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in 2014 

W 1 

\ Head's Message 

In many ways, a yearbook is just a snap shot of a year in review, a brief reminder. For our 
Elementary students, this book is a record of you at the starting line. You have so many 
of these books to come, each one chronicling your development at this wonderful 
institution. For our most Senior students, this book is also a record of you as you embark 
on a career past this place. Perhaps, not long from now, I will look upon your 
photographs in this book and see you eager and ready to embark on the journey. 

Perhaps next year our Grade 1 students will look through these pages to see how they 
have grown. The Class of 2006 may do the same - though the growth will be of a 
different kind. I am always impressed when I flip through year books past. I see the faces 
of people who once walked these halls and shared these classrooms - some of these 
former students were your parents! What a marvelous legacy and rich and growing 
tradition our school has. 

So look back upon these pages with pride and with the knowledge that great things are 
to come - either in your future studies at STS or as you enter post-secondary and 
beyond. The growth inspired through education is the most pronounced and most 
important in you life. Cherish these years and always carry these images in your minds. 

I hope that all of you will look back upon this year as one that inspired you to live up to 
the school's motto - nil nisi optimum - and to excellence in scholarship, leadership and 

Dr. Catherine Raaflaub 
Head of School 

Published in Canada Printed in USA 


The Staff 

Elementary Leadership Groups 

Public Relations 

Fun and Fitness 


Special Events 


2005 Prefects 2006 

Kaili Cashin 
Zoe Evans 
Christine Freight 
Lauren Gibson 
Jack Hansen 
Hartej Khangura 
Stephanie Kulhawy 
Devon Livingstone 
Colin Law 
Sarah Lowry 
Mattew Peplinski 
Jeffrey Poon 
Jacqueline Sole 
Jenna Thompson 
Matthew Vanderberg 
Katelyn Woodford 


Junior High Awards 

Grade 7: 

Solo Acting - Natasha Baziuk 

Poetry - Emma Foo 

Persuasive Speech - Hayley Gainor 

Impromptu Speech - Maxine Fish 

Grade 8: 

Solo Acting - Alexandra Amundson 
Poetry - Justine Stevens 
Persuasive Speech - Cynthia Ramasubbu 
Impromptu Speech - Hussein Bhojani 

Grade 9: 

Solo Acting - Mickaela Nixon 
Interpretive Reading - Katie Maslechko 
Persuasive Speech - Zoe Suche 

8 Impromptu Speech - Martin Law 

Senior High Awards 

Grade 10: 

Solo Acting - Devin Antony 
Duo Acting - Tom Perry & Bram Cole 
Interpretive Reading - Kelly Amundrud 
Persuasive Speech - Natalie Sykes 

Impromptu Speech - Claire-Lise Kutlay 

Grade 11: 

Solo Acting - Quinn Singer 
Duo Acting - Aidan Hanly & Taylor Cornelson 
Persuasive Speech - Brendan Stevens 
Impromptu Speech - Vanessa Mannix 
After-Dinner Speech - Lauren Forrest 

Grade 12: 

Solo Acting - Katelyn Woodford 
Duo Acting - Erin Fan & James Anderson 
Persuasive Speech - Rob Hares 
Impromptu Speech - Hartej Khangura 

1 1 

Anne of Green Gables 

Taming of the Shrew 


*■ Fox 



Outdoor Education 


Junior B Girls Volleyball 

This season we had a slow start. We had to come together as a 
team and once we did, we showed some real progress. Being able to 
win our first game after a few loses, made the whole team, as Mrs. 
Rodney says: JELL!!! Finishing with a much stronger final game at 
High River, Senator Riley we came in second in our liege. Having 
Kezia Morrison, as our student coach was great! We also had Mrs. 
Rodney as our head coach. She helped us come together as a team 
and she got us to realize that we really can play well when we are not 
just playing for our team, but for ourselves! Over all the season was a 
great success and as a team we would like to thank our coaches Mrs. 
Rodney and Kezia Morrison. 

Junior A Boys Volleyball 

League Champions 2005/06 
It is difficult to pinpoint what brought this team such great success this 
year. It could be that they never took things too seriously or that they produced such 
a great camaraderie. What is certainly clear though, is that they were an extremely 
coachable bunch that played with great guts and heart. While they were most often 
outsized by their opponents, few teams they faced were as skilled or as 
knowledgeable about playing the game and this saw them achieve three bronze 
medal finishes in three tournaments this season. Given the competitiveness of 
Junior A Boys Volleyball in Southern Alberta this was quite a feat! I have never seen 
so many comebacks in tournament play, made all the more enjoyable by defeating 
teams that we fell to the year previous. The highlight of the season was winning the 
Foothills Division League Championship against our archrivals Red Deer Lake 
School. The boys were on fire and dominated play from the beginning of the match 
to the end. While our result at Zones left us somewhat disappointed, the squad was 
again able to take away a performance from the tournament that they can be 
extremely proud of. Our round-robin match against Brooks (the eventual 
tournament winners) was outstanding and I had many parents from opponent 
teams mention that it was the most exciting volleyball that they had seen. I had to 
agree. . .1 was shaking so much I could barely shake their hands. I enjoyed coaching 
this squad immensely and was so proud of their sportsmanship, spirit and tenacity. 
I will certainly miss coaching them next year, but you can bet that I'll be keeping 
track of their progress in Varsity ball! 

