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h ttps ://a rc h i ve . o rg/d eta i I s/pai d i a2 0 1 2 

Published in Canada Printed in the USA 


table of contents 

Principals' Welcome Prefects' Welcome Grade 6 

Fall 8 

Terry Fox and Homecoming Fall Orientation Camps 
Cross Country Running Grade 9 Backpacking 
Elementary Camps and Fall Clubs Round Square UK 
Grade 1 Pumpkins Halloween Model United Nations 

Beauty and the Beast Marti McKay Week Fall 
Round Square Volleyball Golf Borderless Learning 

Winter 48 

Elementary Holiday Celebrations Elementary Skating 
Party Winter Break Grade 7 Ski Week Grade 2 
Celebrations Senior High Winter Formal Middle 
School Dance Grade 8 Language Trips Grade 3 
Festival Dan Arato Day and Spirit Week Grade 4 
Racers Elementary Skiing and Sports Middle and 
Senior High Writing Award Winners Elementary Clubs 
Middle and Senior Speech and Speech Day Elementary 
Hip Hop Basketball Science Olympics 

People 94 

Faculty and Staff Elementary Portraits Middle School 
Portraits Senior School Portraits STS Lifers 
Grade 12 Individual Grad Pages Index In Gratitude 


Spring 209 

A 42-page Spring supplement will be published 


* 1 
3 A 

The Middle School at STS is a community of individuals that supports and cares for each other while we 
pursue our passions and try new things. Events such as Dan Arato Day, Speech Day, and Band and Choral 
concerts are great examples of our community coming together to accomplish great things. I am continually 
inspired by the kindness and compassion that our students show for each other. 

STS' mission of inspiring excellence in 'Scholarship, Leadership, and Character' is evident on a daily basis 
in the Middle School. I impressed by our students' commitment to their learning and academic success. 
Outside of the classroom students also impress with their personal initiative and leadership in things such 
as being Grade 9 leaders on OE trips, initiating service activities such as the popcorn sale, the Cookie Club 
bake sales, and the many activities promoted by students involved in the Middle School Round Sguare. It 
is also a pleasure to see students pursuing their athletic interests and seeking out experiences whether 
they are on the courts in the gym, on the athletic fields, or on the running trails. 

I would like to thank our teachers for their commitment to ensuring the success of our students and I would 
like to thank the Middle School students for their enthusiasm and energy which fuels my spirit and makes 
me enjoy being their principal. Nil Nisi Optimum. 

Upon my return, I was immediately reminded of the warm, engaging and dynamic learning environment 
that defines STS. It has been an honour and a privilege to once again be part of such a special place. 

One of my favourite things to do is to find that quiet and relaxing moment to go through the yearbook page 
by page, enjoying the wonderful memories that come flooding back. Looking through the yearbook gives 
us time to reflect, celebrate and be thankful for the many enriched learning opportunities we have at STS. 

There is great excitement for the children when they hear the yearbooks have arrived! They flip through 
quickly looking for their classmates and of course, themselves and seek out their teachers and friends to 
autograph their special book. It reminds all of us how the students value the relationships they have 
developed with their friends and teachers. This yearbook is a cause of celebration as it showcases all of 
the creativity, energy and enthusiasm that helps shape the culture at STS. 

All of the special programs pictured in these pages were made possible by the support of teachers and 
parent volunteers. Your participation in our school community is most appreciated! Thank you to the 
teachers and parents who have contributed to the yearbook and to Ms. Johnson for coordinating its 
production. Please enjoy the memories of friends, teachers, parents and special guests while engaged in 
learning at STS! 



Reading through these pages, it is impossible not to appreciate the remarkable accomplishments 
of our students in both their curricular and co-curricular pursuits. STS students demonstrate to 
me the true meaning of well-roundedness: they are scholars, dedicated athletes, talented artists 
and conscientious citizens of their local and global communities. I am confident that when you 
look through the 2012 edition of Paidia you will be proud of the contributions that you made and 
the success that you strived to achieve. I hope that this book is especially meaningful for our 84 
graduates. I know that it will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the time you spent at 
STS and revisit your favorite memories through its pages. Know that your involvement in our 
school as leaders and role models had a significant impact on the students who look up to you. 

I would like to thank the Senior High faculty, who go above and beyond to create a rich and 
meaningful experience for our students. Thank you to the parents, who support their children in 
countless ways and provide them with the foundation to be successful as they grow into young 
adults. Finally, thank you especially to the students, for the energy and passion that you bring to 
school with you each day. Congratulations on a very successful year! 

Atessage from Hie 4-fead of^SeJioof 

We began this year with our Homecoming and 40th 
Anniversary celebration. It was a great party for the entire 
school community surrounded by a variety of smaller alumni 
gatherings for Strathcona-Tweedsmuir and our founding 
schools: Strathcona School for Boys, Tweedsmuir: An 
Academic School for Girls and St. Hilda's. There were many 
fond memories and stories exchanged during those gatherings 
and a palpable sense of pride in the rich history and traditions 
of our school. We were also blessed by the presence of our 
founding headmaster, Mr. Sandy Heard, who unfortunately 

passed away not long after his visit. Many alumni were grateful for the opportunity 
to see and speak with Mr. Heard who was so instrumental in the successful 
amalgamation of the two schools at our current site. 

Following on this exciting start to the year, we continued with an extraordinary year 
of student accomplishments as you all participated so enthusiastically in the co- 
curricular program. Beauty and the Beast was an incredible success drawing the 
largest crowds of any musical to date. We had zone and provincial champions in 
several sports and national champions in public speaking. Our bands and choirs 
were rewarded with multiple gold awards and our young scientists received top 
recognition at the Science Olympics. Most of you were involved in a variety of outdoor 
pursuits and many participated in HOP and Round Square service projects such as 
the Fair Trade project and the service trip to Costa Rica. Language trips and student 
exchanges broadened your global perspectives and there were many opportunities 
to explore global issues through things like Model UN. Taken together with your 
academic studies, you have been given countless opportunities to learn and to grow 
and you have embraced these with great passion and energy. 

This edition of Paidia, your school yearbook, will serve as a perpetual repository of 
the many memories that you have created together this year. I must thank Ms. 
Johnson and the very talented yearbook team for producing such an attractive 
volume and all of you for your contributions to such a memorable and successful 
school year. 

William Jones 
Head of School 



J 5 

"My favorite memory of being a Prefect 
will be standing shoulder to shoulder 
with my fellow prefects, shaking, 
nervously noting that an elementary 
student all of sudden isn't so cute 
holding a pie with the intention 
directing itatyour face. justifiably so, it 


brought us as prefects together as we 
comforted each other, while repeatedly 
having whipped cream rubbed in our 
faces. Times to remember. 

The biggest piece of advice I can give for 
next year is, always work hard, but never 
forget your friends. they are going to 
be the ones that get you through the 
year, not your work. and cross bridges 
when you get to them, don't worry 
about them beforehand. and sleep. 
Never ever forget to sleep. " 

Lucas Kemp 

Words from 
Ms Weber 

Public Relations 

from left Annabelle Hicks, 
Zaina Randhawa, Holly 
Kletke, Victoria Maybaum, 
Aimee Long-lnnes, Justin 
Ross, Nathaniel Ma, Henry 
McArdle, Apostolos 
Marinakos, Emily Black, 
Emma Cross, Maya Lakhu, 
Olivia Hotchkiss 

Responsibilities Include: 

To act as tour guides to 
prospective families and visitors to 
the school. To welcome guests. 

We Asked the 
Grade 6 Leaders 

What is the 
most important 
leadership skill 
that you learned 
in Grade 6? 

Lucas Crichton 

"I learned to be helpful. 

Even just bringing 
someone a coffee can 
help brighten their day. " 

Paulina Hart 

"We should act like role 
models because a lot of 
the younger kids look up 
to us. " 

Kyle Schneider 

"Everyone has to 
cooperate when working 
in a group - it makes 
things much easier!- 

Sheena Pujara 

"How to work with 
younger kids, give them 
responsibilities and make 
things fair for them. • 

Fun a Fitness 

Back Row Ashyana Sunderji, 
Cameron Kletke, Alexis 
Prete, Kiana Rawji, Shayne 
Tripp, Kira Schneider 

Front Row Paul Ostlund, Adam 
Schwartz, Kyle Schneider, 
Braeden Ortt, Ethan Kneller 

Responsibilities Include: 

Helping to organize the Walk/Run, 
the Skating Party and the Student- 
Teacher hockey game 


■ Special Events 

Back Row Monika Molnos, 
Paulina Hart, Megan 
Bowers, Julia Wilson, 
Zoe Wilmoth, Hannah 
Kerman-Milne, Jyoti 

Front Row Jacob Dowdall, 
Alan Ma, Lucas Crichton, 
Samuel Turner. 

Responsibilities Include: 

Serving at the Choral Concert 
for the Kirby Centre and setting 
up the Halloween parade. 

"Students in younger 
grades look up to us and 
admire us if we do a 
good job. " 

Tiffany Toward 

"They need a role model 
so they can learn good 
behaviour, and things 

that you're not supposed 
to do. " 

"The more we act as role 
models, the more of an 
influence we will have on 
the entire school" 

Oshyana Sunderii 

"We can have fun while 
organizing interesting 
activities for them!" 

We Asked the 
Grade 6 Leaders 

Why should 

Grade 6 
students be 
leaders to the 


Back Row Luka Wrenshall, 
Kennedy Campbell, Tiffany 
Toward, Sheena Pujara, 
Andrew Wiwchar. 
Front Row Katiya Kloberdanz- 
Dyck, Maxwell McKay, 
Cameron Wong, Kyle Webster 

Responsibilities Include: 

Organizing and supervising the 
intermural program during lunch 

1m The school 
celebrated its 
■ 40th year of 
learning at our country 
campus with a good 
old fashioned party! 
Students gathered to 
play games, listen to 
music and enjoy the 
September sunshine. 


Outdoor Ed 
provides STS 
students with 
challenging and 
enriching experiences 
at all grade levels. 
The Grade 9s share 
their experience on 
their 3-day backpack 
trip in Kananaskis. 

^ A The musical 
^/| theatre 
^ ■ program was 
alive with magic this 
fall, as more than 50 
students staged the 
classic tale of Beauty 
and the Beast, 
directed by Mr. Hall. 

From the first day of school in September, STS is alive with 
activity. Students dive into a new year of learning, sports 
teams are formed, successes are earned and friendships 
are made. The musical can be heard coming together in 
the theatre. Round Square is in full-swing, with students 
traveling across the globe to develop leadership and 
citizenship skills. We invite you to enjoy the following 
pages, capturing all that happens at STS in the fall. 

Oafffng aff £uperheroes 

"This looks like a job for Superwoman" Madeline Stevens '23; Wonder Woman Aimee Long-Innes '18; 


Superpals Thomas Denness 19 and Alexander Jolley 19 are "up. up and away 1 ' 

he STS superheroes know that with "great powers come 
jreat responsibilities" and again this year they used their 
superpowers to defend community values and raise much 
leeded funds for the Terry Fox foundation. 

Future Girl, Avery Vadnai '20, uses her glittering super-powers in the last stretch. 
:. Watermelon Man, Ben Co\emar\ '19, with fellow superhero pal Hussein Ali '19 are off to 
ght evil villains. 

). "Shazam!" Emily Black '15 and Nick Aspinall '19 lead the pack. 

-. STS superheroes take to the road in the annual Terry Fox run. 

i. Secret identies; Amanda Holyoake, Ava Wilmoth, and Abigail Bowers, all '21 



CUhat Superhero FCU&Bg 
did you draw on to finish the 
Terry Fox TZuri? 

Jt M Q/ said that they needed the special power of 
nr I /O SPEED to make it to the finish line. 

ft ft Q / used their super-powers of STRENGTH, 

of the Grade 2's actually drew on their FLYING 
powers to help them complete the race! 

summoned very special powers such as TIPPY 
TOE POWER (Connor & Karson) ANIMAL 

6. The Incredible Hulk, '23. 7. Cristian Hernandez-Mudd, '22 
S. Secret agent "Green". 

9. Maya Wilkinson, Maya Yates, Halla Kharfan, and Meigan 
Whyte, all '19. 

10. Adrian Obrejanu '23 uses his special flying powers. 

11. "It's a bird. It's a plane." It's Shefali Kandbawa '21. 

nuel Turner and 'Paul Ostland, both '18; 

Joshua Oginski and Jadon Finn, both "22; 

Kiyan Sunderji '21 and Secret Ninja Master 



What does it mean 
to be a ? 


"A superhero to me is the ability to provide 
support and help to people that are in need" 
-Meghan Sengher '13 

"Being a superhero means using your special 
powers to defend individuals in need and to 
support the moral values of our society." 
-Mr Jones, Headmaster 

"Being a superhero is believing you can 
do the impossible." 
-Michelle McKay '12 

Mitchell Beacom '12 leads 
the way 

middle school students work together to 
win the tug-of-war 

Bart Starich '13, helps out 
Sean Porter '13. 

Countiy music star George Canyon 
performs for the afternoon crowd 

Faculty, staff, students and parents geared 
up in their best superhero attire for the annual 

Terry Fox Run on September 16, 2011. The 

superhero theme made the event that more 
fun. The beautiful weather was welcomed and a 
great time was had by all. Although the run itself 
is a fun way for the school community to get 
together, the money raised from students and 
parents is central to the goal of the event. This 
year the students had the opportunity to hear 
Fred Fox, Terry's brother, speak about Terry's 
dream and the importance of one's determination. 

This year surpassed the half million 

dollar mark in total donations since 1984 - a 
feat our community should be very proud of! 
- Grace Walker '12 

Following the Terry Fox Run, more than 1,000 students, 
parents, alumni and current and former faculty and staff celebrated 
40 years on our country campus at Homecoming 

201 1 . Those in attendance enjoyed an array of activities including 
our annual Terry Fox Run, rugby, field hockey, basketball, school 
tours, an art show, presentations and entertainment by country 
music sensation George Canyon. They were also entertained by the 
premiere of "The Mighty Spartans," performed by our talented 
Senior School Band and composed by Dave Pierce '90. Founding 
Head of School W.A. "Sandy" Heard '46 made the journey back to 
STS and his presence reminded us of how far we have come on this 
country campus that he envisioned and created with passion, 
dedication and determination. The accomplishment of this event 

epitomizes the strength of our School due to our strong ties 
with alumni, former faculty and our parent 

Daniel Livergant '14, Isaac Niles and Darcy Foo, both '13, entertain the crowd 

Cameron Wong and Victor Ojeda, both '19, enjoy the sunshine. Virginia Cooke and Alyssa Bordon, '12 


Grade 7 Orientation Camp 

The Class of 7B stops to take a break gi 
overlooking Barrier Lake 

Grade 7 students spent three days at Camp Chief 
Hector taking part in archery, geocaching, 
photography, science observations, challenge courses, 
canoeing and hiking during the Grade 7 Orientation 
Camp earlier this fall. In the evening, they enjoyed the 
animal game and created skits. Along with Grade 9 
student leaders and staff, the students embarked on a 
seven-kilometer hike to the Barrier Lake overlook. This 
three-hour hike is a real challenge and it's impressive 
to see the students accomplish this great task. 

Ms. Rodney teaches the class 
about trail saftey and protection 

Hanna McNeill '17 and Azeeza Randhaw 
'17 stop to take a picture on the trail. 

David Finn '17 

"Fun, Fun, Fun!' 

"Definitely the field 
trips, like Ski Week!" 

I'm excited for Track 
and Field. Javelin - that 
just sounds fun!" A 

Lochlyn Clark 17 

"Different teacher for 
different subjects." 

1 6 

We asked the Grade 1 Os: 
What are you most looking 
forward to in Sr. High? 

Elspeth Yates 

"Beauty and 
the Beast! I'm 
so excited to 
be a part of a 

Austin Fercho 


Grade 1 0 Orientation Camp 

Shyla Bruvall 

'The amount of 
class options in 
Senior High" 

Taylor Davis '14 swings on a rope during the Challenge Course at 
Camp Chief Hector. The class of 10A watches, waiting for their turn. 

Milad Eskandar 

* "To join new 

Three busloads of Grade 10 students, Prefects and teachers headed to Camp 
Chief Hector in September for two days of outdoor adventures. Upon arriving 
at camp, the Grade 10 students played games and split into groups to make 
flags featuring an array of interesting symbols, quotes and pictures. 

Students were then guided to four stations organized by the Prefects. The 
challenge course (one obstacle which included scaling an eight-foot wall) 
took teamwork and leadership to complete successfully. The picture 
scavenger hunt required teams to look for certain items. Bonus points were 
awarded to those who had moss mustaches in every picture. The third station 
had students learning to trust each other as they overcame obstacles. The 
Round Square station required students to come up with service ideas to 
contribute to the community. Ideas included bake sales, campus clean-ups 
and a toy drive. 

~ Jennie Evamy-Hill '12 


Kira Schneider '18 & 
Kennedy Campbell '18, 
cheer on Walker 
Usselman '22 as he 

bursts down the 
final leg. Although the 

competition is fun, 
everyone helps each 
other to get to the 
finish line & celebrate a 
great effort. 



Pushing for Vratfyidiate' 

Forty-one Grades 7 to 9 cross-country runners returned home from 
the South Central Zone Competition in Canmore filled with pride. STS 
consistently finished in the top two-thirds of the pack and returned 
home with one gold, two silver and one bronze medal. Competitors 
ran two kilometres of hilly terrain, with the exception of the juvenile 
boys who ran three. The students performed phenomenally in such a 
rigorous sport, and to see them support each other was inspirational. 

"Each individual is 
needed in order to 
win the banners, so 

it is extremely 
rewarding to finish 
your run knowing 
the value of your 
contribution to the 

"My favorite part of 
being on the cross 
country team is 

meeting new people 
when traveling as 
well as having in 

depth conversations 
with Mr. Lederer!" 

"I attended the 
Foothills Division 
Meet at STS and 
Zones in Canmore.I 

like that it is an 
individual sport but I 
can still be part of a 
really awesome team." 

STS owned the podium at the divisional cross country meet, winning the 
Junior High School Banner and the 2A Provincial Championship Banner. 
Forty-four Senior School students competed in the divisional meet at STS 
and zone meet in Canmore a week later with great success. Sixteen of 
the 18 students who qualified for provincials attended and were up 
against archrival Sundre, which had 10 qualified runners who had 
ranked higher than the majority of our students. STS made up the gap 
with outstanding efforts on race day and won the provincial banner by 
35 points. Since each of our runners earned more than 35 points 
individually, we needed everyone's effort to gain victory. It was a true 
team effort! In addition to our efforts in Alberta, twenty-four runners 
flew to Vancouver for the JC Seawall Race on Sunday to run around the 
Stanley Park seawall and cap off our tremendous running season. 
Congratulations to all of our outstanding athletes! 


ing to spend time wit 


Completing the challenge 




"The best part 
was the meal at 
the end of the 
day - it was great 
to make dinner 
and then sit 
around the 

"Probably the 
cooking - being 
responsible for 
choosing our 
food, and 
cooking dinners 
completely on 
our own" 

From Top Left: Keegan Turnquist, Billy Hornaday, Matt Stashin and Wil 
Clark build themselves a snow friend; Lizzie Tamas '14 successfully cooks 
dinner for her cook group; Emma Turner '15 and Jill Northcott '15 stay warm 
on a frosty morning in the mountains; Timi Abolarin '15 takes a moment to 

share a story from the trail. 

Top: tired hikers gather around the campfire to stay 
warm; Middle: Maris Schneider. Imara Dhalla and 
Charlee Witschi, '15. show off their coordinated 
backpacking styles while relaxing in camp: Bottom: 
Teaghan Stack and Myles Chase, '15 show some love for 

the back countrv. 


In October, Grade 9 students ventured into Kananaskis Country to experience the great outdoors. Carrying 

their packs over tough terrain and in snowy conditions for three days wasn't always easy! Below, four wise 

survivors of the backpacking trip share their advice for future Grade 9 students: 

Juliana Smith 

"Bring a lot of warm clothes. If 
you don't, you'll be cold all the 
time. Wear everything you 
brought at night - you can 
never have too many layers" 

KltYXN M< Ll l.L t\ 

"Get a warm sleeping bag - it 
gets really cold at night time 
and you'll be glad that you had 

Stephen Powell 

"Be prepared for anything. And 
bring extra socks. Your feet get 
cold. I actually slept in my 
down parka, which was a good 

Matthew Samhjl 

"Don't bring broccoli. We froze 
it before the trip, and then we 
discovered that frozen broccoli 
doesn't taste good. At all." 

'Best part of 
the school 

"So fun, amazing 
climbing a 

"A very enjoyable 
outdoor learning 

"A good way 
to meet 

"I really 
enjoyed grade 
six camp" 

Favourite Moment: "At night, 
looking at a blazing fire under 
the beautiful stars." 

