 1 e 
from the 

isiffn or be 
and shall 
in or to its 
■lied shall 
a member 

aged bj- a 
and five 
jy ballot, 
said Com- 
ry, either 
iry, or to 

employ and pay a person for that purpose, who is not a 
member of the Club, at such salary as they shall think pro- 
per; and to make such rules and regulations for the 
regulation of the internal economy of the Club and to amend 
the same from time to time as they may think fit, not incon- 
sistent with the Constitution. They shall from time to time 
appoint two of their number, in rotation, to act as a House Houfe Com- 
Committee, whose duty it Avill be to superintend the Steward mittee. 
and the internal management of the Club, to answer com- 
plaints and generally to see that the Constitution and 
Regulations are observed and carried into effect, and also to 
do such other acts and duties as the Committee shall assign 
to them. The Committee shall liave all power necessary for 
the good management of the Club, consistent with the Consti- 
tution, except the borrowing of money on Club credit or 
payment of money, and any matters which requires the 
authority of a general meeting of the Club to do. 

XXI,— If the President or the Treasurer or any member ^ i^cancies. 
elected to serve on the Committee shall resign, or should a 
death vacancy occur, the Committee shall have power to 
choose a qualified member to act in his stead, until the 
annual meeting next ensuing, when the member so chosen 
shall retire, but shall be eligible for ro-clection. 

XXII.— The Committee, of whom three shall form a Weekly meet- 
quorum, shall, at their first meetinj!-, which shall be held on ^^f^^j '""^' 
the first Wednesday after their election, at 4 o'clock in the 
afternoon, decide on how often they shall meet throughout 
the year for the transaction of business, and shall fix the days 
and hours for such meetings ; but in the event of no such 
arrangement being made by them they shall meet every 
Wednesday at 4 p.m. 

XXIIIL— It shall be the duty of the Committee to take Infraction of 
immediate cognizance of any infraction of the Constitution i*''^'^^* 
o;- Regulations of the Club. 


XXIV.— At the Annual general Meeting of the Club, Annual Gene- 
which shall be held in the Club building on the second r«l Meeting. 
Wednesday in March in each year, at such hour as shall be 



'. t.. i .. ' 



Quorum tor 
Special Meet- 


Order of B; si- 


fixed by the Rctiritif? Committee, it shall he the duty of the 
Committee to present a report and abstract of the state of 
accounts and concerns of the Club for the past year, 
clearly audited, tof^ether with an estimate of the receipts 
and dit^bursements of the current year ; which report and 
estimate shall be printed and distributed amongst the mem- 
bers at least one week before annual meeting. Any business 
which requires the assent of the members of the Club may 
be transacted at said annual general meeting. Two Auditors 
shall be elected at each annual meeting who shall examine 
the accounts from time to time and report thereon at the next 
annual meeting. 

XXV,— The Committee shall have power at all times to 
convene an extraordinary meeting of the Club on giving 
seven days' notice, to be posted up during that period on the 
notice board of the Club, and a notice mailed to each 
ordinary member specifying the object of such meeting, at 
which meeting no subject shall be discussed beyond th.nt 
specified in the notice. On a requisition signed by not less 
than ten members, the President shall call a special meeting 
of the Club, but in such case there must be at least seven 
days' notice of the meeting posted up in the Club, which 
notice shall state the object of the meeting; and no subject 
shall be discussed beyond that specified in the notice unless 
said Special meeting be at saa e time as the Annual General 

XXVI. — A quorum of fifteen qualified members shall be 
necessary to constitute any Special or Extraordinary meeting 
of the Club. 

XXVII. -The President shall take the chair at all Club 
meeting, and in his absence the members present at such 
meeting shall elect a chairman. 

XX VIII.— At meetings of the Club, the order of businesp, 
so far as the nature of tlie meeting may admit, shall be as 
follows ;— 

1. Heading the Minutes of the last meeting. 

2. Reports of Standing Committees. 

3. Reports of Special Committees. 


duty of the 
:ho state of 
e past year, 
he receipts 
report and 
3t the mcm- 
ny business 
3 Club may 
J90 Auditors 
all examine 
I at the next 

all times to 
3 on giving 
eriod on the 
ed to each 

meeting, at 
beyond thnt 

by not less 

oial meeting 

least seven 

:Jlub, which 

no subject 
otice unless 

al General 

lers shall be 
iiry meeting 

at all Club 
ent at such 

of businesF» 
shall be as 

4. General business. 

5. Election of Office-bearers. 

But this order of business may be changed by a majority 
of the meeting. 

