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Friday, March 26, 2004: 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM 
Saturday, March 27, 2004: 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM 
Sunday, March 28, 2004: 9:00 AM — 12:00 PM 

Hosted By 


1 Call to-Orde le antic anita din hi wn ken einen Anant E Kim Charlson 
Kim Charlson called the meeting to order at 9AM. Friday, March 26, 2004. 
2 WEICOME Rees nnen ean anita nan aaten ante ania Darleen Bogart 

Darleen Bogart introduced Jim Sanders, President and CEO of CNIB, who 
welcomed BANA to Toronto. 

3 Seating of BANA members and New Representatives..............:00006 Kim Charlson 

Associate Member: New Zealand, Janet Reynolds, Delegate 
Dr. Sandra Ruconich was seated as the delegate for AER at the meeting in the 
excused absence of Alan Koenig. 

4 Self-Introductions — Representatives and Observers 


Jill Cooter, Aquinas Pather, Phyllis Landon, Antonnette Botha, Abraham Nemeth, 
Edie Mourre, Jim Sanders, Linda Snider, Harold Snider, Tom Keith, Debbie 
Gillespie, and Raeleen Smith. 


Kim Charlson, American Council of the Blind (ACB), Chair 

Sandra Ruconich, Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and 
Visually Impaired (AER) 

Frances Mary (FM) D'Andrea, American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) 

Warren Figueiredo, American Printing House for the Blind (APH). Vice-Chair 

Mary (May) Davis, Associated Services for the Blind (ASB) 

Carol Morrison, Braille Institute of America (BIA) 

Darleen Bogart, Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) 

September 18, 2004 1 

Susan (Sue) Reilly, California Transcribers and Educators of the Visually 
Handicapped (CTEVH), Treasurer 

David Grimes, Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CCBVI) 

Mary Archer, National Braille Association (NBA), Secretary 

Eileen Curran, National Braille Press (NBP), Immediate Past Chair 

Ruby Ryles, National Federation of the Blind (NFB) 

Mary Lou Stark, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically 

Handicapped (NLS) 

Janet Reynolds Associate Member, Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, 

Mary Czepyha, Administrative Assistant 

5 Meeting Arrangements ssc. ccscan sve, secneciecaissetnaauia anes dace Darleen Bogart 
Darleen Bogart outlined and explained the various meeting arrangements. 
6 Board's Liability Statement .; vscwete idence hea eaneGeu teenies Mary Archer 

BANA indemnifies its Officers and Board of Directors and holds them harmless 
from all claims of every kind, including court expenses, attorney’s fees, and the 
claimed amount arising from the performance of their duties as Officers and 
Directors except for their own acts of dishonesty and gross negligence. (Adopted 
March 30, 1987) 

7 Agenda Approval shes seins uke ese e E teu E EE R iA Kim Charlson 

The BANA materials were delayed in arriving. Frances Mary D’ Andrea 
volunteered to do the To-Do list; Warren Figueiredo and Mary Czepyha offered to 
note possible press release items; and Sue Reilly kept track of budget items. 

MSC Carol Morrison moved that the agenda be accepted. Passed unanimously. 
8 Braille Formats Technical Committee .............ccccceceseeseeeeeeeteeeeees Lynnette Taylor 
Report and Board Charges 

Report on file. Sue Reilly read the report submitted by the Braille Formats 
Technical Committee in the absence of the board packets. The Board appreciates 
the comments from the Formats Committee, the communication between the board 
and the committee seems to be working. Debbie Gillespie clarified that Rules 3 
and 4 are still being worked on by the committee. 

Eileen Curran raised the issue of the use of the word ‘transcriber’ as an all- 
inclusive term. Concern was expressed that everyone involved in the production 
of braille should be included. Braille Formats is intended for a wider audience than 

September 18, 2004 2 

just transcribers. Suggestion: “Braille Producers’ might be a more overall term. 
Could also possibly define ‘braillist’ as all those involved in the process of braille 
production. Suggestion: List all terms for those involved in the production process 
in Braille Formats. 

The BANA Board went through the report point by point. 

