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in 2014 



Thank You 

I would like to thank the following 
people for contributing so much of 
their time and effort to this yearbook: 


Cover Design 
End-Sheet Photograph 


Faculty Advisors 

Jackie Paget 
Shannon Peters 
Fiona MacDougall 
Jenny Wilson 

Stephen Trimble 

Mr. Keller 

Maurizio Faenzi 
Bruce Ross 
Ruth Cowan 
Mr. Keller 
Mr. Cumming 
Miss Wiggins 
Mrs . Coyne 

Mrs. Pat Hodorek 

Jackie Paget 
Paul Jerry 

Mile. Lemieux 
Mr. Ditchburn 

Special appreciation is expressed to 
Jackie Paget and Mile. Lemieux for all 
their extra work, and to Mrs. Hodorek 

whose typing made this edition possible. 


We dedicate our Twelfth Edition of 
Paidia to Mr. W.A. Heard, our First 
Headmaster, in appreciation and 
recognition of his service and 
leadership on our behalf. 

The Yearbook Staff 

Headmasters Message 

Thank you for attending the twelfth annual Prizegiving and Closing 
Exercises of Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. This is a day for the students. 
There will be no more pencils, no more books, at least for a few weeks. 
Even for the graduates, thirty-nine strong, there is only a holiday and 
then more pencils and books. We know that one of the most important rules 
in life is to go on learning. A lifetime of learning is one of the 
secrets of happiness. This is one of the strongest reasons for my choos- 
ing to move on. I have learned much during my tenure here but I have new 
things to learn. 

In each subject, in each athletic endeavour and in each outdoor 
pursuit we have had more than our fair share of victories. The prizes 
today only tell part of the story. They are presented to our top people 
and they justly deserve their award. But every one of you, every boy and 
girl from Grade One to Grade Twelve has won a victory, made a conquest, 
climbed a mountain and you are all to be congratulated. 

Some of my colleagues deserve special mention at this time. Mrs. 
Peggy Gerrard has most capably taken over the Grade Two room during Mrs . 
MacLean's leave of absence. Peggy is not only an excellent teacher, but 
she contributed to the whole life of the school. Mrs. Sara Tulczyjew, a 
French teacher extraordinaire, is accompanying her husband to France 
during this year. We shall miss Sara and wish her the verv best of luck 
in her new adventure. Mrs. Lois Harvey is going on an exchange to Aust- 
ralia for the next school year. This enriching and rewarding experience 
we know will benefit Mrs. Harvey's professional development and will 
bring new and exciting ideas back to STS. Mrs. Lucille Phillips from 
Australia will be joining the STS family next year. Two of our colleagues 
have laboured in the vineyards for ten years and we wish to recognize them 
now. Mrs. Pigeon Coyne flew into STS and we have never been the same since. 
Her extraordinary gifts as a classroom teacher and as a coach have been 
manifested in the accomplishments of her pupils. Her enthusiasm and ded- 
ication have infected us all. Mr. Ken Headrick has conscientiously carried 
out his duties on our maintenance staff for ten years. Not only has he 
fulfilled his obligations, but he can always be counted on to act as a 
vigilant watchman and supervisor at our student functions . It has been 
great having you and Louise as neighbours, Ken. 

I would particularly like to thank June Kirkham. June has been with 
me for sixteen years. She is the person most of us meet first when we 
drive out to the school. June is the one that nearly every child from 
Grade One to Twelve has turned to at one time or another for TLC and a 
band-aid. Her devotion to the school is par excellence. On behalf of us 
all, thank you, June. 

It is difficult for me to express adequately my gratitude to those 
who have made these past sixteen years so joyful and rewarding. I have 
had the privilege of working with the finest teaching staff and finest 
supporting staff who have dedicated their lives to our children. 

Our school has grown under the care and trusteeship of five chair- 
men and more than fifty board members who have volunteered their services 
to assist me in the furtherance of the philosophy of the school. 

How many volunteers have worked for the school over the years ? 
I know that more than 200 have helped in so many different capacities this 
past year and our children are in their debt. We would not have clothing 
stores, archives, fund-raising - even water - but for volunteers. 

I certainly owe a debt of gratitude to the parents of Strathcona- 
Tweedsmuir School. I have always received the utmost cooperation and trust 
from parents who do believe that we have a fine school and know what we are 

Lastly, the children. You know in this "racket" God gives you the most 
wonderful opportunity. You have the chance to do a good deed every hour of 
the day. What other profession gives you so many people contacts that good 
deeds can flow through your life. 

My wife and I are moving to the city. You know I am a lucky fellow to 
have such enthusiastic support in everything I do from Elena. Thank you 
my dear. We will miss you all, but want to maintain our contacts and 
friendships. Come and visit us. 

Now I can't stop without giving you some advice. I would like to share 
with you all, and particularly the "39 Steps" the unorthodox hope and the 
healthy irreverence of the poet Wendell Berry... 

Love someone who does not deserve it 
Denounce the government and embrace the flag. 
Hope to live in that free dominion for which 
it stands. 

Give your approval to all you cannot understand. 

Praise ignorance for what man has not encountered, 

He has not destroyed. 

Ask questions that have no answers. 

Invest in the millenium. 

Plant sequoias. 


W.A. Heard 
B.Ed. (University of Alberta), A.T.C. 

Assistant Headmaster - Director of Studies 

P.B. Ditchburn 
B.A., Dip. Ed. (University of Melbourne), 
M.Ed. (University of Calgary) , A.T.C. 

C. J. Tottenham, B.A., M. A . (University of Toronto), A.T.C. 

Director of Admissions, Department Head, Modern Languages 
G.D. Freight, B . A. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 
Head of Senior School (On leave 19 82-83) 

D. R. Nelson, B.Ed. (University of Alberta) , A.T.C. 

Head of Junior High School 
G.G. Bauman, M.Ed., B.Sc. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 
Head of Junior School 

C. J. Hay, B.A. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 

Director of Program, Acting Head of Senior High School 
P.R. Adams, B.P.E. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 
Mrs. S. Biollo, B.Ed. (University of Alberta), A.T.C. 

Department Head, Music 

G. L. Blais, B.Ed. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 

M.J. Budd, B.P.H.E., B.A. (McMaster University), B.Ed. (University of 

Western Ontario), A.T.C. 
R.H. Cojocar, B.Ed. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 

Department Head, Art 
W. Colborne, B.P.E. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 

Mrs. P.M. Coyne, B.Sc. (Washington State University) , M.A. (Ohio State 

University) , A.T.C. 
W.G. dimming, B.Sc, B.Ed. (University of Calgary, A.T.C. 

S.J. Diskin, B.A. (University of Winnipeg), B.Ed. (University of Calgary), 

Mrs. Z.M. Fitzgerald, B.A., Dip. Ed. (University of Dublin), A.T.C. 
Mrs. CM. Fitzgibbon, B.A. (University of Toronto), A.T.C. 
Mrs. M.A. Gerrard, B.Ed. (University of Calgary) , A.T.C. 
Mrs. S.L. Gibson, B.Ed. (University of Calgary), A.T.C 
Mrs. J.M. Goldsworthy, B.Ed. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 
Mrs. L.A. Harvey, B.A. (University of British Columbia), A.T.C. 
Miss J.E. Home, B.Ed. (University of Alberta), A.T.C. 

D. S. Johnson, B.P.E. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 

M. Keller, B.Sc. (University of Arizona), M.Sc. (University of Calgary), 
A.T.C. Head of Outdoor Pursuits Program 

H. Koning, B.Ed. (University of Calgary) , A.T.C 

Department Head, Mathematics 
Mile CM. Lemieux, B.Ed., B.A. (University of Saskatchewan), A.T.C. 
W.E. Lorfing, B.S.Ed., M.Ed. (University of Georgia), A.T.C, D.F.C. 
J.R. Lunn, B.M. (University of Waterloo), A.T.C. 

Mrs. F. MacLean, B.A. (University of Alberta), A.T.C. (On leave 1982-83) 
J.H. McConnell, B.A. (University of Calgary) , A.T.C. 

Department Head, Science. Head of Guidance 
J.H. Orsten, B.Sc, B.Ed. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 
Mrs. J. Owens, B.A. (Hons) (Birmingham University), Cert. Ed. (Cantab.), 


Mrs. P.L. Perkins, B.P.H.E., B.Ed. (University of Saskatchewan), B.A. 
(Carleton University), A.T.C. 

Mrs. P. Ropchan, B.Ed., Dip. Ed. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 

J.E. Schmit, B.A., M.A. (Gonzaga University), A.T.C. 

Department Head, English 
Mrs. B.E. Stewart, B.A. (Bishop's University), A.T.C. 
W.P. Taylor, B.Comm. , Dip. Ed. (McGill University), B.A. (Sir George 

Williams University), A.T.C. 
C.K. Thompson, B.P.E., M.Ed. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 

Department Head, Physical Education 
Mrs. S.D. Tulczyjew, B.A. (Hons) (University of Chatham), M.A. (University 

of Pittsburgh), M.A. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 
Miss L.C. Wiggins, B.A., B.P.H.E. (Queen's University), B.Ed. (York 

University), A.T.C. 
B. Wilson, B.A. (University of Manitoba), A.T.C. 

Department Head, Social Studies 
Mrs. B. Wyatt, B.Ed., Dip. E.C.S. (University of Calgary), A.T.C. 


