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Full text of "Catalogue of the paintings and water color drawings exhibited in the Winnipeg loan collection held in the Art Gallery, Board of Trade building, Winnipeg, March fifteenth to April third, 1920 [microform]"

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Collection de 


Canadian Institute fo< Historical MIcroraproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiqua* 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes technique et bibliographlques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 



Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged / 

' — ' Couverture endommagee 

I I Covers restored and/or laminated / 
— ' Couverture restauree el/ou pelliculee 

I I Cover title missing / Le litre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps / Cb-'es g '>ographiques en couleur 

I I Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 

Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 
— Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

I I Bound with other material / 

Relie avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin / La reliure serree peut 
causer de I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de 
la marge int^rieure. 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines 
pages blanches ajouttes lots d'une restauration 
appaiaissent dans le texte, mais, kirsque cela etait 
possible, ces pages n'om pas Hi lilm^es. 

L'Institut a microfilme le meilleur examplaire qu'il lui a 
ete possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-6tre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modifications dans la meth- 
ode nonnale da filmage sont indiquSs ci-dessous. 

[yj Coloured pages/ Paget de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 

r 1 Pages restored and/or laminated / 
' — ' Pages restaur^s et/ou pelteul^s 

Fyl Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
'— ' Pages decolortes, tachetees ou piquees 

I I Pages detached/ Pages dStachees 

[^ Showthrough / Transparence 

I 1 Quality of print varies / 

I — ' Qualit^ inhale de I'impression 

I I Includes supplementary material / 
— Comprend du materiel suppl^mentaire 

I I Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
' — ' slips, tissues, etc., have been returned to 
ensure the best possible image / Les pages 
totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un 
feuillet d'errata, une pelure, etc., ont 6te filmees 
a nouveau de fafon ^ obtenir la meilleure 
image possible. 

I I Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
' — ' discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the 
best possible image / Les pages s'cpposant 
ayant des colorations variables ou des decol- 
orations sont filmees deux fojs afin d'obtenir la 
meilleur image passible. 


AddWonal commer^ / 
Commentaires suppldmentaires: 

Thii ittin is f ihnad n tht ftduction ratio diid«d btlow/ 

Ci documanl est f ilme au taux de rMuctton indiqiit ct-d«ssous. 

10X 14X tax 








12 X 



24 X 

28 X 


Tha COPY filmid har* hat baan raproduead thanki 
to tha ganarofity of: 

Natloral Gallery of Canada, 

L'axamplaira filmt fut raproduit grtca 1 la 
gtntrosit* da: 

Musfe daa Buux-Arta *i Canada, 

Tha imagat appaaring hara ara tha batt quality 
poaalbia centidaring tha eondltlan and lagibillty 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming eoniraet apacificatlona. 

La* imagat tuivantai ont ttt raproc . tai avac la 
ptua grand ioin, compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattatt da I'axampiaira filmt, at an 
contormit* avae lat condlliont du eontrat da 

Original copiaa in printad papar covara ara fllmad 
boginning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha laat paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
lion, or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original copiaa ara fllmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
alon, and anding on tha laat paga with a printad 
or illuatratad improaaion. 

Laa anamplairas originaux dont la eouvartura an 
papiar aat imprimta tont fiimat an eommancant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant loit par la 
darnitra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'Impraaaion ou d'llluatration, toit par la tacond 
plat, aalon la eaa. Toua laa autrat axamplairat 
originaux (ont filmta an eommancant par la 
prami4ra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'Impraaaion ou d'illuatration at an tarminant par 
la darniira paga qui comporta una talia 

Tha laat racordad frama on aaeh microfleha 
shall contain tha symbol —»■ (moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol V (moaning "END"), 
whichavar applias. 

Maps, platas. charts, ate. may ba fllmad at 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thosa too largo to ba 
antiraly includad in ona axposura ara fllmad 
baginning in tha uppar laft hand eornar, latt to 
right and top to bottom, as many framas as 
raquirad. Tha following diagrams illustrata tha 

Un das aymbolas suivants tpparaitra sur la 
darniira imaga da ehaqua microfleha. salon la 
cas: la symbols -w signifis "A SUIVRE", la 
symbolo V signifio "FIN". 

Las cartas, pianchas, tablaaux, ate. pauvant itra 
filmts t das taux da reduction diffirsnts. 
Lorsqua la documant ast trap grand pour itra 
raproduit an un saul clich*, il ast filma S partir 
da I'angla supAriaur gaucha, da gaucha k droita. 
at da haut an baa. an pranant la nombra 
d'imagaa nteassaira. Laa diagrammas suivants 
illustrant la mtlhodo. 

