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2010 2011 Jf^l- ':'^pW 


TABLE of Contents 

We Are Spartans 4 

Head of School, Principals, Staff, Student 

We Are Celebrating 12 

Winter Formal, Spirit Week, Grade 9 Dinner, 
Graduation, Elementary, middle & Senior 

We Are Scholars 24 

Model United Nations, Speech and Debate, A 
day in the Life of a Spartan, Speech Day 

We Are Creative 32 

Musical, Bands and Choirs, Middle and Senior 
Art, Writing Contest Winners 

We Are Global Citizens 46 

Round Square Conference (Cambodia), Young 
Round Square, Dominican Republic Service 
Trip, Terry Fox Run, European History Trip, 
Language Trips 

We Are Athletes 56 

Outdoor Education, Athletic Awards, 
Sacramento Marathon, Grade 10 Triathalon, 
School Sports Teams 

We Are Elementary 88 

Elementary portraits, activities, art, athletics 
and special events 

We Are Smiling 132 

Middle and Senior School Portraits 

We Are Graduates 148 

Cap and Gown Portraits, individual Grad Pages, 

Index and Acknowledgements 236 

I have thoroughly enjoyed ray first year at STS as the Middle School Principal and I appreciate the warm welcome that I 
have received this year. STS is a special place where newcomers are made to feel welcome in a vibrant school community. 
This is a community where there is great commitment from parents, teachers, and students to fulfill STS' mission of inspiring 
excellence in 'Scholarship, Leadership, and Character 1 . Events such as the Terry Fox Run, Dan Arato Day, Speech Day, 
and the Middle School Track and Field Meet have for me, highlighted our students' and faculty 's commitment and enthusiasm. 
I appreciated the willingness of our students to help others through service initiatives such as the Bridgeland Manor visits 
and the Heaven Can Wait fundraiser. I have been impressed by our students as they have competed on our sports teams, 
performed in concerts, and produced wonderful works of art. I appreciate the Grade 9 class for their leadership in our 
assemblies, for volunteering to be student leaders on so many trips, and for being wonderful role models in the Middle 
School. To all students, thank you for a great year. 

as been another great year at STS! This is due in large part to the great student body we have and their participation in 
everything that we do. Just take a look at the number of students who participated in the following activities this year: 165 
students involved in Athletics, 100 students involved in Roundsquare, service and school sponsored events, 95 students 
involved in Model UN and Speech and Debate, and another 70 students involved in band and the musical. When you think 
thai our total student population in the senior high is 270, these are quite amazing numbers. A school can only be great and 
special by what you put into it. When we look back on our year, I would say thai these words could be used to describe the 
senior high. A special thank you goes out to the teachers and the parents for making this all happen and for making STS a 
truly special place for our students. 

This September, we will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the amalgamation of Strathcona School for Boys and Tweedsmuir: 
An Academic School for Girls here on our beautiful country campus. Over the last 40 years, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School 
has certainly evolved and during that time it has produced thousands of graduates who are making a positive and profound 
impact on the world. And while the School has changed over time, it has also preserved so many of the elements that have 
produced such fine graduates over the years including strong values, an emphasis on academics, well-roundedness, public 
speaking, service to others and co-curricular programs proven to develop strong character and leadership abilities. Many of 
these elements can be traced back to the roots of our founding schools, but they are clearly still present here today as evidenced 
by the scope of your involvement in so many activities this year. 

I know that you have all learned a great deal this year through your classroom studies. And outside of the classroom there were 
terrific opportunities provided by things like the musicals Footloose and A Kid's Life. You showcased your talents and learning 
through events like the PYP Film Festival, band concerts and art shows, and tested your physical abilities in athletics, triathlons 
and outdoor education trips. Speech Days were amazing and we excelled at debating tournaments and Model UN's. You helped 
to meet the needs of others through service projects like the Dominican Republic trip and the Right to Sight Project. You showed 
your competitive spirit in athletics and won three provincial championships. Together this vast array of activities provided 
numerous opportunities to develop leadership and character and I have seen the evidence of these important attributes in your 
actions countless times throughout this year. I know that you have made your teachers proud on many occasions. 

I would like to thank the Yearbook Committee who under the capable leadership of Ms. Johnson have captured many of this 
year's special moments in words and images. I hope that as you leaf through the pages that follow, they will evoke memories 
that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

William Jones 

I would like to wish to congratulated all students on an exciting and active year at STS. Student engagement in all activities 
throughout the school year adds greatly to their experience and memories of the years that they spend in school. STS provides 
many opportunities for student to challenge themselves cognitively, physically, musically, dramatically as well as build a sense 
of social conscience that contributes to the whole experience. Well done! 

The Prefects are a group of elected Grade 12 students who are role models for 
the student body, ambassadors of the school and organizers for all of the major 
school events. They are a group who embody the ideal virtues of an STS student: 
Scholarship, Leadership, and Character. Whether planning the Winter Formal 
or choosing a theme for the Terry Fox Run, the Prefects work around the clock, 
dedicating early mornings and late nights to make each and every event a special 
and memorable occasion. 


To aspiring prefects: Have fun with it. After all the planning, 
become a part of the event. Then you also get to enjoy the 
success of what you have created. 

- Emma Garforth-Bles M 

~obertson, Emma Garforth-Bles, Katie Henry, Erik Jorgenson, Shelby Sprung, Bryce Albery 

"Don't hold back. Push for your ideas if you believe in them and take 
ownership, but allow others to assist you. Passion is key." 

-Lindsay Evans 

The Prefect Most Likely To .. 

Ian Whitestone is most likely to: cure the common cold 

Erik Jorqenson is most likely to: live with his mother 

Austin Miller is most likely to: bike around the world 

Kate Hanly is most likely to: go to the Olympics for speed skating. And win 

Euan Sadler is most likely to: Ski the gnar pow and listen to sick beats 

Bryce Albery is most likely to: die pondering a math problem. 

Emma Garforth-Bles is most likely to: live amongst nature as a hermit 

Danielle McArthur is most likely to: become a successful lawyer. 

Katie Henry is most likely to: pursue making mix-CDs as a career 

Danielle McArthur, Tamara Itani, Lindsay Evans, Ian Whitestone, Kate Hanly, Austin Miller 

STS Faculty and Staffs* 


Our Beautiful Campus 

Grade 4 teacher heading to 
warmer climes 

Beloved Grade 4 teacher, Ms Clara Watson, retired in June 201 1 after 13 years teaching at STS. Ms Watson grew up in Tucson. 
Arizona and moved to Canada with her husband Bob to settle near his family in Eastend, Saskatchewan in 1979. She began her 
teaching career that fall. In 1999 she started teaching at STS full time and immediately became a valued member of our community and 

a guiding force in the elementary family. 

Over the years, Ms Watson made significant contributions to STS She was a member of the laptop pilot group and the Primary Years 

Programme (PYP) steering committee in its inaugural years. As Division II curriculum leader, she provided leadership based on 
optimism, practicality and achievable goals for Grades 4 to 6 students. As a PYP Exhibition mentor, Ms Watson applied those same 
leadership skills to help students develop in this independent project. Outside of the curriculum-based aspects of her career, she served 
as teacher sponsor for the Elementary Environment Club, the Grade 4 Recycling Project, the Chess Club and the Grade 6 leadership 
groups. After 23 years of teaching, she is ready for a new adventure! STS wishes Ms Watson the very best of luck in the next stage of 

her life. 

STS Faculty and Staff 

f-_. * 

- • 







Ms. Abboud 
Mrs. Adam 
Mrs. Alger 
Mrs. Asher 
Mrs. Baker 
Mrs. Banadar 

Mrs. Bartoshyk 
Ms. Beddome 
Ms. Bell 
Mr. Benoit 
Ms. Bertram 
Mr. Billins 

Mr. Bodnar 
Mr. Boulianne 
Debra Carlson 
Mr. Carlson 
Mrs. Chotowetz 
Ms. Chow 



Mr. Marchuk 
Ms. Mathies 
Mrs. Mayan 
Mr. McLarty 
Mr. Meckelborg 
Mrs. Melton 

Mr. Mercer 
Mr. Milne-Ives 
Mr. Mutch 
Ms. Nowosad 
Mr. O'Brien 
Mr. Orsten 

Mr. Park 
Mr. Petersen 
Ms. Prefontaine 
Mrs. Preston 
Mrs. Provencher 
Mr. Race 

Mrs. Roberts 
Mrs. Rodney 
Mr. Roth 
Mr. Ruskay 
Mr. Schneider 
Mr. Shaw 

Ms. Shepherd 
Mrs. Stach 
Mr. Straub 
Ms. Thompson 
Mr. Thomson 
Mrs. Tupkal 

Mr. Uzick 
Mrs. Wager 
Mrs. Watson 
Ms. Weber 
Mrs. Weicker 
Ms. Wellwood 



Michelle Fric '12 & Madi 
Wood '12 

Lizzy Hanly '11, Bryce 
Albery '11, Kate Hanly '11 

Jeremy Brittain '11 & Quinn 
Peplinski '13 

Raising our spirits in the middle of February, 
the prefects plan a week of activities to help us 
show off our school and house pride. 

It's hard to feel spirited in February. Winter holidays are long since past and it will be at least another five weeks until 
Spring Break. The days are cold and by the time we leave school and climb onto the late bus to head home, it's already 
dark out. In fact, it's usually dark when we get to school too - we could go an entire month without seeing the sunshine! 
Thank goodness, then, for STS Spirit Week. From donning bright and crazy house-colour costumes to pie fights, from 
balloon stomps to high school dances, the week is filled with fun activities, projects and events that help us forget about 
the cold winter weather outside. This year, Round Square teamed up with the prefect team in order to set up events 
that helped to build school spirit and helped others in need. For example, over lunch time we worked together to build 
sandwiches for homeless Calgarians as part of the "Spread the Love" campaign. The middle school participated in 
Dan Arato Day, a full day, multi-grade team challenge, and the elementary got to "stomp" balloons! We look forward 
to another Spirit Week next February! 

1. Dan Arato Day 

Sophie Blakeley '15, 
Austin Oginski '16, Molly 
Calkins '16 and Gillian 
Ceyhan team up 

5. Acoustic Set 

Brandon McLachlan '11, 
wows the audience at 
the STSTS (STS Talent 

2. Ready to Dance 

Grade 8 girls all dressed 
up for the Middle School 
Valentine's Day Dance 

6. Spread the Love 

Kate MacFarlane '13 
helps to make 
sandwiches for Calgary's 
homeless shelter 

3. Great Decorations 

Sara Taylor '14, helps to 
decorate the gym in 
preparation for the 
Middle School Dance 

7. A Night of Talent 

Ashleigh Sandul '12 
impresses everyone 
with her amazing voice 
at the STSTS 

4. Dlue Snow Suit 

Myles Chase '15 
dresses to impress in a 
one piece blue 
snowsuit. Go Dover! 

9. Balloon Popping Fun 

Elementary students wait 
for their turn to 
participate in the balloon 

8. Working Together 

Team members Danielle Currie '14 and Rosalind 
Jackson-Roe '16 could be sisters! 


Heading For 

High School 

Great Friendships Were Made: Andy Tsuno, Avery 
Smed and Calvin Hau show off their fantastic 
fashion sense! Calvin rebels against school 
uniform rules with an untucked shirt. 

Grade 9 Dinner Dance 

After a week of rain, it was a gorgeous, but windy, day 
on Saturday, May 28th, for the Grade 9 dinner and 
dance. This year's event was held at the Canyon 
Meadows Golf and Country Club in Calgary, where 
students gathered to eat, dance and present speeches 
and slideshows that captured the best moments of 
their time in the Middle School. Almost all of their 
teachers joined them for the event. A special 
appearance was made by Grade 9 band 'Raj and the 
Rajtones', who played for the crowd and got everyone 
out on the dancefloor. Many of the dresses this year 
were soft skintones like champagne and pale pink. 
Most girls chose to wear their hair in soft, flowing 
waves. The boys looked sharp in suits and ties. 

Thanks goes to Ms Haufort for her last year of 
organizing this great event - we'll miss you 

Looking Out: Grade 9 boys Jacob Janisch, Ben Stark, Robbie Maclean, Calvin Tarn, Maclean Clark, Khalid Dhalla 
and Connor Greene (all '14) take in the scenery before joining their friends for dinner. 

From Top: Raj and the Rajtones play 
for their friends; teachers Mr. Clark, 
Ms Conway and Ms Haufort enjoy 
the evening; shoes are abandoned 
in favor of dancing by the second 

Left: Friends Taylor Davis 
and Scarlet Sprung are 
excited to celebrate. 

Below: Class historians 
Daniel Livergant and Celeste 
Colborne are remembering 
the events of the year. 

Below: Daniel Livergant, Jacob Jamsch, Andy 
Rusnac and Arissa Bachmann take part in a 
group hug. 

Above: Jacob Janisch. 
Andrew Stone and Khalid 
Dhalla (all '14) in 
matching black suits and 
white shirts. 

Left: Ciara Hanly shares a 
laugh with Gillian Ceyhan 
(both '14) during the class 

Matching Dresses: Gillian 
Ceyhan and Michelle Soules 
(both '14) both chose 
strapless pink dresses with 
lots of glitter and shine! 



■ ■ 


QtemetdaAjf and Middle Mckwl IjeaA &nd GeieJmxdicpHA 




Right The Grade 9s gather as a class in the library one 
final time before moving onto the stage. Grade 9 girls 
Gillian Ceyhan '14, Shyla Bruvall '14, Claudia Belanger 
'14 and Arissa Bachmann '14 celebrate the end of Middle 

Right Andrew Stone '14 is presented with the Middle 
School Spirit Award. This award is given yearly to a 
Grade 9 student who has a great sense of humour, a 
positive attitude and always encourages his classmates to 
be the best that they can be. 

BelOW Ken Headrick Environmental Award winners, 
given to students who exemplify environmental 
stewardship throughout elementary. From left to right, 
Eli Chapman '17, Mckenzie Roth '17 and Michael 
Spyker *17. 

Liam Waterous '17 and 
BenTilden'17 celebrate 
the end of a great year, and 
look forward to moving up to 
the middle school. 

Chanel Fu '17, receiving 
the A.E. Dunne Award for 
all-around excellence in the 
Elementary School. 

Madeleine Powell '17 

receiving the Olympic 
Citizenship award. Maddie 
was selected by her fellow 
students for her outstanding 

Michael Spyker '17, 

winner of Division II House 
Award for achieving the 
most house points out of all 
students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 

Kenzie Witschi '17 and 
Andrew Beingessner '22 

receiving the W. A. Heard 
House Award on behalf of 


rizegiving and year-end celebration ceremonies are some of the 
longest standing and most cherished traditions at STS. At the 
end of each school year, parents, teachers and students gather 
to celebrate student achievements, award outstanding efforts 
and say goodbye to the class of students that will be graduating 
to the next division. 

In the Middle School, students are selected by their teachers to 
receive subject awards in their homerooms, as well as awards 
for the top three academic averages in each Grade. This year's 
top students were: 

Qnade, 7 



1st: Sarah Marie 

2nd: Nikki Abbott 
3rd: Liam Ostlund 

1st: Teaghan Stack 
2nd: Cole Pernitsky 
3rd: Zahra Rawji 

1st: Claudia Belanger 
2nd: Elspeth Yates 
3rd: Maria Golubev 

Teaghan Stack '15, winner 
of the Dorothy Goldstein 
Memorial Award, given 
a&nually to the Middle School 
student with the highest 
average in math and science 

Jacob Janisch *14 accepts 
the Daniel Arato Award from 
Mrs. Arato, as the student 
who best exemplifies the 
spirit of Dan's memory. 

Michaela Ostlund '14 

accepts the STS Middle School 
Trophy, which is awarded for 
diligence over the course of 
Grades 7, 8 and 9. Michaela 
was nominated for this award 
by her teachers. 

Maclean Clark '14 is proud 
to accept the Hewitt Award for 
Citizenship, presented by Mrs. 
Hewitt. Maclean lias been an 
outstanding leader and citizin 
in the Middle School. 

Elspeth Yates '14 takes 
home the top honours of 
the night, winning the 
Buchan Trophy, for all 
around excellence at the 
Middle School level 


t is important for a 
community to recognize the 
great accomplishments of its 
citizens. Prizegiving 
Ceremonies are a valued 
tradition at STS and give us 
the opportunity to reflect on 
the year that ended and 

Cong/tatuJatas to 

add awakd wimm on 

acknowledge and say 
goodbye to our graduates. It 
also gives us the chance to 
commend students who 
have reached academic 
milestones, made a 
difference this year in the 
school or served as a leader 
in our community. This year, 
Grade 12 student Muyiwa 

lAW/i '-Right Ian Whitestone '11 accepts 
the Neil McQueen award. Ian was also 
awarded the prestigious Howard Trophy for Award from Mr. Jones, Head of 
all-around excellence in the Senior School. School . 


Abolarin was the class 
valedictorian and gave an 
inspiring speech to the 
students, faculty and family in 
attendance. Grade 12 subject 
award winners included 
Tegan Valentine (St. Hilda's 
Book Award for Social 
Studies and the Phil McNab 
Prize for English), Stephanie 
Thompson '11 and Emma 
Garforth-Bles '1 1 (Robert 
Cojocar Memorial Prize for 
Art), Sarah Maslechko '1 1 
and Lizzi Hanly '1 1 (The 
Burns Award for Physical 
Education) and Tamara Itani 
'11 (The Mannix-Pallesen 
Award for French). 
Congratulations to all award 
winners on this special night! 

'xfaii ^Rigfit Ashley Itzkovitch '11 is 
presented with the Serena Mohamed 

clockwise ^itom top Cejt: Bryce 
Albery '1 1 accepting an award from 
Mr. Jones, Harrison Vardley '12, the 
'lifers', who spent all 12 years of 
their education at STS, Mitchell 
Park '12 


The New Sun/Joy Harvie Maclaren Award 

Sarah Way '13 

The Stephenson Award for Debate and 

AN Poonja '12 

The Dr. Dorothy Goldstein Memorial Prize 
for Senior School Science 

Annie Abbott '11 

The Scott Seaman Outdoor Leadership Award 

Mitchell Beacom '13 

The Alexander Patillo Fine Arts Award 

Muyiwa Abolarin '1 1 

The Davis Pike Memorial for Fellowship 

Matthew Bennett '1 1 

The John S Burns Family Trophy 

Katie Henry '1 1 

The Tanner Cup for Citizenship 

Chelsea Robertson '1 1 

The Scott Broshko Award 

Mitchell Park '12 

The Peter B Ditchburn Award for Leadership 

Bryce Albery '1 1 

The Dr. Martha Cohen Award 

Mark Nardei '11 

The Howard Trophy for All-Around 

Ian Whitestone '1 1 

Ceilidh Munroe '1 1 , winner of the Margaret 


-iV(l Austin Miller '1 1 , winner of the Timothy Stiles 
Memorial Mathematics Award 

Jkimc ^iV(( Muyiwa Abolarin '1 1, Valedictorian 

u^boi/G ^iqlif James Kirker '12, winner of the 
Davis Walls Memorial Award 

Cameron a^^i 


Right: Max Van Sant ' 
and Lindsay Evans ' 

shared a table with their 
families to enjoy dinner 
and speeches. 

Above: Ashley 
Itzcovitch '11, Asia 
Brown 'IT, Jessica 
Girling ' 1 1 and Kirstie 

Right: The program 
and menu for the 
evening's festivities 

Time to Say Goodbye 

Qca&e 12s celebrate graduation with their teachers and parents 


Above: Emma Garforth-Bles '11, Ceilidh 
Munroe ' 1 1 and Sydney Flowerday ' 1 1 

cv^t the Sheraton hotel in Calgary 
Friday, June 3rd, the Strathcona- 
Tweedsmuir class of 201 1 met to 
celebrate the end of high school and 
the beginning of the next stage in their 
life. Together with their parents, siblings 
and teachers, the graduates ate an 
incredible meal, shared stories and 
danced the night away. Emma 
Garforth-Bles and Brock Hadden (both 
'11) opened took to the podium as the 
Masters of Ceremony for the 

evening and were both outstanding. Katie 
Henry 1 1 1 gave a touching toast to the 
parents, which was returned by her father, 
Mr. Henry, who gave a toast to the grads. 
Asia Brown and Kirstie Lush ('11) acted as 
the class historians, recounting the 
memorable moments from Grades 1-12. 
Bryce Albery toasted the teachers with 
compassion and Mr. Lederer spoke with 
humour and wisdom in his toast to to grads. 
The night was a great celebration for the 
end of a fantastic 1 2 years. 

Above: Bryce Albery and .' 

Tegan Valentine 

Far Left: Kate Hanly 

Emily Johnson 

Near Left: ShanrjH 

Churchill-Smith dni 

From Left: Bronwyn and Tegan Valentine; Megan Thomas, Sarah Maslechko, Steph Thompson and Annie 
Abbott; Carolyn Jepson; Matt Bennett and Chris Meston; Megan Thomas and Evan Staples. 


Georgetown University a Great Experience for Model UN 

In February of 201 1 , the STS Model UN Programme sent 38 delegates to Washington, D.C. for six days to participate in the 48th 
North American Invitational Model United Nations hosted by Georgetown University. This is one of the longest running and most 
prestigious Model UNs in the world and attracts over 3000 high school delegates to the conference every year. Highlights of the 
trip included our visits to the Smithsonian museums, the Washington Monument, the World War Two, Vietnam and Lincoln 
Memorials, the Georgetown University campus and an intimate night of great jazz at the Black Fox Lounge. 