B.E. Duclos , B.A. Queen's University, Director of Development 
S.M. Hamer, B.Sc. (Hons.) University of London, King's College, 

Development Assistant 
Mrs. L. Clarke, Library Assistant 
Mrs. B. Hewson, Secretary 
Mrs. J. A. Kirkham, Registrar 
Mrs. L. Vang, Secretary 
S.R. Wallace, Business Manager 


B.A. Sills 
G. Sproat 
D.J. Wake lam 

A. & H. Fulmek 
K.R. Headrick 
M. Langley 


Mrs. June Kirkham, 196 7-19 83. Mrs. Kirkham, the Headmaster's secretary 
and school registrar, completed sixteen years of service this year. In a 
farewell presentation at Prizegiving, Mr. Heard noted that "nearly every 
child from Grade 1 to Grade 12 had turned to June at one time or another 
for tender loving care and a band-aid." Her devotion to the school, 
expressed in so many ways, will never be forgotten. We wish her all the 
very best for the future. 

Mrs. Sara Tulczyjew, 19 81-19 83. After two years at STS Mrs. Tulczyjew 
is leaving to live in Paris. Nous vous remercions tres sincerement et 
nous vous souhaitons bon voyage et bonne chance. 

Mrs. Susan Ellis, 19 81-1983. Mrs. Ellis completed almost two years in 
the school's office and bookstore. She resigned to accept the challenge 
of the High River Golf Club where she is now providing gourmet meals. 
May your success continue Mrs. Ellis. 

Mr. Sid Wallace, 19 82-19 83. Mr. Wallace served as our Business Manager 
for a year. We thank him for everything he did for us and we wish him 
well in his new job at the University of Calgary. 

Mrs. Peggy Gerrard, 19 82-19 83. Mrs. Gerrard taught Grade 2 while Mrs. 
MacLean was on leave. We thank her for all her efforts on behalf of 
the Grade 2 ' s . 


Mrs. Lois Harvey will be on exchange during 19 83-84 with Mrs. Lucille 
Phillips from the Wesley College Junior School, Melbourne, Australia. 
We wish Mrs. Harvey a very happy year Down Under and we welcome Mrs. 
Phillips to STS. 


We would like to congratulate staff members who completed ten years of 
service to the school: 

Mrs. Pigeon Coyne, our junior high school physical education teacher, 
dance instructor and gymnastics coach. 

Mr. Ken Headrick of our maintenance staff who looks after our buildings 
and grounds and who turns on the heat when it gets cold. 


Although Steve has attended STS for a 
meagre one year, his schizo-neurotic 
personality seemed to be right at home. 
He is well known for his entertaining 
skits in assembly and for his emcee- 
ing of Variety Night. Not only is his 
acting superb, but his writing skills 
earned him first prize in the Locke 
Short Story Contest. Steve plays rugby 
and tries to participate in track and 
field. He plans to attend Queen's to 
take home economics or basket-weaving. 


Katey is the well-respected captain of 
Bus A and she is everyone's friend. She 
has spent three years at STS and con- 
siders her trips to the West Coast with 
the basketball team to be among her most 
memorable experiences. Katey enjoys 
peanut butter fights, skiing at White- 
fish and uncontrolled laughter. Chem 
AP classes would not have been the same 
without her and we wish her all the best 
at U of Vic next year. 


Because of his memorable "Ode to Led 
Zeppelin" Ozzy Bo helped show us heavy 
metal is still number one. We'll never 
forget the day Bo told us he wailed on 
Mr. Best during basketball practice. 
Bo detests school, preppies, punk rock 

and new wave " " (Don't we all) , but 

likes arguing with Ross about Zep. Bo 
hopes to reach the NHL so he can buy 
that GTO Judge he has always wanted. 


Born a beige blonde, Gord came to STS 
at the beginning of Grade 11. His 
apparent lack of interest in El Caminos 
and his unwillingness to acknowledge 
Preppydom are evidence of his short stay 
(or strong will) . Although Speech Day 
does not rank as his number one ambition 
Gord, with his good sense of humour, is 
surprisingly free from inhibition. An 
avid skier and talented athlete, Gord is 
off to university to drink beer and 
study commerce. 


A rather quiet boy, Murray has been voted 
"Most Likely to Sleep". Indeed he has to 
be reminded frequently to breathe during 
Physics 30. Apart from this, however, 
Mur is a cheerful lad with only two pet 
peeves: dishonesty and rational empiri- 
cists. Mur plans to attend UBC and to 
follow a career in theology. 


Our student from the sunny island of 
Curacao has a wide variety of interests: 
tennis, sailing, swimming and photography. 
Joanne took pictures for the yearbook 
and she participated in field hockey this 
year. Her future plans are to attend 
Mount Royal, to be successful and rich in 
the business world, to travel extensively 
and to have a nice house on the beach in 
California. Good luck, Joanne. 


This six year veteran of STS always 
manages to smile in the face of terrify- 
ing physics exams. Her brightness, 
friendship, laughter (bordering on 
insanity) have proved to uphold Grade 12 
morale. She attributes her wheezing and 
heavy breathing to her so- called asthma 
but rumours have told otherwise. Mary- 
Moo and her passion for Star Wars movies 
will become a legend. She is planning a 
binge at McMaster next year and she will 
be sadly missed. 


"Rich" arrived at our happy institution 
in Grade 10. Immediately he showed us 
his athletic prowess in hockey against 
the twelves. The sadistic opposing team 
subtly ended his season with a triple 
takeout. As well as driving the late 
great Pacer and interfacing with his 
computer, he took part in "Annie Get Your 
Gun" and in the all-star tennis team. 
Rich is hoping to become Pres. of a large 
real estate company. 


Grade 7 was the first lucky year that 
Siobhan attended STS. Since that time 
she has been trying to help some teachers 
pronounce her name I Although she played 
basketball, Siobhan 's efforts have been 
directed towards her favourite pastime ot 
being a TA. The laugher and the giggling 
will not be forgotten, especially in Bio 
30 classes. Siobhan will be attending 
U of C next year. Best of luck and many 
dreamcicles in the future. 


Leigh, a veteran of nine years, can often 
be found windsurfing in storms or tele- 
marking through giant moguls at Louise. 
He has contributed his athletic and 
trivia skills to volleyball, basketball, 
track and Reach for the Top teams over 
the years. An accomplished rugby player, 
Leigh topped his career with a selection 
to the Alberta Junior XV. We wish Leigh 
luck on his trip to New Zealand to milk 
cows and play rugby. 


Kevin's accomplishments over his six 
years at STS are far too many to list in 
this space. He showed his athletic 
talent on basketball, volleyball, rugby, 
track, badminton teams, as well as demon- 
strating outstanding leadership qualities 
and team spirit. Driving finesse and 
skiing can also be listed among his 
claims to fame. We will always remember 
him when thinking of scintillating Chem 
AP and math classes. Best of luck to 
Kevin, as he will be eating eggs and 
taking it easy at U of C next year. 


Cosk, the world's skinniest rugby prop 
whose cynical humour has graced the STS 
halls for eleven years has certainly 
left his mark. From his amazing wipe- 
out in Whitefish, which left him 
imagining things to be bigger than they 
really are, to his obvious dislike for 
older women, Glenn has made even double 
Physics 30 a treat. We wish Glenn and the 
the cougar hound luck at U of A in the 


Although her stay at STS was short, 
'Basil' definitely left her mark through 
her wild broohahas and her powder blue 
Rabbit. At first her English accent 
confused us all, but eventually we 
became accustomed to the strange sounds 
she made. Her extra-curricular 
activities included toilet-papering the 
'pizza wagon' , playing an excessive 
amount of tennis, and working on the 
yearbook and grad. We wish Ruth the 
best at U of C next year and lots of 
luck with the future acquisition of a 
red Lamborghini. 


The original Johnny Cash enjoys chewing 
Skoal and fly-fishing trout. Known for 
his second year squaks in the Honda, 
Camino Petey has adorned our parties with 
the Ozarks. Petey 's future plans include 
dying as well as having total control of 
the minds of the world through his fly- 
fishing novels. Because of his afflic- 
tion for car-trucks Petey has derived 
from the tangent of the root, "Check out 
that Camino." 


Meats, our resident mafioso, has been at 
STS since Grade 6, a fact evidenced by 
his twisted mind and warped sense of 
humour. Best known for cruising in the 
locally famed Alfa, this man with the 
perma-tan is always ready with a smile 
and a joke. Maurizio plans to invade U 
of Vic next year and to major in post- 
Adams Bio. 


During Anne's two years at STS she has 
participated in all the sports and has 
acted as captain for the volleyball and 
basketball teams. Her outgoing person- 
ality has caused great admiration from 
two persistent suitors and her preppy 
tendencies have started many trends. 
She was delighted when the duck appeared 
in English 30. Anne will be travelling 
East next year to attend U of Western 
Ontario . 


Suzy Q has been with us for at least half 
of the required days of the last two 
school years. Her incessant talking and 
intense gum-chewing have earned her the 
nickname "Pac-man". A most memorable 
event was the X-country skiing expedition 
when she tried to convince Mr. Budd to 
carry her down Isolated Col. Sue has 
opted for an invasion of the arts faculty 
at Western so that she may eventually 
manage Wrigley's Spearmint Incorporated. 


Mark Anthony (aka Joe) first graced the 
halls of STS five years ago and the 
school has not been the same since. An 
avid outdoorsman and rugby player, his 
tall lanky form and sharp wit make him 
easily recognizable both in the woods 
and on the fields. His fondest memory 
of STS is outdoor education. Joe's goal 
is to become extremely rich while attend- 
ing U of C and live off the proceeds for 
the rest of his life. 


"Ham" has been at STS since Grade 5, except 
for Grade 10 when he took a year to recup- 
erate. Best known for his various pranks 
on the teachers and his X-rated impromptus , 
Ham's interests include astronomy and 
computers. If ever there was an argument 
about religion or infinite dimensions, he 
was in the thick of it. Ham's future plans 
include learning how to drive, arguing 
with the Pope, and science at the Univer- 
sity of Calgary. 


