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in 2014 

Message from the 

Head of School 

The 2002 / 2003 school year at STS has inevitably been dominated by the avalanche which so tragically 
took the lives of our seven young Grade 10 students on 1st February, 2003. The magnitude of their loss 
and the significance to our community and particularly to their families has been overwhelming. We 
dedicate this yearbook to these seven beautiful young people in the knowledge that they would want us to 
celebrate their lives, to grieve with their families and support them in whatever ways we can, and then to 
move forward. Through the dark cloud that has hung over all that we have undertaken since the tragedy 
has shone the spirit of purpose and strong resolve that so characterizes our School; a determination to 
progress, to achieve, to share, to contribute and to remember. 

Over the course of a school year, there are so many successes and achievements that the Yearbook 
Committee have to consider, so many experiences people want recorded, so many images they want 
preserved. 2002/2003 has indeed been both a year of tragedy but also one of remarkable achievement. 
For each and every student and teacher in this school, there are different memories and priorities. This 
record is a tribute to all who have been with us this year and to the extraordinary diversity of activities and 
experiences that we have been engaged in. This School is blessed with so much talent and so much 
energy that the task of creating a true record is indeed daunting. Our thanks to Ms. Baker, Ms. Bridge, 
Ms. Dudek, Ms. Janiga-Price and their team of students for taking on this task and achieving such 

Tony Macoun 

Published in Canada 
Printed in USA 

Ben Albert Daniel Ara to Scott Broshko 

Seven Snow Angels 

These days have been hard 

For all our souls and hearts 

You have been taken 

Away from us 

So much grief has spread 

Memories of you 

Fill our heads 

As you will always be remembered in our hearts 
Forever young 

Seven Snow Angels taken from earth 

Into Heaven's light 

With laughter and smiles 

They filled our lives 

Seven Snow Angels, Angels of God 

Flowers piling high 

Tears in our eyes 

We're not yet ready 

To say goodbye 

The laughs you shared 

With those for whom you cared 

Will be remembered 

In all our prayers 

We know that you will watch over us 
Our Seven Angels of Love 

Seven Snow Angels taken from earth 

Into Heaven's light 

With laughter and smiles 

They filled our lives 

Seven Snow Angels, Angels of God 

Seven Snow Angels, our Angels of love 

- Claire Hoyer 
Class of 2004 


Terry Fox Flag 

9 kilometers done, 1 to go! 

Terry Fox 

This year, once again, the Terry Fox Run was a huge success, raising a record amount of money for the 
Canadian Cancer Society. School spirit and support from the STS community was evident when the prefects 
held a contest to see which class could raise the most money for this worthy cause. The costumes were great 
too and there were a lot of famous singers "running" around. - Zoe Suche 

Right: Warming up for 
the big run 

Below: On your marks, 
Get set, GO! 



Bottom row (L-R): Tahir Merali, Ian Black, Mark Bensler, Mr. Odland 

Middle row (L-R): Sarah Wilson, Julia Kerrigan, Angie Dilawri, Shauna Dave, Fahreen Kurji, 
Jaspreet Khangura 

Top row (L-R): Jenna Meth, John Taboika, Teresa Ierakidis 
Absent: Jonny Nikolic, Nicole Ross, Meecher Ayi 

Junior High Council 


Grade 7: Sam Haines Kirstie Hood, Joanne Sadler (absent), Stephanie Lewis 
Grade 8: Rachel Foss, Laura Olsen, Tamsin Wilson, Brent Crawford 

Grade 9: Lyndsey Kiser, Christine Freight, Jacque Sole, Jessica Murphy, Paul Edwards, Lauren Storwick, Sarah Lowry, 
Kaili Cashin 

Teachers: Ms. Adam (absent), Ms. McDonald 

Grade 6 Leadership 

eft to right: Andrea Olsen, Carley Hamel, Britt Lloyd, 
jishley Adamson, Shelby Thompson, Joel Lowry, Carleen 
[ooney, Meike Radler, Stuart Armstrong, Nii Amah Ayi 


Council (LC.E) 

left to right: Alex Romanow, Kati Thrasher, Jake Martin, 
Teather Smith, Zoe Suche, Tanya Smith, Dana Collicutt, 
Matthew Brown, Alex Kiser, Julian Mannix 

Public Relations 

Left to right: Mark Peacock, Ryan Lee, Garrett McCoy, 
Brett McNevin, Mickaela Nixon, Baillie Guichon, Leah Van 
Sant, Daniel Daklala, Sydney Johnson, Haley Shaw 

Fun and Fitness 

Left to right: Sarah Dunstan, Taylor Kitchen, Heather Ross, 
Tyson Denhamer, Amar Ruparell, Madison Gorsche, 
Kirsten Hanson, Rachel Roskey, Lauren Joe 

O.E. Trips 

Grade 9 Backpack Trip 


O.E. Trips 

OE 25/10 Leadership Trip 

OE Trips 


Marti McKay Week 

African Drums with David Thiaw 


African Dance with Christie Preston 


Yearbook Committee 

Front Row: L-R Billy Beacom, Baillie 
Guichon, Haley Shaw, Zoe Suche, 
Michaela Nixon Back Row: L-R Ms. 
Bridge, Samantha Rocker, Aleema Jamal, 
Katelyn Woodford, Vanessa Mannix, 
David Nixon, Ms. Dudek, Ms. Price Other 
Members Absent: Ms. Baker, Kevin 
Lemke, Denise D'Avella, Cassie Prentice, 
Meghan Bridges, Colin Sproule 
Yearbook cover design by: Spencer Purdy 

The Yearbook Committee at- 
tended a workshop at Western 
Canada High School in Septem- 
ber to learn about photography, 
editing and design. The students 
have contributed countless hours 
since to complete this 

Thank yon for a job well done! 


Fencing Club 

Left to right: Ms. Sullivan, Rohan Ghatage, Taylor 
Luna, Keita Saito, Dylan Stansfield, Samantha 
Hart, Tori D'Avella, Carolyn Gray 

Jr. Debate Club 

■y- — 

The Junior Debate Club meets Tuesdays after 
school. The debate coach, Mr. Boulianne, gives us 
a wide scope of experience which brings lots of 

Humanitarian Outreach 

Environmental Club 

If we don't care, who will? 

The Environment Club has 
many activities including 
recycling paper and popcans, 
composting, winter bird 
feeding and spring planting. 
The Outdoor Classroom is a 
place to experience hands-on 

Ashley Adamson 
won the 
Ken Headrick 
Environment Club 
award in June 2002 

Mr. Taylor helps 
students take care of 
birds in birdboxes 
around the School 

supports the 
Environment Club 


Christy Worsley Junior High Short Story Contest 

2002-2003 Winner: Meaghan Bridges, Grade 8 

An excerpt from "Journey to Earth" 

A child woke up from her sleep and looked out 
into the world. The sun was just rising over the 
horizon in the South. Grass was gently swaying in 
the wind, tangling with nearby wildf lowers. The sea 
was silently crashing onto the sand, with everything 
in its path being lost. A wild rooster crowed, and 
the new day had begun. 

The child's name was Ocean. Quietly, she crept 
over to where the next family slept. Another child 
was tossing and turning on his mattress. "Landon, 
can you sleep?" she whispered. 

Locke Senior High Short Story Contest 

2002-2003 Winner: Kaylee Milne, Grade 11 
An excerpt from "Wet Pavement" 

When I was younger, I hated the rain. Rain 
always meant that I had to stay inside. Inside where 
everything was dark. The carpets were brown, the 
curtains were gray. Whenever it rained I longed to 
be outside, and whenever it was nice outside I 
longed to be in. I've always been like that -- 

When I was younger, I would sit cross-legged 
on the carpet in front of the sliding glass doors that 
led out onto the patio and watch the rain. Each 
drop, perfectly formed, fell from the heavens — all 
that way — to only crash to the ground and vanish 
instantly, all shape and complexity lost. I noticed 
that rain just turned into pavement. 






Distorted Self-Portrait Grade 8 

Quinn Singer Leslie Cassidy Taylor Cornelson 

Object Study Grade 9 

Krista Crawford Carolyn Lemke Sarah Lowry 

Blind Contour Self-Protrait 

Grade 10 

Erin Peplinski Will Johnson Kathryn Stewart 

Genevieve Mateyko Meghan Gibson Jeremy Ho 


Andra Mannix 

Painting Series 

Grade 12 



Girls U15 

Girls U15 soccer team win the Silver Division Champions in Victoria, B.C. 

