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• 9 • 9 • 9 



C n fit puts 


Message from the Head... 




Junior High... 

27-37; 44 j 

Senior High... 




Student Life... 

8-9; 56-57 


63-82; 85 

Clubs & Organisations... 

84-85 i 

Ktii/ip})t C niiUi'il 

Jl (ill t 111 l, (/lllll II.,. 

34-35; 51 

Grade 12 Graduation 




12-15; 36-37; 52-55 

Trips. . . 






English Literature... 


Marti McKay H eeA 

58-59 I 

Speech Day.., 


Message From the Head - 

Paidia 1999 

Mr. G. Freight, Head of School, joins Alumni at a Vancouver reunion. 
L to R. : Randlredale (SSB '44), Shauna Koppang (STS '78), and Erin Willumsen (STS '80) 

It is indeed a privilege to have been asked to lead Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School into 
the new millenium. The School has seen many changes over the course of the years of my 
career at STS. At the same time, there exists a solid foundation of tradition built upon the 
support of so many people: students, staff, parents and friends. It is the combination of 
these changes with our traditions that helps us keep our vision and goals in clear 

This edition of the School yearbook reflects the many and varied activities which thrive 
in our community. My congratulations go out to Mrs. Penny Nash, faculty advisor, and 
her team of enthusiastic students for their inspirational work which chronicles another 
phase in our School history. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. 

Gordon D. Freight, Head of School 


In November 1998, Mrs. Colborne and Mrs. Stewart joined creative 
forces once again to bring us "Mouse Country", a musical that 
retold the Stor) of the City Mouse and the Country Mouse. All 
elementary students and some junior high dancers took part in this 
wonderfully entertaining production. 

Top left: The cats emerge to try 
and prey on the city mice 

Top right and bottom left: We 
thought the play was going to 
begin with one of Mr. Porter's 
stories, but Cowboy Colborne 
had other ideas for him so that 
the show could go on! 

Middle left: Elementary mice 
worked hard to perfect their 
songs... hard work when you're 
in grade one! 

Middle right: Jackie Sole and friends extol the virtues of living in 
the country 

Bottom right: The city mice prefer the more sophisticated life 


Also in November, the drama department staged a series of short plays, involving mainly senior high 
students. Mr. Prost and Mr. Tottenham produeed a little taste of everything, from the spooky Sorry 
Wrong Number and Dracula to the more lighthearted scenes from The Princess Bride and the dramatic 
S7/7/ Stands the House. 

Top left: Larissa Roberton fears 
there is someone after her in 
Sorry Wrong Number 

Top right: Alice Buckee and 
Max DeGroat duel in a fencing 
scene from The Princess Bride 

Bottom left: The cast from 
Sorry Wrong Number accepts 
the audience's praise for a job 
well done 

Bottom right: Officer Ethan 
Arlette can do nothing without 
hard evidence from a doomed 
Larissa Roberton 


Elemental} Walk-Run 

In September, all of the elementary 
students participated in the annual 
\\ alk run. as a w arm-up to the 
s^hool-wule l"err\ I'm Run. The 
First fully participatory event of the 
elemental") school calendar had 
our youngest students putting 
Km \\ ard their best efforts as they 
tirelessl) circled the S.T.S. cam- 

Riiiht: Jon Carlson looks deter- 
mined to make the most of his run 

Bt low Left: Lap counters help keep 
track ol the miles 

Grade 6 tree-planting was another elementary event in September. 
Carol Engstrom, an alumna of our School, contacted the Elemen- 
tary, inviting classes to participate in the process of reclaiming the 
area by planting seedlings. It was felt that this would be a wonder- 
ful learning opportunity and a valuable experience towards taking 
an active role in becoming more aware of the interactions of 
humans and their impact on the environment. 

By Mrs. C. Duncan-Moore 


Terry Fox Run '98 

The Terry Fox Run is a long-standing 
tradition at S.T.S., and we are proud of 
the donations we have raised for can- 
cer research over the years. All stu- 
dents and teachers are expected to par- 
ticipate in either the five or ten 
kilometre course. This year's theme, as 
created by the Prefects, was "Around 
the World", and was another highly 
successful Run. 

Top: Go Canada! Students were encouraged to show their 
patriotic colours by wearing red 

Bottom Left: Taylor Van Nest brought her mom along for a nm in 
the sun 

Bottom Right: Leanne Young and Jenna Lakhani know thai moral 
support and a little w ater go a long waj 

Clockwise from top: The 
Halloween Dance 
brought out all sorts of 
folks; The Christmas 
formal was a big hit; 
Sylvia and Sydney try 
out new wigs; Mark 
proves he has coordina- 
tion; Amy's enthusiasm 
is for school is catching 


m I 





A Day in the Life... 

Clockwise from top: 
Halley Carcasole emerged 
as the winner of the 
bubble-blowing contest 
during 50's week; El- 
ementary students skated 
in December; Mr. 
Stansfield looks unamused 
but fashionable; Jordan 
Strand experiments with 
colour; Donald Robertson 
is one with the wall 

The hustle and bustle of student life at S.T.S. 


Ms. Carlson 


works her magic 

A Night In a Tipi! 

\s their first junior high outdoor experience at 
S.T.S.. the grade seven classes spent a night in 
September camping in tipis on the Peigan Indian 
Resen e. The experience brought greater cultural 
awareness about Alberta's First Nations, as well as 
allow bag the students to get to know their new 
classmates better. Students were led on a tour of 
the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive 
Centre, and later were able to participate in activi- 
ties including drumming, cooking bannock, mak- 
ing dreamcatchers, and learning about various 
Native legends. 

Mrs. P. Nash 

In September 1998 the grade 
4" s went on a trip to Camp 
Horizon, in Bragg Creek. The 
purpose of this trip was to 
bring the curriculum "alive" 
in an outdoor environment. 
As well as to provide enrich- 
ment, this experience allowed 
the grade 4's to have more 
trust and respect for their 
fellow peers. From the grade 
4's point of view, this 
experience was a BLAST! ! 
By Brendan S., Kathryn S.. 
Kate G., and Jeff K.,4B 

Four J 

During the week of September 13 th , 1998 the grade 10' s 
ventured up to beautiful Kananaskis country for a week of 
intense physical activity (and a little nonsense too). This 
was the time to make new friends or to rekindle old ones; a 
time for the graduating class of 2002 to be together. 
Throughout the week students were divided up into groups 
to take part in rock climbing, white water canoeing, or 
mountain biking. This week was not for the faint of heart! 
Many students were seen shining in their newfound 
activities that they will revisit in PE throughout the 
remainder of their high school career. One of the high- 
lights of the week was the bridal pageant. Students were 
equipped with a single roll of toilet paper and were asked 
to become the next Alfred Sung of the bridal world. The 
week was fabulous, the weather was awesome and a good 
time was had by all. 

by Mrs. L. McCarthy 

Grade Ten 


Right: Another beautiful day in the 

Middle left: The group is all weary 
smiles at lunehtiine 

Middle right: Keelin Glendon 
na\ igates over rocks and rope 

Lower left: Erin McFarlane contem- 
plates the tough day ahead at Beatty 

Lower Right: Mr. Preston's O.E. 
class takes a breather in the fall 

O.E. 25 '98 - '99 

Top Left: Matt Vines, Kate Abbott, Stewart Pattillo and Tom 
Hewitt haul heavy packs uphill 

Middle left: A solo skier sails through fresh powder in Rogers 

Middle right: Mr. Preston and Catherine Abbott find the easy 
route down at Yamnuska 

Bottom left: Mr. Walls' OE class 

Bottom right: Another day, another climb 


Graduating Class of 1999 

^ tfonv A. Bruce, B. Prokopy, C. Moore, K. Sundstrom, D. Young, J. Woodward, S Shaw^ F Meghani, aJ 
Wood, J. Coleman, K. Kolanos, S. Bhullar, I. Rogers, T. Balakas, J. BottenU, B. Wickerson. D. Hodel 

Fourth Ron, C. Ash, J. Isbister, L. Remington, C. Charrett, P. Pearn, R. Wallat, P. Gettis, L. Whitehead, 
L. Wierzba, J. Love, J. Pattillo, P. Westley, B. Jamieson, D. Dioconescu, F. Thobani 

Third Row D. Perez, D. Denhamer, F. Premji, A. Kovitz, A. O'Connor, A. Dodge, M. Thomson. M. MacLeod. 
J. MacDonald, R. Otto. B. Soutar, J. Haines, S. Verma, M. Stephenson, Mr. B. Porter 

Second Ron, S. Houssein, T. Ishii, S. Jain, C. Abbott, N. Tejpar, M. Porth, A. Mackie. L. Roberton. J. Ager. | 
A. Buckee, S. Karim 

From Row: A. Khimji. D. Tan, L. Mooney, K. Gorman. T. Spiers. M. Leitch. J Green, P. Murray. J. Kis, I. Chan 



Front row: Cloe Fan, 
Garret! Bazuik, Carmen 
( termaine, Scan Woolner, 
Kaihlecn Milani 

s< cond row: Paul 
Hw asuik. Leanne Young, 
Patrick Allen, Elizabeth 
ka\ . Jeremy Kong 

Third row: JennaLakhani, 
Easton Sheahan-Lee, Justine 
Stevens, Jordan Strand, 
Elizabeth Lucas, Mrs. 

