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in 2014 




Our first yearbook, Paidia '72, celebrated the opening of the new Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. 
The Head's Message for that year mentioned the seven girls who comprised the graduating 
class. Now, twenty-one years later, some 746 students have graduated from Strathcona- 
Tweedsmuir and most have gone on to universities of their choice in Canada, the U.S. and 

Over the years the graduating class has taken on the responsibility for the yearbook so that 
it has become a detailed record of the year and, at the same time, a parting gift from a special 
group of young men and women. 

This year's group, led by Katy Stewart, reflects the pride in our School. During Marti McKay 
Week, Katy reminded everyone of our motto, inherited from Tweedsmuir - Nothing but the 
best - and urged students to give their best during a week of opportunity to explore and to 
creat with sculpture. The best has now been expressed in Paidia '92 and the yearbook team 
has given us an impressive souvenir of yet another busy and fulfilling year at S.T.S. 

I congratulate Katy, Tory Jennings, Michael Forbes and staff helpers Mr. Keller, Mr. McConnell, 
Miss Harper, Mrs. Skelly, Miss Hewson and Mr. Taylor on a fine achievement. 

Peter B. Ditchburn, 
Head of School 

PAIDIA, the name of our yearbook, is the Spartan Greek word for education. Two contests 
in 1971 - 72 led to our sports teams being called Spartans and yearbook, Paida, the winning 
suggestion which had been entered by Mr. Schmit. 

Special thanks to Lauren Blumes, Lucy Reimer, Kathleen Cronin, Alison Leithead, Clint Sello, Kari Neilson, Maya Gohill, Tory Jen- 
nings, Rachael Owens and Mike Forbes for making this yearbook happen. We hope our version of the special memories of 1992 
is similar to yours, and that the pages in this book will act as a journal for the year you spent at S.T.S. 

Katy Stewart 


Head of School Peter B. Ditchbu 

- / \ j |- i ■* 

Above: first day of school 
Left: cross-country running 


TOP ROW: Miss Vasilakos, Jessica Robinson, Paul James, 
Gareth Sine, Meecher Ayi, Juspreet Khangura 
3rd ROW: Rachel Reed, Greg McClary, Karen Ulrich, 
Stacey Lowe, Regan Johnson, Kathryn Sweett 
2nd ROW: Khalid Alibhai, Haley Crutcher, Kent Gib- 
son, Adrian Bodon, Brian Tse 
1st ROW: Meghan Lee, Andrea Osman, Toria Setka 
MISSING: Saamy Karim 

Grade 2 

Top row: Candice Gee, Ryan Johnson, Jonathan Roberton, Bradley Ulrich, Su- 
san Nelson, Lena Zimm. 

Next row: Mrs. Owens, Kristin Horobin, Paul McAteer, Neha Datta, Paul Doerk- 
sen, Foziya Thobani. 

2nd row: Derrick Jue, Gabriella Groeneweg, Kimberley Milne, Breanne Bevan, 
Andrew Zaozirny 

1st row: Michael Paget, Damien Hill, Christopher Perry, Steven Pierce, Cailean 



TOP: (1) Miranda, Hayley and Gemma holding the class chicks. (2) Gemma skiing the slopes at Wintergreen 
(3) Class Photo: Top: Mrs. Bumanis, Gemma MacLean, Ian Dehlman, Rajen Ruparell, Adrienne Ma 
4th: Brianna Johnson, Jody Simpson, Brendan Barnett, Matthew Killi, Rocky Cash 
3rd: Saare Adams, Ben Gibson, Jonathan Hilderman, Miranda Cobb 
2nd: Katelyn Silk, Natalie Sweett, Hayley Dinning, Nicole Wyne 
Bottom: Karen Reborn, Matthew Lei, Eric Peng MIDDLE: (1) Grades 1 and 3 milk carton castle 

(2) The adorable chicks 
(3) Saare and Rocky skating at the rollercade 
BOTTOM: (1) Brianna getting hyper at Jump Rope tor Heart 
(2) Pretend farming community starring Eric, Katelyn, Matthew Lee, Brianna and Natalie 



top row- (left to right) 
Eric Goldstein, Allison Cully, Paige Cairns, Tom 
Hewitt, Sydney Schwartz, Daniel McDermid. 

next row- (left to right) 
Sean Crutcher, Liam Dinning, Veronica Tang, 
Erik Olson, Shermin Murji. 
next row- (left to right) 
Almira Ramji, Kesia Werth, )aime-Brett Sine, 
Nicole Burns, Heather Greene, Erica Faltous. 

bottom row- (left to right) 
Jignesh Patel, Jaared Wallace, Travis Teare, 
Nelson Leong, Allison Diskin. 

/ <*fr\ depend *V\g or\ t^ou 
you top H*r of> l fjyi\\ cKc 
ijow '. you irYtjp \ 
ftjryj So u>'U t|Ou.( U$M 

<3g\6 So 
Mill I 


» i- - ■« -» 

fitter «mj o^d f»Ha"fir>^ 


V--: r< ^m^jk 

Mrs. Grey was a good friend and a great student. 
She was always very cheerful and kind. Everyone lik- 
ed her and she liked everyone. We wish her good luck 
in her career! 