Ashyana Sunderji and 
Jacob Dowdall 

"My funniest memory was 
when Braeden and Max 
had a pony tail on the front 
of their head." 

Braeden Ortt and 
Max McKay 

Favourite Memory: "The 
skits, they were really well 
done. When we were 
presenting our skit, I got 
smacked in the face with a 

Luka Wrenshall, Tiffany 
Toward, Henry McArdle, 
and Shayne Tripp 

Funniest Memory: 
"Mr. Wick singing "Sexy 
and I know it!" 


Grade 6's spent three days in Kananaskis leamWf in tb^M^dc 

The students were ecstatic to embrace the beauty of Tfre zutWScri 

and further develop their hiking techniques on new terrain. Spending, 
time with friends 'and learning about trees and forests while 
-delivering songs and skits made the trip more than just about hiking.- 1 

The last hike around Ribbon Creek Trail 
was also noteworthy with it's rolling path 
and close proximity to the winding creek, 
"t was a great time to be with friends and 
enjoy the outdoors". 

The highlight for most was the second day hike 
on Centennial Trail on Mount Allen. With steep 
inclines and strong winds, the students needed 
to be diligent with pacing and technique. The 
reward of a stunning vista close to the summit 
was breathtaking. 

My favorite camp memory is definitely 
being at the top of Mount Allen with all 
of my friends and just sitting there in this 
really strong wind, hoping we wouldn't 
fall off, and all of us gasping at how 
beautiful the view was. 

what nature 
can teach" 

beautiful, and 

CROSS Conservation 

Ann 8c Sandy Cross Stewards of the Land 

Grade 5 students visited the Cross 
Conservation area where they were highly 
engaged in hands-on activities related to their 
Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry focused on 
stewardship. Students conducted scientific 
inquiry related to pond ecosystems, plant and 
animal lifecycles, and the study of trees and 

1. Alex Jolley, '19 
[2. Students hike the land while 
jactively engaged in learning. 
Is. Leon Louw, '19 and Mrs. MacLean 
14. The students discuss the intricate 
Iconnections between organisms 
and the role that human actions 
play in such habitats. 

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
nothing is going to get better, its not" 

1. Students observed, hypothesized, 
and learned about the interactions of 
organisms in a wetland, grassland and 
forested ecosystems. 2. Meigan 
Whyte, Jayhan Kherani, Matthew 
Beingessner, and Uday Dhillon, all '19 
S. Abbegayle Stanick and Sophie 
Greer, both '19 

"Did you know that 
bears can eat up to 
200,000 berries a day?" 

Nathan Chong, Garret Stenn, 
Connor Wiebe, Brock Jekyll 

"Don't pick upfrogs. The 
natural oil on your hands 
can make them sick and 
cause them to die." 

Daniel Rusnac 

"The bark of aspen trees, I 
produces a protective 
white powder, which was 
used by First Nations 
Peoples as a sunscreen." 
Leon Louw & Thomas 

Denness j 


"When visiting a grassland stay on the 
trails so as not to squish the plants; 
don't take any flowers home with you; 
and do not disturb the wildlife" 





2011 Round 
Square International 


1 1- 

he conference was a 
memorable experience for us 
all; we gained an 
abundance, had many 
adventures, and made 
unforgettable friends from 
around the world. We left 
Wellington College ready to 
"Reach Beyond our Limits." 


oing to the Round Square International Conference 
was one of the best experiences I've had at STS. 
The pre-conference in the Faroe Islands gave us the 
opportunity to explore a unique culture in a remote 
part of the world. The conference itself was very 
eye-opening with impacting messages from the 
keynote speakers. All in all the trip was educational, 
inspirational, and lots of fun." 
-Sarah Way 

i \ \\Aj£m&k 

Grade 1 


The Grade 1 Pumpkin Hunt is a fun halloween 
tradition. With excitement and a sense of 
adventure the students are taken outside to hunt 
for kid-sized pumpkins that are hidden in the 
spooky woods. Once the perfect pumpkin is 
found the students take them back to the 
classroom to measure, weigh, and decorate 
into creative pumpkin-head masterpieces! 

Matthew and Rebecca take in their 
haul. Brandon is so excited to find his 
very own pumpkin. Theodora and 
Mariah brought some spooky help, 
Smiles abound after a good cup of 
witches brew cocoa 

Mr. Orsten and Matthew plan 
the perfect pumpkin. Rebecca has a 
happy ghoul. Rohan and Kyra in full 
concentration. Mr. Orsten 
accompanies Madel inc. Ms Mathies 
forgot to get dressed for Halloween! 


Left: Rebecca Burroughs, Cali 
Barnstead and Jennifer Mcintosh 
(all '16) show off their Glee inspired 
costumes and cheerleading spirit. 

Below: Ethan Kemp and Cody 
Campbell (both '16) run away from 
a mob of admirers in their matching 
Teletubby costumes. 

From Left: Rebecca Clark '16, Teagan Evans '16 and Halle Shopperly 16 
are never too old for a great costume; Chelsea Wong & Shawna of the 
Dead '20 share a smile; Avery Brown 15 as a human twister board; 
Andreas Marinakos '20 as the famous Toad from Super Mario World. 

The Delegation of STS 

Mode/ tlrvted 

The super serious 
Senior Delegates 

show their silly side 


McGill University 

"The McGill Model UN experience was one of my 
favorite school trips to date. It was so enjoyable because 
of all the amazing experiences that were offered on this 
trip. We were able to visit really interesting places in 
Montreal like the Modern Art Museum and the Biodome. 
We also were able to go see a McGill University 
basketball game as well as explore the campus of the 
McGill. The trip was also fantastic because we were able 
to explore, to an extent, on our own. That gave us a taste 
of how it would be to travel on our own and made the trip 
much more enjoyable! Of course, the highlight of any 
MUN trip is the work that you do as a delegate. The 
McGill Conference was fantastic, I was able to represent 
the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the summit for 
HIV/AIDS. It was a enjoyable process and I made some 
great friends in the along the way." 

- Seth Carson '13 

Georgetown, DC 

"Georgetown Model UN was my 4th MUN since grade 
ten. and I have to say that the experience has been nothin 
short of awesome. This MUN proved to be my most 
challenging yet. with a difficult topic, big committee and 
the fact that it was also a double delegation (working will 
a partner). My partner, Ashleigh Corbiell. represented 
Carl Bauman in the Committee of the Weimar Republic. 
This proved challenging considering the massive size of 
the committee and the singular fact that the issues 
surround this time period are so complex. Aside from the 
time in committee we visited several landmarks, includin 
the Spy Museum and the Pentagon as well getting a 
speech from the Pakistani embassy which was a very 
interesting experience. In the end Ashleigh and I won 
outstanding delegate for our roll as Carl Bauman. The tri 
was a very rewarding experience and I encourage 
everyone to try and do a MUN conference while at STS.' 

- Michael Molyneaux '13 

The MUN Group Hits the Town! 


8 9 

Cul ture 


From Left: Georgetown award winners Darcy 
Foo '13, Ashleigh Corbiell '12, Michael 
Molyneaux '13, Eliza Manzer '13, Bronwyn 
Valentine '12, and Maddie Milne-lves '13 

MUN students get to work in some impressive 
locations, sharing ideas with high school 
students from around the world. 

Taryn Plater '13 tries singing some jazz when 
the MUN group goes to take in some of DCs 
live music offerings at a local venue. 


From Left to Right: Calvin Tam '14, 
McLean Clark '14. Darcy Foo '13. and 
Griffin Smith 13 try out their abilities 
as information analysts for the CIA at 
the International Spy Museum in 
Washington, DC. 


Renae McArthur '13, Ariela 
Karmel '13. Natasha Adams '13, 
and Ryan Shah '14 are looking 
forward to the McGill MUN 
Awards ceremony, a time to 
celebrate the accomplishments of 
all of the delegates at the 


Alumni (and former MUN 
students) Martin Law, Easton 
Sheahan-Lee and Peter Mulherin 
catch up with Mr. Schneider 
during the MUN visit to Montreal. 

We asked the narticinants 

What are the perks 
of being a "munnie"? 

"Getting to speak with teachers 
outside of school is great. They're 
a lot cooler off campus. Getting 
to go to interesting places can be 
a lot of fun too." 

- Zach Carson '12 

"MUN is a great place to make 
friends and to make lasting 

- Rachel Meadow '14 

"My favorite aspect of Model UN was 
definitely being able to travel with the 
school and interacting with students 
from both STS and also students from 
different schools around North 

- Jessica Zhang '14 

"Model UN is an ideal vehicle through 
which we realize the school's mission; 
solving the world's problems through 
student leadership, collaboration, 
friendship, hard work and empathy for 
the situation of others." 

- Mr. Boulianne 

"Being threatened by Mr. 
Boulianne (just for fun!)" 

- Joe Deering '12 

age Designed by Seth Corson 13 


eauiij and the 

A cast, crew and pit band of more than 84 people brought Beauty and the Beast, a Disney classic to 
life on November 23rd to November 27th, in the C.A. Smith Arts Centre. After a handsome yet conceited 
prince mistreats a beggar woman, the woman turns out to be a beautiful enchantress and transforms 
the prince into a beast and his staff into household objects and furniture. The prince is told that in 
order to break the spell, he needs to learn to love a person for who they are, and get her to love him 
before the last magical rose petal falls. Meanwhile, in a nearby village, a beautiful, smart girl named 
Belle is scorned by the townspeople for being a bookworm who dreams of adventure in a great wide 
somewhere. When Belle's father gets lost in the woods, he is captured by the Beast in his castle. Belle 
eventually finds the castle and the Beast agrees to release her father if she agrees to stay with him 
forever. Initially repulsed, Belle begins to appreciate the beast's tender nature and falls in love with 
him. However, the self-centered and overly-masculine man from Belle's village, Gaston, gathers a mob 
to 'save' Belle from the beast. Gaston ends up stabbing the beast. Luckily, Belle rushes to the beast 
and expresses her love for him and he comes back to life again as a handsome prince. 

N *0 Ur 

Clockwise from bottom right: Belle 
(Tiandra Ceyhan) and the Beast (Calum 
McCracken) have their first dance; Belle 
reads to the villagers during the opening 
number; The silly girls (Taryn Plater '13, 
Jennie Evamy-Hill '12 and Hannah Lederer 
'12 admire Gaston (Brandon); Lumiere 
(Taylor Chase) leads the cast in "Be Our 
Guest"; LeFou (Michael Sullivan '13, 
Monsieur D'Arque (Michael Kashmirian) 
and Gaston cook up a plan to capture Belle's 
father (Mark Storwick 13); the pit band 
helped to bring the beloved music of the 
well-known show to life. 

yed b yT 

yTa yio ri 

This year marked year 27 of Marti McKay Week - STS's annual 
celebration of the literary arts. Throughout the week, STS hosted 
literary and other creative artists as part of an artists-in-residence 
program. Each student had the opportunity to speak with and learn 
from these artists, creating a student-centered forum in which to 
celebrate and learn about the literary arts. 


Marti McKay, a gifted writer and poet, came to STS in 1979 as a 
Grade 1 0 student, but her life was tragically cut short in 1 981 . Marti's 
family and friends established a fund in her memory 
to keep the passion for literary arts alive at STS. This 
fund allows our students to interact with different 
artists on a group and individual basis. Marti's father, 
Mr. Bill McKay, expressed the hope that Marti McKay 
Week might inspire students to express themselves 
through poetry, song or story writing. He suggested 
that writing provides us with an avenue to express our 
thoughts and feelings, and that Marti McKay Week 
aims to foster in students a passion for the literary and 
creative arts. The School first welcomed Sue Farrell 
Holler, a children's book writer, freelance journalist and 
columnist for Sun Media newspapers and the Daily 
Herald-Tribune. Students were fascinated by her book Lacy and 

Marti McKay 

Literary Arts 

the African Grandmothers, a story of a Siksika Nation girl helping 
African women raise their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS. Her 

other publications include To The Pool with Mama and 
To The Post Office with Mama. Lynn Martel captivated 
our students with stories about her outdoor adventure 
on mountains, in caves and on rivers, complete with 
photographs. STS students, who participate in many 
outdoor adventures through the OE program, were 
inspired by the journeys she described. Wendy Berner 
created vivid pictures in the students' minds with her folk 
tales from different regions of the world. This 
professional storyteller caters to people of all ages, 
celebrating the art and oral tradition of storytelling. She 
encouraged students to retell her stories from the 
pictures they created in their minds. Thank you to the 
McKay family for their generous support of this special week. 


. Sue Farrell Holler speaks to Class of 
9 students. "My presentations aim to 
Dnour first nations culture & tradition 
hile providing a sense of hope" 
. Smudge Bowl offers opportunity for 
scussion & interactive storytelling. 
. White Buffalo Calf Woman - A First 
ation's hand drum made by a young 

Siksika man tells the legend of the white 
buffalo. Class of '19 students: Emina 
Hafiz, Riley Campbell, Maya Wilkinson, 
Halla Kharfan, Melissa Spyker, Aamani 
Sidhu, Yan Chung. 

6. Wendy Berner captured the 
imaginations of our students with 
her folk tales from across the world. 

7. To the Post Office with Mama 

Matthew Spyker '21 reenacts Sue 
Farrell Holler's book including 
donning a toddler outfit. "It felt weird 
that I had to dress up as a baby!" 

Remembering a gifted Jjf rUer & % 


"We enjoyed many wonderful moments with our guest writers and story tellers during the 
27th Marti McKay Week. Each of our three authors brought a unique perspective to writing 
and storytelling and the students were very engaged by their presentations". 

'We promised to share 
Ms. Berner's stories so 
that they get passed on. " 

Claire Carpenter, 21 

"My favorite part of 
Marti McKay Week 
was getting to listen to 
all of the stories. " 

Kail Sunderji, 21 

"What makes Marti 
McKay Week so special 
is that most schools 
don't have days where 
the whole school gets 
together to talk about 
books & storytelling. " 

Tara Finnie, '21 

Stand Up And 

Make % uifjerence 

How we contributed - Fall 201 1 

An important part of the privilege of attending 
STS is the responsibility to give back to our 

local and global community. The Round 
Square program often provides us with the 
opportunity to get involved in a meaningful 
way and have a direct impact on the lives of 

others. Here are some of the many ways STS 
students reached out to make a difference. 

This year, the prefects led a 
campaign to collect jackets in good condition from the STS community. 
These jackets are given to Calgary's jacket racket program, which 
provides winter wear to children and families in need. 

to the roof with toys, 
games, stuffed animals, holiday decorations and household items. All 
donations are taken by to Patrick Airlie School in Calgary, to be used 
for their white elephant sale. This sale allows students to purchase 
holiday gifts for their families at reasonable prices. 


In December201 1 , STS student Ainsley MacDougall and 
her mom traveled to Chang Mai, Thailand, to take part in 
a Round Square pilot project. While in Thailand, Ainsley 
worked with students from around the globe to build two 
new water tanks for a village in need. 

"It was the best experience of my life" Ainsley remarks. 
"Living in a village no one knows about, becoming friends 
with the villagers and providing them with this service was 
an indescribable experience unlike any other. We learned 
so much and experienced things we never imagined we 
would. This trip was life changing in every aspect, and 
will probably be one of the best trips I will ever participate 

Karen village children braiding Ainsley's hair. 
Students washing elephants at the Chang Mai elephant reserve. The 
student participants pose in front of a sign they built to commemorate 
their trip and their contribution to the community. 



From top left, clockwise: Imaan Kherani '16 shares 
dinner with a resident, Ellie Gilchrist '16 helps to prepare the meal, 
David Finn '17, Michael Spyker '17, Austin Oginski '16 and Evan 
Vadnai '17 dig up potatoes from the Bridgeland garden. 

"You get to spend time with people who 
otherwise woudn't get to hang out with kids our 
age. It's so fun to go there because they are so 
happy to see us, and so appreciative when we 
make dinner for them." 

- imara Dhalla '15 

"The seniors have really great interactions with 
the kids and it allows them the opportunity to form 
a relationship with a younger generation. Seeing 
the kids gives them a sense of hope for the future, 
knowing that our world is in good hands." 

- Ms. Egli. Staff 

"We dug up potatoes from the garden, cooked 
them as part of a meal and then served them to 
the residents of the manor. The seniors there 
love it when we visit. Having us there really 
makes them happy, because they have a new 
person to talk to." 

- Evan Vadnai '17 

"It's a great experience that I would suggest to 
anyone. Bridgeland Manor is a senior's home for 
people who have previously lived in homeless 
shelters. The people I meet there are so kind and 
welcoming. I get to make new friends and learn 
about the stories of the seniors who live there. 

- Imaan Kherani '16 


The Grade 7 Boys 
Volleyball Team had a 
very successful season 
winning going 
undefeated in the 
regular season and then 
winning the league 
championships at the 
final tournament by 
defeating OJ in their 
gym. Coach Julian was 
thrilled by the 
commitment of the 
players to develop their 
skills and by the sheer 
joy for the game that 
the boys demonstrated 
while they played. The 
highlight of the season 
was most certainly 
winning the 
championship and then 
being presented with 
medals at a Middle 
School Assembly. 

We had a 
fantastically fun 
season this year! Our 

16 players were 
extremely dedicated 
to the sport and the 
team, with massive 
skill improvements 

throughout the 
season. In difficult 
playing situations, 
they handled 
themselves with grace 
and sportsmanship. 
In all situations, they 
were enthusiastic and 
celebrated every play 
as a team. We were 
the only grade 7 team 

in the league who 
played with position- 
awareness and 
regular attempts at 3- 
hit ball - well done 


For the second time in a 
row, the grade 8 boys 

volleyball team won the 

league championships. 
Playing against their 
rivals from Red Deer Lake 

School, the boys won in 
two games, finishing up a 

great season that was 
filled with good memories, 

great friendships and 
fantastic volleyball. 

Throughout the season, 
the entire team improved 

in hitting, blocking and 
teamwork. Bloody noses 
became common place in 

practice when the boys 
put themselves on the line 
to try and dig up the big 
hits. With a willingness 
to improve and a drive to 
succeed, the boys had one 

of the best seasons in 
recent years. 

Our volleyball team 
consisted of a special 
group of 12 talented 
young ladies who 

demonstrated excellent 
teamwork and had a 
fantastic season! The 

girls were quick to pick 
up on a new offensive 

system that eused all of 
our strengths in 
multiple ways. Our 

highlights this year was 
winning the Rally 

Pointe tournament and 

finishing undefeated in 
league! With strong 

serving, and exceptional 
net play, our team was a 
force to be reckoned 
with. We had a lot of 
fun and the team has 
great memories from 
both on and off the 
court. Thanks for an 

amazing season ladies! 


Grade 9 Boys 

Top Row from Left: Mr. 
Kores (Coach), Cole 
Pernitsky, Myles Chase, 
Timi Abolarin, William 

Bottom Row from Right: 
Eric Ritchie, Angus 
Rawling, Cole Plater, 
Austin Distefano 

Grade 9 Girls 

Top Row from Left: Mr. 
Hoang (Coach), Kara 
Hawker, Liz Louw, Zahra 
Rawji, Teaghan Stack, 
Leigh McNeil-Taboika, 
Marina Parvanova 

Bottom Row for Left: 
Maris Schneider, Bryn 
McLellan, Lizzie Tamas, 
Victoria Romanow, 
Kathryn McLellan 

This year's volleyball 
season was intense and 
dynamic, and provided us 

with many good 
opportunities to hone our 

skills and to play 
competitive volleyball. We 

started the season with 
only six players (and almost 
as many fans!) but quickly 

grew to a team of eleven 
dedicated players. Our four 
weekend tournaments were 
action packed and we took 
1st place at the Strathmore 
Invitational and 2nd place 
at the Rundle Invitational. 
We ended the season 2nd in 

our league and 3rd at 
Zones. I am very pleased to 

say that the boys made 
good progress on the court 
and remained cohesive as a 
team- even under pressure. 
Off the court, they 
impressed me with their 
sense of humour and good 
spirits, both of which made 
for an extremely fun 

The 2011 season was 
the first year where our 
team consisted entirely 

of grade 9s. With a 
smaller roster and busy 
schedule, many 
newcomers found 
themselves fulfilling 
new roles and stepping 
up into the spotlight. 
The girls were 
impressive in their 
ability to outplay more 
physically talented 
squads. Highlights 

include a finals 
appearance at the 
tournament, a return to 
South Central Zones 
and a 3rd consecutive 
league championship. 
Best wishes to all the 
2011 team as they close 

out their Jr. High 
careers and go on to the 
next level. 