What can be said about this man? He did 
everything that he had to do with 
nothing. Known for writing his essays 
during the class they were to be handed 
in, 'Johnny' was once quoted as saying: 
"Books? Do we use those in school?" 
Carson will be best remembered for his 
participation in the outdoors program and 
"Annie Get Your Gun" . Next year Carson 
plans to study for medicine at U of C. 


Eight years of STS have proved enough for 
Lael. Her permanent preoccupation with 
Richard Gere's body, money and car, has 
distracted her enough to remain sane. We 
will remember Lael as the first person to 
drop math completely. This will not 
hinder Lael's future as university is out. 
Jet-setting in Europe, owning a fleet of 
black 450 SL's and becoming the next 
Betsy Bloomingdale are Lael's immediate 
plans . 



(PJ) the Mountain Hack has been attend- 
ing/avoiding school at STS for three 
years by involving himself with many 
diverse activities: OE , rugby and 
driving. While at a loss to relate a 
favourite memory, Paul was quite willing 
to put down Bio 30 quizzes and Preppiness 
in all its vile forms. In an unusual 
burst of farsightedness, Paul has deter- 
mined that he will again grace our fair 
city of Calgary as he attends classes at 
U of C in his off hours. 


Adam's achievements academically, politi- 
cally and socially have made him one of 
STS's most recognized students. His say- 
ings, 'gay' and others, and his habits, 
OP and Skoal, add variety to the long 
list of accomplishments that he will take 
with him when he returns to the East. 
Adam will be studying at McGill and he 
plans a career in business. 


We will always remember 4x4 action in the 
ditches with the Custom Cab which also 
provided great moments in El Camino and 
Ranchero watching. Pat, better known as 
Willie Nelson to all of his fellow cow- 
boys, listed partying, chewing, and girl- 
chasing as his favourite activities. His 
pet peeves are junior high girls and 
Copenhagen. His only future plans are the 
aftergrad. Willie's jokes will be forever 
appreciated . 


In her three years at STS Fiona's fondest 
memories have been Captain Chemistry and 
double Bio on Thursday mornings. Fiona 
likes horse-back riding, going to the 
movies and watching the guys . She hates 
chew. Next year Fiona hopes to go to 
U of C. In the distant future she plans 
to graduate from university, be rich, 
have Tom Selleck and keep him away from 
Jenny . 


Cathy has graced STS with her scintilla- 
ting personality for seven long years. 
A biology keener, Cath has a certain 
knack for extricating herself from many 
quizzes and tests. When not poring over 
her texts, Cathy can be found smoking up 
the racquetball court or partying in some 
of Calgary's hotspots. Among her favour- 
ite sayings: "Only days left until 
freedom" "Peace" "I feel sick". Next 
year she plans. 


Victoria has been at STS since Grade 8. 
In this time she has become actively 
involved in many aspects of school life 
from athletics to Students' Council. 
She is an amusing person with the most 
ridiculous sneeze and the amazing ability 
to remove car doors. She is notorious 
for misunderstanding even the most 
explicit instructions though some credit 
this temporary condition to her passion- 
ate addiction to her favourite beverages : 
B 52s. Victoria is off to U of Vic next 
year. Good Luck. 


The "King" as he has become known sickens 
many with his disgusting good-natured and 
unfailing patience. His squash prowess 
dazzled us all. After living in Kenya 
and cruising the beaches there, his new- 
found passion for ice hockey proves his 
easy adaptation to crazy Canuck culture. 
Farouk heads to U of C next year to pur- 
sue a commerce degree. Best of luck. 


His deep love for Waylon and Willie has 
earned him the name Waylon, but during 
rugby season he's known as the 'Rock'. 
Waylon enjoys replacing the doors on his 
Bug (thanks, Adam) but he wasn't too 
upset because he had a satisfying pinch 
of Gold River between cheek and gum. We 
will never forget his wild laugh or the 
way he said "BR-U-UTAL" . Se ya on 
Broadway, Waylon! 


Jackie has attended STS , at her discre- 
tion, for five years. From missing Bio 
and other exams to interpreting "The 
Japanese Quince" , Jackie has managed to 
achieve outstanding marks. Tennis, Fila 
and Wimbledon are her three favourite 
topics and are discussed constantly. 
Next year Jackie will attend U of A. 


During her four years at STS Shannon has 
participated in volleyball, basketball, 
field hockey and tennis. She has managed 
to escape the STS grind regularly by jet- 
setting around North America and, as a 
result, was the clear winner of the 
'missing most days in the term' award. 
Shannon's varied interests include skiing 
tennis, anything that is preppy, dieting 
and money (spending it!) . Next year Shan 
hopes to combine these pastimes while 
studying business. 


Bruce, commonly known as Bruno, has been 
attending STS for three years. During 
this time Bruno has contributed a great 
deal to the life of the school. His 
fondest memory is being stats boy and 
Dench-warmer for Mr. Johnson's basketball 
team. Bruce will be remembered for Tom 
Collins drinks, his non-smoking tobacco 
tendencies and for his incredible driving 
ability. Next year he is off to Huron 
College where he plans to enlighten the 
lives of others. 


Luisa Rottig is finally out. After nine 
years she feels insane enough to face the 
world. Of course she has left her mark 
by playing volleyball and attending the 
Grade 12 ski tour. Other than men and 
skiing, Lou likes sleep and she managed to 
catch up on some during classes. U of A 
is the site Lou's next conquest: the 
faculty of Dentistry. Best of luck Lou. 


Jane arrived at STS last fall to broaden 
her intellectual horizons after attending 
Central Memorial. Janey-pooh insisted on 
keeping a low profile, except for her 
avid participation in the Skipping Club 
and her frequent gallivants to Myrt's. 
Jane will be remembered for her sudden 
headaches when the paper for Bio quizzes 
appeared. Jane is planning to tour 
Europe next year. 


Valedictorian for our Class of '83, Mike 
has been an asset to the school family. 
He played Reach for the Top, rugby and 
golf. He defended the school in debat- 
ing. He worked on the Standard and he 
earned honours. We shall never forget 
his "Register communists not guns" and 
"Peace through superior fire power." 
Social 30 will never be the same without 
him. Next year Mike plans to pursue 
medicine at U of A. 


Steve has attended STS fo 
and he has maintained out 
academic achievement. Al 
said to those he finds un 
"Wnat a fag." E.T., as he 
called, has played on the 
ball and rugby teams and 
president of the Students 
avid wind-surfer, Steve p 
Waterloo next year in his 
engineer . 

r seven years 
1 he has ever 
appealing is 
is sometimes 
school's volley- 
served as vice- 
1 Council. An 
lans to attend 
quest to be an 



Melissa, a native Texan, has attended our 
honourable institution for two years. As 
a result, her pet peeves have become 
oxfords and the PE program. "Lipsa" has 
a keen interest in acting and her favour- 
ite pastimes include reading, riding and 
chasing guys. Before returning to Dallas 
to attend Southern Methodist University 
Melissa plans to spend a year skiing, 
showing her horse and attending U of C. 


"Mellow Mitch" Williams came to us in 
Grade 10 and he has lasted every attempt 
to become rowdy. Although Mr. Mellow 
rarely plans beyond the morning after, he 
sees Queens as his next resting place . 
Enjoying everything that involves nothing 
Mr. Mellow believes that Man's purpose in 
life is to rest. We can only hope that 
life provides for him opportunities to 
rest and the best of success at least as 
far as tomorrow morning. 


Movies, fishing and travelling are Jenny's 
main interests. Her favourite saying 
"Tough Nuggies" could be heard on the bus 
nearly every day. Jenny's extra- 
curricular activities included being on 
the yearbook committee and the coed base- 
ball team. She enjoyed writing her 
English essays every second week and the 
practice will come in handy at Mount 
Royal next year. Jenny plans to move to 
San Diego, become rich and steal Tom 
Selleck away from Fiona. 


Mr. dimming 

Grade Eleven 

Grade 11A 

Back Row 
David Dexter 
Vicki Bregazzi 
Michael Pierce 
Alison Bowes 
David Ferguson 
Row 2 

Shamash Nathu 
Heidi Huettler 
Mark McGrath 
Linda LeBourveau 
Tim Starkes 
Kim Morrison 
Front Row 
Lori Hewson 
Stephanie Wallat 
Tracy Trimble 
Mr. Orsten 
Alex Goldstein 
Karen McKenzie 
Caroline Tanner 

John Anderson 

Grade 11B 

Back Row 
Trevor Mills 
Laura Lampman 
Kari Fox 
Mr. Cojocar 
Lisa Martyn 
Karen Detlefsen 
Mahmud Abdulla 
Row 2 

Neil Copeland 
Janet Luckhurst 
Bruce Angus 
Linda Thompson 
Bill Monks 
Debbie Komlodi 
Doug Armitage 
Front Row 
Gillian Cowan 
Steve Wood 
Sherri Beaudry 
Geret Coyne 
Anna Turner 
Brad McBean 
Neil Dobell 

Grade Ten 

Grade 10A 

Back Row 
Monica Silenzi 
Allan Feys 
Jim Kirker 
Julia Dover 
Mrs. Fitzgibbon 
Spilios Kousinioris 
Will Matthews 
Will MacKenzie 
David Giovanetto 
Row 2 

Gundula Baehre 
Robert Forteath 
Marianna Kljucec 
Michelle Williams 
Jennifer Balfour 
Allison Cumming 
Ron Dooley 
Front Row 
Olga Taronna 
David Fletcher 
Caroline Wood 
Michael Farebrother 
Jill Cross 
Bruce Fudge 

Grade 10B 

Back Row 
Mark Cooper 
Robert Burns 
Bruce Irvine 
Jim Brown 
Mr. Cumming 
Michael Minnes 
Curtis Darmohray 
Chris Visser 
Row 2 