Mrs. Gibson was our special homeroom teacher. She 
always made learning fun and understandable. She is 
very enthusiastic and happy all the time that we see 
her. We wish we could have her for a homeroom 
teacher next year. 

This year the 4A's had a fun and exciting time. When we got to Camp Horizon we had a great 
time playing the animal game. Another highlight of the year was the jumpathon for the Heart and 
Stroke Fund. To celebrate Canada's 125th birthday, with the generous help of Mr. Hendricks, we 
build birdhouses for the Rocky Mountain Bluebirds. We set up the birdhouses and found that some 

had nested. 

These are some of the things that made our year so much fun! 


Top: Janet Shaikh, Laura McKinnon, An- 
drew Nelson, Kendalle Ropchan, Daren 
Sello, Laura Sidorsky 

3rd: Karl Ulrich, Michael Mannix, Jacque- 
line Goldstein, Sean Kluzak, Nathan 

2nd: Nellie Dhanji, Lindsey Andersen, Ken- 
neth Murshal, Kristin James, Erin Mc- 
Farlane, Mrs. A. Wyatt 
Bottom: Eugene Oh, Matthew Vines, Nii 
Ayi Ayi, Sarah Patterson, Michaela 
Georgeson, Nam Phan 

4B's YEAR 

This year 4B was kept very busy! Mixed in 
with all our hard work there was also time 
for fun. 

We began our year with our visit to Camp 
Horizon. What a great time we had there! 
We were challenged to our limitss on the 
ropes course, and also had a chance to 
make some new friends. 
To tie in with our studies this year we had 
field trips to the Energeum and the Glen- 
bow Museum. 

We had a chance to develop some mus- 
cles when we had our skiing trip and again 
when we had swimming at Okotoks Pool 
for a week. 

To end our year Mrs. Wyatt invited us to 
her farm for a day of country life. We went 
on a hayride, saw how much work goes 
into raising horses and farming. The rain 
sure didn't spoil our fun! We speak for 4B 
when we say this year hass been GREAT 


M ftoMirt wet 

1W HWV W Wirt W(%& 
r Jm CJarK 


Vn Ittnn 

Top: Danny Reid, Leanne 
Wierzba, Chris Dingwall, Jennifer 
Mitchell, Ian Rogers, Laura Brady 
3rd: Mrs. Perkins, Claire Sakow- 
ski, Rahim Moloo, Sarah 
McAteer, Blake Lowden, Erin Gal- 

2nd: Christine Robson, Danny 
Hursh, Amy Brooks, Richard 
Maclean, Bailey Soutar 
Bottom: Clay Shanahan, Patrick 
Pearn, Robin Robinson, Kyle 
Sundstrom, Rahul Sharma 

Halloween Party: Chris- 
tine, Jennifer, Bailey, 
Laura, and Erin 
Rollerskating: Sarah, 
Amy, Mrs. Perkins (who 
gets by with a lot of 
help from her friends), 
Claire and Bailey 
Camp Trip: Clay, Patrick, 
Chris, Danny H, Kyle, 
Amy, Robin, Richard, 
Ian, Blake, Rahim, Ra- 
hul, Danny R, Bailey 




Top: Stephen Zaozirny, Nancy Johnson, Mia Valerianos, Sheizani Murji, Murray Birt, Cheryl Cameron, 
Russell Harrison 

3rd: Doug Ricketts, Michael Chu, Allison Behm, Laura Hyndman, Nicholas Koning 
2nd: Mrs. Sveen, Courtenay Mitchell, Farrah Shaikh, Ashley Reaburn, Kylie Rogers 
Continued at lower right 

We the Grade 6 students of 1991-1992 would like to thank all of our teachers 
and parents for their support and encouragement as we travelled through the 
perils and joys of Elementary. But the nightmare has just begun as we enter 
those years when parents acquire grey hair - the TEENS! (Editors) 

Continued from 
above left: Bottom: 
Matthew Diskin, 
Jamie Lynn King- 
smith, Victoria La- 
mond, Nicholas 
Ma Absent: Adam 



BOYS: Top: Ian Shaw, Kameel Vir- 
gee, Jeremy Ash, Murray Scoulding, 
Nick Leswick, Mr. Koning 
Bottom: David Beddis, Dale 
Greene, Jeff Mitchell, Tom Booth, 
Anand Dattani 

GIRLS: Top: Mr. Freight, Erin Kaiser, 
Whitney Lowden, Danielle Huis- 
man, Jennifer Dingwall, 
2nd: Susan Lissel, Andra Lahaye, 
Jessica Fung, Serena Mohamed 
Bottom: Christina Towle, Jen Slater, 
Aimee-Jo Giesbrecht, Andrea 
Brown, Caroline Lengkong 



GIRLS: Top: Mr. Adams, Jess Ray- 
mont, Andrea Martin, Jess Holcroft, 
Cynthia Behm, Amy Little 
2nd: Sarah Scott, Julie Schneider, 
Michele Hodel, Angelo Ko, Claire 
Thompson, Jane Jung 

BOYS: Top: Mike Hoang, Craig 
Adams, Sebastien Gittens, Jonathan 
Koo, Andrew Clark 
Middle: Mr. Colborne, Farouk 
Shivji, Chris Cameron, Jeff Horan, 
James Ablett, Dan Bracko 
Front: Ian Clark, Hafiz Ali, Scott An- 
derson, James Gunton 


The volleyball season was a memorable one. The 
games played were always close with the team 
fighting to the end. We had a lot of victories, not 
necessarily in the sense of games, but certainly 
in what the team set out to achieve. 
Members in team photo: 
Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Owens, Heather Lorfing, Da- 
nielle Keller, Lisa Langkowski, Roxanne Elenko, 
Nancy Angus, Jen Upitis; and Shawna Sadler, Em 
Lamond, Amy Gan, Jen Trickett, Erin Thompson, 
Rhiannon Owens, Rachael Owens. 