This year's Junior 
Varsity boys team had 
an epic season. They 

competed well in 
tournaments coming 
close many times. The 
boys saved their best for 
last hosting and 
winning the foothills 
league banner. We had 

one last date with 
destiny at the home of 

our arch rivals the 
Acme Redmen. In the 
final game our setter 
(Daniel Livergant) with 
broken glasses taped 
back together played 
the game of his life and 
the rest of the team was 
there with him. As a 
coach you dream of 
these moments. 
Congratulations Zone 

The JV Girls Volleyball 
team had an enjoyable, 
fun, and successful 
season this year! We 
emerged from the league 
season with a bronze 
medal after playing 
against Foothills 
Composite High School, 
one of our toughest 
rivals. With the 
continued effort of all 
team members, the team 
worked hard in 
preparation for Zones. 
Meeting early Saturday 

morning, we were 
undefeated until the gold 
medal game. Fighting 
hard in the finals, we 
fought until the third 
game against Duchess. 
For the final game of the 
season, we won a silver 
medal. This was a great 
end to a successful 


fm m 

Top Row from Left: 
Ms. Bartoshyk 
(Coach), Michelle 
McKay, Leigh Farran, 
Georgia Forbes, Ciara 
Hanly, Michaela 
Ostlund, Victoria 

Bottom Row for Left: 
McKenzie Walker, 
Maddir Milne-Ives, 
Kate Macfarlane, 
Ariela Karmel 

The Senior Varsity Men's 
Volleyball team was an 
exceptionally fun and talentei 
bunch of gentleman. We played 
several tournaments ranging 
from large '4A' tournaments likl 
the FOG Invitational at the I 
University of Alberta and the I 

Western Canada Redman 
Invitational to the smaller, but J 
very competitive West Island I 
College tournament. Additional^ 

we played in the Foothills 
Athletic Council league where wj 
were a strong contender. This 1 
season was always interesting! 
from a coaches standpoint. ] 
Practice times were both fun and 
challenging for players. In the 
end, we played some exciting I 
volleyball in the league semi- I 
finals and finals to finish with a 
Bronze. Games and tournaments 
were at times exciting and 
frustrating, but always 

With committed and hardworking] 
athletes, it was a true pleasure to 1 
coach this team. Embracing the I 
opportunities to be in the spot lighta 
the girls' well-rounded nature and-1 
gregarious outlook on life took 
center stage as the team entertainem 
their competition with their 
spectacular "The Boys are Back' I 
dance routine at WCIS and the 1 
adventures of Michelle McKay '12« 

and Georgia Forbes 12 under 
hypnosis at the Provincial Banquet. 
Although the girls know how to I 
bring enthusiasm and energy to . 
every event, they also worked 
towards their season goals of I 
becoming the Western Canadian 
Champions, winning league, 
defending our title as zone 
champions, and making another rujf; 
at the Provincial banner. The \ 
chemistry on the team was 
noteworthy with each player addinn 
to practices and game play. 
Finishing the season as WCIS ] 
champions, silver medalists in I 
league, zone gold medalists, and J 
Provincial finalists, the girls were 
bright stars for STS this season! 
Well done ladies. 

he STS golf team had a very successful season this 
fall. Starting off with many practices after school, we 
worked hard to prepare for the zone tournament. Zones 
was a very successful day as the girls team captured gold, 
and the boys team took the silver. Rebecca Van Helden 
12' won first place at zones, Virginia Cooke 12' won second, 
and Alyssa Borden 12' rounded out the medals in third. 
Winning zones added another zone banner to our display 
in the gym, but the season wasn't finished quite yet. Two 
weeks later, we traveled up to Edmonton to compete in 
the ASAA provincial competition, where the girls' team 
took first place as a 1A/2A school. The boys team did very 
well, placing 5th in the province. 

The Girls: Rebecca Van Helden '12, Alyssa Borden '12, Virginia 
Cooke '12 and Sydney Stashin '12. 

Spartans in the Drfrers Seat 

Sen/or 4-figh goffers cap successful 
season with brovt'na'ai n//n in Edmonton 

What Do You Know About Golf? 

STS once had a golf course on campus, which ran from the 
elementary playground on to the Rugby fields. 

22% of golfers worldwide are female 

The STS Women's Golf team has won provincials for three 
years in a row! 

The Boys: Hayden Amundson '13, 
Jeremy Rose '14, Mitchell Park '12, Ajay 
Mahajan '12. Missing: Brendan Rose '13 



mRight. Sunny Yen '13 finds the right mix 
between having fun and getting work done. He 
staked out some space in the SSC, where the large 
leather couches get lots of afternoon sunshine. 

mBelow. Honora Jackson-Roe '12 spends time in 
the library putting the finishing touches on an 
assignment. BLT is an important time for busy 

Everyone's got something to do during BLT 

As the clock ticks closer to 1:15pm every Friday afternoon, high school 
students in biology, calculus and history pack their bags, awaiting freedom 
from structured classes and the arrival of "Borderless Learning Time". For 
many students BLT is a time for catching up on homework, perfecting 
your most recent painting, attending in-depth tutorials, or even just 
meeting a teacher in the hallway and having a conversation about 
something interesting you read about last week. For other students, it's 
a time to catch up on sleep, get some exercize at the gym, or grab a hot 
chocolate with friends after a long week of classes. Whether you're 
studying or socializing, doing homework or heading home, everyone 
appreciates the time to get things organized before the weekend begins. 
Did you notice that more and more teachers are sporting bow ties on 
Fridays? Thanks to Mr Shaw, BLT bowties have become the fashion among 
the staff. The only rule? They can't be clip on! 


i ifte/oiv Riley Waterous '13 gets some help from Mr. Schneider in 

1 1 

derstanding the complexities of supply and demand. 

Yn/ourite <£/tx>k 

"I roam - I'm a bit of a nomad. BLT 
is good for catching up on missed 
work, but even better for 
catching up with friends." 

Setti Corson 13 

"Where to spend BLT? What 
better place than the Rotunda? 
With the sunlight streaming in, 
it's a nice place to see friends and 
get some work done." 

"I like to spend BLT in the library - it 
actually promotes productiveness! 
Usually I can find a comfy chair and 
actually finish the work I've been 
putting off all week!" 

BspethYafes 1<4 

UJ/ieresYoursf? □ 

Borderless learning time ... wait, is that 
what it stands for?" 

"Bacon lettuce and tomato!" 



"Borderless lunch time!" 

"Baboons like tea" 

"Half Day" 

"Alden's noodle soup time" 

"Bazinga Linga time" 

"Brainless leisure time" 


_ Every year, the 
*~\ J Elementary 
^ celebrates the 
oncoming Winter Break 
| with an ice skating 
party in Okotoks. 
Teachers, friends of all 
ages and family 
members skate together 
and have a great time! 

^ ^ The Speech 

r}2 P r °9 ram 


the impressive skills of 
our Middle and Senior 
students as public 
speakers. This year, a 
record number of our 
students won provincial 
medals in Speech. 


The Sports 
Hall was filled 
with point 
guards, shooting guards 
and centres this winter, 
with 12 basketball 
teams in action. Check 
in with our coaches for a 
recap of the highlights. 

The first snow falls and all of a sudden it's winter. With 
holidays to look forward to, the school is alive with 
concerts, community service projects, field trips and 
special celebrations. After the break, our spirits are lifted 
during Spirit Week, we take on new challenges and reach 
new levels of achievement in everything that we do. 
Before we know it, the snow will be gone. This is STS in 
winter 201 1-2012. 

it's the 
wonderful t 

It's unmistakeable. There's 
something extra special going on at 
STS during the Holiday Season. 
Smiles are brighter, steps are 
springier, and good cheer abounds. 
Choral Concerts, Kerby Center 
visits and clubs' outreach projects 
keep the students busy. 

Isabella Mercer '23 loves 
Christmas. Why? "Because I got to 
decorate a Gingerbread House with 
my friend Natascha (Copper '23)" 
Meigan Whyte '18 and Apostole 
Marinakos '18 took the opportunity 
to enjoy the Christmas Bakesale. 
And the Grade 2's pull out their 
Santa hats for their Celebration Unit. 

Volunteers spent hours! 
assembling Gingerbread 

children ended the yea 
decorating the tiny house 
snacking on tons of treat 
& watching movies. 

a time to shine 


Every year on a snowy December night, STS families make 
their way to the school theatre and are treated to the Gift of 
Music. While enjoying the handbells, choirs and carols, the 
audience experiences the true sense of kinship, peace & 
love. Outside of the theatre, HOP 
sponsor a Fair Trade market. 

L-R: Primary Choir; Gabe Shepherd '19 & 
Thomas Finnie '19 sell Fair Trade coffee. 
Alexandra Watson '19 performs with the 
Handbell Choir; Alex Robins '20 entices 
with an enormous Fair Trade chocolate 
bar; Ms. Roberts, Lauren Derrick '20 and 
Abby Stanick '19 sell organic tea samples 



time for giving 


Inviting the Seniors to visit is important because 
it connects us with others outside of the school 
and it shows us that even giving the smallest 
kind gestures can help make someone's day 
more special. STS Grade 6 Student 

lockwise from top left: Sophia Lakhani and the Primary Choir perform their 
vorite piece, The Turkey Song. - Megan Bowers and Annabelle Hicks '18 
ith Jim Daves. Mr. Daves began at Strathcona School for boys in 1958. - 
ne Intermediate Choir, comprised of students from Grades 1 to 4, enjoyed 
nging as much as the Seniors enjoyed listening. - Monika Molnos '18 serves 
Dffee to Alice and Bud Wyatt. Mrs Wyatt was a grade 1 teacher at STS until 
br retirement in 1 998. She instituted the Kerby Center visits in 1 976. - Megan 
vans '19 and the handbell choir filled the gymnasium with sweet sounds. 

How I helped... 

"We gave our Halloween candy to the 
homeless people so that children in 
need could have some treats" 

Connor & Cooper Perron ('22 & '20) 

"I rescued an abandoned cat in my 

Talia Schneider '22 

"We ran a 5 km race to raise money for 
cancer research" 
Rhys & Lauren Weissenborn ('23 & '21) 

"I helped 2 seniors at my mosque who 
were having trouble walking" 

Samarah Kanji '23 

the right 


here's more... 

there's a special feeling here 

Outside it's snowy and cold but inside there's 
joy and happiness. A lot of people like to 
share and give to people in need. 

There's just this very warm and touching 
feeling around the school. 

Our teacher brought these Christmas trees 
into the class and we made ornaments. It 
was so pretty and exciting. 

members visited 10,000 Villages to 
learn about Fair Trade, then went next door 
for a delicious Mexican Dinner. The students' 
favorite dish? far the chicken enchiladas! 

Matthew Yacoub '20 says HOP has taught him 
"that we ALL can make the world a better place". 

Cameron Kletke '18 finds some cute Fair Trade 
finger puppets. The spirit of the holidays lies in the 
heart. Hussein AN '1 9 gives the shop his approval. 

10,000 Villages promotes handicrafts from 
independent craftsmen from all over the globe. 

Madame Goldsworthy takes in the Fair Trade 
presentation. Zaina Randhawa '18 savors a cup 
of organic cocoa. Paulina Hart '18 & Kennedy 
Campbell '18 take a moment to recover from 
shopping before enjoying a scrumptious dinner. 


Cameron Wong, Kyle Webster, 
and Ethan Kneller '18 

Emina Hafiz and 
Yan Chung '19 

Zoe Wilmoth and 
Megan Bowers '18 


Ruparell '18, Maya 
Lakhu '18, and Hannah 
Kerman-Milne '18 give 
three thumbs up for the 
Family Skating Party. 
STS elementary 
students, faculty and 

My friends make me feel good. 
I can be myself with them, & I 
can have fun. My friends and I 
have lots of fun because we 
know each other & don 't judge 
each other. Friends are family, 
as far as I'm concerned. 

parents showed their 
determination and spirit on 
a fun filled afternoon as 
they put their blades to the 
ice. Held at the Okotoks 
Centennial Arena, it was a 
great way to end 201 1 . 


Kira Schneider 18 
Talia Schneider 22 

Talia loves having Kira as an 
older buddy. She says that Kira 
is a great Grade 6 leader. "She 
likes hanging around with the 
younger children and is very 
caring. Kira is great to have 
around." And she has an 
awesome last name! 

Isabella Mercer 23 

Emily Black 18 
Theodora Girgulis 23 

Leadership is taking charge 
and doing what's right because 
you want to, not because you 
have to. Being an elementary 
leader means I am a role model 
to the younger students and I 
take that seriously. Emily Black 

1. Grade 4 Buddies - Nick 
D'Onofrio, Ethan Klinkenborg, 
Alex Robins (all '20) 

2. Nice dance partner Mr. Wick! 

3. Shayne Tripp '1 8 & Paul Ostlund 
'1 8 pause for a quick snap. 

4. Mrs. Gibson shares a skate and 
a chat with Sophie Greer '18 and 
Jayhan Kherani '18. 

5. Tiffany Toward '18 hangs out 
with her best friend, Victoria 
Maybaum '18 and brother Liam 
Toward '18. 


1 ■* - m 

* M 

"They're all just 
ordinary people that 
I can play with and 
have fun. " 

Tyler Jegen '21 

I'm lucky to have such 
good friends. They 
cooperate well with me 
& play with me 
respectfullly. When I 
am sad they have lots 
of empathy and care 
for me. 

Jayden Forniciov '22 

"My friends are funny 
and honest and they 
also like math, like me!" 

Matthew Yacoub 20 

My friends are super! 
E ven though we are not 
perfect, we make each 
other feel like we are. I 
know I can depend on 
my friends and we will 
always remember each 
other even as the years 

Alexandra Watson '19 


CD ^ 

£1) CD* 
CO =5 

to to 


cq o- 


■ ^ 
^ to' 


to' < 

^ CD 
c^ ^ 


hs, CD ^ 

I 52 

^ CD ^ 

03 ^ ^ 

^ CO 



iif Kail Sunderji, Jules Milne, Aiden MacKenzie, Liam Stevens 
S! (all '21 ) are having a blast just blowing off some steam. Jules 
A says his friends are the most important part of his day. 


Tori Tripp '21 leads her buddies in a fun game of crack the whip. 
Kate Aspinall '21 says that her friends are fun to play with 
because they keep her active. "They can always make me happy 
by telling me a funny joke!" From left to right, Kate Aspinall 21 , 
Teagan MacKenzie '21 , Tori Tripp '21 



Where were STS students 
over Winter Break? 

Stayed in Calgary 

Skiing / Snowboarding 







Other States 8% 











6'f'ame! 1 

- • ■ — «fMi 

- cVi 


3 C ^T^^f 



C It S I X L i iV » 

BAf I "IN 

At STS we are fortunte to receive three weeks of holidays in 
winter to allow us explore the world or just hang out at 
home. Here are what some STS students were up to this 

Gett ing some skiiis on 
the snow for 

It starts over Winter Break. Grade 7 students start 
checking the weather reports, hoping to see sunshine 

and warmer temperatures in the forecast for their 
upcoming ski week, instead of the cold, harsh weather 

that January can be known for. This year, all three 
Grade 7 classes lucked out with beautiful days and 
plenty of snow! Ski week is a great time to make new 

friendships, learn a new sport and practice living 
without electricity or running water - in the middle of 

winter! There are challenges to be faced - 58% of 
Grade 7 students said that the toughest part of the 
week was the uphill ski to Elizabeth Parker Hut. 

However, once there, many say that their favorite 
memory took place in the hut while playing charades, 
telling ghost stories or sleeping on the giant bunk bed! 

"Everyone was telling ghost stories at E. P. 
Hut. Hanna snuck outside with a red 
flashlight and shone it on her face. 
Everyone screamed and Vicki and Lochlyn 
started to cry 1 " 

- Chanel Fu '17 

"On the trail, going down from the 
E.P.Hut, we saw two bearded men 
pushing babies in homemade strollers 
with skis on the bottom!" 

- Evan Vadnai '17 

"The funniest thing that happened during 
ski week was when Gayathri fell off of 
the top bunk in the Elizabeth Parker Hut. 
It was an exhausting ski in, and she 
didn't have the energy to hold on to the 

-Imaan Sunderji "17 

le funniest thing that happened was 
when Cat woke me up in the middle of 
the night just because she was too 
-scared to walk to the outhouse by 

-Aleisha Dera "17 

"Azeeza was skiing down a hill and her 
ski fell off, and flew all the way down into 
a ravine. Luckily, someone skiing by 
rescued her ski for her!" 

- Troy Hands '17 

As a sport, cross-country skiing is one of the most 
difficult endurance activities, making use of every 
major muscle group. It is estimated that there are 
more than 10,000 recreational nordic skiers in 

Calgary alone! 

Wkafri Going, on in 
Grade 2 

GelelviatiOKi. Uom Qneat Bnitaut 

1. Gabe Chouinard, Talia 
Schneider & Jayden Forniciov 
pose with Evelyn's Guy Fawkes 

2. Nathan Prete tries his hand at 
putting. 3. Eric Krawitt tests a 
bagpipe chanter. 4. Cameron 
McNeill wears his kilt for his 
Robbie Burns Day talk. 5. 
Emma Mason & Katrina 
Welykochy explore Cameron's 
artifacts. 6. Stella Chernoff, 
Rhea Sandhu & Bronwyn 
Thomas are ready to get to 
work. 7. Jessica Jackson & 
Zayden Rabie beat a different 


i am Ke4fniiU cutd, fia*t& GampmlL 
Tom and Zane collaborate on their unit 
work. The Grade 2's had four detailed 
study topics: Christmas in Great Britain, 
Chinese New Year, Day of the Dead and 
Bouctouche, Saskatchewan & Iqaluit. 

Jadon works on his Christmas in Great Britair | 
unit. He loved the apple cider and thej 
Christmas crackers in this unit. 


LEFT TO RIGHT: Bryn Samuel waits for his turn at the Diwali celebration. Alia's grandfather paints Andrew Beingessner's hand with henna. Trinity 
;ill says it tickles to get mehndi, while Jaydon Finn & Cristian Hernandez-Mudd watch. Zane Campbell. Jayden Forniciov, Nathan Prete & Karson 
wart sample Alia's yummy food. Alexus Jekill is ready to research Navroz. Connor Perron said he loved the Chinese New Years unit. Giulia Casha 
ws her mehndi & Talia Schneider gets ready for her turn. 

Grade 2s enjoy Diwali treats such as Gulab Jamen and Namkeen. 



In our Celebrations unit, we learned that 
celebrations can be both the same and different in 
many ways. Take Christmas and St. Nicholas Day, 
for example. What is the same about these 
celebrations is that men deliver presents, but this 
is done in different ways. During our unit, parents 
come to our classrooms to do presentations. Some 
parents and Grade 2 students dressed up in special 
clothing and brought special food like Indian food, 
latkes and butterhorns. For Guy Fawkes Day, we 
had a big stuffed Guy Fawkes. We learned about 
the story of Martisor where winter wouldn't go away 
and spring was getting fed up. Martisor celebrates 
one season leaving so another can come. We also 
learned the reason that a menorah has nine 
candles; eight are for the days of Hanukkah and 
the ninth is the helper. We learned about many 
other celebrations such as Navroz, Diwali, Robbie 
Burns Day and Easter Monday. It was a lot of fun 
and we learned so much from our parents and 
friends. Thank you to everyone who came to teach 
us about their celebration! 

£oeLf*i QouldAetj, and 

lauti^ui £adiei- 1. Ms. Beddome, Lucy Coleman and her grandmother dress in bright festive 
(tfits. Lucy's family shared the celebration of Diwali with her class 2. Alia Nanji, with Amanda 
ibwn, wears her shalvar to celebrate Navroz. 3. Alexander Shannon and his mother teach 
e class about the Romanian celebration of Martisor. 4. Karson Stewart and Walker Usselman 
Ive some Romanian fun. 5. Aaron Shimonov and Mrs. Shimonov light the Hanukkah menorah. 
(j Lexis Huber and Katherine Maybaum enjoy treats brought by Aaron Shimonov. 

What Was Your Favorite 

Christmas in Great Britain 


• 4' 

Middle School 

Middle school students 
dress up to dance and 
raise money for the Hearlj 
and Stroke Foundation, i 

Left: Prefects and Teachers w 
volunteered for the dance Tiara 
Ceyhan '12, Lucas Kemp 12. 
Johnson, Ms Westers, Zach 
Carson '12 and Ethan Kemp 16 


Hove: Michaela Ralph '17, Catherine Eksteen '17, Hadley Rawling '17, Kenzie 
Vfcschi '17, Rindhem Randhawa '17, Maddie Powell '17, Imaan Sunderji '17, 
hina McNeill '17, Aleisha Dera '17 

font: Vanessa Morton '15, Emma Turner '15, Jessica Mai '15, Fahreen 
E ; dhwani '15. 