Our results at our first outing at this challenging simulation in international diplomacy were outstanding. The following students 
are to be commended for the recognition they received from their peers during the closing ceremonies: 

Michael Molyneaux '1 3, Georgia Forbes '12, Bronwyn Valentine '1 2 , Lucas Kemp '12, Tiandra Ceyhan '1 2, Emily McNeil '1 3 and 
Kate MacFarlane '13. Special acknowledgement goes to Madison Milne-lves '13 and Sunny Yen '13 who earned Honourable 
Mention in the UNESCO committee. 

From Top: Stanford University Campus provides 
an inspiring background for international 

Tegan Valentine '11, Bronwyn Valentine '12, 
Kirstie Lush '1 1 and Virginia Cooke '12 

The Stanford MUN Students pose following the 
closing ceremonies. 

Darcy Foo '13 and Alistair Morton '13 

Two unidentified STS students try their hand at 
sumo .wrestling 

STS Team Shines at Stanford 

On November 10, 2010, 40 STS students departed for STS' first attendance at the 
Stanford Model United Nations (UN) Conference. The opportunity to participate in a 
Model UN simulation at one of America's most renowned post-secondary institutions 
attracted the largest group of Spartans ever assembled for a Model UN. For 30 of 
these students, this was their first Model UN conference outside of STS and all were 
eager to dive into the world of simulated diplomacy. Their performance at this unique 
and challenging conference was exemplary and they laid a solid foundation as well 
as high expectations for next year's group. 

The following students received acknowledgment by their committees: 
Austin Miller '11 and Bronwyn Valentine '12, Summit of World Leaders 2015; Katie 
Henry '1 1 , International Court of Justice; Mitchell Park '12, UN Economic and Social 
Council; Seth Carson '13, Chinese Politburo; Tamara Itani '11, 1974 Cyprus Crisis 
Cabinet; and Alistair Morton '13, 1974 Turkey Crisis Cabinet. 

The following students were called to the stage and formally recognized for their 
exemplary and in-depth research as well as their skilfully crafted position papers: 
BrettonChad'12, Iranian Cabinet; Riley Waterous '13, UN Development Programme; 
Robert Belanger '11, UN Economic and Social Council; and Lucy Luo '11, World 
Health Organization. 

Those students recognized with Honourable Mention and a certificate were: 
Erik Jorgenson '1 1 and Tegan Valentine '1 1 , representing North Korea in the Summit 
of World Leaders 2015; Alykhan Bhanji '12, representing Guatemala in the 
International Monetary Fund; and Trevor Hunt '12, representing India in the UN 
Security Council. 

Earning the designation of Outstanding Delegate in their committees were: 
Michael Molyneaux '13 in the International Council of Museums and Darcy Foo '13 
in the 1974 Turkey Crisis Cabinet. 

Michyel Molyneaux '13 in committee 

v9fc vJQjs a record siQsm for ifa 

Speech and Debate programs, both in 
terms of the number of participants and 
the success that our students had in 
competition. Overall, it was a fantastic 
and rewarding year. Highlights of our 
season include AN Poonja '12 being 
selected as an alternate for the 
Canadian Team to travel to Australia to 
compete in the World Public Speaking 
Championships. Ali also participated in 
the International Independent School 
Speech Tournament in Ontario, along 
with Elspeth Yates '14 and Maria 
Golubev '14. All three had a very 
successful trip. This year, we also had a 
record number of Middle and Senior 
school students compete at the regional 
speech tournament, which gave them to 
chance to qualify for provincials. The 
provincial tournament took place at 
Forest Lawn High School on February 
26th. The STS team brought home 12 


The Senior High debate team finished 
their season with strong showings in a 
number of tournaments. At the coveted 
Winston Churchill Debate in Calgary, 
Ariela Karmel '13 and Thomas Dunlop 
'13 won gold as a team, and Ariela was 
named the top speaker of the 
tournament. Ali Poonja '12 placed 4th 
overall. The Regional Competition was 
the last formal event for the club. The 
topic was, "This House would not 
release the identities of young offenders 
convicted with criminal offenses." The 
competition was quite intense with our 
team of Mitchell Park '12 and Zachary 
Carson '12 making it to the finals in 
which they debated the last impromptu 
topic in front of a large group of parents, 
coaches and volunteers. The topic was, 
"This house would ban the use of 
torture". They did extremely well and 
took the silver medal for the entire 

1 . Ibrahim Itani '13, Tamara Itani '1 1 , Emma Fu '1 1 , 
Brigitte Gilmour '13, Lucy Luo '1 1 and Muyiwa 
Abolarin '1 1 compete in a speech tournament in 
Calgary. 2. Mr. Fink and Ms Delanoy (coach) with 
Ariela Karmel '13 and Thomas Dunlop '13, who 
placed first in the prestigious Sir Winston Churchill 
Debate in Calgary. 3. Ali Poonja '12, Zac Carson '12 
and Mitchell Park '12 prepare for a world style 
debate (teams of 3) at a local competition. 4. Taking 
in all of the sights of our nation's capital. Elspeth 
Yates '14, Maria Golubev '14 and Ali Poonja '12 
represent Strathcona-Tweedsmuir at a prestigious 
international public speaking competition for 
students from independent schools. 5. The Senior 
High debate team, consisting of Radha Bhagat '12, 
Ali Poonja '12, Mitchell Park '12, Zac Carson '12, 
Seth Carson '13, Ariela Karmel '13 and Steven 
Mcintosh '13 and Ashleigh Corbeill '12. 

r - Origins Oratory 

Top (from left): Ms Haufort, Jill Northcott '15, Zahra Hawji '15, Kelsey Lussier '15, Keegan Turnquist '15, Michelle Grant '14, Timi Abolarin '15, Maria 
Golubev '14, Ryan Stumpf '14, Elspeth Yates '14, Mr Fink. Third Row: Mary Hou '16, Emma Dunlop '16, Leigh McNeil-Taboika '15, Ainsley Macdougall '15, 
Asha Ruparell '15, Maddie Milne '14, Emily Evans '14, Second Row: Charlee Witschi '15, Imara Dhalla '15, Sarah Cooper '16, Michelle Kirchman '15, 
Rosalind Jackson Roe '16, Imaan Amlani '15, Shiv Ruparell 15. Front Row: Maris Schneider '15, Simi Kashyap '16, Rebecca Burroughs '16, Imaan Kherani 
15, Sophie D'Aguiar '15 9HmM vBHB 

Gold - Original Ora 


10:20 am - Recess 

Max McKay '1 8 and his 
BraedenX-tSj-and Peyton ('2^M 
Drtt play jump rope on the ^T^J 
3lementary field ^fcs 

10:40 am - Math Class 

Meg Ollive '16, works through a 
set of problems in Ms Melton's 
7 math class ^ 

1:45 pmi 

James Kirlf 
nap in the] 
break fror 

leaks in a 


3:50 pm - Rugby 

the Senior Varsity Rugby 
team dominates the 
competition during a 
home game. 

12:15 p 

Grade 7 b 


Additional Senior School Winners: . 

Bilingual Interpretive Reading: Hanna Medwid '13 Solo Act Serious: Camille Brockmann '12 

Duo Act Serious: Michelle Fric '12 & Joe Deering '12 Solo Act Humorous: Kylie Hornaday '12 

Grade 7: 

Impromptu: Christina Sullivan '16 
Interpretive Reading: Janna Newton '16 
Persuasive Speech: Elizabeth Gilchrist '16 
Solo Act: Ethan Kemp '16 

Grade 8: 

Impromptu: Timi Abolarin '15 
Interpretive Reading: Maris Schneider 
Persuasive Speech: Tom Farran '15 
Solo Act: Shiv Ruparell '15 

Grade 9: 

Impromptu: Brendan Burroughs '14 
'15 Interpretive Reading: Scarlet Sprung '1 
Persuasive Speech: Elspeth Yates '14 
Solo Act: Maddie Milne '14 

3 eople's Choice Award: 

Harrison Varley '12 for an after 
dinner speech 

Wednesday marked one of the longest standing traditions at 
STS - Speech Day. Whether it was an eloquent interpretive 
reading, a persuasive speech, a unique act,or a spur-of-the- 
moment impromptu performance, Speech Day continues to be 
one of the highlight events of the year. The art and importance 
of public speaking is absolutely embedded in our very history 
and culture. Once again, we are thrilled at the collective level of 
talent and expertise showcased not only on Speech Day, but in 

the past number of weeks as every student at STS in the 
Middle and Senior School has performed for their classmates 
and teachers. We are always impressed with the level of 
commitment and enthusiasm our students exhibit. It is this 
quality which really distinguishes us as a School. J J 


Grade 10: 

Impromptu: Darcy Foo ,13 
Interpretive Reading: 
James Alexander ,13 
Duo Acts: Carl Lindvall & 
Brandon Urban '13 

Grade 11: 

Persuasive Speech: Govind Peringod '12 
Impromptu: Zach Carson '12 
Interpretive Reading: Honor Jackson-Roe '12 
Duo Acts: Cassie Van Sickle & Gillian Soules '12 
After Dinner Speech: Harrison Varley '12 

Grade 12: 

Impromptu: Mark Nardei '11 

Interpretive Reading: Zaman Sachedina '1 1 

Duo Acts Humorous: Emma Fu &Muyiwa Abolarin 


Kirby Cup for Persuasive Speech: Lauren 
Payne '1 1 




, Jennie Evamy- Hill '12, 
/lackenzie Seansons '11, 

'12 ^ * , 

The Band Played On 

The STS band program has a long history of involvement and excellence. Students from Grades 7-1 2 specialize 
in an instrument and receive professional instruction from members of the community, as well as from the two 
band teachers, Mr. Uzick and Mrs Cooper. Band gives students great opportunities to take part in camps and 
trips, such as this year's Senior Band trip to Austria. This year, STS band students were extremely fortunate to 
spend a week working with STS alum and professional composer David Pierce, who recently composed the 
music for the opening ceremonies at the Vancouver Olympics. Working with accomplished musicians has 
proven to be very valuable for our students, who are frequently awarded with high commendations at Calgary 


Back (Lett): Joe Deering, Peter Germaine, Muyiwa Abolarin, Michael Sullivan, Isaac Niles, Michael Molyneaux. Charles Rozsa, Tynan Stack. John St George. 

Robert Bellanger, Joshua Szepesi-Dumonceaux, Ibrahim Itani, Zaman Sachedina 
3rd Row: Carolyn Jepson, Jon Kirchman, Justin MacKinnon, Darcy Foo, Mark Nardei, Alistair Morton. Michael Goodchild, Tom Dunlop. Harrison Varley. 

Mackenzie Seasons, Lauren Payne, Katie Henry 
2nd Row: Mr. Uzick, Daniel Passingham, Ricky Tsuno, Randi Thorbjornsen. Taryn Plater, Maddie Milne-lves, Nicole DiStefano, Emma Fu, Radha Baghat. 

Hannah Lederer, Megan Senger 

1st Row: Cassie van Sickle, Gillian Soules, Kendall Seasons, Natasha Adams, Tegan Valentine, Casey Thorbjornsen, Rebecca McCreedy, 

Tiandra Ceyhan _ j-y 

Missing: Chris Meston and Nathan Gallup 


Back Row (Left): Michael 
Sullivan, Joe Deering, Darcy 
Z.d*„.,, Foo, Tom Dunlop 

2nd Row: Jon Kirchmann, Mr 
Uzick, Lauren Payne, 
Mackenzie Seasons, Arman 
Bachmann, Mitchell Park 

1st Row: Mark Nardei, Tynan 
Stack, Maclean Clark, Charles 
Rozsa, Matt Nowak 

Back (Left): Mrs. Cooper 
— Hugh McNeil, Ryan Shah, 
Ppj Andy Tsuno 

2nd Row: Cameron Hands, 
Raj Pujara, Brendan Burroughs 

1st Row: Calvin Lang, Kelvin 
Hau, Peter Do 

Back Row (left to right): Hannah Lederer, Tiandra Ceyhan, Tynan Stack, Michael Sullivan, Rebecca McCreedy, 

Katie Kirker 

Middle Row: Casey Thorbjornsen, Govind Peringod, Taylor Chase, Muyiwa Abolarin, Sarah Way, Honora 


Front Row: Ashleigh Sandul, Marie-Catherine French, James Alexander, Michael Goodchild, Virginia Cooke, 

Heather Provencher, director 

: H 
« -t * 

It ' 


♦ If 


4 i* 

Back Row (from left): Asha Ruparell, Danielle Hart, Logan Woronuk, Ryan Stumpf, Rosalind Jackson-Roe, Ryan 

Kirker, Elspeth Yates, Kelsey Lussier 

3rd Row: Imara Dhalla, Ly-Anh Reid, Ainsley MacDougall, Imaan Amlani, Sarah Stumpf, Hannah Macios, Jill 

Northcott, Timi Abolarin 

2nd Row: Savita McRae, Christina Sullivan, Heather Wood, Leigh McNeil-Taboika, Molly Calkins, Maris 

Schneider, Paul Crichton 

Front Row: Imaan Kherani, Onna Janisch, Sophie Haines, Sarah Cooper, Katie Deller, Sarena Lakhu, Heather 

Provencher, Director 

Back Row: (from left) : Charles Rozsa, Justin MacKinnon, 
Tynan Stack, Isaac Niles, Joshua Szepesi-Dumonceaux, 
John St. George, Peter Germaine, Michael Molyneaux 
Third Row: Mark Nardei, Zaman Sachedina, Chris 
Meston, Ibrahim Itani, Darcy Foo, Robert Belanger, 
Nathan Gallup, Muyiwa Abolarin, Joe Deering, Michael 

Second Row: James Kirker, Thomas Dunlop, Randi 
Thorbjornsen, Radha Baghat, Rebecca McCreedy, 
Hannah Lederer, Harrison Vardley, Cassie Van Sickle, 
Tiandra Ceyhan, Megan Senger, Jon Kirchman, Lauren 
Payne, Tegan Valentine, Alistair Morton, Daniel 
Passingham, Nicole Di Stefano, Mackenzie Seasons 
Front Row: Natasha Adams, Kendall Seasons, Taryn 
Plater, Casey Thorbjornsen, Gillian Soules, Emma Fu, 
Katie Henry, Ricky Tsuno, Carolyn Jepson, Mr. Uzick 


Cmma tyu., Mackenzie- £eaio*i>i, 

Jlau/ien Payne- dan- protective- Uuti tt\ 
Auitniaa caitle. 

, and Nataika Adams, 7a>ufM Platen-, and Kendall Seadoni 

^tudenU enjoy 6iqkU and doundUoj Auibtia 

by Lauren Payne '1 1 and Mackenzie Seasons '1 1 

The STS Senior Band trip to Austria over the Spring Break 
marked the final band trip for Grade 12 students, and it most 
definitely lived up to our expectations. In Salzburg, we visited 
Mozart's birthplace, toured the old quarter of the city, went 
on a Sound of Music tour and played our first concert. On 
our way to Vienna, we stopped for a night's stay in a real 15th 
century castle where we enjoyed a private concert, amazing 
dinner and tour. In Vienna, we toured the Vienna Opera 
House, saw the graves of Beethoven, Brahms and other 
famous classical composers, and got to see Schonbrunn, the 
summer palace of the Habsburg family who ruled Austria for 
hundreds of years. We even saw the room where Mozart 
played one of his first concerts at the age of four. 

We performed How to Train Your Dragon, Salvation is Created, 
Fanfare for the Common Man, Toccata, Rondo (from Prelude, 
Siciliano and Rondo), Radetzky March and Silent Stands the 
Elm in the chapel at Schonbrunn, Krems Music School and a 
beautiful cathedral in the heart of Vienna that was so big the 
echo after each note we played seemed to go on forever. We 
visited the cemetery where Mozart was buried and heard a 
beautiful Mozart and Strauss concert with ballet dancers, 
opera singers and a chamber orchestra. We even got a chance 
to see Madame Butterfly at the Vienna Opera House. 

The experiences, memories and beautiful sights and sounds 
of Austria will stay with us long after we graduate. 

Rebecca McGieedy, 

and ^bcmiel 

Ut/iee memLe/iA. the. 
SVS kind make 
jjtAeH&l uutk a 
iiatueiaue Auit/uaa 

Mi. Gwspen, Mi. 

JlalL.Mi. fyjick. 
ami Mi. PiMjenoken, 

enjoy meal liejote 
keadiaa to- the op&ia.. 

Based on a myth about the gentle people located in 

Patagonia, Grade 7 students selected visual 
symbols and images from the story and interpreted 
them using the elements and principles of design. 
Additionally, along with acrylic paint, students 
learned 3 new mixed media techniques. 

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 

Grade 8 students were asked to examine their current 

stage of life. How do they see themselves? How do 
they want to be treated? What's changing in their lives 

and what are they looking forward to? Students 
designed their own imagery based on symbolism, and 
traditional african designs to express their identity. 

Acrylic and raffia on cardboard 

Based on a random 
selection of careers, 
such as rock star, artist 
and veterinarian, Grade 
9 students had to create 
an illustration using only 
the letters of their name. 
They found imagery 
within their vocation to 
develop each of their 
letters. Can you tell 
which vocations these 

Pen and ink on board 

Captivating Creativity 

STS Student Sends Art to Thailand 

Emily Johnson '11 was 
commissioned to create a piece 
of art work to send to the 
International Round Square 
conference in Thailand, which 
was attended by a group of STS 
delegates. The theme of the 
conference was "We Walk 
Together"; Emily's work, entitled 
"Canadian Together", depicts 
regional imagery, including the 
Calgary tower and the local 
foothills and mountains, which 
are painted in the style of Lauren 
Harris, a member of the Group 
of Seven. Emily's work is a 
tribute to Terry Fox, and 
suggests the unity of the 
Canadian community through 
the use of maple leaf as a 
metaphor for Canadians 
running. The autumnal colours 
of red and yellow refer to the time 
of the year when the Terry Fox 
Run takes place. 

g excel 7 
ership i 

in sc 


From the 
H e(art) 

Left: Steph Thompson '1 1 and her work for the Grad Art 
Show. Art students frequently draw from social and political 
issues to inspire their work. 

High School Artists Celebrate a Year of Creativity 

The art department had another fabulous year of creativity! Starting 
off in the fall with the Art 30 wearable art pieces, the school was 
instantly amazed with the calibre of work from the students. The fall 
art show was a great success, equally matched with it's counterpart 
in the spring! Some highlights from the year include the Art 30 trip to 
Vancouver for their wearable art fashion show, the Art 20 trip to ACAD, 
and the fabulous fashion show for the Art 10 Fascinator project! 



We ve Got The iMite Stuff 

creative writing L/Ontests 

The Nominees: 

Imaan Amlani 
"The Window" 

Ainsley MacDougall 
"We Can Only Live 

Vasiliki Zakos 
"Speak Up" 

Carter Brant 
"My Blue Valentine" 

Victoria Clark 
"Clandestine Cave" 

Luke Macios 
'The First Fight for 

And The Pvetry WiwierbAre... 


Speak Up" 

"If only i didn't le tmy head hang down/and stared 
far below the ground./ It was a beautifu day, but I 
couldn't see it/And my voice was never found. 

I look at myself but with a curious thought,/! wonder 
who stands before me./A stranger with lifeless eyes so untold,/in the 
darkness she starts to flee 

I stumble upon a moment/fearing to let out something astray ./But I think 
of reaching the end of my life/and regretting the things i never did say." 


"The First Fight For Humanity" 

"Some will stand to fight the dread/Others consumed b 
hate's persuasive speech/The destruction flows througr 
our veins/Making us helpless, making us vain. 

Chaos swallows the world; he salivates as he destroys 
the good/Malice makes us his minions, brainless servants we become,/ 
Destruction then wields its army, the world about to fall/The end is near; the 
world gives in to Mr. Fear. 

One ray of hope humanity could grasp/Evil has spread. ..the good just a 
needle in a haystack./One man steps up against the evil/Chances of succes 
slim, but a chance he feels like taking. 

Not always was the world so grim/Days of the past, engulf him./A chance t( 
make the world better/Failure is apocalypse." 


And The ShffrPSfory Winner* Are. . . 

ff I am Weak" 

"The silence is the worst part. The sheer, cold silence 
that cuts through you like a thousand knives, a 
crushing weight, my fragile frame and flesh no match 
for her. No match for her strength, her power, her 
silence. I wish I was strong, I wish I could tell her 
what really happened. But I am weak. Weak, and fragile, and quiet. I was 
not the popular one, she was. And I was her puppet, to be at her beck 
and call and follow her around. I am no longer her puppet. But I am weak, 
and it is my weakness that brought this about, not my strength. Of course, 
I would be his next victim, the perfect target, I was no stranger to him, I 
was always where she was and she was always where he was." 

"How to be a Knight" 

"Elaina also finally got a look at the thing whose 
roars had sent chills down her spine and fear 
piercing through her heart. It was a creature she 
had only ever heard about in myths and legends. 
A creature she had done extensive reading on when studying the Old Tongue 
of Kasai. A creature she had described to her when the Knights informed her 
and her mother about her father's demise. 

Ivory talons and teeth that could rip a person to shreds in mere seconds, 
emerald green scales that repelled even the strongest sword, powerful limbs 
and a tail that could knock over stone walls like they were mud, huge wings 
that could climb to the highest mountain in the land, bright eyes that saw into 
your very soul and a roar that made even the most brutal and bloodthirsty 
warriors quake in fear. Only one word came to mind when naming the beast 
in front of her. Dragon." 