In response to question regarding capitalization the Board recommends: Follow 
print for capitalization throughout including title pages. The Formats Committee 
concurred with this recommendation. 

GC The Board agrees with this decision. 

Mary Lou Stark will forward NLS information regarding jacket material and how 
to determine if it is advertising or not for purposes of Free Matter to the Braille 
Formats Committee. 

The Board needs clarification to understand “conventional human language”. The 
Board recommends change in terminology to clarify this item. 

Interpoint braille: The Board recommends cross-referencing “page numbering” in 
Rule 1 and the interpoint section yet to be written. 

Word division: Clarify the concept that the need for the option for dividing words 
between lines when necessary should be available. The board would prefer that this 
be an agency decision. Please consider reworking this section based on our 

Foreign Language: Considerable discussion took place on whether to contract or 
not contract. Debbie Gillespie and Jill Cooter commented from the observers. 
Concern was expressed about contractions that bridge prefix-base, base-suffix and 
compound words. Some attendees thought that contractions should be used 
throughout the material. 

GC Thanks to the Formats Committee for working on the Foreign Language 
in English context rule. 

MSC To charge the Literary Committee to draft language for use or non-use 
of contractions in foreign words within English context, taking into 
consideration the recommendation of the Braille Formats Committee and 
consulting with the BANA Foreign Language Technical Committee. Passed 
unanimously. (Secretary’s note: this motion is repeated in the Literary Braille 
Technical Committee report section.) 

Discussion: The Board expressed concern that there be consistency in language 

September 18, 2004 3 

between literary braille, Braille Formats, and foreign language braille. The Board 
is also concerned that there be consistency between use and none use of 
contractions regardless of type face. 

The Board recessed for lunch at 12 noon. 
The Board resumed the meeting at 12:50 PM 
Joe Sullivan joined the meeting as an observer. 

The Board was asked for more clarification on #10 from the Annual Meeting 
Minutes from November, 2003, which stated: More clarification is needed on 
educational instructional materials. 

Budget request: A face-to-face meeting later this summer was requested. 
Estimated cost: $500 per person for airfare; $300 per person for hotel space. 
$5600 total if Anne Kelt as consultant to the committee is included. Discussion: 
Ordinarily we do not pay the expenses of a consultant to a technical committee. 
Kim Charlson will check to see if Perkins could host the meeting again. Also we 
need to know if funds are available. The Board will decide on-line after this 

9 Computer Technical. C onimiittees a. siieannenssain ness eitenn tects Betty Teachman 

MSC Mary Archer moved to approve the continuation of the appointment of 
Melissa Hirshson as a full member of Computer Braille Technical Committee 
with a term ending 2004. (E-mail vote ending 01-23-2004) Voting yes: FMD, 
WF, AK, MD, CM, DB, MA, EC, RR, MLS, DG. Not voting: SR 

Report and Board Charges 
9.1 Report on file. Frances Mary D’ Andrea read the report. 

9.2 Discussion and recommendation of CBC special symbols page incorporation into 
regular standard symbols page 

Currently, English Braille American Edition (EBAE) and the Computer Braille 
Code (CBC) are in conflict regarding what CBC symbols must appear on a Special 
Symbols Page. 

MSC Eileen Curran moved to charge the Computer Braille Code Technical 
Committee to draft a revision to CBC to recommend when a Computer 
Braille Code Symbol should appear on the Special Symbols page. Passed 

September 18, 2004 4 

10 Ad Hoc Committee on Early Literacy Materials Production........ Susan Christensen 
Report and Board Charges 

Report on file. Warren Figueiredo read the report. Budget request: $3000 for 
meeting expenses for committee members not funded by APH. 

MSC Darleen Bogart moved that up to $3000 be allotted to cover the 

expenses of Lynn Vuocolo, Jeri Cleveland, and Marcia Dresser to attend the 
ELMP committee to be held at APH. Passed unanimously. 