Senior Boys Volleyball Team 

The senior boys volleyball team had an extremely success- 
ful year. 

The season concluded in Didsbury where "da boys" dis- 
played a tremendous amount of heart at the South Central 
Zone Tournament. 

The season's many highlights included the clinic with the 
Canadian National Volleyball Team, as well as the game 
played at the school against National Team members Ke- 
vin Boyles and Jody Holden. 

The season also created many fantastic memories for the 
3 graduating players, Drew Hyndman, Mark Perkins, and 
Eric Giesbrecht, who were chosen for the South central 
Zone All-Star Team. 
Thanks for the memories! 

In Team Picture at top are: 
Miss Tulick, Mark Perkins, 
Kern McMurtrie, Eric Gies- 
brecht, Lee Laskin, Drew 
Hyndman, Gareth Adams, 
Mark Schneider; and 
Steve Caplan, Clarke 
Hanna, Cam Fulton, Glen 
Hawkins, Dean Litsas 




WORK OR PLAY? . . . 

. . . YOU DECIDE! 

Elementary Literature 

ONLY ONE EARTH by Erica Faltous 

There's moon after moon, 

Without proper air. 

There's planet after planet, 

Without proper climate. 

There's star after star, 

Too small for us to live on. 

But there's only one earth, 

One earth with proper air, 

One earth with proper climate, 

One earth big enough for us to live on. 

Look around you. 

What do you see? 

Do you see a clean world? 

Do you see a dirty world? 

Or do you see a world that is suffering? 

You might be one of those people 

Who are putting our world to waste. 

Please don't say you are, 

Because there's only one earth, 

One perfect earth, 

That won't come back 

Once it's gone. 

KIDS THESE DAYS by Murray Bin 

Kids these days, 
earrings on their noses, 
mohawks? spike? crew? 
Kids these days 
run around yelling, "Rad? 
Awesome? Narley dude? 
What does it mean? 
Kids these days! 

SEE THAT SNOWMAN by Kim Milne grade 2 

See that snowman with the big karrit nose 
See that snowman with the big black boots 
See that snowman with the funny cole nose 
See that funny snowman, that's no snowman 
That's just my silly dad! 




TOP ROW: Vanessa Smith, 
Robet McGregor, Michael 
Behm, Michael Forseth, Jeremy 
Ash, Rachel Bond. 
NEXT ROW: Hussein Nanji, 
Erin Kaiser, Kathleen Kolanos, 
Deborah Parker, Aimee-Jo Gies- 
brecht, Christine Towle. 
NEXT ROW: Jeremy Trickett, 
Janmohamed Jaffer, Jeff Mitch- 
ell, Alan Benson. 
BOTTOM ROW: Cade Cairns, 
Sara Little, Laura Moriarty, 
Radhika Ruparell, Sonar Shah, 
Gregory Mitchell, Madam 


Top: Brenden Hursh, Alison Card, Jenifer 
Dingwwall, Christine Sakowski, Stephen Wardell 
3rd: Hillary McLeod, Sheena Lambert, Geoff 
Holmlund, Jason Wierzba, Colin Garret, Cheryl 

2nd: James McLean, Michael Lewkonia, Nageeb 
Sumar, Michael Holcroft, Mrs. Stewart 
Bottom: Whitney Finch, Maya Grover, Jac- 
queline Burns, Katie Raymont, Serena Moham- 
med, Sarah Towle, Radha Ruparell3 


Top: Catherine Ablet, Sarah Hewitt, Nicholas Little, 
Laura Belenkie, Cory Sine, Whitney Lowden 
3rd: Nicholas Ledwick, Jania Teare, Anand Dattani, 
Patrick Gorman, Kent MacRae, Nicole Ward 
2nd: Tom Both, Christoph Hodel, Jessica Fung, Zoe 
Cobb, Andrea Sam, Mark Hawkins, Mr. Blais 
Bottom: Steve Skoronski, David Watanabe, Jamil Ali 
Missing: Denise Wong (below far right) 



Top: Paula Ramsay, Mira Sirkis, David Howard, Christopher Cameron, Court- 
ney Ropchan 

3rd: Eugene Sam, Kimberly Isbister, Kazia James, Allison Wammell, Sonia Lota, 
Zaria Hamer 

2nd: John Zaozirny, Michael Hoang, Christopher Milne, Jacob Manaloor 
Bottom: Ryan Gardiner, Jennifer Slater, Catherine Kay, Marilyn Burgess, Marilena 
Rossi, Slami Ali 

Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Lorfing 


Top: Dale Greene, Danielle Huisman, Nicole 
Ellerton, Xanna Waugh, Jesse Gore, Ian Shaw 
3rd: Andrea Brown, Alex Lane, Andra La Haye, 
Andrea Chisholm, Fayaz Dhanji, Murray 

2nd: Claire Thompson, Susan Lissel, Clifford 
Brown, Monique Sello, Mr. Bauman 
Bottom: Caroline Woods, David Beddis, Geof- 
frey Urban, Sarah Scott, Christine Prystajecky, 


Top: Camilla Robinson, Rob Weissen- 
born, Jeff Horan, Ben Soutar, Allison 

3rd: James McCreath, Jason Hawes, Kris- 
tine Gagnon, Lisa Krasnow, Ryan Vick- 
ers, Stephen Mannix 
2nd: Carly Shuler, Christine Sandwith, 
Barb Engstrom, Nina Neulander 
Bottom: Kameel Virgee, Amee Tanna, 
Carie Goldstein, Caroline Lengkong, 
Jane Jung 
Abssent: Jared Fairbankss 

Below: Grub day; Rob 
Middle: Tuna; James; Kristine 
Bottom: Nina and Caroline; 
Christine and gosling; Jeff 

Christina Gordon, Mms. Bustillo 
Bottom: )ohn Manaloor, Angela 
Ko, Jennifer Chouinard, Katharine 
Lai, Peter Lewkonia, Marc Brown 
Absent: Senor Fernandez 

9A Track Stars 


9A's Lunchtime 


Top: Joel Pash, Jeff Bowen, David Williams, Ben Mercer, Wil- 
lie Forseth, Ryan Doersam 

3rd: Julie Schneider, Cynthia Behm, Andrea Martin, Natalie 
Ward, Grant Crowther 

2nd: Michele Hodel, Marcie Moriarty, Jessica Raymond, Amy 

Bottom: Chris Copeman, James Ablett, Ryan Pickering, J. J. 
Hoffman, Birju Patel, Laura Simpson, Natalie Bourgeois 

Top Left: J. J. and Mealan at Grade 9 Grad Dance 
Lower left: J. J. reaches the summit 
Above: Laura 

Below: Marine Biology Trip 
Left: The Natalies in Australia 

TOP: Lara Hamnet, Brad Isbister, Rob Delf, Rob Ouellette, Carmen Nelson, Mr. Zederayko 
3RD: Farouk Shivji, Sarah Skoronski, Mike Cray, Marc Buchmann, Leigh Blakely, Jeff Neuss 
2ND: Arvin Poon, Mark Waddell, Craig Adams, Dan Sekhon 

1ST: Dan Brancko, Roxanne Amrolia, Anna Gavrilidis, Sarah Shaikh, Helen Devine, Al Renner 
Absent: Erin Galvin 





far right - Danielle 
Keller, Jennifer Upitis 
right - Erin Thompson J 

top - Rachael Owens 

2nd row - Jen Trickett, Heidi 

MacDonald, Jennifer Upitis, 

Shannon Blakely, Erin 

Thompson, Christina Zolotas, 

Nancy Angus 

3rd row - Shawna Sadler, 

Roxanne Elenko, Danielle 

Keller, Rhiannon Owens, 

Catherine McAteer, Mr. 


in white - Jen Trickett, Danielle 












Junior open: 
Amee Tanna, 
Camilla Robin- 

Junior Beginner: 
Michael Ander- 
son, Murray Birt, 
Sheizani Murji, 
Jamie-Lynn King- 
smith, Matthew 
Gunton, Mat- 
thew Diskin 
Coaches: Miss 
Vasilakos, Mme. 


Miss. Samson, Mea- 
lan Mezzarobba, 
Andrew Clark, Marc 
Brown, Andrea Mar- 
tin, Natalie Ward, 
Natalie Bourgeois, 
Helen Devine, Sar- 
ah Shaikh 





In no order band 
members are: Sha- 
needa Jaffer, Aliya 
Walji, Chris Killi, 
Nicholas Koning, 
Nicole Anderson, 
Victoria Lamond, 
Jillian Wyne, 
Michael Anderson, 
Sheizani Murji, Far- 
rah Shaikh, Stephen 
Zaozirny, Doug 
Ricketts, Matthew 
Gunton, Murray 
Bid, Michael Chu, 
Rick Ramsay, Matt 
Diskin, Rory Wood, 
Russell Harrison, 
Claire Smith 


In no particular order 
these fine musicians in- 
clude: Laurens Beran, 
Angelo Ko, Laura Bel- 
enkie, Zoe Cobb, Erin 
Kaiser, Kathleen Kol- 
anos, Radha Ruparell, 
Radhika Ruparell, An- 
drea Sam, Alexander 
Lane, Katharine Lai, 
Paula Ramsay, Michael 
Holcroft, Whitney 
Lowden, James Mac- 
Lean, Christopher 
Copeman, Chris Milne, 
Geoff Urban, Jeremy 
Trickett, Jesse Gore, 
Rob Ouellette, Michael 
Lewkonia, Laura Mori- 
arty, David Watanabe, 
Jason Wierzba, Cory 
Sine, Jacob Manaloor, 
Alan Benson, Tom 
Booth, Jan Jaffer, Kent 



Top: Joel Bond, Chris Kent, Michael Little, Ri- 
chard Lengkong, John Bristowe 
3rd: Lisa Ricketts, James Chouinard, Jai Jacob, 
Matt Koning, Chris Slater, Ria Paul 
2nd: Catherine McAteer, Jilla Mawer, Nicole 

Libin, Lucie Hoyer 
Bottom: Heather Kirk, Rhiannon Owens, Farin 
Ali, Erin Thompson, Saleema Adatia, Mr. 


