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American Foundation for the Blind, Legislative Office 
Washington, DC 
November 15-16, 1978 

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Mr. Roberts, at 9:35 
a.m. Present were: 

Mr. Harold G. Roberts, AAWB Mrs. William N. Epstein, NBA 
Mrs. Irvin F. Richman, NBA Mrs. Helen Perry, CNIB 

Mr. Martin Droege, Clovernook Mr. Richard Evensen, LC/NLS 
Mr. Floyd Cargill, ACB Dr. George V. Gore III, AEVH 
Mr. Ralph E. McCracken, APH Mr. Joseph Sullivan, ACM 

Mrs. Darleen Bogart of CNIB was present as an observer. 

MSC The minutes of the meeting held April 19-20, 1978 were accepted as mailed to the 
Mrs. Richman reported that she had made no progress in securing our 
registration as a tax-exempt organization since she had been unable to obtain an 
Employer's Identification Number, although she had sent in the application in May. 


Mr. Roberts reported on his meetings in London with Mr. Poole of the Uniform 
Type Committee of the United Kingdom and Mr. Boulter of the Royal National Institute 
for the Blind. Mr. Poole and Mr. Boulter felt that there was a general feeling that the 
"time was ripe" for our effort to develop a single code for English braille and that they 
had "good assurances" of government support. 

It was agreed that, while all should be cognizant of ongoing research and should 
keep each other informed of the work being done in our respective countries, we should 
not wait for the results of such research before beginning our efforts to produce a single 

It was agreed that the first step would be for BANA and the UTC to each appoint 
one or two persons to serve as a Liaison Committee. The Committee would be charged 
with developing a specific proposal and outlining the procedures to be followed in 
developing a single code. 

In the discussion following Mr. Robert's report, several suggestions were made to 
help the Liaison Committee. 

1. The results of John Gill's work and of the FSU studies should be transmitted to 
England, even though the FSU project is not addressing the basic literary code. 

2. An analysis of the two codes should be made and a tabulation made of the points 
of difference. 

3. Each party should analyze his own code to determine which of the present rules 
create problems. 





4. The codes should also be analyzed with regard to the rules which create problems 
for computer programming. 

It was also noted that, if we are successful and a single code is adopted, we must then 

establish a mechanism for making changes in the code cooperatively. It was then 

moved that we table further discussion on this subject.until 3:00 p.m. 


The group sat as a Committee of the Whole for the detailed consideration of the 
proposed revision of the Bylaws. The meeting recessed at 11:40 a.m. and reconvened at 
1:05 p.m. The Committee also recessed at 3:00 p.m. to take up the report of the 
Nominating Committee and the conclusion of the discussion of the US-UK Project which 
had been tabled until that time. 

It was moved, seconded and carried that the revision of the Bylaws presented by the 

Bylaws Committee be adopted with those changed made by the Committee of the Whole. 
The text of the revised Bylaws is attached to these Minutes and is a part of them. 


Mr. Brown, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, reported by letter that the 
committee had only been able to complete a partial slate. Therefore nominations were 
made from the floor. The following officers were elected by acclamation: 

Mr. Floyd Cargill, Chairman 

Mr. Ralph E. McCracken, Vice Chairman 

Mr. Martin Droege, Treasurer 

Mrs. Helen Perry, Secretary 


The charge to the Liaison Committee to the UTC is to develop a detailed proposal 
including specific detailing of the topics to be studied, the kinds of people needed to 
make the study (even to suggest specific individuals if they are known) and projected 

Mr. Roberts suggested that our Liaison establish a group of people to work with him 
here. The Chairman of BANA should send a letter to Mr. Poole informing him that a 
number of people from the US will be in England for the International Conference on 
"Computerized Braille Production -Today and Tomorrow" which will be held on May 30- 
June 1, 1979 and to suggest that perhaps the first meeting of the Liaisons could be held 
either immediately before or after that meeting. Mr. Roberts will give Mr. Cargill all of 
the information he has on the matter. 

BANA agreed that it would underwrite the expenses for one person to go to England 
to meet with his counterpart from the UTC if the person designated is unable to 
obtain funding from his own agency or other sources. 