Junior Varsity Girls' Volleyball 

The Junior Varsity Girls volleyball team enjoyed a fine season under the leadership of parent- 
volunteers Bruce McFarlane and Janice Heard. In fact, in 2005, they were simply the best! One of the many 
highlights for the team was a successful trip to a tournament at St. Angela's Academy in Prelate, 
Saskatchewan. The girls overcame a slow start to the league season by taking the Foothills Division title 
at home in front of many proud supporters to earn themselves a trip to the South Central Zone 

The STS girls played outstanding defense all weekend and things couldn't have been scripted any 
better as they wound up in the Championship final against the heavily favoured Acme team. After 
splitting the first two games, game three came down to the wire... and STS came out victorious 15-13. 
Congratulations to the Junior Varsity Girls, 2005 Foothills division and South Central Zone champions, 
and thank you to all parents for all your support throughout the year. 


Senior Varsity Womens' Volleyball 

The Senior Women's Spartans Volleyball Team 
had yet another incredible season. We were entered 
into extremely competitive 4A tournaments and gave 
many teams a run for their money. After much debate 
about competing at the 4A Provincial Championships, 
our team decided to go for gold at the 2A level 
instead. With winning our zone championships for 
the six time in a row, we were ready to go for gold at 
provincials. Unfortunately, we came up short "again" 
this season. We lost a though final to the team from 
Peace River (25-23, 19-15 & 11-15). We fought our 
hearts out and came home with a silver medal. A 
thank you goes out to our coaches Carsten Stanjeck 
and Erin McFarlane, our student trainer Stacey 
Holbrook and our bus driver Don Rivers, who 
supported us throughout our season and without 
them, our success would not have been possible. 

This season was a very memorable one as it 
was the second season our core group was together. 
We're losing five grade twelve players this season, 
but we've left a great group of girls behind to fill our 
shoes next season. Good luck next season girls! Go 
Spartans! Bring home the gold! 

Junior Varsity Men's Basketball 

Here I am, mid-March the day after a long basketball season just came to a close and I was thinking 
of some of the highlights of our season. 

I guess that I will begin with our first tournament in Grand Forks, BC. While we didn't play great, 
our team learned a valuable lesson during our first early morning run. If we set a goal, we must do 
whatever it takes to reach it. One point short, doesn't do it. 

As the season progressed, we learned to set expectations, how to work hard, reach our goals and 
the importance of team play. By Christmas we were ranked number two in our league. 

January was full of more practices and it was a great surprise when the 6'5" 315 pound Calgary 
Stampeders came to town. In a packed gym, the JV boys played against some talented professional 
athletes and from my perspective, they held their own. With February, came more sweat, games and 
tournaments. In the end we were ranked third in our league going into playoffs. After winning a quarter 
final, we lost an exciting hard fought match against our nemesis, HTA. Their coach said that no other 
team has ever forced so many turnovers as we did for them. It was a great game and I was proud of the 
way we played. 

With many injuries and the Denhamer Factor in full effect, we were off to zones in Acme. The boys 
were hot! Players stepped up and we pulled together as a team. In the end we defeated the Acme 
Redmen 47 - 41 in the final to capture the 2006 2A Zone Championship. Congratulations boys on a great 
season with a record of 15 wins and 8 losses. 

I'd like to thank Tina, Rick James and the short shorts for all of their support this season. To the 
team, thank you for your commitment and hard work all season long. And I'm sorry that we missed 
those pickled sausages in Acme.... Maybe next year! 