Absent: Michelle Wong, Kyle English 


as they 


?: ■"ami 

Top: Mr. Koning, jen Trickett, Kent Waller, Mark 
Benson, Kyle English, Rob Scheidt, Arliss Abraham- 

3rd: Dave Pederson, Christine Beale, Stefan Ro- 
mocki, Jennifer Heard, Reid Bastin, Tama Sirkis, 
John Millikin 

2nd: Stuart Brooks, MacLean Kay, Vivki Livaditis, 
Marte Towle, Katka Smira, Guhan Gunaratnam 
Seated: Megan Gorsche, Renee Miller 
Absent: Christy Greene 


Top: Dave Josty, Dave Holmes, Dean Williams, Mike Schaus, Andrew Lester 
3rd: Dave Lissel, Gregg Meheriuk, Monica Sekhon, Lisa Langkowski, Mike 

Forbes, Nathan Cronin 

2nd: Mr. johnson, Shawna Sadler, Jeff Bumanis, Vanessa Healy, Justin Ceorgeson 
Bottom: Ainsley Bristowe, Zoe Ezinga, MacKenzie Harvey, Molly Gillespie, Krista 

Uggerslev, Tara Habijanac, Amy Bondar 

Top right: the tipsy twins, Vanessa and Ainsley 
Far right: Nice Spandex, Justin! 
Middle right: Andrew Lester showing one of his 

many talents 
Bottom right: Jeff Bumanis 
Middle: Tara at her favourite restaurant 
Middle group: At a party: Joel, Kyle, Dean, 

Katka, Zoe, Ria 

Bottom middle: Amy, Dean and Tara at Fernie 
Middle left: Krista, Dean and Zoe takin' it easy 


Top: Young Strathconians and Athletic Spartans! Jfc 

Above: Nude shots! 
Right: Adventurous Spartans! 
Below: Young Spartan Models! 

XI - A 

Top: Lee Laskin, Jack Chow, James Hall, 

Kern McMurtrie 
2nd: Sam Lim, Connie Papas, Karim 
Nogas, Jennifer Rocker, Sonia Burhardt, 

Nairn AN 

Bottom: Andrew Kirker, Alim Mitha, Laura 
Mercer, Lance Chu, Jessica Laughren 
This class shared by Mr. Hay and Mr. 




Top: Heather Lorfing, Stephen Caplan, Roger Balm, Mat- 
thew Bromwich, Shauna Doersam, 

2nd: Joanna Card, Alissa Mann, Jennifer Tottenham, Andy 
Nielsen, Sean Gunton, Carol Stranzinger, Mrs. T. lerakidis 
Bottom: Jennifer Behie, Kevin Brown, Dean Litsas, Jamie 
Orsten, Stephanie Griffiths 

11C - O.E.I 

Top: Clarke Hanna, Ken Hayes, Cam- 
eron Fulton, Mark Schneider, T. O. 


2nd: Pat Stewart, Gareth Adams, Glen 
Hawkins, Ian Graham, Tim Spedding, 
Emeline Lamond 
3rd: Vivienne Huisman, Brandy James, 
Shannon Blakely, Nicole Johnson, Heidi 
Dinning, Mr. Cojocar 

Marti McKay Week 




Calgary city CHAMPIONS. 

(We wonder why the seated row have not crossed their arms!) 



Gr. 12 Grad Committee 






Back Row: Ms. Bartel, Jen Behie, Steph Griffiths, Graeme Jennings, Shawna Doersam, Heather 

Lorfing, Tom Booth 

Front Row: Laura Mercer, Carol Stranzinger, Zoe Ezinga, Jai (Yea, Expos!) Jacob, Kern McMurtrie 
Missing - and presumably scouting out a currently breaking story - are Nairn Ali, Alim Mitha, 

James Ablett 


Food Shopping with Mike Belenkie is like going to church with How are ya Bob! / Alive or dead ... I tell ya. - W.P. 
God. - T.M. 

I didn't know you could buy gas at Esso with a PetroCanada card. 
I'll have a muffin mcmuffin. - G.B. . ^ j 

3 Boston, M.I.T., Harvard ... Ah Yes! It's white sir, am I colorblind? - M.P. 

§ I wanna be a human! / I'm such a bas host! - T.J. My teeth feel so small. - D.H. 


= Gauss told me. - H.S. That's just an infection. - K.S. To the dot dot dot? - K.V. 

c There's no room on Trav's lap. Tee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee - A.S. 3 How Kuwte! - L.B., L.R 

Ohhh Hee Hee Ha Ha Hmm Hm m hiya ha hha gee he ha ha - M.G. 