1 2 3 











1653 EosI Ma^r> Stre. 







SATURDAY, APRIL 8so, 1020 





i;\iiiiii iiii) IN Tin; 
WINNII'Kc; l-().\\ C()I,I,EC'I'I().N 

iiKM) IN Tin; 

llllAKI) ciF TKADI-; lU II.DINC, 


M.\i«ii |-ii-i i:i:\-|'ii Til .\iM<ii. riiiki) 

1 !P 2 II 

Exhihiiioii open daily from l)..S() 
(i.iit. lo f).,l() p.m., ami (hiriiif; llic 
■reiiings from 7.o() lo 1(1 o'clock. 

Art Commillif 

HiHirit Iff Triitli' 
( hiiirman Kkv. Caxhx \V. H |1i:i:ni;v 

Mk. JaS. Ml DlAHMII) 

Mk. IXwiiir. Ml Intvr] 
Mk. J. D. An iiisoN 
Mk. Ray.mdnd ("AHicv 
Mk. \V. I>. Ovhk 
Mr. Ciiii). Wii.sox 
Mk. W. I"ini;]) 

Mm. a. K. CiiiHiiiiii; 
Mr. '"i. S. Kdxhikmi 
Mr. W. J. Hi i..\nx 
Mk. John Stovhi. 
Mr. C. H. Saii.ts 
Mk. JA^rl;s <iinr 
Prof. A. A. Stoi t.iiton 

.Mk, (". S. 

MisiiKovi:, IHreclor 

Exhibits. Conimiltee 

Chairman -Mr. \V. Pkkiv Ovick 

Mr. Rav.\ioni) C'aricv Mr. J. D. Atihison 

M fiEo. Wilson ' • .•* Mr. Jas. M( Diakm j 

Mr. Ai.iii'. J. Mrsi:Ri>vn 


THE immhi'rs of t/ir Art Comniillvc 
iif the Board of Tniilf ilr.sirr lo cv- 
t>rrss llitir ilirl> ii/>pmiiilion of the 
Kiitcroiis iiiiiiiiirr in iJiUh tlir owiifrs of 
piiliiris how ri:s/)oii(lat to tlirir cult for 
(I \\'iiiiiif>ix Loitii lixliihitioii. 

Thi-yhtlinvlliis is lite first ri/inseiit- 
iititv Imiii Exhiliilioii ivi-r lirld lirrr. 
Xvarly all the licst (ivnilohlc pi, tuns ore 
ill the Exhibition. In the nnirsv of the 
Coniinitlir's labors some liistinrrics haw 
b(rn matte, anil many /)tnisant surprises 
met, provinn l/nre are a ureal number 
of truly appreciative art lovers in the 
city, li'lio by their generosity have given 
citizens the opportunity of enjoy inn these 
beautiful works of art, and thereby 
adding to and widening their cultural 
I'limi'ledge and influence. 

Winnipcfi, March l.i. I!).'i). 


St. SaLLTK, VbxIlK, BV J, \V. M. TfRNEH. H..\ 


1. Tc.ltuns Ri'Katt:, .\. II. l-iioch 

I.,«IM,;1 In- llr. H. J. Cii„y 

2. I,;m(lsc,-iia- ( ',.,nlc.n Cmtls 

/.,i„iml l.y .1/r. /•:. ;.:. //,,;; 
•'• ''■'■"f.-ilKar S. j. UroNvn 

Lntiiiil l,y Kn: Cm. h. Sallm 

4. Fourliiiiililcaii Forest \. Sitzc.r ViAi, A.R.C.A. 

iMineil hy Mr. J„h,i lliirl 

5. Scene in nrittany j,,i,„ K,,s,,-ell 

Lmmml h\ Mr. II'. (,'. Russrli 
"• 'ti Douhl 1-MKiir A.R.A. 

("ATA !.(!(; Ci; 

7. Till.' Carnival 

S. Sh 

Ltmiiat fly Co/. Osier 


!•. Drawiii;; tlio Xi'ts 

Lwijinl l,y I),. J. A. Mi.tilluir 

Lnuini liy Mr. .!. /), .Hrlijs,,,, 


H. Tlionipsoii 

.1. A, HaKsliaw 

Win. Kcilli 

HI. I-andscapf 

l.miml l,y .Ur. I:. E. Hall 

1 1 . Beside tlu. Stream [,a„ra Knight, A.R W S 

iMlunl l,y Mr. II. K. I>,ill,, 
11'. Slill I,itV ,... ,, . , 

Airs. .McArilnir 

/-•ifiiml hy Dr. .1. .1, Mr.lrlhur 

'•'■ ''"''^' '"-' ^'"1 Mrs. .\I<.Artl,ur;ll,y Or. ./. .1. M, .\rll,ur 

U. I'nrlrait Skrirli 

Sir joslnia kc'\n(ilils 
Mrs. . IrArtluir 

I'). TfUint; tlic Birs 

Lmnril l,y Dr. J. .[. M,.irllii,r 

Hi. I-an(lsca|)i' I „ /■,,.' . 