12 Refreshable Braille Technical Committee ............ccccceeecceseecceeecceeees Jennifer Dunnam 

Report and Board Charges 
No report was received from this committee. 
Warren reviewed the charges to this committee. They are to: 

Develop guidelines that would meet the current needs of users of electronic braille 
devices. (5/1/1999) 

Develop a scheme for marking up files so they can be easily navigated within a 
linear braille format. (5/1/2000) 

Achieve maximum compatibility with current format protocol in use or under 
development. (5/1/2000) 

Liaison Sue Reilly will contact the chair of the committee. 

13 Literary Technical ;Conmmittees xc. t,x cordial atune urea weecealees Martha Pamperin 
Report and Board Charges 
Report on file. Report read by Darleen Bogart. Their work is proceeding. 
MSC To charge the Literary Committee to draft language for use or non-use 
of contractions in foreign words within English context, taking into 
consideration the recommendation of the Braille Formats Committee and 
consulting with the BANA Foreign Language Technical Committee. Passed 


Board suggestion to the committee: Work on foreign language charge when the 

September 18, 2004 5 

committee begins work on Rule 5. 

MSC Eileen Curran moved that the Literary Technical Committee be 
charged to review how common special symbols such as TM, R , and C 
should be transcribed. Passed unanimously. 

14 Mathematics Technical Committee .0.........ccccceccccceeeteeeeeeeneeeeeeeeaes Betsy McBride 

MSC Mary Archer moved that Allison O’Day be appointed to the 
Mathematics Technical Committee as a consultant to serve a one year term 
ending in 2004. (E-mail vote to end 12-18-2003) Voting yes: KC, WF, AK, 
MD, CM, SR, DB, MA, RR, MLS, DG. Not voting FMD 

Report and Board Charges 

Report on file. Report read by Mary Archer. Mary Lou Stark reviewed the plan of 
NLS to continue teaching the Nemeth Code following the death of Marcia 

16 Tactile Graphics Technical Committee ..........escceeeseeceeseeeesseeeseeeeeenees Lucia Hasty 

MSC Carol Morrison moved that BANA appoint Lucia Hasty to serve as the 
US Co-Chair of the Joint BANA/CBA Tactile Graphics Interim Measures 
Revision Committee and that Diane Spence and Allison O’ Day also be 
appointed as the remaining two US committee members. (E-mail vote to end 
02-20-2004) Yes: FMD, WF, AK, MD, CM, SR, MA, EC, RR, MLS, DG. 
Abstain: DB. 

Report and Board Charges 

Report on file. Carol Morrison read the report. The joint committee is going to 
meet in St. Paul this summer. 

Warren Figueiredo reviewed the charges to the committee. They are completed. 

11 Ad Hoc Foreign Language Committec.............cccccccccssssecceesenteeeeesenneeeeenees Ann Kelt 
Report and Board Charges 

Report on file. Eileen Curran read the report. Jill Cooter commented on her 
participation on this committee. Ann Kelt and Joanne Baldwin are continuing to 
work together on examples for the manual. 

September 18, 2004 6 

15 Music Technical Committee .......... cece ceeeccccceeeccccnseecccensesccsceaees Lawrence Smith 
Report and Board Charges 

Report on file. Mary Lou Stark read the report. Request to the committee: that 
the errata in Music Braille Code 1997 be included with their fall report to BANA. 

17 Strategie PIAMIMIN GO: cxtcar nat tonite techy edbeuntucen siete wach a E aO Kim Charlson 
Approval of administrative assistant 

Kim formalized the appointment of Mary Czepyha as the Administrative Assistant 
to the BANA Board. 

Discussion: It would be a good idea to get feedback from groups of users. 
Perhaps we could meet with such groups from the areas in which BANA meets. 
David Grimes, Eileen Curran, Ruby Ryles, Frances Mary D’Andrea, and Kim 
Charlson will serve as an ad hoc committee to facilitate this happening. The 
emphasis and perhaps the title will be Public Outreach. David Grimes will serve as 
chair. A planning conference call will be scheduled. 

21 MBS asec esta src va tana coe ses esd Saeco seats ee wma deed ee Mary Lou Stark 

21.1 Reconsideration of tabled amendment to Policies from Fall meeting on 
distribution of items construed as BANA policy. 