Mr. Kotowich 


U13 Boys Basketball 


ij personal memories* 

>f the school year 

Jade Alexander 
Elliot Chiu 
Lochlyn Clark 
Oliver Denning 

Troy Hands 
Callie Jardine 
Kristy Lee 
James Lochrie 

Glen McArthur 
Marguerite Medwid 
Samantha Mitchell 
Christian Rossi 

Mackenzie Roth 
Nicole Shah 
Liam Waterous 
Nicholas Wiebe 


A I 

Br * 

HI > 1 



Ms Mathies 

Grade IB 



Harrison Brooke 
Victoria Bruhjell 
Aleisha Dera 
Blaise Evelyn 

Heidi Frehlich 
Chanel Fu 
Pierce Hawker 
Phillip Kirker 

Leah Lussier 
Ryan Newman 
Madeleine Powell 
Michael Spyker 

Imaan Sunderji 
Evan Vadnai 
Mikayla Welykochy 
Mckenzie Witschi 

Ms Prychak 


Cody Campbell 
Jacqueline Conroy 
Sarah Cooper 
Thomas Dickson 

Harrison Hart 
Onna Janisch 
Simiran Kashyap 
Ethan Kemp 

Sareena Lakhu 
Jennifer Mcintosh 
Austin Oginski 
Meg Ollive 

Jett Palframan 
Halle Shopperly 
Mackenzie Vaandering 
Nicholas Wynne 

Ms Cooney 


Grade 2B 

Nicola Abbott 
Paul Crichton 
Sophie Haines 
Rosalind Jackson Roe 

Sarah Kirker 
Christopher Kitchen 
Nicolas Lush 
Robyn MacDermott 

Morgan McNevin 
Savita McRae 
Aedan Mitchell 
Liam Ostlund 

Taylor Poscente 
Kennedy Shaw 
Sarah Stumpf 
Vasiliki Zakos 

Ms Bumanis 
Ms Marinakos 


Grade 3A 

Oluwatimileyin Abolarin 
Avery Brown 
Sienna Brown 
Catherine Deller 

Austin DiStefano 
Thomas Farran 
Wyatt Hansen 
Kara Hawker 

Leigh McNeil-Taboika 
Jill Northcott 
Cole Plater 
Eric Ritchie 

Victoria Romanow 
Maris Schneider 
Tatiana Stanjeck 
Charlee Witschi 

Darian Wrenshall 
Ms Sweatman 


Grade 3B 


Imaan Amlani 
Andy Black 
Michael Bruhjell 
Alexa Chin 

Brian Cole 
Sophie D'Aguiar 
Zaynah Hassan 
Ben Jackson 

Kelsey Lussier 
Zainab Mahmud 
Mason Mazur 
Thomas Pearson 

Stephen Powell 
Asha Ruparell 
Teaghan Stack 
Julia Tops 

Catherine Van Helden 
Ms Danis 




Leah Chiu 
Laura Clark 
Maclean Clark 
Celeste Colborne 

Milad Eskandar 
Emily Evans 
Christian Farrier 
Michelle Grant 

Ryan Kirker 
Calvin Lang 
Jack Marshall 
Madison Milne 

Michaela Ostlund 
Jeremy Rose 
Andrew Rusnac 
Ryan Shah 

Calvin Tarn 
Elliot Wilkinson 
Elspeth Yates 
Ms Watson 



Sarah Faircloth-Nunn 
Neil Frank 
Cameron Hands 
Danielle Hart 

Kelvin Hau 
Jacob Janisch 
Abigail Jardine 
Merlin Kamila 

Danielle Landry 
Ryan Long-Innes 
Rajesh Pujara 
Ryan Stumpf 

Sara Taylor 
Connor Vaandering 
Ms Hoff 


Grade 5A 

Remy Brown 
Sydney Bullen 
Jessica Cole 
Nathan Fish 
Ibrahim Itani 

Nabil Mahmud 
Jenna Maslechko 
Calum McCracken 
Narayan McRae 
Hanna Medwid 

John Peplinski 
Madeline Raaflaub 
Meghan Senger 
Griffin Smith 
Tynan Stack 

Tristan Stanjeck 
Natalie Stevenson 
Brandon Taylor 
Julie Treleaven 
Anna Weyant 

Andreas Zakos 
Ms Maclean 

Grade 5B 

James Alexander 
Hayden Amundson 
Mitchell Beacom 
Kara Chad 

Evan Diamond-Goldberg 

Stefan Dilger 
John Edwardh 
John Fennell 
Ronald Heathcott 
Bradley Itzcovitch 

Kate MacFarlane 
Renae McArthur 
Steven Mcintosh 
Emily McNeill 
Madison Milne-Ives 

Scoutt Palframan 
Taryn Plater 
Katrina Purcell 
Benjamin Roskey 
Charles Van Sant 

Riley Waterous 
Ms Baker 


Grade 6A 

Arman Bachmann 
Bretton Chad 
Virginia Cooke 
Diana Daklala 
Jennifer Evamy-Hill 

Leigh Farran 
Michelle Fric 

Peter Germaine 
Lisa Grant 

Zameer Hassan 

Alden Hui 
Brett Hunt 
Honora Jackson Roe 
Patrick Livingston 
Darby Lush 

Connor Ollive 
Mitchell Park 
Hannah Reynish 
Brendan Rose 
Grace Walker 

William Whitehead 
Ms Chotowetz 


Grade 6B 

Jenna Amlani 
Laura Chin 
Gursimran Dhaliwal 
David Fennell 
Owen Ferguson 

Jordan Hilderman 
Trevor Hunt 
Victoria Kamila 
Lucas Kemp 
James Kirker 

Katherine Kirker 
Connor Kitchen 
Michael Lazar 
Ajay Mahajan 
Chloe Robertson 

Charles Rozsa 
Alexa Settari 
Rebecca Van Helden 
Cassandra Van Sickle 
Madison Wood 