' J. n. (... (. r)rot 

17. Tile Arbor 

Loiinril hy Dr. ,/. .1. Mr.lrllu 
IX. I''l(i\vers 

l.iMiinl l-y .\lr. .Iiilii, C„,f 

HI. Dutch ]ntiTi(.r 

Mrs. .McArtlnir 

C'lias. Diunont 

.1. Kevor 
llanild Swanwii'k 

2(1. .\K,y Mcirnm.- 

Loancl hy Mr. II. K. r.M.'r,. 

21. Dull Day at Lake L.mise Leonard Davis 

ImiiicI /,y .1/r.,. //, /,. ||7//,,„„ 

22. California Pines 

Lixiiml hy .Mr. .1. ./. .Iinlrrwi 

2:i. London Hrid.^. 

/.iiiuinl hy .Mr. J as. .V,-,i 

24. The Bookwomi 


V. .M. liell-Smith 

Mary IlamiUon 

2:->. Ilarxcs! Time 

Umm-d hy Mr. E. /,. Drewry 

Mower Martin. R.C.A. 

CA 'r.\ I.(k; r i; 

^■■' ;;i-ii"«M>KKirRN,v,,.«, 

iMllu-rv,,, \. H,J.II,,„i, K,,, 
l.,„„„:ll.y Mr.J. /,. ,,■„„,„„ 

, , , -^^ '•■ .1 linird, K.(l f 

'-""""' V .I//-. <■«„.,. //. /•:„,/„,„„ 
-'7. Th. Mo.„nain m„„.^., ^i,,,.,;,, ,^ ^. ^ 

Loinii-d hy Mr. ./,./;,; ( ■,;;-;. 

-'X. A Mountain St.vam ,<. I-", (la,..,, OS \ 

/.(«I«,y; /)_v Mr. <;. .V. IIV/,„„ 

-'!». Wharf at Dicjipc , .... 

/.(«»<■</ ftv Mrs. (;. /•■ Cilrriill„-r< 

■'''■ ''■'H'T.,,of,lH. 11,11 Laura K„i,lu..\.R.\VS 

V,. ///„.,,„,„„, ;. .1 l.y Mr. n. K. ,'.,„rrs..„ 

" •\"""lKv K. F.(;a,en,(,S \ 

'■"■"•»i i>y M'.c. s. ir,/,„„ 
■'- -^y"'^' <■"'■"-■ C. M Manh. OS \ 

iMiiinl hy Mr. .I,,s. M.Diarmiil 

■■»■ .M..u,u Sir n„nal,l R. F. Ca...., .j s \ 

Loaned l,r .Mr. ii. .v ir,7„,„ * ' 

:«. Horses RHurninK. frnn, llayiny X. |,. |, Hainl R i, I 

.vv /;/,„„„„„„. /.,.„„■,//,,. ,1/,^ 7. /•:, /;,;„.„.// 
'^'- '^'- '"^'"''^ , . J'.l." l-nll.vlnvc. R 1 

/,...I»,v( /,i- Mr. II. II. Cm.drrtnm 

'"■ "•"■-I-" <l- ™;ls X. n..l.Bair,l, R.O.r 

l.n.niril l,y .\/r. n-lrlirr .S. .l„:lr,u. 

.. 311- Toi- or THE Hill. Lalka KMr.iir. A r iv s 
L,„:iirJ hy M,. II. K. I'Mlmon. 


Aita M. Williams 

•<7. TowiT Hri(li;f 

'-"••'ml h- ."", (;. /•■. Cirnillirrs 

■fX. Ri.'liirniiiK to ihu I'iirni 

'■''■'■ '^"'^'"'"' ''"''"■^- .l.s. C-a,K.„lK.a,l K S \ 

^"' ''"'''"•■^ , <n.n. Clausen, RA.RWS 

J.mimlln- Mr. (V,„<. //, /■;„,/„,„„ 
-*1. l.nih Awe- 

42. West minster 

.l'>lin MrWhirUT. I<..\.. R.S.A. 