Since the board had nothing to discuss on this item at this time it remained tabled. 
Committee report on file. 

MSC Mary Lou Stark moved that 7.7(10-99, 3-04) The 1 0” Edition of Roberts 
Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern proceedings of Board meetings 
except where the present Bylaws and Policies provide otherwise. Passed 

unanimously by counted vote. 

20 Publications COminittGesicke ss siusbess a wekteiakeueteeee aanletidewerdeuatoes Warren Figueiredo 

MSC Kim Charlson moved that BANA approve the November 2003 Officers 
press release as submitted by Warren Figueiredo with corrections. (E-mail 
vote to end 12-01-2003.) Passed unanimously. 

Report on file. 

September 18, 2004 7 

20.1 Publications Guidelines 
Warren Figueiredo plans to work more on this after his upcoming retirement. 
20.2 BANA Brochures 
BANA Website: Warren received little feed-back regarding the website. APH will 
donate eight hours of consultant time to assist with the website. Warren reviewed 
what could be included on the website. 

22 Secretary's Report 
22 Annes = Fal 2003 zrani eenn cetera a E R oie Mary Archer 
MSC Mary Archer moved that the minutes of the 2003 Annual Meeting of 
BANA be approved with any corrections. (E-mail vote to end 01-30-2003.) 
Yes: WF, AK, MD, CM, DB, MA, EC, RR, DG. Yes after dealine: MLS. Not 
voting: FMD, SR. 

22.2 Certificates of Appreciation ..........ssssseesessseseesssesessssrresssereessseress Kim Charlson 

Eileen Curran has sent the certificates asked for at the last meeting. Jerry Whittle, Joyce 
Van Tuyl, and Susan Descarage. 

22 3-Directory Update iaa a a E E T A EES gate Mary Archer 
Please submit changes to Mary Archer by e-mail. 

2D AB ANACE XDI cet vscears ain et eeina a A n Warren Figueiredo 
The trunk is back from California, it will go to NBA in Philadelphia next. 

22:5: Statio net y wilde E E E E aan ia ants Warren Figueiredo 
Warren circulated the stationery. 

22:6: BANA 7S LISI SEV Ssa a a E E R EEA Kim Charlson 

Martha Pamperin has requested that the whole Literary Committee be put on 
Formats listserv as observers. 

GC Committee Chairs only will be on other listservs. The chair may then 
forward relevant messages to the committee. 

September 18, 2004 8 

23 Standard of Braille Expectation ..............:cccsssccssssccscnsccserseeesnnneeoes Alan Koenig 

Item held over to next meeting. 

Meeting adjourned at 5 PM on Friday, March 26, 2004. 

Kim Charlson called the meeting to order at 9 AM on Saturday, March 27, 2004. 
Introductions of Board and observers. 

Observers: Phyllis Landon, Raeleen Smith, Joe Sullivan, Constance Craig, 
Abraham Nemeth, Linda Snider, Harold Snider, Matt Lyles, Edie Mourre, Jill 
Cooter, Bill Poole, Patrick Pollard, and Tom Keith. 

A card for Alan Koenig was circulated. 

Darleen Bogart had some housekeeping announcements 

24 Press-Release co teisortiecss eddie elena ne aneeeas Warren Figueiredo 

After the meeting we will know what the releases will be. Reminder: Short 
announcements regarding technical committee activities will be added. 

29: Treasurer s. REDO aati: arettcsat cassie thea phcts saan ena cee aa tama aa Sue Reilly 
25.1 2003 year-end financial Statement 

On file. 

25.2 Financial report for 2004 

Reports on file. Sue Reilly read the reports. 

Discussion of additional requests. ELMP $3000 See ELMP report. 

Warren Figueiredo will ask APH if there are other ways APH could further support 

the meeting of the ELMP. 

26 BANA Historis Sees des e dee ie cal dev ay Cato NE i a Eileen Curran 
No report. 

27 International Braille Organizations 

September 18, 2004 9 

214 World Braille Council <5: sce. st. camate ar thd atari Geschaenaheaeunks Darleen Bogart 
There was a telephone conference call July, 28, 2003 to discuss the World Blind 
Union Braille Council, its governance and scope. 