Sue Kennard 
Catherine Leach 
Valerie Wilson 
Morag MacDougall 
Laura Muir 
Cherie Goodenough 
Trudy Adam 
David Lawrie 
Front Row 
David Elliott 
Jason Young 
John Dinning 
Heather Willoughby 
Wendy Gibson 
Gwynne Prodan 

Grade IOC 

Back Row 
Tracy Tidswell 
Ian Willumsen 
Jennifer Beck 
Kevin Horn 
Mr . Lunn 
Heather Ward 
Karim Mahmud 
Kelly Ahern 
Leslie Ann Trimble 
Row 2 

Robert Elliott 
Marnie Colborne 
Darren Simonelli 
Jose Zeilstra 
Cathy Komlodi 
Tim Stiles 
Tara Pipella 
John Wunsch 
Duane Lavold 
Front Row 
Jobree Anderson 
David Trimble 
Lee-Anne Kim 
Robert Eirich 
Ivana Vicha 

Grade Nine 

Grade 9A 

Back Row 
Peter Tarn 
Ben Melgrave 
Quynn Phillips 
Allister Griffin 
Mr. McConnell 
Galib Abdulla 
Llewellyn Turnquist 
Aenea Palmer 
Row 2 

Christina Sigurdson 
Claire Taylor 
Caroline Pierce 
Tim Kearns 
Fiona Watkins 
Sandra Hordos 
Front Row 

Jeffrey Fitzgibbon 
Scott Rosza 
David Sedgewick 
Christine Wallat 
Janet Leskiw 
Debbie Polloway 

Grade 9B 

Back Row 
Britta Erickson 
Giles Norman 
Chantel Jensen 
Rory Millikin 
Mr. Nelson 
Alexis Kennedy 
Andrew Cassidy 
Valerie Wilson 
Scott Stanfield 
Row 2 

Jamie Clarke 
Stephen Ellis 
Simon Chandler 
Andrew Harding 
Cameron Kraychy 
Russel Berscht 
Front Row 
Robert McBean 
Michelle Stevens 
Alex Aspinall 
Kimberley Bourne 
Alex Silenzi 
Elizabeth Mendelman 

Grade 9C 

Back Row 

George Achilleos 
Dominic Langley 
Wolf Baehre 
Mr. Koning 
Sean MacPherson 
Gordon Laird 
Jason Morberg 
Row 2 

Christy Worsley 
John Fraleigh 
Glenn Farn 
Brett Coyne 
Mark Piche 
Barbara Faenzi 
Sarah Alexander 
Front Row 
Leslie Kende 
Mark Dobell 
David Bardana 
Karen Copeland 
Susan Murray 
Kari Horn 


Back: Mr. Blais , Emily Griffin, Alec Ferguson, 
Cheryl Dooley, Karen Daugherity, Chris 
Empett, Mr. Angus. 

Front: Erin Malone, Brian Nichol, Peter Kim, 
Jean-Paul Buysschaert. 

Grade Eight 

Grade 8A 

Back Row 

Alec Ferguson 

Jamil Abdul la 

Calvin Kim 

Mr. Taylor 

Erin Ross 

' Giota Kousinioris 

Regan Hay 

Katie Tavender 

Row 2 

Cheryl Dooley 
Christine Niven 
Tanya Krahn 
Jamie Chipperfield 
Mark Maier 
Richard McKenzie 
Front Row 
Robert Bede 
Neil Ellerington 
Andrew Young 
Sarah Ditchburn 
Willa Minnes (8B) 
Tara O'Brien 

Karen Daugherity 

Grade 8B 

Back Row 
Ross Honey 
Kelly Rae 
Andrea Ohah 
Bryan Anderson 
Mrs. Tulczyjew 
Raimond Zeilstra 
Cindy Grout 
Catherine Hope 
Celia Brasso 
Row 2 
John May 

Annemarie Pedersen 
Andrew Lambrinoudis 
Linnea Turnquist 
Rob Martin 
Mary Tanner 
Front Row 
Jacqueline Diaz 
Jean Buysschaert 
Sarah Dover 
Chris Pilling 
Catherine Angus 
Robin Tidswell 

Grade 8C 

Back Row 
Erin Ross 
Mark Miller 
Dawn Creber 
David Singh 
Mr. Lorfing 
Monique Mills 
Brian Elliott 
Patti Torgerson 
Cameron Ashley 
Row 2 

Michael Hopkins 
Emily Griffin 
Jeff Curran 
Barbara Luckhurst 
Peter Kim 
Meredith Laurence 
Front Row 
Erin Malone 
Aisha Umar 
Brian Nichol 
Samantha Stone 
Axel Fehres 
Shelly Beattie 
David Leach 


Grade Seven 

Grade 7A 

Back Row 
Aly Hirji 

Jennifer Partridge 
David Bourne 
Mr. Blais 
Scott Nielson 
Douglas Brown 
Martin Spoor 
Simon Bregazzi 
Row 2 

Michael Goodenough 
Fraser Brooks 
Melissa McLaws 
Alexander Baldwin 
Kimber Pipella 
Santosh Bungay 
Sandra Anderson 
Simon Cornelissen 
Front Row 
Derek Turnbull 
Kerry Falkenberg 
John Maclnnes 
Karen Hawitt 
Jonathan Glaisher 
Pauline Kirk 

Grade 7B 

Back Row 
Heidi Lavold 
Cameron Owens 
Drew Jackson 
Mrs. Fitzgerald 
Adrian Watkins 
Derek Mendham 
Mary Laing 
Row 2 

Robert Vass 
Jane Kearns 
Shona Gupta 
Jack Langelaan 
Farid Mahmud 
Angela Jackson 
David Pilling 
Jason Lunin 
Heather Heasman 
Eera Jadav 
Front Row 
Sibylle Baehre 
Ross Gunderson 
Cathy Farn 
Michael Simon 
Caroline Wuensche 
Scott Holdsworth 


Grade 7C 

Back Row 
David Aylen 
Scott McDermid 
Paul Sigurdson 
Jason Bell 
Mrs. Stewart 
Stephanie Cannaday 
Todd Worsley 
Dana Arnell 
Susan Anderson 
Row 2 

Annelise Pedersen 
Laurie Barr 
Suzanne Nedham 
Martina Vicha 
Sean Nixon 
Murray Whyte 
Michael Vervena 
B.C. Douglas 
Front Row 
David Wood 
Francesco Vinci 
Shane Walsh 
Julie Carter 
Leanne Creed 
Beth Aspinall 

Fashion Show 

Grade Six 

Grade 6 A 

Back Row 
Susan Elliott 
Rob McCallum 
Nicky Kousinioris 
Matthew McKay 
Mrs. Perkins 
Paula Hopkins 
Danny Dall'Acqua 
Holly Shillabeer 
Felix Batcup 
Row 2 

Jason Beck 

Adony Melathopoulos 

Wendy Martin 

Rob Laird 

Alison Cassidy 

Sean Honey 

Deanna Zeismann 

Front Row 

Sayeeda Nathu 

Anoop Bungay 

Jessica Peters 

Brian Wood 

Tina Ragona 

Andy Sharp 

Grade 6B 

Back Row 
Lisa Hadway 
Kathryn Dundas 
Becky Dial 
Mrs. Goldsworthy 
David McKenzie 
Ben Redwood 
Doug Laird 
Mitch Cole 
Row 2 

Grant Maier 
Joel Hodorek 
Matthew Delf 
Stephanie Jardine 
Nicole Beaudry 
Lisa Fortrems 
Front Row 
Tori Douglas 
Mai Pendersen 
Nicole Tetrault 
Isabelle Ryder 
Stephen Leach 
David Miles 
Scott Harkness 

Grade Five 

Grade 5A 

Grade 5B 

Back Row 
Sabrina Grobler 
Parry Johnson 
Ramon a Varady 
Lucas Daniels 
Mr. Diskin 
David Lane 
Leith Pedersen 
Brett Polloway 
Stacy Hyndman 
Row 2 

Kodi Hutchinson 
Alanna Abrahamson 
Ryan Smith 
David Pierce 
Tanya Maier 
Richard Beddoe 
Front Row 
John Worth 
Jennifer Wood 
Eduardo Bardana 
James Young 
Stephanie Angus 
Paulose Paul 

Elizabeth Empett 

Back Row 
Paul McGrath 

Sean Scott 
Kent Crosland 
Dana Mendham 
Mrs. Harvey 
Gionoula Kousinioris 
Peter Stewart 
Jason Wells 
Thijs Spoor 
Row 2 

Brandon Delf 
Marilyn Scarrott 
Ken Douglas 
Dean Burns 
Sarah Dickinson 
Mark Jerry 
Front Row 
Kari Towle 
Mark Beattie 
Marie Choi 
Shannon McDonough 
Ralph Fitzgerald 

Andrea Hay 

Grade Four 

Grade 4A 

Grade 4B 

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Jens Stobernack 
Kelly Colborne 
Scott Warburton 
Miss Wiggins 
Jory McMillan 
Martin Spedding 
Jeremy Vass 
Row 2 

David Grout 
Yanni Kousinioris 
Rebecca Miller 
Penny Knops 
Carissa Baker 
Sandy Martin 
Front Row 
Leigh Hodorek 
Laura Sharp 
Andrea Simon 
Sabrina Neumann 
Louisa Sigurdson 
Nadia Herb 
Penny McDermid 
Jennifer Harris 
Robin Nixon 

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Andrew Tottenham 
Karen Neuss 
Miss Home 
Alex Luckhurst 
Nicole Sharratt 
Row 2 