Ms Duncan-Moore 


Sean Allen 
Asia Brown 
Makaeley Brown 
Shannon Churchill- 
Courtney Davis 

Isabel Dilger 
Ryan Ferguson 
Sydney Flowerday 
Jessica Girling 
Carolyn Jepson 

Erik Jorgenson 
Louis Libin 
Adam Lowry 
Lauren Marshall 
Sarah Maslechko 

Kelsey McNeill 
Emma Raaflaub 
Ian Ritchie 
Mackenzie Seasons 
Eric Sommerville 

Evan Staples 
Ms Adam 
Ms Tupkal 

■ " 


' iw 

" ^ /illn / 





1 JX. 






Grade 7B 

Natasha Baziuk 
Colleen Boykiw 
Jeremy Brittain 
Austin Buzzell 
Katherine Hanly 

Tamara Itani 
Madison MacDonald 
Danielle McArthur 
Christopher Meston 
Dane Moynihan 

Amanda Nadeau 
Ayesha Nazarali 
Jessie Niles 
Lauren Payne 
Zaman Sachedina 

Euan Sadler 
Parker Shaw 
Michele Smith 
Meghan Thomas 
Tegan Valentine 

Katherine Weddell 
Ryan White 
Mr. Frehlich 
Ms McCarthy 


Annalise Abbott 
Oluwamuyiwa Abolarin 
Kathryn Ballantyne 
Robert Belanger 
Matthew Bennett 

Alice Dibley 
Emma Garforth-Bles 
Hayley Gaynor 
Edward Irvine 
Sarah Jackson 

Ashiana Jivraj 
Kirstie Lush 
Elizabeth Maynes 
Iona McCracken 
Mark Nardei 

Chad Plesa-Naden 
Chelsea Robertson 

Kevin Seasons 
Julia Szabo 

Robert Weyant 

[an Whitestone 
Ms Chow 
Mr. Roth 



Grade 7D 

, , s ... . 

j^Ht 'it — '* ML 


Bryce Albery 
Isobel Clarkson 
Connor DiStefano 
Navid Eskandar 
Maxine Fish 

Emma Fu 
Elizabeth Hanly 
Kathryn Henry 
Ashley Itzcovitch 
Emily Johnson 

Davis MacDonald 
Omar Manji 
Sally Pollock 
Erika Romanow 
Nicholas Stevenson 

Elias Swaita 
Peter Sykes 
Stephanie Thompson 
Cassandra Thorbjornsen 
Maxwell Van Sant 

Ms Sullivan 
Mr. Murray 


Samuel Brittain 
Jay Brockmann 
Fayaz Budhwani 
Jana Clark 
Alexandre Dudelzak 

Evan Ferguson 
Carmen Germaine 
Deanna Halls 
Thomas Jacobs 
Jeremy Kong 

Cheyenne Laatsch 
Nancy Lazar 
Hamish Myers 
Lindy Robinson 
Shazia Samanani 

Scott Sommerville 
John Storwick 
Sarah Tripp 

Alisha Whitehead 
Leanne Young 

Mr. Hoff 
Mr. Mercer 

IHHHHH1 Ji^flHHIllilHflHHi fl^HIHHlll^^HH 





Connor Fitzmaurice 
Mitchell Grant 
Alice Janssens 
Katherine Koplovich 
Jenna Lakhani 

Stuart Moffat 
John Palmer 
Michael Shaw 
Shaw- Antonio 

Nicholas Stark 
Lauren Van Sickle 
Connor Waterous 
Arthur Woolner 
Katherine Wynne 

Ms. Haufort 
Mr. Gore 

Grade 8C 

Alexander Bailey 
Easton Bartman 
Emma Bishop 
Cloe Fan 
Reed Gillanders 

Mary Hansen 
Adam Hood 
Adam Ibrahim 
Kaitlyn Jones 
Elizabeth Kay 

Marc Lehodey 
Elizabeth Lucas 
Kathleen Milani 
Sara Nieuwenburg 
Douglas Pearson 

Peter Ruff 
Corbin Staniloff 
Jordan Strand 
Paul Thompson 
Victoria Tucker 

Alexandra Amundson 
Garrett Baziuk 
Billy Beacom 
Hussein Bhojani 
Morgan Bullen 

Alexa Burgess 
Geoffrey Evamy-Hill 
Dara Hayes 
Garrett LaBarre 
Dallas Lafont 

Matthew Meldrum 
Jill Nixon 
Barbara Peplinski 
Cynthia Ramasubbu 
Ali Rehman 

Easton Sheahan-Lee 
Keegan Smith 
Justine Stevens 
Shawn Treleaven 
Victor Wu 

Mrs. Preston 
Mr. Straub 


Cayla Heinen 
Taylor Hutchings 
Brittany MacGregor 
Brett McNevin 

Andrea Rodgers 
Alexander Romanow 
Amar Ruparel] 
Ms. Murray 

Mr. Holt 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

■ ; . 