27.2 WBU North America/Caribbean Region ............ccccccceesseeeeeteees Kim Charlson 
27.3 WBU Survey on Braille MUSIC ...........cccccceecececeeesteeeeeeeteeeeesenaes Kim Charlson 

A Survey to Determine the Scope of Need and Availability of Braille Music was 
developed . 

Reminder: that the letter suggesting a two tier system for Braille Music 
Certification still needs to be sent to NLS. Eileen Curran and Kim Charlson will 
work on this. 
27.4 French Braille unification update .cccceeeceeeeeetteeeeeeeees Darleen Bogart 
Darleen has no report on this issue. 
Representatives from various braille authorities from around the world who were 
in attendance at this meeting reported on the news of braille in their respective 
Antonnette Botha from South Africa, Darleen Bogart from Canada, Janet 
Reynolds from New Zealand, Bill Poole from the UK. 
Lunch 12:05 PM Saturday, March 27, 2004. 
The meeting reconvened at 1:05 PM on Saturday, March 27, 2004. 
Julia Morgan joined the meeting as an observer. 

18 UEBC Update 
LS clk Project: Report .Asccn2 Givexcdowucnasettanei Gewanwcuate Darleen Bogart 
Darleen Bogart gave a Project Report. 
18.2 Research Reported: <caarauScuicuenm tends anes as Frances Mary D’ Andrea 
MSC Frances Mary D’ Andrea moved that BANA pay the third and final 

installment of the research funds to Dr. Marie Knowlton and Dr. Robin 
Wetzel in the amount of $5,321.33 each, for a total amount of $10,624.66. (E- 

September 18, 2004 10 

mail vote to end 02-03-2004.) Yes: FMD, WF, AK, MD, CM, SR, DB, MA, 
EC, MLS, DG. Yes after the deadline: RR. 

MSC Frances Mary D’Andrea moved that BANA pay the outstanding 
invoice to Mississippi State University in the amount of $7,890.50 for the 
completion of the pilot study on blind adults learning the proposed UEBC. 
(E-mail voting to end 02-19-2004.) Passed unanimously. 

Report on file. The report was read by Frances Mary D’Andrea. Discussion: Who and 
what will happen so that the reports can be posted. Mary Archer submitted an 
updated table for the Knowlton-Wetzel Report. 

18.3 Education REPOrt :cacansn wana eee Las Eileen Curran 

Eileen presented the report of this committee. The Journal of Visual Impairment 
and Blindness (JVIB) carried several articles on UEBC. More Samplers have been 

19 ICEB- General Assembly sufi nha a aE E a E E E Darleen Bogart 

Darleen gave background on the upcoming General Assembly of ICEB. 

19.1 ICEB Delegates for U.S. & Canada 

Kim Charlson, Frances Mary D’ Andrea, Eileen Curran, and Warren Figueiredo are 
US delegates. Darlene Bogart, Debbie Gillespie, Betty Nobel, Debbie Sitar are 
Canadian delegates. 

19.2 BANA instructions to ICEB delegates 

Mary Lou Stark clarified that on the BANA board a counted vote of seven “yes” votes 
is required for passage of a motion. 

After considerable discussion, the BANA board through consensus determined 
that BANA is not in a position to make any kind of decision on the use of UEBC 
in the U.S. and that further consideration and consultation are required before any 
decision will be made. 

MSC Carol Morrison moved that the rules be suspended so that the chair 
(Kim Charlson) could vote to reflect viewpoint of the organization she 
represents on the UEBC issue only. Passed unanimously. 

MSC Eileen Curran moved that the US delegates to ICEB acknowledge the 
sufficient completion of the UEBC research project. Yes: KC, Sandy R, 

September 18, 2004 11 

FMD, WF, CM, Sue R, DG, MA, EC, RR, MLS. No: MD 

MSC Sue Reilly moved that the US delegates to [CEB support the referral of 
UEBC as a code to each braille authority for consideration. Yes: Sandy R, 
FMD, WF, CM, Sue R, DG, MA, EC, RR, MLS. No: KC, MD 

After reviewing the rest of the agenda the meeting adjourned at 5 PM 

Meeting called to order at 9 AM, Sunday, March 28, 2004. 