Nikki Abbott 
"Take Your Mark" 

Will Clark 

Ellie Gilchrist 
"I am Weak" 

Jennifer Schwartz 
"Grandmother's Gift" 

Victoria Clark 
"Under A Burning Sun" 

Kim Hornaday 
"Hurry Up" 

Michelle McKay 

Casey Thorbjornsen 
"How to be a Knight" 

Designed By: 
Casey Thorbjornsen 



The theme of the 2010 Round Square Conference 
at the Regents School in Pattaya, Thailand was 
"We Walk Together". This theme was brought to 
life through interactive and meaningful events 
and activities held at the conference as well by the 
key note speakers. This main theme was divided 
into 40 subthemes which included 'We Inspire 
Together', 'We Express Together' and 'We Learn 
Together'. The delegates attending the conference 
(Ibrahim Itani '13, Georgia Forbes '12, Michelle 
McKay '12, Hannah Medwid '13, Isaac Niles '13 
and Ashleigh Corbiel '12) were clearly able to see 
the message that as a global community, we need 
to move forward together towards a better future 
and that it will not happen unless "We Walk 
Together". Thanks to Mr. Mercer and Ms Haufort 
for being our trip leaders. 


Georgia Forbes before 
she scores the game 
winning goal. 

2010 Round Square trip to Thailand ana Cambodia 

aWlUl LI1C lUUaib, jnciyuig gaui<.o uuu 
5 we did for aimless joy, and as a way to 
nificant, on a large scale trip such as this one. 
. They also can provide great joy, as I have 

s joy. 

A group of high school students traveled to the Dominican Republic over Spring break 201 1 . 
We worked with locals to refurbish an elementary school, build a new kindergarten classroom, 
paint a local church & set up a free medical clinic. We had a great time playing with the elementary 
kids when we took breaks from working. Everyone greatly appreciated it, and it showed when 
the whole community came to the opening ceremonies to celebrate with us on our last day. We 
miss the friends we made, and the trip greatly impacted all of our lives in one way or another. 

Students. 4 Teachers. 

10 Days. 

Kate Macfarlane, Georgia Young, Sarah 
Way, Kim Hornaday, Riley Waterous '13 
Michelle Fric, Grace Walker, Becca Van 
Helden, Honora Jackson Roe, Hannah 
Reynish, Marie-Catherine French, Kylie 
Hornaday, Ashleigh Sandul, Carter 
Bryant, AN Poonja, Alykhan Bhanji, 
Govind Peringod '12, Kate Hanly, Lizzi 
Hanly, Chelsea Robertson, Shelby 
Spring, Sarah Jackson, Bryce Albery, 
Omar Manji, Ian Ritchie '11 

Ms Gonzalez, Ms Nowosad, 
Ms Kennedy, Mr. Bodnar 

Ellie Gilchrist 'i6 Reflects on the Middle School Conference and Service Trip 

On Sunday, February 13, 201 1 , four Middle School students left for Montreal to learn about homelessness and help people in the streets 
through the Lower Canada College's Share the Warmth conference. We learned about the severity of homelessness. Did you know 
that up to 300,000 people live on the streets and that a third of them are between the ages of 12 and 25? Ainsley MacDougall '15, Taylor 
Poscente '16, Jett Palframan '16, and I built many new relations with students our age from around the world including Peru, Singapore. 
Australia and Denmark. A very strong message that all speakers talked about was that those without homes need love and kindness 
as much as anyone. They don't necessarily want money; they just want a smile, a wave or a few simple words of acknowledgment to 
reassure them that others believe in their humanity. We need to give every single child, man and woman the chance to change. 



Grade 8 Language Trips 

STS students are fortunate enough to get to travel 
to many different locations throughout their time at 
the School, including the Grade 8 language trips 
that go to locales where Spanish and French are 
spoken. This year, the Spanish students went to 
Havana, Cuba, where they visited various cultural 
sites, learned different Cuban dance styles, and had 
the opportunity to visit a school and meet 6th grade 
students from Havana. In Quebec city, French 
students stayed at the Chateau Frontenac, explored 
the historic lower town and the ice palace, visited a 
Cabane a Sucre, went snow-shoeing, and did many 
other exciting cultural activities. After the trip, 
students raved about the experience; not only did 
they get to practise their language skills, they made 
new friends, learned to be more independent and to 
appreciate other cultures and the value of travel. 

and Heather 
Wood take in 

a Cuban 

Zahra Rawji, 
Lizzie Tamas 
and friends 
explore Quebec's 
ice hotel 

"Cuba, ; te 
amamos !" 
(We love you 


The teacher chaperones Ms. Melton, Ms. Bartoshyk, 
and Mr. Kores, as well as the trip leader for Cnha, 
Mr. Thomson, enjoy the sunshine. 

Ben Jackson, Graham Seasons, and Austin DiStefano 
shake and shimmy in the traditional Cuban style. 




From left: Elias Swaita and Connor DiStefano (both '11), a group of high school boys, Myles Chase '15, Mr. Marchuk and Mr. Milne Ives, 
Rebecca Van Helden, Madi Wood, Alex Walker, Keeley Shaw-Antonio and exchange student Lori Hide (all '12) 

Terry Fox Run 

In fall 2010, STS made an outstanding contribution to the Terry Fox 
Foundation, raising close to $29,000. Added to our 24 previous years, our 
25 year total is more $494,000 for Cancer research. There is no doubt that 
next year, with all the support from family and friends, that STS will pass 
the half million mark. This coming year is sure to be extra special - besides 
passing the x h million dollar mark, we are also celebrating our 40th year of 
STS on this country campus, and all alumni are invited to come and 
participate in the Terry Fox Run. Strathcona Tweedsmuir School is one of 
the top fundraising schools in Alberta! STS is a community built solidly on 
tradition and history and the Terry Fox Run is a fantastic example of this, 
this year, the entire school community dressed up in their house colours for 
the futuristic theme. Although the temperature was very cold for early 
September, students managed to stay warm and keep a positive attitude 
throughout the entire day! Every person who started the race finishg|Kiiher 

a 5K or 10K run. 

Top from left: Justin Nadeau 13', Sydney 
Bullen 13', Eliza Manzer 13', Jennifer 
Anderson 13', Kelli McLean 12', Vincent 
Van der poel 12', Ali Poonja 12', Virginia 
Cooke 12' 




From left: Grace Walker '12, Teagan Evans, Jennifer Schwartz, Christina Sullivan (all '16), James Alexander '13, Lizzie Tamas '15, Mr Hendricks 

"In 1980, Terry Fox faced considerable challenges 
while running the equivalent of a marathon a day 
for 143 days during his 3,339 mile Marathon of 
Hope. It was all about effort for Terry. He 
challenged himself every day with one goal in 
mind: raise the most money he could to end 
cancer. " -Terry Fox Foundation 

From left: Emma Garforth- 
Bles '11, Quinn Peplinski '13, 
Chase Van-Sant '13, Ajay 
Mahjan '12, Muyiwa Abolarin 
'1 1 , Mackenzie Seasons '1 1 

Designed by: Kelli McLean and Rebecca Van Helden 


(Bouniries ^^JLmazing Weefis 

feeqiafiUHf o+t Auqudt fftk JO/0, ^wenhf-Vwo- £fl$ MtudeaU and 7 knee £7£ ^eac/t&te 
Qa4j^up> <r Jki/deeK ^bcuyi Vkei/i ^ummeA, Vacattim to- Walk ^knaucfk ^kei/i Jlid&uf, JleAAo*iA>. 

On August 11, Ms. Delanoy, Mr. Boulianne, Mr. Schneider and 
twenty-two STS students departed for Paris to begin a 13-day 
European History Tour which would cover over 2000 kilometers as 
the group traveled through northern France, the Flanders region of 
Belgium and then on to Munich in southern Bavaria. The trip was 
two years in the making and represented a concerted effort with the 
Social Studies department to give the students the opportunity to 
learn beyond the four walls of their classroom and walk through their 
History lessons. To this end, the trip focused on the birth of 
nationalism the growth of nationalism and the consequences of 

Paris was devoted to The Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the 
Napoleonic Wars, and of course, sightseeing. Ypres was dedicated to 
the consequences of World War I, with visits to the Menin Gate, the 
Somme, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele as well as side stops at Dieppe 
and Juno Beach. The last leg of the trip took the group to Munich 
where the focus was on World War II and the consequences of 
ultranationalism where there was a walking tour of Munich to 
important sites of Hitler and the Nazis, a trip to the Dachau 
Concentration Camp and the SS Firing Range. The heavy hearts that 
were created after these experiences were lifted slightly when the 
final day of the trip consisted of a trip to Hitler's sanctuary The Eagle's 
Nest up an alp with a fantastic view in beautiful Bavarian 

This trip could not have been possible without the help of students, 
parents, teachers, the Social Studies Department and of course the 
guides, Steven Coats and Stephen Whitehorn. Thank You so much! 

Stephen Whitehorn explaining events at 
Dachau Concentration Camp 

"I thought that the Vimy Ridge memorial was my most 
memorable part of the trip. The entire trip was absolutely 

amazing, I learned so much about the history of World 
War One and Two, as well as my classmates and teachers. 

It was such an amazing experience to travel with such 
knowledgeable teachers as Mr. Schneider, Mr. Boulianne 
and Ms. Delanoy, and I will remember that trip for the rest 
of my life." - Katie Henry 

A Group Picture in Spain: From Left: Ms Bartoshyk, Shelby Sprung, Chelsea Roberts, Thomas Wood, Tobi Oloruntobi, Madi Wood, Eric Sommerville, Alyssa Borden, Vincen 
van der Poel, Bronwyn Valentine, Charles Rozsa, Matthew Bennett, Diana Daklala, Tegan Valentine, Hannah Wood, Rebecca McCreedy, Nicole DiStefano, Mr. Thomson 

Senior High Student Embrace the Heat and Sharpen their Spanish 

School wasn't quite out for the 
summer, as 15 Senior High students 
spent 10 days in Spain at the 
beginning of July 2010, traveling, 
practicing their Spanish and visiting 
many of the country's most beautiful 
historic sites. The trip began in 
Madrid, where the students took 
Spanish lessons and went to see 
some of the world's best Flamenco 
dancers. The second stop was 
Toledo, which was definitely 
everyone's favourite location. It was 
stunningly beautiful, and included a 
visit to an authentic medieval town. 
Next was Sevilla, where the teachers 

and students made friends with 
hundreds of birds at the local park. 
The group then moved to Grenada, 
which every one agreed had both 
incredible architecture and natural 
landscapes. Finally, they finished in 
Malaga, the birthplace of Picasso. 
The highlight of the trip was being in 
Spain for the World Cup soccer 
tournament. The students didn't 
attend any games, but they were 
amazed but the energy and team 
spirit in the country, and no one will 
forget the dancing in the streets 
when Spain won the cup! 

Gone to the Birds Mr Thomson 
makes a connection with the local 
birds , who were very friendly 

"The world is 
a book and 

those who do 
not travel 

read only one 

Alyssa Borden '12 (left) and Madi 
Wood '13 (above), both make friends with the white pigeons 
that live in the Plaza de Americas, site of the 1929 World 
Exposition in Seviila. Pigeons of this colour don't live anywhere 
else in Spain. They were a gift from the Philippines in 1929 in 
honour of the fair, and their descendants have lived in the park 
ever since. They love bird seed, and aren't shy at all! 


G La-bob 

Grade 7% Sep Freifp Track 


Onna Janisch '16, Sophie Haines '16 
and the rest of 7C get to ski directly across 
Lake Louise. 

After several weeks of snow, the hut at 
Lake O'Hara is almost buried, Rosalind 
Jackson-Roe and Christina Sullivan (both 
'16) help with the chores. 

Everyone knows that the best part of Ski 
Week is the ski out from the Hut! Rebecca 
Clark '16 shows great form while 
navigating a downhill slope. 

7A stops the uphill travelling to pose for 
a class picture. Austin Oginski, Justin Yen, 
Mara Bishop and Nirav Bhagat (all '16) 
lead the way. 

Grade M Take fo the Water 

1. Leigh McNeil-Taboika '15 and Lizzie Tamas 
'15 show off their fabulous safety gear. 

2. Sophie Blakeley '15 and Katie Deller '15 
work together to guide their canoe over the 

3. Fahreen Budwani '15 tests the weight of her 
day pack while Cole Verburg '15 moves to 
higher land after an day pn the water. 

Sfirki§ 2011 

4. Shiv Ruparell '15 and his boating partner 
Myles Chase '15 lead the way as the 8A class 
moves through an icy portion of the lake. 

5. Ly-Anh Reid '15, Juliana Smith '15, Myles 
Chase '15 and Austin Weyant '15 brave the wet 
weather on day 1 . By the second day of the trip, 
the rain stopped and everyone got a chance to 
dry out. 

Grade % Biaze a Trail 


Kenzie Walker "14 is all smiles, despite 
the snow on the ground. 

Andrew Stone '14 knows that the most 
important part of a successful backpacking 
trip is staying warm and dry. Matching the 
colour of your hat, your coat and your 
water bottle is optional. 

Grade 10% Take On New CMietum 

15 2010-2011 

1. Kendall Seasons '13 is grateful for the 
gorgeous weather, which can always be 
unpredictable on OE trips. 

2. Jon Kirchman '13, Katrina Purcell '13 and 
Hannah Medwid '13 • 

4. An OE group including Nicole Wierzbicki, 
Scoutt Palframan, Georgia Young, Kara Chad, 
Mitchell Beacom, Mark Storwick, Kendall 
Seasons and Seth Carson create an inukshuk - 
a traditional rock formation for guidance and 
good luck. 

3. A group poses atop a peak during a mid- 
season trip. Often, lifelong friendships are 
formed during the challenges of OE 15. 

5. Meg Senger, Carl Lindvall, Ricky Tsuno, 
Yuxin Song, Seth Carson, Michael Sullivan and 
Kendall Seasons take a rest during a cross 
country ski tour. 


HP . 


^/eai aftei yeai, the athletics program at STS sets the bar higher. Despite 
our small size, we take on competition at the division, zone and provincial level, 
and show XhaXi/te can comfieie unlh ^^tl/)€ilai> bed aihletet> in 
every sport. Our coaches demand dedication, sportsmanship and skill 
development from us; they guide us to championships and motivate us through 

difficult losses. tyPe leainftfrm out midake& and work hard to improve. 

We are at the school for practice before the sun is up in the morning and will 
stay long after it has set. We are supporters. We are part o\ i&rnei hi ri £j 
laig^ei than oui&etnei>. We are determined to do our best. We are STS 


Kenzie Walker '14 Maclean Clark '14 Cody Mackinnon '14 

fe/na/e a/h/ele of Ihe yew. male alhMe of I he i/eea .fiotlAma/t^i/i aH'aid 

middle Achpol niiiMfe ixhwt. allium »tlivd 

rossing The Line 

£ If— ■■■III i III— mm "'KM ■—I i 'il I lUi^h^^ II |i HI IIMiMMIIIIM ■■in III— I li li mill :^i*bJ.»«l 




Race morning was an early 
one for the first leg runners 
who caught a 5 AM shuttle 
bus to the start of the race. 
The other runners followed 
shortly thereafter, groggy 
but excited about the race 
ahead. Students waited 
anxiously at designated 
relay exchange areas for 
their teammates to arrive 
and watched in awe as the 
lead runners raced by en 
route to their 2:12 finish 
times. Runners made their 
way through their race legs, 
running between 9.3 and 
12.2 km, and we came back 
together as a team at the 
finish line. 

64 Designed By: Ibrahim Itani 

Students were proud of their personal runs, as well as 

\V\r\\ r toom Hmoc »A/kii/->k» ronnorl fmm Q \nr\\ ire 1 fl mini itoc 

nidi Lcai i i uiiit^o vviiiisii i ai lyuu iiuiii \j iiuui j \\j uiuo ^ 

to 3 hours 45 minutes. Our top result came from the 
team made up of Hannah Wood '11, James Kirker '12, 
William Kennedy '1 1 , and Sydney Flowerday '1 1 who 
placed fifth in the co-ed high school relay division and 
37th overall out of over 900 relay teams! 

Swim, Bike, Run 

Mark Twain once said "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live". 
In the spirit of Twain's words, the Grade 10 students not only got on 
their bicycles for 8.5 km (all uphill!), but also ran 5.8 km and swam for 
750 meters, in a competitive annual event that takes them all the way 
from Okotoks back to the STS campus. The day always features 
personal bests, students supporting one another and many athletes 
learning to overcome adversity in order to reach a goal. 

The weather for this year's event was perfect and the event ran 
smoothly thanks to parent volunteers Carolyn Soules and Susan 
Mullie, who dedicated their time in order for the students to have a 
successful and safe race. In addition, many STS faculty members 
and older students take part and lend an hand. Great job, Grade 10s! 

Top Males 

James Alexander 1 :01 : 1 2 
Isaac Niles 1:02:39 
Ben Roskey 1 :03:40 

Victoria Clark 1 :07:37 
Emily McNeill 1:10:14 
Kendall Seasons 1:11:30 

/Move: ^iftian StacJt ] /3 


Sawera Dhaliwal, 
Maria Golubev and 
Kenzie Walker, all 
'14, compete in 

For a small school, 
our cross-country 
running program 
is exceptionally 
strong. Each year, 
our runners 
compete against 
schools that are 
much larger - and 
we win. Why? We 
give some credit 
to our amazing campus - not many schools in 
Canada have their very own cross-country path 
system! It's also the culture of fitness at STS - 
students are encouraged to be active every day. 
Combine athletic students with an incredible 
campus, and the results are clear - we rock! 

Keeps her focus while 
rounding a corner at the Senior 
High meet in Canmore, AB. 

Sets an 

impressive pace at the zone 
competition in Canmore, AB 

In her first 
year of middle school, Nikki 
makes it all the way to zone 
competition, and places 1 1th 
out of 110 runners. 

Ryan SUunpl and Maclean. CLanJi. '/4 
Cross-country running begins at home - 
right on campus. Each year in the 
middle school, morning classes are 
suspended and every student competes 
in a run to determine who will advance 
on to the divisional competition. 

STS Senior High students had a fantastic 
year at the provincial cross-country 
meet., taking home the Provincial 2A 
Banner. Congratulations, runners! 

It's About Community 

Katie Henry and Danielle Mc Arthur, both '11, celebrate a 
great day for running. The STS Senior High provincial runners were 
Victoria Clark, Kendall Seasons„Eliza Manzer, Georgia Young, Riley 
Waterous (all '13), Gursimran Dhaliwal, Jamie Kirker (both '12) Amanda 
Nadeau, Mackenzie Seasons, Kevin Seasons, Colleen Boykiw, Kelsey 
McNeil, Hannah Wood, Muyiwa Abolerin, Emily Johnson, Sydney 
Flowerday, Ted Irvine, Will Kennedy, Austin Miller, Lizzi Hanly, and 
Mark Nardei (all '11) 


Born To 


It was an incredible fall season for our 
cross-country runners. This year, 22 
Senior High runners represented our 
school at the provincial meet in 
Vermillion, Alberta. With very strong 
performances from many athletes, we 
clinched the 2A Provincial 
Championship Banner! Not to be 
outdone, 46 middle school students 
competed in the zone meet in 
Canmore, AB and easily captured the 
zone banner, the highest level of 
competition for middle school 
runners. In addition, many of our 
athletes were awarded with medals in 
their divisions at various levels of 

at a meet held on the 
STS campus, Michael leads a group of 
runners out of the ravine. 

Sydney Flowerday '11, Lizzi Hanly '11 and Emily 
>hnson '11 sweep the competition at the zone meet in Canmore, 

Not many people can run and 
pose for a picture at the same 

A sunny day for a run.Will 
keeps his eyes shaded with a 
great pair of glasses. 

A Year of Success 

Robert Belanger '11 competes on 
the STS campus; Ted Irvine '11 gets some 
practice en route to provincials; Claudia 
Belanger '14 and Gillian Ceyhan '14 led the 
pack with gold and silver medals at zones; 
Graham Seasons '15 in the school meet - he 
would later go on to take bronze at zones. 


Grade 7 Girls Volleyball 


< 1 

0£ 3 
1x1 § 









tyiam Jle^tto-Riqld: Imaan Kherani, Sareena Lakhu, Taylor Poscente, Onna Janisch, Sarah Marie Cooper, 
Christina Sullivan, Halle Shopperly, Temi Toba-Oluboka, Janna Newton, Vasia Zakos, Ellie Gilchrist, Sophie 
Haines, Simi Kashyap, Isabel Young, Ms Hebert (coach) 



born on the athletic 
field are the Wh 


of competition. Medals 
become rusty, friends 


Grade 7/8 Girls Volleyball 

fynom Jle^to-Hiqkt: Maris Schneider, Savita McRae, Lizzie Tamas, Lucy Peper, Robyn Macdermott, Nikki 
Abbott, Danielle Currie, Kathryn McLellan, Ainsley MacDougall, Leigh McNeil-Taboika, Brynn McLellan, Sarah 
Mary Cooper, Sarah Stumpf, Ms. Hebert (coach) 




~ 1 









Grade 7/8 Boys Volleyball 

&ackj/iam£e^tto-(lUfld: Daniel Molyneaux, Michael Bruhjell, Harrison Hart, Cole Pernitsky, Wyatt Hansen, 
Andres Massot, Ms. Preston (coach) 

^taHtpiam£e^.i»fii<fJd: Reid McKay, Myles Chase, Liam Ostlund, Cole Plater, Austin DiStefano, Tristyn 





fynom fe^tto-RicjJit: Mr. Hoang (coach), Maddie Milne, Taylor Davis, Arissa Bachmann, Victoria Romanow, 
Zahra Rawji, Michaela Ostlund, Sawera Dhaliwal, Ciara Hanly, Taleeta Fisher, Teaghan Stack, Brittany Currie, 
Michelle Grant, Sara Taylor, Kara Hawker, Kenzie Walker 

Grade q Boys Volleyball 

£ac&piamHettto-Ri<jJd: Mr. Kores (coach), Tom Abbott, Robert MaLean, Daniel Livergant, Ryan Stumpf 
tynant biam £ejt U RiyAt: Elliot Wilkinson, Maclean Clark, Avery Smed, Khalid Dhalla, Andrew Stone 

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball 

tytomJlelftto-R.iqkt: Nicole Wierzbicki, Alex Walker, Emily McNeill, Michelle Fric, Remy Brown, Madi Wood, Arden Sommerville, Mr. Mutch (coach), Ms 
Harper (coach), Madi Milne-lves, Sierra Mennis, Kaylie Magidson, Scoutt Palframan, Grace Walker, Nicole Herback, Georgia Vogeli 

JV Girls Balance Commitments, Place Second in their League 

We had 14 players on our team: 4 returning Grade 11s and 10 Grade 10s. 
Along with our play in the Foothills League, we played in tournaments at 
Western Canada, Foothills Composite, Hanna, and finally the zone tournament 
at Three Hills School. The Jr Varsity team was a very busy group of girls. Apart 
from playing volleyball, they were soccer players, musicians, competitive 
skiers, and actors. When the girls were able to come together, they played a 
great team game. Unfortunately, the team ran out of steam at the zone 
tournament and did not come home with a medal. Despite this, the JV 
girls had a season full of learning new skills and developing their ^0*^ 
competitive edge! 


Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball 

Senior Varsity Girls Volleyball 

fynom £ejt to- RujJtt: Michelle McKay, Courtney Davis, Amanda Nadeau, Georgia Forbes, Jessie Niles, Leigh Farran, Ms Bartoshyk (coach), Annie 
Abbott, Stephanie Thompson, Kate MacFarlane, Hanna Medwid, Emily Johnson, Victoria Kamila. 

Girls go undefeated, take provincial banner, in incredible season 

"Individuals win games, teams win championships". This was their motto as the SV 
Women's Varsity volleyball team set a goal at the beginning of their season to bring 
home the Provincial Banner. With both dynamic and disciplined athletes, the girls not 
only won the 2A Provincial Meet in Three Hills, AB, but blazed through the season 
with a 60-1 record. Led by captains Annie Abbott '1 1 , Courtney Davis '1 1 and Jessie 
Niles '1 1 , the SV team was unstoppable, bringing home gold in every tournament 
they attended. More importantly, says coach Ms. Bartoshyk, was their exemplary 
sportsmanship and commitment to fair play. Demonstrating this, Jessie Niles was 
awarded a Sportsmanship Award at the provincial level. Despite injuries and 
setbacks, the girls remembered their motto and showed great teamwork in one of the 
most successful women's volleyball seasons in STS history. 




Senior Varsity Boys Volleyball 

Moments Caught on iPhone 

It seems like everyone carries 
an iPhone or a Blackberry 
wherever they go. The boys 
captured the highlights of their 
season using an iPhone 
camera including these shots, 
which show the team 
celebrating a third place finish 
in a local tournament. 

Hacktlow: Vasia Zakos, Danielle Currie, Teagan Evans 
'Ikindllow.: Ms Rodney (coach), Onna Janisch, Halle Shopperly, Sarah Marie Cooper, Imaan Kherani 
Second flow.: Ellie Gilchrist, Molly Calkins, Mary Hou 
tyianillow.: Sarah Mary Cooper, Meg Ollive, Sophie Haines 

Grade 7 Boys Basketball 

liackllow: Braeden Macdougall, Harrison Hart, Austin Oginski, Lasindu Abeywardene 
IkiAdHow: Paul Crichton, Nicholas Wynne, Ayo Akintola, Reid McKay, Liam Ostlund 
Second Row.: Daniel Molyneaux, Mats Van Beek, Saransh Loona 
tftOHi (low: Ethan Kemp, Tristyn Butler 



Grade 8 Girls Basketball 

lap. Raw-: Teaghan Stack, Lizzie Tamas, Ainsley MacDougall 
VkiAdkow-: Jill Northcott, Leigh McNeil-Taboika, Kathryn McLellan 
Meamd How-: Brynn McLellan, Kelsey Lussier, Emily Culmone, Zahra Rawji 
^KmtRow-: Charlee Witschi, Victoria Romanow, Kara Hawker 

Grade 8 Boys Basketball 

"lop-Row-: Michelle Grant, Sawera Dhaliwal, Katelyn Cooper 
MidMe-dow-: Mrs. Hadden (coach), Leah Chiu, Elspeth Yates 
fyna*itQ.ou>-: Emily Evans, Claudia Belanger, Gillian Ceyhan 


Grade 9 Boys Basketball 

^op-How-: Ryan Shah, Tyler Winter 
Ihindkow-: Ryan Stumpf, Tom Abbott, Zach Miller 
Meco*td (lot*: Mr. Carlson (coach), Ben Stark, Avery Brown 
^tatdkow-: Maclean Clark, Khalid Dhalla 


Junior Varsity Boys Basketball 

MVAs show Commitment, Sportsmanship on JV Basketball Team 

Mr Race, co-coach of the JV Boys, noted that "it was a true pleasure for Mr. Julian and I to coach this team. They boys 
were both athletic and skilled, and competed with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Because of this, they were able to 
make a strong run deep into the league playoffs, ultimately coming up short of the gold medal, but playing some great 
games along the way. The most impressive qualities that this team possessed were their chemistry and integrity. Mr. 
Julian and I often remarked at how well these players supported one another and we enjoyed the great spirit they 
possessed. This year, two boys share the title of Most Valuable Athlete. These two players showed tremendous 
leadership and skill in their preparation and play. They were willing to work hard and committed to improving their game." 

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball 

7o/» Row: Hannah Reynish, 
Natasha Adams 
llundRow: Kelli Mclean, 
Jennifer Anderson, Jennifer 
Second Row-: Camille 
Brockmann, Mikaela 
Stewart, Katie Kirker, Sierra 
Mennis, Ms Egli (coach) 

tfiontRow: Bronwyn 
Valentine, Sarah Way, 
Madison Milne-lves, Arden 

Building Year Filled with Fun, Hard Work for Junior Varsity Girls ^a^l^^ vj 

The Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball season of 2010-201 1 is one that our team will never forget. Most of us had never 
played basketball outside of gym class. We lost games by 70 to 80 points (35 to 40 baskets) but our spirit was never 
broken. We played our best and cheered like crazy whenever one of us was fortunate enough to get a basket. During 
the season, we worked hard and our coach Ms. Egli worked hard with us. 

We participated in three tournaments throughout the season in Canmore, Fort Macleod and STS. In the tournament 
hosted at our school, we didn't want to be beaten in our backyard. We won 62 to 30 and it was a great achievement. 
Almost everyone on our team got a point. It was hard at the end of the game to contain our excitement in courtesy to the 
other team. We cheered, shook hands and celebrated together afterwards. That game has been the only game we 
have won this season and it was a victory we will always remember. For the first time this season, we left the gym as 


Senior Varsity Boys Basketball 

Back How-: Govind Peringod, Max Van Sant 
'JUtidRow-: Mr. Petersen (coach), William Whitehead, Ajay Mahajan 
Second How-: Philip van der Poel, Vincent van der Poel, Daniel Mullie, Mitchell Park 
fyiMdRow.: Ian Whitestone, Bryce Albery, Muyiwa Abolarin 

Dedicated Senior Varsity Team Finishes Strong, Looks Forward to Next Season 

The Senior Boys Basketball team can be characterised by two key words: leadership and 
dedication. Our team had very strong senior leadership from Bryce Albery, Ian Whitestone, 
Muyiwa Abolarin, Max Van Sant, and Zaman Sachedina. These players set the tone for all of 
our practices and games, refusing to settle for anything but the best from themselves and their 
teammates. This core group led us to some excellent performances in league games and 
tournaments, but what I am most impressed with is how they led us to play more as a team. I 
appreciate how dedicated these individuals were to the philosophy of team basketball, and their 
commitment was infectious to their teammates. We fell just short of qualifying for the zone 
tournament, but the quality of basketball that we played in our final games made our year a 
success. I am excited about the talented returning players that we have for next year's team, 
which will be led by Dan Mullie, Will Whitehead, and Vincent Van der Poel. It should be another 
great year for Spartan basketball! 

- Mr. Petersen, Head Coach 

BackRow: Meg Senger, Ariela Karmel, Amanda Nadeau, Honora Jackson-Roe 
Second Row-: Jessica Girling, Keeley Shaw-Antonio, Eliza Manzer, Becca Van Helden 
^ia*d Row-: Alex Walker, Colleen Boykiw, Sydney Flowerday, Sydney Stashin, Jill Shipton (coach) 


Senior Varsity Girls Have Another 
Outstanding Year of Basketball 

Team sports are about celebrating individual success 
together as a team. 

"I always tell my team that the score doesn't matter; 
it is how they play the game that is important," says 
Jill Shipton, coach of the SV team. "I am extremely 
proud of this team, the way they conduct themselves 
on and off the court, and never give up. Preservation, 
persistence and determination, call it what you will, 
these are characteristics they will carry with them the 
rest of their lives. As the clock ticks down to the end 
of our season, the individual and team improvements 
are clearly visible. The girls put a smile on my face 
each time we are together. They are a true 


V are 

Stories of 

bi 1 im iiK3 STjJjThiiiiii if 1 m El 

ional level, Claudia Befanger '14 
die) placed 1st in the 1500m run and 
st in the 3000m run at the zone 
competition in Calgary! 





Michael adva 
competition t 
the 800m at 


Senior School 

1*1 FiTwsft ■asM ftill* mtV liit il I TIB 1 1 ■ I IBM* I Pi HI M IK I >?I|T>^^«1|[ WltllUBarslM 

I HlllBil IBM Bl 


WM[t llil ltTjKlMJllgiliI>l 



Tynan Stack '13 

Tynan competed in the javelin event at the 
Senior High Zone Meet, placing fourth 



Although only slightly more than 5 feet 
tall, Taylor has been a consistent high 
jumper since Grade 7. This year, she 
advanced to the zone competition, 
where she took the bronze medal in 
high jump against much taller 

oria Romanow 15 

complished sprinter, Victoria easily won the 100m in the 
STS meet, beatiqg the times of both the male aha female 

fin°ers in her grade. At zones, Victoria brought home the silver 
medal in the 100m and placed 5th overall in the 200m race. 

Graham Seasons '15 

Despite competing in his race against a field of Grade 

9 students, Graham (Grade 8) brought home the 
bronze medal in the 3000m run at the zone meet in 

the bar HWlUiH 

in hack 
& field 

JusHn Mac kinnon '!2 

On a rainy day of competition, Justin competes in long jump at the Senior High Zone 
meet. Justin's strongest performance of the day was a 7th place finish in the 
competitive 100m hurdles race. 

Eliza Panzer '13 

Eliza competed in the 80m hurdles race at the zone meet in Calgary and 
took home the gold medal. This win qualified Eliza to compete for STS at 
the provincial meet. 

Grade 7 Badminton 

Sack Row-: Mr Bodnar (coach), 
Sarah Marie Cooper, Nikki 
Abbott, Harrison Hart, 
Danielle Currie, Robyn 
Macdermott, Halle Shopperly, 
Paul Crighton 

Middle Row.: Jett Palframan, 
Jennifer Schwartz, Sophie 
Haines, Sarah Stumpf, Daniel 
Molyneaux, Aedan Mitchell 

tfuxdRow: Mats van Beek, 
Rebecca Clark, Reid McKay, 
Kale Canyon 

Grade 8 Badminton 

although the grade 8 team 
doesn't have an official picture, 
coach Ms Bartoshyk captured 
these shots of several 
badminton players 


Grade 9 Badminton 

Back Row: Ms Johnson 
(coach), Elspeth Yates, Ryan 
Stumpf, Maclean Clark, Jacob 
Janisch, Sawera Dhaliwal 

tyiantRow: Logan Woronuk, 
Michelle Grant, Tom Abbott, 
Daniel Livergant, Michelle 

MiMutq: Emily Evans, 
Andrew Stone, Merlin Kamila, 
Sara Taylor, Ryan Shah, 
Kenzie Walker, Ms Melton 

Senior High Badminton 

GlockwUe. piam^of- Jle^t: AN Poonja, Brock Hadden, Chad Plesa-Naden, Mr. 
Shaw, Ceilidh Munroe, Rebecca Van Helden, Sarah Jackson 

STS Golf Team 

&£. 1A/2A 


STS Girls Dominate the Links, Bring Home Provincial Championship 

The senior high girls golf team, led by coaches Mr. Marchuk and Mr. Petersen, went to Olds, Alberta this year with 
one goal in mind - to be champions. With the experience of Grade 12 student Ashley Itzcovitch '1 1 and the skills of 
up and coming stars Virginia Cooke, Alyssa Borden and Sydney Stashin (all '12), the team was victorious! 
Congratulations on another very successful year of golf, girls. 

Junior Varsity Field Hockey 

Senior Varsity Field Hockey 

BacbpiomJtejttaRiqJd: Ms Prefontaine, Kylie Hornaday, Colleen Boykiw, Lindsay Street, Kate Hanly, 
Elizabeth Hanly, Brittany Ho, Amanda Nadeau, 

tytatd pum £eft to- kiykt: Mikaela Stewart, Kelsey McNeill, Sydney Flowerday, Shannon Churchill-Smith, 
Sarah Jackson, Jennifer Evamy-Hill, Michelle McKay, Grace Walker 

No Photo 

r 5 

a m 
I ° 

Jack Row (Left to Right): Mr O'Brian (coach), Bryce Albery, James Kirker, Zac Carson, Luke Macios, Eric Sommerville, 
ivan Staples, Jordan Hutchings, Quinn Peplinski, Ted Irvine, Mr. Boulianne (coach), Mr. Ruskay (coach) 
'ront Row (Left to Right): Muyiwa Abolarin, Bart Starich, Justin Mackinnon, Euan Sadler, Ben Pluck, William Whitehead, 
irandon McLachlan, Arman Bachmann, Parker Shaw, Matt Bennett. 

Terry ] ox Run 

From piggy bank pennies to hundreds of dollars, STS Elementary 
students pour their hearts into the Terry Fox Event. STS has consistently 
been one of Alberta's #1 school contributor to the Terry Fox Fundraiser 
It is a tradition that the STS community takes seriously. Hundreds of 
students, teachers, families and alumni took part in the event. 

I'm not a dreamer and 
I'm not saying that 
this will initiate any 
kind of definitive 
answer or cure to 
cancer, but I believe 
in miracles. I have to 

A: Michael Spyker, Mikey 
Turner, and Eric Krawitt 
position themselves at the 
front row of the starting line. 


Garrett Wylie show; 
his house pride. 

Lucy Coleman and 
Rhea Sandhu make 
it to the finsih with 

Sage Hansen has 
energy to spare, mi 
meters before t lie 


Meghan Evans at the halfway point. 

~have to find a cure for cancer. Other people should go ahead and try to do their own thing now. 

This year, the 
students were 
challenged to 
dress as 
children of the 
future. From 
wings to 
computer chips, 
the costumes 
proved to be 
very creative! 

1. Victoria Maybaum; 2. Connor Wiebe; 3. Leah Lussier, Michaela Ralph, Sonya diStefano; 4. Holly Kletke; 
5. Lauren Weissenborn; 6. Lucas Chernoff; 7. Evan Vadnai 8. Emma Cross 


If you've given a dollar, you are part of the Marathon of Hope. 

Annual Elementary Parade 

is always a highlight of 
the school year. Parents 
and high school students 
anxiously await the 
arrival of |he ghosts, 
goblins, ilkates and 
Rubik's tjp7|lri 
tours 'fne*scho< 

l Ghosts, Goblins, Pirates,and Superheroes 

The curious Grade 1 
students were led outside by 
witches. Their faces showed 
surprise, excitement and 
wonder as they ventured in to 
the woods. Soon they 
ialized that they were 

Ibarking the Great 

Pumpkin Hunt! They giggled 
and ran to search for their 
own unique hand painted 
rock and pumpkin. Then 

camethe transformation into 

Grade 5 Buddies patiently helped their grade 2 friends, measure, estimate the weight 
and decorate their pumpkins with googly eyes, colorful glue, feathers and wool. 

Grade 4 Students, Jayhan, Alexandra, Hannah, Megan, Alice, Mariah and one cool 
dude show off thier costumes. 

Music is the literature of the 
heart; it commences where 

speech ends. 
- Alphonse de Lamartine 

A. kiis* Up 

On January 26, 2011 
the Elementary 
students sang & 



mitarian Outreach 

Making paper cranes for the victims of Japan 
was rewarding. I loved it when the younger kids 
came in to help make the cranes to show their 
support for Japan. HOP is definitely worth my 


Michael Spifker 

Through my participation in HOP the last 3 
years I have learned to be grateful for what I 
have and to help those in less fortunate 
circumstances." umm 


fostering a culture of giving at Strathcona Tweedsmuir 

Nothing feels as good as the self satisfaction that each of us experiences when 

we do something that makes a positive difference in someone else's life." 

Judi Hadden 

iving is a cornerstone to elementary life at 
STS. Students are encouraged to find ways 
to help both local citizens & global communities. 
STS families consistently give generously to 
school led initiatives such as the Christmas Socks 
Campaign and Jump Rope for a Cause. 

The Grade 3 students have established their own 
Philanthropy Project with Pa, a town in Burkina 
Paso, Africa, providing much needed classroom 
supplies. And, as part of Grade 6 exhibition, 
students found many ways to give including 
raising money for the Women's Shelter and 
collecting items for the Humane Society. 

udents fill socks with necessities for the homeless. They 
collected hundreds of items to 'help the less fortunate get through the 
winter, including warm hats, mitts, toiletries, and even some 
entertainment gift cards. 

HOP is a noon hour club offered to students in grades 4, 5 and 6. Students are 
afforded opportunities to look at the world counter culturally so as to create an 
awareness of social injustices, promote inquiry into these issues and facilitate 
actions to mitigate these injustices both locally & globally; Awareness, 
Education and Action. Some of the recent issues and subsequent actions have 
been; Sanitation, Right to Play, Malaria prevention, and Fair Trade. 

In addition to investigating global issues, the members of HOP are offered an 
opportunity to serve in the local community. Once a month the students serve 
over 700 clients at the Calgary Drop-in Center. 


i$k I i 

I'm not going to tell y 

ou it is going to be easy. 

I'm telling you that it is going to be worth it. 

The athletic opportunities 
presented to the elementary 
students are endless. Ms. 
Pre & Mr. Mack focus on life 
long fitness, skill 
development, teamwork and 
leadership. The diverse 
program offers not only the 
day to day activities such as: 
track and field, cross country 
running, gymnastics, 
badminton, volleyball & 
basketball, but also unique 
activities such as: cross 
country skiing, 

HIP-HOP, swimming, skating 
and triathlon! 


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes... 

Art is knowing which ones to keep. 

Scott Adams 


The Grade Two's learned aboutthe life and work of Vincenf 
Van Gogh. Jules Milne and Sydney Evans used fechniques 
in brushsfrokes and color similar fo fhaf of Van Gogh. 

TOP RIGHT: Wafercolor Poppy by Tobi Rofh 


Cross Country Run 

It never gets easier it just gets better! 

* i9 

Hannah McNeil is thrilled with her finish. 

Jessica leads the way. 

Grade 6 girls taking off! 


Quest Day 

June 20, 2011 

Favourite Races 








• 106 

Meet the Purple Penguins: Matt, Evan, Austi 


(What a Great Way to End the Year!) 

Purple penguins, Flaming Chickens... just a few 
of the wacky teams that turned up on Quest Day! 
With perfect weather and an army of enthusiastic 
parent volunteers, Quest Day 201 1 went off 
without a hitch. The children giggled and laughed 
as they used their creativity to advance through 
the dance and tickle trunk dressup races. Grade 
6 leaders inspired their teams to work together at 
the tug of war, three legged race and spouting 
water challenge. And the popsicle station was the 
perfect place to cool down after working hard at 
the obstacle race. Thanks to Mr. Mack and Ms. 
Pre for a perfect day, blue skies and all! 

* J 


Grade One A 

Andrew Beingessner 
Amanda Brown 
Tanya Brunner 
Stella Chernoff 
Gabriel Chouinard 
Jadon Finn 

Lexis Huber 
Trinity Jekill 
Cameron McNeill 
Alia Nanji 
Joshua Oginski 
Connor Perron 

Nathan Prete 
Thomas Reynish 
Talia Schneider 
Katrina Welykochy 


outdoor fun 

Grade One 9 

Zane Campbell 
Lucy Coleman 
Evelyn Couldrey 
Jayden Forniciov 
Inji Hafiz 
Jessica Jackson 

Alexus Jekill 
Eric Krawitt 
Emma Mason 
Katherine Maybaum 
Zayden Rabie 
Rhea Sandhu 

Alexander Shannon 
Karson Stewart 
Bronwyn Thomas 
Walker Usselman 

1 1 1 

Glenbow Museum , Fort C 

Liam Stevens 
Kail Sunderji 
Tori Tripp 
Griffin Wong 
Garret Wylie 

iighton Centre & Honey Farm Field Trips - Bugographies - Guided Reading - Skating 

Live wnerey uioramas 

Grade Two 

Rayan Adatia 
Luke Arbib 
Katherine Aspinall 
Abigail Bowers 
Sydney Evans 
Saahil Gill 

Lucas Jegen 
Stephanie Lee 
Reid Lochrie 
Shannon Maisonneuve 
Grace McKay 
Petyton Ortt 

Mischa Shapiro 
Matthew Spyker 
Kiyan Sunderji 
Lauren Weissenborn 
Ava Wilmoth 
Willem Worslev 115 

o <•>(•> walk through life as if you have something to learn and you will - Vernon Howard 

Onelli Abeywardene 
Oyinkansola Akintola 
Rex Armor 
Nattalie Copper 
Jalle Evelyn 
Kalissa Finn 
Aditya Iyer 
Amaan Khan 

Austin Krawitt 
Zaki Lakhani 
Julian Lord 
Brenden Mason 
William McNeill 
Noa Nguyen 
Cole Prete 
Alexander Robins 

Rachel Shimonov 
Peyton Thomas 
Liam Toward 

A Visit to the Zoo 

is always fun. Grade Three 
had a blast learning about 
endangered animals and 
how tadpoles like Vikram 
are sensitive to man-made 
pollutants. The students 
also researched endangered 
animals such as the snow 
leopard and burrowing owl. 