Fourth row: Peter Ruff, 
Alisha Whitehead, Sam 
Brittain. Charlotte Begg, 
Devon McCoy 

Front row: AmarRuparell, 
Kati Thrasher, Daniel 
Daklala, Sarah Fondyga, 
Anton Thomas 

Second row: Alex Kiser, 
Andrea Olsen, Mark Pea- 
cock, Carleen Cooney, 
Stuart Armstrong 

Third row: Mrs. Owens, 
Andrew Dominy, Meike 
Radler, Ashley Adamson, 
Katherine Wilson, Jacob 

Fourth row: Karen Polsky, 
Adam Albelin, Garrett 
McCoy. Nii Amah Ayi, 


Front row: Laura Young, 
Martina Szabo, Tom Perry, 
Jessica Yellowlees, Jahan 

Second row: Sam Haines, 
Brigitte Bourgeois, Joey 
Kendal, Erin McDougall, 
Sean Richards 

Third row: Mrs. Bumanis, 
Saaraa Premji, Taylor Van 
Nest, Beth McFarlane, 
Rehana Manji, Taylor Bodon 

Fourth row: Bernard Tse, 
Rosh Wadhwa, Kyle Ander- 
son, Shayne Naden, Taylor 


1 1 m 

Upper le ft: The 
primary candle club 
creates on a Friday 

Upper right: Taylor 
Luna, grade three, 
shows his parents 
what a computer can 
do during Student-led 
Curriculum Night. 

Lower left:The next 
Martha Stew art '.' 

Lower right: The 
primary choir sings on 
( Ihristmas Craft 

Front row: Vanessa 
Mannix, Kathrj n Shaw, 
M\ shea Surani, Brittany 
Doucet. Jacqueline Wilson 

Sea md row: Jon Thomas, 
Mitchell Bunn. Candis 
Armstrong. Nicholas 
Benham, J.N. Cheung, 
Mrs. Watson 

Third row: Mr. Chalifoux, 
Jaclynn Smith. Hilary 
Hursh. Katie Ruddy, 
Alanna Goobie, Leslie 

Top row: Jeffrey Kendal, 
Matthew Harding, 
Alexandra Thompson, 
Andrew Denhamer, Sean 

Front row: Aleema Jamal, 
Laura Olsen, Caleigh Kay 

Second row: Jeffrey Chan, 
ImranThobani, Sammy 
Rocker, Rehan Alibhai, 
Micheal Denhamer, Miss 

Third row: Ei Diamond- 
Goldberg, Brendan Stevens, 
Taylor Cornelson, Sabrina 
Uswak, Allsion Thompson 

Fourth row: Kate Gapp, 
Katherine Polsky, Kevin 
Guichon, Kathryn Sykes, 



Front row: Paddon Thomp- 
son, Anshul Ruparell, Mark 
Staples, Ruth Begg, Jonathan 

Second row: Jeffrey Poon, 
Erin Fan, Robert Haslett, 
Kathryn Otto, Jessica 

Third row: Mrs. Mac Lean, 
Joseph Dickson, Nicholas 
Fitzgerald, Jacqueline Sole. 
Kirsten Jack, Bijan Bhimani 

Fourth row: Alia Khimji, 
Kaili Cashin, Mark Harding, 
Ashley James, Catherine 

Front row: Robbie Hares, 
BrieaMainwaring, Anna 
Mendham, Hartej Khangura, 
Amanda Posten 

Second row: Chris Harker, 
Lyndsey Kiser, David 
Kerrigan, Christine Freight. 
Jared Strand, Ms. Baker 

Third /vnt.Ben Fairbanks. 
Courtney Morgan. Patrick 
Heysel. Katelyn Woodford, 
William Wilson 

Fourth /vm/ChristinaBialik. 
Alexander Fai l. Matthew 
Halliwell, Michael Sveen, 
Jessica ( Iray 


Front row: Faaria Kherani, 
[rfaan Premji, Neil Dave, 
Rosh Sethi 

Si « ond row: Roshan Sethi. 
1 call Meth. Joelle 
Dudcl/ak. Melissa Tang, 
Katherine Olsen. Mrs. 

Third row: Heidi Schott, 
Michael Miller, Imran 
Raghavji, Jonathan 
Crosson, Alysha Kanji 

Fourth row: Cortney Van 
Seggelen, Alex Pattillo, 
Taylor Carcasole, Miehael 
Shaw. Zak Halas 

Missing: Ian Ko 

Front row: Josh Bodon, 
ShaheerBhimani, Michael 
Harker. Morgan Setka, Mrs. 

Second row: Pippa Ruddy, 
Harleen Bhullar, Peter Vellet, 
Rick Wadhwa, Laura Sweett 

Third row: Alykhan Surani, 
Bryson Le, Jeffrey Trickett. 
Gillian Woolstencroft, 
Spencer DeGroat 

Fourth row: AlyssaManji, 
Stephen Nelson, Kathryn 
Stewart, Ellen Burch 

Missing: Andrew Ko, 
Courtney Hawkings 


Public Relations: School Tours, 
ushers, and Craft Night 

Front: Faaria Kherani, Leah 
Meth, Melissa Tang, Courtney 
Hawkings, Irfaan Premji 

Back: Joelle Dudelzak, Alysha 
Kanji, ellen Burch, Gillian 
Woolstencroft, Imran Raghavji, 
Alykhan Surani 

Special Events: Halloween, 
Kerby Center Christmas 
Program and Luncheon, Public 
Speaking and Elementary 

Front: Morgan Setka, Rosh 
Sethi, Harleen Bhullar, Roshan 

Back: Neil Dave, Pippa Ruddy, 
Laura Sweett, Jonathan Crosson, 
Heidi Schott, Jeffrey Trickett 

Fun and Fitness: Walk Run. 
Intramurals and Student-Teacher 
Hockey Game 

Front: Shaheer Bhumani, Josh 
Bodon, Peter Vellet, Andrew 
Ko, Ian Ko 

All grade six stu- 
dents are provided 
with the opportu- 
nity to develop 
their leadership 
skills. Each is 
given the responsi- 
bility of Master of 
Ceremonies at 
elementary assem- 
blies and of dem- 
onstrating positive 
role modelling for 
all students. As 
well, the students 
continue their 
involvement by 
choosing a leader- 
ship group to be 
involved in. These 
groups and some 
of their activities 
are as follows. 

Back: Stephen Nelson. Michael 
Shaw, Kathryn Stewart. Alex 
Pattillo, Rick Wadhwa 

I.C.E. (Intramural Council for 
the Elementary): Elementary 
Intramural Program 

Front: Mieheal Miller, Alyssa 
Manji, Mieheal Harker, 
(Catherine Olsen 

Back: Spencer DeGroat. Bryson 
Le, Cortney Van Seggelen, 
Taylor Carcasolc. Zak I kilns 


Life as an elementary 
student is never dull, 
from climbing, volley 
ball and skating... 


Never a dull moment in junior high! 

Clockwise from top left: Grade 8 canoe trips in the spring sunshine; hiking in the Badlands; Ian Ritchie tries his 
hand a t kayaking; junior high students join hands one last time before the summer holidays; grade 7 Softball; Danm 

Klein sports a new hairstyle. 



Frontrow: Donald 
Robertson. FahimThobani, 
\1 1 \ N [ohamed, Chris Evans, 
Scott Marshall. Mrs. 
1 .aughren 

Si concirow: Curtis 
Wettstein, Philip Woodward, 
Taryn Meyers, Caitlin 
W illiams 

Thin! row:. J anelle Irvine, 
Malt Isbister, Nikhil 
Mehrotra, Alexandra 
McFarlane, Amanda Shaw, 
Mrs. Rodney 

Fourth row: Joyce Fu, Katie 
Hilderman, Christina 
Basedow, Andrea 
McCormick, Jennifer 

Frontrow: Ms Sullivan, 
Adam Singer, Michael Chu, 
Robert Backman, Yosuke 
Saito, Alexandra Abbott 

Second row: Erin Perry, 
Jenner Zy wotkiewicz, Ernest 

Fhirdrow: Vamsi Suresh, 
Benzie, TahiraManji, 
Anthony Charrett, Marika 

Fourth row: John Tabaka, 
BrittaTowle, Claire Hanna, 
Halley Carcasole, Tim Burns 




Front row: Danny Klein, 
Catlin Bartman, Katherine 
Rawlinson, Roseanne 
Warren, Kaylee Milne, Mrs. 

Second row: Carrie 
McMahon, Jalal Moolji, 
Alexandra Mannix, Siobhan 

Third row: Margot Porter, 
Frank Hewitt, Alexandra 
Bascom, Michael Haslett, 
Ashley Johnson, Janet Yiu 

Fourth row: Claire Hoyer, 
TamaraChan, Sarah 
Verdiel, Vanessa Hope, 

Missing: Eric Brewis 

Front row: Nicholas Kaplan, 
John Paul Smith. Zaafir 
Kherani, Omar Allibhai. Neil 


Second row: Mallorv 
Brennan, Bryan Albert. 
Katie Mulherin, David 
Heysel. MsCarscadden 

Third row: Ashley Frame. 
Juliane Bauer. Alexandra 
Stewart, Meryn Grant, Anna 
Warshawski, Keith Dahlman 

Fourth row.Duncan Bin. 
.Icmiitci I loian. Solum 
Ruparell, Venessa 
Shaneman,John I lew itl 


/ i , ,,u row: Ms Muir, Paul 
lames. Karina Yin, Jessica 
kalman.Jaspreet Khangura, 
Khalid Alibliai 

St a md row: Toria Setka, 
Hrin Smith. Julia Kerrigan, 
Nicole Ross, Jim Fairbaim 

Thirdrow: Phillip Sole, 
Graham Bogle, SalinaTeja, 
Rosalyn Dodd, Jonathan 

Fourth row: Ian Black, 
Teresa Ierakidis, Jake 
Stanley, Kathryn Gray, Justin 

Front row: Rachel Read, 
ArianBodon, Shahid Jiwani, 
William Hares 

Second row: Mr. Freight, 
Lindsay Kwasnicia, Owen 
Alto, Andrea Kormylo, 
Vincent Semenuk, Mrs. 