■ ■■■ 

Left: Ellie Gilchrist '16, Sarah Stumpf '16, Molly Calkins '16, Isabel Young 

'16, Austin Weyant '15 and Wyatt Hansen '15. 

Below: Michelle Kirchman '15, Maris Schneider '15 and Jill Northcott '15 

uur i rip to uueoec 

Written by Rosalind Jackson-Roe 

On February 26th, 2012 45 grade 8 French students boarded a 
plane to Quebec, planning to enrich their understanding of the 
French culture and language by travelling to different parts of both 
old and new Quebec in order to participate in activities guaranteed 
to deepen their knowledge. All of the activities, sights, and food 
certainly fulfilled the grade 8 French students' thirst for adventure; 
at least for a little while. 

Bowling. Aquariums. Hockey. As Albertans, all of these things seem 
to be a part of our everyday lifestyle. The difference is, we 
experience them in English. After a full day of touring museums 
and Quebec, the grade 8s welcomed a chance to relax and go 
bowling with friends. The chance to see underwater creatures was 
also quite welcome to the French students. As well as learning 
about the animals' habitats, eating tendencies, and how they lived, 
there was also the experience of being able to interact with some of 
the smaller creatures.The biggest sport in Canada is hockey. The 
grade 8s had the exciting opportunity to watch a Quebec Major 
League Hockey game; Ramparts vs. Wildcats. It was a very exciting 
game. As the grade 8s walked into the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre 
Church, their breath caught. With the fine architecture and 
sprawling arch ceilings, the church is one of the finest in Quebec. 
"The combination of the colors, grandeur, and sculpturing made for 
a fantastic spectacle." Declared Halle Shopperly (16 ). The copper 
museum was a very exciting experience as well. The students had 
the honor of viewing 94 copper scenes that depicted the life of 
Jesus. Following this, the students got to make their own copper 

As the students entered the cabin, hungry after a snowshoeing 
adventure, the delicious smell of maple syrup entered their nostrils. 
After anticipating the sugar shack visit the entire trip, that moment 
had finally come. After being given some time to shop for 
mementos for their families, the students gathered outside for a 
special treat. The employees at the sugar shack poured hot maple 
syrup on fresh snow and gave the students a popsicle stick to roll 
up the syrup. "It was the yummiest thing in the world!" gushed 
Jacqueline Conroy (1 6') about the treat. Another favourite 
restaurant was the rotating restaurant on top of the Loews Hotel. It 
was a breakfast restaurant and the students enjoyed their meal of 
eggs, bacon, English muffins, and fruit immensely. The majority of 
the French students agreed that the food was the best part. 
Though the activities were extremely amusing, the sights were 
fantastic, and the food was delicious, these are not the things the 
grade 8s will take with them for the rest of their lives. They will take 
the skills that they learned and the friendships that they grew. 

"Mi parte favorita fue 
visitar la escuela. Me 
gusto tambien la 

-Meg Ollive '16 

in Hi 

"!Me gustaron las 

-Tyler Mackinnon '16 

L Trip lo Cuba 

Ik (ten by Matthew Stanilotf 

C : ebruary 26th our grade 8 Spanish class went to Havana, Cuba. We took a direct flight 
|i i Calgary to Varedero. and then from there we took an hour and a half bus ride to the 
C idental Miramar Hotel in Havana. The first day was fun but quite windy. We had lunch at 
B iazz cafe, and then we bargained for souvenirs at the market and saw an old famous 
jl 'ess in Havana. The second day was exciting and interesting as we saw a dolphin show 
had lunch at the Gran Azul Aquarium. Then we took a cultural trip to old Havana and 
the famous Cathedral. The next day we woke up the beautiful hot sun with breakfast and 
nish class before visiting the magnificent and quiet cemetery. Then we took a trip to 
'An a little bit about Cuba's national hero, Jose Marti. Then we were educated about Cuba's 
t s and revolutions before returning back to the hotel to go swimming and eat dinner. On 
D fifth day we had a blast meeting other kids our age at 'Olof Palme,' a secondary school 
I a Lisa. Then we improved our dancing skills at the Tropicana dancing club. After 
i cing, we visited one of the most famous houses in Cuba, known as Fuster's house, 
i ost completely made of ceramic mosaics. The nest day was cool and interesting as we 
ijched people hand roll cigars in a factory, before looking at Jose Marti's home. The last 
was long and beautiful as we took a break from the city walking through valleys, fields, 
I caves away from Havana in the agricultural district of Vihales. Than we were upset but 
1 py to see our family again back in Calgary. It was a really fun trip! 

Grade^ ' 

Mi. VLadimiM- fykminkui, 
Rightjreyden Bangloy 
wears traditional 
Ukrainian men's jacket 
and hat. 

Far Right: Hand painted 
Ukrainian Pysanky eggs. 

Below Left: Liam Stevens 
and Jules Milne enjoyed 
their visit 

Below Right: Ally Ma and 
Peyton Ortt dress in 
embroidered kerchiefs. 




hat country has the 
coolest Traditions? 

MtefJtavue Hee 

Stephanie twists raw wool to make 
yarn for the Ukrainian loom. Her 
favorite unit was Ukraine. "It was so 
much fun," she said. 

Abigail and Shannon found their field trip 
very interesting. "Ukraine was my favorite 
country that we learned about because o: 
all the interesting designs and the hare 
work they put into theii clothes' i 
commented Abigail. 


I really liked the 
Indian Sweets. I loved 
that it had a little liquid 
inside after you bit into 
it. It was sugary and I 
love sugar! II 


I loved learning 
about Ukraine. 
The scuffles recipe 
comes from my 
Dad's family. II 


My favorite 
country was India! 
There was lots of 
good food and the 
pictures were reall 
cool. " 


am Undid consists of Garrett Wylie, Ava Wilmoth, Rayan Adatia, Sydney Evans, and 
nanda Holyoake. Claire Carpenter, Matthew Spyker & Kiyan Sunderji discuss their 
am's Ukraine display. Ally Ma looks on as Kail Sunderji shows Tunisian beadwork. 


The grade 3 Class of 2021 experienced a rich cultural 
unit this winter. They had the opportunity to study the 
culture of four countries: India, Peru, Tunisia and the 
Ukraine. Their learnings culminated in the Food 
Festival. The students shared food from their country 
of study. The favorite dish by far, were the scuffles, a 
sweet, cinnamon pastry from the Ukraine. 

Below: William Worsley gives the Tunisian donuts a 
thumbs up, Lauren Weissenborn enjoys her dish of 
yummy food, Taryn Miller cleaned her plate, Rayan 
Adatia thought everything was good, Lucas Jegen 
loved the alfajores, and Caitlin Chong tried samosas 
for the first time and thought they were delicious. 


I had no idea 
that in Tunisia 
their education 
is for FREE. II 


I didn't know that 
in Peru they eat 
Guinea Pigs. It's 
disgusting to eat 
your own pet. " 



"All of the countries 
were so interesting. I 
really enjoyed learning 
about all of them" 


n aina put the best 

to each vtkr 

Top Left: Ainsley MacDougall '15, Mitchell Sherar 
'17, Tom Farran '15 and Alissa Webster '16 
engineer a tower out of drinking straws during a 
science activity. 

Far Right: Clayton Stewart '15, Harrison Hart '16, 
Nick Wiebe '17, Teagan Evans '16, Cayathri 
Peringod '17 and Brynn McLellan '15 perform in 
the STS Idol karaoke competition. 

Middle Left: Maddie Powell '17 adds to her blue- 
themed dover outfit with matching glasses. 

Bottom Left: Danielle Currie '16, Harrison Brooke 
'17 and Pierce Hawker '17 bust a move in STS idol. 
Their song about not having any Grade 9s in their 
group won over the judges. 


Dan Arato Day, celebrated every February during 
Spirit Week, is one of the things that makes our 
Middle School unique. Classes are canceled for the 
day and all Grade 7, 8 and 9 students join together 
in multi-grade groups to take part in hands-on 
challenges in every subject area. Winning groups 
are awarded with points and the houses compete 
with each other for bragging rights. The day is 
held in memory of Dan Arato, a student who was 
lost from the STS community. Dan was an 
energetic and outgoing student who loved active 
learning and spending time with his peers. 

Mrs. Arato, Dan's mother, who spent the morning 
at STS, remarked, "Every year I'm amazed how well 
the staff incorporate Dan's attributes and 
personality. The kids were learning having fun, 
interacting socially, challenging their minds and 
imagination, competing and entertaining each 
other. Please extend my heartfelt thanks and let 
them know how much we appreciate what they 
do to make Dan Arato Day a very special day for all 
of us." We are proud to remember Dan's spirit! 

Spottyhton Grade % 

A lot of the success of Dan 
Arato Day is a result of the 
Grade 9 students. Their job is 
to make sure that everyone 
feels included in their group, 

and to get the younger 
students excited to take part 
in the day's activities. As role 
models, our Grade 9s take 
their job seriously! 



Matrsrai/M 15 

Vancm Morten 15 

Dan Arato Day 2012 

III * 



"I had a great time! My favorite 
activity was karaoke in Social 
Studies. My team worked together 

and won the event" 

j Sarah Cturk 17 

Dan Arafo in Actum 

Above: Billy Hornaday '15 
and Nikki Abbott '16 are 
all smiles in the science 
activity. Right: Kathryn 
McLellan '15 and Kyle 
Woolcott '16 help Mara 
Bishop '16 master the 
unicycle in the PE activity. 


Starting on February 27, 
2012, the entire student 
body was treated to a 
fantastic magic show by Mr. 
Malcolm Russell. It was the 
perfect start to getting 
students and faculty excited 
for the events to come. At 
lunch, free sundaes were 
prepared by the Prefects for 
anyone strong enough to 
brave the line. 



On Tuesday, the Prefects 
went to various Senior 
School classrooms playing 
Minute-To-Win-lt style 
games. There were some 
healthy inter-class 
competitions! For the Middle 
School there was Tape the 
Turkey. Some students were 
secured so well they had to 
be pulled down with quite a 
bit of difficulty. 



Wednesday was the most 
colourful day of the week, with 
all divisions participating in 
House Colour Day. At lunch, it 
was the Elementary School's 
turn for some competition. The 
Balloon Stomp competition 
was exciting for all involved 
and the Prefects sold cotton 
candy and doughnuts, 
clearing out every last 
doughnut the Prefects 



Show Spartan Pride! 

Thursday was the most 
memorable for the Prefects. Some 
would say that this was our true 
inauguration into Prefectship - Pie 
the Prefects! Elementary, Middle 
and Senior School students paid a 
toonie to shove a pie into the face 
of a Prefect of their choice. 
Students of all ages lined up with 
their pie and anxiously watched 
others pie the Prefects. It was 
definitely an unforgettable event 
for us, and judging by the looks of 
happiness on the faces of the 
throwers, it was fun for them, too. 

The elementary student-teacher 
hockey game took place with 
Elementary students watching 
and cheering for their favorite side. 
Spartacus made a surprise 
appearance to lead the cheering, 
and cheering there was! Following 
the game, with the assistance of 
Harrison Varley '12 as our witty 
host, the talents of our Senior 
School students was showcased 
during the STS Talent Show. 

Grade 4 

Noa Nguyen & 
Will McNeill 

take a moment 
to blog their 


1. Mike Turner gets 
a helping hand 
from Mr Race. 

2. Will Tilden and 
his racer with one 
of a kind wheels. 

3. Peyton Thomas 
and his buddy, 
Cole Prete. 

4. Sage Hansen 
ensures that Julian 

Pierce Lord is using just the right amount of white paint. 
However, more paint got on Sage than the racer! 

5. Onelli Abeywardene and Jalle Evelyn pose in front of the 
Vampire Racer. 

6. Rex Armor and Onny Akintola. Onny and Rex loved 
building their racers. 

'"It is important to test your racer because 
if there is something wrong with your 
racer, you want to know ." 

Lauren Derrick 

I m "Itisalwaysgoodtotestyouroptions 
before you do anything else. Like I say, 
if you don't test, you're not your best" 
Zaki Lakhani 

I ■ ■ "Y ou nee( j to test ahead of time, 
so that if there are any problems with 
your mousetrap racer you can fix them. 

Cooper Perron 

' m m m It is important to test the racer 
because you may want, or need, to make 
changes to it before final construction. 
We found that large wheels like cds went 
farthest. A long lever & medium length 
string worked the best in making the 
racer go the farthest. 

Rachel Shimonov 








— I 









Jliam Itouand, HuitinMauutt, Bie*ide*t 
Austin measures Liam's result 
as Brertden prepares for his turn at the 
Grand Prix. 

Matthew adds extra fine detailing 
to his racer. 

GRAND PRIX day was eagerly 
anticipated by the class of 2020. Weeks 
of planning, testing and strategizing were 
put to the test as the students competed 
for top honors. Although nervous, 
everyone had a good time. Avery Vadnai 
reflected, "The Grand Prix was definitely 
my favorite because we all go to see 
what would happen & who would win. " 

The Winners Are 

Rex Armor, Best Distance 
4b; Matthew Jegen, Brenden Mason, 
Best Distance 4a; Alex Robins Best 
Supporting Engineer 4b; Zaki Lakhani, 
Best Supporting Engineer 4a; Carly 
Black, Best Communicator, 4b, Chelsea 
Wong Best Communicator, 4a. 


1. Jasmine Lee ('23) gets 
some help from big sister 
Stephanie ('21 ) 

2. Grayson Almasi '21 and 
Tobi Roth enjoy some quiet 
time with a good book. 

3. Tara Finnie '21 and Grace 
McKay '21 collaborate on 
their valentine butterfly craft 

4. Rohan Gill '23, Kyra 
Weremchuk '23 and Saahil 
Gill '21 have a blast creating 
monster drawings 

5. Eila Ortt '21 shows great 
concentration while drawing 
her storybook monster. 

A way with 


The Purple r^, 

Primary Bookclub 

I wanted to be a teacher 
- just ask my younger 
brother and sister about 
their "lessons" at my 
chalkboard in our 
playroom. As for 
libraries - I spent many 
days at the Southwood 
Public Library on my 
school breaks and 
developed a voracious 
appetite for reading. 
When the opportunity 
arose to take on the role 
of teacher-librarian here 
atSTS, I knew that I had 
found my dream job. I 
love reading to the 
students, chatting about 
books, developing our 
library collection, and 
helping students to use 
the library to research 
the topics they are 
currently wondering 
about. Every day is a 
new adventure, and I 
feel so lucky to get to be 
a lifelong learner 
alongside the students." 

What Makes Ms. Chapman the 

If you ask, she'll give you a really good book, better than you 
actually realized! StefanShannon'21 

She reads with a lot of detail and action and she knows how 
the people are talking and she talks that way. 

Sophia Shepherd '21 

She lets us pick out three books.... 3 for Grade 3! 

Griffin Wong '21 

That she used to speak only French and now she speaks only 
English. I find that amazing! Garret Wylie '21 

She is fun and she's really good at reading books. She picks 

out good books for us to read. 

Taryn Miller '21 


Elementary Winter Sport 


Grades 1 and 2 students embraced winter and I 
SKATING it had to offer for two weeks, taking lessons to bui! 

on and improve their skating techniques. Learni^ 
how to get up from a fall, skating forward and backwar 
spinning and stopping were just a few skills they added 
their skating repertoires. Spending time with friendl 
skating fast and trying tricks was a highlight for manj 
According to the Grade 1 classes, they loved skating arf 
cannot wait to go again next year. 


no time to 


While the temperature outside was frightful, the 
mood in the Okotoks pool was delightful. From 
beginners to experienced racers, the Grade 4 Class 
of 2020, swam away their winter chills. Judging from 
the big smiles on everyone, their time in the pool 
was a welcome break from the cold February winOs! 



Grade 5 
push their 


Besides a picture-perfect day of fresh snow, blue sky and majestic mountains, 
the Grade 5 ski trip was an "amazing trip filled with laughter, smiles and the 
beauty of the outdoors". All students persevered through five hours of skiing. 
They behaved respectfully toward each other, their teachers and others on 
the trails and at the visitors centre. They also respected and admired the 
pristine environment. Through all the hours of skiing, not one complaint was 

to R: Maya Wilkinsoi 

were invited 
to have 
some fun 
. and ski with 
; their children 
before the 


Christy Worsley Contest 

Winner: Nikki Abbott '16 
"Bar Fifteen" 

I began playing the beginning notes of Allegretto from Sonata 
#10. A, B, C, B, A, A, G Sharp. It was the hardest song I had ever 
played. At a tempo of 96 beats per minute, the triplet notes zoomed 
by the millisecond. I had finally been given a solo in my school 
band, after playing the clarinet for five years. This allegretto was 
my favorite piece by Handel. 

Every single time I played this song, I was always much too late on the fifteenth bar. No 
matter how many times I practiced, whenever I got to that fifteenth bar, my fingers were 
slow and useless. I started over the song, playing slightly slower. The first ten bars were 
perfect; great articulation, great tone, and the right notes. Then there was the two bar 
break. I mastered the thirteenth bar, and perfected the fourteenth. Then the fifteenth bar 
came, and I played a half note instead of a one and a quarter note. I groaned in frustration 
and fingered through the notes once again. 

After over two and a half hours of practicing, my hands were purple with bruises, like 
they always were after practicing. My mother called me, "Paige, time to stop, it's supper 
right now, and your father is home." I carefully cleaned my clarinet and placed it on its 
stand. I wasn't hungry, nor was I ever. After breakfast, I felt full all day. However, my father 
was rarely home for dinner, because he worked late most days, so I had to go. I walked 
down the stairs and into the kitchen, where the table was set with barbecued chicken and 
an assortment of vegetables. My father, still dressed in his suit, sat at the head of the 


Locke Contest 

Winner: Victoria Clark '13 
"A Bird Shriek in the Night" 

A story of a shape-shifter in ancient China. 

The air is cool with morning mist, dampening the valley. The 
terraced rice paddies lie stagnant, their mirror surface broken only by 
the occasional drop of dew tipping off a stalk. In towns throughout 
the dell, families lie huddled in their rammed-earth shacks, awaiting a 
new day and new work. Somewhere above, a bird shrieks. 

Sometimes I dream I am a bird. I am alone in a sleeping landscape; a forlorn wanderer 
drifting through the darkest hours of the night. Other times, I am a fox, or wild dog, or cow. The 
change is not sudden. When I close my eyes in sleep there is nothing, but then comes a blur of 
color which begins to sharpen. When I am wholly aware, I am not me - 1 am in a different body, 
an animal body. I ebb into it from somewhere within, my being seeping through the animal, 
feeling its life pumping through its veins, the warmth of existence, and its wild instinct. It is an 
extraordinary sensation, and my ind always tingles in brief confusion. I have hours to marvel in 
silence, or fly or run in this borrowed body. I have come to value this time. But everybody has to 
wake up. 

When I re-become myself I struggle with my thoughts, flickering between here and there. I 
am always breathing heavy, exhilarated by the interchangeability. It takes an instant to 
remember my life here, and to forget about the one out there. It is the time of Han Dynasty 
China, I am young and very poor. My visions must only be dreams, but they are so vivid and 
constant that I come to wonder... But what difference does it make? They have no significance 
to anyone here... 

Phristy Worsley 



Elizabeth Tamas '15 

Julia Tope '15 
"A Journey of Love 1 

Ibrahim ltani,'13 
"The Rocket's Red Glare' 

Luke Macios '13 
"A New Chapter" 

1 . Annabelle Hicks ' 1 8 shows great 
flexibility and strength as she looks back 
at the camera while maintaining a perfect 

2. One of the most popular new clubs, the 
Yoyo club is hosted by nationally ranked 
STS senior high student, Ibrahim Itani '1 3. 


Each term, 1 2 lucky 
students are selected as 
members of PYPpops. 
They meet weekly to 
select the bestexamples 
of students performing 
PYP good deeds. 
Right: Jayden Forniciov 
'22, Evelyn Couldrey 
'22, & Ally Ma '21 

present PYPpops 
recognition pins at 

Left: an example of 
PYPpops young 
Lucas Chernoff and 
Jeremy Pierce-Lord 
collected canned 
goods instead of 
Halloween candy 
and donated them to 
the food bank 

4fe Several times through out the 
■i^h year Humanitarian Outreach 
Program (HOP) members 
visit the Calgary Drop-In and 
Rehab Centre. When visiting, 
students tour the facilities, 
including the women's room, 
men's rooms, main floor, & laundry 
room. Following the tour, the students 
serve dinner to the homeless clients. It 
is hard but rewarding work and others 
are encouraged to volunteer. 