9c *$C Food Festival 

As part of their 'This Land is Your Land' unit of inquiry, 
the Grade Threes hosted a Food Festival for their 
classmates and parents. Dishes from India, Tunisia, 
Peru and Ukraine delighted all. 

Arman's Indian pakoras were very popular & lasted 
only a few minutes. Aditya described the ingredients 
for his yummy couscous. And Will McNeill served 
alfajores, delicious Peruvian cookies. Mitchell loved 
the spread! Chelsea's favorite part of Food Festival? 
"The Desserts!" 

and we are the dreamers of dreams" 

y Wonk 

Frank Slide Field Trip 

Grade Four A 

Hussein Ali 
Nicholas Aspinall 
Carson Barker 
Matthew Beingessner 
Hannah Brown 
Riley Campbell 

Nathan Chong 
Benjamin Coleman 
Halla Kharfan 
Jayhan Kherani 
Carter King 
Lucas Kloberdanz-Dyck 

Melissa Spyker 
Garrett Sten 
Meigan Whyte 
Connor Wiebe 
Alice Yates 


Grade Four 9 

Lucas Chernoff 
Yan Chung 
Uday Dhillon 
Megan Evans 
Emina Hafiz 
Brock Jekill 

Mikail Jiwa 
Alexander Jolley 
Jeremy Lord 
Maxwell Mercer 
Mariah Meston 
Aadam Nanji 

Zasha Rabie 
Daniel Rusnac 
Mason Shopperly 
Benjamin Spilak 
Alexandra Watson 
Maya Wilkinson 
Terrilin Williams (no image) 

rade Five B 

! Mini Ma 

fewellery and Coolery, Macho Music 
Store, Candy Crave, All Star Sports 
& More. 

Grade Five 

Class of 2018 


f talent and e: 
perserverence, all things are attainable. 

uuiuuun CAMP 

Those who contemplate the beauty of the 
earth find reserves of strength that will 
endure as long as life lasts. Rachel Carson 

Grade 6 ciass of 2017 

and what a year it was! 


brings out the inner 
B Boy & B Girl 

lly liked the student 
;r hockey game 
se we have all waited 
irs for it AND we almost 
did better than most 

e were so many great 
lories from my years in 
itary, but the best thing 
e teachers. They were 
friendly and always 
ig to help me. 

The DARE program 
taught the students how 
to recognize and resist 
pressures to experiment 
with drugs & alcohol. 
Through weekly classes 
the Sixes developed 
their decision making 
skills and enhanced their 

I Promise K 

to never use any m 
drugs or cigarettes 
and to use alcohol 
responsibly once I 

am of legal age. 

he Student Teacher Hockey Game is always a favorite of the STS 
lementary. However, this year will definitely be remembered as one 
f the hardest fought battles ever! 

i/IAGES: A. Mr. Mack takes a shot B. Aleisha, Imaan, Chanel & Vicki 
fieer their team on C. Evan K takes on Mr. Jones D. The excitement 
tounts as the possibility of actually winning grows E. This goalie is 
ne cool cucumber F. Ryan & Dhananjay celebrate Glen's goal. 

• ONE - The number of goals that the teachers lead by in 
the final score of the Student Teacher hockey game. It 
was a nail biter down to the very end! 

days of school for the Grade 6 Class 

• MARGOT MCMASTER - The Emmy award winning 
producer, director and documentary film maker who 
coached the class on their Exhibition Documentaries 

• FORTY FOUR - The number of students graduating from 
STS elementary in the 2010/201 1 academic school year 

• MILLION DOLLAR BILL - The song that the Sixes danced 
to at the hip hop assembly. 

Dinner was held in a spacious festival tent and was absolutely 
delicious. Dessert followed with fruit and individualized 
cupcakes that were truly works of art. After dessert was 
devoured a magician delighted the sixes with his feats of 
wonder and amazement. 

Once everyone had eaten to their hearts content, the DJ took 
over and kept the dance floor HOPPING the whole night 
long. Even the parents got in on the action! 

Thank you to the parents who made the night such a 
resounding success. Congratulations to the wonderful Grade 
six students who have made the elementary years at STS a 
special time to cherish always. 

Nikki Abbott 
Ayo Akintola 
Nirav Bhagat 
Mara Bishop 
Rebecca Burroughs 
Tristyn Butler 
Molly Calkins 
Cody Campbell 

Kale Canyon 
Rebecca Clark 
Jacqueline Conroy 
Sarah Cooper 
Sarah Cooper 
Paul Crichton 
Andrew Cross 
Danielle Currie 

Brian Do 
Teagan Evans 
Elizabeth Gilchrist 
Sophie Haines 
Harrison Hart 
Mary Hou 
Rosalind Jackson-Roe 

Simiran Kashyap 
Braeden Macdougall 
Tyler Mackinnon 
Jennifer Mcintosh 
Reid McKay 
Savita McRae 
Aedan Mitchell 
Daniel Molyneaux 

Ethan Kemp 
Imaan Kherani 

Sarah Kirker 
Sareena Lakhu 
Saransh Loona 

Nicolas Lush 
Robyn Macdermott 


Middle School 

Timi Abolarin 
Imaan Amlani 
William Anderson 
Alice Avery 
Sydney Barker 
Sophie Blakeley 
Avery Brown 
Michael Bruhjell 

Fahreen Budhwani 
Rhys Chapman 
Myles Chase 
William Clark 
Emily Culmone 
Sophie D'Aguiar 
Katie Deller 
Imara Dhalla 

Austin Di Stefano 
Emma Dunlop 
Thomas Farran 
Chad Hallman 
Wyatt Hansen 
Kara Hawker 
William Hornaday 
Benjamin Jackson 

Michelle Kirchman 
Kelsey Lussier 
Henk Ma 
Ainsley Macdougall 
Andres Massot 
Brynn McLellan 
Kathryn McLellan 
Leigh McNeil- 

Vanessa Morton 
William Nelson 
Mackenzie Norrie 
Jill Northcott 
Mat Nowak 
Cole Pernitsky 
Cole Plater 

Stephen Powell 
Zahra Rawji 
Angus Rawling 
Ly-Anh Reid 
Eric Ritchie 
Victoria Romanow 
Mathew Ross 
Asha Ruparell 

Shiv Ruparell 
Matthew Sandul 
Maris Schneider 
Graham Seasons 
Juliana Smith 
Teaghan Stack 
Matthew Stashin 
Elizabeth Tamas 

Julia Tops 
Travis Tripp 
Emma Turner 
Keegan Turnquist 
Cole Verburg 
Austin Weyant 
Scott Wilson 
Charlee Witschi 


Middle School 


Thomas Abbott 
Arissa Bachmann 
Claudia Belanger 
Sbyla Bruval) 
Brendan Burroughs 
Leah Chiu 
Maclean Clark 
Celeste Colborne 

Katelyn Cooper 
Brittany Currie 
Taylor Davis 
Sawera Dhaliwal 
Khalid Dhalla 
Peter Do 
Milad Eskandar 
Emily Evans 

Sarah Faircloth- 
Austin Fercho 
Taleeta Fisher 
Maria Golubev 
Michelle Grant 
Connor Greene 
Cameron Hands 
Ciara Hanly 

Danielle Hart 
Kelvin Hau 
Jacob Janisch 
Merlin Kamila 
Vanessa King 
William Kirker 
Calvin Lang 
Daniel Livergant 

Ryan Long-Innes 
Cody Mac Kinnon 
MacLean C 
Hannah Macios 
Cody Mackinnon 
Mackenzie Mantler 
Emma Martin 

Alex Smed 

most likely to win 
American Idol, even 
though she's not 

most likely to be the 

next first world 
famous Canadian 

most likely to wake 
up early in order to 
perfectly style his 

most likely to grow 
half a foot in height 
during Grade 10 

Peter Do was vot< 
most likely to dr 
like an 80-year- 
grandma on the ' 
to school. 



Robert McLean 
Hugh McNeil 
Zachary Miller 
Madison Milne 
Gage Ockey 
Michaela Ostlund 
Karli Pischke 
Rajesh Pujara 

Jeremy Rose 
Andrew Rusnac 
Ryan Shah 
Alexandra Smed 
Avery Smed 
Michelle Soules 
Scarlet Sprung 
Benjamin Stark 

Andrew Stone 
Toni Stronach-Hesp 
Ryan Stumpf 
Calvin Tarn 
Sara Taylor 
Andy Tsuno 
Kenzie Walker 
Elliot Wilkinson 

Grade Nine 

Middle School 


What was 
your favourite 
class this 


Fine Arts 
(including Film) 




Outdoor Education 


"My favorite class 
was probably 
What we 
learn is always 
changing, depending on 
what's happening in the world. It's 
exciting to be learning about things 
that matter today." 

Ibrahim Itani 

Natasha Adams 
James Alexander 
Hayden Amundson 
Jennifer Anderson 
Mitchell Beacom 
Anya Blakeley 

Remy Brown 
Taylor Chase 
Victoria Clark 
Sydney Bullen 
Seth Carson 
Kara Chad 

Brett De Bie 
Taylor Diana 
Thomas Dunlop 
John Edwardh 
Darcy Foo 
Andrew De Souza 

Nathan Gallup 
Brigitte Gilmour 
Kriti Gupta 
Shane Hamilton 
Ronald Heathcott 
Nicole Herback 

Kimberley Hornaday 
Sean Kennedy 
Jordan Hutchings 
Ibrahim Itani 
Bradley Itzcovitch 
Ariela Karmel 

"My favorite class 
this year has been 
math. It really is 
, a useful tool to 
have in life, and 
helpful to know for 
university. Ms Chow's videos 
and extra help sessions make it 
easy to learn difficult concepts." 

Justin Nadeau 

"My favorite class is 
art because it lets 
me use my 
creativity! After A 
putting so much 
effort into our projects, 
it's rewarding to see the final 
result" Eliza Manzer 

"My favourite class is Drama 
because Brandon is in it!" 

Katrina Purcell 144 

Alexander Kennett 
Jonathan Kirchman 
Laura Kostincer 
Carl Lindvall 
Kate Macfarlane 
Luke Macios 

Kaylie Magidson 
Eliza Manzer 
Jenna Maslechko 
Charlotte McArdle 
Renae McArthur 
Calum McCracken 

Steven Mcintosh 
Emily McNeill 
Narayan McRae 
Hanna Medwid 
Sierra Mennis 
Madison Milne-lves 

Senior School 

irade 1 0 is the year where you can say that you finally made it to high school! Unfortunately, this also means smaller lockers, and 

Ieing back at the bottom of the totem pole. Grade 1 0 is the year where you get BLT on Friday afternoons and more option in the 
ourses that you take. Grade 1 Os can take part in Outdoor Education, learn about Sports Medicine, or go on an international exchange 
s part of the Round Square program. After three years with the same group of people, there are a bunch of new faces in the crowd, 
"llso, we have classes with lots of different people - not just the same homeroom every day, all day! The best part about being in 
" igh school might be the trips that we get to take - from Round Square service trips and conference, to trips for history, languages , 
or Model United Nations, we have the opportunity to develop our skills in so many new ways. 

Sarah Way 
Anna Weyant 
Nicole Wierzbicki 
Chi-Hsuan Yen 
Georgia Young 
Andreas Zakos 

Michael Molyneaux 
Alistair Morton 
Patrick Moumdjian 
Justin Nadeau 
Isaac Niles 
Scoutt Palframan 
Daniel Passingham 
Quinn Peplinski 

Taryn Plater 
Sean Porter 
Katrina Purcell 
Benjamin Roskey 
Kendall Seasons 
Caitlin Selwa 
Meghan Senger 
Griffin Smith 

Arden Sommerville 
Yuxin Song 
Tynan Stack 
Ellie Staniloff 
Bartholomew Starich 
Jennifer Stewart 
Mark Storwick 
Michael Sullivan 

Joshua Szepesi- 
Brandon Taylor 
Randi Thorbjornsen 
Ricky Tsuno 
Brandon Urban 
Chase Van Sant 
Georgia Vogeli 
Riley Waterous 



What was 
your favorite 
class this 




Physical Education 


Economics 1 


Fine Arts 

"My favourite class 
this year was 
drama with Mr. 
Hall - we always 
had so much fun! 
Hannah Lederer 

"My favourite class this year was 
Chem with Mr. Lederer. He always 
makes class interesting and makes 
chemistry so easy to understand!" 
Gillian Soules 

"My favourite subject 

%that 1 take at STS 
would have 
to be IB Chem. 
^ Mr. Lederer has 
been able to make 
the IB Chemistry class not only the 
most informative class but 
extremely entertaining as well." 

Tobi Toba-Oluboka 

"I would have to 
say that I love 
social studies 
because of 
the great 
people who teach 
it - they are really passionate 
about their subject matter." 

Matthew Fisher 



Jenna Amlani 
Ashley Ang 
Arman Bachmann 
Alykhan Bhanji 
Alyssa Borden 

Alexander Bremner 
Camille Brockmann 
Carter Bryant 
Zachary Carson 
Tiandra Ceyhan 
Bretton Chad 

Virginia Cooke 
Ashleigh Corbiell 
Michael Culmone 
Diana Daklala 
Joseph Deering 

Laura Diment 
Nicole Distefano 
Jennifer Evamy-Hill 
Leigh Farran 
Matthew Fisher 
Georgia Forbes 

Michelle Fric 
Peter Germaine 
Michael Goodchild 
Lisa Grant 
Jeffrey Harvey 

Jordan Hilderman 
Kylie Hornaday 
Alden Hui 
Trevor Hunt 
Honora Jackson- 

Victoria Kamila 

Lucas Kemp 
James Kirker 
Katherine Kirker 
Alison Knill 
Hannah Lederer 
Darby Lush 

Justin Mackinnon 
Ajay Mahajan 
Michelle McKay 
Kelli McLean 
Jordan McMaster 

Grade 1 1 is one step away from being done. It's the year when marks finally start to 'count' in terms of getting into the university of 
pur choice. Grade 1 1 is also the year that our IB courses begin and we are excited about the challenge, but amazed at the amount 
pf work that it requires. We have more freedom, but also more responsibilities. We are taking on leads in the musicals, playing for 
he senior varsity sports teams and considering running for prefect next fall. We can drive to school, but it also means that we have 
o drive our younger siblings! We get to spend some time this year volunteering in our communities with the Agencies program. 
Grade 1 1 has all the fun, but less of the stress that Grade 1 2 brings. Next year, we'll be the graduates! 

Grace Walker 
William Whitehead 
Madison Wood 
Thomas Wood 

Daniel Mullie 
Chloe Nielsen 
Peter Nieuwenburg 
Mitchell Park 
Govind Peringod 
Benjamin Pluck 
AN Poonja 
Hannah Reynish 

Brendan Rose 
Charles Rozsa 
Ashleigh Sandul 
Keeley Shaw-Antonio 
Gillian Soules 
John St. George 
Sydney Stashin 
Mikaela Stewart 

Lindsay Street 
Tobi Toba-Oluboka 
Bronwyn Valentine 
Vincent Van Der Poel 
Rebecca Van Helden 
Cassandra Van Sickle 
Harrison Varley 
Alexandra Walker 


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 

Annie Abbott Muyiwa Abolarin Bryce Albery Robert Belanger Matthew Bennett 

Colleen Boykiw Jeremy Brittain Aleida Broenink Asia Brown Shaundra Bruvall 

Anne Ekwere Navid Eskandar Lindsay Evans Sydney Flowerday Emma Fu 


Emma Garforth-Bles 

Katie Henry 

Sarah Jackson 

William Kennedy 

Jessica Girling 

Brittany Ho 

Carolyn Jepson 

Graduates 2011 

Brock Hadden 

Elizabeth Hanly 

Kate Hanly 

Ted Irvine 

Tamara Itani 

Ashley Itzcovitch 

Emily Jerome 

Emily Johnson 

Erik Jorgenson 

Jayden Kulhawy 

Grace Kusuma 

Emilia Lindvall 

.r.f / 

Lucv Luo 



The future belongs to those who beleive in the beauty of their dream 


"Iff There is one thing 
I Stand for it is revenge 
- Ghandi 

"America is my best friend!" 

- Joseph Stalin 

I'm scared of spiders 

I totally could have ruled with 

An iron fist! 

Jeremy Brittain 

Hate it or love it, the underdog comes out 
on top 

- 50 cent 


P^*?Asia Brown 



"I believe that imagination is stronger 
than knowledge - myth is more potent 
than history - dreams are more power- 
ful than facts - hope always triumphs 
over experience - laughter is the cure 
for grief - love is stronger than death" 

Man is the supreme Talisman. Lack of a proper education hath, however, deprived I 
him of that which he doth inherently possess. Through a word proceeding out of 
the mouth of God he was called into being; by one word more he was guided to 
recognize the Source of his education; by yet another word his station and des- 
tiny were safeguarded. The Great Being saith: Regard man as a mine rich in gems 
of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and en- 
able mankind to benefit there from- Baha'u'llah 


o* rv€«MT»*MO ***** "* c *****^r 
m atxim^, **** secoMO qv£&m6 *uwe&i 


Ua«i. &* I""* 




if ,t ^ ■ 

Wu* «n»MJB r/tt&H . 

f^tf M€AUS 


Erik'Uorgo "Jorgenson 

Welcome to the big RW— David "DW" 

"Don't get me wrong I love 
what you've done with the 
place - 1 just wish we had a 

chance to help build it. 
Instead of just moving into 
this home of disrepair and 
Expect it to work, prosper, 
and then share. Constantly 
relying on consuming to 
feel content, but only 
because we lost touch with 
this home that we've spent. 
Trillions of dollars paying 
for our wants and not out 

needs, and now we're 
growing tired of planting 
bleary-eyed seeds." 

[HuMm^ a horse we 

Kow freedom. 

Helen Thomson 


"It does not do to dwell on 
dreams and forget to live" AI- 
bus Dumbledore 

Words are beautiful but restricted. 
I They're very masculine, with a 
compact frame. But voice is over 
the dark, the place where there's 
nothing to hang on: it comes from a! 
part of yourself that simply knows, 
expresses itself, and is. 
— Jeff Buckley 

Brandon McLachlar 

;ed more 
ots ih my can 
almost 300 
20 times, 

ng shot 


The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty 
of their dreams. 

— Eleanor Roosevelt 


Shawkay V. A. Ottmann 

Still round the corner there may wait, 
A new road or a secret gate, 
And though I oft have passed them by, 
A dav will come at last when I, 
Shall take the hidden path that run, 
West of the moon, east of the sun. 


Shelbi Sprun 

Eli as 

"Life is a brejll 

"Boundaries don't keep people out. 
They fence you in. Life is messy. 
That's how we're made. 
So you can waste your 
iig^.*^^ lines, 

or you can live your life 

Love you, mean it. 
' ~ Mr. Hail 

■ 4J 

Double, Double 
Toil and Trouble, 
Fire Burn and 


If you can't see yourself doing any- 
thing else, and you have the drive 
and ambition, get the training and 
go for it. Because there is nothing 
more rewarding' 
~ Kristin Chenoweth 

we are xa 
down. W 
brace what 
our streng 

\ inside of us and yet 
I ways sort of keep it 
learn to kind of em- 
unique, and embrace 
people don't like 

You need three 
things in the theatre: 
the play, the actors 
and the audience 
and each must give 
~ Kenneth Haigh 


AjA^t not tkc&t ifrjL to 

Robert Louis Stevenson 



urtc tkfot otJuA, itfaAldy 
in tk& ^u£t fr^f 
of scrvu. 
t/iAsi ^Adt And Itfct/uA, 

James Joyce 

"Tomorrow is tKe most im porta n 
thing in life. It's perfm when it 
arrives and it puts itself in our 
hands. It hopes we've learned 
something from yesterday." 

And I would have gotten away with It too, 
If It hadn't been for you meddling kids and your dog! 

- Abraham Lincoln 

Each year, a small group of students graduate from Grade 12 with something in common: they have spent all 12 years of their education 
here at STS. In 2011, 10 of our graduates get to call themselves 'lifers'. Take a look back at their yearbooks from Grade 1, and see how 

much they've changed! 

Connor DiStefano 

Eiias Swaita 

Emma Garforth-Bles 

What do you want to be 
when you grow up? A lawyer 
like my dad and work at 
rolling mix concrete. 

What do you like most about 
grade 1? 

Phys. Ed., recess and lunch. 

What do you want to be 

when you grow up? 

I would like to be a fire fighter 


What makes Emma special 
to us? She chases me at 
recess and she always has a 
smile on her face. 

What do you like most about 
grade 1? 

Everything. I like everything 
about school. 

Kirstie Lush 


Chad Plesa-Naden 

, ma it fjkawk s 

What was your favorite 
elementary year? Grade 2. I 
would have stayed in grade 2 
forever if i could have, haha. 

Dear Madison: the world is 
open for you - go out - do 
your best and we will always 
be proud of you. Nana&Papa 

Now that you're in grade 2, 
any words of wisdom for new 
grade ones? Have fun and 
remember to keep smiling! 