Third row: Jeff Albert, 
Chelsea Sherbut, Greg 
McClary , Natalie Gunther, 
AllisterChow, Kathryn 

Fourth row: Jocelyn Reikie, 
Mark Bensler, Mitchell 
Neighbour, Patrick Hughson, 




Front row: Tahir Merali, 
Scott McCraig, Robbie 
Smeltzer, Jamie Benham, 
Sara Staples 

Second row: Jake Thomp- 
son, Dana Schott, Michael 
Hughes, Jenna Meth 

Third row: Mile. Lemieux, 
Gigi Ho, Jill Thompson, 
Jessica Robinson, Jordan 
Fordyce, Jonathan Leong, 

Fourth row: Curtis Smith, 
Justine Fortune, Ian Ritchie, 
David Nixon, Ashley 

Missing: Ms Baldwin 

Front row: Claire Marshall, 
Jason Fong, Kevin Lemke, 
Faisel Gulamhussein, Keith 

Second row: Meechcr Ayi, 
Ellen Kobayashi, Laura 
Schmitt.Tina Kostera 

Third row/David Le, 
Stephanie Bourgeois. 
Mai lory Eeson, Jenna 
Wakely, Fraser DeGroat, 

Fourth rowvSimon Abbott, 
Fahreen Kurji,Gareth Sine. 
Joy Milne. Simon Trafford 

Missing: Mrs. McCarthy 

/ /•< >/// / ( >w: Cailean Wood, 
kimberK Milne. Clayton 
Smed. laic Peters 

St ( < md row: Sonya Hope, 
Stephanie Wong, Devin 
Smith, JessicaLau 

Third row: Mr. Odland, 
Mark Kolanos, Shalini 
Catherine Charrett, Elizabeth 


Fourth row: Mr. Blais, Alia 
Teja. Craig Stuart, Ashleigh 
Vellet, Michael Woodward, 
Amanda Lammle 

Missing: Tery le MacDonald 

Front row: Karim Lalani, 
Ben Campbell, Andrea 
Thurmeier, Julian Faltous, 
Amol Mehra 

Second row: Mr. Borm, 
Holly Marshall, Sylvia 
Szadovszki, Stephanie 
Bialik, Richard Hares, Nicky 

Third row: M. Numa, Julia 
Saar, Katie Jamieson, Oisin 
O' Keane, Mark Fairbanks, 
Sydney Milne, Carly Wolk 

Fourth row: Susan Nelson, 
Ryan Johnson, Roland 
Sakowski, Stephanie Burtt, 
Elizabeth Allen 



Front row: Mr. Taylor, Tim 
Rapske, Raymond Smith, 
Jonathan Ablett, Tim Shields. 
Allison PI anche 

Second row: Alex Dickson, 
KimSproule, Jonathan 
Roberton, Samantha Ewan 

Third row: Amara 
DePalme, Jamie Alto, Emily 
George, Sarah Rae. Netu 
Bhullar, JessicaLau, Janelle 

Fourth row: Hussein 
Khimji, Vhari Brooks, Ryan 
Flavelle, Andrea Wettstein, 
Ruben Dehaeck 

Front row: Jordan 
Hawkings, Danielle 
Dudelzak, Stephanie Malo. 
Reka Pataky, Fareen Zaver. 
Mrs. Ropchan 

Second row: Lindsay Eeson, 
David Evans, Ashley 
Carcasole, FoziyaThobani. 
Chris Perry 

Third row :Kayley Evans. 
Heather Fulton. Damien Hill. 

Fourth r< >vi . Thomas Arato, 
Amy McDermid, James 
Johnson, Nishant Mehrotra, 
Natalie Miller 

Missing: Mrs. McCarthy 

Grade Nine Graduation 

l lus \car. the grade nine 
class celebrated its rite of 
passage to senior high with 
an e\ ening at Devonian 
Gardens on Friday, April 
2}\\\. followed on Saturday 
w ith swimming at 
Southland Leisure Centre. 

A huge thanks goes out to 
Mrs. Adam for her tireless 
organization of this annual 

Top: The grads 
assemble for a group 

Middle left. Vhan, 
Netu, Sam and Sarah 

Centre: Fareen, 
Foziya, Natalie, 
Heather and Ashley 

Middle Right: Kayley 
and Michael 

Bottom Left: Nicki, 
Ryan. Dnielle, Katie, 
Mark. Stephanie. 
Susan and Kim 

Bottom Right: (back 
row) Stephanie. 
Sonya, Jamie (front 
row) Alia. Jannell, 
Allison, and Jessica 


Junior High 
Students' Council 

Grade 7 Ski Week 

Fun in the Snow by 7C 

( i rade 7 ski \\ eek was the highlight of the year. In January 
logo, we journeyed to the back country of Banff National 
Park for a big adventure. This was the week when we 
probabb learned more about fitness and the outdoors than any 
other week of our lives. Also, we learned about hostel 
manners: being polite, cleaning up after ourselves, and 
respecting other people. What a great trip. 



_ f ■ 

Band Camp '99 

Caroline, Alberta 

Top Left: Band students 
arrive at camp 

Top Right: Jen Ber 
keeps a steady rhythm 
on the Tympani 

Far Left: Mr. Repp 
conducts the grade 7 

Below: Junior concert 
band members relax in 

Speech Day 1999 

Top: Byron 
\\ ickerson 
made students 
and teachers 
alike glad notto 

Right, above: 
Grade 12 
winners Chris 
Moore and 
Kyle Sundstrom 
receive their 
awards from 
Mr. Freight 

Right, below: 
Tom Balakas 
and Margie 
Leitch in their 

Far Right: Leah 
concludes her 
winning persua- 
sive speech 

Speech Day 1 999 proved to be another huge success ! 
It was a whole day of entertainment - comedy, tragedy, 
drama and complete outrageousness from all categories 
and grades. Although there could only be one winner 
per category, Speech Day showcased some of the 
impressive dramatic talents of S.T.S. students. This year 
was also quite different from previous years, with the 
appearance of Poetry Recitation and Impromptu 
Speech in Top Acts. Overall, the entire event was fun 
and entertaining for students, teachers and the audience 
- it was definitely a success for all ! 
by RachaelWakely 

ind the winners were. 

Grade 7 

Persuasive: Nikhil Mehrotra 
Impromptu: David Heysel 
Solo Serious: Zaafir Kherani 
Solo Humourous: Alexandra Bascom 
Poetry Recitation: Sohini Ruparell 

Grade 8 

Persuasive: Jaspreet Khangura 
Impromptu: JennaWakely 
Solo Serious: Arian Bodon 
Solo Humourous: Jenna Meth 
Poetry Recitation: Teresa Ierakidis 

Grade 9 

Persuasive: Sarah Rae 
Impromptu: Elizabeth Allen 
Solo Serious: Lindsay Eeson 
Solo Humourous: Jonathan Roberton 
Poetr\ Recitation: Catherine Charred 

Grade 10 

Persuasive: Rajen Ruparell 

Impromptu: Aaron Wiggan 

Solo Serious: Jacqueline Parker 

Solo Humourous: Miranda Cobb 

Duo Serious: Jacqueline Parker & Nicole Wyne 

Duo Humourous: Adrienne Ma & Katelyn Silk 

Poetry Recitation: Jessica Harvey 

Grade 11 

Persuasive: Jignesh Patel 

Impromptu: Kate Abbott 

Solo Serious: Erin McFarlane 

Solo Humourous: Samantha Johnson 

Duo Serious: Erin McFarlane & Keelin Glendon 

Duo Humourous: Andrew Nelson & Alexandra Bell 

Poetry Recitation: Nellie Dhanji/ Kristin Szklarz 

Grade 12 

Persuasive: Leah Remington 

Impromptu: Adam Wood 

Solo Serious: Adam Wood 

Solo Humourous: Byron Wickerson 

Duo Serious: Sonal Verrma & Leanne Wierzba 

Duo Humourous: Kyle Sundstrom & Chris Moore 

Poetry Recitation: ShaminderBhullar 



Top: Jenna 
Meth per- 
formed an 
rendition of 
Cinderella for 
Top Acts. 

FarLeft: Erin 
McFarlane and 
Keelin Glendon 
in their winning 

Ri<^lit, above: 
Sonal Verma, 
serpent, tries to 
tempt with an 

Right, below: 
Adam Wood 
took imromptu 
speech to a 
new level ... all 
the way to Top 




The Christy Worsley Creative Writing Award 

1999 Winner: Kim Milne, Grade 9 

As I stare out at the tossing waters of the Pacific Ocean I think how uncanny it is that they resemble my feel- 
ings. Dark, misty and confured - not knowing which direction to turn or where to go. They then slide up on shore, 
licking the rocks and sighing back to where they came from. I breathe the smell of salt and seaweed in deeply. 
The calming smell invades my nostrils. I don't feel any better. Weird, I think, as I stand and begin to walk. The 
ocean always makes me feel better. Why is today any different? 


An excerpt from ft Can Happen to You by Kim Milne 


Senior High 

The Locke Short Story Award 

1999 Winner: Jonathan Woodward, Grade 12 

rhe Matrix was a world inside a world. Within its seeming ehaos operated everything the human race did online. It 
ontained the messages of billions of lovers, trillions of corporations, many more people and identities. As every axon fired 
nd particle moved, sodid the information of the world. And yet to gaze in il one would not realize its complexity and 
irder- it would be only a chaotic mass of lightning, electrical blue. 