Raisa Kanji, Laura Olsen, Cathrine Nelson, Kayla Unrau 

Ms. Muir,. Erin Hulme, Kate Gapp, Kaili Cashin, Valerie Siddon, Jenna Thompson, 

Krista Crawford, Kathryn Shaw, Jessica Gray, Lisa Rosengarten, Sarah Lowry, Kathrine Olsen, Mr. Numa 
Absent: Candice Armstrong 

I will always remember my trip to Victoria with the U-15 Girls Soccer Team. I had a ton of fun! There were many 
memorable experiences, and one I will never forget was the whale watching trip. Even though we didn't see any 
whales, we saw hundreds of porpoises and sea lions. Our team improved greatly over the three day tournament, and 
we were unstoppable. I met new people, and became better friends with others. This was definitly an experience of a 
lifetime! - Sarah Lowry 


Junior B Girls 

Bottom row (L-R): Kayla Unrau, Christy McCaig 

Middle row (L-R): Eve Purdy, Jackie Wilson, Laura Olsen, 

Raisa Kanji, Megan Fitzpatrick, Beth McFarlane 

Top row (L-R): Safia Nazarali, Quinn Singer, Kate Gapp, 

Katie Ruddy, Allison Thompson 

This year's volleyball season finished exceptionally well. We 
played in two tournaments; finishing third at Senator Patrick 
Burns and then coming first place at the Rally Point 12 team 
tournament. We ended up coming first in the league and then 
went on to play in the divisional championships, where we 
won for the first time ever in STS history. 

Junior A Girls 

Bottom row (L-R): Alex 
Thompson, Annika Green 
Second row (L-R): Kathryn 
Shaw, Erin Hulme, 
Courtney Morgan, Krista 

Thrid row (L-R): Jacque 
Sole, Erin Fan, Catherine 

Top row (L-R): Kaili Cashin, 
Sarah Lowry, Lauren 
Storwick, Jessica Gray, 
Kate Tucker 

Junior Varsity Women Senior Varsity Women 

Front row.(L-R): Caitlin Williams, Corky Van Seggelen, 
Amanda Shaw, Katie Mulherin, Kim Ball, Elyse Jacobson 
Back row (L-R): Mme Goldsworthy, Laura Sweett, 
Margaux Ullett, Amy Columbos, Erin Peplinski, 
Julianne Bauer, Val Siddon, Mrs. Perkins, Andra Mannix 

Front row(L-R): Ashley Johnson, Alex Bascom, Justine Wilson, 
Meryn Grant, Alex McFarlane 

Back row(L-R): Jennifer Gunning, Salina Teja, Kathryn Gray, 
Claire Hanna, Leah Staples, Carsten Stanjeck 

After winning several tournaments (including the Western 
Canadian Independant Schools Volleyball Championship), 
coming first in league, going undefeated through our regional 
and zone championships, we suffered a heartbreaking loss in 
the provincial finals (Taber) to bring home the silver medal for 
the third year in a row. 



Junior B Boys 

Bottom row (L-R): Jordan Collicut, Joey Kendal, Matt Danby, 
Mitchell Bunn, Mark Posten, Brent Crawford, Mr. Frehlich 


Top row (L-R): Jeff Kendal, Adam Zywotkiewicz, Daniel Foster, 
Nick Suche, Christo Paulson, Bram Cole, Jonathan DeVries 

The Grade 7/8 volleyball team had a very successful season. 
They placed first in the league, won the Senator Patrick Burns 
tournament, and advanced to the regional tournament. The 
team was successful because they were consistent. If the 
match was close and the "chips were down" we always came 
out on the winning side. 

Junior A Boys 

Bottom row (L-R): Paddon Thompson, John Carter, Jack 
Hansen, Devon Livingstone, Paul Edwards 
Top row (L-R): Ben Fairbanks, Patrick Heysel, William 
Wilson, Kevin Alto, Joe Dixon, Alan Carter 
Missing: Mr. C. Numa, Mr. H. Koning 
Our team was coached by Mr. Numa and Mr. Koning. We 
won some games, but no matches. We improved a lot. We 
participated in tournaments in Red Deer and Calgary. We 
finished 6th out of 10 teams in Red Deer. As only 3 teams 
could go to Zones, we were out! But, the third team was 
unable to go, so we made it to Zones and went to Strathmore. 
We played our best volleyball at Zones. 

Junior Varsity Mens 

Bottom to top: Ben Albert, John Tabaka, Kevin Unrau, Michael 
Shaw, Conrad Mulherin, Jeff Trickett, Catlin Bartman, Erik 
Christensen, Scott Broshko, Johnathan Crosson, Steven 
Nelson, Imran Raghavji 
Coach: Mr. Ken MacKenzie 

Senior Varsity Mens 

Front row(L-R): Edwin Marmont, Jon Ryer, Jonny Nikolic (c), 

Tony Charrett, Ian Black 

Middle row(L-R): Duncan Birt, Shahid Jiwani 

Back row(L-R): Michael Haslett, Meecher Ayi (Captain), Dale 

Roth (Coach), Kevin Lemke, Jim Fairbairn 

Missing: Frank Hewitt, Craig Jones (Assistant Coach) 

The Senior Boys Volleyball Team had an enjovable and 
successful year. They placed third at the Rundle College 
Tournament, first at Canmore, first at regionals and a 
pleasing third after some very dramatic and injurv- 
prone matches. 

Cross Country 

Cross-Country Team 

Cross-Country Team 

Bottom row (L-R): Kimberley Ball, Will Johnson 

Top row (L-R): Tom Plett, Chris Evans, Frank Hewitt, Laura 

Schmitt, Anna Warshawski, Barb Reikie, Jeff Shannon 

Bottom row (L-R): Nicole Ross, Morgan Setka, Kasey Milani, 

Dan Johnson, Kimberley Ball, Spencer Purdy 

Middle roio (L-R): Tahir Merali, Khalid Alibhai, Will Johnson, 

Anna Warshawski, Katie Mulherin, Laura Schmitt, Barb 

Reikie, Chris Evans, Gordon Fu 

Top row (L-R): Andrew Ironside, Tom Plett 

Twenty-three Students went to Divisionals in Oilfields and 22 qualified to go to Zones. Medals to Barbara Reikie - gold; 
Kimberley Ball - bronze; Tom Plett - gold; Frank Hewitt - silver; Laura Schmitt - silver; Meecher Ayi - gold. 
Seventeen students went to Zones in Sundre and 10 have qualified for provincials. Medals to Barbara Reikie - gold; 
Kimberley Ball - silver; Meecher Ayi - gold. Provincial qualifiers: Kimberley Ball, Barbara Reikie, Anna Warshawski, 
Will Johnson, Chris Evans, Tom Plett, Frank Hewitt, Laura Schmitt, Jeff Shannon, Meecher Ayi. Provincials: Barbara 
Reikie - gold medal Junior Girls, Kimberley Ball - bronze medal Junior Girls; the team have outstanding results and 

placed second in the 2A category. 

Girls Golf Team 


Bovs Golf Team 

Girls team: Margaux Ullett, Katherine Rawlinson, Rosanna 
Marmont and Janelle Irvine. They won both the South Central 
Zone Championships and Provincial Championships. 

Boys team: Graham Bogle, Jim Fairbairn, Jon Ryer and Edwin 
Marmont. The boys placed second in both the South Central 
Zones competition and the Provincials. 

Junior Boys Basketball 

U-13 Team 

The U-13 Basketball team's main purpose was to go to the 
U-13 Basketball Tournament in Toronto. The trip was 
supposed to be great but unfortunately the trip was cancelled. 
The players on the team were always energetic and excited to 
play. We participated in a tournament in Okotoks where we 
placed 3rd in the standings. The team was excited to play 
basketball, and came out to all practices. We would like to thank 
Mr. Milne-Ives, Mr. Numa, and Jason Fong for their dedication 
to the U-13 basketball team. 

Back row (L-R): Jeffrey Chan, Mark Posten, Rehan Alibhai, 
Zachary Forrest, Tyson Denhamer, Alexander Romanow, 
Amar Ruparell, Mr. MilneTves 

Front row (L-R): Tom Hansen, Joey Kendal, Faizal Raghavji, 
Nii Amah Ayi, Sean Whitestone, Kyle Christensen, Naheed Jivraj 
Lying Down: Bram Cole 
Absent: Mr. Numa, Jason Fong 

Grade 7/8 Boys Team 

This year's Junior B team was composed of Grade 8s and two 
Grade 7s. Our coaches were Mr. Milne-Ives, Mr. Numa, and 
Jason Fong. Our opening game was at Okotoks where we 
won. Unfortunately, we lost to the same team in our 
semi-final playoff game. Overall our team ended up in 3rd 
place. Thanks to our coaches for a great season! 

Players: Christopher Paulson, Sean Cooney, Mitchell Bunn, 
Ashwin Ramasubbu, Cameron Williams, Eli Diamond- 
Goldberg, Tim Ho, Conor Murphy, Adam Zywotkiewicz, 
Michael Denhamer, Kyle Milino, Andrew Cruess 
Coaches: Mr. Milne-Ives, Mr. Numa, Jason Fong 

Grade 9 Boys Team 


The Grade 9 boys basketball had a poor season, being completelv 
outmatched in their league. Our sparse wins occurred at some of 
the tournaments that we entered. The highlight of our season was 
going to Edmonton, where we lost every game but our last. We 
did have fun though, and got to play in many different 

Back row (L-R): John Taboika (assistant coach), Kevin Alto, 
William Wilson, Patrick Heysel, Mark Harding, Joseph Dickson, 
Mr. Straub (head coach) 

Middle row (L-R): Chris Harker, Jack Hansen, Ben Fairbanks, 
Alim Harji, Bijan Bhimani, Fouad-Hassan Ebrahim 
Front row (L-R): Matt Hanson 

Absent: John Carter, Ronan O'Keene, Charles Parks (assistant 


Junior Girls Basketball 

Grade 7/8 Girls Team 

We started off the season as a very disjointed team. However, after dedicated practices with 
Mr. Clark and Tess Peters, we really came together. We played in one tournament and 
numerous games. We grew closer together and became a great team. 