Observers: Linda Snider, Harold Snider, Abraham Nemeth, Edie Mourrie, Raeleen 
Smith, Fred Schroeder, Antonnette Botha, Phyllis Landon 

28 Unfinished Business 
Dr. Harold Snider gave a report on the International Braille Research Center. 
28.1 AFB Solutions FOrum.............ccccccccssscccesesnceeeesesneeeeeseseeees Frances Mary D’ Andrea 

Frances Mary D’Andrea gave background on the Solutions Forum and reported on the 
activities of the Forum. How can BANA assist with the adoption of the Instructional 
Materials Accessibility Act. (IMMA) 

Eileen Curran was appointed the BANA liaison to the Solutions Forum. 
29 New- BUSINESS <4: c4pocsuses tasanno aa ate ity se ect A a e E haa sea aides Kim Charlson 

Discussion: There is a need for a standardized test format. BANA will establish an ad 
hoc committee to study this. Eileen Curran will serve as liaison to the ad hoc committee. 
Discussion continued regarding not only format for transcribing, but the appropriateness 
of the test items for braille readers. 

The BANA Board will recommend to the Solutions Forum that appropriateness of the 
items in standardized tests be discussed to avoid unfair or biased items for braille reading 

MSC Eileen Curran moved that BANA create an ad hoc committee on production 
guidelines for the brailling of tests. Passed unanimously. 

MSC Darleen Bogart moved that the ad hoc committee be charged to develop test 
production guidelines for review and adoption by BANA. Passed unanimously 

Suggestion: Review Test Central Guidelines from APH. There are ADA guidelines 
regarding this subject for test items. Look at other guidelines such as CNIB. Possible 
committee members: Thora Dumont, Debbie Gillespie, Sharon Von See, Carol Alman, 

September 18, 2004 12 

Leslie Lightbourn, Larry Brown, Mila Truan , Carol Evans, Maria Stevens. Eileen will 
contact these people. 

Dues increase. BANA has demonstrated a need. BANA has used half of our assets to fund 
research when two attempts at obtaining grants for this failed. Dues have not been 
increased since 1976, the year BANA was founded. 

MSC Frances Mary D’Andrea moved that BANA dues be increased to $750 for 
2005, $875 for 2007, and to $1000 for 2009. Passed unanimously. 

MSC David Grimes moved that Associate Member dues be increased to $375 for 
2005, $450 for 2007, $500 for 2009. Passed unanimously. 

MSC Eileen Curran moved that the Literary Technical Committee be charged to 
review how common special symbols such as TM, R, and C be transcribed. Passed 
unanimously. Secretary’s note: This motion is repeated in the Literary Braille Technical 
Committee’s section. 

Fundraising. We could package some of our projects and seek funding for them. 
The Executive Committee will brainstorm about fund raising. 

29 Around the Table xi can nse eE E EENE EE T All BANA representatives 
Members reported on activities of their organizations. 

30. Ruture BANA meeting fis tal in a E tata ta E A ihe. Kim Charlson 
Fall 2004 — CC 
Committee meetings Thursday, November 4, 2004. Board meeting Friday November 5 
through noon Sunday, November 7. 

Spring 2005 — NBA 
Dallas April 17, 2005. Committee meetings Sunday morning. Board meeting Sunday 1 
PM through 5 PM Tuesday April 19, 2005. 

Fall 2005 — NFB 
Spring 2006 — BIA 
Fall 2006 — AER 
Spring 2007 — APH 
Fall 2007 — ASB 
Spring 2008 — NLS 
Fall 2008 — NBP 
Spring 2009 — CTEVH 
Fall 2009 — AFB 
Spring 2010 — ACB 
Fall 2010 — CNIB 

September 18, 2004 13 

32 Adjoürnment eroria a a E E O Guat Sactaes Kim Charlson 

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 after Sandy read her quotable quotes and CNIB was thanked 
for hosting the meeting. 

September 18, 2004 14