An excerpt from/l Legacy by Jonathan Woodward 




The Christy Worsley Poetry Contest 

1999 Winner: Samantha Ewan, Grade 9 

/ am someone small. 
But there. 

Though the world would still run. 
If I was not here, 
something would be missing. 
If a thred in a sweater, 
Was gone from its place, 
You still wear the sweater, 
But a hole would take its place. 

For no matter how little, 

Or useless we feel, 

We still have a role to play. 

If not for ourselves, 

For the people around us. 

People who still need to learn. 

Honourable mentions: 


Susan Nelson, Grade 9 

from Killing Illusion 
A cold wind, 

Slithering up under a jacket, 

biting at exosed skin, 

Hissing in numb ears. 

Then a collar is snugged around the neck, 

Of a passer-by. 

The bums are asleep in the alleys, 

Under cardboard shanties. 

The clang of a coin dropped into an old tin 


And the pathetic thank-you muttered 
Are barely heard 

Kim Sproule, Grade 9 

from Individual 

You tell me I am wrong 

You tell me I'm not right 

Because I'm being strong and independent 

Because I stand up tall 

'Cause I refuse to fall 

I only want to be my own person 

'Cause I'm an individual 


Senior High 

The Locke Poetry Contest 

1999 Winner: Sydney Schwartz, Grade 11 

Sydney recei ves her 
award from Mrs. 
Ralphine Locke at the 
recognition assembly. 


It's the same each time 

the anticipation 

a hope that this time... 

I hold my breath, 
close my eyes... 

your name - again 

To trade places 
just once 

What would it be like? 

( 'heersforyou: glory 
for inc. "nice try" 
"better luck next time " 

So here I sit 
and there you stand 
applause in my hands, 
in vour ears. 

I should be happy 
andsettle for my place, still, 
nothing hurts quite like 

i ; 

More O.E. Moments 

...S.T.S. tradition continues 



/ r< mt row: SitarShah, 
NaialieSweett, Nicholas 

Second row: Laura 
Smelt/er. Jon San Agustin, 
SamirLalani, Jeremy Kis, 
Adrienne Ma, Jessica 

Third row: Joshua Thorpe, 
Edward Rawlinson, Julie 
Jenkins, Faiyaz Sumar, Mark 

Fourth row.' Jocelyn Ullett, 
Sacha Williams, Graham 
Birt. Alex Chubaty, Anna 

Front row: Kyle Hawkings, 
Suzanne Goldman, Zoe 
Dave, Max May 

Second row: Ross Fortune, 
Adam Darcy-Morris, Robyn 
Stewart, Peter Mclntyre, 
Ryan Allen 

Third row: Ashim Verma, 
Joan Porter, Adrian Bruce, 

Fourth row: Stephanie 
Salamon, Matthew Jenkins, 
Alan Neilson, Brendan 
Barnett, Stephanie Kolanos 

Front row: Zailin Lakhoo, 
Amanda Davis, Elaine Poon, 
John Fairbairn, Nathaniel 

Second row: Jon Yeo, 
Ainsley McCaskill, Jeff 
Anderson, Angela Raffin 

Third row: Max Wong, 
Maxwell DeGroat, Hussein 
Allibhai, Ian Dahlman, 
Adrian McWilliams, Erin 

Fourth row: Bryan Johnson, 
Ethan Arlette, Khalid Kurji. 
Jeff Thomson, Gavin 

Front row: Shinpe Saito, 
Christina Milinusic, Miranda 
Cobb, David Hirji 

Second row: Jonathan 
Hilderman. Natalie Halliwell, 
Jacqueline Parker. Patrick 
Read, Aaron Johnston 

Third row: Bobby Stewart, 
Matthew Thompson. Luke 
Simpson, Jeff Ma, Michael 
Gaudcl. Rehana Mcgham 

/ '< mrth raw:Aaron Wiggan, 
Caldwell Lever, Philip 
Thomlinson, Michael Reid, 
Graham I it/( rerald 

/■V< mm nr: AnuMehra. 
NicoleRyer, Sydney 
Schw artz 

Second row: Ms Harper, 
Sarah Fulton, Alexandra 
Boll. Kristin James. Ira 

Third row: Nicole Burns, 
Alexis Hudy, Kristin Szklarz, 
Rachael Wakely, Christine 
Ierakidis, Logan Fesenmaier 

Fourth row: Ken Marshall, 
Aiofe Donnelly, Andrew 
Nelson, Matthew Twa, 
Katherine Stewart 

Front row: Heather Greene, 
Veronica Tang, Jignesh 
Patel, Nelson Leong 

Second row: Kate Abbott, 
Erin McFarlane, Janet 
Shaikh, Sarah Black 

Third row: Nii Ay iAyi, 
Liam Dinning, Matthew 
Young, John Jacques, Travis 

Fourth row: Ken Gordon, 
Christina Broemeling, Marc 
Verdiel, Tom Hewitt, Keelin 



Front row: Kali Pan - . Bindu 
Suresh, Charity Parr. 
Samantha Johnson 

Second row: Tyler Trafford. 
Matthew Vines. Robert 
Klein, Kevin Collier, Brett 

Third row: Jaime-Brett Sine, 
Kristopher Pataky , Nicholas 
Hon, Ulrike Dehaeck, Jamie 

Fourth row: Alexander 
Schmitt, Michael Ma, Stuart 
Pattillo, Michael Mannix, Bo 
J i any 

Front row: Jane Arnett. 
Allison Diskin. EleanorChu 

Second row: TariqRemtulla, 
Sarah Diummond 

Third row: Jason Smed, 
Natasha Ji ward, Kristie 
Erickson, Ruben Sekhon, 
Rori OConnor 

Fourth row. Ruth Ablett, 
Sail Saad. Nellie Dhanji. 
AldinNadim, Kit Stanley 


Back row: Stephen Shaw, David Young, Al-Karim Khimji, Safiya Karim, Pamela Murray, 
Rebecca Otto (head prefect), Alice Buckee, Catherine Abbott, Jonathan Woodward, J ane 
Pattillo, Faizal Meghani, Adam Wood 

Front Row: NadiaTejpar, Leah Remington, Bailey Soutar 

The 1 998-99 crew of prefects pose (above) with the tulips they planted in the fall (below). 


Students' Council 

Back Row: Andrew Nelson, Samir Lalani, Jignesh Patel, Sean Jain (president), Mr. Orsten 
Front Row: Safiya Karim, Shinpe Saito 

This year's student couneil raised school spirit and involvement through their 
organization of lunchtime intramurals. As well, Sean Jain created the first an- 
nual video competition. Their involvement reached the greater community 
through the sponsoring of a foster child, and fundraising donations for gifts to 
the senior citizens of the Kerby Centre. 




Right: Mr. Milne- 
1 \ cs cruises 
through Okotoks 

7~<>/> Right: 
Ironw oinan Margie 
Leileh prepares for 
her final leg 

Low er Right: 
pauses between 
stages for some 

Jump Rope for Heart 

The S.T.S. elementary students once again participated in 
our annual Jump Rope for Heart event for the Alberta 
Heart Association, raising $13, 000 this year, and bringing 
the eleven-year total to over $ 1 08, 000. 
- Mrs. P. Bumanis 

.x m 


Theatre Calgary 

Banff-to-Calgary Road Race 

Top Left: Some of 
the members of the 
the student team 

Top Right: Alex 
Dickson prepares to 
hand the traditional 
cape over to Tom 

Middle Left: Tom 
Arato sprints to the 
end of his leg 

Lower Left: Road 

Low er Right: 
Michael Haslett and 
David Heysel relax at 
Chief Chiniki Village 
after sharing stage 5 





On March 26, 1 999. a group of 44 students and parents of S.T.S. 
embarked on a 1 6-day tour of China and Hong Kong. The tour 
me luded visits to Hanzhou, Beijing, Guilin and finally Hong Kong. 
Perhaps the greatest difference between Canada and China for 
most of the group was the food. Rebecca and Randy Otto and 
Mr. and Mrs. ( )rsten were quite adventurous, trying delicacies 
such as snake, snake's blood, and snake carcass soup. The 
cultural experience was enhanced by visits to Buddhist temples, 
i he Children's Palace, a Beijing home, the various night markets, 
and the Forbidden City. After leaving mainland China for Hong 
Kong, the drastic differences that ensued created an atmosphere 
of appreciation and thankfulness for the basic amenities - food, 
space and shelter - that we Canadians take for granted each day. 
The land of the Orient certainly made for a fun-filled and intense 
holiday for the group from S.T.S. 

by Leah Remington, Grade 1 2 

Top Left: Members of 
the tour group 

Top Right: Nicholas 
Hon in the uniform of 
the Red Guard 

Lower Left: Did Mr. 
Orsten read the sign 
before he sat down? 

Lower Right: Omar 
Allibhai. snake handler! 



Top: The group assembles in the Italian sun 
Lower Left: The beautiful Isle of Capri 
Lower Right: Posing in Pompeii 

During Easter vaction, the following grade nine and ten students, led by Mrs. McCarthy and 
Mrs. Adam, visited Greece and Italy. In Greece, the group visited Athens and Delphi . The 
students enjoyed visiting the sites they had learned about in Greek mythology. In Italy, we 
toured Sorrento, the Isle of Capri, Rome and Florence. The trip was a \\ onderful cultural 
xperience and everyone came home with special memories to cherish. Throwing a coin into 
Rome's Trevi fountain ensured that all would be back to visit one day. 