Back row (L-R): Mr. Clark, Meghan Bridges, Saaraa Premji, Tess Peters, Sarah Graham, 
Kate Gapp, Brittany Reed 

Second row (L-R): Alex Thompson, Nicole Gibson, Safia Nazarali, Ashley Hilton 

Third row (L-Rj.Raisa Kanji, Jackie Wilson. Front row (L-R): Laura Olsen, Krista McCaig 

8/9 Girls Team 

One of our many accomplishments this season was winning the Senator Patrick Burns Tourna- 
ment. We had a strong start, however, our finish did not go as planned. This was a great year. 
We would like to thank Ms. Rohrich and Mr. Sole for putting in the time to help us improve. 

Back row (L-R): Sabrina Uswak, Jacque Sole, Kaili Cashin, Sarah Lowry, Alex Rasko 
Middle row(L-R): Lauren Storwick, Courtney Morgan, Jessica Murphy, Kayla Unrau, 

Ms. Rorich, Mr. Sole, Kathryn Shaw 
Front row (L-R): Catherine Nelson, Jessica Gray, Annika Green, Erin Hulme 

Junior Varsity Basketball 

Junior Varsity Women's Team 

The JV Womens Basketball Team won the consolation final at the Zone Championship Tourna- 
ment after a successful season. The team developed a determined defense that frustrated 
many teams. Other highlights include a championship win at the Duchess Eagles Tournament, 
spectacular on the run passing between "separated at birth twins" Val Siddon and Kim Ball, 
and a stunning reverse lay-up by Amy Columbos in the championship game. 

Back Row: Eleanor McNeil, Amanda Shaw, Amy Columbos, Harleen Bhullar, Kim Ball, 
Val Siddon, Alyssa Manji, Miranda Cruttenden 

Front Row: Katherine Olsen, Anna Warshawski, Caitlin Williams, Alex Abbott, 
Meghan Gibson 

Junior Varsity Men's Team 

The Junior Varsity Men's basketball team had a stellar end to a traumatic season. 
The team captured silver medals at the Divisional Zone Championships. 

Jeff, Dan, Mike, and Broshko, you will be in our hearts forever. 

Back Row.'Matt Sawchuk, Jeremy Ho, Imran Raghavji, Steven Nelson, 
Jeffrey Trickett, Michael Shaw, Scott Broshko, Mr. Nicholson 
Front Row: Michael Harker, Matthew Hirji 
Absent: Kevin Unrau, Daniel Arato, Zahid Sunderani 


Grade 7 Boys Grade 8 Boys 

Back Row: Rohan Ghatage, Eric Vanderberg, Mrs. Ropchan, fj rst row: Jordan Collicutt, Tyler Poffenroth, Mitchell Bunn 

Adam Zywotkiewicz. Faizal Raghavji Second row: Andrew Denhamer. Nick Suche. Jon DeVries, Rehan 

Middle Row: Michael Smith. Jonathan Young. Joey Kendal Alibhai, Ms. Beck 

Front: Sam Garforth-Bles, Sean Whitestone Missing: Christa Paulson and Michael Denhamer. Corky VanSegglen 

Missing: Claire Hanna (Assistant Coach) (Assistant Coach) 

Grade 7 Girls 

Grade 8 Girls 

Back row: Kat Storwick, Laura Young. Mrs. Ropchan. 
Safia Nazarali. Alix Hopwood 

Middle row: Emily Jackson. Eve Purdy. Taylor Van Nest 
Front row: Martina Szabo. Beth McFarlane 
Left: Claire Hanna. Assistant Coach 

First row: Kathryn Shaw. Allison Thompson. Laura Olsen 

Second row: Kate Gapp. Claire Broshko. 

Sheefra Churchill-Smith. Krista Milani. Alyshea Surani. 

Caleigh Kay. Ms. Beck 

Right: Corky VanSegglen. Assistant Coach 

Field Hockey 



Back row: Laura Murphy, Jaspreet Khangura, Siabbhan Ma 
Third row: Toria Setka, Kenyse D'Avella, Fahreen Kurji 
Tiffany Ho, Amanda Shaw, Fatimah Ebrahim, Jocelyn Reike 
Second row: Julia Kerrigan, Sarah Wilson, Teresa Ierakidis, 
Nicole Ross 

Front row: Jamie Benham, Jenna Meth, Fatima Gilani, Lindsey 
Kwasnicha, Maggie Livingstone 
Coach: Ms. Muir 

Back row: Fatimah Rehman, Genevieve Mateko, 

Rosanna Marmont. Erin Peplinski, Lindsay Kotchon, Laura Sweet, 

Elyse Jacobson 

Middle Row: Morgan Setka, Jennifer Gunning, Kaylee Milne, 

Katie Mulherin, Katherine Olsen. Shaila Zaver 

Front Row: Molly Buckner, Kimberley Ball, Claire Hoyer, 

Alex Abbott. Kate English, Christie Gibson 

Absent: Britney Jones, Alyssa Manji, Kathryn Stewart, 

Philippa Ruddy Coaches: Ms. Dorrance, Ms. Bridge 

Junior Team: Mark Nimitz, Matt Halliwell, William Wilson, Mark Lin, Tony Hau, Patrick Heysel, Ronan O Keane, Jon Crosson, 
Erik Christensen, Braden Kwasnicia, Jeff Jamieson, Joe Dickson, John Carter, Daniel Haines, Kevin Unrau, David Heysel, Gordon 
Foo, Spencer Purdy, Ben Fairbanks 

Senior Team: Matt Hart, John Tabaka, John Hewitt (guest player), Simon Trafford, Tim Burns, Graham Bogle, Jeff Shannon, Frank 
Hewitt, Drew Young, Edwin Mormont, Keith Dahlman, Lars Green, Paul James, Meecher Ayi, Jake Gossen, J. P. Smith, Phil 
Wolfsburger, Tom Plett, Vamsi Suresh, Will Hares 

Junior High Life 

Elementary Life 

Grade 1 




* * ■ * 


, mm 


•- * % fh 

This is FUN! 

Top Row (L-R) - Danielle Hart. 
Jack Marshall, Sawara Dhaliwal, 
Christian Farrier, Kendall 
Showers, Michelle Grant 
Middle Row (L-R) - Ms. Prychak, 
Jeremy Rose, Elizabeth Miles, 
Ryan Shah, Tyla Carey. Sara 
Taylor, Thomas Abbott, Mr. 

Front Row (L-R) - Gwendolyn 
James, Leah Chiu, Celeste 
Colborne, Jordan Evans, Maria 
Geddes-Golubev, Kelvin Hau, 
Taylor Davis, Cameron Hands 


Top Row (left to right): Hanna 
Medwid, Nabil Mahmud , John 
Fennell, Madison Milne-Ives, 
Middle Row: Miss Muir, 
Narayan McRae, Scoutt 
Palframan, Tristan Stanjeck, 
Bradley Itzcovitch, Steven 
Mcintosh, Remy Brown, Chase 
Van Sant, Ms. Cooney 
Bottom Row: Kara Chad, 
Sydney Bullen, Katrina Purcell, 
Hayden Amundson, Brandon 
Taylor, Ben Roskey, Taryn 
Plater, Renae McArthur 

Fun with bug: 

Grade 3 

Top Row (left to right): Mrs. 
Bumanis, Peter Germaine, 
Chloe Robertson, David 
Fennell, Gursimran Dhaliwal, 
Emma Graham, Brendan Rose 
Middle Row: Diana Daklala, 
William Whitehead, Virginia 
Cooke, Delaney Showers, Lucas 
Kemp, Honora Jackson-Roe 
Bottom Row: Jenna Amlani, 
Brittain Chad, Carly James, 
Jordan Hilderman, Connor 
Ollive, Taylor Peace, Lisa 
Grant, Darby Lush. 
Absent: Kendall Healy 


Grade 4A 

Top Row ( left to right): Ayesha 
Nazarali, Erika Romanow, 
Natasha Smith, Emma Garforth- 
Bles, Annalise Abbott, 
Lindsay Evans, Mrs. Gibson 
Middle Row: Ms. Watson, 
Kelsey McNeill, Madison 
MacDonald, Parker Shaw, Ryan 
Ferguson, Alisha Brown, Iona 
McCracken, Jeremy Brittain 
Bottom Row: Danielle 
McArthur, Omar Manji, Louis 
Libin, Ian Ritchie, Benson 
Weyant, Connor DiStefano, 
Shannon Churchill-Smith. 
Absent : Connor Healy 

Well done, you're good 
at sports 

Sing, sing and sing some more 


Grade 4B 

Top Row (left to right): 
Maxwell Van Sant, Zaman 
Sachedina, Evan Dupont, Elias 
Swaita, Chad Naden, 
Middle Row: Miss Gifford 
(French Teacher), Ashley 
Itzcovitch, Maxine Fish, Riley 
McDougall, Ian Whitestone, 
Stephanie Thompson, Kirstie 

Bottom Row: Lauren Marshall, 
Natasha Baziuk, Julia Szabo, 
Ashley Ives, Cindy Cameron, 
Courtney Davis, Emma Fu, 
Ashiana Jivraj 
Absent: Adam Lowry, 
Mrs. Dams 

mm art activities 


Grade 5A 

Top Row (left to right): Daniel 
Van Helden, Devon McCoy. 
Sara Tripp, Greg Cashin, Shazia 

Middle Row: Mrs. Price, 
Leanne Young, Cloe Fan, 
Kathleen Milani, Elizabeth 
Lucas, Jenna Lakhani, Cynthia 
Ramasubbu, Morgan Bullen, 
Mrs. MacLean 
Bottom Row: Sean Woolner, 
William Ballantyne, Carlin 
McCrimmon, Easton Bartman, 
Katherine Wynne, Hussein 
Bhojani, Oje Hart, Adam Hood 

I hv N 

Welcome birds. Come, eat. 