What do you want to be 
when you grow up? 
A normal person! 

What did you think about the 
first day of school? It looked 
really different. It looked 
really new. I was scared. 

Congratulations on 12 Years! 


Annalise Abbott 20, 73, 150, 154, 235 
Nikki Abbott 58, 66, 69, 84, 138 
Thomas Abbott 34, 60, 70, 77, 84, 142 
Ms. Abboud 9 

Muyiwa Abolarin 21 , 24, 26, 27, 30, 33, 35, 37, 38, 

53, 66, 80, 89, 150, 155 

Timi Abolarin 27, 30, 34, 37, 140 

Mrs. Adam 9 

Natasha Adams 35, 38, 39, 79, 144 

Rayan Adatia 115, 116, 117 

Oluwasijibomi Akintola 34, 58, 75, 138 

Oyinkansola Akintola 1 18, 120 

Bryce Albery 6, 7, 13, 20, 24, 48, 62, 74, 80, 89, 1 


James Alexander 30, 37, 53, 64, 65, 72, 78, 144 
Mrs. Alger 9 

Hussein Ali 9, 91, 106, 122, 125 
Grayson Almasi 90, 114, 116, 117 
Imaan Amlani 15, 27, 37, 51, 59, 140 
Jenna Amlani 12, 33, 146 
Hayden Amundson 64, 78, 144 
Jennifer Anderson 12, 33, 52, 79, 144 
William Anderson 140 
Ashley Ang 42, 146 
Akshaj Aradhya 96, 130 132 
Luke Arbib 106, 114, 115 
Rex Armor 90, 1 18, 120 
Mrs. Asher9, 116 
Katherine Aspinall 95, 98, 1 14, 1 15 
Nicholas Aspinall 9, 122, 125 
Alice Avery 51, 140 


Arissa Bachmann 17, 18, 19, 70, 142 
Arman Bachmann 24, 36, 89, 146, 147 
Mrs. Baker 9 
Mrs. Banadar 9 

Carson Barker 9, 122, 124, 125 
Sydney Barker 34, 51, 140 
Mrs. Bartoshyk 9 
Mitchell Beacom 24, 144 
Ms. Beddome 9, 116 

Andrew Beingessner 18, 95, 107, 110, 113, 124, 1 
Matthew Beingessner 9, 107, 122, 125 
Claudia Belanger 18, 19, 34, 67, 77, 82, 142 
Robert Belanger 24, 35, 38, 39, 67, 150, 157 
Ms. Bell 9 

Matthew Bennett 13, 24, 56, 89, 150, 158 

Mr. Benoit 9 

Ms. Bertram 9 

Nirav Bhagat 34, 58, 138 

Radha-Kumari Bhagat 26, 35, 38, 42, 146 

Alykhan Bhanji 24, 146 

Mr. Billing 9 

Mara Bishop 58, 138 

Carly Black 91, 95, 98, 101, 108, 119, 120, 121 

Emily Black 96, 102, 126, 127, 128, 129 

Anya Blakeley 43, 144 

Louisa Blakeley 106, 126, 128, 129 

Sophie Blakeley 15, 51, 59, 140 

Mr. Bodnar 9 

Alyssa Borden 56, 57, 85, 146 

Mr. Boulianne 9 

Abigail Bowers 114, 115, 116 

Megan Bowers 99, 102, 126 

Colleen Boykiw 24, 64, 66, 81 , 86, 1 50, 1 59 

Alexander Bremner 12, 146 

Jeremy Brittain 13, 20, 150, 160, 235 

Camille Brockmann 12, 30, 33, 79, 146 

Aleida Broenink 150, 161 

Harrison Brooke 108, 109, 130, 132 

Amanda Brown 1 07, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 3 

Asia Brown 22, 150, 162 
Avery Brown 40, 140 
Hannah Brown 9, 95, 122, 125 
Remy Brown 12, 33, 65, 71, 144 
Michael Bruhjell 34, 51, 59, 67, 69, 82, 140 
Victoria Bruhjell 105, 130, 132, 133 
Tanya Brunner90, 110, 111, 113, 124 
Shaundra Bruvall 150, 163 
Shyla Bruvall 16, 18, 19, 142 
Carter Bryant 146 
Fahreen Budhwani 51, 59, 140 
Sydney Bullen 12, 43, 52, 144 
Brendan Burroughs 16, 30, 34, 36, 142 
Rebecca Burroughs 27, 138 
Tristyn Butler 69, 75, 138 


Molly Calkins 15, 37, 75, 138 
Cody Campbell 138 
Kennedy Campbell 105, 126, 129 
Riley Campbell 106, 122, 124, 125 
Zane Campbell 91 , 1 06, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 49 
Kale Canyon 34, 84, 138 
Ms. Carlson 9 
Mr. Carlson 9, 31 

Clare Carpenter 1 07, 1 1 4, 1 1 6, 1 1 7 
Seth Carson 24, 61, 88, 144 
Zachary Carson 12, 24, 30, 89, 146, 240 
Gillian Ceyhan 15, 17, 18, 19, 33, 67, 77 
Tiandra Ceyhan 25, 33, 35, 37, 38, 146 
Bretton Chad 24, 25, 146 
Kara Chad 12, 61, 144 
Eli Chapman 18, 102, 130, 132, 134 
Ms. Chapman 119 
Rhys Chapman 140 
Myles Chase 15, 52, 59, 69, 76, 140 
Taylor Chase 32, 33, 37, 72, 78, 88, 144 
Lucas Chernoff 93, 108, 123, 124, 125 
Nyah Chernoff 94, 99, 119, 120, 121 
Stella Chernoff 104, 1 10, 1 1 1 , 1 13 
Elliot Chiu 90, 102, 106, 131, 134 
Leah Chiu 41, 77, 142 
Caitlin Chong 95, 114, 117 
Nathan Chong 106, 122, 124, 125 
Mrs. Chotowetz 9 

Gabriel Chouinard 1 03, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 2, 1 1 3 
Ms. Chow 9, 64 

Yan Chung 98, 104, 106, 108, 123, 125 
Shannon Churchill-Smith 33, 86, 150, 164 
Lochlyn Clark 96, 101, 102, 105, 130, 131, 133 
Maclean Clark 16, 19, 34, 36, 63, 66, 70, 77, 84, 88, 

Mr. Clark 10 

Rebecca Clark 58, 84, 138 
Victoria Clark 66, 86, 144 
William Clark 41, 51, 59, 140 
Celeste Colborne 17, 33, 60, 142 
Benjamin Coleman 9, 122, 125 
Lucy Coleman 91, 92, 110, 111, 112 
Mitchell Collins 109, 119, 120, 121 
Mrs. Collyer 10 
Jacqueline Conroy 138 
Virginia Cooke 12, 25, 37, 85, 146 
Katelyn Cooper 60, 77, 142 
Mrs. Cooper 10 

Sarah Cooper 34, 37, 58, 68, 69, 75, 84, 138 

Nattalie Copper 109, 1 18, 1 19, 121 

Ashleigh Corbiell 46, 47, 146 

Brooke Coughlin 42, 150, 166 

Evelyn Couldrey 96, 1 10, 1 1 1 , 1 12, 1 13 

John Crichton 91, 100, 127, 128 

Paul Crichton 34, 37, 75, 84, 138 

Andrew Cross 30, 31 , 138 

Emma Cross 93, 126, 128 

Ms. Csek 10 

Emily Culmone 76, 140 

Michael Culmone 24, 78, 146 

Brittany Currie 16, 34, 70, 142 

Danielle Currie 15, 34, 69, 75, 84, 138 


Sophie D'aguiar27, 34, 51, 140 
Nicholas D'Onofrio 1 1 8, 1 1 9, 1 21 
Diana Daklala 56, 146 
Mrs. Danis 10 

Courtney Davis 13, 20, 42, 73, 150, 167, 235 
Taylor Davis 17, 70, 82, 142 
Brett De Bie 12, 72, 144 
Andrew De Souza 88, 144 
Mrs. Decker 10 

Joseph Deering 24, 30, 35, 36, 38, 39, 146 
Ms. Delanoy 10 

Catherine Deller37, 51, 59, 140 
Aleisha Dera 90, 106, 130, 133 
Gursimran Dhaliwal 66, 146 
Sawera Dhaliwal 66, 70, 77, 84, 142 
Imara Dhalla 27, 34, 37, 51, 140 
Khalid Dhalla 16, 17, 70, 77, 88, 142 
Uday Dhillon 104, 123, 125 
Austin Di Stefano 51, 59, 69, 140 
Taylor Diana 144 
Alice Dibley 33, 150, 165, 240 
Mrs. Dickson 10 
Laura Diment 146 

Connor Distefano 20, 52, 150, 168, 235 

Nicole Distefano 35, 38, 56, 146 

Sonya Distefano 93, 109, 131, 132 

Brian Do 34, 138 

Peter Do 34, 36, 142 

Ms. Dorrance 10 

Jacob Dowdall 107, 127, 128 

Mrs. Duncan-Moore 10 

Emma Dunlop 27, 41 , 51 , 140 

Thomas Dunlop 26, 35, 36, 38, 39, 144 


John Edwardh 144 
Ms. Egli 10 

Anne Ekwere 150, 169 

Milad Eskandar 142 

Navid Eskandar 150, 170 

Jennie Evamy-Hill 33 

Jennifer Evamy-Hill 86, 146, 240 

Emily Evans 27, 77, 142 

Lindsay Evans 7, 150, 171 

Megan Evans 92, 95, 108, 123, 124, 125 

Sydney Evans 103, 105, 114, 115, 116, 117 

Teagan Evans 53, 75, 138 

Blaise Evelyn 105, 131, 133, 134 

Jalle Evelyn 101, 106, 118, 121 

Ms. Ewachow 10 


Sarah Faircloth-Nunn 142 
Leigh Farran 73, 146 
Thomas Farran 30, 34, 140 
Austin Fercho 34, 142 
Peyton Fercho 90, 131, 133 
Mr. Fink 10 

David Finn 107, 130, 132 

Jadon Finn 92, 1 10, 1 1 1 , 1 12, 1 13 

Kalissa Finn 101, 104, 118, 120, 121 

Matthew Fisher 146 

Taleeta Fisher 70, 86, 142 

Sydney Flowerday 64, 66, 67, 81, 86, 150, 172 

Ms. Foley 10 

Darcy Foo 24, 30, 35, 36, 38, 39, 144 
Georgia Forbes 12, 24, 46, 47, 73, 146 
Jayden Forniciov 91 , 1 09, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 2, 1 49 
Terry Fox 92 

Marie-Catherine French 33, 37, 146 

Michelle Fric 13, 24, 25, 30, 48, 71, 146, 240 

Chanel Fu 18, 106, 109, 131, 133 

Emma Fu 20, 26, 27, 30, 35, 38, 39, 150, 173, 235 

Nathan Gallup 38, 144 

Emma Garforth-Bles 6, 13, 20, 33, 42, 52, 53, 151, 
174, 235 

Peter Germaine 35, 38, 146 
Mrs. Gerritsen 10 

Elizabeth Gilchrist 30, 31, 45, 49, 68, 75, 138 

Saahil Gill 115, 116 

Brigitte Gilmour 26, 33, 86, 144 

Jessica Girling 22, 33, 81 , 1 51 , 1 75 

Ms. Goldsworthy 10 

Maria Golubev 26, 27, 60, 66, 142 

Ms. Gonzalez 10 

Michael Goodchild 12, 33, 35, 37, 64, 146 

Ms. Gramlich 10 

Lisa Grant 12, 146 

Michelle Grant 70, 77, 84, 142 

Connor Greene 16, 34, 88, 142 

Dhananjay Gupta 90, 98, 130, 133 

Kriti Gupta 144 


Brock Hadden 24, 85, 1 51 , 1 78 

Mrs. Hadden 10 

Emina Hafiz 96, 123, 125 

Inji Hafiz 109, 110, 111, 113 

Sophie Haines 37, 58, 68, 75, 84, 138 

Mr. Hall 10 

Chad Hallman 51, 140 

Shane Hamilton 144 

Cameron Hands 34, 36, 142 

Troy Hands 90, 107, 130, 131, 132, 133 

Ciara Hanly 17, 70, 142 

Elizabeth Hanly 13, 66, 67, 86, 151, 177 

Kate Hanly 48, 151, 176 

Katherine Hanly 7, 13, 86 

Sage Hansen 91, 92, 101, 103, 118, 119, 121 

Wyatt Hansen 34, 51, 69, 140 

Ms. Harper 10 

Ms. Harrison 10 

Danielle Hart 37, 142 

Harrison Hart 34, 69, 75, 84, 138 

Paulina Hart 126, 128 

Jeffrey Harvey 146 

Kelvin Hau 34, 36, 142 

Ms. Haufort 10, 46, 47 

Kara Hawker 70, 76, 140 

Pierce Hawker 101, 108, 130, 133, 135 

Ronald Heathcott61, 144 

Ms. Hebert 10, 68, 69 

Mr. Hendricks 10 

Kathryn Henry 6, 7, 151, 24, 35, 38, 39, 64, 66, 179 

Nicole Herback 12, 71, 144 

Annabelle Hicks 104, 127, 128, 129 

Jordan Hilderman 72, 146 

Brittany Ho 86, 151, 180 

Mr. Hoang 10, 104, 106 

Hudson Holland 99, 119, 121 

Kimberley Hornaday 33, 43, 86, 144 

Kylie Hornaday 30, 33, 48, 86, 146 

William Hornaday 33, 34, 51, 140 

Yujia Hou 27, 34, 75, 138 

Lexis Huber 110, 111,113 

Alden Hui 146 

Trevor Hunt 24, 146 

Ali Husssein 125 

Jordan Hutchings 24, 88, 89, 144 

Edward Irvine 66, 67, 89, 181 
Ted Irvine 64, 151 

Ibrahim Itani 15, 26, 35, 38, 39, 46, 47, 64, 144, 240 
Tamara Itani 7, 24, 26, 151, 182 

Ashley Itzcovitch 21, 22, 85, 151, 183 
Bradley Itzcovitch 12, 72, 144 
Aditya Iyer 105, 118, 121 

Benjamin Jackson 34, 51, 140 

Jessica Jackson 91 , 1 07, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 

Sarah Jackson 1 3, 33, 48, 85, 86, 1 51 , 1 84 

Honora Jackson-Roe 30, 37, 81, 146 

Rosalind Jackson-Roe 15, 27, 37, 58, 138 

Jacob Janisch 17, 19, 34, 84, 88, 142 

Onna Janisch 34, 37, 58, 68, 75, 138 

Lucas Jegen 114, 115, 116 

Matthew Jegen 96, 101 , 103, 106, 1 19 

Tyler Jegen 114, 115, 116, 117 

Alexus Jekill 110, 111, 113 

Brock Jekill 106, 108, 123 

Trinity Jekill 105, 110, 113 

Carolyn Jepson 33, 35, 38, 39, 1 51 , 1 85 

Emily Jerome 42, 151, 186 

Ishaan Jiwa 107, 114, 117 

Mikail Jiwa 107, 123, 125 

Emily Johnson 1 3, 42, 66, 67, 73, 82, 83, 1 51 , 1 87 

Ms. Johnson 10 

Alexander Jolley 106, 123, 125 

Mr. Jones 10, 133 

Erik Jorgenson 6, 24, 74, 1 51 , 1 88 

Mr. Julian 10 


Merlin Kamila 34, 142 

Victoria Kamila 12, 24, 73, 146 

Ariela Karmel 26, 81, 86, 144 

Simiran Kashyap 27, 68, 138 

Ethan Kemp 30, 75, 138 

Lucas Kemp 25, 72, 146 

Ms. Kennedy 10 

Sean Kennedy 88, 144 

William Kennedy 64, 66, 67, 1 51 , 1 89 

Alexander Kennett 144 

Hannah Kerman-Milne 95, 106, 127, 128 

Amaan Khan 91, 108, 118, 119 

Halla Kharfan 9, 95, 122, 124, 125 

Imaan Kherani 27, 37, 68, 138 

Jayhan Kherani 9, 95, 122, 124, 125 

Carter King 9, 107, 122, 124 

James King 90, 101, 131, 133,135 

Vanessa King 41, 60, 77, 86, 142 

Jonathan Kirchman 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 61, 88, 144 

Michelle Kirchman 27, 59, 140 

James Kirker 21 , 24, 38, 64, 66, 89, 1 46 

Katherine Kirker 12, 37, 79, 146 

Ryan Kirker 33, 37, 60 

Sarah Kirker 34, 138 

William Kirker 142 

Cameron Kletke 95, 102, 126, 127 

Holly Kletke 93, 117, 126, 128, 129 

Ethan Klinkenborg 95, 101, 105, 106, 118, 119, 121 

Katiya Kloberdanz-Dyck 94, 127 

Lucas Kloberdanz-Dyck 9, 91, 106, 122, 124 

Ethan Kneller 95, 96, 126, 128 

Alison Knill 146 

Ms. Knowler 10 

Laura Kostincer 43, 144 

Mr. Kotowich 10 

Evan Kousinioris 101, 102, 108, 130, 132, 133 

Austin Krawitt 106, 109, 1 18, 121 

Eric Krawitt 107, 110, 111, 112 

Jayden Kulhawy 64, 151, 190 

Rohan Kumar 90, 98, 130, 132, 134, 135 

Vikram Kumar 99, 105, 119, 121 

Grace Kusuma 151, 191 

Zaki Lakhani 90, 101, 106, 118, 119 

Arman Lakhu 94, 101 , 1 18, 1 19. 121 

Maya Lakhu 126, 128 

Sareena Lakhu 37, 68, 138 

Calvin Lang 16, 34, 36, 142 

Hannah Lederer 15, 33, 35, 37, 38, 146 

Mr. Lederer 10, 64 

Kristy Lee 90, 102, 105, 131, 132 

Stephanie Lee 91 , 95, 98, 1 01 , 1 1 5, 1 1 7 

Carl Lindvall 30, 61, 88, 144 

Emilia Lindvall 151 

Emil Lindvall 99, 1 00, 1 09, 1 1 9, 1 20 

Maria Lindvall 192 

Daniel Livergant 17, 34, 70, 84, 88, 142 
Cooper Lochrie 91, 98, 102, 127, 128 
James Lochrie 98, 108, 130, 132,133, 134 
Reid Lochrie 94, 1 05, 1 1 4, 1 1 5, 1 1 6, 1 1 7 
Aimee Long-lnnes 94, 107, 127, 128 
Ryan Long-lnnes 34, 142 
Saransh Loona 34, 75, 138 
Jeremy Lord 123, 124, 125 
Julian Lord 90, 118, 119, 121 
LucyLuo 24, 26, 151, 193 
Darby Lush 33, 146 

Kirstie Lush 20, 22, 24, 25, 33, 152, 194, 235 
Nicolas Lush 34, 138 
Kelsey Lussier27, 34, 37, 51, 76, 140 
Leah Lussier 90, 93, 109, 130, 132 


Alan Ma 102, 107, 126, 128 

Ally Ma 106, 114, 116, 117 

Hendrik Ma 59, 140 

Nathaniel Ma 105, 107, 126, 129 

Robyn Macdermott 40, 69, 84, 138 

Davis Macdonald 152, 195 

Madison Macdonald 20, 152, 196, 235 

Ainsley Macdougall 27, 37, 49, 51, 69, 76, 140 

Braeden Macdougall 34, 75, 138 

Kate Macfarlane 12, 15, 24, 48, 65, 73, 144 

Hannah Macios 37, 86, 142 

Luke Macios 44, 78, 88, 89, 144 

Mark Macios 96, 130, 133, 134 

Mr. Mackenzie 10, 97, 133 

Cody Mackinnon 34, 63, 142 

Justin Mackinnon 35, 38, 83, 89, 146 

Tyler Mackinnon 138 

Mrs. Maclean 10 

Kaylie Magidson 71, 144 

Ajay Mahajan 53, 78, 80, 146 

Shannon Maisonneuve 115, 116, 117 

Omar Manji 13, 152, 197 

Mrs. Manning 10 

Mackenzie Mantler 142 

Eliza Manzer24, 33, 43, 52, 66, 81, 83, 86, 144 
Mr. Marchuk 1 1 

Apostolos Marinakos 106, 127, 128 
Emma Martin 60, 142 
Jenna Maslechko 43, 65, 144 
Sarah Maslechko 13, 22, 42, 152, 198 
Brenden Mason 105, 106, 118, 121 
Emma Mason 91 , 95, 111, 112 
Andres Massot 51, 69, 76, 140 
Ms. Mathies 1 1 
Mrs. Mayan 1 1 

Katherine Maybaum 110. 111 

Victoria Maybaum 93, 100, 105, 127, 128 

Charlotte McArdle 43, 144 

Henry McArdle 104, 106, 126, 129 

Danielle McArthur 7, 15, 66, 152, 199, 240 

Glen McArthur 90, 94, 96, 100, 101. 108, 131. 133 

Renae McArthur 24, 144 

Calum McCracken 12, 32, 33, 144 

lona McCracken 33, 152, 201 

Rebecca McCreedy 12, 33, 35, 37, 38, 39, 56, 57, 


Jennifer Mcintosh 30, 31, 138 
Steven Mcintosh 26, 144 
Grace McKay 91, 115, 116, 117 
Maxwell McKay 29, 91, 100, 126, 127 
Michelle McKay 42, 46, 47, 73, 86, 146 
Reid McKay 69, 75, 84, 138 
Brandon McLachlan 13, 15, 89, 152, 200 
Mr. McLarty 1 1 