XXIX.— The Secretary phnll furnish for nil meetings an lifit ofqnnli- 
alphubeticul list of all members qualified and entitled to ^^^ Members^ 


XXX.— The Club House shall be open everyday for the Club HourSp 
reception of members nt 7.30 o'clock a.m., and si all be closed 
and the lights extinguished at 1 a.m., except on Saturdays 
and Sundays, when the hour of closing shall be midnight. 
But when no member is in the house at midnight of any 
other evening, the Club shall be closed at that hour, and no 
member shall be admitted into the Club after these hours on 
any pretence whatever, unless specially authorized by the 

XXXT.— No member .=hnll take away from the Club upon 
any pretence whatsoever, any iiew.«paper, pamphlet, book, 
map, or other article the property • f the Institution, unless 
upon such terms as may be decided upon by the Committee. 

XXXII.— No servant of the Club shall be sent out of the 
house upon any errand, on any pretence whatever, except by 
the sanction and order of the Steward, nor hhall any member 
give any money or gratuity to any of the servantu upon any 
pretence whatever* 

XXXIir. — No article of furniture, plate, linen, or other 
Club property shall be taken out of the Club at any time. 

XXXI v.— Members are requested to mnke complaints in 
writing, signefl l»y themselves to the House Committee for 
the time being, of any matter in the administration of the 
Club seeming to need correction. 

XXXV. — All membrrs are to pay tlMjirbill." monthly and 
any member who fails to pny his bill m<inthly, is to have no 
further credit until such bill is paid, and shall be liable to 
suspension under Art. 18r 

No papers to b« 
taken away. 

No Servants 
sent out on 

No property of 
Club to be 
taken out. 


Bills to be paid 


"So Gnmbling. 

! ; 



No dogs. 

may be uliercd. 

Acceptft' ce of 

XXXVI.— No gnme phnll on nny nccount be played for 
mono except whist, ccnrte, piquet, and pool, nor used in the 
Club lioii!>e except ]it bNekgtiinnion. No liigher 8tiike thnn 
qutirler dolhir points shnll be phiyed fornt whist, nor shall 
any bet exceed ono d(»llar ; the games of ecarte, piquet and 
pool to be played ioi limited stakes, the limits to be fixed by 
the C unnittee. 

XXXVII.-No smoking shiill be permitted in the Club 
House before ^evcn p.m., except in the rooms set apart for 
that purpoFC. 

XXXVIir.— No member is on any account to bring a dog 
into the Club House. 

XXXIX.—Any article of this Constitution OP nny of the 
Peguhitions mny be altered, lunended or suspended for any 
length of time : or any new article or regulation added by the 
consent of two-thirds of the members present at any meeting 
speciiilly convened for that purpose, of which one week's 
notice shall be given each Ordinary member, cr at the 
annual genernl meeting; and provided such alteration, 
amendment or suspension shall have been specified in the 
notice summoning such meeting, and that at such meeting 
fifteen members at least be present but nothing herein con- 
tained shall prevent the Committee altering without such 
notice any of the regulsitions. 

XL— The payment of the subscription fee or theentrarce 
fee and subscription, shall be held to be an acceptance of the 
constitution and regulations and agreement to comply there- 


Commiltct SSfetlings, 

In the absence of the President a chairman for the day 
will be first elected. >tnd the uii iifes of the last meeting 
having been rend, the question will bo put by the Chairman, 
*' th;it they be confirmed." 

If the mimites be ol jpcfed to by a majority of the mem- 
bers present, the particular subject objected to will be re- 
BJ-rved for consideration, and if not objected to then the 
Chiirman will affix his signature thereto. 

After the disposal of the minutes of the previous meet- 
ing all such matters as require the consideration of the Com- 
mittee will be brought before them, discussed und decided 

For th« dispatch of business the Committee will from 
time to time nppoint two of their number to be called the 
*' House Committee" to s^uperintend the ordinary business 
of the Club, and submit a weekly report of their proceedings. 

A tnrifF for meals, wines and cigars, which shall be ob- 
served by tlie Steward, shall be prepnred by the Committee 
and exhibited in the coffee room constantly. 


The Treasurer shall collect and keep all moneys belong- 
ing to the Club and disburse them under the direction of the 
Committee. He shall keep proper accounts and at each 
meeting of the Committee, shall submit a statement showing 

the financial position of the Club. 





i ; 

t I 

1 •' I ' 



As Sccretnry, ho will ntfcnd nil mootinps of tho Com- 
fn'Mpo-', nn»o th"ir rn-ojiiti 'Hh, iMfl mini'e them In the book 
of tlieir i»n»oo»(lin|jr>i. 