Mr. Richard Evensen, Chairman of BANA's Literary Braille Technical Committee, 
was designated as our Liaison to the Uniform Type Committee of the United 

The meeting recessed at 4:42 p.m. and reconvened at 9:03 a.m. At this 
time Mr. William Gallagher of AFB joined the meeting. 


In accordance with Article IV, Section 2 of the newly adopted Bylaws, lots were 
drawn and the following terms determined for the representatives taking office at 
this meeting: 
One year term-AAWB, LC/NLS, ACM. 
Two year term-Clovernook, AFB, NFB, ACB. 
Three year term-NBA, CNIB, AEVH, APH. 


Mr. Evensen and Mr. McCracken met with Dr. Gideon Jones and Miss Marjorie Hooper 
last spring. This report supplements the written report dated May 30, 1978 and sent to all 
members by Mr. Evensen. 

Dr. Jones was present at most of the meeting. Both Dr. Jones and Miss Hooper were 
most cordial. Subsequent to the meeting, Mr. Roberts has received copies of the various 
FSU Committee reports and FSU's report to BEH as was requested. We have not yet 
received the copy of the actual proposal which had been negotiated with BEH. Mr. 
Evensen will write Dr. Jones requesting the report and sending him a copy of his report to 

During the meeting, there was some discussion of the importance of keeping all findings 
private until they have been formally accepted by BANA. It was suggested that Miss Hooper be 
invited to attend the spring meeting of BANA in order to present a progress report on the work 
at FSU. 

It was agreed that in order to keep FSU properly informed of BANA's actions, the following 
items should be sent to them: 

1. Technical Committee meeting reports 

2. Bylaws 

3. A report of the status of our approach to the UTC. 

4. Extracts from the minutes of relevant items. 

It was noted that the FSU grant will expire before the end of 1979. The spring meeting of 
BANA should address itself to the implications of the end of the project. 

Mr. Evensen will make copies of later FSU Committee reports in his possession and 
circulate them to the members of BANA. 

Mr. Evensen reported that the commitee is now complete. The committee and 
terms of appointment are as follows: 
January 1, 1979-Dec. 31, 1982 
Mr. Richard Evensen, Chairman 
1291 Taylor St., NW 
Washington, DC 20542 


Mr. Kenneth R. Ingham Mr. E.G. Brown 

ASI Teleprocessing Inc. Canadian National Inst. f/t Blind 
123 Water St. 1929 Bayview Ave 

Watertown, MA 02172 Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E8 

Mrs. Maxine B. Dorf Mr. Martin F. Droege 

LC/NLS Clovernook Printing Hse. f/t Blind 
1291 Taylor St., NW 7000 Hamilton Ave. 

Washington, DC 20542 Cincinnati, OH 45231 

Mr. Evensen pointed out the broad spectrum of abilities and knowledge represented on 
the committee since it includes not only persons with a wide knowledge of literary braille, but 
also persons familiar with production by press and computer and a Canadian representative. 

Mr. Evensen commented, that despite our guidelines, many people write directly to the 
Technical Committee Chairman rather than to the Chairman of BANA. He suggested that the 
TC Chairman provide copies of all correspondence to the BANA Chairman, thus giving the BANA 
Chairman the opportunity to decide whether he wishes to respond or wished the TC Chairman 
to do so. 

The Literary Braille Committee plans to hold at least one meeting next year for the 
purposes of getting organized and may schedule a second one. 

During the period in which there has been no Literary Braille TC, Maxine Dorf has been 
answering questions addressed to her from the field. She and Mr. Evensen will work out a 
procedure which will provide transcribers with immediate help and questions requiring an official 
ruling can be referred to the TC for action. 

The Literary Braille TC will discuss naming a group of people to asist the Liaison to the 

A request for an update in the edition named as the official dictionary had been referred 
to the committee. The requester had stated that the Code named a particular copyright, 
however Mr. Evensen was unable to find the reference in his copy of the Code. Mr. McCracken 
will check the print edition, and if a particular date is mandated, the committee will make a 

the Chairman, presented a slate of candidates for membership on the committee to the Board. 
The slate was approved by unanimous vote. The members of the committee and there terms 
of office are: 


Ralph E. McCracken, Chairman 
American Printing Hse. f/t Blind 
Lousiville, KY 40206 


Mrs. P.T. Bogart Ms. Annette Bettinger 

466 Broadway Ave. American Printing Hse. f/t Blind 
Toronto, Ontario M4G 2R5 1839 Frankfort Ave. 
416/472-0208 Lousiville, KY 40206 

Mr. Norman Anderson 
Maryland School for the Blind 
3501 Taylor Ave. 