§ They don't use real meat in Mcdonald's Fries either. R.O. — O -< <£>. □ 

: f =, c - =» 

I think not. - R.C. 3 

r Isn't Lake Louise in Alberta sir? - anonymous o 3" 3- 3 

01 n 3 
3- — 

3 3; 1— a> 

zr 5 

Si z. 

— r 

0) -< 

Br 00 

— a> 

, < 

, fD 





03 cr ft) 







The ability to tell a 
man to go to hell, so 
that he will look for- 
ward to making the 


Don't compromise 
yourself. You're all 

you've got. 

Janis Joplin. 

Stand firm in your 
refusal to remain 
conscious during 
algebra. In real life I 
assure you, There is 
no such thing as 

Fran Lebowitz. 




feel tilhre,youre 


Real jobs? What are Those? 

Hey, Hey, hey -The flying pig. 



Guess what? Chicken Butt. 

We cannot do all things. 

There is no end. There is no beginning. There 
is only the infinite passion of life. 
Fedrico Fellini 

The Shoemaker 
To be a shoemaker in a land where the 
people go predominantly barefoot is an art. 
Spencer Hoist 

When you think the night has seen 

your mind 
that inside you're twisted and 


Let me stand to show that you 

are blind 
Please put down your hands 

'cause I see you 
Lou Reed 
I'll be your Mirror 

"Why did you come to 

Casablanca, Rick?" 

"For the waters." 

"There are no waters in 


"I was misinformed." 


LIFE If CMS Ar VOkmts 



Mellow is the man 
Who knows what he's been missing 
Many, many men 
Can't see the open road. - Led Zeppelin 

Few are those 
Who see with their own 


And feel with their own 
- Albert Einstein 

When this you see, remember me. 
- Bruce Jones 



" 'There's nothing in all 
the world that makes me 
so happy as going up on 
the" mountains' said 
Heidi" -Johanna Spyri 

"The sun shining on an open field on a nice day is more important than the Pythagorean @#$&!?ing theory. The sun 
shining on an open field means more than the collected works of western literature over the last 10,000 years." 
-Steve Kilbey 


6- a V O X 

Travis James McConnell 

"Only Irish coffee provides in a 
single glass all four essential food 
groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and 
fat." - Alex Levine 

"Cats are smarter than dogs. You 
can't get eight cats to drag a sled 
through snow." - Jeff Valdez 

"I like work; it fascinates me. I can 
sit and look at it for hours." - Jerome 
K. Jerome (1859-1927) 

"Doing a thing well is often a waste 
of time." - Robert Byrne 

"Chains required, whips optional." 
- California highway sign 

"Big deal! I'm used to dust." 
- Gravestone epitaph requested by 
Erma Bombeck 


"The reason there are so few 
female politicians is that it is too 
much trouble to put makeup on 
two faces." - Maureen Murphy 

"Whenever I'm caught between 
two evils, I take the one I've never 
tried." - Mae West (1892-1980) 

"You appeal to a small, select 
group of confused people." 
- Message in a fortune cookie 

"Everything you see I owe to 
spaghetti." - Sophia Loren 

"There is no religion, there is no reality or lack of reality, there is no start or finish, there is no me or you, there is only 
everything, and the only thing that is that everything is divinity itself..." Steve Vai 

"Sometimes I wish that life was never ending, but all good things they say never last." Prince 

"Always cry for love, never cry for pain." Prince 

Clint Sello 

Oh Lord! What 
fools these mortals 

- Shakespeare 

I like life. 
It's something to 

- Henry David 

He who controls the 

past controls the 
future. He who con- 
trols the present con- 
trols the past. 
- George Orwell 

Clint - he kind of makes you quiver, 
doesn't he? 

Piger et in absentia 



*mu i + Hknr r 

'm Tasslehoff Burrfoot, 
of the Kendermore Burr- 
foots. Maybe you've 
heard of us? -Tas, 

Only a hare-brain 
would meet a kender 
for a drink, and only a 
doomed idiot would in- 
vite one along on a trip. 
-Flint Fireforge, 

I- riff 


Together we stand, together we fall, a union of pride, freedom 
for us all. -Killer Dwarfs 

Kevin W.R.Spear 



"When the beating of your heart matches 
the beating of the drum there is a life about 
to start when tommorrow comes" 

Les Miserables 

This is not physed class this is your life, and 
there are no more rules and there no ugly 
little uniforms... 

Just do it 






"Shutout" Owens's famous pose. New Michigan Hall-of-Famer Bauman. Do my earrings clash with my skirt? 


Literature Page 


THE STORM by Nageeb Sumar 

The surging sea pounded against the sloping shore. 
Its mighty power made the boats in the dock quiver. 
Gigantic waves rose to their feet washing the benches. 
The seagulls screeched as they soared upward. 
Sand and rocks were pulled sharply into the sea. 
Crabs scurried into their hiding places. 
Seaweed tumbled in a dance with the roaring waves. 
The palm trees clutched the swaying coconuts 
As the wind howled in a cry of anguish. 
The old man watched nature's forces at play; 
Laid his wrinkled head down; 
He was defeated. 