Richard Stone 
Jason Chapman 
Bobby Lamond 
Brendan Clark 
Neil McBean 
Ryan Horn 
Trent Thompson 
Mark Schneider 
Front Row 
Shannon Young 
Caroline Curran 
Geeta Verma 
Stacy Rozsa 
Lisa Resch 
Jennifer Meade 
Susan Heneaghan 
Carrie Jardine 

Grade Three 


Grade Two 

Back Row 
Danielle Keller 
Erin Macdonald 
Mrs . Owens 
Travis McConnell 
Matthew Burns 
Hamish McKellar 
Row 2 

Mark Perkins 
Robbie Scott 
Robert Pierce 
John Palmer 
Amy Eisenberg 
Jacqueline Westly 
Rachael Scott 
Charity Nufer 
Front Row 
Rachael Owens 
Colleen Bergh 
Chandra Mannix 
Kim Aitken 
Stewart Worth 
Danny Falkenberg 
Angus Turner 
Ryan McCallum 

Grade 2 

Back Row 
Andrew Ta vender 
Michael Balfour 
Andrew Chapman 
Matthew Colborne 
Peggy Gerrard 
Rodney Brown 
Jeffrey Hodorek 
Ryan Baldwin 
Kern McMurtrie 
Row 2 

Jennifer MacGregor 
Heather Lorfing 
Jennifer Wells 
Sarah Hawitt 
Jennifer Tottenham 
Heidi Dinning 
Front Row 
Andrea Pierce 
Erne line Lamond 
Rhiannon Owens 
Emily Hamer 
Robyn Perry 

Grade One 

Grade 1 

Back Row 
Charles Mannix 
David Cuesta 
Nathan Cronin 
Mrs . Wyatt 
Danny Baillie 
Matthew Koning 
Ian Armitage 
Row 2 

Chelsea Baldwin 
Dermott Hutton 
Michael Forbes 
Rishi Verma 
Cameron Tedford 
Dominique Keller 
Front Row 

Jacey Maertens-Poole 
Erin Thompson 
Alysia Chapman 
Mackenzie Harvey 
Ria Paul 
Katka Smira 
Erin O'Ferral 
Katie Eberts 
Julian Oh 


It's a grub day at STS 
When everyone puts on their best, 
A time when all the people flaunt 
What they have that the others want. 

But what I hate most of all, 
All the preppies, big and small. 
Preppies, preppies, everywhere 
Preppies, preppies, I need air! 

Alligators on their shirts 

Horses and riders , my stomach hurts 1 

I will not crack, I'll keep my cool, 
I can't wait till I'm out of school. 

I know, that's it! They're out to get me. 
In green and pink cement they'll set me. 

Here they come, one and all'. 

All the preppies, big and small I 

I'll run down the hall, I cannot fight, 

I'll run and run, with all my might'. 

Alas, I tire, I cannot stop! 

But I stagger and trip, on the floor I flop 

Will they be gentle? 

Will they be kind? 

I'm going crazy, 

Out of my mind 1 . 

Alas I'm surrounded 

Front, side and flank'. 

I feel quite faint 

My mind in going blank'. 

But now I awaken 

In clothes with pink hem? 

Ah, now I know, 

I'm one of ... them! 

M-cfce Go o ugh. 
Grade 7A 


Hi there, I'm talking in the year 2222. Right now I'm in our Smog 
Powered House watching the Nose Ball game. It's the Sneeze off. My Mom 
has just gone out in the air-mobile to go shopping. 

We usually use pollution for energy, because we can hardly see the 
sun for solar and all of our fuels are gone. 

School is easy. All we have to do is plug in our School Program 
and have school in bed. 

The Calgary Tower is now the smallest building in town. It's now 
the Alien Telephone Center (9 thousand toes, a bigger unit than feet). 

I want to be a smog driller. It's a good job in Alberta, because 
the smog hangs over here. 

We have Giant computers, Small computers, Robots, and every thing is 
luxurious . 

When we want to travel to another place, out of Alberta, you type 
it into your computer and POOF! you're there. If you don't have a 
chimney, then don't do this. 

In sports you can play Nose ball, Socky, Rabbit ball, Table lettuce 
and smoghill skiing. 

We have just found the next solar system. They call it George. 
There's no more Russia anymore because a meteor hit one of the missile 
bases and boom'. Well, that's about all. 

Bobby Lamond 
Grade 4B 

Once upon a time on a sunny 
afternoon I saw a kangaroo. I 
was so scared that I ran away. 
When I came back he was looking 
at me . Then I cane to him and I 
touched him and we were friends. 

Katka Smi.h.(L 
Grade 1 


The breeze was blowing through my hair as it if were a giant comb. 
My hot air balloon skimmed the water that was running over the pebbles. 
Then I turned on the hot air and came up skimming the tree tops. I felt 
as if I were a bird not having to flap my wings. 

Then suddenly my dreamy composure was broken by faint calls of help! 
I looked over the edge of the basket when to my eyes appeared a small 
child being swept away by the current! 

"Help! Help! Save me!" he cried. This time when I went down to 
the water I wasn't dreaming. 

I threw a rope down to him. He tried to grab it but the current was 
too fasti I went down the stream bit by bit, making several attempts at 
pulling the small child up. I was so involved in my work that I didn't 
notice that the basket was filling with water! 

The child was getting weak and was starting to give up hope. I 
called out "Don't give up hope! I'm still here, and as long as I am, 
you had better give it a few more chances!" He struggled and caught the 
rope . 

I pulled him up; it wasn't an easy task. There wasn't much time 
before the basket was filled one quarter with water! 

Then I pulled the helium on full blast. It must have understood 
because it rose right away, leaving the carpet wet and squishy. Kneeling 
down I asked him what his name was . His answer was a snore ! I shook him 
and that woke him up. I asked again. 

"Fred Maclean," he said. Then I said, "Well, I'm taking you down 
to headquarters so your parents can find you." I adjusted the helium. 


Later at headquarters Fred's parents picked him up. And as far as 
I know he hasn't come near the river since then. 

Next week I received a medal for bravery. Right then and there I 
decided to take modeling classes to stay out of trouble. 

Jewn^e-t Meade 
Grade 4B 

The tune 

of fading friendship 
reaches a crescendo 
when played in 
two separate hearts 
as now . 

Trapped within a chord 
unable to finish 
the song 

without the other, 
we play 

for different audiences 

or only for 

ourselves . 

Trying to create 

a false harmony 

all we did 

was destroy 

the duet. 

Ano nymou.4 

Senior High School To break through a cloud is easy 

If you're reaching for the sky, 
And to catch the wind is simple, 
If it's a kite you wish to fly. 
But the easiest of all, 
Or so I have been told, 
Is to find and touch a rainbow 
If you're not searching for the gold. 


Senior High School 

The picture is a blur now. 

The faded colours , 

forgotten faces, 

tainted memories 

are all that remain. 

I try to fill in 

the missing words 

and relive the feelings 

but it is hard 

to retouch your side 

of the picture 

from my side 

of the story 

now that you 

are gone . 


Senior High School 

Winning Entry: Locke Poetry 

A Butterfly 

That on a rough, hard rock 
Happy can lie, 
Friendless, and all alone 
This small butterfly. 

Now let my bed be hard, 

No tears I cry, 

I'll make my joy like this 

Small butterfly, 

Whose happy heart has power 

To make a stone a flower. 

Andrea Olak 
Grade 8B 

It Was Not A Beauty That I Saw 

My school is nothing like the heavens high, 

The teachers nothing like the god we know. 

The bus ride is enough to make one die, 

And winters there refuse all things to grow. 

The days are long and loaded with much toil , 

And night time brings forth yet more work to do. 

The clothes which we are not allowed to soil, 

Are homely mixtures of light grey and blue. 

The school is always cold in winter's cool, 

And during summer it is always hot. 

I grant I never saw another school, 

But mine is just a place for brains to rot. 

And yet, by Heaven, I think my school as rare 

As any school belied with false compare. 

John Vi.vmi.viQ 
Grade 10B 

(apologies to Wm. Shakespeare) 


Bram Stoker wrote a novel called Dracula. He got the idea from a 
man named Vlad. Vlad was a plain man until he became king. He was 
married and lived happily until the Turks attacked his people. He col- 
lected all the people he didn't like and impaled them on big stakes, 
cut off their heads and fenced them up to scare them off. He was cap- 
tured and executed. Many tales of this were made but none of them was 
as good as Stoker's novel. This part is true. 

This part is fictional. In the book a lawyer, Jonathan Harker, 
goes to Castle Dracula. Strange things happen. He meets Van Helsing, 
Mina, Lucy. He and Van Helsing kill the Count. 

Ttiavi.6 McConn&tZ 
Grade 3 

Once upon a time I went to a pond. 
I saw a gigantic fish. Then I went 
into the woods and I saw a big red fox. 
Then he chased me . 

Then I went into someone's house 
and it was my mom and dad's house. 

Grade 1 

Once upon a time I saw a big gorilla. 
He grabbed me and ran away. He took me to 
his cave and his cave was very dark and 
weird. I screamed. My Mom came and she 
screamed too. We went home and told Dad. 
The end. 

Eitn Thompson 
Grade 1 


Once there was a cat. Its' name was Hazelnut. His owner's name 
was John. One day Hazelnut got into mischief. John left the food 
lying around. John was at the store 15 hours. He was still at the 
store buying Hazelnut some food. Finally he came back from the store. 
Hazelnut ran very fast eating up the leftovers. John really was mad! 
This time he was mad at Hazelnut. Then he calmed down. He and 
Hazelnut were friends again. 

Rodney Blown 
Grade 2 


Once there was a wicked witch. Her name was Grizelda. She had a 
black cat that looked mean. The cat's name was Killer. The witch was 
very CRUEL. She was mean to everybody in the town. That's why nobody 
went to her castle anymore. Instead the people kept their doors locked 
so the witch could not go in and cast a spell on them. Grizelda stayed 
at her castle for two or three years or so. She kept on practising her 
powers and one day her powers were so strong she could break the lock 
open and she could come in. 