Grade 5B 

Top Row (left to right): Victoria Tucker, Justine Stevens, Easton 
Sheahan-Lee, Jordan Strand, Charlotte Begg, Mary Hansen 
Middle Row: Peter Ruff, Viktoria McNeil-Taboika, Sam Brittain, 
Geoff Evamy-Hill, Alisha Whitehead, Connor Waterous, Ms. 

Bottom Row: Ali Amundson, Carter Brown, Jeremy Kong, Alex 
Dudelzak, Garrett Baziuk, Elizabeth Kay, Carmen Germaine. 
Absent: Billy Beacom 

Is Among Us donations 

Fun in the computer lab 


Grade 6A 

Grade 6B 

Top Row (left to right): Meike 
Radler, Joel Lowry, Mickaela 
Nixon, Matthew Brown, Lauren 

Middle Row: Mrs. Duncan- 
Moore, Stuart Armstrong, 
Carley Hamel, Tyson 
Denhamer, Leah Van Sant, 
Madison Gorsche, Mark 
Peacock, Rachel Roskey 
Bottom Row: Andrea Olsen, 
Alex Kiser, Shelby Thompson, 
Heather Smith, Heather Ross, 
Amar Ruparell, Kirstie Hanson, 
Brett McNevin 

bpy Halloween! 

5 1 

Grade 7 A 

* »i 

t» * 
>*» » 


Bottom Row (left-right): Michael Smith, Jayda Fogel, Joshua Marcus, Sam Haines, Mark Posten, 

Jessica Yellowlees, Jonathan Young 
Middle Row: Mrs. Rohrich, Eric Vanderberg, Monica Jepson, Brittany Reed, Bernard Tse, 

Cecilia Drummond, Mr. Numa 
Top Row: Hollie Clark, Taylor Van Nest, Alix Hopwood, Tim Ho, Claire-Lise Kutlay, 

Martina Szabo, Nicole Gibson 

(it A 


Wttom Row (left-right): Naheed Jivraj, Carolyn Gray, Erin McDougall, Stephanie Sommerville, 

Kirstie Hood, Gabrielle French, Farhan Samanani 
middle Row: Mrs. McCarthy, Miranda Kostash, Rosh Wadhwa, Andy Carwardine, Bram Cole, 

Zachary Forrest, Justin Lafont, Safia Nazarali, Ms. Chow 
!p Row: Alykhan Khimji, Thomas Mullie, Elizabeth Pettie, Tori D'avella, Julia Park, 

Thomas Perry 


Bottom Row (left -right): Stefani Smith, Kyle Christensen, Nicholas Bacher, Tom Samoil, Nicholas Warshawj 

Ashley Hilton, Tom Hansen, Eve Purdy 
Middle Row: Joanne Sadler, Rehana Manji, Shane Naden, Sam Garforth-Bles, Beth McFarlane, Laura Youn; 

torn Row (left-right): Natalia Duska, Dylan Stansfield, Joey Kendal, Gillian Goobie, Rohan Ghatage, Stuart 
Danby, Keita Saito, Breanne Lehodey 
4idle Row: Mr. Fehlich, Devin Antony, Adam Zywotkiewicz, Stephanie Lewis, Samantha Hart, Jake 
4acDonald, Taylor Luna, Ms. Beck 

I» Row: Natalie Sykes, Brigette Bourgeois, Julia Oram, Hailey Whitt, Taylor Bodon 
[tent: Saaraa Premji 

Drawings By Sam Hart 

Grade 8 A 

Bottom Row (left-right): Ashwin Ramasubbu, Imran Thobani, Candis Armstrong, Rachel Foss, Sheefra Churchill-Smith, 

Claire Friesen, Bill Lake, Mitchell Bunn 
Middle Row: Mr. Boulianne, Christa McCraig, Lauren Forrest, Sean Cooney, Kyle Milino, Sarah Graham, Nicholas 

Suche, Salma Moolji, Mr. Straub 
Top Row: Cameron Williams, Kate Gapp, Quinn Singer, Sabrina Uswak, Matthew Harding 

Worn Row (left-right): Townsend Lloyd, Olivia Blundell, Kayla Unrau, Jeffery Chan, Conor Murphy, Laura Olsen, 
j Aleema Jamal, Emily Schorr 

Wdle Row: Mr. Mercer, Matthew Danby, Megan Grant, Nicholas Kozak, Christopher Paulson, Heather Love, 
Sean Kutlay, Mr. Roth 

MRow: Jeffrey Lucas, Andrew Denhamer, Claire Broshko, Olivia Burgess, Caleigh Kay, Daniel McCormick 

ft) vim jamal 



i ^otkb ! 6m#sW*. 86 ii ««. Best-. 1 OKvt. 1 1 

>- o — - 


Bottom Row (left-right): Courtlynd Gorsche, Kathryn Shaw, Michael Denhamer, Rehan Alibhai, Jeff Kenda 

Sarah Friesen, Tyler Poffenroth 
Middle Row: Ms. Laubman, Andrea James, Meghan Bridges, Jonathan deVries, Andrew Cruess, 

Sean Lehodey, Kevin Guichon, Katie Ruddy, Megan Fitzpatrick, Ms. Price 
Top Row: Brendan Stevens, Krista Milani, Tamsin Wilson, Soreya Dhanji, Andrew Irvine 


Grade 8D 

dom Row (left-right): Brent Crawford, Dominique Ma, Jacqueline Wilson, Ahsan Majeed, Vanessa Mannix, 

J.N. Cheung, Leslie Cassidy, Jordan Collicutt 
lldle Row: Ms. Mitchell, Daniel Foster, Alexandra Thompson, Nicholas Benham, Ryan Burgess, 

Alanna Goobie, Taylor Cornelson, Ms. Muir 
o Row: Raisa Kanji, Samantha Rocker, Erin Hulme, Alyshea Surani, Allison Thompson 
Went: Eli Diamond-Goldberg 

« Row: Vanessa Mannix, Alanna Goobie, Jordan Collicutt, Ryan Burgess 

ttom Row: Dominique Ma, Erin Hulme, Alyshea Surani, Jackie Wilson, Eli Diamond-Goldberg, Daniel Foster, Brent Crawford 


Bottom Row (left-right): Benjamin Fairbanks, Mark Staples, Alia Khimji, Daniel Kaplan, Hartej Khangura 

Lisa Rosengarten, Kevin Robertson, Kevin Alto 
Middle Row (left-right): Zachary Johnson, William Wilson, Erin Staples, Ashley James, Christopher Sykta 

Mark Lin, Mr. Stansfield 

Top Row (left-right): Steven Kalman, Anna Mendham, Lyndsey Kiser, Ryan Gray, Christine Freight, Erin T 

Graeme Benzie 
Absent: Ms. Sullivan 

Move, \ijor lose 
it, siSVer~V 


Pes ,f 

av-a V° Cav^ o<NvA V 1 , 1 

.... Z/fctt ToUNsoM . 