Runner-up: Nick Little 


Come take my hand and move with me, 

walk in the sand of the outstretched sea, 
Climb a mountain, and sail under the moon, 

touch the sky in a hot air balloon, 
Dance without shoes on the warm summer ground, 

twirl and spin till the world turns around, 
Bike to the end of a long winding street, 

skip to the bakery (our little treat), 
Creep through the forest, and step through a cave, 

run across a field and splash in a wave, 
Jump till we've touched the top of each tree, 

and then, for a moment, come and sit with me. 
We'll stop moving then, just for a time, 

tomorrow we'll find more seas to swim, 

. . . and mountains to climb. 

Runner-up: Katka Smira 

Short Story Winners: Birju Patel; Katy Stewart 

Runners-up: Nick Little; Stephanie Brown 

Essay Contest Winner: Heidi Macdonald 

Runners-up: Laura Mercer, Lee Laskin 


Chairman Doug Martin, Speaker Senator Dan Hays, Head Peter Ditchburn, Emcee Emeline Lamond, 
Valedictorian Tori Jennings. 

This year the weather was good. We were able to be outside on one of the few sunny days in a very wet month. Our speaker 
was Senator Dan Hays who inspired us with a concise speech. Five teachers left - Mr. McConnell, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Bartel, 
Mme. Chenier, and Mr. Fernandez - and were suitably awarded. Promotion Certificates were given to Grades One, Two and 
Three. Honours Certificates were given to Grades'Four to Twelve (250 students in all!) 

Subject Awards were made to students from Grades 7 to 12 who stood first (a book prize) or in the top three (an Award 
of Excellence) in each subject. The following students obtained the coveted FIRSTS: 
Grade Seven: 

Nicholas Leswick - Physical Education; Whitney Lowden - Instrumental Music; Radha Ruparell - Computer Studies; Deborah 
Parker - Fine Arts and French; Nicholas Little - Science and Fine Arts; Michael Lewkonia - English, Mathematics, and Social Studies. 
Grade Eight: 

Christopher Cameron - Physical Education; Murray Scoulding - Computer Studies; Paula Ramsay - Instrumental Music; Camilla 
Robinson - Mathematics; Marilena Rossi - French and Fine Arts; Allison Billings - Social Studies, Science and English. 
Grade Nine: 

Craig Adams - Social Studies; Scott Anderson - Physical Education; Mealan Mezzarobba - Fine Arts; Sarah Skoronski - English; 
Daniel Sekhon - Science; Laurens Beran - English; Sonya Lowe - Latin, Mathematics, French, and Science. 
Grade Ten: 

Andrew Lester - Art; Catherine McAteer - Social Studies; Krista Uggerslev - Drama; Marta Towle - Spanish; Michael Forbes 

- Mathematics and Biology; Tara Habijanac - French and Science; Jennifer Trickett - English, Film Studies, Physical Education, 
French and Social Studies. 

Grade Eleven: 

Stephan Caplan - Computer Studies; Laura Mercer - English; Tim Spedding - Outdoor Education; Jennifer Behie - Drama; Jack 
Chow - Mathematics; Ian Graham - Mathematics; Cameron Fulton - Outdoor Education and Physical Education; Joanna Card 

- French and Art: Stephanie Griffiths - Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and French. 
Grade Twelve: 

Michael Belenkie - Physical Education; Maya Gohill - Art: Karen Uggersleve - Drama; Heidi Macdonald - English; Kristen 
Foulkes - Physical Education and Biology; Robert Cropp - Math 30, Math 31, Physics, Social Studies and Chemistry. 

Joel Bumanis contributes to the gum jar. 

The Band rehearses for the Big Day. 


1. Phil MacNab Prize for English Grade Twelve 

- Jeremy Fleming 

2. Dorothy Goldstein Memorial Prize for Maths and Sciences. 

- Junior High School - Sonya Lowe 

- Senior High School - Robert Cropp 

3. Timothy Stiles Memorial Mathematics Award 

- Robert Cropp 

4. Top three students in each grade (including ties) 

Grade 7 - Michael Lewkonia & Nicholas Little; Sonar Shah, Radha Ruparell, Najeeb Sumar. 

Grade 8 - Allison Billings; Paula Ramsay, Marilena Rossi. 

Grade 9 - Sonya Lowe; Laurens Beran, Ryan Doersam. 

Grade 10 - Tara Habijanac & Jennifer Trickett; Michael Forbes. 

Grade 1 1 - Stephanie Griffiths; Jennifer Behie, Mathew Bromwich, Ian Graham. 

Grade 12 - Robert Cropp; Roxanne Elenko, Eric Yip. 

5. Scholarship and Bursaries. 

- Miranda Cobb, Al Renner, Zoe Cobb, Laurens Beran, Nicholas Little, Tim Spedding. 

6. Twelve Year Awards. 

- Danielle Keller, Travis McConnell, Hamish McKellar, Rachael Owens, Rob Scott, Angus 

7. President's Award 

- Eric Giesbrecht 

8. Outdoorsman 

- Heidi Macdonald. 