Christine Boykiw 
Jessica Buzzell 
Emily Cheng 
Sarah Dunstan 
Christopher Edwards 

Jackson Forbes 
Brittany Girling 
Carley Hamel 
Andrew Komlodi 
Ryan Lee 

Brandon Makinson 
Julian Mannix 
Katherine Maslechko 
Elizabeth Milino 
Robbie Moffat 

James Mulherin 
Victoria Murphy 
Rachel Roskey 
Alexandra Smith 
Michael Stenhouse 

Mr. Freight 
Ms. Rorich 

Samantha Abbott 
Lynn Allan 
Brendan Bennett 
Daniel Daklala 
Marco Farrier 

Robert Frank 
Katy Hudy | 
Katherine Ironside 
Rebecca Johnson 
Taylor Kitchen 

Martin Law 
Jacob Martin 
Margot McNeil 
Mickaela Nixon 
Haley Shaw 

Leah Van Sant 
Janet Wong 
Michael Wood 
Julian Wozniak 
Ms. Egli 


^jj* ^^^^^ i^^^^)^ 

^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

^ufe Ail 


Mr. Thomson 


Grade 9D 

I Jose Aguilar 
I Nii Amah Ayi 
I Daniel Borden 
Carleen Cooney 
Tanuj Dutta 

Kirsten Hanson 
John Henry 
Lara Hurtubise 
Lauren Joe 
Sydney Johnson 

Alexander Kiser 
Joel Lowry 
Andrea Olsen 
Chandler Peacock 
Aaron Pollock 

Meike Radler 
Zoe Suche 
Shelby Thompson 
Samantha Young 
Mr. Klassen 

Ms. Wiley 

Grade 10 Homerooms 

Ms. Carlson 
Christine Adams 
Amelia Allen 
Kelly Amundrud 
Gordon Anderson 

Jonathan Ang 
Devin Antony 
Nicholas Bacher 
Michael Bishop 
Tayler Bodon 

Hollie Clark 
Mr. Clark 
Bram Cole 
Denise Cook 
Victoria D'Avella 

Georgina Dibley 
Cecilia Drummond 
Natalia Duska 
Zachary Forrest 
Brendan Frank 

Mark Frankiw 
Paul Hladyshevsky 
Stephanie Keay 

1 \ JuflHHH w 

Ms. Derwantz 
Gabrielle French 
Kelci French 
Rachel Fridhandler 
Rohan Ghatage 

Nicole Gibson 
Gillian Goobie 
Samuel Haines 
Andrew Halls 
MacKenzie Handforth 

Thomas Hansen 
Samantha Hart 
Ms. Dorrance 
Paige Couglin 
Hilary Derwantz 

Ashley Hilton 
Charles Hogarth 
Kirstie Hood 
Sarah Itani 
Emily Jackson 

Monica Jepson 
Naheed Jivraj 
Owen Jones 


Mr. Koning 
Joseph Kendal 
Eunshik Kim 
Rebecca Klein 
Miranda Kostash 

Claire-Lise Kutlay 
Justin Lafont 
Jahan Lakhani 
Mark Le Dain 
Breanne Lehodey 

Stephanie Lewis 
Timothy Livingston 
Mr. Kotowich 
Taylor Luna 
Jake MacDonald 

Rehana Manji 
Elizabeth McFarlane 
Thomas Mill lie 
Safia Nazarali 
Meryl Olivier 

Julia Oram | 

Brenna Ortynsky " 
Julia Park 

Elizabeth Pearson I 



^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ 




Mr. Odland 
Thomas Perry 
Elizabeth Pettie 
Mark Posten 

Saaraa Premji 
Eve Purdy 
Hannah Raaflaub 
Faizal Raghavji 


Joanne Sadler 
Ms. Olivier 
Keita Saito 
Farhan Samanani 
Thomas Samoil 
Hannah Schmitt 

Hannah Schmitt 
Danielle Simmons 
Christina Sisson 
Michael Smith 
Stefani Smith 

Stephanie Sommerville 
Michael Sparrow 


Mr. Schneider 
Christopher Stone 
Katherine Storwick 
Natalie Sykes 
Martina Szabo 