The Environment 
Club works on 
raising awareness 
of our natural world 
& our relationship 
with it. Every year, 
in early December, 
members bake up a 
storm. Grade 6 
students & prefects 
sell the baking at 
noon hour to the 
elementary school. 
This year's 
proceeds replaced 

equipment & picnic 



1 n 


One of the most 
popular clubs with boys 
and girls alike are the 
Sports Clubs. Grade 
3-4 and 5-6 students 
have a fun filled hour 
after school playing 
their favorite games 
including Doctor 
Dodgeball, and Smogs 
and Jewels 


Climbing Club 


Elementary Students 

The Ultimate Speaking Club, Class of 2021 members, Mrs. Chotowetz 

Shiv Ruparell Jill Northcolt Billy Hornaday MaryHou Jen Palframan Lauren Wong imaan flmlani and 

Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 9 Grade 8 Grade 8 Grade 7 Heather Wood 

BromeinSolo Silver in Solo Bronze in Prose Silver in Prose Bronze in Poetry SHver in Poetry Grades 

Acting Acting Bronze in Duet Acting 

Middle/Senior Speech Team 


^fe Speech Program was thriving in 2012 with more than 50 
students participating in local tournaments, as well as regional, 
provincial, national and even international competition. Each and 
every competitor did a remarkable job presenting in the category of 
their choice. There are six categories for students to choose from: 
mpromptu, prose, solo acting, duo acting, original oratory, and 
poetry. The speech students worked very hard and it all payed off as 
there was an STS student represented in every single category at 
the ADSA Provincial Speech Tournament 2012 at the Junior level. 
Additionally an STS student received a medal in every category. A 
special recognition goes to the students participating in the Solo 
Acting and Poetry categories, as the participants were 100% from 
STS. With this amazing turn-out there will be a student in every 
category going to nationals as well. The senior high speech team also 
had many STS student move on to provincials. Harrison Varley '12 
(Prose), Alisha Bhanji '14 (Solo Acting), Alykhan Bhanji '12 (Original 
Oratory), Elspeth Yates '14 (Prose), Ibrahim Itani '13 (Prose), and 
Govind Peringod '12 (Original Oratory) went to provincials to 
represent STS. Several students also traveled with Mr. Fink to the 
Canadian International Speaking Competition in Winnipeg, at St. 
John's Ravencourt School. Clearly, the speech program at STS is 
thriving and can only become more popular, as students realize the 
benefits of developing their skills in public speaking. Thanks to 
coaches Mr. Fink, Ms Conway and Ms Delanoy for all of their help 
this year. 


peech Day 2012 showcased 
the best public speakers at 
STS in diverse categories 
from oral recitation of poetry 
to after dinner speeches. The 
winning students were as 

Grade 7: Chanel Fu (prose), 
David Finn (impromptu), Sarah 
Clark (solo acting), Gayathri 
Peringod (persuasive). 

Grade 8: Molly Calkins (prose), 
Janna Newton (poetry), Nick 
Wynne (impromptu), Ethan 
Kemp (solo acting) 

Grade 9: Zahra Rawji (prose), 
Maris Schneider (impromptu) 
Shiv Ruparell (solo acting) 
As ha Ruparell (persuasive) 

OS^/fcw Taylor Chase '13 prepares 
for his solo acting scene outside of 
the library. 

Grade 10: Daniel Livergant 
(impromptu), Elspeth Yates 
(prose), Emma Martin and 
Kenzie Walker (duo acting), 
Ryan Shah (persuasive) 

Grade 11: Ariela Karmel 
(impromptu), Ibrahim Itani 
(prose), Mark Storwick and 
Sydney Bullen (duo acting), 
Thomas Dunlop (persuasive) 

Grade 12: Honora Jackson- 
Roe (prose), Jordan Hilderman 
and William Whitehead (duo 
acting), Mitchell Park 
(impromptu), AN Poonja 

Senior School Open: Michael 
Goodchild (solo acting - 
humour), Kylie Hornaday and 
Brandon Urban (solo acting 
serious - tie), Brett De Bie and 
Calum McCracken (duo acting 

T^tUp C^WMitchell Park '12, winner of 
the Grade 12 impromptu category; 
Connor Vaandering '14 prepares his 
speech; Brandon Urban '13 presents his 
winning solo acting piece in the theatre. 



Q^ottom 0ixnv Grade 8 winners 
Ethan Kemp, Imaan Kherani, Janna 
Newton and Molly Caulkins; 
teachers Mr. Deis, Mr. Roth and 
Ms. Alger act as judges for the day; 

Some of the 
audience's favorite 
acts of the day 
perform for top 

A solo acting scene 
about an STS student at 
his first school dance in 
the 1970s. 

Qfifop (RupareU 'IS 

A tongue-in-cheek speech 
about the joys, excitement 
and sleepless nights of a full 
IB student 

QMikaek Q&tewart '12 

A solo acting scene 
about a woman whose 
greed knows no limits, 
from the Addam's Family 

(sRjOsahnd Jackson- 

A duet acting scene 
with a humourous 
take on the language 
of modern 

Will (Whitehead 

cBc" Jordan 
Q$6iMerman '12 

<^eji Grade 7 winners David Finn, Chanel Fu, Sarah Clark and 
Gayathri Peringod take home honours in their first year of competition. 

£J?0T>e ^eft Ali Poonja '12, winner of the Grade 12 Persuasive Speech 
category, is presented with a trophy by English teacher Mr. Fink. 

^Jyove 0i.i(fhl Sarah Way '1 3 on her way to the library to cheer on her 
friends following her own acting performance earlier in the day. 

This Page from top left, Hip Hop Instructor 
Jeremy Fokkens. Bronwyn Thomas '22 smiles 
sweetly. Max McKay '18, Braeden Ortt '18, 
Nate Ma '18 and Kyle Schneider '18 practice 
their break dancing. Hunter Ellis '21 has the 

Hip Hop image down to perfection. Don't mess with this B Boy; Connor 
Perron '22. Katherine Maybaum '22 leads the grade 2's. Grace McKay '21 
and Lauren Weissenborn '21 strike a pose. Will Carpenter '23 spins out 
during freestyle exhibition. Zasha Rabie, Sophie Greer, Aamani Sidj] 
Melissa Spyker & Jayhan Kerhani C19) all in \MM. 
sync. Lucas Jegen '22 shows his hip hop 'tude. 

This March the Elementary students 
jhip hopped their way into spring 
j break. Instructor Jeremy Fokkens 
worked with each grade to produce a 
uniquely choreographed piece. After 
a week's time, the children were 
dancing like pro's. They presented 
their new skills at the Friday 
assembly to a crowd of parents. 
Based on the volume of the cheering, 
it is safe to say, that the students were 
a big hit! 

ABOVE, from left: Inji Hafiz '22; Katrina Welykochy 
'22; Julia Wilson '18; Kiara Magerman '23; 
Katiya Kloberdanz-Dyck '18; Olivia Hotchkiss '18; 
Charlotte Jekill '23; 

FAR RIGHT from top: Zane Campbell, Kars 
Stewart, Jayden Forniciov, Tom ifevnisl 
Cameron McNeill, Gabe Chouinajj 
Andrew Beingessner (all '22); 
Kate Aspinall '21 and Sophia 
Shepherd '21; Sam Turner '18/ 
Adam Schwartz '18 and Henry 
McArdle '18. 

S^aye. o&anMn. 20 

The Grade 1 Grand Finale performance 
was met with a roar from the crowd! 

Clockwise from top left: Class of '21 B-girls, Shannon 
Maisonneuve, Grayson Almasi, Abigail Bowers, Peyton Ortt, 
Teagan Mackenzie, Caitlin Chong; Hip Hopfashionistas Lucas 
Kloberdanz-Dyck, Aadam IManji, Ben Spilak and Jeremy 
Pierce-Lord, all '19; Ben Coleman '19, recognized as best 
effort for a Grade 5'er, with Mo Sadiq '19; Willem Worsley 
'21;Sheena Purja, Ashyana Sunderji, Monika Molnos C18) 



Grade 7 Boys 

Top Row from Left: 

Mr. Wick (Coach), 
Christian Rossi, 
Thomas Melvin-Smith, 
Nick Wiebe, James 
King, Evan Woronuk, 
Mr. Clark (Coach) 

Front Row from Left: 

Liam Waterous, Pierce 
Hawker, Eli Chapman, 
Glen McArthur, 
Richard Kashmirian, 
Dhananjay Gupta, Ite 

Grade 7 Girls 

Top Row from Left: 

Randi Thorbjornsen 
(Student Coach), 
Lauren Wong, Sonya 
DiStefano, Imaan 
Sunderji, Kenzie 
Witschi, Kristy Lee, 
Sarah Clarke, Mr. 
Marchuk (Coach) 

Front Row from Left: 

Katherine Smith, 
Mikayla Welykochy, 
Azeeza Randhawa, 
Nicole Shah, Hadley 
Rawling, Lochlyn 
Clark, Victoria Bruhjell 

U-13 Boys 

Our Amazing Season By: Glen 
McArthur '17 

Our grade seven basketball season 
started in the beginning of December. 
Twelve of us were chosen to represent 
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School on the 
court. This year our team traveled to 
Winnipeg to compete in the CAIS U-K 
tournament! On January 27 we finallj 
had our first challenge; we held the 
Spartan Invitational tournament. We 
had to play three games back to back 
that night, and on top of that half of 
team had just gotten back from ski 
week! The next week we were off to 
Winnipeg for the CAIS U-13 basketba 
When you think of Winnipeg you 
probably think don't think of 
excitement, but if you were to talk to 
any of our players they would highly 
disagree. After many group photos an 
a quick trip through security we wen 

finally on our way. 
In Winnipeg, the families hosting us 
treated us like celebrities! The next 
morning we all met in the St Johns 
Ravencourt (SJR) gym and prepared 
for the opening ceremonies. Once the 

ceremonies were over we went to 
Lynden Woods's community center. 

The Grade 7 Girls 
Basketball team had a 
terrific season. All the girls 
improved dramatically over 
the course of the season anc 

this was evident in their 
3rd place finish at the Zonei 
Finals. Each player made 
significant contributions 
based on position and 
responsibility. The girls 
exuded an enthusiastic 
approach to each game and 
the teams pre-game cheer 
was enough to get anyone 
fired up to play their best. 
The girls were extremely 
coachable and 
demonstrated this by 
utilizing a new in-bounds 

play in the final game 
which allowed for the team 
to wind down the clock in 
nail-biter finish. Thanks fo 
a trulv memorable Season! 


Grade 8 Boys 

Top Row (From Left): 

Saransh Loona, Reid 
McKay, Aedan Mitchell, 
Nirav Bhagat, Braeden 
MacDougall, Daniel 
Molyneaux, Mr. Race 

Front Row (From Left): 

Nick Wynne, Paul 
Crichton, Harrison Hart, 
Kyle Woolcott, Lasindu 
Abeywardene, Tristyn 
Butler, Kale Canyon, 
Mats Van Beek 

Grade 8 Girls 

Top Row (From Left): 

Ms. Westers (Coach), 
Simi Kashyap, Mary 
Hou, Danielle Currie, 
Rosalind Jackson-Roe, 
Vasia Zakos, Lara 

Front Row (From Left): 

Mara Bishop, Jennifer 
Schwartz, Halle 
Shopperly, Meg Ollive, 
Sarah Mary Cooper, 
Rebecca Clark 

Missing: Molly Calkins 


Grade 9 Boys 

Top Row from Left: 
Mr. Carlson (Coach), 
Angus Rawling, Cole 
Plater, Austin 
DiStefano, Tom Farran, 
Matthew Stashin 

Bottom Row from Left: 
Graham Seasons, Cole 
Pernitsky, Michael 
Bruhjell, Myles Chase, 
Keegan Turnquist, 
Wyatt Hansen, Timi 


Grade 9 Girls 

Top Row from Left: 
Mr. Carlson (Coach), 
Leigh McNeil-Taboika, 
Jill Northcott, Ainsley 
MacDougall, Charlee 

Front Row from Left: 
Sophie D'Aguiar, 
Emily Culmone, Lize 
Louw, Victoria 
Romanow, Kara 
Hawker, Mr. McKay 

The Junior A Boys Basketball Tea 
was likely the most dedicated teaa 
have ever coached which had a 
significant impact on the team's 
development over the season Nc 
only did the boys develop skills, bt 
they also matured as individuals 
Tournament play in and around 
Calgary throughout the season 
allowed the team to bond with on 
another and improve their skills, 
our final game of the season, the i 
A Boys stepped onto the floor in tl 
final game against the higher 
ranked Holy Cross Collegiate froi 
Strathmore and continued to pla 
the way they had finished their 
previous match up. They scorche 
their opponents for a 30-point 
victory with all players contributi 
on both ends of the floor. Shootir 
with confidence and passing witl 
precision, the Spartans truly play 

the perfect game. The Jr. A 
Spartans would love to thank all 
their parents and family membej 
for their support this season and t 
School community for their 
assistance and backing during tt 
zone tournament. 

The Junior A Girls' basketball 
team had a successful season, 
despite facing many challenges. 
The season started rather rocky a 
we had to work extremely hard tc 
pull off a victory against OJHS it 
overtime to avoid a loss at the stai 
of the season. However, it was th« 
hard work displayed in that game 
that helped us win our next two 
league games. After Winter Breal 
the team came back a little out o 
sorts and we were handed our firs 
two losses of the season and ther. 
we went to a tournament in 
Lethbridge where we faced 
formidable opponents, injuries tc 
key players and a defensive systei 
that we had not encountered prio 
to the tournament. Finally, we 
were able to snap our losing strea 
and won the Consolation at the 
Canmore Tournament and going c 
to win our league title by defeatin 
OJHS in their gym. Despite 
finishing fourth in zones, it was 
incredible to watch the growth o) 
the girls as players, athletes and 
leaders. It will be exciting to see 
what these girls are capable of 
when they start playing senior hig 
basketball next vear. 


he 2011-12 season for the Junior 
irsity Men's Basketball team was 
I very successful. The team 

competed in tournaments at 
undle College in December and at 

Bert Church High School in 
■ebruary. Tournament play was 
ghlighted by a win over our rivals 
om Rundle, and a silver medal in 
the first tournament. Wins over 

Strathmore High School and 
Oilfields High School qualified us 

for league playoffs. Our first 
playoff game was against 
Hignwood High School and STS 
as certainly an underdog entering 
le game; however, the team came 
ogether with its best effort of the 
year and earned the win with a 
ard fought two point upset! This 
d to the semi-finals where we lost 
o the eventual league champions 
from Foothills Composite High 
ichool. Despite the loss in league 
Dlayoffs, the team's play over the 
rear was strong enough to earn a 
cond place seed at Zones. Hosted 
.i Acme, our Spartans played well 
and won the first game with a 

strong performance against 
osemary. In the second game, the 
»am continued its strong play, but 
fell just short with a close loss to 
Cremona in the semi-finals. The 
ason saw the team demonstrate a 
eat deal of growth while having a 
great time working together. I'd 
ike to thank the players for their 
hard work and commitment, and 
ie parents for their support of the 

The Junior Varsity 
girls basketball team 
this year consisted of 
4 Grade 11 students 

and 7 Grade 10 
students. This was a 

year of growth for 
' this team, as some of 
j the students did not 
have much 
experience prior to 
playing for this team. 
We spent the year 
focusing on player 
improvement and 
game strategy. This 

team had great 
spirit, enthusiasm 
and support for one 
another. It was a 
pleasure coaching 

Junior Varsity Boys 

Top Row from Left: 
Mr. Deis (Coach), Sunny 
Yen, Michael 
Kashmirian, Jordan 
Hutchings, Bart Stanch, 
Merlin Kamila, Gobind 

Front Row from Left: 
Tyler Winter, Xavier 
Boulianne, Khalid 
Dhalla, Benjamin Stark, 
Hayden Amundson 

Junior Varsity Girls 

Top Row from Left: 
Ms. Abboud (Coach), 
Alisha Bhanji, Jessica 
Zhang, Maddie Milne- 
Ives, Rachel Meadow, 
Katelyn Cooper 

Front Row from Left: 
Nicole Newhouse, 
Natasha Adams, 
Elspeth Yates, Victoria 
Clark, Jennifer Stewart 



Senior Varsity Boys 

Top Row from Left: Mr 
Petersen (Coach), Michael 
Culmone, Jordan Hilderman, 
Will Whitehead, Brett De Bie, 
Charles Van Sant 

Bottom Row from Left: Taylor 
Chase, Daniel Mullie, Justin 
Nadeau, Luke Macios, 
Benjamin Roskey 

Senior Varsity Girls 

Top Row from Left: Rebecc Van 
Helden, Sydney Stashin, 
Alexandra Walker, Ariela 
Karmel, Honora Jackson-Roe, 
Meghan Senger, Keely Shaw- 

Front Row from Left: Katherine 
Kirker, Eliza Manzer, Arden 
Sommerville, Hannah Revnish, 
Camille Brockmann, Miranda 
Thorbjornsen, Laura Diment 

The Senior Boys Basketball 
had an excellent season thi» 
year. The team worked hard 
develop a disciplined and 
efficient style of play, which 1 
to an impressive league record J 
6-2. It was rewarding to see Urn 
development in all of the played 
on the team, who in addition M 
their commitment and tenacitd 
exhibited great character and 
sportsmanship. For the past 
three seasons our team ha9 
narrowly missed qualifying for 
the zone tournament, but thia 
years' Spartans made the field 
easily. After a good first round] 

win against Holy Cross 
Collegiate, we came up against 
Prairie Christian Academy to 
earn a spot in provincials. 
Though our opponents were 
heavily favored, we played 
extremely well and only lost tin 
game by a slim margin. In spite 
of the loss, we came out strong! 
the third place game and beat S 
Joe's team. Though winning thu 
bronze medal in our zone was s 
good result, the best thing abou 
the tournament was that we 
played our strongest basketball 
in the last game of the year. B 
was a privilege to coach such at 
impressive collection of studed} 

As a coach, this has been nr 
most memorable basketball 
season to date. The 14 girls tl 
joined together to form the 
senior varsity team were 
committed, positive, support 
and hard working. In terms 
heart and hustle this team wi 
the gold medal! The amount 
improvement each athlete 
achieved is astronomical anr 
their level of growth as a teat 
is unprecedented. Their positi 
attitude allowed them to 
progress and they worked ha 
regardless of the score. Our k 

game of the year was an 
exciting triple over time batti 
I would love to see where the 
athletes could have gone wit 
an extra month in the season 
will always cherish the athli 
on this 2012 SV basketball 
team. My only hope is that 
have taught them about 
basketball and that they ha\ 
learned about themselves ar 
life along the way. 

STS Sends 3 Divisions to Science Olympics 

STS Elementary scientists tackle a 
constructrion problem as a team. 

On Saturday, February 25th, 
2012 STS participated in the 
APEGG A Science Olympics with 
over 24 different schools from 
Calgary and the surrounding 
areas. In total there were 10 
enthusiastic students that made 
up two separate teams. Students 
had to prepare ahead of time to 
make a vehicle to see how many 
times it could spin in a circle. 

Team Strathcona Tweedsmuir 2 
(consisting of Hank Ma, Pdiys 
Chapman, Will Clark, Matt 
Sandul, and Mackenzie Roth) 
won third in the Mystery Events 
category of creating a parachute 
that could float in the air the 
longest and land the straightest. 
Overall, everyone had fun and 
was able to learn from students 
from many other schools. 

M Ssti: Senior High students work 
on a challenge involving balloons; middle 
school students Henk Ma '15, Rhys 
Chapman "i5, Brian Do 16, Andrew Cross 
16, Reid McKay '16, Kenzie Roth 16, 
Matthew Sandul '15 and Will Clark '15; 
Elementary students Matthew Jegen '20, 
Carly Black '20, Emily Black '18, Kiana 
Rawji '18andjayhan Kherani '19onTeam 
1 and Mason Shopperly '19, Muhayman 
Sadiq '19, Lucas Crichton '18, Brock Jekill 
'19 and Kyle Webster '18 on Team 2; 
Senior students Tynan Stack '13, Griffin 
Smith 13, Justin Mackinnon 12, Mitchell 
Beacom '13, Bart Starich '13, Josh Szepesi- 
Dumonceaux '13, Darcy Foo '13 and Mr. 
Shaw; middle school students at work. 

A school is just a building, not a community, unless there 
are people to populate it. Every day, hundreds of people 
drive, bus and carpool "out" to STS to learn, compete, sing, 
work, and spend their days together. Maybe it's the isolated 
location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Maybe 
it's the fact that many of us are here from sun up to sun 
down. No matter what the reason, the outcome iis the 
same: we really are a family. These are the people that 
make up Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. 