Kelli McLean 12, 24, 25, 52, 79, 146, 240 

Robert McLean 16, 70, 143 

Brynn McLellan 15, 41, 59, 69, 76, 140 

Kathryn McLellan 15, 34, 69, 76, 140 

Jordan McMaster 146 

Hugh McNeil 34, 36, 77, 143 

Leigh McNeil-Taboika 27, 37, 51, 59, 69, 76, 140 

Cameron McNeill 1 06, 1 09, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 2, 1 1 3 

Emily McNeill 12, 24, 65, 71, 144 

Hanna McNeill 101, 105, 130, 132 

Grace McNeill 91, 99, 101, 108, 119, 120 

Kelsey McNeill 64, 66, 86, 152, 202 

William McNeill 103, 108, 118, 121 

Narayan McRae 144 

Savita McRae 34, 37, 69, 138 

Mr. Meckelborg 1 1 

Hanna Medwid 30, 43, 46, 47, 61, 73, 144 
Mrs. Melton 1 1 

Thomas Melvin-Smith 130, 131, 134, 135 

Sierra Mennis 71 , 79, 144 

Maxwell Mercer 107, 123, 124 

Mr. Mercer 11, 46, 47 

Christopher Meston 13, 38, 39, 152, 203 

Mariah Meston 108, 123, 125 

Austin Miller 7, 13, 21, 24, 42, 66, 152, 204 

Taryn Miller 105, 1 14, 1 15, 1 16 

Zachary Miller 77, 143 

Madison Milne 16, 27, 30, 70, 143 

Jules Milne 103, 114, 116 

Madison Milne-lves 24, 35, 71, 79, 144 

Mr. Milne-lves 1 1 

Aedan Mitchell 84, 138 

Samantha Mitchell 105, 131, 132 

Monika Molnos 95, 104, 127 

Daniel Molyneaux 40, 69, 75, 84, 138 

Michael Molyneaux 24, 35, 38, 39, 145 

Alistair Morton 24, 35, 38, 39, 88, 145 

Vanessa Morton 15, 51 , 140 

Patrick Moumdjian 12, 88, 145 

Daniel Mullie 74, 80, 147 

Ceilidh Munroe 13, 21, 33, 42, 85, 152, 205, 240 
Shauna Murphy 39 
Mr. Mutch 1 1 


Amanda Nadeau 62, 64, 66, 73, 81, 86, 152, 206 

Justin Nadeau 52, 72, 78, 145 

Aadam Nanji 105, 106, 122, 123, 124 

Alia Nanji 110, 111, 112, 113 

Mark Nardei 30, 35, 36, 38, 64, 66, 152, 207 

William Nelson 51, 59, 140 

Janna Newton 30, 58, 68, 139 

Noa Nguyen 101, 103, 106, 118, 119 

Chloe Nielsen 147 

Peter Nieuwenburg 147 

Isaac Niles 35, 38, 39, 46, 47, 61, 145 

Jessie Niles 73, 152, 208 

Mackenzie Norrie 59, 140 

Jill Northcott 27, 37, 51, 59, 76, 140 

Mat Nowak 34, 36, 59, 140 

Ms. Nowosad 1 1 


Mr. O'Brien 11, 133 

Gage Ockey 34, 143 

Austin Oginski 15, 34, 58, 75, 139 

Joshua Oginski 1 05, 1 07, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 3 
Meg Ollive 75, 139 
Sean Olson 34, 139 
Mr. Orsten 1 1 

Braeden Ortt91, 100, 102, 126, 127, 128 
Eila Ortt 114, 115, 117 
Peyton Ortt 29, 98, 1 1 4, 1 1 5, 1 1 7 
Liam Ostlund 58, 69, 75, 139 
Michaela Ostlund 19, 41, 70, 143 
Paul Ostlund 97, 127, 128, 129 
Shawkay Ottmann 42, 152, 209 


Jett Palframan 49, 84, 136, 137, 139 
Scoutt Palframan 33, 43, 61, 71, 86, 145 
Mitchell Park 20, 24, 36, 80, 147 
Mr. Park 1 1 

Daniel Passingham 24, 35, 38, 39, 145 

Lauren Payne 30, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 152, 210 

Lucy Peper 40, 69, 1 36, 1 37, 1 39 

Quinn Peplinski 12, 13, 53, 89, 145 

Govind Peringod 27, 30, 37, 64, 80, 147 

Cole Pernitsky 34, 69, 76, 83, 140 

Connor Perron 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 124 

Cooper Perron 105, 108, 119, 120, 121 

Mr. Petersen 1 1 

Karli Pischke 16, 60, 143 

Cole Plater 34, 51, 69, 76, 140 

Taryn Plater 24, 35, 38, 43, 145 

Chad Plesa-Naden 20, 74, 85, 152, 21 1 , 235 

Benjamin Pluck 89, 147 

Ali Poonja 1, 26, 27, 52, 85, 147 

Sean Porter 88, 145 

Taylor Poscente 49, 68, 139 

Madeleine Powell 18, 90, 98, 105, 130, 132, 133 

Stephen Powell 34, 59, 141 

Ms. Prefontaine 1 1 

Mrs. Preston 1 1 

Ali Prete 106, 127 

Cole Prete 109, 118 

Nathan Prete 107, 110 

Mrs. Provencher 1 1 

Rajesh Pujara 16, 34, 36, 60, 143 

Sheena Pujara 108, 126, 128, 129 

Katrina Purcell 33, 61, 86, 145 


Zasha Rabie 105, 123, 124, 125 
Zayden Rabie 110, 111, 112 
Mr. Race 11 

Michaela Ralph 93, 94, 130, 131, 132, 135 

Azeeza Randhawa 106, 131, 133 

Rindhem Randhawa 109, 131, 133 

Shefali Randhawa 95, 1 14, 1 17 

Kiana Rawji 126, 128 

Zahra Rawji 15, 27, 50, 70, 76, 141 

Angus Rawling 51 , 76, 141 

Daniel Reid 105, 130, 131, 133, 135 

Ly-Anh Reid 34, 37, 51 , 59, 1 41 

Hannah Reynish 79, 147 

Thomas Reynish 110, 113, 125 

Eric Ritchie 34, 76, 141 

Ian Ritchie 33, 48, 152, 212 

Mrs. Roberts 1 1 

Chelsea Robertson 6, 48, 56, 57, 152, 213 

Alexander Robins 106, 118, 120, 121 

Mrs. Rodney 1 1 

Erika Romanow 149, 153, 214 

Victoria Romanow 34, 51, 70, 76, 82, 83, 141 

Aidan Rose 96, 119, 120, 121 

Brendan Rose 147 

Jeremy Rose 143 

Benjamin Roskey 12, 64, 72, 78, 88, 145 
Justin Ross 106, 126, 129 
Mathew Ross 51 , 141 

Christian Rossi 101, 108, 109, 131, 132, 133 
Mackenzie Roth 18, 96, 102, 105, 130 

Mr. Roth 11 

Tobi Roth 103, 107, 114, 117 

Charles Rozsa 24, 35, 36, 38, 39, 56, 78, 147 

Asha Ruparell 27, 34, 37, 141 

Jyoti Ruparell 95, 108, 127, 128, 129 

Shiv Ruparell 27, 30, 59, 141 

Mr. Ruskay 1 1 

Andrew Rusnac 17, 88, 143 

Daniel Rusnac 104, 123, 124 


Zaman Sachedina 13, 30, 35, 38, 39, 74, 153, 215 

Euan Sadler 6, 14, 33, 89, 153, 216 

Rhea Sandhu 92, 111, 113 

Ashleigh Sandul 15, 32, 33, 37, 147 

Matthew Sandul 34, 59, 141 

Kira Schneider 126, 128, 129 

Kyle Schneider 100, 107, 108, 126, 129 

Maris Schneider 27, 30, 34, 37, 51 , 59, 69, 1 41 

Mr. Schneider 1 1 

Talia Schneider 98, 1 10, 1 12, 1 13 

Adam Schwartz 100, 126, 129 

Jennifer Schwartz 53, 84, 139 

Graham Seasons 1, 34, 51, 67, 76, 83, 141 

Kendall Seasons 35, 38, 64, 66, 145 

Kevin Seasons 64, 66, 153, 218 

Mackenzie Seasons 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 53, 64, 66, 

67, 153, 217 

Caitlin Selwa61, 145 

Robert Selwa 34, 139 

Meghan Senger 12, 24, 35, 38, 61, 81, 86, 145 
Nicole Shah 100, 130, 132 
Ryan Shah 34, 36, 77, 143 
Alexander Shannon 1 02, 1 04, 1 1 1 , 1 1 3 
Stefan Shannon 114, 117 
Chloe Shapiro 98, 127, 128 
Mischa Shapiro 95, 1 1 5, 1 1 6, 1 1 7 
Mr. Shaw 1 1 

Parker Shaw 13, 89, 153, 219 

Keeley Shaw-Antonio 52, 81, 147 

Ms. Shepherd 11 

Rachel Shimonov 106, 118, 120 

Halle Shopperly 40, 68, 75, 84, 139 

Mason Shopperly 92, 105, 122, 123, 125 

Bishneet Singh 119, 120, 121 

Alexandra Smed 60, 143 

Avery Smed 16, 70, 77, 143 

Griffin Smith 145 

Juliana Smith 59, 141 

Michele Smith 33, 149, 153, 220 

Arden Sommerville 12, 33, 71, 79, 86, 145 

Eric Sommerville 56, 74, 89, 153, 221 

Yuxin Song 145 

Gillian Soules 30, 35, 38, 146, 147 

Michelle Soules 17, 34, 84, 143 

Benjamin Spilak 92,105, 123, 125 

Scarlet Sprung 17, 60, 143 

Shelby Sprung 6, 56, 57, 86, 153, 222 

Matthew Spyker 1 06, 1 1 5, 1 1 6 

Melissa Spyker 9, 122, 124, 125 

Michael Spyker 18, 92, 98, 106, 130, 132, 133 

John St. George 12, 35, 38, 147 

Mrs. Stach 1 1 

Teaghan Stack 19, 34, 59, 70, 76, 141 

Tynan Stack 35, 36, 37, 38, 65, 72, 82, 145 

Ellie Staniloff 145 

Matthew Staniloff 139 

Evan Staples 13, 24, 89, 153, 223 

Bartholomew Starich 24, 88, 89, 145 

Benjamin Stark 77, 143 

Matthew Stashin 34, 51, 76, 141 

Sydney Stashin 81, 85, 147 

Carter Sten 58, 139 

Garrett Sten 9, 91, 107, 122, 125 

Liam Stevens 106, 114, 116 

Jennifer Stewart 79, 86, 145 

Karson Stewart 96, 1 04, 1 09, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 3 

Mikaela Stewart 12, 79, 86, 147 

Andrew Stone 17, 18, 30, 60, 70, 88, 143 

Mark Storwick 33, 43, 61, 145 

Mr. Straub 11 

Lindsay Street 86, 147 

Toni Stronach-Hesp 33, 34, 143 

Ryan Stumpf 27, 33, 34, 37, 66, 70, 77, 84, 143 

Sarah Stumpf 37, 69, 84, 139 

Christina Sullivan 30, 34, 37, 53, 58, 68, 139 

Michael Sullivan 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 61, 88, 145 

Ashyana Sunderji 96, 104, 105, 127, 129 

Imaan Sunderji 94, 102, 130, 133 

Kail Sunderji 90, 114, 117 

Kiyan Sunderji 95, 1 1 4, 1 1 5, 1 1 6, 1 1 7 

Elias Swaita 20, 52, 153, 224, 235 

Joshua Szepesi-Dumonceaux 35, 38, 61, 145 


Calvin Tarn 16, 143 

Elizabeth Tamas 15, 34, 51, 53, 59, 69, 76, 141 

Brandon Taylor 145 

Sara Taylor 15, 70, 143 

Bronwyn Thomas 1 06, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 2 

Meghan Thomas 13, 153, 225 

Peyton Thomas 107, 109, 1 18, 121 

Ms. Thompson 1 1 

Stephanie Thompson 13, 42, 73, 153, 226 
Mr. Thomson 1 1 

Cassandra Thorbjornsen 33, 35, 37, 38, 39, 45, 153, 
227, 240 

Miranda Thorbjornsen 33, 35, 38, 39, 86, 145 

Benjamin Tilden 18, 130, 133, 135 

William Tilden 106, 119, 120 

Tobi Toba-Oluboka 56, 147 

Temi Toba-Oluboka 34, 68, 139 

Julia Tops 59, 141 

Liam Toward 1 15, 1 18, 120, 121 

Tiffany Toward 98, 102, 105, 126, 127 

Shayne Tripp 126, 127, 128 

Tori Tripp 114, 115, 116 

Travis Tripp 51 . 141 

Ryota Tsuno 35, 38, 61 , 88, 145 

Shota Tsuno 16, 34, 36, 88, 143 

Mrs. Tupkal 1 1 

Emma Turner 51, 141 

Michael Turner 92, 99, 1 19, 120 

Samuel Turner 100, 126, 127, 128 

Keegan Tumquist 27, 59, 76, 141 


Brandon Urban 30, 145 

Walker Usselman 1 02, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 1 2 

Mr. Uzick 11, 38 


Avery Vadnai 91 , 94, 96, 98, 1 01 , 1 08, 1 1 8, 1 1 9 
EvanVadnai 93, 106, 131, 132, 134 
Bronwyn Valentine 24, 25, 33, 56, 57, 79, 147 
Tegan Valentine 24, 25, 33, 35, 38, 39, 56, 57, 153, 
228, 240 

Mats Van Beek 75, 84, 139 
■ Philip Van Der Poel 80, 229 
Vincent Van Der Poel 52, 56, 80, 147 
Rebecca Van Helden 12, 48, 52, 81, 85, 147, 240 
Charles Van Sant 53, 72, 78, 145 
Maxwell Van Sant 80, 230 
Cassandra Van Sickle 30, 35, 38, 147 
Harrison Varley 12, 20, 30, 31, 35, 38, 147 
Cole Verburg 59 
Lucas Verburg 34, 141 
Ryan Verburg 90, 131, 132, 133, 134 
Georgia Vogeli 12, 43, 71, 145 


Mrs. Wager 1 1 

Alexandra Walker 42, 52, 71, 81, 147, 240 

Grace Walker 42, 48, 53, 71 , 86, 147, 240 

McKenzie Walker 60, 63, 66, 70, 143 

Christie Walter 34, 58, 139 

Liam Waterous 1 8, 94, 97, 1 30, 1 31 , 1 34 

Riley Waterous 24, 64, 66, 145 

Alexandra Watson 95, 123, 124, 125 

Mrs. Watson 11, 125 

Sarah Way 1, 12, 33, 37, 79, 145 

Ms. Weber 11 

Alissa Webster 139 

Mrs. Weicker 1 1 

Lauren Weissenborn 93, 1 00, 1 1 5, 1 1 6, 1 1 7 
Ms. Wellwood 1 1 

Katrina Welykochy 90, 1 1 0, 1 1 2, 1 1 3 

Mikayla Welykochy 94, 131, 132 

Ms. Westers 1 1 

Anna Weyant 65, 145 

Austin Weyant 51, 59, 141 

Benson Weyant 64, 149, 153, 231 

William Whitehead 74, 80, 89, 147 

Ian Whitestone 7, 20, 22, 31, 74, 80, 149, 232 

Meigan Whyte 9, 122, 125 

Mr. Wick 11 

Connor Wiebe 9, 93, 108, 122, 125 

Nicholas Wiebe 106, 131 

Nick Wiebe 96, 133 

Nicole Wierzbicki 61, 71, 145 

Elliot Wilkinson 60, 70, 143 

Maya Wilkinson 104, 107, 123, 124, 125 

Terrilin Williams 122 

Ava Wilmoth 95, 100, 105, 114, 115, 116, 117 

Zoe Wilmoth 96, 99, 126, 127, 128 

Julia Wilson 94, 126, 128 

Scott Wilson 34, 59, 141 

Tyler Winter 77, 88, 143 

Charlee Witschi 27, 34, 51, 76, 141 

McKenzie Witschi 1 8, 98, 1 31 , 1 33 

Andrew Wiwchar 107, 127, 129 

Cameron Wong 101, 105, 126, 128 

Chelsea Wong 96, 98, 99, 1 09, 1 1 9, 1 21 

Griffin Wong 114, 117 

Lauren Wong 90, 131, 133 

Hannah Wood 56, 57, 64, 66, 233 

Heather Wood 15, 37, 51, 141 

Madison Wood 13, 42, 52, 56, 57, 71, 147 

Thomas Wood 56, 64, 147 

Logan Woronuk 37, 60, 84, 143 

Willem Worsley 114, 115, 116 

Darian Wrenshall 51, 76, 141 

Luka Wrenshall 126, 127, 128 

Garret Wylie 92, 109, 114, 117 

Nicholas Wynne 34, 75, 139 


Lasindu Yapa Abeywardene 34, 75, 139 

Onelli Yapa Abeywardene 99, 118, 120, 121 

Alice Yates 9, 95, 122, 125 

Elspeth Yates 19, 26, 27, 30, 33, 37, 77, 84, 143 

Chi-Hsuan Yen 24, 145 

Justin Yen 58, 139 

Jay Yin 234 

Georgia Young 12, 43, 48, 61 , 66, 145 
Isabel Young 68, 136, 137, 139 


Andreas Zakos 24, 145 
Vasiliki Zakos 44, 68,75, 139 

behind the book: 

[the yearbook team] 

You may be wondering who these extremely good looking people are. 
Other then their good looks, the 2010/201 1 Yearbook Team Members 
are dedicated, committed and hardworking individuals, spending 
almost every Friday morning working hard to create this yearbook in 
your hands. We would like to thank our senior editor Ms Johnson and 
assisting editor Ms Westers, for guiding and inspiring us on our 
journey of becoming designers, publishers, and photographers. 

Finally, thank you to all STS parents, faculty, staff and students who contributed their photos, 
reflections and memories to this book. Thank you for helping to make your yearbook so 
comprehensive. We're back again in 2011-2012! 

Since 2002, 1 54 Canadian 
soldiers have lost their lives in 
military activities in Afghanistan. 
The combat mission is set to 
end in 201 1 with a new focus in 
a non-combat role delivering 
humanitarian assistance to the 
Afghan people. 

The Canadian Press/Sean Kflpatnck 

Families comfort each other 
at the site of the Afghanistan 
Memorial Monument following 
its unveiling ceremony on 
Canadian Forces Base 
Petawawa in Ontario. 

AP Photo/Office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, File 

After a nearly fatal gunshot 
wound, Representative 
Gabrielle Giffords continues 
her difficult recovery. 

Canada Hosts G8/G20 Summit 

Leaders gathered for the G8 Summit in Huntsville, ON on June 
25th then joined other world leaders for the G20 summit in 
Toronto. More than 400 people were arrested as violence erupted 
as protesters marched through downtown. The cost of hosting 
the G8 and G20 summits reached $1 .1 billion. 


The U.S. government is 
compromised when Julian 
Assange's WikiLeaks website 
publishes sensitive diplomatic 
cables discussing Pakistan, 
North Korea, Iran and China. 


Olhe Oil Spill 

The BP 'Deepwater 
Horizon' explosion 
releases more than 700 
million litres of crude in 
the Gulf of Mexico. 

Not long after North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II fires 
at the South Korean 
island of Yeonpyeong, 
he names his youngest 
son as his successor. 

... . ^£ 

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar 

AP Photo/US Coast Guard, File 

Getty Images 

Harvard educated Naheed 
Nenshi is elected as Calgary's 
new Mayor on Tuesday, 
October 19, 2010. Nenshi, 38, 
is believed to be the first 
Muslim mayor of a major 
Canadian city. 

Sidney Crosby Named Maclean's 
Newsmaker of the Year 

Maclean's names Sidney Crosby 
Newsmaker of the Year. The gold medal 
final against the United States at the 2010 
Winter Olympics became the most- 
watched television broadcast in Canadian 
history with an average of 16.6 million 
Canadians tuning in. The 23 year old from 
Cole Harbour, N.S., is the captain of the 
Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Canada Gives Back to Haiti 

The Canadian Federal 
Government announces that it 
will provide a $93 million dollar 
assistance package to Haiti in 
201 1 . The country continues 
to struggle a year after a 7.0 
magnitude earthquake struck 
on January 12, 2010, killing 
300,000 Haitians and leaving 
1.4 million homeless. 

Bedbugs were 
almost wiped out 
after the Second 
World War, but are 
creeping back into 
Canadian homes, 
hotels and public 
venues at a rapid 

Military Leader Pleads Guilty to Murder 

The Canadian P ress/Alex Taysh unsky 

Colonel Russell 
Williams, former 
commander of 
Canadian Forces Base 
Trenton, ON, pleaded 
guilty to 88 charges - 
including two counts 
of first-degree murder 
for the deaths of 
Jessica Lloyd, 27 
and Cpl. Marie- 
France Comeau, 38. 
Williams faces an 
automatic sentence of 
life in prison with no 
possibility of parole for 
at least 25 years. 

The Canadian PressAWnnipeg Free" Press^oe* Bryksa 

Airports across North America implement full body 
scanners to screen airline passengers for possible 
weapons and explosives. 

The Canadian Press/Chris Youn 

First Truth and 
Reconciliation Commission 

The first Truth and 
Reconciliation Commission 
ceremony was held in 
Winnipeg at The Forks 
national historical site from 
June 16-19, 2010 where 
former students, their families 
and dignitaries including 
former Governor General 
Michaelle Jean participated 
in healing ceremonies. 
Approximately 1 50,000 First 
Nations, Metis, and Inuit 
children were placed in over 
130 residential schools across 
Canada from the 1 870s until 
the last school closed in 1 996. 

Canada's New 
Governor General 

David Johnston, a highly 
regarded academic 
from Ontario is sworn 
in as Canada's 28th 
Governor General on 
Friday, October 1, 2010. 
Johnston succeeds 
former Governor 
General Michaelle Jean. 