.1. l"uni'\invc. 

I.,;w,;lhy Mr. II />.(;„,„/„/„„„ 

-1-i. Mi'ailow I'asinros r , 

U. Art'nm'Wf 
Lniiml hv Mr. /■;. /. Hrrwrv 

''■ '-'»'-^''-"HT Henrv Ile.nshall. R W S 

,. iMumlhy Mr. CIms. liirlmr.h,,,, 

-»■>■ i''irtrait Stuily ^ 

l.nnml l,_v .Ur. A. I:.;,- 

■f'i. Kiiine,! TmvonlV S,|.I,a,n.,rna Bird,. R.\v.,s R s W 

Loam-tl h\ Mr. II. A' P,itt<r\,>ii 

4"- A Dulcli Lano ... ,, , 

/.".iiif,; /,v .!/«. ./. //. .\-„„/, 
; ( has. John ('..Hin-s 

■"' I ''^' "ri.Iv'c ,,. , , 

" ■ "lipiinarlli 

.,, ,, 'Ml«nl l,y Mr.,;. .V. HV/v„„ 

•>". KiiiK'n 

hrni'si Cc.i-.r^. 

I.o.iiinl l,x Mr. II. I'. Prim,,,/,- 
'> I . UlosSfinis I 1 . . . 

Laura kni^;In. A R W S 

. , .,, , '■"'""'' '•->■ ■>''-■ //. A-. P,W,-r<..„ 

■>- I.. lasUHVs \c'„- He U.a,1s His l-l.H.k 

■"'■i- l^vi'iiiiij; 

K'.l.t. McyurluMn. R.I. 
I.Miml hy Mr. CI,,,.,. II. /.:„,/„,„„ 

■\' 11. J. liainl. R (] I 
i.iiaiud hy Mr. ('. Cn-f 

■-.-1. The liri.lK. nn the. Avon Sir Alfr.,! Hast. R \ RF 

-- .,., .,. i'.R.ii.A.'" 

■-■'■ Ihe- lurn ni the- Purnm- .\, n. , ,5.,,^,, ,< , , , 

Lmilalhy Mr. C. (;„i,r 

r.\T.\ i.iif.v r- 

'■'"■"■'"■-> Mr: IK I. M.tllir, 

ll,-iri,I(l Sun.l 


• i."). 

Lihiimlhy Mn.C. H. Curnillurs 

Monn.nv RiviT S. j, Uimnrna Hin-li, R.W.S.. K S W 

A,v lUlislraliuil l.iuiiml by Mrs. I). /,. M.ulirr 

K..iulk. Mou.nain w. Cnima,! l-a.le 

/.<.,;«<■,/ /.v .l/fs. ./. //. \„rn< 

ill<l Man Sninkin.. \ r ^;, 

Inniril hv Mr. /•:. /•;. //„// 

\Vu,„nan,I Sc-c.K. c. m Ma„lv, O S \ 

/,.w«,'(/ ftv .1/r tVi,i.v. //. Emlrrliui 

TlK' 01,1 Tar ,. 

Lmnml l,y Dr. .1. Iliilpinny 
Tin.' AiiswcT /' (' I , 

/.»./«.■,/ /,v .Mr. 11. W. Gomlrrlium 

In a Tavurii . , . 

Lnam-il hy .\fr. Ihtn Ross 

''""' '" "■'"''■•■ W. I. Phillips 

Loaurd hy .\fr. (,V(». II7/.v„), 

Hari>„ri,i iXn-onshirc F. McCnlivra\ Knewk-s 

Loiuieii by Mr. Gctt. Wilson 



) ■ > 

\n. ".*.— C.M ri.K IN- SriiRM, Ak 

Loaned hy Mr. Clhf. If, /, 


r A T A I. o r, u E 

(iti. Hfur RivcT, N.S. Krcil nriK'clcn. O.S.A, 

Lmiu'ti hy Mr. .1. tK tirit^tien 
{')'. Ndihi 11(1111' Clias. Simpson 

Prrseiilid hi Uiilliry I'V Mr. J:is, McDiitrmid 
R8. WDCHllan.l I'atli C. M. Manly. O.S.A, 

Lmtiml liy Mr. E. I.. Drriary 

(lit. l.akf Napta C. I'artriclKL' Ailams 

l.mlml hy Mr. C. /). Slu'ppard 

70. llc.t llarvust Day \V. j. Phillips 

Lminril hy Mr. (ifo. Wilson 

71. Sunset MowtT Martin, R.C.A. 

Lfiitiint hy Mr. Jus. Srutt 

72. In till' Himalayas II. Harbier 

Lmimlby Mr. .1. A'. Sarraatll 

',\. Storm at Sea T, S. Alclri(Ij;e 

Limned hy Dr. H. .S. Curry 

74. Church Interior Johannes Hosboom 

Lmitffi hy Mr. .1. J. .Indreus 

7"). Cattle in Storm Arnesby Brown, K.A., K.W.S. 