9. Olympic Citizenship Award 

- Farrah Shaikh 

10. Mrs. A. E. Dunn Trophy 

- Shaneeda Jaffer 

11. Hewitt Trophy for Citizenship 

- Leigh Blakely 

1 2. Spirit Award 

- Katharine Lai 

13. S.T.S. Trophy 

- Natalie Ward 

14. Buchan Trophy - all-round excellence 

- Scott Anderson 

15. Margaret Cameron Memorial Award 

- Ashley Skiber and Katy Stewart 

16. Neil McQueen Memorial Award 

- Eric Giesbrecht 

17. David Pike Memorial 

- Greg Seale 

18. Tanner Cup 

- Tori Jennings 

19. Strathcona Award 

- Danielle Keller 

20. Howard Trophy for all-round excellence 

- Roxanne Elenko. (other nominees; Michael Belenkie, Heidi Macdonald, Jennifer Upitis.) 

Top: Michael Lewkonia; Middle: Robert Cropp; Left: Roxanne Elenko 

The Band performs on the Big Day! 

Senior High Council 

Back row: Eric Giesbrecht 
Middle row: Nairn Ali, Karen Uggerslev 
Front row: Mr. Orsten, Alim Mitha, Shawna 
Sadler, Nicole Libin 


Back row: Heidi Macdonald, Drew Hynd- 
man, Mike Belenkie, Travis McConnell, Mr. 

Middle Row: Greg Seale, Katy Stewart, Rox- 
anne Elenko, Nancy Angus, Clint Sello 
Front Row: Ashley Skiber, Danielle Keller, 
Tory Jennings! 


Above: "Aren't we cute?"; "Ahhh!" 



Whether you are walking in crowded hallways, 
riding on the bus, hiking up mountains, or just 
relaxing, it's all a part of life at S.T.S. No matter 
what you are doing, it's always fun at our 


Grade 9 P.A.R.T.Y. Program 



Eastern University Tour 

Valedictory Speech - Tori Jennings 

Senator Hays, Mr. Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ditchburn, Honored Guests, Staff and Fellow Students. 

It is my privilege to speak on behalf of the graduating class and my position on the program indicates that it is incumbent 
on me to be brief. 

It has been an honor to have been a member of a class, which has historically been considered by all who've had the mixed 
blessing of coming in contact with us, to be unique. 

It is my intent to highlight some of the events which have contributed to our collective distinction. 

I first entered Strathcona Tweedsmuir in 1968, when I was in Grade 7. The essence of being in Grade 7 is not a complicated 
one. We were children trying to be adults. It was a year of innocence, silliness and an overwhelming desire to please. Some 
went beyond the call of duty. Drew and Travis assumed the role of interior decorators when, in attempting to establish whether 
or not red jello will fly, they redecorated their home room ceiling. 

We all experienced our first major outdoor education trip, which consisted of 5 days of cross-country skiing. Steph Brown 
and I risked total abandonment by the rest of the group when we sat by the trail for an extended period of time pursuing the 
useful concept of renaming every visible Rocky Mountain peak. 

In Grade 8, the emphasis changes from the childlike desire to please to a naive attempt to be cool. Though we thought we 
were enormously successful in this endeavour, the staff repeatedly endorsed the fact that we were not. Unappreciated were 
our dazzling attempts to wear makeup, our constant wrestling matches, our oversized untucked shirts, and our seldom com- 
pleted assignments. 

We assumed our role as the seniors in Junior High with, probably, more emphasis than, in fact, the role required. Grade 
9 was the year of growth spurts, high water pants and strange squeaks in male voices. We developed a compulsion to entertain 
all unfortunate motorists, from the buses. These same motorists were treated to bizarre musical interludes and juice and yoghurt 
rinses on their windshields. 

Our exalted position as Grade 9's was rapidly reduced to once again being low man on the totem pole as we entered Grade 1 0. 

Huddled under our metaphorical totem pole, we discovered that we were allowed no academic choices and that our heart- 
felt desire to be noticed by the Grade 12's was merely a pipe dream. We were struck by the strange paradox issued by our 
teachers who, while assigning us impossible amounts of homework, kept insisting that high school is the happiest time of one's life. 

While Grade 10 seemed to be serious business, fortunately comic relief was established when we had a full week to ski in 
both of Canada's official languages by day, and to explore the wacky world of self written entertainment by night! We were 
delighted to discover upon entering grade 1 1 that we could shed the self-conscious shackles of Grade 10 and become individuals 
in our own right. Unquestionably some of the teachers found our attempts to be class wits and self-proclaimed wierdos a little 
trying. We were considered to be full fledged humans by the Grade 12's and, much to the peril of the country road, many 
of us acquired our driver's licences. We learned to think beyond ourselves at Agencies and we learned to accept that Canadian 
literature does exist. 

This brings me to our graduating year. Grade 12 is a contradiction in terms. We talk endlessly of how we can't wwait to 
get out of this place and yet we band together like a group of desperate survivors not wanting to be separated from each other. 

We are a family in the truly complex definition of the word. We care, we quarrel, we forgive, we learn to be more accepting 
of our teachers and agree that, yes, they do know something. We learn to value their concern about us. Today highlights for 
us the mystical reality of joy and sadness which must accompany such an important occasion. 

I wish my fellow graduates all good things, and to those of you who are looking ahead to future graduations, may you have 

the same happiness here that we have had. 






There Is a Season for . . .