Tn nil hia wriftcn officiW iiommunloations he will state 
expressly thni thoy are made by direction of tho Committee. 

Besides his atfendanco upon the rommittoe ho will con- 
dnet the official correspondence of the CI nb. draw up reportSt 
keep regular accounts of all tho financial concerns of the 

He will nttend to all commn^iications. receive informa- 
tion upon all subjects connected with the business of tho 
Club, and particularly all mutters relating to the members 

lie will plnce before the Committee, the receipts for 
payments which hsive been nuthorized by the Committoo 
at its previous meetinff, with the exception of such as 
ere paid directly by the Treasurer ; and will pny over to 
the Treasurer, at least once a week all moneys received 
by him. 

ISouse ^trfoarb. 

The Steward shall be subject to the control of the Com- 
mittee and H'luse Committee for the time be-n^. lie will 
constantly reside in the ^'lub House, nnd will hnve the 
custody of the Supply Cellar, Plate, Cutlery, China. Glnsp, 
etc. He will have the general control and superintendance 
of the servants, and be responsible for their conduct and 
cleanly appearance. 

Subject to the Committee he will make the established 
charges for all provisions, wines, etc., and cast up and 
receive from the members the amount of their bills. 

He is require I to notify members of any violation of the 
regulations, and to report the same to the House Committee. 



Strnnirerfi oallinK to pee meinberfl will be requl'ad to 
remain at, the onfrance of the Olub until it in anoortained if 
the member be within. No ntrangerR to bo Hhown into the 
Club v^ittinff Room ; but if accompanied by a member they 
may bo taken into the room known as the Straiifers' and 
Waiting Room. 

If a letter for an absent member be applied for by another 
member, who may wish to forward it, the latter will be re- 
quired to pay the postage (if any) and to siffn an acknowledg- 
ment of his having received the letter, in case of any further 

The Waitors, and all other servants in the establish- 
ment, will be flobjoct to the order of the Committee or House 
Committee, and will perform fiuch duties as they may pre- 

No stranger shall be admitted into the Club House except 
on business, and the servants are strictly prohibited fromt 
receiving visitors or followers. 

Servants while on duty will not talk to each other except 
on matters connected with their business, and no servant is 
permitted to address an individual member in the house on 
matters personal or relative to the concerns of the Club ; all 
communications of the latter kind to be made through the 
Stewart to the House Committee. 

If any money or articles supposed to be the property of 
members shall be found by the servants in the Club House, 
they shall be delivered to the Secretary through the Steward. 

The servants entrance in the rear will be under lock, and 
the key thereof be in the custody of the House Stewart, and 
servants must not enter or go out of the Club except by 
servants' entrance at the rear of the building. 

No large boxes or articles of luggage belonging to mem- 
bers will be admitted into the HaH. 

Breakfast mny be served from eight until eleven o'clock 
a.m., lunched and dinners from noon until eigh t o'clock, p.m.. 


I I 

cold suppers up to twelve o'clock, p.m., and liquors, teas and 
coffee up to one o'clock n.m., after which no orders of nny 
kind can be received unless specially authorized by the 
House Committee of the week on timely application in 
writ'nar. Members not in the habit of dining nt the Club 
and desirinff so to do, must give the Steward one hour's 
intimation thereof. 

Articles of glnss, enrthenware, ttc which mny be broken 
by the members, either in the coffee room or elsewhere in the 
house, tnust be paid for by them, 

No pnmphlet, advertisement, or notice of nny kind shall 
be nllowei to be laid on the table or put up in the Club by a 
member ; but any pamphlet, &c., which it may be wished to 
be mide known to the Club ahall be sent to the Secretary, to 
be laid before the Committee. 

Writiner materials will be provided in the Rending Room. 

The <harges for cards will be 25 cents each player for 
the evening, and 13 cents each player when second-hand 
cards are used. For billiards, 15 cents fi)r the English gamd 
of 82. or for the American game of 50, and 20 cents for the 
English game of 63, or for the American game of lon. 

No eatables beyond a sandwich or biscuit will be allowed 
in any room besides the coffee room or private dining rooms. 

No servant will be allowed to enter the room where a 
feneral meeting is assembled. 

No servant of the Club shall be employed by any member 
to clean clothes, boots or shoes, or to assist him in dressing. 

No member, except on special duty, nor servant of a 
member will be allowed to go down into the basement story 
of the house; nor will any such servant be allowed to go 
into any other room than the dressing room, and then only 
to aisist his master in dressing. 