See Illustration. — Loaned hy Mr. Cltas. 11, Enderton 

76. On the Dochart River Sir Alfred liast, R.A., R,E. 

Loaned hy Mr. Jos. MeDiarmid 

77. A June Morniiif; K, R, Weiss 

Loaned hy .)h. U. K. Fatierson 

75. A Freiieh-Canailian Home F. McC/illvrav Knowies, 


Loaned hy Mr. E. L. Dre;ery 

70. On the Dutch Shore II. \V. Mes.lau 

Loaned hy .\lr. Chas. //. I^nderfon 

80. The Shepherd J. Sherrewitz 

Loaned h\ .Mr. .lohn Call 

81. CuiiinK Kelp Weed \V, H. Bartlett, R.B.A. 

Loaned hy Mr. E L. Drewry 

82. EnKlish Willows Roht. Xoble, R.S.A. 

Loaned hy .\lr. IL P. Pennoek 

83. Landscape witii Sheep .. Carlton WiHpns 

Loaned hy .Mr. E. E. Iloll 

84. Small Cambrae Linht. . . . A. Hislop 

Loaned hy .Mrs. i^daar 

SiK Al.FKl 



S"). I)i.>;s and I'Vrni Sir Kilwiii I.niulsiTr 

LiiilHfil hy Mf. tl. K. I'lilh-rsiul 

>*''■■ 1>"K S. Full .n 

I.itailrii hy \tr. Jus. Si nil 

H7. 'I'lii- DrinkiiiK l>,i.,l R,,lit. Mi'viTlu'im, R.[. 

l.miml hy Sh. II'. Mrn.iil 

NK. ('(.ttanf IntiTii.r II, j. Dolisi.ii, A.K.CA,, K.S.W. 

I.,:,iiml hy Mr. I:. /■.. //„// 

W. 'I'Ik' lA'isuiv Hour Prcf. A. Spriii;; 

l.niiml hy Mr. I:. I:. Ihtll 

!«l. Ci.llaKr liilcTii.r II. |. |),,l,sun. A.K.C.A.. K.S.W. 

!M. Till' Cavalier \V. H. Hivaksprau', K.I. 

l.o,uinl hy Mr. E. E. I Ml 

il'2. Italian Wcinu'n A. Ziz/.i's 

t.ninint hy Cut. Ihirr 

!W- Till- Hc.y N. II. I. Hair.l. K.d.I. 

I.miiud hy Mr. ('. Oiler 

IM. A Lock (in tlu' Stmve John Ccmstahlo, K.A. 

LiHuinl hy .Mr. i'hiis. II. Endrrlim 
!!.-). Iti tlu' C.anlen \V. L. Wyllii', K.A. 

l.ouHi'il hy Mr. II. K. I'liUrrsmi 

!l(). The Luxi'mlmrj; (lardc-.s jcilin Kiissvll 

Liunirit hy Mr. \V. C. Hiissell 

'•"■ A Head A. A. Creeidiank 

Li'iittrd hy Rt".: Ciiiwn llreiiey 

!W. Lan.lscaiie J. Noble Barlc.w, R.B.A. 

Lomiril hy .\[r. J. I), .llrhison 

'M. The Alchemist (attributed) Remliranilt 

Lmni'il hy Mr. 0. \V. iirern 

100. Sludv (if a Head Mrs. McArthur 

Limned hy Dr. J. .\. Mc.irtluir 

101. Calves in Pasture Harry Fidler 

Limned hy Mr. Jus. .McPiurmid 

102. On the Marnc Archibald Brtnvn, R.C.A. 

Loaned hy .Mr. II. K. Fittlersim 

103. The Chestnut Grnve Homer Watson, P. R.C.A. 

See Illustration. — Loaned hy Rev. Geo. Saltan 

104. Harvest Harry Fidler 

Loaned hy .Mr. II. I'. Pennoek 

N(j. 117 -PoHfK^ir. JiiiiN RissRrL. 
LoanfJby Mr. 11'. ( . Rw...,-!!. 


II" , 





N'l lii;t- Thk c'iiksm r (;mi\K. Humkk W.^fHtv. r.k.r.A. 