By then everyone had an escape hatch. So whenever she came into a 
house there was nobody there because everybody had a car, and they drove 
it away to a different town. Then one day the inventors made up a spell 
to give the witch a taste of her own medicine. She had strong powers as 
you all know and then they poured the potion down her throat and all her 
magic powers went away, and she never dreamed about magic powers, so then 
everything was back to normal. 

Robbie. Scott 
Grade 3 


There once was an amoeba named Shleft 

Who could fit into the shape of a cleft; 

But he had to fight 

When he would want to go right 

Cause his other side wanted to go left. 

Cam&tion 0w&n6 
Grade 7B 


Long, blonde hair, like ripened flax, 

High, arched brows, like question marks, 
Hugh brown eyes that wink at friends , 

Elegant nose and long slim neck, 
Happy smile with teeth like pearls, 

Deep, soft voice that sings when she talks, 
Narrow waist that sways when she walks, 

Gracefully crossing her slim, shapely legs, 
A vision of beauty in her fur coat. 
Amber, my dog'. 

Grade 7A 


Bells ring, people scurry 

Get out of the way - I'm in a hurry. 

Bags, coats, boots and shoes, 

Where's my book? Which one, whose? 

Move over there 

But that's my chair! 

Quiet you guys, I think he's coming. 

Have you done your homework yet? 
Look at this, what did you get? 
Who threw that? Just take it back I 
You've just sat down on my lunch pack. 
Lend me a pen 
But how and when? 

Quiet you guys, I see him coming. 

S-imon Co>in<i£<Lt>{>Q,vi 
Grade 7A 

Winning Entry: Junior High Poetry Contest 


Penguins slip, 
Penguins slide, 
On yellow patent feet 
And tailor made suits. 

Shane. WcULaH. 
Grade 7C 


Ever since the middle of the twentieth century, western society has 
become increasingly aware of humanity's adverse effects upon the global 
environment. This growing ecological concern, while generating a plethora 
of anti-pollution and conservation movements, has also given rise to one 
of the most controversial environmental issues of today; namely, the right 
of mankind to use other species for its own ends. This is an issue 
fraught with emotional propaganda - pictures of cute, furry seal pups with 
wide, mournful eyes being clubbed to death - but in order to analyze it 
rationally, one must transcend emotion and approach the issue objectively. 

It is axiomatic (as even a superficial knowledge of natural processes 
will confirm) that any species, in order to survive, must make use of 
other species for food, shelter, and other necessities of its existence. 
Thus, if a right to survive is conceded to any species, that species is 
also given the right to use other species. Assuming that man has the 
right to survive (as is generally conceded) , the issue is no longer 
whether or not he has the right to use other species (for that right is 
already established) , but what the moral boundaries are in his exploita- 
tion of other species. 

The first of these situations is the seal hunt. The seal hunt is a 
harvesting of up to two hundred thousand harp seals annually for their fur 
and their meat. The hunt is conducted every winter in Canada's Atlantic 
provinces by local hunters and fishermen. 

Many people, however, feel that the seal hunt is inhumane and 
unnecessary. These people decry the fate of thousands of baby seals who 
are clubbed to death each year, and they decry the fate of bereaved 
mother seals. Most of all, they fear for the extinction of the harp seal. 

Their fears, however, are groundless. The harp seal today is the 
second most abundant species of seal in the world, and under no threat of 
extinction whatsoever. In order to ensure this state of affairs, the 
Canadian government enforces strict procedures and quotas on the hunt. 

In spite of this, the seal hunt is considered extremely inhumane 
because of the methods used in killing the seal pups. The pups are 
clubbed to death, to avoid damaging the pelts, and are then skinned. 
While this method certainly sounds inhumane, and one cringes at the notion 
of a harmless baby seal being killed in this way, the fact is (confirmed 
by autopsies) that this method is far less cruel than that employed by 
more butchers and slaughterhouses. 

That the seal hunt is unnecessary, is also not true, it is necessary 
for three reasons. Firstly, it is a tradition reaching back at least 
three centuries. It was upon the fisheries industry of the Atlantic pro- 
vinces that Canada was founded, and since the middle of the fifteenth 
century, the seal hunt has been a way of life for the maritime fishermen. 
Secondly, the seal hunt is vital to the economy of the Atlantic pro- 
vinces. Although statistics show that the hunt contributes a very small 
percentage of the total income of the Atlantic provinces, these statistics 
mask the regional importance of the hunt. There are towns in the mari- 
times which are entirely dependent upon the sea for their incomes, and in 
the winter, the only commodity the sea affords is the seal hunt. Elimina- 

ting the seal hunt would effectively eliminate the only source of income 
for maritime fishermen during the winter months. Thirdly, the seal hunt 
provides an important, albeit, arguably unnecessary, commodity upon which 
a sizeable industry is based; namely, animal fur. This fur is used for 
coats, jackets, shoes, handbags, and curios. 

Thus, even though many who have seen pictures of cute baby seals 
dying horribly for the sake of their fur would claim otherwise, man has 
certainly not overstepped his bounds in making use of the harp seal. 

A second situation is which man is accused of needlessly exploiting 
another species involves that most gentle and intelligent of sea creatures, 
the whale. The whale is an intelligent mammal with a brain far larger 
than man's. It has an extensive and complex communications system based 
on "songs". It is a social animal, which hunts and travels in family 
groups. It is on the verge of extinction. 

Whaling has been an important source of many materials for over 
three centuries. The whale's thick layer of fat provides fuel for lamps, 
its flesh provides edible meat, and from other parts of the dead whale 
come industrial lubricants and ingredients for cosmetics. Yet all these 
products are commercially available from other sources, and the slaughter 
of whales is neither an economic nor a cultural necessity. Nevertheless, 
several nations continue to deal in the carcasses of whales, and turn a 
deaf ear to the dying pleas of a beautiful and intelligent animal. Truly, 
this is a case which bears testimony to man's frequent thoughtlessness in 
dealing with other species. 

A third situation concerning man's inhumane use of other species 
involves the use of animals for scientific experiments. Experiments in 
biological and medicinal science today involve three steps. The experi- 
ment is first attempted on a "lower order" animal such as a mouse or a 
rat. If it is successful, the experiment is then attempted on a higher 
order animal with a physiology closer to that of a human - usually, a 
rhesus monkey. If it succeeds on the monkey, the experiment is finally 
tried on humans . 

In the course of this hierarchy, however, many cruel things are done 
to laboratory animals in the name of science. Dismembering, irradiating, 
and injecting animals with cancer and other diseases are all common prac- 
tices in the biologist's workshop. While such practices are indeed cruel, 
they constitute a cornerstone of modern science, and have been directly 
responsible for advances in medicine since the time of Alexander Fleming. 
Also, these practices are by no means unnecessary, for the only alterna- 
tives are either to perform the experiments directly on humans, or to 
forego medicine entirely. 

There are cases, however, where scientists have failed to meet the 
responsibilities they have to treat laboratory animals as humanely as 
possible. On November 23, 19 81, for example, Dr. Edward Taub, who was 
working with rhesus monkeys, was fined over three thousand dollars for 
cruelty to his laboratory animals. ^ The monkeys had been seized by an 

1 Daniel Kehrer: "The Monkey Snatchers", Science Digest , 
April 1982, #4, Vol. 90, pp. 12-14, 115. 

animal rights group and were found to have open, bleeding wounds , to be 
lacking in proper nutrition, and to be living in filthy cages which had 
not been cleaned for weeks. This blatant example of needless cruelty to 
laboratory animals is certainly unjustifiable, but on the whole, if such 
incidents are prevented, man has the right to use experimental animals for 
his betterment. 

It must be remembered, however, that man, as an animal, has no limit 
whatsoever on his right to use other species, for if one takes nature as 
a precedent, one finds that throughout natural history, the dominant 
species has had unlimited use of subservient species, and any organism 
unable to cope with that has simply become extinct - this is the very core 
of Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. Man, however, is not a 
species that conforms to natural precedent; for good or ill, the human 
race is in a position where it preys upon all species and is preyed upon 
by none. If we are to prevent wanton destruction of our natural heritage, 
we must temper our unlimited power with clemency and common sense. Gone 
are the passenger pigeon and dodo bird; the same fate must not befall 
another species at our hand. 

ShamaAk Uatka 
Grade 11A 

Winner: Essay Contest 

English 20 
Chronological Order 

The Newest Testament 
(or, Innovations in Home Entertainment) 

In the beginning, there was nothing, and the family room was void, 
and without shape. Then Someone said: "Let television be!" and people 
had something to do in prime time. And the morning and the evening were 
the first day. Then, Someone created Japan, centre of high technology, 
and He created America, insatiable consumer; and the morning and the 
evening were the second day. This Someone (who by now had his headquar- 
ters in Tokyo) then created Zenith, and Toshiba, and RCA; and He said 
unto them: "Go forth, be fruitful and multiply." And the morning and 
the evening were the third day. And on the fourth day, He created the 
stars: the game-show hosts, the news anchormen, the comedians. And 
unto them also He said: "Be fruitful and multiply." And the morning 
and the evening were the fourth day. Then, Someone created the video, 
the epitome of entertainment versatility; and the morning and the evening 
were the fifth day. On the sixth day, He created Pay TV, He created 
First Choice, and C Channel, and Superchannel ; and the morning and the 
evening were the sixth day. Then, on the seventh day, Someone rested. 
But I Tune in next week . . . 