Attila Tamas 
Eric Thompson 
Samantha Thomson 
Andrea Tomie 
Bernard Tse 

Urquiza Fierro 
Taylor Van Nest 
Mr. Shaw 
Kyle Christensen 
Eric Vanderberg 

Jessica Wade 
Rosh Wadhwa 
Jillian Way 
Sean Whitestone 
Hailey Whitt 

Jessica Yellowlees 
Jonathan Young 
Laura Young 
Adam Zywotkiewicz 

Grade 11 Homerooms 

Mr. Boulianne 
Bradley Crag 
Melissa Gross 
Kelsey Guiltner 
Nicholas Kozak 

| Vanessa Mannix 
Emily O'Donnell 
P Tyler Poffenroth 
Logan Ramsay 
Vladimir Skibinski 

William Staniloff 
Tamsin Wilson 
I Ms. Bustillo 

I Lauren Forrest 
* Aleema Jamal 

effrey Kendal 
effrey Lucas 
Lauren Robinson 
Brittany Staddon 
enna Thomas 

Allison Thompson 
Sahrina Uswak 


Ms. Danis 
Andrew Irvine 
Heather Love 
Krista Milani 

Michael Nimitz 
Laura Olsen 
Ashwin Ramasuhhu 
Katherine Ruddy 
Emily Schorr 

Kayla Unrau 
Cameron Williams 
Ms. Harrison 
Craig Ball 

Taylor Cornelson 
Andrew Denhamer 
Alanna Goobie 
Sarah Graham 
Matthew Harding 

Kara Johancsik 
Dan McCormick 
Lindsay Shaw 
Nicholas Suche 

Mr. Marchuk 
Wes Johnson 
Kyle Milino 
Salma Moolji 
Lee Rehak 

Quinn Singer 
Ben Spencer 
Courtney Stange 
Alyshea Surani 

Amanda Vogeli 
Jacqueline Wilson 
Mr. Milne-Ives 
Declan Barry 
Meghan Bridges 

Mitchell Bunn 
Leslie Cassidy 
James Cheung 
Jordan Collicutt 
Andrew Cruess 

Soreya Dhanji 
Megan Fitzpatrick 
Kevin Guichon 
Poseidon Kumar 


Mr. Raaflaub 
Rehan Alibhai 
Nicholas Benham 
Olivia Blundell 
Claire Broshko 

Olivia Burgess 
Jeffrey Chan 
Brent Crawford 
Michael Denhamer 
Grey Fletcher 

Nadia Moledina 
Brendan Stevens 
Ms. Ropchan 
Ryan Burgess 
Sean Cooney 

Jonathan de Vries 
Sarah Friesen 
Katherine Gapp 
Aidan Hanly 
Raisa Kanji 

Alexandra Kay 
Sean Kutlay 
William Lake 




*0i* cai't i He tioiii tie it pattfti tleywlll 
t»:* (tli Ueimtue." 


' & 1 lig iraikte brace; . Nlsee yo i 01 
In . oo « it" 


'Education is vwliat leniains 
,iftei one has f 01 gotten 
everything he learned in 
school." -Bnstein 

"Clothes make the man, naked |>eo|)le have little 01 no 

influence on society" -tofark Twain 

fames i\uatnbl) Slnbcrs'on 

Name: James A. 

'God bless the child who has his own " 

I will sail again, 
To a distant shore 
Far Away." 

Jon Cosby 

"This is not the end; it 
is not even the ^-^No — J^J ^ j 
beginning of the end; 
but perhaps, the end 
of the beginning." - 
Winston Churchill 


"Education is a progressive 
discovery of our own ignorance." 
-Will Durant 

m* 5u a. 

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. 
Oscar Wilde 

Fouad - Hassan Ebrahim 

Erin "grinn% the azn zelcla* ei bear, eff ie 
fdiim iidiits" f cin(t astif ) 


:e they are loved 
the dawn: early 
imph of good over 


token sword and 
hield and tears that 
never fall but run 
through the heart. 
Washed away by the 
rkest Water. The 
Id is peaceful and 
-Small of Two 
8 } Xenogears 

It doesn't matter 
whether we write 
our thoughts on 
paper, say it btj 
Voice, or feel it in 
our souls. ail 
comes from the 
same place... 


The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do. r~ 


3D » 

Life is not measured in the breaths you take, but 
in the moments that take your breath away. 

— author unknown 


Writing is putting one's 
obsessions in order' 
-Jean Grenier 

Ryan Gray 

Matthew Halliwell 

"You can get more with a kind word 
and a gun than you can with a kind 
word alone." 