Siinily ('(immim M- C'azin 

iMiiiril liy Mr. llms. II. Umlirlnn 
A Ciirl's lUad Circuzu 

I.iuitml In- .Mr II. K. I'.iltrrsi'ii 

Catllo Rr>li(.'rl M.'vrrlu'im. K.I. 

l.mmd liy Mr. Jus. MiDmrmU 
Pci-ilars .1. Kt'iil Murray 

Lmmd hy Mrs. I'hillifi 

Ivvi'iiiii),' W. SU'cliiuk 

Lmiiinl In- Mr. \V. H. .V/.r/l/re 

Tireil Art/, 

l.niiml hy .Mr. M.iihr.iy 

I.ailx in lilack .l"hii Kusst'll 

Lmmd liy .\lr. Cluls. II. Hmlertmi 

Rural SivHf II. <.'. Bellman 

l..,„m;l ky .\lr. Pun. Hoss 

Al Callalz Frank Brannwvn, R.A.. II. R S.A., R.K., 

R.W.S. PR I! A. 

Sci- Illlislriiliin}.~-I.ihi}ifil l>y .Mr. Clius. II. l-'.udfrtiiii 

Into the C'htimu'l C. Naiiicr Hcmy. R.A., R.W.S., 
LiHiiml hy .Mr. J. .Shiiilry lliniih 


CAT A I. hi; f K 


11. "i. 


12 J. 

I,„.im.l h Mr. ( In:'. II. I.n.l„l:ir. 

Iliinu'sluacl anil C'attli' T. Siilni'V ("ucpir. K.A. 

Umm-llhy .l/r.<. />. I.. .1/.. icr 

Umdi Landscape >■• 'Ic Windt 

/.iwiin/ /.v .\/r. ;)««. «w.< 

Portrait J"'"> Ktissi'll 

.SVf nimlmlioii.—I.Miiml hy .Mr. 'I', t'. Kli<.vW/ 
Tdrth anil Clyilf Canal . jas. Kay, K.S.W. 

Laiiirrf ''.v Mr. C. K. .\hirFiirhliir 

Plinvin^; ''■ Urownull, R.C.A. 

Lmliiril ft.v .\lr. E. I'. Kiilil 

Hiuhlanil Lassie Craliamu C.lon 

iMineJ hy <'"'• "''''■ 
Cnntem|ilation -^^ Zi'zzos 

Z.i)illlfi( by .1/'. ir. H. .Sl.rliiie 
Portrait of a I.aily Allan Ramsay 

Portrait . M. Fitzrny 

Lniined by Mrs. Ctiiwii Coiirttbes 
West Coast of Scotlaml Alex. Cameron, R.S.A. 

Loaned by Mrs. Edsi'r 











<'.\T.M,i)ii IK 

The Liculcnanl 

I.ihlMftI /ly .Urt. .l/,v.'r.( 

Tlir Nnviil OlViCir 

hniHfit by \h\. Myrr 

.\l;istiT lA'Vtrtcm 

l.mii-l ky .1/m, Myrr, 

Till' S(|iiiri' 

/....I.1,-,/ /... ,1/,,. .i/.i 
I.;niilsi'.-i|)i' will) Caulf 


.Vri- llluslriiliitit 

1.1' \'ifii.\ l'iMil-:i-nu iiilc 

KuSlic- Sci'Df 
111 tln' WoikIs 


iMiml l,y Mr l|-»i. .1/,, 

Jiilin Kiiss.ll, K.A. 
.h.liM Riissill. R A. 
jolm Opif, R.A. 
.I.ilm Riissi'll. R A. 
julin Riissrll, R.A. 

W. Sli;i\iT. Si'iir. 
I. .M W. Turiur. R A. 

M. Uvis 

Ck'o. Mi.rl:iiiil 

lloniir, I' R.C i 

ICmili' Jiioiui'S 

('has. lai'iiuc'S 

l.pantit hy Mr. Ww. Murtiii 
Rnad 1,, tlif Villauu I. \V. WVisscnliruch 

Lmnnl by Mr. (Vl.iv. //. Kmlrrlmi 

I.andscaiH' \Vm. Kip 

l.mnnt hy .\]r J„lin Citl 
•'■'''''■ Ariusliy Hnnvn. K..\., R.W.S. 

h:.liml by .Mr. J,l.<. Miih.irmiil 

r.;iiiilsi-apc' witli Shwp T. Sidney CnupiT, R.A. 