Grade 9B 

'fom Row (left-right): Alexandra Rasko, Jack Hansen, Christopher Harker, Colin Law, Alim Harji, 

Devon Livingstone, Robbie Hares, Jessica Murphy 
idle Row (left-right): Ms. Bridge, Katelyn Woodford, Daniel Haines, Robert Haslett, Matthew Vanderberg, 

Matthew Halliwell, Joseph Dickson, Jacque Sole, Ms. Stewart 
y!Row (left-right): Anna Smith, Courtney Morgan, John Carter, Jared Strand, Lauren Gibson, 

Amanda Posten 



Grade 9C 

Bottom Rozv (left-right): M.chael Ross, Paul Edwards, Tony Hau, Alan Carter, Tahira Jamani, 

Fouad-Hassan Ebrahim, Anshul Ruparell, Nathaniel Kis 
AOUfe Ron, (k/t-rigW): Mr. Hall, Paddon Thompson, Patrick Heysel, Alexander Earl, 

Tavlor Singleton-Fookes, Ronan O'Keane, Ben Thurmeier, Ms. Colborne 
Top RoI (5-S Catherine Nelson, Kate Tucker, Anruka Green, Lauren Storw lc k, J al me Burtt, 

Krista Crawford, Carolyn Lemke 


Grade 9D 

mm Row (left-right): Matthew Hanson, Bijan Bhimani, Jenna Thompson, Nixon Lahn, Ruth Begg, 

Matthew Vidricaire, Rachel Cole 
[idle Row (left-right): Mr. Borm, Michael Sveen, Jessica Gray, Kaili Cashin, Mark Harding, Lauren Martin, 

Sarah Lowry, Jonathan Cosby, Mr. Clark 
TiRow (left-right): Jeffrey Poon, David Kerrigan, Steven Samoil, Kirsten Jack, Jesse Shields, Sam Woods, 

Jonathan Yellowlees 


Senior High 

Grade 10A 

mom Row (left-right): Ian Ko, Ryleigh Kostash, Roshan Sethi, Kimberley Clark, 

Fatimah Rehman, Ellen Burch 
fddle Row: Rosh Sethi, Alykhan Surani, Jennifer Gunning, Taylor Carcasole, 

Stephen Nelson, Zahid Sunderani, Alexander Pattillo, Jeremy Ho 
p Row: Benjamin Albert, Mark Milburn, Joelle Dudelzak, Alyssa Manji, Genevieve Mateyko 


Grade 10B 

Bottom Row (left-right): Kate English, Daniel Arato, Melissa Tang, Faaria Kherani, 

Charly McKenna, Katherine Olsen 
Middle Row (left-right): Michael Miller, John Danby, David Groves, Imran Raghavji, 

Scott Broshko, Chris Handforth, Mr. Taylor 
Top Row (left-right): Marissa Staddon, Carla Bunn, Kevin Unrau, Heidi Schott, 

Megan Bensler, Christie Gibson, Rosanna Marmont, Philippa Ruddy 
Absent: Kathryn Stewart, Mme. Goldsworthy 

Grade IOC 

Vttom Row (left-right): Sara Home, Spencer Purely, Daniel Johnson, Braden Kwasnicia, 

Matthew Hirji, Michael Harker, Lianne Smith 
\ddle Row (left-right): Mr. Koning, Erin Peplinski, William Johnson, Matthew Sawchuk, 

Jeffrey Jamieson, Jonathan Crosson, Conrad Mulherin, Leah Staples, Ms. Carlson 
b Row (left-right): Leah Meth, Kelsea Fitzpatrick, Valerie Siddon, Megan Adams 
hent: Irfaan Premji 


Grade 10D 

Bottom Row (left-right): Nicole Hulme, Britney Jones, Kasey Milani, Meghan Gibson, 

Christine Ang, Shaila Zaver 
Middle Row (left-right): Mark Nimitz, Michael Shaw, Taufiq Ramji, Bryson Le, Andrew Ko 

John Gardiner, Josh Bodon, Ms Rodriguez-Lang 
Top Row (left-right): Mr. Odland, Lindsey Kotchon, Amy-Jean Columbos, Laura Sartor, Alt 

Tucker, Katie Whitt, Harleen Bhullar 


Grade 10E 

lottom Row (left-right): Mr. P. Monaghan, Jonathon Jenkins, Erin Wishart, Morgan Setka, 
ilyse Jacobson, Miranda Cruttenden, Shaheer Bhimani, Mr. B. Shaw 

Aiddle Row (left-right): Cortney Van Seggelen, Ian Hagerman, Declan Bartman, Jeff Trickett, 
(ick Wadhwa, Eric Christensen, Leena Ghatage 

[op Row (left-right): Kimberley Ball, Laura Sweet, Colin Sproule, Kathryn Stewart, Eleanor 

Grade 11 : Ms. Harrison's Home Room 

Bottom Row: Ms. I Harrison, Kinnery Naik, Omar Allibhai, Meryn Grant 

Top Row: Jennifer Halliwell, Philip Wolfsberger, Tim Burns, Kevin Gaudet, Ashley Johnson 

Grade 11 : Mr. Johnson's Home Room 

Bottom Row: John Tabaka, Samantha Kugelmass, Carrie McMahon, Alexandra Mannix, 
Nick Kaplan 

Top Row: John Paul Smith, Laura Murphy, Curtis Wettstein, Katherine Rubin, Tom Plett, 
Mr. Don Johnson 

Grade 11 : Mr. Addley's Home Room 

Bottom Row: Adam Singer, Molly Buckner, Ashley Frame, Leanne Fichtner, Michael Chiu 
Top Row: Alex Abbott, Chris Evans, Tony Charrett, Richard Carter, Barbara Reike, Mr. B. 

Grade 11 : Mrs. lerakidis' Home Room 

Bottom Row: Donald Robertson, Shaira Nanji, Amanda Shaw, Yosuke Saito 

Top Row: Kathleen O'Donnell, Jennifer Vallis, Oliver Seaman, Venessa Shaneman, 

Siobhan Ma, Mrs. T. lerakidis 

Grade 11: Mr. Walls' Homeroom 

Bottom Row: Katherine Rawlinson, Kate Mulherin, Stevie Forzani, Julie Bauer, Caitlin 

Top Row: Vamsi Suresh, Paul Vanderberg, Duncan Birt, Dennis Chuang, Keith Dahlman, 
Mr. J. Walls 

Grade 11: Ms. Dorrance's Homeroom 

Bottom Row: Kathryn McCulloch, Alexandra McFarlane, Alexandra Bascom, Claire Hanna, 
Sohini Ruparell 

Top Row: Zaafir Kherani, Joyce Fu, Philip Woodward, David Heysel, Hayley MacKenzie, 
Michael Haslett 

Grade 11: Mr. Preston's Homeroom 

Top Row: Ernest Hon, Jalal Moolji, Margaux Ullett, Frank Hewitt, Gordon Foo, Mr. J. Preston 
Bottom Row: Kaylee Milne, Kiersten Hussey, Claire Hoyer, Alexandra Stewart, Anna Warshawski 

Grade 11: Mr. Miln-Ives' Homeroom 

Bottom Row: Catriona Benzie, Neil Cassidy, Laura Carwardine, Matthew Hart, Janelle Irvine 
Top Row: Katie Hilderman, Jim Cruess, Andrew Ironside, Catlin Bartman, Mallory Brennan, 
(Mr. Milne-Ives) 

Class of 2003 ! 

7 s ' row, left to right: Carey-Ann Ramsay, Angie Dilawri, Kathryn Sweett, Shauna Dave, Julia Palmer, Rachel Read, 
Sarah Wilson, Toria Setka, Julia Kerrigan, Erin Hussey, Kiki Hoff, Jane Dunstan, Lauren Connor-Shellam, Kendra 
Scurfield, Irene Ang, Justine Wilson, Jamie Benham, Jaspreet Khangura, Arian Bodon 

2 nd row, left to right: Mr. Odland, Jonathan Leong, Tahir Merali, Denise D'Avella, Teresa lerakidis, Jill Thompson, I 
Jenna Meth, Lauren Forzani, Erin Smith, Tess Peters, Fahreen Kurji, Jessica Robinson, Tiffany Ho, Lindsay 
Kwasnicia, Laura Schmitt, Kathleen Beavis, Stephanie Bourgeois, David Le, Faisel Gulamhussein, Mr. Macoun 

3 rd row, left to right: Nicole Ross, Rosalynn Dodd, Kathryn Gray, Salina Teja, Ashley Krausert, Jacob Gossen, Jay 
Bykovets, Owen Alto, Robert Smeltzer, Meecher Ayi, Khalid Alibhai, Matt Sartor, Jeff Albert, James Fairbairn, 
Jason Fong, Justine Fortune, Cassia Prentice, Kalyn Morrison, Caelie Fryers, Liz Campbell, Gigi Ho 

4 lh row, left to right: Jeffrey Shannon, Simon Trafford, Paul James, William Hares, Jake Thompson, Shahid Jiwani, 
Drew Young, Lars Green, Phillip Sole, Jonny Nikolic, Edwin Marmont, Adam Sheahan, Simon Abbott, Graham 
Bogle, David Nixon, Jonathan Ryer, Kevin Lemke, Allister Chow, Scott McCaig, Mark Bensler, Ian Black. Ravi 
Patel, John Taboika 

Missing from photo: Fatimah Gilani, Meggie Livingstone, Jocelyn Reikie, Peter Spencer 


Simon Abbott 

"Clothes make the man: naked 
people have little to no influ- 
ence on society." 
- Mark Twain 

"A diplomat is a man who 
always remembers a woman's 
Birthday, but never 
remembers her age." 
- Robert Frost 

"If you can't beat them, 
arrange to have them beaten. 
-George Carlin 

"Have you ever noticed? Any- 
body going slower than you is 
an idiot, and anyone going 
faster than you is a maniac." 
- George Carlin 

Jeffrey Daniel Albert 


Khalid Alibhai 

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. 
It's not something that you learn in school. But if you 
haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really 
haven't learned anything." - Muhammad Ali 


£5, ■■ Tl I \ 

"In the name of Allah, 
The Most Beneficient, 
The Most Merciful." 

"Don't walk in front of 
me, I may not follow. 
Don't walk behind me, I 
may not lead. Walk be- 
side me and be my 
friend." - Albert Camus 

> not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves." - Edmund Hillary 

Owen Alto 

AKA-... Go "Home-O" . 

My favourite 
basketball team! 