Ms. Adam 
Ms. Alger 
Ms. Ashcr 
Ms. Banadar 
Ms. Baker 
Ms. Bartoshyk 

Ms. Beddome 
Mr. Benoit 
Ms. Boland 

Mr. Boulianne 
Mr. Carlson 

Ms. Carlson 
Ms. Chapman 
Ms. Chotowetz 
Ms. Chow 
Mr. Clark 
Ms. Collyer 

Ms. Conway 
Ms. Cooper 
Ms. Crof'ton 

Ms. Csek 
Ms. Decker 

Mr. Deis 

Ms. Delanoy 
Ms. Dickson 
Ms. Dorrance 
Ms. Egli 
Ms. Ellingson 
Ms. Ewachow 

Mr. Fink 
Ms. Foley 
Ms. Goldsworthy 
Ms. Gonzalez 
Mr. Hall 
Ms. Harrison 

What Was Your Favourite Subject in School? Why? 

Ms. Shepherd 

"My favorite subject 
in school was social 
studies. I loved that 
history was all about 
story telling. I had 
teachers that really 
brought it alive for 

Mr. Thomson 
Spanish Teacher 

"I really liked science. 
It was the only course 
where we could 
explode stuff and it 
explained a lot to me 
about how the world 

Ms. Hebert 
Mr. Hendricks 
Mr. Hoang 
Mr. Janke 
Ms. Johnson 
Mr. Jones 

Mr. Julian 
Ms. Kennedy 
Ms. Knowler 
Mr. Kotowich 
Mr. Lederer 
Mr. MacKenzie 

Ms. Maclean 
Mr. Marchuk 
Ms. Marinakos 
Ms. Mathies 
Ms. Mayan 
Mr. McKay 

Mr. McLarty 
Ms. Melton 
Mr. Milne-Ives 
Mr. Mulch 
Ms. Nowosad 
Mr. O'Brien 

Mr. Olver 
Mr. Orsten 
Mr. Park 
Mr. Petersen 
Ms. Prefontaine 
Ms. Preston 

Ms. Provencher 
Mr. Race 
Ms. Roberts 
Ms. Rodney 
Ms. Rollie 
Mr. Ruskay 

Ms Dor ranee 
Director of Academics 
'I liked math ... and 
English ... and Spanish ... 
md French ... Yes, I was 
3ne of those kids! I loved 

Ms Abboud 
Modem Language 

'I liked Spanish, because 
Vis Dorrance was my 

Mr. Ruskay 
Social Studies 

"Favourite subject? 
What do you mean? 
It was history, of 

Mr. Schneider 
Mr. Shaw 

Ms. Shepherd 
Ms. Smale 
Ms. Smith 
Ms. Stach 

Mr. Straub 
Ms. Thompson 
Mr. Thomson 
Mr. Unterschultz 
Mr. Uzick 
Ms. Wager 

Ms. Weber 
Ms. Weicker 
Ms. Wellwood 
Ms. Westers 
Mr. Wick 
Mr. Yurchevich 

Not pictured: Mr. Korez. Ms. Bertram. Ms. Harper. Ms. Abboud. Ms. Banadar. Mr. Blais. Mr. Meckelborg. Mr. Roth 

In Memory of Ms Janice Bertram 

In February of 2012, we lost a precious member of our community, Ms. Janice Bertram. 
She came to us four years ago after a successful career teaching at Western Canada High 
School and Centennial High School. She quickly embraced the STS ethos and endeared 
herself to teachers, students and parents. Ms. Bertram taught senior mathematics courses 
and her students excelled under her tutelage, achieving excellent results on Provincial and 
IB examinations and being very well-prepared for post-secondary studies. 

Ms. Bertram's contributions extended well beyond the classroom. She also coordinated 
international exchanges between STS and other schools, and her efforts in this regard led 
to many memorable exchanges, providing students with a broader global perspective. She 
was also very involved with the Speech and Debate Program and helped with every 
tournament since her arrival at STS. She was instrumental in creating the draw, scheduling 
of spaces, registration of judges and other essential organizational tasks. Ms. Bertram ran 
the Canadian National Mathematics Contests for Grades 9-12 students which were written during lunch time 
throughout the year. 

Ms. Bertram loved the arts and had a flair for fashion and decorating. She enjoyed being with people, both at school 
and in social settings. Her love of the colour pink was well known and she may be the only person to own a pink 
graphing calculator. People felt very comfortable in her presence because she exuded warmth and caring which 
were always reflected through her radiant smile. She cared deeply about her students and colleagues. 

In the latter stages of her battle with cancer, we were all inspired by her relentless optimism, her unwavering courage 
and the brave and selfless manner in which she embraced each and every day. We have all been inspired by her 
journey and it is our fond memories of her kindness and dedication that help us to cope with our profound sense 

of loss. 

Mr. William Jones 
Head of School 

Sophie Aspinall 

Sophie wants to be a 
person that works at 
the wildlife centre 
when she grows up. 
Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was probably 

Nikita Bychkov^^ 

Nikita doesn't know 
what he wants to be 

when he grows up. His 

favourite part of Grade 

1 was gym. 


Theodora Girgulis 

Theodora wants to be a 
mum and a skating 
teacher when she grows 
up. Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was art. 


Caden Kotowich 

Caden wants to be an 
archaeologist when he 
grows up. His favourite 
part of Grade 1 was gym. 


Isabella Mercer 

Isabella wants to be a 
Grade 1 teacher when 
she grows up. Her 
favourite part of Grade 1 
was the 100th day of 

Brodin Bangloy 

Brodin wants to be an 
actor when he grows 
up. His favourite part 
of Grade 1 were field 

William Carpenter 

Will wants to be a 
hockey player when he 
grows up. His favourite 
part of Grade I was 

Aditi Iyer 

Aditi wants to be a 
billionaire when she 
grows up. Her favourite 
part of Grade 1 was 

Sophia Lakhani 

Sophia wants to be a 
dentist when she grows 
up because her parents 
are dentists and it looks 
like fun. Her favourite 
part of Grade 1 was art. 

Trinity Wong 

Trinity wants to be a 
figure skater when she 
grows up. Her favourite 
part of Grade 1 was gym 
because she likes sports. 

Marian Butler 

Mariah wants to be an 
artist when she grows 
up. Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was probably 

Brandon Comartin 

Brandon wants to be a 
Lego engineer when he 
grows up. His favourite 
part of Grade 1 was gyn 

Samarah Kan ji 

Samarah wants to be a 
swimming teacher when 
she grows up. Her 
favourite pan of Grade 1 
was decorating her 
gingerbread house. 

Jasmine Lee 

Jasmine doesn't know 
what she wants to be 
when she grows up. Her 
favourite part of Grade I 
was everything. 

Adrian Obrejanu 

Adrian kind of wants to 
he someone from the 
army when he grows up. 
His favourite part of 
Grade 1 was gym. 

Ms. Mathies 

1s. Mathies' favourite part of Grade 1 was the trip to 
the Calgary Zoo and learning about humongous 
s. When Ms. Mathies was in Grade I she wanted 
to be a teacher when she grew up. 

Mr. Orsten 

Mr. Orstens' favourite part of Grade 1 was singing 
songs. When Mr. Orsten was in Grade 1 he wanted t< 
be an astronaut. 

Mason Carlson 

Mason wants to be a 
policeman when he 
grows up. His favourite 
part of Grade 1 was gym. 

Natascha Copper 

Natascha wants to go be 
a vet when she grows 
up. Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was to learn. 

Rohan Gill 

Rohan wants to be a 
doctor when he grows 
up because even when 
you're a bad doctor you 
still get paid lots. His 
favourite part of Grade 1 
was book club. 

Charlotte wants to be a 
fashion designer when 
she grows up. Her 
favourite part of Grade 1 
was art. 

Emily Pachell 


Emily wants to be a vet 
when she grows up. Her 
favourite part of Grade 1 
was going to book club. 



Aine probably wants to 
be a vet when she grows 
up because she loves 
learning about animals. 
Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was everything. 


Madeline Stevens 

ladeline wants to be a 
doctor when she grows 
up. Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was gym. 

Rhys Weissenborn 

Rhys wants to be a ski 
racer when he grows up. 
His favourite part of 
Grade 1 was doing work 
and having fun. 

Cosette Derrick 

Cosette wants to be an 
artist when she grows 
up. Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was doing her 
food web. 

Rebecca Holyoake 

Rebecca wants to be an 
artist when she grows 
up. Her favourite part of 
Grade 1 was working on 
her Eric Carl piece. 

Luca Ojeda 



Luca wants to be a cop 
when he grows up. His 
favourite part of Grade 1 
was gym. 

Matthew Vanderwerff 

Matthew wants to be a 
doctor when he grows 
up, because when 
people get sick you have 
to help them. His 
favourite part of Grade 1 
was reading stories 

Gavin Wylie 

Gavin wants to be a 
hockey player when he 
grows up. His favourite 
part of Grade 1 was 


Amanda Brown 

Amanda thinks the best 
thing about being a kid is 
having fun.If she could be 
famous, Amanda wants to be 
famous for making the 
world's tallest building. 

Stella Chernoff 

Stella thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that yoi 
get lots of birthday parties 
and lots of presents. If she 
could be famous, Stella 
wants to be a famous artist. 

Inji Hafiz 

Inji thinks that the best 
thing about being a kid is, 
being able to do things that 
you can't do when are older. 
If she could be famous, Inji 
wants to be a famous 
fashion designer. 

Eric Krawitt 

Eric thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
have more fun. If he could 
be famous, Eric wants to be 
a famous hockey player. 

Joshua Oginski 

Joshua thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is being 
fast. If he could be famous, 
Joshua wants to be famous 
for airsofting. 

Rhea Sandhu 

Rhea thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
get the most attention. If he 
could be famous, Rhea 
wants to be a famous singer. 

Zane Campbell 

Zane thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
can make a lot of friends and 
be a really good person. If he 
could be famous. Zane wants 
to be a famous basketball 

Gabriel Chouinard 

Gabriel thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is having 
fun. If he could be famous, 
Gabriel wants to be famous 
for the world's biggest animal 

Lexis Huber 

Lexis thinks that the best thing 
about being a kid is. that you 
- can have play-dates and 
H sleepovers. If she could be 
j famous, Lexis wants to be a 
famous singer. 

Emma Mason 

Emma thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that 
people don't get mad at you. 
If he could be famous. Emma 
wants to be a famous artist. 

Zayden Rabie 

Zayden thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is being 
flexible, faster, and being able 
to do backflips. If he could be 
famous, Zayden wants to be a 
famous guitarist. 

Alexander Shannon 

Alex thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is being able 
to play and do sports. If he 
could be famous, Alex wants 
to be a famous artist. 

I ft 

Giulia Casha 

Giulia thinks the best 
thing about being a kid n 
that you can get thousand> 
of toys. If she could be 
famous. Giulia wants to be 
a famous dancer. 

Jadon Finn 

Jadon thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is 
climbing and having fun. If 
he could be famous. Jadon 
wants to be a famous 

Trinity Jekill 

Trinity thinks that the best 
thing about being a kid is 
that you get to play a lot. If 
she could be famous. 
Trinity wants to be a 
famous singer. 

Katherine Mavbaum 

Katherine thinks the best 
thing about being a kid is 
that you have tons of 
friends. If she could be 
famous. Katherine wants 
to be famous for being in 

Thomas Reynish 

Thomas thinks the best 
thing about being a kid is 
getting lots of stuff. If he 
could be famous. Thomas 
wants to be famous for 
being rich. 

Aaron Shimonov 

Aaron thinks the best thin; 
about being a kid is that 
you don't have to do the 
dishes. If he could be 
famous. Aaron wants to bt 
famous for making video 

Ms. Beddome 

The best thing about Grade 2 is definitely the Gracl 
2s! They make my day everyday! The best thing about 
STS is that when students leave Grade 2, 1 still have the 
privilege of watching my most treasured people grow 
and mature into the inspiring young adults that I know 
will make a positive difference in our world. 

tie best thing about being a teacher is being 
able to work with children every day, learning 
from them and having fun with them. The 
best thing about grade 2 - the kids! Of 


Bronwyn Thomas 

i Bronwyn thinks the best 
HB part of being a kid is that 
K you get the most attention. 
K If she could be famous, 
I Bronwyn wants to be a 
W' singer. 


thinks the best part of 
being a kid is that people 
respect you a lot. If she 
could be famous, Lucy wants 
to be a movie star. 

Cristian Hernandez Mudd 

Cristian thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that 
since he is little, he can play 
lots of hockey. If he could 
be famous, Cristian wants to 
be a famous actor. 

Kiara Magerman 

Kara thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
does not get hurt as much as 
big people. If she could be 
famous, Kiara wants to be a 
famous singer. 

Connor Perron 

Connor thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is you can 
do more and that you can be 
better in school. If he could 
be famous, Connor wants to 
be a famous actor. 

Talia Schneider 

Talia thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
get to live with kind parents 
and get taken care of. If she 
could be famous, Talia 
wants to be a famous 

Katrina Welykochy 

Katrina thinks the best part of 
being a kid is being nice to 
other people. If she could be 
famous, Katrina wants to be a 
famous singer. 

Evelyn Couldrey 

Evelyn thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
don't have to go to work. If 
she could be famous, Evelyn 
wants to be a famous singer. 

Jessica Jackson 

Jessica thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
don't have to get as mad. If 
she could be famous, Jessica 
wants to be a famous dancer. 


Cameron McNeill 

Cameron doesn't know what 
the best thing about being a 
kid is. If he could be famous, 
he wants to be famous for his 
stretchy ears. 

Nathan Prete 

Nathan thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
get video games. If he could 
be famous, Nathan wants to 
be a famous hockey player. 

Richard Stewart 

Richard thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that you 
get to go on better rides than 
adults. If he could be famous, 
Richard wants to be famous 
for building the tallest 
building in the world. 

Andrew Beingessner 

Andrew thinks the best 
thing being a kid is that 
you don't have to pay the 
water and electricity bill at 
your house. If he could be 
famous, Andrew wants to 
be a famous musician. 

Jayden Forniciov 

Jayden thinks the best 
thing about being a kid is 
that you get to have lots of 
fun. If he could be famous, 
Jayden wants to be famous 
for yo-yoing. 


Alexus thinks the best 
thing about being a kid is 
that you get to have a lot 
of fun on the weekend. If 
she could be famous, 
Alexus wants to be a 
famous actress. 

Alia Nanji 

Alia thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is that 
you don't have to do all 
the work at the house. If 
she could be famous, Alia 
wants to be a famous 

Bryn Samuel 

Bryn thinks the best thing 
about being a kid is all the 
sports that you can do. If 
he could be famous, Bryn 
wants to be a famous 
hockey player. 

Walker Usselman 

1 Walker does not know 
I what the best thing about 
' being a kid is. If he could 
: ; be famous, Walker wants 
I to be a famous hockey 
* player. 

Extreme .f 


Grayson Almasi 

n had one wish. 
Id wish for lots of 
onsters. She thinks 
est thing about 
is. multiplication 

Stephanie Lee 

Stephanie had one wish, 
e would wish to have 
school all day. She thinks 
ardest thing about 
are the tests. 

had one wish, it 
e to go hunting with 
Vance thinks that 
dest thing about 
de 3 is handwriting. 

Tobi Roth 

had one wish, she 
;sn't know what she 
uld wish for. She thinks 
hardest thing about 
is the P.A.T. 



had one wish, she 
wish for a cellphone, 
links the hardest thing 
Grade 3 is 

Tara Finnic 

If Tara had one wish, she 
would wish for a horse. She 
thinks the hardest thing about 
Grade 3 is homework. 

Grace McKay 

Grace had one wish, she 
ould wish for a turtle. She 
inks the hardest thing about 
Grade 3 is math. 

Willem Worsley 

^iliem had one wish, he 
uld wish to stay in Grade 3 
;ver. He thinks the hardest 
ig about Grade 3 is French. 

Oyinkansola Akintola 
Nyah Chernoff 
Nattalie Copper 
Jalle Evelyn 
Sage Hansen 
Aditya Iyer 

Matthew Jegen 
Amaan Khan 

Vikram Kumar 
Zaki Lakhani 
Emil Lindvall 
Lukas Mac Dougall 

Brenden Mason 
William McNeill 
Noa Nguyen 
Cooper Perron 
Mbalenhle Phiri 
Julian Pierce-Lord 

Cole Prete 
Rachel Shimonov 
Liam Toward 
Michael Turner 
Avery Vadnai 
Chelsea Wong 

We Asked the 4s: 
What was your 
favorite subject this 


a§ a 

II 11 



Alexander Robins 
Stephanie Picioreanu 
Mbalenhle Phiri 
Kathryn McNeill 
Andreas Marinakos 
Arman Lakhu 

William Tilden 
Peyton Thomas 
Bishneet Singh 
Rhyd Samuel 
Onelli Abeywardene 
Aidan Rose 


II 25% J 

I 10% J 

We Asked the 4s: 
What is the best 
day of the school 

Daniel Rusnac 
Melissa Spyker 

Abbegayle Stanick 
Garrett Sten 

Alexandra Watson 
Meigan Whyte 

Connor Wiebe 
Hussein Ali 
Nicholas Aspinall 
Hannah Brown 
Riley Campbell 
Lucas Chernoff 

We asked the 5 s: 
what do you like to 
do at recess time? 




We asked the 5 s: what 
was your favorite 
class this year? 


Holly Kletke 
Ethan Kneller 
Maya Lakhu 
Apostolos Marinakos 
Victoria Maybaum 
Braeden Ortt 

Alexis Prete 
Justin Ross 
Jyoti Ruparell 
Kira Schneider 
Kyle Schneider 
Tiffany Toward 

Samuel Turner 
Kyle Webster 
Cameron Wong 
Luka Wrenshall 
Lucas Crichton 
Paulina Hart 

Quest Day 

Last Day of School 


What is Your 
Favourite Day 
of the School 



Quest Day 


Grade 6 Camp 


i v. ' >""*' 

■ ■ ' ; 


Cameron Kletke 

Katiya Kloberdanz-Dyck 

Aimee Long-Innes 

Alan Ma 

Nathaniel Ma 

Henry McArdle 

Maxwell McKay 
Monika Molnos 
Paul Ostlund 
Sheena Pujara 
Zaina Randhawa 
Kiana Rawji 

Adam Schwartz 
Ashyana Sunderji 
Shayne Tripp 
Zoe Wilmoth 
Julia Wilson 
Andrew Wiwchar 

New Uniform Options 

What are you 
most excited 
about in 
Grade 7? 


New Subjects like Band, Drama, 
Art and Design 


OE Trips like Ski Week 

Most Likely To 

Most Likely to be a 

A person of unconventional 
appearance, typically having 
long hair and wearing beads, 
and tie-dye. Hippies advocate 
for universal love. 

Most Likely to 
Become a Perfectionist 

...wait, she already is! 

Most Likely to Pull 6 
All Nighters in a Row 
Without Feeling Tired 

Posessed by total enthusiasm 
and/or excitement. Never 
seems run out of energy. 

Most Likely to Run a 
Fortune 500 Company 
Before Age 25 

The world's 500 largest and most 
powerful corporations. Demands 
intelligence and work ethic. 


Kenzie Witschi Kristy Lee Thomas Melvin-Smith Chanel Fu 


Most Likely To... 


Most Likely to 
Appear on "Dancing 
with the Stars" 

A television show where B-list 
celebrities are paired with 
accomplished dancers in a 

variety of categories including 
fox trot and jive. 

Most Likely to Stop a 
War with a Dazzling 

Charisma: compelling charm 
that can inspire devotion in 

Most Likely to Win the 
Lottery but Lose the 

/ know it's here somewhere ... 

Most Likely to Own 
100 Cats 

A woman who dotes upon her 
cats. An animal lover who 
keeps large numbers of cats 
without having any plan for 
how to house them. 

Jennifer Schwartz 

Braeden MacDougall 

Daniel Molyneaux 

Onna Janisch 

Saransh Loona 
Nicolas Lush 
Liam Ma 

Robyn Macdermott 
Braeden Macdougall 
Jennifer Mcintosh 
Reid McKay 
Savita McRae 

Aedan Mitchell 
Daniel Molyneaux 
J anna Newton 
Austin Oginski 
Meg Ollive 
Sean Olson 
Liam Ostlund 
Jett Palframan 

Elitza Parvanova 

I Ul> 1V|X/1 

Taylor Poscente 
Jennifer Schwartz 
Halle Shopperly 
Sarah Sladkowski 
Matthew Standoff 
Carter Sten 

Sarah Stumpf 
Christina Sullivan 
Kenzie Vaandering 
Mats Van Beek 
Christie Walter 
Alissa Webster 
Kyle Woolcott 
Nicholas Wynne 

9raJe Sink, 

Most Likely To. 

Best Bromance 

The expression of affection 
between two males who 

are not necessarily 
attracted to each other 

Most Likely to have 
Enough Food in his 
Backpack for the Entire 

Never seen without a snack. 
Or 10. 