The foregoing may he altered by a majority of the Com- 

rs,teas and 
lers of any 
zed by the 
ilicntion in 
it the Club 
one hour's 

y be broken 
,vhere in the 

V kind shnll 
tie Club by a 
ae wished to 
secretary, to 


h player for 
5ngUsh gam<3 
;ents for the 

11 be nllnwed 

Ining rooms. 

loom where a 

any member 
in dressing. 

Uervant of a 
Isement story 
lllowed to go 
id then only 

of the Com- 


Corrected \st Feb., 1885. 
Honorary Member \ His Excellency the Governor General. 

♦Abbott, Tlon. .T. J. 0., M.P. 

AiUins, Hon. J. ('., Lt.-Gov. 

Allfin, Hon. li.W. 

Allan, W. A. 

All in, Andrew. 

Allen. T. H. 
*An>rus, K. P, 
* Anson, Hon, H., A.D.C. 

Avery, F. W. 


"Rnker, Archer, 
♦Raker, Edgir Crowe, M.P. 

lrite.(\ r. 

]?ate, (lenild. H. 

Tiare, Ha iry IV. 
♦Bentley, W. D irley. 
•Hergoron.J. (i. H., M.P. 
*Hi(^kford,E. O. 
♦Bl-.icksfock.a. T. 

P.otsford. Hon. A. ''..Ln-Col. 
•Boulton, C<»mm mdei , R. X. 
♦Boiilton. lit.-CoI. 

Howell, Hon. McK., M.P. 

Bowie, Alex. 

]iro|)hy, <ieo. P, 

Brown, Alfred. 

Bryd'jres, C J. 

Burbidge. (i. \V. 
♦Biijrsfall, John. 
•Burns, K. F., M.P. 


Carab'e, A. .1. 
♦Cameron, Hector- Q.C., M.P. 

Campbell, Hon. Sir Alex., K.C.M.G. 

Curling, Hon. John, M.P. 

Caron, Hon A. P., Q.C., M.P. 

Carridre. C. H. 

Cartwright, Hon. Sir Richard, K.C.M.G., M.P 
♦Carvel 1, Hon. J. S. 

♦Those distinguished thus are Privileged Members, under 
I articles 7 and 8 of the Constitntion. 



Chapleau, Hon. J. A., M.P, 

Cherrimar, J. B. 

Christie, A. J. 

Christie, .Tohn. 

Chrysler F. H. 
♦Clarke. Judge. 

Clemow. Fnmcis. 

Cochrane, Hon. M.H. 
*Cooke, R. ]\ 

Costiflran, Hon. J., M.P. 

Currier, J. E. W. 

♦Daly, M. B„ M.P. 

Pnniels, Judge. 
♦Dnwson, l^ev. A. E. 

Jlji'TPon. <ieo. M. 

Dennis, J. S., Lt.-Col., C.M.G. 
♦nickey. Hon. R. B.,4C. 
♦Dob.ll.R. R. 

Douglas, P. C 
♦Drink water. Charles. 
♦Drummond, (t. \. 
♦Duggan, E. J. 


FprguBon^ A. 

♦Fipher, Sydney A.. M.P., 
♦Fleniir'g, landlord, C.M.G. 
♦Fleming. S. H. 
♦Forbes, Andrew. 

Fraser, Alex. 

♦Gait, Elliott, T. 

Gait, Sir A. T., G.C.M.G. 

Gemmill, J. A. 

Gilmour, Allan, Lt.*Ccl. 

Gilmour, John. 

Gormully. J. J. 

Graham. C. E..M.D. 
♦Grant, J. A.,M.D. 

Gandry, F. 
♦Gunn, A., M.P. 

Gzowski, C. S , Lt.-CoI., A.D.C. 


•Hfiggflrt,J. G. M.P. 
Hale, Jeffrey. 

gall, Charles R. 
amiiton. Hon. John. 


•Hargrave, G. H. 
Hnrtney. E.P 
Henry, Mr. Justice. 
Hicl<S()n. J. 
Hogg, W.D. 
Hos'mer.VV. R,. 

•Howard, Thos. 
•Humphrey, A. A. 

i » 


•Irvine, A. fJ., Lt.-Col. 
•Irwin, D.r., Lt.-Col. 

f: ; 

•Jones, Chill ion. 
Jones, C J. 
•Johnston, ijt. 


Keefer, S'imuel. 

Keefer, T.C. 

Kiniber, R. E. 
•Kii'gsfori, F. 

•Kirkpatrick, Hon. G.A.,M.P. 
•Kinney, J.R., M.P. 