My Mom and Dad 

^ S m v ' 

i T 


My two Siamese cats, Asia 
(white) Truffle (black) 

My brother, sister and I at 
a chateau in France. And 
a never before seen 
occurrence, an empty tube 



Jamie Benham 

I W hat's next for 
Mark Bensler? 

JuryConvicts Him. A12 

Cat stuck in Hat 
for the Long run 

17- year review. M7 


Tragic End to Male 
Model's Career 

the end for Bensler? ei 



STS Students lead world in Uniform Infractions 

UNITED NATIONS— With one in 25 students currently in detention., on suspension, or otherwise held after school on charges, the 
Strathcona Tweedsmuir School leads the world in disciplinary action against schoolchildren, the 
U.N. Human Rights Commission reported Monday. 

"There is a disturbing trend in the collective measures taken by Strathcona's educators," the 
report read. "STS is requiring its students to do time in the guidance counselor or principal's 
office three times as often as the average Westernized nation. No other school incarcerates its 
young at anywhere near that rate." 

Detailed in the 922-page document is an alarming pattern of arbitrary and discriminatory 
enforcement, uneven interpretation of rules, and unfaii punishment disproportionate to the 

"We have case study after case study of detainees being forced to clean the cafeteria, or wear 
Formal Dress, sometimes for horns at a time" Established Uniform Offenders chief William 
Hares said. "How does tins help prepare a child for a return to the classroom? A Uniform 
infractor needs to be given the tools necessary for success upon Ms or her release from detention, 
not some pointless niake-theii-uiiifoim-iliit\ - -and-look-even-\\'oise punishment " 

Above: A young Mark Bensler 
prepares to perform his First Uniform 

"If at first you don't suceed, lower your standards" laughs 
Mark Bensler, as he and his comrades manage Uniform 
Infractions even on a Casual Wear (Grub) Day. 

ven more disturbing, a 
'hopping 82 percent of 

Strathcona students are repeat offenders Tins stands in sharp contrast to 
jermany, where only one detainee in 50 serves a second sentence in the 
ame school year, 

I" The STS detention system is a revolving door," Director of Mischief 
ISimon Abbott said "It is not a deterrent. It's a badge of honor for some of 
hese lads. We've got kids in detention now who are 10 years old and are 
going to be in and out of there until they're 18. Then what? And what 
about the lad who goes in not knowing how serious it is and comes out with 
a blot on his pennanent record and a newfound knowledge of how to untuck 
then shut with no one noticing, or wearing improper shoes 0 " 
Main' STS educators disputed the report's findings. 


84 142 

Graham Thomas Bogle 

"Does not play 
well with others, 
well it appears 
others have a 
probem with 

- No Fear 

"I'm not just a 
pretty face. I have 
feelings too." 

- Paul J. 

"Super Premi 
Gas! That's ev 
better than 
- Scott M. 

"If this were 
hockey, you'd b< 

'Always be prepared."- Boy Scouts 

86 142 

Stephanie Bourgeois 

"I once stopped time to beckon. 
Gave thought to my life and tried 
to count the seconds, but lost 
count on the 22nd. I guess I 
should have paid more attention 
instead of listening to records." 
- The Friendly Neighbour 

"Why does my 
psyche give a 
damn about 
whether or not 
you like me?" 

Jay By ko vets 

"I did not invent the wheel, I was crooked spoke adjacent." 
- Aesop Rock 

"Went from paper mate to the 
spray paint, then all the way bet 
to the paper mate." 
- Atmosphere 

"I shake what I got. which is a 
I jingly pocket." 
- Sage Francis 

"I'm a rapper. You 
know... I like to swear 
a lot." 
- J-live 

"A moment is a moment a 
should be left as sue 
Sometimes I think we spe 
too much time trying > 
recapture moments instead 
creating new one 
- Tarik Robins 

ss 142 

"Don't be anyone's slogan "I have my own opinions 

~ for you are poetry"- strong opinions - but I 

Sandra Bullock in 28 days don't always agree with 

them"-George Bush 

Liz Campbell 

'Life is full of censorship. I 
can't spit in your eye." 
-Katharine Hepburn 

"Being understood is not 
the most essential thing in 
life"-Jodie Foster 

Allister Chow 

90 142 

Lauren Connor 

143 91 


Estoy tratando hacerte sonreir. 

Shauna Dave 

Don't frown. 
You never know 
who's falling in love | 
with your smile. 

■ s 



Life is just one damn thing after another - Elbert Hubbard 

"If you can't beat 
'em, join 'em. If 
you can't join 'em, 
steal their 
- Unknown 

"Life is a big wik 
crazy tossed salad 
but you don't eat 
it, no sir! 
You live it!" 
- The Tick 

Jane Dunstan 

"Not a shred of 
evidence exists in 
favour of the idea 
that life is serious.' 
- Brendan Gill 

"Don't let it end like 
this. Tell them I said 
- Pancho Villa 


Jim Fairbairn 

With great 
power comes 


It's only fun if 
you win. 








What a long strange trip it has been. - Jake Gossen 

Buttermilk, the fastest minivan on the face of the earth. - Andy Gossen 



"It's never really what 
you owned but what you 
threw away." 
-Bad Religion 


'Try, take time and seize the day, cause after today's gone you'll ever have 

the chance again, so try." 

Faisel Gulamhussein 

"Laziness is nothing 
more than the habit 
of nesting before you 
get tired." 

"First say to yourself 
what you would be, 
then do what you 
have to." 

-Jules Renard 




'Put all your eggs into one basket, and watch the basket." 

- Mark Twain 


- If is imm,m(i' 

"Half the world is 
composed of idiots, the 
other half of people 
clever enough to take 
indecent advantage of 
them." -Walter Kerr 


Gigi Ho 

Success is getting what you 

Happiness is wanting what 
you have. 
- Anonymous 

Thanks to those who hated me: you made me a stronger person. 
Thanks to those who loved me: you made my heart bigger. 
Thanks to those who envied me: you made my self-esteem grow. 
Thanks to those who cared: you made me feel important. 

Thanks to those who worried: you let me know that some of you actually care. 
Thanks to those who left: you showed me that not everything is forever. 
Thanks to those to stayed: you showed me the meaning of true friends. 
Thanks to those who entered my life: you made me who I am today. 

- Anonymous 


Tiffany Ho 

1 10 

Don Shugart Photography 

I I I 

Teresa lerakidis 

I 12 

Paul James 

Music written from devotion, not 
ambition, not for fame. Zero 
people are exploited, there are 
no tricks up our sleeves. We're 
gunna fight against the mass 
appeal, we're gunna kill the 
seven record deal, make 
records that have more than 
one good song. 




Shahid Zain Jiwani 

Our greatest fear is not 
that we are inadequate, 
but that we are powerful 
beyond measure. It is our 
light not or darkness that 
frightens us." 
- Nelson Mandela 

Struggle is the 
meaning of life. Defj, 
or victory is in the 
hands of God. But 
struggle itself is Mai 
duty should be his j 
- Aga Khan 

La Ilaha Allah; 
Muhammadan Rasulu 

Julia Kerrigan 

"The only thing I have to conquer is myself" - Megan Abubo 

When everything seems to be going 
against you, remember that the 
airplane takes off against the wind, 
not with it. 
- Henry Ford 

We are continually 

faced with a series of 

great opportunities 

brilliantly disguised 

as insoluble 


-John W. Gardener 



"Together we had sunshine, in shadow and in rain." ~ Anon 


"It takes courage to grow up and become who you 
really are." ~ E.E. Cummings 

"If nothing is going well, call 
your grandmother." 

[How lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard 

"Mother love is the fuel that 
enables a normal human 
being to do the impossible." 
-Marion C. Garretty 


"It's not how hard you 
push along the way...'s having something 
in you to finish." 
-Michael Jordan 

Fahreen Kurji 

aka Fahr, petal, margerine, kurjifah, luigi, smfahreen, 
reeno, Calgary, lil faz, penguin, girl, beebs 

"Sing like nobody is listening, 
Dance like nobody is watching, 
life is short, live each day to the 

- Ground Zero Memorial Site 





"Some people come into 
our lives and quickly go. 
Some stay for a while and 

leave footprints in our 
hearts and we are never, 
ever the same." 

"To everything there is a 
season, and a time to every 
purpose under the heavens. 
A time to be born, and a time 
to die.. .A time to weep and a 
time to laugh." 
- Ecclesiastes 3:1-2,4 

Kevin Lemke 

Don't Worry - Be Happy' 
- Bobby McFerrin 


Jonathan Leong 

"The difference between 
theory and practise is that 
in theory there is no 

but in practise there is." 
- Craig A. Finseth 

"Nothing is really work 
unless you would rather be 
doing something else." 
- Sir James Barrie 

"Better to remain silent 
and be thought a fool, 
than to speak and remove 
all doubt." 
- Abraham Lincoln 





Tahir Merali 

"I think that the surest 
sign that there is other 
intelligent life in 
our universe is that 
none of it has 
tried to contact us." 
- Unknown 

"I have a 
- Martin Luther 
King, Jr. 

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 

In the name of Allah, the most 
Beneficent, the most Merciful 

"You see this guy...? 
He'll be in space in a 
few years!" 