Most Likely to become 
a Professional Ninja 

A member of the ninja who 
were trained in martial arts 
and hired for sabotages or 

Most Likely to be a 
Garnier Hair Model 

A person, typically a 
beautiful person, employed 
to display perfect hair 

Mack & Keegan 

Shiv Ruparell 

Jessica Mai 

Myles Chase 

hll \urthi mm 
James Nottingham 
Mateusz Nowak 
Marina Parvanova 
< ok' IVrni(sk\ 
Cole Plater 
Stephen Powell 
Zahra Rawji 

Angus Rawling 
Ly-Anh Reid 
Eric Ritchie 
Victoria Romanow 
Malhew Ross 
Asha Ruparell 
Shiv Ruparell 
Matthew Sandul 

Mans Schneider 
Graham Seasons 
Juliana Smith 
Teaghan Stack 
Matthew Stashin 
Clayton Stewart 
Elizabeth Tamas 
lulu Fops 

Travis Tripp 
Emma Turner 
Keegan Turnquist 
Cole Verburg 
Austin Weyant 
Scott Wilson 
Charlee Witschi 
Heather Wood 



Thomas Abbott Arissa Bachmann Robert Barnstead Coltan Beattie Claudia Belanger Alisha Bhanji Gobind Boparai Xavier Boulianne 

Shyla Bruvall 


Gillian Ceyhan Maclean Clark Celeste Colborne Katelyn Cooper Kevin Course Brittany Currie 

Taylor Davis Sawera Dhaliwal Khalid Dhalla Peter Do Milad Eskandar Emily Evans 

Sarah Faircloth- 

Austin Fercho 

Taleeta Fisher Maria Golubev Michelle Grant Connor Greene Cameron Hands Ciara Hanly Kelvin Hau Jacob Janisch 

Merlin Kamila 


Vanessa King Ryan Kirker Calvin Lang Delia Lee Daniel Livergant Ryan Long-lnneS' 

Hannah Macios Cody Mackinnon 


Emma Martin Robert McLean Hugh McNeil Rachel Meadow Zachary Miller 


/ladison Milne Evan Munroe James Newhouse Nicole Newhouse Gage Ockey Michaela Ostlund 

iKarli Pischke Rajesh Pujara Jeremy Rose Andrew Rusnac Ryan Shah Michelle Soules 

Icarlet Sprung Benjamin Stark Andrew Stone 


Ryan Stumpf Calvin Tarn 

Alan Wang Elliot Wilkinson 




Tyler Winter Logan Woronuk Elspeth Yates Jessica Zhang 

No Photo 

No Photo 

No Photo 

Eve Casha Lara Casha Neil Frank 

Natasha Adams 

Hayden Jennifer Anderson Mitchell Beacom Arielle 
Amundson Beauchesne 

Ellis Belova Remy Brown Sydney Bullen 

Seth Carson Kara Chad Taylor Chase Victoria Clark Brett De Bie Andrew Desouza Thomas Dunlop John Edwardh 

Darcy Foo Brigitte Gilmour 

Kriti Gupta Shane Hamilton Ronald Heathcott Nicole Herback Kimberley Jordan Hutchingsi 1 


Luke Macios Kaylie Magidson Eliza Manzer Jenna Maslechko Charlotte McArdle Renae McArthur 




Steven Mcintosh Emily McNeill Narayan McRae Maddie Milne-lves Michael 



Justin Nadeau 

Isaac Niles 


Scoutt Palframan 


Taryn Plater Sean Porter Katrina Purcell 

hjamin Roskey Kendall Seasons Meghan Senger Griffin Smith 

Gabriella Arden 
Soenarjo Sommerville 

Yuxin Song Tynan Stack Ellie Staniloff Bartholomew Jennifer Stewart Mark Storwick 


Ichael Sullivan Joshua Szepesi- Christopher Tang Brandon Taylor 


Ricky Tsuno 

;andon Urban Charles Van Sant Georgia Vogeli Riley Waterous Sarah Way Anna Weyant 



cole Wierzbicki Sunny Yen Georgia Young Andreas Zakos 


Jenna Amlani Ashley Ang Arman Bachmann Radha-Kumari Alykhan Bhanji Alyssa Borden Alexander Camille 

Bhagat Bremner Brockman 

Carter Bryant Zachary Carson Tiandra Ceyhan Virginia Cooke Ashleigh Corbiell Michael Culmone Diana Daklala Joseph Deering 

1 * 

Gursimran Laura Diment Jennifer Evamy- Leigh Farran Matthew Fisher Georgia Forbes Marie-Catherine Michelle Fric 




Peter Germaine Michael 

Lisa Grant Jeffrey Harvey Jordan Hilderman Kylie Hornaday Alden Hui 

^ ■ A 


Honora Jackson- 

Victoria Kamila Lucas Kemp James Kirker Katherine Kirker Alison Knill Hannah Lederer Darby Lush 

Justin Mackinnon Ajay Mahajan 

Rebecca Michelle McKay Kelli McLean Jordan McMaster Daniel Mullie Chloe Nielsen 



All thirteen lifers are proud to say they have spent the past twelve years of 
their lives at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School! 

Nickname: Vin 
Hobby: riding horsies 
Color: Red or Cream 
Movie: Pretty Woman 
When I grow up: live a sick 
awesome life, travel, ride, 
and work in the stock 

Nickname: Ginia 

Hobby: Drawing 

Color: Pink 

Movie: Kimba 

When I grow up: I want 

to be a dog trainer 

Nickname: D 
Hobby: Reading 
Color: Blue 

Movie: Lord of the Rings 
When I grow up: Doctor 

Nickname: none 
Hobby: Collecting Charlie 
Brown stuff 
Color: Blue 
Movie: Spy Kids 
When I grow up: I want to 
be a lawyer 

Nickname: Limiting 


Hobby: Sleeping 

Color: Purple 

Movie: Eternal Sunshine 

When I Grow Up: 

Hopefully I'll have a better 

idea soon! 

Nickname: Jen 

Hobby: Rollerblading 

Color: Pink 

Movie: Recess 

When I grow up: I want to 

be an astronaut 

Page Design by Darby Lu 

Nickname: Gurs 

Hobby: Goto catch 'em all 

Color: Red 

Movie: The City of Lost 

When I grow up: Surgeon 

Nickname: Simmy 
Hobby: Sports 
Color: Gold 
Movie: Pokemon 
When I grow up: I 
want to be a pilot 

Nickname: Dragonborn 
Hobby: Skyrim 
Color: Blue 
Movie: Pulp Fiction 
When I grow up: Secret 

Nickname: Will 
Hobby: Gameboy 
Color: Green 
Movie:Dragon Ball Z 
When I grow up: I want 
to be a soccer player 

Nickname: Bretty/B-rett 
Hobby: Watching "The Daily 

Color: Purple 
Movie: Fargo 
When I grow up: 
Professional Show Jumper 

Nickname: Brettie 
Hobby: Button collection 
Color: Light purple 
Movie: Rocketman 
When I grow up: I want 
to be a geologist 

Nickname: Rosie 

lobby: Baseball and 


Dolor: Blue 

Vlovie: Miracle 

ATien I grow up: Play in 

be MLB 

Nickname: none 
Hobby: Gameboy 
Color: Black 
Movie: Slap Shot 
When I grow up: geologist 

Nickname: Lishy 
Hobby: Rowing 
~olor: Blue 

Movie: Transformers 3 
When I grow up: Marine 

Nickname: Lis 

Hobby: Nature Hunts 

Color: Yellow 

Movie: Digimon 

When I grow up: I want to 

be a nurse and a mommy 

Nickname: Peterpants 
Hobby: Skiing 
Color: Blue 
Movie: Forrest Gump 
When I grow up: Ski 
Bum, unless I have to 
get a real job... 

Nickname: Pete-Pete 
Hobby: Watching TV 
Color: Orange 
Movie: Jaws 

When I grow up: a person 
who digs bones 

Nickname: Hons 
Hobby: Barrel Racing 
Color: Purple 
Movie: Pride and 
When I grow up: 

Nickname: Honora 
Hobby: Riding my pony 
Color: Pink 
Movie: Little Mermaid 
When I grow up: I don't 
know! I've been fussing 
about that a lot lately... 

Nickname: Luke Y^jA^Q 

Hobby: Driving really 


Color: Red 
Movie: Lord of the 

When I grow up: 
Race-car driver 

Nickname: Lukie 
Hobby: Gameboy 
Color: Green 
Movie: Spykids 
When I grow up: 
Aeronautical Engineer 

Nickname: 007 
Hobby: Pwning Noobs 
Color: Green 
Movie: Land Before time 
'1,2,3 and 5 

When I grow up: I don't 
understand the question 

Nickname: 007 
Hobby: Buying Stuff 
Color: Blue 
Movie: Return of the 

When I grow up: I want to 
be part of the army 

Nickname: Dar 
Hobby: Dance 
Color: Purple 
Movie: 500 days of 

When I grow up: I want 
to be a Princess 

Nickname: Dar 

Hobby: Crafts 

Color: Blue 

Movie: Emperors New 


When I grow up: a 
certified Financial 


NERDS like us 

allowed to be 


"To argue that something cannot be done simply 
because it has never been done before is to argue 
disbelief in the dignity of man." Mahatma Gandhi 



I 1 

Bretton Chad 

I have complete faith in the continued absurdity 
of whatever's going on. - Jon Stewart 

LAUGH it makes the world go round 

"What lies behind u 
and what lies before 
us are tiny matters 
compared to what lies 
within us" — Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 


"A beautiful dance would only seem insane to tho 
who could not hear the music" — Anonymous 

Favorite junior high memories? 
c av0rite high school memories? 

'Too /fwiy -to a<XA*t: volle^^MI \ma^£>, d\rc^v^a- 
do€e>&&, T~Micwd 1-010, ^\rei&et(A^, 

Marie - Catherine French 

Jeff Harvey 

"The man who wins, is the man who thinks he can." 
Vince Lombardi 

\^mry <sfl®QD(fi] Boa© a sflOwsc DfluDflcogj 

Dog]^® si DQtsflsigi caff Dbfl^ntiim sntil SQbsiBODtim) 3@f) 

! You're always that person w/jo can go £>eyond your comfort 
zone, I just try to give you a bit of a nuage. -^TuBa Dick 

learned to have fun and pull hard 

I learned to 
adventure, how to just give'r 

James Karl Kirker 

Dnce upon a time, I was a super cute kiddie. ^ 

And then 
I began to learn 

t ■ i 

1 1 discovered new places 
and loved them 


Katie rvirker 

Alison Kiiill 

"It's nice being nice to the 
nice" -Frank Burns 

am aware that I am less than 
some people prefer me to be, but 
most people are unaware that I am 
so much more than what they see" 




Matt Fisher 

It don't really matter 
just where you're 
from, all that really 

matter is 
where you're goin"' 
- Kid Cudi 


The future is no 
place to put 

f& your better 

I days. 

-Joan Michaels 


Friendship is like peeing on 
yourself, everyone can see it 
but only you get to feel its 




(■en 'i 


ii i mi 

!■ i I t I • 

Daniel Mullie 

/ f/i/'n/c there's a great beauty 
to having problems. 

That's one of the ways we 

-Herbie Hancock 


kf j it 

"don't gain 

the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better 
than silver or gold" 

Robert Nesta Marley 

"Fm beginning to notice some 

-Cellist Pablo Casals on being asked why he still 
practices 3 hours a day at 93 years old 

ZEfje future belong* to tljoge 
tofjo prepare for tt tobap, 
~ Jlalcolm X 


"If you can 
dream it you 
can do it "- 

Walt Disney 



Succeed fa fading nine timet and fretting, up ten. ~3ian foui 

J'C£ Cane yxui foxeuex, 
J'Ct iike ymi fex aiutayA, 

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to 
another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." 

C.S. Lewis 

My Mama always said, 
'Life is like a box of choc- 
olates; you never know 
what you're gonna get. - 
Forrest Gump 

"Do not worry about your difficulties 
in mathematics. I can assure you mine 
are still greater." 

Albert Einstein 

Lindsay street 


ft? ... '.^HM 

lYl Ko* *V €A A • - unKaoun 

arrison Varlev 


Vow, t&Al P*vC^y o tK *OjriAy. 



I ^7 AVus crcizv 

love vjoo, ViKe 


r i 

**We are shaped by our thcuahts, We 
become what we think. When the 
mind is pure Jcy follows like a shadow 
that never leaves/' 



"Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. k 
People as they come. . . The past has helped me appreciate |1 
the present, and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting 
about the future." 

- Audrey Hepburn 

Abbott, NlCOla 41. 69. 78. 114 
Abbott. Thomas 118 
Abolarin, Timi 34, 82. 90 
Ms Adam. 96 

Adams, Natasha 33, 34, 91, 120 

Adatia, Rayan 19, 67, 105 

Adekeye. iteoluwkisi 16, 40, 56, 62, 88, 112 

Akintola, Oluwasijibomi 41, 114 

Akintola, Oyinkansola 52, 72, 106, 107 

Ms Alger, 84, 96 

Ali. Hussein 12, 15, 51, 108 

Almasi, Crayson 67, 74, 87, 104 

Amlani, imaan 34, 82, 116 

Amlani, Jenna 34. 35, 122. 124. 127 

Amundson, Hayden 45, 91. 120 

Anderson. Jennifer 120 

Ang. Ashley 34. 122. 128 

Aradhya, Akshaj 16, 82, 112 

Armor, Rex 72, 76, 107 

Ms Asher, 96 

Aspinall, Katherine 18, 19, 53, 67, 87, 104 
Aspinall. Nicholas 12. 108. 204 
Aspinall. Sophie 29, 74. 75. 87. 100 
Avery, Alice 23, 116 

Bachmann, Arissa 17, 61, 118, 119, 129 
Bachmann, Arman 34, 61. 70, 122, 123, 129, 

Ms Bahadar, 96 
Ms Baker, 96 

Bangloy, Brodin 19,29,100 
Bangloy, Jreyden 66, 104, 202 
Barnstead, Cali 30. 31. 69. 114 
Barnstead. Robert 118, 119 
Bartoshyk. Michelle 18, 44. 96 
Beacom. Mitchell 15, 33, 93, 120 
Beattie, Coltan 17. 118 
Beauchesne, Arielle 1, 2, 3, 120 
Beddome, 96, 103 
Beingessner, Andrew 87, 103 
Beingessner, Matthew 25, 77, 108 
Belanger, Claudia 17, 26, 61, 118 
Belova, Ellis 120 
Mr Benoit, 96 

Bhagat. Nlrav 89, 114, 130 

Bhagat. Radha-Kumarl 122. 130. 170 

BhanJI. Allsha 83. 91, 94. 95. 118 

BhanJI. Alykhan 122, 131 

Bishop. Mara 14. 48. 65. 69. 89. 114 

Black. Carly 19, 48, 73. 80. 93. 107 

Black. Emily 8. 12. 52. 81. 93. 110 

Mr Bodnar. 16. 34. 96 

Ms Boland. 96 

Boparai, coblnd 91. 118 

Borden. Alyssa 15. 45. 60. 122, 132. 194 

Boullanne, 4, 33, 60, 96 

Boullanne, xavier 91, 118 

Bowers. Abigail 13. 66. 87. 104 

Bowers, Megan 9, 51. 52, 81, 110 

Bremner. Alexander 122, 133 

Brockmann, Camllle 34, 71. 92, 122. 134 

Brooke. Harrison 38. 56. 62. 68. 112 

Brown. Amanda 59, 80, 102. 207 

Brown. Avery 31, 116 

Brown, Hannah 18, 77, 108 

Brown, Re my 120 

Bruhjell, Michael 69, 90, 116 

Bruhjell, victoria 16. 40. 57. 88. 112 

Bruvall. Shyla 17, 118 

Bryant. Carter 34, 122. 135. 188 

Budhwanl, Fahreen 34, 117 

Buiien, Sydney 47. 85. 120 

Burroughs, Brendan 32, 34, 35, 118, 119 

Burroughs, Rebecca 30, 31. 114 

Butler. Marian 28. 29. 100 

Butler. Tristyn 41, 89, 114 

Bychkov, Nlklta 76. 81. 100 

Calkins. Molly 34, 48. 62. 63. 84, 89, 114 

Campbell. Cody 21. 31. 69. 114 

Campbell. Kennedy 9. 19. 51. 81. 1 10 

Campbell. Riley 37. 99. 108 

Campbell, zane 58. 87, 102 

Canyon. Kale 65, 89, 114 

Carlson, 90, 96, 99 

Carlson, Mason 28, 29, 76, 101 

Carpenter, Claire 37. 67, 105 

carpenter. William 28. 86, 100 

Carson, seth 47, 61, 83. 120, 208 

Carson, zachary 3. 32. 33. 62, 83, 122, 123, 

136. 161 

Casha, Eve 119 

Casha, Clulla 59, 102, 201 

Casha, Lara 119 

Ceyhan. Gillian 32, 34. 61. 118. 119 
ceyhan. Tlandra 10. 32. 34, 35. 62. 81. 122 
Chad. Bretton 32, 123. 124. 138. 198 

Chad, Kara 32, 61. 120 

Ms Chapman, 96 

Chapman, Eli 40, 88, 112 

Chapman, Rhys 23, 93, 116 

Chase, Myles 22, 34, 42, 56, 90, 116, 117 

Chase. Taylor 10, 32. 34, 35, 60, 84, 92. 120 

Chernoff, Lucas 19, 77, 80, 108 

Chernoff, Nyah 48, 73, 80, 106, 107 

Chernoff, Stella 51, 58, 102 

Chetty, Rishaylan 23, 116 

Chiu. Elliot 112 

Chong, Caitlin 51, 67, 87, 105 

Chong, Nathan 25, 108, 203 

Chotowetz, 81, 96 

Chouinard, Cabriel 58, 87, 102 

Ms Chow, 23. 96 

Chung, Yan 37, 52, 77, 109 

Mr Clark. 88, 96 

Clark. Lochlyn 16, 40, 56, 62, 88, 112 
Clark, Maclean 32, 33, 61, 118 
Clark. Rebecca 30. 31, 48, 55, 89. 114 
Clark. Sarah 40. 56. 69. 85. 88, 112 
Clark, Victoria 21. 55. 79, 91, 120 
Clark, William 22, 23, 93, 116, 208 
Colborne, Celeste 61, 118 
Coleman, Benjamin 12, 87, 109 
Coleman, Lucy 1. 51, 53, 59, 76, 103 
Ms Collyer, 96 

Comartin, Brandon 28, 29, 76. 100 
Conroy, Jacqueline 54, 62, 84, 114 
Ms Conway, 96 

Cooke, Virginia 15. 32, 45, 61, 122. 124, 
139, 194 

Cooper, Katelyn 61, 91, 118 
Cooper, Ms. 34, 96 
Cooper, Sarah Marie 41, 114 
Cooper, Sarah Mary 62, 89, 94, 114 
Copper, Natascha 2, 29, 48, 49, 50, 101 
copper, Nattalie 19, 73, 76, 106 
Corbiell. Ashleigh 32, 94. 95, 122, 140 
Couldrey, Evelyn 58, 80, 94, 103 
Course, Kevin 32, 94, 95, 118 
Crichton, Lucas 8. 19, 51, 81, 93, 110 
Crichton, Paul 41, 89, 114 
Ms Crofton, 96 
Cross, Andrew 93, 114 
Cross. Emma 8, 51, 80, 81, 110 
Ms Csek, 96 

Culmone, Emily 90, 116, 141 
Culmone, Michael 61, 92, 122, 141, 151, 
177, 193 

Currie, Brittany 32, 33, 118, 119. 208 
Currie, Danielle 14, 41, 48, 68. 82, 89, 90, 


D'aguiar, Sophie 70. 90. 116 
O'Onofrio, Nicholas 10. 53. 73. 76. 81. 107 
Daklala, Diana 3a, 122. 124. 142 
' Davis, Taylor 17, 30, 54, 118 
De Bie, Brett 92, 120 
Ms Decker, 96 

Deering. Joseph 32. 33. 34, 60, 122. 143 
Mr Deis. 84. 91. 96 
Ms Delanoy. 32. 96, 99 
Deller, Catherine 22, 23. 34. 82. 116 
Denness, Thomas 12. 25, 108, 202 
Dera, Aleisha 16, 40, 57, 62. 63. 112 
Derrick, Cosette 28. 29, 51, 75, 101 
Derrick, Lauren 50, 52, 72, 76, 80, 107 
Desouza, Andrew 120 
Dhaliwal. Cursimran 20. 122, 123, 124, 144 
Dhaliwal, Sawera 118, 119, 144 
Dhalla, imara 22, 34, 39, 82. 83. 90. 116 
Dhalla, Khalid 17, 21, 32. 33. 83, 91, 118 
Dhillon, Uday 25. 51. 52. 77, 108. 204 
Ms Dickson, 96 

Diment. Laura 34. 35. 92, 122, 145 
Distefano, Austin 42, 90, 116 
Distefano, Sonya 3, 56, 62, 88, 112 
Do, Brian 114 
Do, Peter 32. 118 
Dokter. Ethan 114 
Ms Dorrance. 96 
Dowdall, Jacob 110 
Dunlop, Emma 116 
Dunlop, Thomas 32, 83, 120 

Egli. 26. 39, 96 

Eksteen, Catherine 57, 62, 63, 112 
Ellingson, 96. 99 

Ellis, Hunter 1. 19, 28. 29. 86. 101 
Eskandar, Milad 17. 61, 118 
Evamy-Hill. Jennifer 34, 35, 38. 60. 71. 122, 

Evans, Emily 118, 119 
Evans. Megan 18, 51, 77, 109 
Evans, Sydney 18, 19, 67, 105, 203 
Evans, Teagan 30, 31, 68. 114 

Evelyn. Blaise 84, 112 
Evelyn. Jalle 72, 76. 86. 106 
Ms Ewachow. 96 

Faircloth-Nunn, Sarah 118 
Farran, Leigh 60. 70, 81. 122. 147 
Far ran, Tom 68, 90, 116 
Farrell-Holler, Sue 37 
Fercho, Austin 14, 17. 54. 118. 119 
Fercho, Peyton 16. 56. 112. 206 
Mr Fink, 48. 82. 85. 96 
Finn. David 16. 39. 62. 82, 85, 112 
Finn, Jadon 13, 58. 76, 102, 202 
Finn, Kalissa 72, 73, 76, 80. 107 
Finnie, Tara 37. 67. 74. 104 
Finnie. Thomas 50. 71, 109 
Fisher. Matthew 122, 148, 169 
Fisher. Taleeta 61. 118 
Fokkens, Jeremy 86 
Ms Foley, 96 

FOO. Darcy 14. 15. 32. 33. 93. 120 
Forbes. Georgia 38. 60. 70. 122. 149, 198 
Forniciov. Jayden 53. 58. 76. 80. 87. 103. 202 
Fossen, Lara 48, 89, 114 
Frank. Neil 119 

French, Marie-Catherine 34, 122, 150, 185 
Fric, Michelle 34. 61. 122, 151. 180. 194. 201. 