Trip Participants: Max DeGroat, Ainslcy McCaskill, Dav id I lirji. Jackie Parker, Hrin Brennan, 
AngelaRaffin,JocelynUllett,NadimAllidina, Amol Mehra, Elizabeth Allen, Holly Marshall. 
Sylvia S/,adovs/,ki,Carly Wolk, Devin Smith. Cai lean Wood,Candice< lee 

by Mrs. N. Adam 






Scenic and Nature Category 

The other ni^ht I was closing the blinds, when I saw the tree covered in rain drops. They looked like diamonds 
in the street light. In all the eleven years I've known that tree, it never struck me as it did at that moment, so I 
needed to take a photo. I like the way I was able to hide the light source behind a trunk, the way the sidewalk and 
road shone, and the spidery, dewy look of the branches. I really love the way the tree's shadow is thrown so 
distinctly, and how the light looms in mid air." 
- Sydney Schwartz, Grade 1 1 



Human Interest Category 

"Both Kate's and my parents left us together for a weekend. It was a lot of fun, however we both require 
solitude. Kate had to climb a tree, out of reach (although the tree in the corner seems to stretch its spindly 
fingers to try and pull her down from her perch) to think about it all. A different perspective? Pensive." 
- Alice Buckee, Grade 12 



Magic w as in the air during Marti McKay Week '99! 
Our resident artists were Zabo and Odlo (a.k.a. Baruch 
Laskin (S.T.S. '90) and Brad Saville), a duo of per- 
formers currently making their mark on the local scene. 
All students participated fully, learning the rudiments of 
juggling, and their new talents were displayed in a 
schoolwide showcase presentation to conclude the 




Clockwise from top left: Catherine Abbott and Joey Ager lead the class of '99 in its entrance procession; Rebecca 
O r e"! the Copeland Award tor her leadership; Michael Woodward receives the R »* 
Hewitt; Mr. Orsten is one of the teachers recognized for his years ot service to the school: Board ol Governors 
Chairman Mr. Ian Beddis sports a Spartans cap to deliver his speech. 


Saturday, June 19, 1999 

Clockwise from top left: Reka Pataky smiles alter receiving the Buchan trophy; Headmaster Mr. Freight addresses 
the school community; Valedictorian Jonathan Woodward shares his memories of a three hour daily bus ride; the 
Grads' gift to Mr. Freight is a classic bicycle; Dennis Diaconescu's hard work earns him an armful of hook pri/es. 


Clockwise from top left: The J V girls' field hockey team gives moral support; Marc Verdiel looks fre; 
after winning the triathlon ; it ' s a team effort to catch the rugby ball ; competition heats up in a game betv 
the Junior A and the Junior B boys' basketball teams; the JV girls rest during a tournament in Oilfields. 




Left to Right: Mrs. B. 
1 lew son (Coach). J ill 
MacDonald. Mr. P. Adams 
(Coach). MelanieMcLeod, 
Nicole \\ \ ne 


Left to Right: Dominic 
Hodel, Edward Rawlinson, 
Byron Wickerson, Krys 
Kolanos, Mr. P. Adams 


Left to Right: Nick Wallat, 
Graham Birt, Samir Lalani 
were some of theS.T.S. 
athletes competing at the 
1 998 Provincial Meet in 

/ n mt n >w: Mallory Brennan, 
Men n Grant, Marika 

Secondrow: Amanda 
Shaw .Alexandra 
MeFarlane. Roseanne 
Warren, Ashley Johnson, 
.luliane Bauer, Alexandra 
Mannix, Alexandra Bascom 

Third row: Tamara Chan, 
Christina Basedow, Britta 
Towle, Kaylee Milne, Mrs. 
S.Gibson (coach), 
Katherine Rawlinson, Erin 
Perry, Margot Porter 

Front row: Scott Marshall, 
David Heysel, Curtis 
Wettstein, Catlin Bartman, 
Keith Salamon 

Second row: Mr. H. Koning 
( coach ), Frank Hewitt, Philip 
Woodward, Anthony 
Charrett, John Hewitt, 
Vincent Semenuk 





Front row: Salina Teja, 
Sara Staples, Rachel Read, 
Jenna Meth, Nicole Ross 

Second row: Andrea 
Kormylo, Joy Milne, 
Ashley Krausert, Justine 
Fortune, Jennifer Ber, 
Jamie Benham, Jenna 
Wakely, Ms. J. Carscadden 

Front row: William Hares. 
Jason Fong, Meecher Ayi, 
Fraser DeGroat 

Second row: Jonathan Ryer, 
Mrs. P. Perkins (coach). Ian 
Black. David Le 


/ n >m n mv Kathryn Sweet, 
Lli/abeth Allen. Kim Sproule, 
Mallor\ Heson. AliaTeja. Jessica 
1 jaa 

Back row: Ms. J. Goldsworthy 
i coach ). Susan Nelson, Kathryn 
Gray, ShaunaDave, Natalie 
Miller. Sarah Rae. Mr. J. Preston 
i coach ) 


Kathryn Sweet delivers a killer serve 



The 1998 undefeated zone 
champions are: 

Front row: Jessica Harvey, 
AnnaGalway, Sacha 

Back row: Laura Smeltzer, 
JocelynUllett, Stephanie 
Kolanos, Stephanie 
Salamon, Erin Brennan, 
Jackie Parker, Angela Raffin, 
Natalie Sweett, Ainsley 
McCaskill, Ms L.McCarthy 

Front row: Mr. C. Numa 
(coach), Adam D' Arcy- 
Morris, John Fairbaim, 
Gavin Davis 

Back row: Ross Fortune, 
JeffThompson. Khalid Kurji 

Missing : M at t hew Jenkins. 
Adrian Bruce. Philip 

Proudly posing with their zone 
champu mship banner and tourna- 
ment trophies are: 

I r< mt Row: Saniantha Johnson, 

N lelanie N lacLeod. Lindsey Mooney 

Bock Row: Lindsay Whitehead, Ms. 
H . Harper ( Coach ). Jennifer Isbister, 
Carolyn Ash, Erin McFarlane, Ulrike 
Dehaeck, Jill Greene, Jane Pattillo, Jill 




Front Row: Adam Bruce, 
Phi 1 1 ip Westley, Graham Birt, 
Dominic Hodel,Nii Ayi Ayi, 
Mr. D. Roth (Coach) 

Back Row: Kyle 
Sundstrom, Adam Wood, 
Andrew Nelson, David 
Young. Faizal Meghani 

FrontRow. MarikaWiggan, 

Middle Row: Mrs. 

W. Rodney (Coach), Ashley 

Johnson. Juliane Bauer, 

Halley Carcasole, Alex 


Back Row: Kim Milne 
(Assistant Coach), Tamara 
Chan. Claire Hanna, Andrea 
McCormick, Catherine 
Charrett (Assistant Coach) 

FrontRow: Duncan Birt, 
Matthew Isbister, Curtis 
Wettstein, Michael Harker, 
Keith Dahlman, Anthony 

Middle /?ow:DavidHeysel, 
John Hewitt, Vamsi Suresh, 
Stephen Nelson, John 
Tabaka, Frank Hewitt, 

Back Row: Andrew Nelson 
(Assistant Coach), Mr. J. 
Chalifoux (Coach) 




I n mi R( nr. Ms C.Baldwin 
i C loach ). Kathryn Sweett, 
ShaunaDave. Jamie 
Benham. Laura Schmitt 

Second Row: Fahreen 
Kurji. Justine Fortune, 
Jennifer Ber. Kathryn Gray 

Front Row: Allister Chow, Jason 
Fong, Meecher Ayi, Paul James 

Second Row: David Nixon, Ian 
Ritchie, Philip Sole, David Le, Mr. 
D.Milne-Ives (Coach) 

Missing: Simon Abbott, Fraser 

The grade 8 boys' basketball team had 
the most successful season in their 
history this year. Led by the strong 
rebounding and inside scoring of 
team captain Ian Ritchie and the flashy 
ball-hawking of guards Meecher Ayi 
and Jason Fong, the boys went 
through the league schedule without 
defeat, and won the league champion- 
ship handily. 
-Mr. Milne-Ives 





Front Row .Stephanie Burtt, 
Susan Nelson, Shalini 
Ruparell, Sydney Milne, 
Sarah Rae 

Second Row: Amy 
McDermid, FoziyaThobani, 
Kayley Evans, Carly Wolk, 
JessicaLau, Kim Sproule 

Third Row: Mr. C.Numa 
(Coach), Elizabeth Allen, 
Netu Bhullar, Mr. D. Burtt 

Front Row: Robb McCaig, 
Ruben Dehaeck, Roland 
Sakowski, James Johnson, 

Second Row: Richard 
1 hu es, Ben Campbell, 
Clayton Smed, Karim Lalani, 
Mr. D.Johnson (Coach) 

A / is v ing: Mark Fai rbai iks. 
John Millen (Coach) 

/ r< mtRow: Ainsley 
Stephanie Salamon. Katelyn 
Silk. Miranda Cobb, 
Adrienne Ma 

Second Row: Julie Jenkins, 
Suzanne Goldman, Roby n 
Stew art. Jessica Harvey, 
Laura Smeltzer, Joan Porter, 
Natalie Sweett, Ms L. 
McCarthy (Coach) 

Front Row: Patrick Read, 
JonSanAgustin, Kyle 
Kawkings, Samir Lalani, 
Adam D' Arcy-Morris 

Back Row: Graham 
FitzGerald, Graham Birt, 
Jeff Thomson, Khalid 
Kurji. Luke Simpson, 
Mr. B. Addley (Coach) 





Front Row: Kate Abbott, Keelin 
Glendon, Jane Pattillo, Leah 
Remington, Stephanie Kolanos, 
Kathryn Ber 