Baltimore, MD 21236 


Mrs. F.J. Mann Mrs. Yancey B. Smith 
900 N. Lake Shore Dr., #2606 1920 Notre Dame Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60611 Belmont, CA 94002 

Mrs. W.K. Tate, Jr. 
219 Nevada Dr. 
Erie, PA 16505 

The committee plans at least one meeting during the coming year. 

The Treasurer reported that there had been no expenditures since the last meeting. Our 
monies remain in the savings and checking accounts previously reported. 


Mr. Roberts, the Chairman, submitted the following budget for 
MSC 1979 which was adopted: 

Income (11 Members @$500)............ccccccccsssccceesseeceessseeccesseeeeeesseeeceesseeeeessseeeeseaes $5,500.00 


Stationery and postage.... $200.00 
UK-US project 

1 round trip air fare..... $400.00 

5 days @$75.00.. 375.00 775.00 
Literary Braille T.C. 

2 round trip air fares.... 300.00 

4 days @$50.00 200.00 500.00 
Textbook Format Braille T.C. 

2 round trip air fares.... 250.00 

2 days @$50.00 100.00 350.00 

Chairman's Contingency Fund..........006 500.00 

Total Expenses 2,235.00 
Excess of Income over Expenses..... $3,175.00 

The budget is based on the premise that most Technical Committee members will be able 
to obtain funding to attend committee meetings from the agency which employs 
them. This budget is more of an estimate than subsequent budgets will be because 
this is the first year that our technical committees are in place and will be holding 
meetings. BANA will assume financial responsibility for committee member's 
expenses to attend meetings when necessary. 

1. It was agreed to place the appointment of a committee to receive the 

report of the FSU Music Braille Committee, on the agenda of our spring 

2. The Secretary was directed to provide copies of the Bylaws to the executive 
head of each member organization. 

MSC 3. Delinquency of NFB 
Since the National Federation of the Blind has not paid its 1978 dues, despite the 
fact that it had been informed of their delinquency, it was moved, seconded and 
carried that: 
a. Their invoice for 1979 dues will be sent in due course with those of all 
of the other members. 
b. A separate letter shall be sent them by registered mail in which the 
treasurer will notify them of their delinquency for 1978 and will include a 
copy of Article III, section 3 of the Bylaws. 

4. Appointment of Committees MSC 
a. Budget and Audit Committee: 

Mr. Martin Droege, Chairman 
Mr. Joseph Sullivan 
Mr. Philip Hatlan 

The committee was reminded that they are charged with providing BANA with an audit within 
90 days of January 1, 1979. Mr. Roberts said that he might know a qualified auditor who 
would be willing to donate his services to BANA. 

MSC b. Bylaws Committee: Mr. Richard Evensen and 
Mr. Joseph Sullivan. 
MSC c. Nominating Committee: 

Mr. Martin Droege, Chairman 
Dr. George V. Gore III 
Mrs. William N. Epstein 

5. Next meeting 

The next meeting will probably be held in Pittsburgh in May, 1979, either 
immediately preceding or following the NBA Conference. The second choice would be 
to hold the meeting in Chicago some time during the last two weeks in April. 

MSC Whereas: The officers of BANA have served it well and diligently during the 
past two years, and 
Whereas: They have guided us wisely through this period of of organization and 
change, therefore be it 

Resolved: That the members of BANA wish to express their thanks and 
appreciation to them for their service. 
The meeting adjourned at 12:17 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted, 

Mrs. Irvin F. Richman 

November, 1978 

Balance brought forward (Savings Account) $8,780.75 
Funds transferred from checking account 2,600.00 
Interest. 149.17 

TOTAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT 11/10/78 11,529.92 
Balance in checking account $2,628.28 
Funds transferred to savings account 2,600.00