.SVi' llliistriiliini l.miinl by .Mr. <*./<. //. l-.ndrrloii 

Pastoral Siviic 

iMinrd by /)r. I). .!. furry 

I.nil).;!- hy till' River liriiust ParUiii. R.O.I. 

J.miiml by .Mrs. /■.'. /'. Hniiii-sl 

Tlu' Day's Wcirk Uuv: N. II. J. IJaircl. R.O.I. 

Loaiifil by .Mr. Jiis. .1/, Diurmiti 
llc.inewanls N. II. J. Baird, R.O.I. 

Limnrci by M: :. Jl, .M, .iniiiir 

.]. I). HanliiiK 

lA ] A I.IKil IC 







I .">•->. 


PltHisIhU' \V Rir -ill Flinl. k.S.W.. K.d.l . U \V S. 

/...,/«,•,/ ft.v .\rr. I:. II. «,•,,„,..,/ 

1)1,1 Kimlish lli,nusii.:i,| \, |I, | ;);,jr,| |< (, | 

Lmiinl hy Mr. Jus. SI, Iharmul 
Ivvi'iiiiiK cm till' I'niirii' .\. ||. | H,.,inl. U.oj. 

I.miir,l ,'n .Mr. M . .U. \l,i, jili.iil 

TIU' Sll.lllcl 

Marii' lv:itiiii 

Arwiliv/ M- .1/,, (, Hi'xl'tn~l, 

A l);iii^;lUiT of ihi' Xi! Iliiirv lU-iisli.iII, K.W.S. 

I.mimlhy Mr. W. M. Mm pli.ul 
I'drisl S.riif Cli.-i.. [„l.,i C.lliii^.s 

;..»/.'■-, /.v Mr I:. /•;. //,.,7 

CaKiii in iIk' I-oivsi ('h.-.s. ],,l,„ Cnlliiij;^ 

l.m,ml In- Mr. I:. I:. H.ill 

HilUT-switl lK.„rv lUn^h.iil. K.W.S 

S,y i;h,slr„li,„i. I.,;ni,,l l,y 1/r. /•.. /'/. /(,„„,.>/ 

Wnins it-s liains n .NI;„l-,-i,l:,nL- 

/.i«/i;.'./ /.v .Mr. C. II Crillilli 

I'i.ra.HHy Cinnis M.I- at.,,, 

L^iiiml h.v Mr. (.■. .V. Hoxliunili 

Ma\ in IVrthsliiru W. Kussfll Flint, K.S.W., K.O.I.. 
I.m iml by Mr. Cm. 1 1 •.•/.>„« K.W.S. 



l.")(i. llcTorative Drawing Annie French 

{mu:;I hy .\fr. J„s. MrDiir.iiid 
\'u. Amon^ the Lupins C'has. Jolm ("DlHnKs 

Loinu'ii liy Mr. Cfitis. 11. Eiulertoti 
I.W. The While Sands, Icma las, Patterson. R.S.A., 

R.B.C, R W.S., R,S.\V. 
I.miiml hy .Mr. Davis 
i."i(l. Kveninn in Paris J. Leslie Beers 

Linntfil hy Mr. Geo. Wilson 
\m. Spring Mornint,', Selkirks ("has. John C'(illinj,'s 

Loom-il hy .Mr. \V. M. .Morplluil 

Kil. Kennebacases Valley Fred Brit;den, O.S.A. 

Looimt hy Mr. .{. O. BrtK'len 
1(12. A .Mciorland j. Whitelaw Hamilton. R.S.A.. R.W.S. 

LouHiil hy .Mr. Cm. Uihdil 

IIW. Ciossip \V. Lee Ilankey. R.i;., R.U.I. 

LiHUifd hy Mr. Cha.s, If, EtuierlOH 

KM. .May Queen Henry Ilenshall. R.W.S. 

I.oanfd hy Mr. II I'. J'eunofk 

Uui. I-andscapo near Sandwich , (.'has. John Collinj^s 

Loitneii hy Mr. Cliii.w If. Entivrtor. 

\m. Harvcst-limu. Devon X. H. J. Bainl 

Loaned by Mr. (Vxi.v. //. Euderlon 

Ki". Kdge of tliu Woods Chas. John CoHin^s 

Leaned by Mr. J. f). .{tihison 

ins. Early CreilT Henry Henshall. R.W.S. 

l.cnucd hy Mr. Clias. II. Endcrton 

Hii). Ilomestoadin^ in the Seymore Valley-. .Chas. John 
Loaned by Mr. Cha.i. II. Enderton Collinj^s 

170. Si. Martin-in-thc-Fiel(ls . .. F. M. Bell-Smith. R.C.A. 

Loaned by .Mr. E. L. Drewry 

171. r.olden H<mr. _ . W.J.Phillips 

Loaned hy Mr. A. D. IVatsoti 

172. The Habor, Majorica C. O. C'olman 

Loaned by Mrx. J. II. yorris 

17;i. Autumn on the Rod River Fred Brij.;<lcn. O.S.A. 