- Al Capone (1899-1947) 

Without music, life would be a mistake." 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

"Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed." 
George Burns (1896-1996) 


"I'm gonna put a curse on you and all your children will b€ 
born naked" Jirni - Hendrix 

Join the army, see the world, meet interesting people, and shoot 
them. —Unknown 

"Let's go beat the God- 
dess" - Patrick 

"Don't talk to me about na- 
val tradition. It's nothing but 
rum, sodomy and the 
lash" — Winston Churchill 


For when the One Great Scorer comes 
To write against your name. 
He marks-not that you won or lost- 
But how you played the game. 

We Got Any Wolves Out There? 
Awoooooooooooh! -James 

Good, better, best. Never 
let it rest. Until your 
good is better and your 
better is best. 
- Tim Duncan 

You wouldn't like me when I'm 

Bruce Banner. . . AKA THE HULK 

The wine urges me on, the bewitching 
wine, which sets even a wise man to 
singing and to laughing gently and 
rouses him up to dance and brings 
forth words which were better 



Dr. Rob Has 

"It's a. d-cintj&rous business Frodo, 0oin0 out 
tyowr dioor. You step onto the road^ ccncLif^ou 
don't kj&GpMOWrfc&t, there s no hxww&ng 
where ( ijOu mczjht be swept off to.' 

- ncibo ~&a00cns 

'You can train a nOOb, but 
then. . . he'd only be a 
t ra i ned nOOb. ' 
-the Ownerer 

f I am the lizard king. lean 
do anything- 7 - Jim Morrison 

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." — Albeit Einstein 







Tony Hau! 

"If I should die tomorrow, I will 
have no regrets. I did what I wanted 
to do. You can't expect more from 
life K — Bruce Lee 























"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough " - Mario Andretti 

1 1 1 

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings 
total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and 
through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its 
path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain - Dune 

"Sorry Mr. Shaw, the reason 
we missed your class today is 
because we went to see the 
Star Wars Episode III premier 
last night and we were tired" 

- Ryan Hayes ^ 


"Dance like nobody's watching; love like 
you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's 
listening and live like it's heaven on 

"We all take 

paths in life, 
but no 
where we 
go, we take a 
little of each 


"Life is 
made up of 
years that 
mean nothing 
and moments 
that mean it 




Maybe in 
but never 
in heart." 


We make a living by what we get, we make a life 

by what we give. 

- Winston Churchill 


Paradise Awaits 

Soft sugary sand swallows footprints beside the opal ocean 
A turquoise jewel, horizoned by a sapphire potion. 
Paradise, like a treasure chest, lures us with her charms 
Soothing hammocks, lullaby waves, proud palms. 
Please let us stay just one more day! 
No, let us go, I miss you so, 
Where the jet-bird flies. 

Gracious greetings. Chilled amber nectar served on the beach 
Coconut missiles taunt, ripening safely out of reach. 
The eternal rainbow of exotic tropical flowers 
Refreshed daily by diamond showers. 
Please let us stay just one more day! 
No, let us go I miss you so, 
My spring sunrise. 

Trailing ebony pods garland glowing silver branches, while 
Lime lizards pose, parasols cool and kayaks smile. 
Sparkling ruby sunsets melt away the light 
Fading fish kaleidoscopes, to crescendos of the night. 
Please let us stay just one more day! 
No, let us go, I miss you so, 
Would it be wise? 

Handsome hummingbirds hover among glittering golden trumpets 
Bathing suits triumph over towels soft as crumpets. 
The cloudless midnight sky hosts a shattered mirror of stars, 
Veiling tangled mangroves and amethyst bougainvilleas. 
Please let us stay just one more day! 
No, let us go, I miss you so, 
Your loving eyes. 

Pearl hued sails ripple. Fragrant vanilla cigars caress the breeze. 
Meeting new friends, discovering treasures, creating memories. 
Photographs will eternalise this idyllic life of Sundays. 
Mottled emerald creepers mesmerize your gaze. 
Please let us stay just one more day! 
No, let us go, I miss you so, 
Home, our true paradise. 
-Ashley J. 

Steve Kalman 

"Life isn't the wealth you hoard or the cars you own, it's the friends and 
good memories you collect until the day you die" 

Steve's Grade 12 Memories: 

"Ow, that freaking hurt, and my ears are ringing" 
"The bomb squad is here" 
"Holy, that squirrel was freaking tough" 
"Wanna go tobogganing?" 
"Dude, there's no snow" 
"Boom, Headshot" 

"Do you realize how ridiculous it is that we're sitting in a parking lot with 3 buckets full 

of KFC and looking for someone to eat it?" 
"Cthulhu says...SqUiD sQuId SQUid SquID" 
"It puts the lotion in the basket" 


Those of you who get this, you guys are awesome 

hundred times every day I remind myself that my 
inner and outer life depend on the labors of other men, 
living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to 
give in the same measure as I have received and am still 
Albert Einstein 


David Kerrigan 

Established 1988 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhi 

Nathaniel Kis 

Total absence of humor renders 

life impossible. 