"Look to the Heavens for 
Imperial trust." - K-OS 

"A pessimist sees the diffi 
in every opportunity: an opti 
sees the opportunity in e 
difficulty." - Anonymous 

"Failure is not an opti 


jnother turning point, a fork stuck in the road 


am m-Wm 

Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go 


Jonny Nikolic 

"Black holes are where God divided by zero. 

"English, who needs 
English? I'm never 
going to England." 

- Homer Simpson 

"640k ought to be 
enough for anybody." 

- Bill Gates, 1981 

Steven Wright 

"Me fail 
English? That's 
unpossible ! " 

- Ralph Wiggum 

"Programming today is a race 
between software engineers 
striving to build bigger and 
better idiot-proof programs, 
and the Universe trying to 
produce bigger and better 
idiots. So far, the Universe is 
winning." - Rich Cook 


Julia Palmer 



CaSsIa (C-BeBe) PrEnTice 

4 ill W m ' V (iffljhSisters. 

Love is the strangest thing... Love does exactly what it wants to do 

Ffsre are some people who never grow up and there are some people who just never grow. 



136 98 

99 137 

All the things that I really love to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening. ~ Alexander Woollcl 

138 98 

140 98 

[The nexttime you want to criticize someone, 
walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when 
pu criticize them you're a mile away, and 
you have their shoes." 

- Anonymous 

99 141 

Laura Schmitt 

"I can picture in my 
mind a world without 
war, a world without 
hate. And I can pic- 
ture us attacking that 
world because they'd 
never expect it." 
- Jack Handy 

"If toast always 
lands butter-side 
down, and cats 
always land on 
their feet, what 
happens if you 
strap toast on 
the back of a cat 
and drop it?" 

"Those are my 
principles. If you don't 
like them I have 

- Groucho Marx 

Toria Dawn Setka 

Jeff Shannon 

On the road of life there are passengers and there are drivers. 

Drivers wanted/' Volkswagen 


'Know when the around the clock winter days 
of total darkness approach, snow flakes begin 
to fall and cover our winter play grounds, 
once that happens whatever you do about 
winter is up to you." - W. Miller 

I 16 






We will go, Nowhere we 
now, We don't have 
•.. talk at all. "-Beck 

"I can sometimes resist temptation, but 

never mischief." 

- Joyce Rebeta-Burditt 

1 4 

"Put your ear down close to your soul 
and listen hard." 
- Anne Sexton 

" Remember: Pants = Love. Love your pals. Love yourself." 
- Ann Brashares 

"lillow the passion that's within 
ijji, living the truth will set you 


tfhet Jackson 

"If you pick up a starv ing 
dog and make him 
prosperous, he will not bite 
you. This is the principle 
difference between a dog 
and a man." 
- Mark Twain 

No Regrets... 

"You never thought that hip 
hop would take it this far 
now I'm in the limelight 
'cause I rhyme tight Time to 
get paid, blow up like the 
World Trade..." - Notorious 
B.I.G. (1994) 

? i 


'Acting is merely the art of keeping a large group of people from coughing.' 

- Sir Ralph Richardson 

"For life without life's joys is living 
death. Riches and rank and show of 
majesty and state, where no joy is, are 
empty, vain and unsubstantial shadows, 
or no wieght to be compared with 
happiness of heart." 

- Sophocles 

"A tyrannical choke chain clasping your 
neck. The caressing brush of the angel's 
wings on your neck. Having the vice 
tighten on your limp wrists. To be held 
in the arms of your loved one. The 
stabbing of a million daggers into vour 
lonely heart. When darkness and silence 
mean more than words. This is love." 

She's not a girl next door, or a fashion queen. With her hair in braids, and those 
pumps on her feet. Her beauty is not something to hold, to have, to take. 
-Tangible Beautv 



"There are only three sports: Bullfighting, motor 
racing and mountaineering. All the rest are 
merely games." - Ernest Hemingway 


"I shall be there when the wave has 
gone by." - Marianne Moore 


Simon Traff ord 

All I ever wanted was to 
pick apart the day, 
Put the pieces back 
together my way. 
- Aesop Rock 

If I made a music 
video, it would be all 
black, without the 
music, Its time for the 
public to have some 
silence, and learn how 
to use it. 
- Lexington 
(aka Simon T) 

Now we the Canadian working popu- 

Hate the fact that eight hours a day 
Is wasted on chasing the dream of some- 
one that isn't us 
And we may not hate our jobs 
But we hate jobs in general 
That don't have to do with fighting our 
own causes 

We the Canadian working population 
Hate the nine-to-five day-in day-out 
When we'd rather be supporting our- 

By being paid to perfect the pastimes 
That we have harbored based solely 
on the fact 

That it makes us smile if it sounds 
dope - Aesop Rock 

Look, I've never had a dream in my life 
Because a dream is what you wanna do, 
but still haven't pursued. I knew what I 
wanted and did it till it was done 
So I've been the dream that I wanted to be 
since day one - Aesop Rock 

So here I am, trying to h 
the man, rig:: 
Using my gun to see 
night, sleeping with i 
flash Ik 

Yeah I know I w< 
supposed to change tl 
world and a 
But looks like the wor 

got to me 


If you can't beat em joj 
em.... Then hurt the teaj 
by beating yourse 
- Sage Franc 

I'm different. 

different wJ 
The only thing that sta{ 
the same is change. F] 
different -Sage Franc 

Justine Wilson 



U2's humanitarian lead singer Bono visits 
Africa to raise awareness and support for 
African AIDS epidemic relief. 

Nuclear crisis arises when North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II breaks a 1994 pledge 
not to build nuclear weapons. 



U.N. inspectors return to Iraq to investigate 
Saddam Hussein's alleged production of 
weapons of mass destruction. 

A Halloween earthquake in San Guiliano di 
Puglia, Italy, topples an elementary school, 
killing dozens of children. 

Throughout 2002, Americans search for 
ways to recover and rebuild from 
September 11. On the one-year 
anniversary, survivors, families and 
friends gather at all three sites to 
commemorate the lives lost 

er, a Moscow 
theater siege by 
Chechen rebels ends 
in a Russian special 
forces raid that kills 
the captors and at 
least 1 29 hostages. 

Thousands die as 
and floods cause billions 
of dollars in damage in 
many countries across 

On July 28, nine 
Pennsylvania coal miners 
are rescued after being 
trapped for three days in a 
mineshaft flooded with 
over 70 million gallons 
of water. 

The Miss World beauty 
pageant leaves Nigeria 
after Islamic fundamentalist 
protest groups kill more 
than 100 people. 

In Venezuela, an opposition 
strike demanding President 
Hugo Chavez's resignation 
paralyzes the country's oil 
exports and turns to bloodshed 
as Chavez supporters retaliate. 

The oil tanker Prestige 
spills more than 5 million 
gallons of oil off the 
northwestern coast of 
Spain before splitting in 
two and sinking. 




moves i 



% Once presumed dead, Al-Qaeda leader Osama 
bin Laden returns to Middle Eastern air waves 
with recorded anti-American threats. 

Vasily Fedosenkd/Reuters/Landov 


rmer U.S. President Jimmy Carter 
receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his 
decades of work for peace, democracy 
and human rights worldwide. 

Reuters/Bjoern Sigurdson/Landov 

Over 100 people, mostly foreign tourists, 
are killed in an October terrorist bombing 
of two nightclubs in Bali, Indonesia. 




Emergency workers overseas receive smallpox 
vaccinations as a preventative measure against 

/\ In an effort to eliminate Al-Qaeda, 
the United States continues its war 
on terrorism by maintaining a steady 
military presence in Afghanistan. 

~y Pope John Paul II travels to Toronto's 
Downsview Park in July to lead the World 
Youth Day vigil. 


I V After almost 40 years in politics, Prime 
Minister Jean Chretian announces his 

^ Airport security begin screening all 
checked baggage and random 
passengers at airports. 

^ The possibility of the United States 
waging war against Iraq meets 
disapproval both at home and abroad. 

"y Ontario universities face the challenge of 
the Double Cohort when two classes of 
high school students enter the university 
system in the same year. 

Patients in Florida are the first to receive 
the VeriChip, a computer chip bearing 
personal medical data that is injected into 
the forearm. 

Microsoft's Tablet PC enables users to write 
directly on the screen rather than typing on 
a keyboard. 


The Journal of the American Medical 
Association reports that children who 
grow up with pets have a reduced risk 
of developing common allergies. 



Maria de Jesus and Maria Teresa Quiej- 
Alvarez, 1 -year-old Guatemalan twins 
born joined at the head, are successfully 
separated after over 22 hours of surgery. 

Just before burning up in Jupiter's 
atmosphere, the Galileo spacecraft 
captures the closest shots ever taken 
of Jupiter's moon lo. 

NASA/AP/Wide World Photos 

r Severino 

elian scientists 
at Clonaid, who believe aliens 
created humans, claim to 
have produced the first 
cloned human. Neither claim 
is proven genetically. 

winter storms devoured 
towns and cities 
throughout the 

A blanket of pollution over 
South Asia, dubbed the 
"Asian Brown Cloud," 
threatens the lives of 
millions worldwide with 
respiratory disease. 