Shama6k Natku 
Grade 11A 



Back Row: Alastair Griffin, Jeff Fitzgibbon, Mr. Colborne, Dominic 

Langley, Cameron Kraychy 
Middle Row: Jamie Clarke, Cameron Ashley, Aenea Palma, Jason Morberg, 

Simon Bregazzi, Ross Honey 
Front Row: Scott McDermid, Brett Coyne, John Fraleigh, Todd Worsley 



Back Row: Michelle Stevens, Heidi Lavold, Janet Leskiw, Linnea 

Turnquist, Chantel Jensen, Willa Minnes, Claire Taylor, 
Sandra Anderson, Susan Anderson 

Front Row: Caroline Pierce, Susan Murray, Sarah Alexander, Valerie 
Wilson, Kelly Rae , Mary Tanner, Mrs. Gibson 



Back: Mr. Adams, Ian Willumsen, Duane Lavold, Ron Dooley, Neil Copeland 
Middle: Bruce Angus, Kevin Copeland, Greg Bauman, Bill Monks, Steve 

Trimble, Leigh Clarke 
Front: Mike Pierce, Spilios Kousinioris, Mike Minnes , Jim Brown 


Back: Mrs. Goldsworthy , Gwynne Prodan , Karen Detlefsen 

Middle: Anne Fraleigh, Linda LeBourveau, Luisa Rottig, Kim Morrison 

Front: Jobree Anderson, Jill Cross, Michelle Stevens, Mile. Lemieux 



Row Four: Ron Dooley , Duane Lavold, Doug Armitage 
Row Three: Bruce Fudge, Neil Dobell, Michael Pierce, Bill Monks, 
Leigh Clarke, 

Row Two: Bruce Ross, Jim Brown, Greg Bauman , David Dexter 

Front Row: Mr. Johnson, Patrick Lampman , Will MacKenzie, Kevin Copeland 


Back: Laura Muir, Mr. dimming, Kari Fox, Katherine Leach, Alex 

Goldstein, Julia Dover, Vicki Minnes 
Front: Laura Lampman , Tracey Trimble, A. P., Vicki Bregazzi, Anne 
Fraleigh, Karen Detlefsen, Katey Alexander 

This years seniors girls' basketball team was, although not 
always victorious, quite successful. We maintained a perfect record 
of consistency, with the exception of two victories over Nanton and 
Oilfields. The highlight of the season, our annual trip to the coast, 
proved to be a productive one with the winning of four games out of 
five. The team felt that we could have won all five games had it not 
been for a Ranchero doing donuts outside in the parking lot of the 
hotel all night and one rowdy hotel guest dragging a party-mobile in 
the hallway. Special thanks to Mr. Cumming for his great coaching 
and support. 



Back Row: Marc Dobell, Wolf Baehre, Mr. Lorfing, Ross Honey, Jason 
Morberg, Alistair Griffin, George Achilleos 

Front Row: David Singh, David Leach, Jeff Fitzgibbon, Jamie Clarke, 
Scott Rozsa, John Fraleigh, Cameron Ashley 


Back Row: Mrs. Fitzgibbon, Caroline Pierce, Chantel Jensen, Kelly Rae , 
Emily Griffin, Val Wilson, Debbie Polloway, Mr. Taylor 

Front Row: Regan Hay, Shelley Beattie , Catherine Angus, Claire Taylor, 
Sarah Alexander, Barbara Faenzi , Janet Leskiw, Sandra Hordos 


Back Row: Mr. Colborne, Todd Worsley, Raimond Zeilstra, Martin Spoor, 

Mark Maier, Adrian Watkins , Richard McKenzie, Simon Bregazzi, 
B.C. Douglas 

Front Row: Cameron Owens, Scott Holdsworth, Derek Turnbull, Michael 
Simon, Derek Mendham, Craig Millikin 


Back Row: Claire Taylor, Regan Hay, Katie Tavender, Tanya Krahn, 
Mary Tanner, Patti Torgersen, Kelly Rae , Sandra Hordos 

Front Row: Sarah Dover, Suzanne Nedham, Shelley Beattie, Catherine 
Angus, Andrea Olah, Pauline Kirk, Annelise Pedersen 


Back: Mr. Colborne, Scott Rosza, Wolfe Baehre , Cameron Kraychy, 
Alastair Griffin, Jay Morberg, Ross Honry , Steven Ellis, 
George Achilleos, Jamie Clarke, Sarah Alexander, Chantel 
Jensen, Annelise Pedersen, Kim Bourne, Claire Taylor, Heidi 
Lavold, Val Wilson, Michelle Stevens, Fiona Watkins , Kristine 

Middle: David Sedgewick, David Leach, Drew Jackson, Marc Dobel, 
Simon Bregazzi, Richard McKenzie, Sandra Anderson, Susan 
Murray, Mary Tanner, Karen Copeland, Barbara Faenzi, Susan 

Front: David Pilling, Paul Sigurdson, Adrian Watkins, Todd Worsley, 
Derek Turnbull, Shelley Beatie, Sibylle Baehre, Sarah Dover, 
Stephanie Cannaday , Caroline Wuenusche, Karen Hawitt, Martina 
Vicha, "Lass", Mrs. Coyne 

"Divisional and City Champions" 
"Teachers' Cross Country Meet Champions" 
Wayne Colborne, Pigeon Coyne, Don Johnson, Jo Lunn 


Back: Monica Silenzi, Glenn Coskey , Maurizio Faenzi, Steve Trimb 

Richard Buysschaert 
Middle: Alex Silenzi, Gill Cowan, Anne Fraleigh, Adam Knight 
Front: Jackie Paget, Ruth Cowan, Shannon Peters, Gord Berkhold 


Coach: Mrs. Coyne, Mrs. Owens 

Junior Coaches: Elizabeth Keller, Valerie Wilson, Britta Erickson, 
Kim Bourne, Jobree Anderson, Susan Elliot, Nicole Tetrault 

Olga Taronna- Junior Coach 


Junior Team 

Aggregate Winners City Meet of Champions 

Bottom- Fiona Watkins , Suzanne Nedham, Martina Vicha, 
Angela Jackson, Coach Jobree Anderson, 
Melissa McLaws , Beth Aspinall 

Middle- Caroline Pierce, Pauline Kirk, Dawn Creber, 
Regan Hay, Susan Murray, Catherine Angus, 
Shelley Beattie, Christine Niven 

Top- Sibylle Baehre, Coach Coyne, Karen Hawitt, 

Laurie Barr, Catherine Farn, Caroline Wuensche 
Valerie Wilson, Jacqueline Dias, Emily Griffin, 
Linnea Turnquist 

Top All Around Gr.7. -Catherine Farn 
Top All Around Gr.8. -Kelly Rae (Absent) 
Top All Around Gr.9. -Valerie Wilson 


Senior team 

Top to Bottom 

- Cheryl Dooley, Michelle Stevens (6th Ail-Around 

Provincials) , Gina Wilson (2nd Ail-Around High 
School Provincials) 

- Val Wilson, Willa Minnes (4th Ail-Around Provincials 

- Sarah Ditchburn, Sarah Dover 

- Susan Elliot, Nicole Tetrault (2nd All-Around Pro- 

vincials ) 

- Coaches- Pigeon Coyne and Jobree Anderson 

- Rachael Owens, Amy Eisenberg 





Back Row 

Joanne Bredero 
Anne Fraleigh 
Vicki Bregazzi 
Mrs. Fitzgerald 
Vicki Minnes 
Gina Wilson 

Front Row 

Lori Hewson 
Caroline Tanner 
Shannon Peters 
Susan Gibson 
Gwynne Prodan 
Jobree Enderson 


Back Row 

Regan Hay 
Iota Kousinioris 
Janet Leskiw 
Christy Worsley 
Michelle Stevens 
Caroline Pierce 
Mrs. Fitzgerald 
Kari Horn 

Front Row 

Karen Copeland 
Kim Bourne 
Chantel Jensen 
Barbara Faenzi 
Willa Minnes 
Catherine Angus 


WON ' T 


The Staff and the Alumni Baseball Teams 

Bob Gammell, Mrs. Kirkham, Laura Tynan 


Back: Adam Knight (President) , Bruce Ross (Treasurer) , Mr. McConnell , 

Steve Trimble (Vice President) 
Front: Vicki Minnes (Social Convenor), Susan Gibson (Assistant Treasurer) 


Adam Knight, Mike Thakkar, Mr. McConnell, Leigh Clarke, Shamash Nathu 


Members: One (1) Duck. Politically-minded 


Back: Adam Knight, Mr. Schmit, Gordon Hamilton, Mitch Williams, Mike Thakkar 
Middle: Allison Bowes, Susan Gibson, Jackie Paget, Shamash Nathu, Vicki 

Front: Galib Abdulla, Alex Silenzi, Elizabeth Keller, Wolfe Baehre , Leslie 

^ ^ 9, 

^m. ...... ,; J 




Friday , May 13 
Lord 8eaver'brook ScK< 

1 30 pnrv 


Castle near Hiroshima 

Mike Minnes & Cathy Komlodi 
attend a tea ceremony 


Temple at Kyoto 


In October, fourteen students accompanied 
by Mr. Blais visited Japan for two weeks. 
The STS group was hosted by the Shizuoka 
Eiwa Girls* School. Tokyo, Shizuoka, 
Mount Fuji, Hiroshima and Kyoto were 
among the many places visited. The 
students also participated in a home 

Photographs: Sarah Ditchburn 



All students in Grades 1 and 2. 

Grade Three : 

Grade Four 

Grade Five 

Grade Six: 

Grade Seven 

Grade Eight: 

Grade Nine 

Grade Ten : 
Grade Eleven 

Matthew Burns, Amy Eisenberg, Chandra Mannix, Ryan McCallum 
Rachael Owens, Robert Pierce, Rachael Scott, Robbie Scott, 
Angus Turner, Jacqueline Westly. 