Everyone thinks of changing the 
world, but no one thinks of chang 
-Leo Tolstoy 

There is nothing either good or bad, 
but thinking makes it so. 
- William Shakespeare 

It's hard to take over the world 
when you sleep 20 hours a day. 
-Darby Conley 





'This is not the end. Nor is it the 
beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, 
the end of the beginning" 

- Winston Churchill 

'Why? Because it's there/' 

- George Mallory 


Amita Mahajan 


It's always better when we're together — Jack Johnson 




^ to the end. 

vmng high school 

MHHHflflHT ■■■■■i 

( A 

^fe 8fcve, Vara* & 
bears #x> V^oo jpc/d 

ou are here 


Jessica Taryn 
]\ 1 urphy 

Btr&ryoHZ' kiweA foiftp-rlHts itoydur Humr»y, 
but th& okm tfuit Uave, foatpruUr in your heart 
cure, tk& aits ww mil truly rwtwd>&r 

Wa, always thouqht wubbolc buck ok out tan; Aiui laugh, 
but w-t* use, thought u/e U loch buck o>tsOu> Uuujht&r .uul cry 

Laurel Nelson 

To the Camrymobiler -k 

I'm better than dirt Welt most kinds of dirt not that 
fancy store-bought dirt.. I canl compete with that stuff. 

TDo I want people to fear me or to love me? Easy, I 
want both. I want people to be afraid of how much 

they love me '-The Office 

^he's like a pendulum, she swings both ways* -Caifin 



"Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, 
not because it has been sober, responsible, and 
cautious, but because it has been playful, 
rebellious, and immature.* 5 Tom Robbins 


It is mow fun +jJk wi<h someone who 
doesn't use long, difficult words Vut 
rather short, estsy words khe "Whsit 
s«i>out lunch?' -Winnie <he Pooh 

Promise me you'll never forget me because if I thought you 
would Td never leave. -Winnie the Pooh 

How lucky I am to hare 
something that makes saying 
goodbye so hard. -From the 
movie Annie 

Lef s face it: I want it all-- just like you 
arid everybody else. It may not be in the 
cards, but the prospect is so dazzling 
that I have to try. -Lauren Bacall 






Michaei rtoss 

"I do not feel obliged 
to believe that the 
same God wit o has 
endowed us with 
sense, reason, and 
intellect has intended 
us to forgo their use." 
-Galileo Galilei 

"Genius is 1% 
inspiration and 99% 
•Thomas Edison 

"Write a wise saying and your name will live forever." -Anonymous 

'When the green flag drops, the bull$¥!7 stops." -Anonymous 

Steven Samoil 

'"What do you mean?" he said. "Do you wish me a good morning, 
or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; 
or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?' 
The Hobbit, By J.R.R. Tolkien 

Treat everyone the 
same, until you find 
out they're an idiot 


1 j/ 'i*^L> 

Clothes make the man. 
Naked people have little or 
no influence on society. 

-Mark Twain 

Jesse shields 

'History -wiCt be kind to me for I intencC 
to 'write it. 

- Sir ^Winston CfiurcfiiCC 

c clin a si ir A/it c i r 

A "You're special in a kinda good way. . " 

Alanna Goobie 

Tm pretty sure there's a lot more to 
life than being really, really good 
looking. And I plan on finding out 
what that is." - Zoolander 

"Your dad 
with a 

beard!?! - He 
looks like a 

Nixon Lath 

Taylor Singleton- 

divided by 
equals three 

"As humans we are given the unique opportunity to understand our own joy and 
contemplate our own suffering." - Taybr Singleton-Fookes 



Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate, 
without them what would shape our lives? 
Perhaps, if we never veered off course we 
wouldn't fall in love, or be who we are- 

Aft cr all seasons change, so do cities. 
People come into your life and people go, 
but iVs comforting to know the ones you love 

our heart, and if you're ven 
t a plane ride away 

Mark Staples 

There v\Qs 5 single blue line 
of crayon 4 13 WD across every 
vsjq II in the house Wh^t does i 
rne^n^ I 3ske4. A pirate nee4s 
the sight of the se^ he 
S3l"4 3n4 then he pulle4 his 
eye p^tch 4own 3o4 turne4 3n4 

Pad don Thompson 


u Don't cry because "Good friends are 

it's over, smile hard to find, harder 


man at the bagwmn'g of 

Mom . . .how far can you 

Some people see 
things and ask 
why. I dream 
things that never 
were and ask 
why not? - 

The measure of a woman's 
character is not what she inherits 
from her ancestors, but what she 

leaves to her descendents. 

c if 

Sam Woods 

Grade 12