The world celebrates as 
33 miners from Chile's San 
Jose Copper-Gold mine are 
safely rescued after spending 
two months trapped 700 
meters underground. 

© PA Photos Limited 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince 
Philip arrive in Canada for 
their 22nd official royal visit 
on June 28, 201 0. The Queen 
and Prince Philip visited five 
Canadian cities over nine 
days. The tour included visits 
to Halifax, Winnipeg, Ottawa. 
Toronto and Waterloo. The 
Queen made her first trip to 
Canada in 1951 when she 
was still a princess. 

Spencer Platt/Getty Images 

After emerging from 
bankruptcy, General Motors 
is profitable again. The 
company raised $20.1 billion 
in the largest global initial 
public offering (IPO) in North 
American history. 

Sean Gallup/Getty images 

After protests 
democracy | 
streets of Cain 
President Hosni Mubarek 
steps down. 

Samir Hussein/Wirelmage 

Britain's Prince William and 
Kate Middleton announce their 
engagement in November 201 0. 
They plan to marry in 201 1 . 

Lululemon Athletica issued a 
Canada-wide recall for some of 
its popular reusable shopping 
bags over concerns they may 
contain lead. Lululemon 
reported the bags are 
considered safe to use, but may 
potentially be of concern in 
regards to proper disposal after 
use. Customers were urged to 
return flawed bags to Lululemon 
stores to enable the retailer to 
properly dispose of them. 

John M. Heller/Getty images 

TOMS Shoes, which donates 
one pair to a child in need for 
every pair sold, becomes a 
philanthropic fashion 

A new element, discovered in 
1 996, finally receives its official 
name: Copernicum. It is named 
in honour of Copernicus, the 
Renaissance mathematician 
and astronomer. 

Mark Wifson/Getty Images 

NASA-funded astrobiology 
researchers discover a new life 
form, a bacterium that can use 
the toxic chemical arsenic as 
fuel for growing and rebuilding 

The Canadian Press 

Researchers using fruit 
flies to study human 
obesity have found that 
obese flies have many 
of the same problems as 
obese people, including 
high cholesterol and 
difficulty regulating insulin. 


Nissan introduces 
the Leaf, an electric 
car. According to the 
official EPA sticker, 
the car achieves 
the equivalent of 43 
kilometers per liter. 

A Nielsen survey reports that thirty-one 
percent of pre-teens ranked the Apple 
iPad as the most-wished-for holiday gift 
in 2010. 

AP Photo/Brynjar Gauti 

Volcano in Iceland Erupts 

On April 14th, 2010 a volcano erupted in southern Iceland 
shooting ash and molten lava into the air forcing the 
evacuation of hundreds of people. The volcanic ash shut 
down airports across central and northern Europe. The 
International Air Transport Association said the volcano 
disruption cost the industry at least $200 million a day. 


Mission shows 
amazing images of 
comet Hartley 2, 
23 million miles 
away from Earth, in 
November 2010. 

AP Photo NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Maryland Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

The NBA and WNBA promote Vaccines for 
Teens, an awareness campaign designed to 
educate teens and parents about the importance 
of vaccinations. 

Elderly Lotto Winners Shore the Wealth 

Allen and Violet Large, an elderly couple from Lower Truro, 
Nova Scotia gave away an estimated 98% of their $1 1 .2 
million lottery win. The couple, who have been married for 36 
years, shared their winnings with family, but the lion's share 
was hand-delivered to charities and other organizations. 

£ fob Growth in 
Canada Surges 

Canada's employment kicked 
off 201 1 by churning out about 
4.5 times more new jobs than 
expected, the most since April 
2010. While countries around 
the world struggle to maintain, 
Canadian employers continue 
to experience steady job growth 
across multiple industries with 
customer service as the top 
growth area. 

Actress and singer Selena Gomez, age 18, serves as the 
spokesperson for UNICEF's trick-or-treat campaign. She 
is the organization's youngest goodwill ambassador 

Wind turbines become more 
prevalent. The emergence 
of "wind farms" signals the 
beginning of what could be a 
wind energy boom. 

AP Photo/Zma Deretsky, 
National Science Foundation 


An 8.8 magnitude earthquake 
in Chile shifts our planet's 
axis by about three inches 
and shortens the Earth day 
by 1 .26 millionths of a second. 

The Canadian Press/Jonathan Hayward 
tgST - 

Northern Manitoba's polar 
bear population is rapidly 
declining according to 
researchers from the 
University of Alberta. The 
Western Hudson Bay 
subpopulation, estimated 
at 935 animals in 2004, is 
expected to decline over the 
next 25 years to the point 
where there may not be 
enough bears to sustain a 
breeding population. Due to 
climate change, the Hudson 
Bay will soon reach a tipping 
point where 20 to 30 per cent 
of Manitoba's polar bears will 
begin dying off each year. 
Manitoba declared polar 
bears a threatened species 
in 2008. 

AP Photo/Kyoto University via Kyodo News 

AP Photo/The Canadian Press. Jonathan Hayward 

; kokanee, a species 
of freshwater salmon thought 
to be extinct for 70 years, 
is found living in a lake near 
Japan's Mount Fuji. 

Spain defeats The Netherlands 
to win the 201 0 FIFA World Cup 
Championship trophy in South 
Africa. Canadian connections: 
Hector Vergara, a 43-year-old 
assistant referee from Winnipeg 
was Canada's sole on-field 
representative at the World 
Cup. Also, Pickseed Canada 
provided two varieties of 
grass used in seeding 1 3 giant 
stadiums across South Africa. 

he Canadian press/Shaney Komulatnen 

Legendary NHL coach Pat 
Burns passed away on 
November 19, 2010 at the age 
of 58 in Sherbrooke, QC after a 
long battle with cancer. 

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrlll 

Dual moguls silver medalist 
Mikael Kingsbury, gold medalist 
Alexandre Bilodeau, silver 
medalist Chloe Dufour-Lapointe 
and gold medalist Jennifer Heil 
at the freestyle skiing world 
championships on Feb. 5, 201 1 
in Park City, Utah. 

Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images 

Former Laker great Magic 
Johnson and Kobe Bryant 
celebrate the LA Lakers' NBA 
Finals Game 7 win against the 
Boston Celtics. 

The Canadian Press/Jacques Boissinot 

Laval Rouge et Or win the CIS 
Vanier Cup with a 29-2 victory 
over the Calgary Dinos to claim 
their sixth Vanier Cup in the last 
12 years. 

The Montreal Alouettes 
beat the Saskatchewan 
Commonwealth Stadium in 
Edmonton to win the 98th 
Grey Cup. The Alouettes 
are the first team to win 
back-to-back titles since 
the Toronto Argonauts in 
1996 and 1997. 

Tony Hawk welcomes Olympic gold medalist snowboarder 
Shaun White to his second annual Stand Up for Skateparks 
benefit in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images 

Jonathan Byrd's Hole-in-one 

Golfer Jonathan Byrd wins 
his fourth PGA Tour victory 
with a hole-in-one on the 
fourth playoff hole in the 
Justin Timberlake Shriners 
Hospitals for Children Open. 

LeBron James announces 
via live ESPN special that 
he is leaving the Cleveland 
Cavaliers to join the Miami 
Heat. Fans and commentators 
condemn the move. 

The Chicago Blackhawks win 
their first Stanley Cup since 
1 961 . In Game 6, they defeat 
the Philadelphia Flyers 4 to 3 
in overtime. 

The Canadian Press/Winnipeg Free Press 
- Boris Minkevich 

Michelle Wie of the United 
States, won the CN LPGA 
Canadian Women's Open 
2010 at Winnipeg's St. Charles 
Country Club. Wie won with a 
score of -12. 

Sports Illustrated 
presents its 201 0 
Sportsman of the 
Year award to New 
Orleans Saints 
quarterback, and 
Super Bowl MVP, 
Drew Brees. 

The Associated Press 
names Lindsey Vonn, 
the Olympic gold 
medalist skier, as its 
201 0 Female Athlete of 
the Year. 

Sad Day for Team Canada 

Team Canada loses 5-3 to Team Russia in the Gold medal 
game at the World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo 
New York on January 5th, 201 1 . 

Chris Trotman/Getty Images for NASCAR 

The Hockey Hall of Fame 
opened its doors to women 
for the first time by inducting 
Canadian Angela James and 
American Cammi Granato. 
The women were recognized 
alongside former NHLer Dino 
Ciccarelli and builder Jim 
Devellano. The late Daryl (Doc) 
Seaman, one of the founders 
of the Calgary Flames, was 
also admitted. 

Jackie Evancho, the 1 0-year- 
old soprano who came to 
fame on America's Got Talent, 
releases a bestselling holiday 
CD/DVD titled O Holy Night. 

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic 

Miranda Lambert receives a record-breaking nine CMA 
nominations. She wins three trophies, including Album of 
the Year for Revolution and Female Vocalist of the Year. 

Country supergroup Lady 
Antebellum took home five 
Grammy awards, including 
Song of the Year and Record 
of the Year. 

> IT 

Kathenne Bomboy/ABC via 0<jl ty Images 

Brad Paisley takes home the Country Music - Favourite Male 
Artist award from the American Music Awards and the CMA 
Entertainer of the Year Award. 

Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images 

Steve G ran itz/Wirel mage Katherine Bom,boy/ABC via Getty Images 


Usher performs at the' 
American Music Awards 
show and takes home 
the awards for Male Soul/ 
R&B artist and Favourite 
Soul/R&B album. 

A surprise comeback 
gave Train the Grammy 
for Pop Performance 
bv a Duo or GrouD for 

Brad Barket/PictureGroup 


John Medina/Wirelmage 

24-year-old Canadian 
rapper, Aubrey Drake 
Graham played Jimmy 
Brooks on Degrassi: 
The Next Generation for 
eight years before 
turning to music. Drake 
released 'Room for 
Improvement', online 
in 2006, attracting the 
notice of American 
rapper Lil Wayne. Drake 
has since collaborated 
with Jay-Z, Kanye West, 
Eminem, Mary J. Bilge 
and Timbaland. 

Jason Merntt/Getty images 

O Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber is 
named Artist of the 
Year at the American 
Music Awards. At 
age 16, he is the 
youngest recipient 
of this top honour. 

Sugarland wins the CMA Vocal Duo of the Year Award and 
releases "Stuck Like Glue," the first single from their album, 
The Incredible Machine. 

Lady Gaga took home two Grammy awards for Female Pop 
Vocal Performance and Pop Vocal Album. 

9 9 si it 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

Eminem didn't crack a 
smile when he expressed 
his gratitude for winning 
the Grammy for Rap Solo 

Jemai Countess/Getty Images 



Ke$ha wins the Best New Act 
award at the MTV Europe Music 
Awards and ends the year with 
three songs on Billboard's Hot 

Marc Serota/Getty Images 

Everybody likes "I Like It," the 
first release from Euphoria, 
Enrique Iglesias's bilingual 
album. The song tops the 
charts in the U.S., Canada 
and Australia. 

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images 

Carrie Underwood wows the 
American Music Awards. Her 
third studio album. Play On, 
gamers the Country Music - 
Favourite Album award. 

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images 

The Black Eyed Peas release 
a new album, The Beginning, 
and book an appearance at 
the halftime show of Super 
Bowl XLV. 

This is definitely not your 
father's boom box. The 
latest MP3 technology 
combined with 1 980s styling 
make this machine a must 
for modern parties. 

Black Ops, the seventh 
installment in the Call of Duty 
game series, sells a record- 
breaking 7 million copies in 
the first 24 hours of its release. 

3ts the 
il for 

A new generation adopts the 
retro bean bag chair. Tl 
updated classic is ideal 
watching television, playing 
games, reading and keeping 
up with social media. 

Suzanne Collins publishes Mockingjay, the third 
and final book in her popular science fiction series, 
The Hunger Games trilogy. 

Rock Bond 3 

Featuring a new 
keyboard and 83 songs, 
Rock Band 3 is released 
worldwide. Its Pro mode 
mimics the experience of 
playing real instruments. 

£ Xbox Kinect 

You don't need a controller to play the newest 
technology games. The Xbox Kinect features a 
sensor that can read motion, faces and voices. 

A new, motion-sensing controller debuts for the PlaySta- 
tion 3 console. The Move is a Bluetooth wireless wand. 
Players can use up to four at once. 

In The Lost Hero, the sequel 
to his Percy Jackson & the 
Olympians series, author 
Rick Riordan introduces 
three new characters: 
Jason, Piper and Leo. 

Younger kids get their very own dance video game. Just 
Dance Kids challenges Wii players to master more than 
40 dances led by real kids. 

Ralph Orlowski/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Donna Svennevik/ABC via Getty Images 

Team Coco rejoices 
as Conan O'Brien 
returns to late night 
television. Conan 
uses Twitter and 
YouTube to 
announce the 
premiere of Conan 
on TBS. 

Angela Weiss/Getty Images 

A/o Ordinary Family is a hit 
ABC drama. After the Powell 
family survives a South 
American plane crash, they 
develop new superpowers — 
and new enemies. 

The Associated Press names 
Betty White, age 88, as its 
Entertainer of the Year. She 
poses for a calendar to raise 
money for animal charities. 

Neil Jacobs/CBS via Getty Images 

~ c ~ 

Toby Can ham/Getty Images 

O Life Imitates Glee 

Gleeks are being 
heard! The popularity 
of Glee prompts a 
resurgence of glee 
clubs in middle 
schools, high schools 
and colleges across 
the country. 

Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are back for another 
season of mystery, intrigue and secrets on the ABC 
suspense drama, Prerfy Little Liars. 

Minute to Win It, starring Guy Fieri, returns to NBC for a 
second season of fast-paced challenges and cash awards of 
up to $1 million. 

An iconic, 1960s crime drama 
returns with a cool, new cast. 
Hawaii Five-0 chronicles the 
adventures of an elite police 
unit in paradise. 

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images 


A call center for an American 
company is recently 
outsourced to India in the 
NBC comedy hit Outsourced. 

Richard Harbaugh/ABC Family via Getty Images 

Shia LeBeouf stars as a 
young trader who tangles 
with Gordon Gekko, a 
disgraced financier played 
by Michael Douglas, in Wall 
Street: Money Never Sleeps. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty 
Images for Disney 

Secretariat, an acclaimed 
feature film, depicts the true 
story of a legendary racehorse, 
the 1 973 winner of the Triple 
Crown of thoroughbred racing. 

Wilson WebbAQJParamount Pictures/ 
Courtesy Everett Collection 

True Grit, a mythic Western 
adventure story, earns 1 0 
Academy Award nominations 
including Best Picture. 

Peter Mountam/OColumbia Pictures/ 
courtesy Everett Collection 

O Leonardo 

Leonardo DiCaprio 
is the world's top- 
grossing movie star. 
His 2010 releases 
earn a combined 
$1.1 billion at the 
box office. 

Loyal fans line up for midnight screenings of Harry Potter 
and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 . The movie makes $330 
million during its first weekend. 

Angelina Jolie is a woman 
of mystery and Johnny 
Depp is an ordinary tourist. 
Or is he? The plot thickens 
in The Tourist. 

John Lamparski/Getty Images 

Amanda Seyfried stars as the title character in Red Riding 
Hood, a romantic horror tale about a medieval village 
terrorized by a werewolf. 

Justin Bieber 

Teen superstar Justin 
Bieber hits the big 
screen with the 
biopic concert film 
Never Say Never. 

Based on the true 
story of King 
George VI, The 
King's Speech 
earns 1 2 Academy 
Award nominations. 

©Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

Robert Downey, Jr. returns 
as the inventor-superhero 
Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, 
a long-awaited sequel 
featuring storylines adapted 
from Marvel Comics. 

©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection 

An orphaned baby goddaughter 
inspires Katherine Heigl and 
Josh Duhamel to set their 
differences aside in Life As We 
Know It, a romantic comedy. 

Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

When a cartoon super-villain 
defeats his nemesis, he loses 
his will to be evil. Will Ferrell 
lends his voice to the reluctant 
hero of Megamind. 

Saeed Adyani/'SOverture Films/Courtesy 
Everett Collection 

After a mysterious toxin 
enters the water supply of an 
Iowa town, many residents 
go insane in The Crazies, 
a sci-fi horror flick. 

Phil Bray/TM &©Fox-Walden. All rights 
reserved/courtesy Everett Collection 

Chronicles ofNamia: The 
Voyage of the Dawn Treader 
is a 3D feature film adaptation 
of the third book in the C.S. 
Lewis fantasy series. 

From popped collars to 
Top Siders, prep style 
endures. True Prep shows 
a new generation how it's 
done and what it means. 

Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks are the 
beverage of choice 
among sleep-deprived 
students, despite 
concerns that they 
contain unhealthy levels 
of sugar and caffeine. 

Shiny, sparkly sequins become 
a major fashion trend when 
Zoe Kravitz and runway models 
are spotted wearing them on 
hats, dresses and tops. 

O Pillow Pets 

Now it's a stuffed 
animal. And now 
it's a pillow. Puffy, 
popular PillowPets'" 
may be the snuggliest, 
softest trend of 
the year. 

Self-expression is always 
in fashion and the right hat 
makes it easy to add panache 
(and hide a bad hair day). All 
you need is a cute fedora or a 
jaunty newsboy cap. 

Dr. Dre's Monster Beats are state-of-the-art 
headphones that make a strong, street-smart 
fashion statement. They look cool. And they 
sound even cooler. 

Mineral Makeup 

Beauty mavens 
agree: mineral makeup 
rocks. These sheer, 
lightweight, powdery 
formulas are the 
smart alternative to 
gooey, pore-clogging 

Get the look with a classic polo, 
distressed skinny jeans and leather 
belt with your favourite treads. 

Parents and foot doctors hate 
them but the flip-flop fad is a 
year-round phenomenon for 
guys and girls alike (except 
during snowstorms). 

re's nothing olive drab 
ut this trend. Military 
:kets are snappy, sleek 
and chic — a far cry from the 
oversized Army surplus look 
of yesteryear. 

Dentists report that more and more teens are 
asking about teeth bleaching procedures, 
especially for photo-op occasions like 
graduation and other social events. 

VfirQ BrCldfey BQgS Colourful, quilted Vera Bradley bags are the 

epitome of sorority sister style. Devotees mix and 
match Vera messenger bags, clutches, totes and 

Hippie style is 
hip once more. 
Tie-dyed effects 
on shirts and 
dresses appear on 
runways, beaches 
and boardwalks. 


Red Style Network™ 

Canada's Digital Fashion Magazine brings 
you the latest fashion trends, celebrity style 
and beauty news. Consumers can shop for 
their favourite looks right from the pages of 
the magazine and watch behind the scenes 
videos and more at 

Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images 

The rugged, battle-tested G-Shock 
watch is the preferred timepiece of 
snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers 
and other extreme sports fans 

£ Silly Bondz 

The bandz are 
banned! Some 
schools decide that 
Silly Bandz - the 
popular silicone 
rubber bracelets — 
are too distracting 
for the classroom. 

The mountaineer look comes to the metropolis, 
as high-performance outdoor apparel makes a 
comfortable, cold-weather fashion statement. 

Everybody needs an afternoon snack but nobody has 
time for milk and cookies. The newest granola bars 
deliver easy energy between lunch and practice. 

Go for an edgy, urban look 
in these American Rag Twill 
Skinny Cargos- perfectly 
paired with a belted Cowl 
neck sweater! 

Long, flowing scarves 
become a year-round trend. 
This must-have accessory is 
the easiest way to add colour 
and interest to casual outfits. 

Long, statement necklaces 
are trend-right. Gossip girls 
look luxe with Tiffany-style 
trinkets. Layered, chunky, 
vintage baubles create an 
alt-rock, art school vibe. 

Boots go to great lengths. 
Over-the-knee styles are 
seen everywhere from 
runways to red carpets. 
Trendsetters wear them 
with short skirts or 
slim leggings. 

The Flintstones celebrate a 
milestone as the modern Stone 
Age family turns 50 on 
September 30, 2010. A 
special Google Doodle marks 
the occasion. 

The BP oil spill was the top 
topic of 201 0, according to 
Yahoo! Here are the year's 
top 10 search terms: 

1. BP Oil Spill 

2. World Cup 

3. Miley Cyrus 

4. Kim Kardashian 

5. Lady Gaga 

6. iPhone 

7. Megan Fox 

8. Justin Bieber 

9. American Idol 

10. Britney Spears 

SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images 


High-speed broadband 
devices are on the verge of 
multi-channel high-definition 
TV broadcasting thanks 
to emerging WiMAX 4G 
technology that improves 
image and data capabilities. 

Old media acknowledges 
the power of new media 
when TIME names 
Facebook founder Mark 
Zuckerberg as its Person 
of the Year for 2010. 


Redbox kiosks serve 
as conveniently 
located vending 
machines for DVDs 
and video games. 
Just pick a flick 
and swipe your 
credit card. 


PRNewsFoto/VIZIO, Inc. 

Consumers are 
snapping up 
great deals on 
flat screen TVs 
as prices continue 
to drop and 
supply begins to 
outpace demand. 

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images 


You can buy anything from puppies to Pontiacs on 
Facebook's Marketplace app, which rivals Craigslist 
as the classified section of the social media generation. 

Stuunrfwrd employe* / 

Disgruntled passengers fight over space in the overhead bins 
as most airlines institute baggage fees ranging from $15 to 
$25 per bag per flight. 


Facebook helps you connect and shar 
the people in y° ur life. 

This 16-page World Beat section 
is printed on SFI certified stock. 

■1 0 Jostens, Inc. SZ8 CAN 


Andrew Ha rrer/ Bloom berg via Getty Images