Langevin, H n. Sir H L., K.C M.G.. M.J 

Lnuiier.Hon. W\,Q,C.,M.P. 
•Lee, W., II or;ice. Captain. 

Lees, Robert, Q.C. 
•Lewis, Lr.-Col. 
•Light, A. L. 

Lynch, F. 


Mncdonald, Rt. Hon. Sir John A., G.C.B. 

Macdonald, I). A., Lt.-Col. 

MacDonald. J- J. 
•M)ic<h»iiell, ,Jno. A. 

Miurkenzie. Hon. Alex., M.P. 

Mac key, Wtn. • 

Mackitifosh, ('. H., M.P. 
•MacMasler, D., M.P. 
•Macpherson, John. Lt.-Col. 

Macplierson, Hon. Sir D.L., K.O.M.G. 

Magt-e, Uharles. 

Manuel. John. 

Mather, John. 





♦Mcr-nrthy. D .Q.CM.P. 
♦McOonfj,,,!!, Hon. Wm.,C.B. 

McUre«'v.v,Th(.s.. M.P. 
*McrMnes, Hon. D.A. 

MoJtit.vre, A. K. 
*Mernt.vre, Duncan. 

McLcliin, Hon. A.W.,M.P. 

MeLeitM, Alexander. 
*MpMillan.I).. M.K 
♦McVeill. A., M.P. 

.M(iT.ivish, D.B. 
*MHi<ru!id. Viscount. 

Mia 1 1 Eilw.nd. 
*Mi(l(lleton. Major Gen. 

Mi'elit'll. FTon. P., M.P. 
*Monl<.(4.W., M.P P. 

Monis. Hon. Alex.,Q.C.,M.P.P 
♦Mulock, W..M.P. 


Nellis. T.F. 
*-N'els<»ii, Hon. II. 
Kewbv, F. 



O'Connor. D. 

0'(ln-. M. 

♦••MIejira, C. Herbert. 
♦Ortoii. Dr., M.P. 
♦Ouimet.J.A., M.P. 

♦Patterson. J. f!., M.P. 

Perlev, (^eo. H. 
•Peterson. P. A. 
*PliMnni r, J.H. 

Poi'C Hon. J. H.,M.P. 

Powell, Col. Walker. 


♦Ramsay, A .G. 
♦Reuio ,E.\'. 
♦Iie\ iiolds, F H. 

Rich I -d. Sir \V.B.,Knt. 
♦llio|,. I, L. (I.,M.P. 

Bt hertson, An^lrew. 
♦Robertson, A., M.P. 



Robertson, Puncan. 
•Robitaille, Hon. L. 

H(»bitaille, Hon. T. 
♦Rohs, A. W. M.P. 

Rowley, W. H. 

Russell. J. W. 
*R>}ui, Hufrh. 

Ryan, Hon. Thos. 

*Scartb,W. B. 
•Schultz, Hoii.J.,M.D. 

Scort, Hon. R. W., Q.C. 
•Seiiecal, L. A. 
♦Sise, C. F. 

Smith. I). A. 

Smith, Hon. Frank. 

Smith, H. H., Major. 
*Smith, .Vlarcns. 

Smith, Thuiiuis. 
♦.^t.iirs, J.F., M.P. 
♦Stephen, (Jeo. 

StewHit. Archibild. 

Stt-wjirt, John, Captain. 

Stewiiit, McLeod. 

Stewart, Neil. 
♦StreatteiM, H., A.D.C. 

Ftrotifr, Mr. Justice. 
•Sufheiliiiul, J..M.P. 

Sweetland, M r. Sheriff. 

Swinyard. Thos. 


Taschereau, Mr. Justice. 

Thi.Mle W. K. 

Thompson. Phillip. 

Ti ton. John, M ijor. 
*Towiishe.i.l.(L J.. M.P. 

Tupixr, ijoii. >ir Chas.,K.C.M.<-t 
♦Tupper.*'. II., VI p. 
•Turner, Hon. J. 


•Usborne, Jno. 


•Van Home, W. C. 



*Wftinwnprht, W. 

Waldo, Edward. 

Walker, W. H. 
♦Weldon.C. W., Q.C.M.P. 
♦Wells, K.M.,M.P. 
♦White, Peter, M.P. 

White, Fred. 

♦Williiims, Arthur,Lt.-Col.,M.P. 

Wilson, Z. 

Wise, Capt., A.D.C. 

Wise, F. A. 
♦Worthington, J. 

Wright, Alonzo, M.P. 

Wright, H. P., M.D. 

I ll IB ' l-UiJ j u 

-""' ,"" Ji1!%i!ilinwf,wjil I