A: David Grout, Jennifer Harris, Nadia Herb, Penny Knops , 
Penny McDermid, Robin Nixon, Laura Sharp, Andrea Simon. 
B: Carolyn Curran , Susan Heneaghan, Ryan Horn, Carrie 
Jardine , Bobby Lamond, Alex Luckhurst, Neil McBean , Jennife 
Meade, Karen Neuss, Sonia Poon , Stacy Rozsa, Mark Schneider 
Richard Stone, Geeta Verma. 

A: Alanna Abrahamson, Stephanie Angus, Eduardo Bardana, 
Sabrina Grobler, Paulose Paul. 

B: Ralph Fitzgerald, Marc Jerry Thijs Spoor, Judd Palmer, 
Jason Wells. 

A: Jason Beck, Danny Dall'Acqua, Susan Elliott, Paula 
Hopkins, Wendy Martin, Tina Ragona, Holly Shillabeer, Brian 
Wood . 

B: Carrie Allen, Nicole Beaudry, Becky Dial, Kathryn 
Dundas , Lisa Hadway, Scott Harkness, Stephanie Jardine, 
Stephen Leach, David McKenzie . 

Simon Cornelissen, Melissa McLaws , Martin Spoor. 
Sibylle Baehre, Catherine Farn, Jane Kearns . 
Scott McDermid, Sean Nixon, Annelise Pedersen, Todd 


Worsley . 

A: Regan Hay, Calvin Kim, Richard McKenzie, Christine 
Niven, Tara O'Brien. 

B: Catherine Angus, Catherine Hope, John May, Linnea 
Turnquist . 

C: Dawn Creber, Brian Elliott, Michael Hopkins, David 
Leach, Peter Kim, Meredith Laurence, Brian Nichol. 

Janet Liskiw. 
Alec Silenzi. 

Sarah Alexander, David Bardana, Karen Copeland, Leslie 

Kende , Christie Worsley. 

Marnie Colborne, Jill Cross, Catherine Leach. 

Bruce Angus, Alison Bowes, Karen Detlefsen, Alex Goldstein, 
Shamash Nathu, Tim Starkes, Anna Turner. 

Grade Twelve: Richard Buysschaert, Kevin Copeland, Gordon Hamilton, 
Jackie Paget, Stephen Trimble. 





Kim Morrison 




Ben Melgrave 




Ivana Vicha 




Tony Munch 

Hill y llbll 

\J HI l J-\J ±. 


Hi ah 


Qarsh Al pxander & Brian Nichol 
Jackie Paget 

r me Aits 

O Uil J- (J j_ 

H i rrh 


u due u jjcojmw 

r rtin cxi 

U HI 1 X (J X 




T.p^l "i p KpnriP & T^r*^ D 1 Rri pn 

JjC O J L 1 \ v3 J. 1 Ot X CI J- CI \_/ J— » J_ -L. V_ J. 1 

Katey Alexander 



n J. y i i 

P <=>•)-<=> v Kim X, T.pcl i p n P> 


Gordon Hamilton 

Outdoor Ed. 



Geret Coyne 

Physical Ed. 



Michelle Stevens & David Bardana 
Kevin Cope land 




Leslie Kende & Brian Nichol 
Biology: Jackie Paget 
Chemistry: Gordon Hamilton 
Physics: Gordon Hamilton 


O U UUica 



Tara O'Brien & Giles Norman 
Michael Thakkar 

The Dorothy 

Goldstein Memorial Prizes for Proficiency in Math 



Leslie Kende 
Gordon Hamilton 

The Outdoorsman 

Geret Coyne 








Grade 1: Danny Baillie, Rishi Verma; Grade 2: Jill Baillie; Grade 3: 
Robert Pierce, Rachael Owens, Robbie Scott, Jacqueline Westly, Chandra 

Grade 4A: Nadia Herb, Penny McDermid; Grade 4B: Sonia Poon; Grade 5A 
Paulose Paul; Grade 5B: Jason Wells; Grade 6A: Susan Elliott, Brian 
Wood; Grade 6B: Kathryn Dundas 

Grade 7A: Simon Cornelissen; Grade 7B : Catherine Farn; Grade 7C: 
Todd Worsley; Grade 8A: Tara O'Brien; Grade 8B : John May; Grade 8C: 
Peter Kim, Meredith Laurence; Grade 9A: Janet Leskiw; Grade 9B: Alec 
Silenzi; Grade 9C: Sarah Alexander 

Grade 10: Marnie Colborne: Grade 11: Shamash Nathu: Grade 12: 
Gordon Hamilton 


Senior Class Awards 

Certificates & Silver Pins to all members of the 
Graduating Class 

"Twelve-Year Awards" Michael Thakkar 

President's Award Adam Knight, President of the Students' Council 


The Neil McQueen Memorial Scholarship 
The Staff Bursary 

Dr. Dorothy Goldstein Memorial Bursaries 


The Mrs. A.E. Dunn Trophy 
S.T.S. Junior High Trophy 
The Buchan Trophy 

The Margaret Cameron Memorial Prize 
The David Pike Memorial 
Strathcona Award for Diligence 
The Tanner Cup for Citizenship 
The Howard Trophy 

Bruce Angus 

Amy Eisenberg, Janet Leskiw 
Shamash Nathu, Paul Sigurdson 

Susan Elliott 
Quynn Phillips 
Sarah Alexander 
Mary-Anne Brown 
Tony Munch 
Glenn Coskey 
Victoria Minnes 
Kevin Copeland 

Valedictory Address 

"All Experience is an arch where through gleams 
that untravelled world whose margin fades forever 
and ever and I move." 

Like Tennyson's "Ulysses", our years at STS have been an experience 
in learning to think. Each student, however, has learned to do this 
differently. The wide spectrum of opportunities that have been presented 
to us, each combine to bring out individual talents and gifts. We have 
also been taught to cope with situations, to appreciate the value of 
friendships, respect, and integrity. Even from our mistakes we have 
gained wisdom. Those of us who have been here long enough know that some 
teachers can wield a mean cane, but even from these experiences, we have 
gained humility, tolerance and some good "old fashioned" values. 

Strathcona, to myself and my fellow graduates, has not merely been 
an educational institution, but a type of family, knit by bonds that we 
find hard to break. To think that "swing dat banana" will not resound in 
Math class, or "The duck has nothing to do with symbol and irony" from a 
frustrated English teacher. Or even the classic: "University Professors 
will not be as nice as I am so grow up," painfully articulated by our 
calculus teacher. These will really deprive us outgoing students of a 
lot of entertainment that we have enjoyed for the past year. 

The free and precious camaraderie of my fellow students, and the 
firm but friendly relationships that we have enjoyed with our teachers 
will never be lost. For the rest of our lives, the relationships that 
have been made here will provide a solid base for our personalities and 
future relationships. 

On a different note, let me now talk about Mr. Heard who is leaving 
Strathcona Tweedsmuir after 16 years of dedicated service. When I first 
entered this school twelve years ago, my youth was immediately impressed 
by this "fresh-faced" young man who called himself headmaster. He lost 
no time in reassuring us rookies that just because we didn't know what 
that meant we weren't going to get into trouble. Over the following years 
Mr. Heard continued to impress me with his sense of justice and his wil- 
lingness to share it, his genuine friendliness to all students, his con- 
cern for what is good, and true, and his exotic blazers, ties, and shorts. 
Indeed this fresh faced slightly older man impressed everyone with his 
dance moves at our recent graduation banquet. So Mr. Heard, on behalf 
of the Grade 12 class I would like to thank you for the years of service 
you have given to make our stay a great one . 

In closing, I would like to say that this school will be exception- 
ally proud of the class of '83, for in our ranks you see the next leaders 
of the community. I would also like to thank, on behalf of the Grade 12's, 
parents, who made this stay for all of us possible, our teachers, those 
from nursery school up until now, who have given time and encouragement 
to our lives, and all the students of this school who have given us all 
variety and friendships. 

A special note to our teachers of this year: we're going to miss all 
of you, but enjoy the days of freedom that you are going to enjoy, before 
the next Grade 12 ' s take over. 

Today is our final day of High School, and tomorrow we step into 
another world. 

Grade 12B 



The staff of Paidia '83 would 
like to thank all our advertisers 
for their generous financial 
support. Without it, our yearbook 
could not have been produced. 
We hope that our readers will 
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Beefeater Steak House 

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Yeoman Steak House 

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Best of luck to the 

Graduates from 

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Phone: (403) 271-4910 


OPEN 9:30-9:00 Mon.-Fri. 
9:30-5:30 Sat. 



-» lS 6 15 . 17 AVE. S.W 


Fritz and the staff of The Ski and Sport House 
congratulate the Graduating Class of 1983. 
Best Wishes For The Future Years. 

Congratulations to the graduating students, 

faculty and staff. 
We have enjoyed providing school bus service to you 
during the 1982-1983 school term. 


Coach Lines Limited 

and service 

... achieving a tradition. 


Use natural gas but use it wisely. 


r . 


h^V^fc 1608 CENTRE STREET N. 



200 Sun Life PLza, North Tower, 140 - 4th Avenue S.W. TeIephone (407) 261-4890 

CAlqARy, AlbcRTA T2P7M7 TeIex 078 22890 


CLASS OF 1983 

Clyde R. Brown 
Brown Reading Systems 
Bothell .Washington U.S.A. 


to the 
Graduating Class 



When you succeed ...we succeed. 



Polo wg Ralph Lauren 


" For Kids " 
Sizes 7 to 20 Boys and Girls 

Lower Ground Level 

Mount Royal Village 

Summer or Winter 

Printed in Canada by 


Altona. Manitoba