Second Row: Ulrike Dehaeck, 
Melanie MacLeod, Erin McFaiiane, 
Christine Ierakidis, Samantha 
Johnson, Mr. G. Odland (Coach) 

The 98/99 Senior Girls' basketball team 
enjoyed an intensely competitive season. 
While their league play was highly 
spirited, a few strategic losses kept them 
from qualifying for zone playoffs. Their 
tournament play was generally more 
successful, capturing a gold medal at the 
Sundre tournament. That weekend also 
earned them a spot in Sundre' s history 
books, as the wackiest dressers ever to 
frequent their movie theatre! Great 
season, girls! - Mr. Odland 

Front Row: Ross Fortune, 
Nii Ayi Ayi, Dominic Hodel, 
David Tan, David H irj i 

Second Row: Mr. J. 
Chalifoux (Coach), Matthew 
Twa, David Young, Shami 
Bhullar, Andrew Nelson. 
Adam Wood 




Over the Easter break, a combination 
I team from Bowness High School and 
S.T.S. traveled to Wales. Most of our 
time there was spent in the South at Usk 
College. Overall, it was a great trip with 
plenty of time for shopping and 
sightseeing. The junior squad even 
returned with an impressive 3- 1 record. 

by Adrian Bruce, Grade 1 1 


Braving the early morning cold 
for a practice are: 

I n>m row: Bailey Soutar, Safiy a 
Karim,LindseyMooney, Nellie 
1 )hanji. Erin McFarlane, Keelin 
Glendon. Kristen James, Anu 
Mehra. Almira Ramji, Nicole Bums 

Back row: Margie Leitch,Kathryn 
Ber, Leah Remington, Sarah 
Fulton. Kit Stanley, Alii Diskin, 
Ulrike Dehaeck, Kristie Erickson, 
Am v Kovit. Joanna Haines, Jane 
Pattillo, Mrs. P. Nash (coach ), 
Miss A. Reaburn (coach) 



On tour in beautiful Penticton are: 

Front row: Anna Galway (lying in front), Zoe Dave, Miranda 
Cobb, Katelyn Silk. Adrienne Ma 

Second row: Ms. T. Muir (coach), Stephanie Kolanos, Elaine Poon. 
Joan Porter, Kristie Erickson, Ms. C. Danis (coach) 

Third row: Robyn Stewart, Zailin Lakhoo, Amanda Davis, Laura 



Making their field hockey debut are: 
Front row: Samantha Ewan (lying in front). Sydney Milne. Son} a 
Hope, Teryle MacDonald, RekaPataky. Danielle Dudel/ak. Ashley 
Carcasole, Foziya Thobani 

Back row: Mrs. W. Rodney (coach), Julia Saar. Elizabeth Allen. 
Heather Fulton, Amy McDermid, Holly Marshall. Andrea \\ ettsteu 
Sarah Rae, Vhari Brooks, Netu Bhullar 

There was intense competition at the junior high track and I'iekl meet ! 

Clockw ise from bottom left: Paul James cruises to victory in the 
grade 8 boys' I ()()m final; results are eagerly anticipated; Mark 
Fairbanks clears the high jump; Jenna Meth lights to keep her lead 
over lain Smith and Kathryn Sweet t; grade 9 girls are quick out of the 
blocks; Kayley Evans shows why she is the top female athlete in 
junior high; Mrs. Clarke and Mr. Hlais manage to keep track of four 
lanes at once; RobbMcCaigand hisaerod) namic shirt soaro\ erthe 
long jump pit. 



Near right: Kay ley 
E\ a us. Most 
Outstanding Female 

Far right: Ian 

Most Outstanding 
Male Athlete 

Near right: Ben 

Far right: Mr. 
Johnson praises 
Mark Fairbanks and 
his boys" basketball 

Near right: Mrs. 
McCarthy and Mr. 
Colborne worked 
many hours with 
their outstanding 
track squad 

Far right: Grade 9 
students enjoy 
banquet fare 




Far left: Guest 
speaker Linnea 
applauds Jane Pattillo, 
Most Outstanding 
female athlete 

Near left: Adam 
Wood, Most 
Outstanding male 

Left Photos: Nii Ayi 
Johnson earn the 
Sportsman sh i p Award 

Farleft: Ms. 1 larper 
acknow ledges the 
efforts of her senior 
girls' volleyball team 

Near left: Mr. 
Johnson a\\ ai ds I ,uke 
Simpson the senior 
badminton MVP 


S.T.S. Debaters were extremely 
successful this year, under the guid- 
ance of Mrs. Bustillo, Ms. Sullivan 
and Mr. Taylor. 

Right: Tariq Remtulla, SamirLalani, 
Mercedes Stephenson, Andrew Nelson, 
Khalid Kurji and JigneshPatel prepare for the 
Bowness/ Imperial Oil Invitational Debating 
Tournament, at which Samir and Khalid 
placed first in the Senior Beginner category, 
and Mercedes and Andrew placed third in 

Well done, debaters! 


Over the Easter break, senior S.T.S. 
debaters Safiya Karim, Faizal 


\K Caroline Baldwin came to S.T.S. in 
1997 from Squamish, B.C. A former nurse, 
she taught science and chemistry, and 
coached the junior 'B* girls' basketball 
teams during her two years here. In May. 
she gave birth to Renata, and since has 
moved to Victoria with her husband, an 
English professor at UVic. 

Mr. Gary Bauman has been a part of S.T.S. 
for 28 years, as an elementary homeroom 
teacher, coach, and most recently a junior 
high math and social studies teacher. He 
now retires to a quieter life, at home with his 
wife Marlys. Student support for Mr. 
Bauman was evidenced by the standing 
ovation he received at Prizegiving. 

Mr. Bill Jones has been the Head of 
Senior High at S.T.S., moving here from 
Brooks seven years ago. He has taught 
English and CALM, and has led many 
outdoor trips, treasuring those which 
allowed him to be on his mountain bike! 
Mr. Jones has been an advocate for his 
students on countless occasions, and has 
guided so many of them in their post- 
secondary choices. He has been ap- 
pointed Head of School at Southridge 
School in White Rock, B.C. 


Mrs. Donna Sundstrom has been an elemen- 
tary French teacher since 1989. Her work has 
been a family affair: husband Vern is a 
frequent substitute in the elementary, and son 
Kyle is a grad this year. Mme. Sundstrom may 
be retiring, but look for her to return for visits 
and perhaps as a substitute! 

Mrs. Tracy Thorbjornsen was a member of the S.T.S. 
class of 1985, and joined the staff in November 19^7 as 
the new receptionist. She will be remembered for her 
incredible ability to keep track of all of the students in 
all parts of the school. She leaves us to w ork out of 
her home with her husband. Garry, and two young 



Left to right: Mr. Bill Jones (Senior High), Mr. Gordon 
Freight (Headmaster), Mrs. Sharon Gibson (Elemen 
tary), Mr. Keith Stanslield (Junior High ) 

Mrs. Bonnie 1 lewson, Administrative Assistant to I lead oi 
School, and Mrs. Tracy Thorbjornsen, Receptionist, are the 
first faces many people encounter entering S I S 



Left to rmhf Mrs. Kaye Mellon, Mrs. Michelle Spencer, Left to right: Mrs. Kelly Matthews. Mrs. Evelyn 

Mrs. Jackie Roberts Neighbour, Mrs. Wendy Benson 

Missing: Mrs. Brenda Morgan 


Left to right: Mrs. Carol Skelly, Mrs. Patricia Wrinch, Mrs. 
Mary Laughren 



Left to right: Mrs. Peggy Bumanis, Mrs. Jenny Owens, Left to right: Mrs. Joan Sveen, Mrs. Sharon Gibson, 
Mrs. Kathy Marinakos Mrs. Carrie Duncan-Moore, Ms. Melinda Baker, Ms. 

Lisa Fabbro, Mrs. Clara Watson, Mrs. Frances MacLean 


Left to right: Mrs. Lay no Clarke, Mrs. Pat Ropchan 



Back row: Mr. Blayne Addley, Mr. Glenn Odland (curriculum 
leader), Mr. Bill Taylor 



1 74944 59 


Left to right: Mr. Allan Repp, Mrs. 
Suzanne Colborne (curriculum leader), 
Mr. Gerry Prost, Ms. Debra Carlson 


Front row: Mrs. Nola Adam, Mrs.Tina Ierakidis 

Back row: Mr. Gary Bauman, Mr. Bill Lorfing, Mr. Henk 
Koning, Mr. Sandy Orsten (curriculum leader) 


Left to right: Mr. John Tottenham, Ms. Judy Golds worthy 
(curriculum leader), Mr Gordon Freight. Ms. Julie 
Carscadden, Mr. Claudio Numa, Mrs. Donna Sundstrom, 

Ms. Celine Danis 
Missing: Mrs. Susana Bustillo (maternity leave) 

Left to right: Mr. Jim Preston ( hanging ), Mr. Wayne 
Colborne, Mr. Chris Thompson, Mr. James Walls. Mr. 
Joel Chalifoux, Ms. Tracy Muir (below ), Mrs. Lori 
McCarthy. Mrs. Wendy Rodney ( curriculum leader) 


Front: Mr. Henk Koning, Mr. Bill Lot ting, Ms. Helen Harper. 
Ms. Caroline Baldwin. Mr. I )a\ id Milne- Ives (curriculum 

Back: Mrs. Vera Alger. Mr. Don Johnson. Mrs. Lori 
McCarthy, Mr. Greg Bonn 



U a to right: Mr. Bruce Wilson, Mr. Keith Stansfield, 
Ms. Julie Carscadden, Mrs. Wendy Rodney, 
Mr. Jack Hay, Mr. Gerry Blais, Mr. Gary Bauman 

Left to right: Mr. Dale Roth, Mrs. Pamela Perkins, 
Ms. Sharon Ewachow 

Do you recognize your teachers out of school? 