V Early tests indicate an V University of Arkansas 

experimental vaccine to 
be 100 percent effective 
against the human 
papilloma virus that 
causes cervical cancer. 

V For $300 to $1 ,000 per injection, 

researchers discover that people craving eternal youth 

microorganisms grow in attend Botox parties to inject 

conditions similar to those on the FDA-approved paralytic 

Mars, suggesting the planet once toxin into their skin to relax 

hosted or currently hosts life. 

their muscle tissue. 

V General Motors introduces the Hy-Wire- 
a car powered by hydrogen and oxygen 
that emits heat and water rather than 
harmful exhaust. 

Jeff Bassert, Sun Media Corp. 

^ The document known as Kyoto Protocol 
continues to stir up debate in Canada on 
reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

^ The newly discovered hunger hormone 
ghrelin is found to play a role in obesity 
by regulating what you eat and how much 
weight you gain. 

^ Tie-dye and bleached clothing makes a 
comeback in our schools. 

~y Ellula introduces Hot Air Speakers, 
a set of battery-powered, inflatable 
speakers that are small enough to 
fit in your pocket when deflated. 

^ Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob Squarepants 
ignites imaginations across the nation and 
appears on store shelves on everything 
from slippers to suspenders. 

Matthew Staver/8loomberg News/Landov 


A McDonald's unveils new lower-fat french 
fries due to the new Healthy Eating Pyramid 
and in response to many former patrons 
suing for making them overweight. 

V 1970s peasant shirts are alive and well on 
runways and in school halls. 

David Dyson/Camera Press/Retr 


A The Institute of Medicine A Jewelry designers Le Ann 
announces that maintaining Carlson and Denise Gaskill 
health now requires one hour add style to safety with 
of exercise daily, doubling the Lauren's Hope for a Cure 
previous recommendation. medical ID bracelets. 

Kmart Corporation 

A Kmart rejuvenates the 
Joe Boxer brand with ads 
featuring the dancing Joe 
Boxer guy, Vaughn Lowery. 

Everyone from hot 
young movie stars to 
aging rock stars sports 
the newest fashion 
trend, turquoise jewelry. 

V The cola war puts new 
flavors to the test, 
including Dr. Pepper 
Red Fusion, Pepsi Blue 
and Vanilla Coke. 

V Krispy Kreme lovers 
start a new tradition 
by celebrating their 
vows with doughnut 
wedding cakes. 

V Several companies introduce flavored water 
enhanced with vitamins and other nutrients. 

At the 2002 Academy Awards, Halle Berry 
and Denzel Washington win Best Actress 
and Best Actor Oscars. Berry is the first 
female African-American to win the award 

Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire 
and Kirsten Dunst, spins a $114 million 
opening weekend box-office record. 


With over 6 million viewers, "The Osbournes 
is the biggest hit in MTV's 21 -year history. 

Avid gamers tune in to G4, the first 
cable TV channel dedicated solely 
to video games. 

Duct tape brings new significance to art, 
as demonstrated on The Red Green Show 
airing weekly on CBC. 

on, Harry and 
Hermione are back to 
hitting the books and 
battling evil forces in 
Harry Potter and the 
Chamber of Secrets. 

A "Th 


millions tuned in to ABC 
to see who will receive an 
on-air marriage proposal. 

John Bairetl/StMme Strect/Gefly Images 

A PBS's "Sesame Street" 
introduces the Muppet 
Kami, an HIV-infected 
orphan, in an effort to 
educate young people 
worldwide about AIDS. 

V Jennifer Aniston wins her V After a two-year hiatus, 

first Emmy Award and a 
Golden Globe for her role 
as the new mother Rachel 
Green on NBC's popular 
comedy "Friends." 

Leonardo DiCaprio returns to 
the big screen with two 
holiday blockbusters, Gangs 
of New ork and Catch Me If 
You Can. 

Peter Jackson receives 
a Golden Globe Best 
Director nomination for 
The Lord of the Flings: The 
Two Towers, the year's 
most anticipated sequel. 

Cynical Simon Cowell and company stir 
up big ratings for Fox's "American Idol" 
and big record sales for winner Kelly 
Clarkson, a waitress from Texas. 

Norah Jones' album Come Away With 
Me lands five Grammy nominations 
and earns her a spot in Entertainment 
Weekly magazine's Top 12 Entertainers 
of the Year. 

Multi-talented Eminem raps up 
five Grammy nominations for The 
Eminem Showmd big box-office 
success in 8 Mile. 



Rocker Avril Lavigne and other 
"anti-Britneys," such as Vanessa 
Carlton and Michelle Branch, represent 
the new face of women in music. 

©Jeffrey Mayer 2002 © Weezer Muppets™ & ©Henson < 

Weezer teams up with the 
Muppets in the video for "Keep 
Fishin'," the second single from 
their hit album Maladroit. 

Pop takes a new direction when former 
boy band favorites Nick Carter and 
Justin Timberlake break out with solo 
albums and tours. 


Alex Urosevic. Sun Media Co 


nn J. Knippertz'AP.WirJe World Photos 

A Jazz vocalist Diana Kroll is A R&B newcomer Ashanti 

the only Canadian artist to 
take home a Grammy in 

becomes the first artist 
since the Beatles to have 
three singles from a debut 
album in Billboard's Top 10 
at the same time. 


A In April 2002. Lisa "Left Eye" 
Lopes. 30, of R&B band TLC. 
dies in a car crash on a 
Honduran highway. 

V In October, legendary 
hip-hop DJ Jam Master 
Jay of Run-DMC is shot 
and killed in a Queens, 
New York, music studio. 

V After a six-year 
romance, No Doubt's 
Gwen Stefani marries 
Bush's Gavin Rossdale 
in September. 

V Country crossover star Shania 
Twain hits No. 1 on the Billboard 
albums chart with Up!, a double 
CD with every song in both a 
pop and country version. 

Former Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney 
brings in $2 million a night, for a total of 
$103 million, on the year's top-grossing tour. 

Issei Kato/Reuters/Undov 

Ed Belfour signed a two year, 13.5million US 
contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs and is 
determined to bring a Stanley Cup to Toronto 

The Detroit Red Wings capture the 2002 
NHL Stanley Cup over the Cinderella 
Carolina Hurricanes. It's a record ninth 
cup for retiring coach Scotty Bowman. 

^ Serena and Venus Williams continue to 
dominate women's tennis, becoming the 
first sisters to be ranked No. 1 and No. 2 
in the world. 


CP/Halifax Chronicle Journal (Tim Krochak) 

Team Canada earned a Silver Medal at the 
Men's World Junior Hockey tournament in 

MVP Troy Glaus leads the scrappy Anaheim 
Angels to the 2002 World Series win over 
Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants, 
four games to three. 

Kevork Djansezian/AP/Wide World Photos 

|| immr 

Darryl Oyck. Sun Media Corp. 

A Eighteen fierce Canadian 
competitors won our hearts at 
the first ever 2002 FIFA U-19 
Women's World 
Championship, held in 

Terry Renna/AP/Wide World Photos 

A An 18th place finish in the 
NASCAR season finale at 
Homestead-Miami Speedway 
is enough to earn Tony 
Stewart his first Winston 
Cup Series championship. 

Chns Faytok/Tne Star LedgerCortis-Sygma 

A Despite an injured toe, 
Shaquille O'Neal powers the 
unstoppable Los Angeles 
Lakers to a third straight 
NBA championship title in 
May 2002. 

V Canada reclaimed the V Pairs team Jamie Sale and V The top-rated defense of 

gold from rival Finland 
after a 3-1 victory at the 
2002 World Ringette 
Championship held in 

David Pelletier were awarded 
Olympic gold medals in a rare 
resolution to a scandalous 
judging controversy. 

Veronica Henri. Sun Media Corp. 

the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
shuts down the Mo. 1 
offense of the Oakland 
Raiders to win Super Bowl 
XXXVII 48-21. 

Matt A. Bro wn/New sport/Corbis 

^ Haley Wickenheiser is 'playing with the 
boys'! Canada's female superstar is the 
first forward to break the barrier into 
men's pro hockey, as she hits the ice with 
Finland's HC Salamat. 

AP (Photo/Lehtikuva, Jussi Nukan) 

The Montreal Alouettes win their first Grey 
Cup in 25 years defeating the Edmonton 
Eskimos 25-16. 

Speedskater Jeremy Wotherspoon of Red 
Deer, Alberta continues to add Gold and 
Silver medals to his collection. 

^ Skateboarding reaches new popularity 
heights thanks to the high visibility 
of the X Games and the "Tony Hawk's 
Pro Skater" video game series. 

^ Surfing welcomes a tidal wave of women 
to the sport after receiving a Hollywood 
endorsement in the popular summer flick 
Blue Crush. 

The sports world loses two legends — 
baseball's "Splendid Splinter" Ted 
Williams and Johnny Unitas, one of 
football's greatest quarterbacks. 

Zacarais Moussaoui, widely believed 
to be the 20th hijacker, goes on trial 
for his involvement in the September 11 
terrorist attacks. 

Martha Stewart faces charges of illegal stock 
trading after former Imclone president Sam 
Waksal allegedly tips her off regarding the 
company's demise.