Loaned by Mr. A. O. Brigtien 

174. Haunt of the Wildfowl N. H. J. Baird. R,().[. 

Loaned by Mr, J. McDiarmid 

'. 1'iJ— BirTKH SwKF.T. IIevrv IIknshai.i., R.V 
l....iw,lhyMr,E.II. UrnnfU. 


No. 18:>— The Harbor. Purtsov. Robt. W. Allan, r.w.s.. jc.s.w. 
Loaned by Mr. II. .SuHJi^on. 

17">. Falls of Pawnwoop F. M. Bcll-Smilli, R.CA, 

Loaned hy Mr. Wainu'rif^ttl 
17<>. MorniiiK in Katzwick St. Thomas Smith 

Loaned by Rev. Ceo. .Salloit 

177. Street in Rouen B. McOuinness 

Loaned by Dr. B. S. Curry 

178. Landscape w. Grenville Smith 

Loaned by Mr. A. F. .Smith 

170. RobinK the Bride Annie French 

Loaned by .Mr. R. II. Bemiesl 

150. A Favorite Chapter .Henry Henshall, R.W.S, 

Loaned by Mr. Wainuiright 

151. Cattle in Pasture Robt. Meyerheim, R.I. 

Loaned by .Mr. Fletcher S. .ittdre^fs 

152. Street Scene in Cairo . __. p. Catano 

Loaned by Col. Reid 

1S:{. Midwinter Chas. John Conines 

Loaned by Mr. W. M. Macphail 
1H4. Warkworth Castle J. Whitelaw Hamilton, 

Limned by Mr. Geo. Wilson R.S.A., R,\V.S. 



IS.'.. llarLur, r'lirtsoy Rcl.t. W. Allan. K.W.S., K.S.W. 

.SV-r lUiislmtim.- iMinril hy Mr. II, Sutiilisim 
IHI). Landscapi' in Brittany Wni. Hmc-k 

hmnni l,y Mr. Co. llV/.mn 
IS". Landscape J. WintiT-Shaw. K.l. 

LmiltffI fiy .\lr. J. 1). .Itrhi.uin 

ISS. Rfstint; \, |i. |. i);|jr,l, |< o |, 

Louiml hy .\lr. (Vni.v. Kifhiirthtm 
IS!». The Duck I'lmd |<,,l,t Mcycrluitn, l< I . 

Loinirtt hy Col. Rriil 

1!M). Motherless Henry Henshall, KW.S 

Lottnfii hy Dr. H. .V. Curry 
litl. N'or^vay House Freil BriKden, O.S.A. 

Loaned hy Mr. .1. (). Hrindfii 
1!»2. Portsoy Robl. W. Allan, R.W.S.. R.S.W. 

l.oom-d hy Mr. II. .Sandi.wn 
I'.Ki. Twilight Fancies Henry Henshall, R.W.S. 

Loiiiml hy Mr. ./. I). .Mrhisoit 

n\\. Summer Clouds Fred HriKdcn, (),S..\. 

Loaned hy Mr. Geo. W'ihon 

The Winnipeg School of Art 

Was or^anizL'fl fur liic purjM) 

i)f tcac'liint; lliu 

Itriiiciiilcs and ]>raL'lic 

I if art 

kI (1 



school is conducted ujion the most modern methods, 
although the se\'ere practice dictated liy cxi)erience 
and precedent is rigorously maintained in drawing 
and painting from life, and in the various branches 
and subjects. Thoroughness and precisitui of work- 

manship are the keynotes of the instruction. 

While the t;eneral art studies are most carel'ully 
attended to, the Sclniol is wide awake to the 
immediate present needs, and ureat care and attcn- 
ticm arc Kiven to the training, akin^' practical lines, 
of students for commercial art work. 

Instruction includes Drawing. Painting in Oils 
and Water CoUtrs and in Pastels. Moilcllin^, 

in, ICtchin^i, 
and Antique 


1(1 I)e 

Cotumcrcial Art, I.anilscapi 


Classes, Show Card Writing, Ad\-crtisin^'. 

Booklets and information may be obtained from 
the Director, at his office, just ofT the main hall 
of the art jjallery.