"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new 

- Jean Houston 

1 lappiness? It is an illusion to think that more comfort means more happiness. 
Happiness comes from a capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, 
to risk life, to be needed." 

- Unknown 

"The little things are infinitely the most important." 

- Sherlock Holmes 

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - 
1 took the one less traveled by 
And that has made all the difference." 

- Robert Frost 

Catherine Abbott 


Carolyn I 





Its a Thrower's World 

"When you're as great as I 
am, it's hard to be humble.' 

Muhammad Ali 

'"A foolish man tells a 
woman to stop talking so 
much: a tactful man tells 
her that her mouth is 
extremely beautiful when 
her lips are closed." 
- Unknown 

"Never lend you car to 
anyone to whom you 
have given birth." 
- Erma Bombeck 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll 
4 die today." 

- Unknown 

"Happiness is not having 
what you want. It's 
wanting what you have." 
- Unknown 


Mom and Dad : I can't thank you two 
enough for all you two have done for me. 
You pushed me when I needed pushing and 
you helped me when I needed helping. You 
have both given me a life that I am grateful 
for. You have shown me the world and 
shown me how to deal with it. I thank you 
with all of my heart. On a lighter note, I 
just wanted to say that it will only be a few 
more years till you have all of us kids out 
of the house. Try to hold the joy back. 
Thanks again and I love you. 

Shawn and Andrew : What would I have 
been without you two. Simple, not bruised 
and battered. Just joking. I just wanted to 
thank both of you for helping me through 
this part of my life. Thanks, and I love ya! 
I wish ya both the best. 

Harry and Betty : H & B. You have given me a lot of memories and stories to remember over the years. I just want to 
thank you for all you have done for me. I really appreciate it. I will remember everything for the rest of my life, even 
Andrew's sucking up to Betty! 

To all my friends in school: 

Dennis, thanks for everything. I wish you the best and I hope to see ya soon! Dave, SLOW DOWN DAVE, YOU'RE 
GOING TOO FAST!, just jokin'. Talk to ya later. Nads: I miss ya tons and I hope to see ya soon. 

Thanks for entertaining me on the bus, eh! Ishii: Ishii man, WASSUP! What the dilly-o! Wick: Thanks for 
everything and see ya soon at MP's. May Emilia live on (Big, big girl). John: Thanks for all your love 

man. What would I have done without you on that bus. The Browns: Thanks for everything guys. Alki. Fi/. P. 
Shami (a.k.a. Monkey man!), you guys da bomb! 

Everyone else: I'm sorry if I left you out, but thanks to everyone for helping in any such way over these past 2 \ cars. 
To all my friends out of school: 

Scott: Thanks for everything. I owe ya! May Jack live on and trust me, the fields of lire will soon come. Bruno: All 
I can say is that you are pretty fly for a white guy! Amanda: Thanks for everything. Remember, keep the 
GOOD times comin'. Later. Darris: D-man. Thanks for everything. Wish ya the best man. PEA( I ' 

Tyler: Thanks man. What would the summer have been without BC. We be goin' this year too! Keep the tunes 
pumpin'. Everyone else: I want to thank all of ya! May the parties continue!!!! 

Live your Life " 
(Puff Daddy) 



Where is this place we call our home'.' 
What holds the space where all stars roam ? 
1 sit here thinking about the origin of life. 
And that which creates all of our strife. 
Wonder and confusion are not strange to me. 
For there's many things 1 have yet to see. 
Will my questions ever become clear? 
Can 1 explain all that I fear'.' 
This question must sit. for the moment, untold. 
While life goes on, and my mind grows old. 
Then maybe someday I'll discover the truth. 
To the secrets of our convoluted youth. 
Written bv Adam Bruce 


I'm not arguing with you - I'm telling you 
- J. Whistler 


"'... then I decided that I 
was a lemon for a couple of 
weeks. I kept myself 
amused all that time jump- 
ing out of a gin and tonic' 
Arthur cleared his throat, 
and then did it again. 
'Where, he said, did you...?' 
"Find a gin and tonic?' said 
Ford brightly. 'I found a 
small lake that thought it 
was a gin and tonic, and 
jumped in and out of that. 
At least, I think it thought it 
was a gin and tonic' 
'I may', he added with a 
grin which would have sent 
sane men scampering into 
the trees, 'have been imag- 
ining it.'" 

- Douglas Adams 

"As though to breathe 
were life." 

- Tennyson 


It's a great day for hockey 
- Bob Johnson 

Second Place is the First Loser 
- No Fear 






"Do not search outside 

- Persius 


'It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all' 

"Stand up for what you 
believe is right, even if 
von .lit' standing alone. 
Remember il vou don'l 
stand lor something 
vou will tail lor an\ 

The Invitation 

It doesn't interest me what you do for a living 
I want to know what you ache for 
And if you dare to dream of meeting your 
heart's longing. 

It doesn't interest me how old you are. 

I want to know if you will risk looking like a 


for love 

for your dream 

for the adventure of being alive. 

it doesn't interest me what planets are squaring 

your moon... 

I want to know if you have touched the center 

of your own 


if you have been open to life's betrayals 

or have become shrivelled and closed 

from fear of further pain. 

I want to know if you can sit with pain 

mine of your own 

wihout moving to hide it 

or fade it 

or fix it. 

I wnat to know if you be with joy 
mine or your own 

if you can dance with with wilderness 

and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your 

fingers and toes 

without cautioning us to 

be careful 

be realistic 

to remember the limitations of being human 
it doesn't interest me if the story vou are telling 

is true. 

I want to know if you can 

disappoint another 

to be true to yourself. 

If you can bear the accusation of betra\ al 

and not betray your own soul 

If you can be faithless 

and therefore trustworthy 

I want to know if you can see beauty 

even when it is not pretty 


And if you can source your own life 
from its presence 

I want to know it y ou can live with failure 
yours and mine and still stand on the edge of 
the lake 

and shout to the silver ot the tull moon 


It doesn't interest me 

to know where you live or how much nione\ 
you ha\ e 

I want to knoyv if you can get up alter the night 

of grief and despair 

weary and bruised to the bone 

and do what needs to be done 

to leed the children 

It doesn't interest me who y ou know 

or how you came to be here 

I want to know if you will stand 

in the centre of fire 

with me 

and not shrink back 

It doesn't interest me when.' or what or with 

you have studied 

I want to know what sustains you 

from the inside 

when alt else falls away 

I want to know it vou can be alone 

with yourself 

and if you truly like the company vou keep 
in the empty moments 

Oriah Mountain Dreamer 
May IW4 

Dennis Diaconescu 

^avecM , ncoe ^at cA>c<geWe^ can -ft^e- 
oar mvoal . -^oVd Har\^M 

ifen one c'afT^pnbeca -\V\aY v^e are a\\ 
^nod •) wq&teaes disappear and Wre 
^ancfe explained -VAar^ IvMaio 

- Sir Arthur Conan 

"O that moon last 
night! No wonder 
everyone needs 
an afternoon 


"Sitting quietly, doing 
nothing spring comes 
and the grass grows 
by itself." 


It is deep autumn: 
My neighbor... 
How does he live, 
I wonder" 


Jill Johanna Green 

joanna haines 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

"Happiness is as a butterfly which, 
when pursued, is always beyond our 
grasp, but which, if you will sit down 
quietly, may alight upon you." 

- Nathaniel Hawthorne 

"Life would be infinitely happier if we 
could only be born at the age of eighty 
and gradually approach eighteen." 

Shahine Honssein 

"Life is a succession of lessons which 
must be lived to be understood." 

"Everyone gets two kinds of educa- 
tion: one which is provided by others, 
and another, much more important, 
which comes from yourself." 

"Education: that which discloses to the 
wise and disguises from the foolish 
their lack of understanding." 


; out! Here comes the TOME!!'' "Me? Dye MY hair? That's the craziest 

- Cody and Shelley ting I ever heard!" 



"Well, I never walked 
I just learned to fly..." 





N N 

"As we wind on down the road, our shadows 
taller than our soul..." 

- Jimrm Page 

And love called to all, music is magic." 

"Some people come into our lives and 
quickly go. Others stay and leave foot- 
prints on our hearts and we are never ever 
the same." 


"We make a living by what we get 
We make a life by what we give." 

"Our greatest glory consists not in never 
failing, but in rising every time we fail." 

"If you judge people, you have no time 
to love them." 

-Mother Teresa 

Al-Karim Khimji 

"We are all worms, but I do believe 
I am a glowworm." 

- Winston Churchill 

"Dream as if you'll live forever; live as if 
you'll die today" 

- James Dean 

"Every closed eye is not sleeping 
and every open eye is not seeing." 
- Bill Cosby 

In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the 

"The difference between 
stupidity and genius is that 
[ genius has limits." 

- Albert Einstein 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if 
you miss you will land 
among the stars." 
- Les Brown 

"Life is a great and noble 
calling, not a mean and 
groveling thing to be shuffled 
through as best we can, but a 
lofty and exalted destiny." 
- Memoirs of the Aga Khan 

"Life is like a game of cards; 
the hand that is dealt vou 
represents determinism; the 
way you play it is free will." 
- Jaw aharlal Nehru 


\\ hen you start to get the weebles 
and the w abbles, \ on may as well go 
eae yourself and tret back in the 

\ l.u kimmie 

It onh happens to the HC's Wallis.' 
- Matt Williams 

AM 1 * KOVIT^ 

1 /'/- 

T was a horse." 

- Cindy Horton 

"Yo Tommy baby, where are 
your boots?" 

- Jill Richardson 

"1 don't understand why people 
run now, much less at all." 
- Tricia Howatt 

kovit/, it's my birthday 
and all I wanna do is try on 
your retainer." 

- Jordan Morgan 

An honest brew makes its 
own friends." 

- John Molson 

"So lemme get this straight, 
vou're going out, but you're 
not actually going any- 

- Nancy Weddell 

'Ho - min- urn?' 
- Dr. Evil 

"... and I don't wanna be the 
woman, except on the odd 
occasion of wearing woman's 
underwear, which, as we've 
discussed, is strictly for 

- Homer Simpson 

"Me? Have a boyfriend?' 
- Joanna Haines 

'D.A.A.M. Cheers guys" 

"A Dream is a Dream That 
One Must Pursue 
To Whatever Extent Your 
Passion May Demand 
Even To The Taking Of Your 
Precious Life." 

- Lazar Velev 

- Glen Sather 

1 hose w ho hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like 
s the} will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 

"Tor I know the plans I have for you', 
declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you 
and not harm you, plans to give you 
hope and a future.'" Jeremiah 29:11 

Alissa Mackie 

You don't know what you can do until you try. 

I if L - is not ,i problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed 




oil catch 

"I listor\ lus pro\ en (. ,ou ne\ er gi\ en 
anyone a dream without also including the 
power to achieve that dream; it is up to us to 
claim that power and go after that dream, or 
claim that it was only a dream." - Larry Bennett 



If the game shakes me or breaks me, 

I hope it makes me a better man, 

Take a better stand, 

Put money in my mom's hand, 

Get my daughter that college plan, 

So she don't need no man. 

Stay far from timid, 

Only make moves when your heart's in it, 
And live the phrase "Sky's the Limit"... 

-Notorious B.I.G. 

"Give the world the best you have 
and the best will come back to 

'Stand firm in your refusal 
o remain conscious during 
\lgebra. In real life, I 
issure you, there is no 
,uch thing as Algebra." 



"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. 
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." 

"We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in 
our travels is an honest friend." - Robert Louis Stevenson 

Yesterday is history, 
Tomorrow is a 
Today is a gift, 
That's why it's called 
the Present 
- Unknown 


The crew will 
never sell out. 
- CM., R.W., 

1 35 


True friendship 

comes when 

between two 

people is comfortable. 


rhe best mind-altering drug is Truth 
-Lil\ Tomlin 

'B ut Faisal. .. you ' re perfect ! " 

"If I ever become a psychopath, 
she' s the first one I'm going to kill . 

"I'm torn between ethics and my reality ." 
- The one and only Simji 

"Wisdom tells me I am 
nothing, love tells me I 
am everything. Between 
the two, my life flows." 
-An Indian Master 

"I can' t wait until our 
1 Oth reunion when we 
have a big party and I 
can come back and tell 
you guys how many 
people I've killed, 
because I'm going to be 
a trained assassin." 
- Chris Charrett 

ip - you 

must be the one 
they speak 

"If I spoke Latin, you'd be a Stupidus 
Moronus. That' s Latin for "Stupid Moron, 



I do not know what I may appear to the world: 

but to my self I seem to have been only 

like a boy playing on the seashore, 

and diverting myself in now and then finding 

a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than 

ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay 

all undiscovered before me. 



"There's a feeling I get when I look 
to the West and my spirit is crying 
for leaving." - Led Zeppelin 

"My father always taught me that if you 
haven't got anything else, the cheapest 
thing in the world is good manners." 

- Ozzy Osborne 

"If we had a thousand dollars we'd be 
millionaires." - Homer Simpson 

"We are just prisoners here, of our 
own device." - The Eagles 

"The story of life is quicker than the wink "Don't walk in front of me, I may not 

of an eye, the story of love is hello and follow. Don't walk behind me, I may 

we. Until we meet again..." not lead. Walk beside me, and be my 

- Jimi Hendrix friend." - Albert Camus 


"Reality continues to 
ruin my life." 
- Calvin 


"'s something I 
picked up in 'Nam.' 
- Max Dock! 


Mercedes Stephenson 


Kyle Sundst^pm 

|)ome people are nothing 
jit passages for food." 

"If you have a difficult task, give it 
to a lazy man and he'll find an easier 


1 1 Nil 


1 w ent into a McDonald's yesterday and said, 'I'd like some fries.' The girl at the counter said, 'Would you like f 
w ith that?" - Jay Leno 

[Tie vi oods are lovely, 
dark and deep. 
But 1 have promises to keep, 
\nd miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep. 

- Robert Frost 

David Tan 


If life's a big joke, I just don't get it.' 
- Jack Handy 

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want" 
- Bill Watterson 

"Who so loves believes the 

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning 


"Sunshine, love, 
expectation, and hope: 
the four best things in 
the world." 
- Fearsome Foursome 

'Struggle is the meaning of life; victory 
and defeat are in the hands of God." 
- Sultan Mohammed Shah 

'I am sweet and innocent." 

"When you feel like hope is gone. Look inside and be strong 

And you'll finally see the truth, Thai a hero lies in you." - Mariah ( 'arey 


Megan Thomson 

Friendship, is a very 
bmforting sort of thing 
b have." 

A. A. Milne 

"No bird soars too 
high, if he soars with 
his own wings." 
- William Blake 


"Art is not a thing, 
It is a way of life." 

"Do not w alk in front of me, 
1 ma\ not follow; 
Do not walk behind me, 
1 ma\ not lead; 
Walk beside me, 
and just be my friend." 
- Albert Camus 

"All that we see or seem, 
is but a dream within a 

- Edgar Allan Poe 

"One must have chaos inside oneself to give birth to a rising star... - Nietchze...To Mom and Dad... thank you... I Love you... 
Trying to understand modem art is like trying to Mow the lot in a bowl of alphabet soup."... To Ashim, always my baby broths 
may all of your dreams come true... "A vandal is one who breaks through a window. An artist is one who paints a picture on die 
indow. A great artist is one who paints a picture on the window, and then throws a brick through it." ... To my friends from the 
past I hold you close to my heart, you've made me what I am. Thank you... 



I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every 
n i n ute of it!" - Unknown 

"They say the secret of success is 
being at the right place at the 
right time, but since you never 
know the right time is going to 
be, I figure the trick is to find the 
right place and stick around!" 

- Calvin 

"Diplomacy is the art of saying 
'nice doggy' until you can find a 

- Anonymous 

"The brain is a wonderful organ: it 
starts working the moment you get 
up in the morning and does not 
stop until you get to school." 

- Unknown 

ou choke a smurf, what color does it turn?" - Steven Wright 

Lindsay Noelle Whitehead 

"Some people come into our lives and 
go quickly. Others stay for awhile and 
leave footprints on our hearts and we 
are never the same." 
- Author unknown 



""Society should learn from the 
\ in and yang of harmony 
inherent to the black-and-white 

- Jerry Seinfeld 

"The trouble with officials 
is they just don't care who 

- Tommy Canterbury, 
156 Basketball Coach 

"I could never play in New York. The first time I 
ever came into a game there, I got into the bullper 
car and they told me to lock the doors.." 
- Mike Flanagan, Baltimore Orioles Pitcher 

"When a coach is hired, he's fired. The 
date just hasn't been filled in yet." 
- CM. Newton, Basketball Coach 

"I went to a fight the 
other night and a hockey 
game broke out." 

- Rodney Dangerfield 

Leanne Wierzba 

"And for a moment in my heart 
I feel that spring has come." 
- The Pillow Book ofSei Shonagon 

"If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure is not to 
dream less but to dream more, to dream all the 

- Marcel Proust 

1 59 


On Friday, March 26, 1 999, 38 grade eleven students and three teacher chaperones ventured 
off on an Eastern Universities Tour. On this trip we gained an appreciation for the number of 
excellent universitites that are available to us in Ontario and Quebec. Not only were we able to 
envision ourselves at certain schools, but we were more than eager to leave our high school 
years behind us and join in the fun a year early . 

Along with touring the various universities, we had time to sightsee, relax, and - our favourite - 
spend time with friends. Between visiting the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, enjoying fine 
dining at Mr. Numa' s brother' s restaurant in Montreal , and hanging out at the pool, our days 
were never dull. 

Ms. Harper, Mr. Numa, and Mrs. Skelly were terrific chaperones, at times having to answer 38 
questions all at once. Without them, this trip would not have been the same. 

by Alexandra Bell and Nicole Burns, grade 1 1 


I am always impressed by the qualities it takes to succeed in the artroom. Commitment drives everything... it also takes a 
mature, focused, organized, resourceful and bright student to envision and create her work. "Everyday there is opportunity. 

Everyday in Art you are testing yourself and your skills. " 

Art comes together best when driven by a strong sense of spirit and passion. This class created a unique studio environmen 
where each girl mattered. The girls supported each other in their work and in the many layers of experience that takes place 
in the student's graduating year. Their hangout was no longer in the rotunda. These girls made their home in their studio. 
Art 30 has become a stronger course because of this group. Their energy, spirit and quality of work is the new benchmark. 



These students may never become visual artists in the future. But what they takeaway from this class is the 
knowledge that they are caring and they matter. With these attributes, they can imagine, dream and create. 
whatever I i fe they choose. 

Thank you Art 30, for a great year. You have a permanent place in my heart. 
- Ms. D. Carlson 

One last look at 1999.