FU. Chanel 40. 57. 62. 82. 85. 112. 113 

Cermaine, Peter 94, 95, 122, 125, 152 

CibSOn, MS. 4, 38, 53 

Gilchrist. Elizabeth 39. 63. 82, 114 

Gill. Rohan 18. 28. 74. 76. 101 

Gill, saahil 67. 74. 105 

Gilmour, Brigitte 120 

Girgulis, Theodora 12, 28, 29, 70, 100 

Ms Goldsworthy. 51. 96 

Golubev. Maria 32. 46. 55. 61. 118 

Gonzalez, Mrs. 34, 96 

Goodchild, Michael 10. 34. 71, 122. 153. 170 

Grant, Lisa 21. 34. 122, 125, 154 

Grant, Michelle 55. 94. 95. 118. 208 

Greene, Connor 118 

Greer. Holly 3, 56, 62, 82, 112 

Greer. Sophie 4. 25, 53. 108 
Gupta, Dhananjay 38. 88. 112 
Gupta, Kriti 120 

4afTz, Emma 37, 52, 77. 109 
HafiZ. inji 30. 58, 75, 87, 102 
Haines, Sophie 41, 114 
Mr Hall. 34. 96 
Hallman. Chad 82. 116 
Hamilton. Shane 46. 120 
Hands, Cameron 118 
Hands. Troy 16. 57. 112 
Hanly. Ciara 30, 61, 118. 119 
Hansen. Sage 72. 76. 87. 106 
Hansen, Wyatt 23, 62. 63, 90, 116 
Haraldson, Magnus 55 
Ms Harrison. 34, 96 
Hart. Harrison 41. 68. 89. 114 
Hart. Paulina 8, 9, 51, 81, 110 
Harvey, Jeffrey 94. 95. 122. 155 
Hau. Kelvin 118. 119 
Hawker. Kara 40, 42. 90. 116 
Hawker. Pierce 40. 56, 57. 68, 88, 112 
Heathcott. Ronald 120 
Ms Hebert. 41. 97 
Mr Hendricks, 97, 99 
Herback, Nicole 71, 120 
Hernandez Mudd, Cristian 13, 58, 103, 203 
Hicks, Annabelle 8. 51. 80. 81. 111 
Hilderman. Jordan 38, 60, 61. 71, 85. 92. 
122. 125. 156. 198 
Hoang. 42. 97 

Holyoake, Amanda 13. 67, 105 
Holyoake, Rebecca 28, 48, 49. 75. 101 
Hornaday. Kimberley 34, 60, 120, 157 
Hornaday. Kylie 34, 60. 61. 122. 157 
Hornaday. William 23. 34. 42. 62. 69. 82. 
116. 157. 208 
Hotchkiss. Olivia 87. 111 
HOU, Mary 48, 82, 89. 114 
Huber, Lexis 3, 48, 49, 102 
Hui. Alden 122. 123. 158 
Hunley. Rijel 38, 40. 112 
Hunt, Trevor 32. 122. 123. 159 
Hutchings, Jordan 32. 91, 120 


Earn. Ibrahim 32, 46. 79. 83. 120 
Itzcovitch, Bradley 120 
Iyer. Aditi 28. 75. 100 
Iyer. Aditya 73. 86, 106 

Jackson. Benjamin 116 
Jackson. Jessica 58. 76, 103 
Jackson-Roe, Honora 46, 61. 92. 122, 125. 
160. 181 

Jackson-Roe, Rosalind 34, 48, 62. 82, 85. 
89. 114 

Janisch. Jacob 118 

Janisch, Onna 41. 62. 114. 115 

Mr Janke, 97 

Jegen. Lucas 66. 67. 75. 86. 105. 203 
Jegen. Matthew 51. 72, 73, 93. 106 
Jegen. Tyler 53, 67. 104. 202 
Jekill, Alexus 59. 103. 204 
Jekill. Brock 25, 93. 108 
Jekill, Charlotte 29. 87. 101 
Jekill. Trinity 58. 76. 102 
Ms Johnson, 34, 68, 97 
Jolley, Aine 12. 28. 87, 101 
Jolley, Alexander 12, 25. 108. 205 
Mr Jones, 5, 97. 99 
Mr Julian. 4. 16, 40. 97. 99 

(ami la. Matthew 17, 91, 118 
Kamila. Victoria 122, 161 
Kanji, Samarah 18, 29, 49, 75, 100 
Karmel. Ariela 33, 83, 92. 120 
Kashmirian, Michael 17, 34. 35. 91, 118 
Kashmirian. Richard 62, 88, 112 
Kashyap, Simiran 1, 48, 62, 89, 114 
Kemp. Ethan 31, 41, 62, 84, 114 

Kemp. Lucas 1. 32. 34. 60, 62, 122, 125, 137, 

Ms Kennedy. 40. 97 
Kennedy, Sean 120 

Kerman-Milne. Hannah 9, 51, 52. 80. 81. 110 
Khan. Amaan 36. 106 
Kharfan. Halla 13. 37. 51. 99. 109 
Kherani. imaan 39. 82, 84, 114 
Kherani. Jayhan 4, 25. 53. 81. 93, 108 
King, Carter 52. 77. 109 
King. James 40. 56. 88. 112 
King, Vanessa 61, 118 
Kirchman, Jonathan 34, 61, 120 
Kirchman, Michelle 10, 14. 34. 82. 116. 208 
Kirker. James 34. 35, 60. 122. 123, 163 
Kirker. Katherine 34, 55, 92, 122, 164, 188 
Kirker. Sarah 41. 114 
Kirker. William 17. 26. 35. 118, 164 
Kletke, Cameron 8, 51, 111 
Kletke. Holly 8. 14-15, 81, 110 
Klinkenborg, Ethan 53. 73, 76. 107 
Kloberdanz-Dyck, Katiya 9. 87, 111 
Kloberdanz-Dyck, Lucas 87. 109, 204 
Kneller. Ethan 8. 14, 15, 52, 81, 110 
Knill, Alison 122, 165 
Ms Knowler, 97 
Korez, Mr. 42 
Kostincer, Laura 120 
Mr Kotowich, 97 
Kotowich. Caden 12, 29. 100 
Kousinioris. Evan 56, 62, 112 
Krawitt. Austin 18, 72. 73, 76, 107 
Krawitt, Eric 58, 102, 207 
Kumar. Kanu 40. 56. 62. 82. 112 
Kumar. Vikram 73. 86. 106 

Long-lnnes, Aimee 8, 12, 81, 111 
Long-lnnes. Ryan 118 
Loona, Saransh 89, 115 
Louw. Leon 25, 108. 204 
LOUW, Lize Mari 10, 23, 42, 69, 90, 116 
Lush, Darby 122, 125, 167, 198, 208 
Lush, Nicolas 20, 41, 115 
Lussier, Kelsey 10, 14, 23, 34, 35, 116 
Lussier, Leah 112 

Lakhani. Sophia 29, 51, 53, 75, 76. 100 
Lakhani. zaki 36, 72, 73, 76, 106 
Lakhu. Arman 51. 73. 76. 80, 107 
Lakhu. Maya 8. 52. 80. 81. 110 
Lakhu, Sareena 62, 114 
Lang. Calvin 32. 118, 119 
Mr Lederer, 97 

Lederer, Hannah 10, 11, 34, 35, 60, 71, 122, 

Lee, Delia 94, 95, 118 

Lee, Jasmine 29. 51. 53, 74. 76. 100 

Lee. Kristy 16. 82. 83. 88. 112. 113 

Lee, Stephanie 30, 66. 67. 74, 104 

Lindvall, Carl 34, 35. 60. 120 

Lindvall. Emil 73, 76, 106 

Livergant. Daniel 14. 15. 32, 61. 83. 118. 


[a7Alan9. 80781, 111 
Ma, Ally 66, 67. 80, 81 105 
Ma, Hendrik 70. 82, 93. 116 
Ma. Liam 114, 115 
Ma, Nathaniel 8. 9. 86, 111, 204 
Mac Dougall, Lukas 18, 73, 106 
Macdermott, Robyn 41, 115 
Macdougall. Ainsley 15, 23. 39, 68, 82, 90, 
116, 117 

Macdougall, Braeden 41, 89, 115 
Macfarlane, Kate 32, 120 
Macios. Hannah 61, 118, 119 
Macios. Luke 79. 92. 120 
Macios. Mark 38, 40, 56, 112 
Mackenzie, Aiden 53. 67, 81, 104 
Mackenzie, Andie 18. 19. 67. 75, 104 
Mackenzie, Mr. 97 

Mackenzie, Teagan 53, 66, 75, 87, 105 
Mackinnon, Cody 15, 17, 118 
Mackinnon. Justin 60, 93, 122, 168 
Mackinnon, Tyler 114, 115 
Maclean, Ms 97 

Magerman, Kiara 58, 75. 87, 103 

Magerman. Sasha 16, 38, 112 

Magidson, Kaylie 120 

Mahajan, Ajay 45, 122, 123, 169, 177, 194, 


Mai, Jessica 23, 63, 70, 116 
Maisonneuve, Shannon 66. 67, 87, 104 
Mantler, Mackenzie 118 
Manzer. Eliza 32, 34. 92, 120 
Marchuk, 85, 88. 97 
Marinakos, Andreas 31, 73, 107 
Marinakos, Apostolos 8, 50. 110 
Marinakos, Kathy 97. 103 
Martin, Emma 46, 118, 119 
Maslechko, Jenna 120 
Mason, Brenden 72, 73, 106 
Mason, Emma 30, 58, 102, 202 
Mathies, Ms 97, 101 
Mayan, Ms 97 

Maybaum, Katherine 10, 58, 76, 102 
Maybaum, Victoria 8, 11, 53, 81, 110. 205 


McArdle. Charlotte 120 

McArdle. Henry 1. 8. 19. 24. 87. 111. 205 

Mc Arthur, Glen 40. 56. 88. 112 

McArthur. Renae 14. 55. 47. 120 

Mccracken. Calum 54. 55. 60. 120. 184 

McCreedy. Rebecca 54. 55. 71. 122, 155. 


McCowan, Dannielle 120 
Mcintosh, Jennifer 50. 51. 115 
Mcintosh. Steven 85, 120 
McKay. Grace 67. 74. 86. 104 
McKay. Maxwell 1. 9. 24. 86. 111. 205 
McKay. Michelle 14. 70. 81. 122. 171. 172 
McKay. Reld 41, 89. 95. 115 
McKay. SCOtt 90. 97 
McLarty. Scott 97 
McLean. Kelll 61, 122. 172. 195 
McLean. Robert 118. 172 
McLean, samantha 16. 56. 112. 172 
McLellan. Brynn 25, 42, 56, 68, 116. 208 
McLellan. Kathryn 42. 69. 116. 208 
McMaster. Jordan 122, 125, 175 
McNeil. Hugh 118 

McNell-Tabolka, Leigh 54. 55. 42. 82. 90. 
116. 208 

McNeill. Cameron 55. 58. 75. 76. 87. 105 
McNeill, Emily 20. 52. 54. 120 
McNeill. Hanna 16. 40, 65, 112 
McNeill. Kathryn (Grace) 75. 76. 80. 107 
McNeill. William 72. 80. 106 
McRae, Narayan 120 
McRae, Savita 41. 115 
Meadow. Rachel 55. 55, 91, 118 
Ms Melton. 97 

Melvin-smith. Thomas 40. 56. 82. 88. 112. 

Mercer. Isabella 28. 29. 50. 52. 75. 58. 100 
Mercer, Max 57. 108, 204 
Meston. Mariah 18. 19. 108. 204 
Miller. Taryn 18. 19. 67. 105 
Miller, zachary 118 
Milne. Jules 55. 66, 67, 104 
Milne, Madison 17. 55, 119 
Mr Milne-lves. 97 

Milne-lves. Maddie 52. 91. 94. 95. 120 
Mitchell. Aedan 41. 89. 114. 115 
Mitchell. Samantha 16. 40. 56. 115 
Molnos. Monika 9. 51. 81. 87. 111 
Molyneaux, Daniel 41, 89. 114, 115 
Molyneaux. Michael 52, 61. 120 
Morton. Allstalr 46. 120 
Morton. Vanessa 62. 65. 69, 116 
Moumdjian. Patrick 120 
Mullie. Daniel 61. 92. 122. 174. 198 
Munroe, Evan 119 
Mr Mutch. 45, 97 

Nadeau. Justin 54. 55. 61. 92. 120 
Nanji, Aadam 55. 77. 87. 109 
Nanji. Alia 19, 55. 55. 58. 59. 76. 105 
Nelson, William 25, 116 
Newhouse, James 17, 119 
Newhouse, Nicole 17, 61, 91, 119 
Newton, Janna 84, 115 
Nguyen, Noa 72, 76, 106 
Nielsen, Chloe 99, 122, 175. 185. 195 
Nieuwenburg, Peter 61. 125. 158. 195 
Niles. Isaac 14. 15. 61. 121 
Norrie. Mackenzie 82. 85. 116. 117 
NorthCOtt. Jill 22. 54. 58. 82, 90, 117, 208 
Nottingham, James 62, 82, 117 
Nowak, Mateusz 116. 117 
Nowosad. Gwen 97 

Mr O'Brien. 93 
Obrejanu. Adrian 15, 18, 29 
Ockey, Gage 119 
Oginski. Austin 59, 115 
Oginski, Joshua 15. 58, 80. 86. 102. 207 
Ojeda, Luca 18. 28. 101 
Ojeda. Victor 15. 109, 205 
Ollive, Meg 48. 89. 90. 114. 115 
Olson. Sean 115 
Mr Olver, 97 
Orsten. Mr 28. 97. 101 
Ortt, Braeden 8. 9. 19. 24. 86. 110. 205 
Ortt. Ella 67, 74, 104 
Ortt, Peyton 75. 87, 105, 205 
ostlund. Liam 41. 69. 115 
Ostlund, Michaela 61. 119 
ostlund. Paul 8, 12, 15. 55. 80. 111 

Palframan, Jett 62. 82, 115 
Palframan, Scoutt 54, 61, 121 
Park, Kevin 97 

Park. Mitchell 54. 55. 45. 85. 84. 125. 177 
Parvanova, Elitza 41. 115 
Parvanova, Marina 42, 117 
Passingham, Daniel 121 
Peper, Lucy 41, 115 
Peringod, Gayathri 85. 115 
Peringod. Govind 85. 125. 178 
Pernitsky. Cole 16. 42. 90. 117 
Perron, Connor 55, 59, 76, 86, 94, 105 
Perron, Cooper 72. 80. 106 
Petersen, 92. 97 

Phiri, Mbalenhle 19, 75, 76. 80. 106. 107 
Picioreanu. Stephanie 75. 80, 86, 107 
Pierce-Lord, Jeremy 19, 80, 87, 109 
Pierce-Lord. Julian 57. 72. 106 
Pischke. Karli 119 
Plater. Cole 42. 90, 117 
Plater. Taryn 52. 54. 55. 121 
Pluck, Benjamin 61, 125, 179 
POOnja, Ali 1, 6. 48. 61, 85, 85, 125, 180 
Porter, Sean 15. 121 
Poscente. Taylor 114. 115 
Powell. Madeleine 5. 40. 56. 65. 112, 115 
Powell, Stephen 25. 117 
Prefontaine, Ms. 72, 97 
Preston, Mrs. 25. 41, 69. 97 
Prete. 8. Alexis 51. 110. 205 
Prete. Cole 72. 106. 107 
Prete. Nathan 58. 76. 105 
Provencher, Ms 97 
Pujara, Rajesh 52, 85, 119 
Pujara, Sheena 8, 9, 87, m 
Pureed , Katrina 52, 54. 61. 121 


Pachell. Emily 1. 6. 28, 29, 48, 49. 75. 101 

Rabie. Zasha 19. 77, 86. 108 
Rabie. Zayden 55. 58. 76. 102. 207 
Race. Mr 72. 75. 95. 97 

Ralph. Michaela 65, 112, 115 
Randhawa, Azeeza 16, 56, 82, 88, 115 
Randhawa, Rindhem 56. 65. 82. 115 
Randhawa. Shefali 15. 67. 70. 104 
Randhawa. zaina 8. 51. 80, 81, 111 
Rawji, Kiana 8, 14, 15, 81, 95. m 
Rawji. zahra 25. 42, 116, 117, 208 
Rawling, Angus 42, 90, 117 
Rawling. Hadley 15, 40, 65. 88. 112. 115 
Reid. Daniel 58. 40. 56. 115 
Reid, Ly-Anh 25, 62, 116, 117 
Reynish, Hannah 61, 92, 125, 181 
Reynish. Thomas 58, 87, 102 

Ritchie, Eric 23. 42, 117 
Ms Roberts, 50, 97 

Robins, Alexander 50, 53, 72, 73, 80, 107 

Rodney, Wendy 16, 97, 99 

Rollie, Tammy 97 

Romanow, Victoria 42, 90, 117 

Rose, Aidan 73, 76, 107 

Rose, Brendan 123, 125, 182 

Rose, Jeremy 45, 119, 182 

Roskey, Benjamin 92, 121 

ROSS, Justin 8, 87, 110, 204 

Ross. Mathew 23, 117 

Rossi, Christian 40, 56, 88, 112, 113 

Roth. Mackenzie 3, 16. 40, 62. 93, 113 

ROth, Tobi 19, 67, 74, 104 

Rozsa, Charles 34, 60, 123, 183, 184 

Ruparell, Asha 34, 38, 82, 116, 117, 208 

Ruparell, Jyoti 9, 52, 81, 110 

Ruparell, Shiv 34, 82, 83, 85, 117 

Mr Ruskay, 97 

Rusnac, Andrew 119 

Rusnac, Daniel 25, 108, 205 

SadTqrMuhayman 77, 87, 93, 109 

Sadiq, Tehreem 56, 113 

Samuel, Bryn 58, 103, 203 

Samuel, Rhyd 72, 76, 80, 107 

Sandhu, Rhea 48, 58 102 

Sandul, Ashleigh 34, 123, 183, 184, 191 

Sandul, Matthew 15, 23, 62, 93, 117, 184 

Mr Schneider, 17, 33, 47, 98 

Schneider, Kira 8, 19, 52, 71, 81, 110 

Schneider, Kyle 8, 86, 110, 204 

Schneider, Maris 22. 34. 42, 82, 83, 117 

Schneider. Talia 52. 58. 59. 76, 103 

Schwartz, Adam 8, 19, 87, 111, 206 

Schwartz, Jennifer 89, 91, 115 

Seasons, Graham 90, 117 

Seasons, Kendall 121 

Senger, Meghan 14, 32, 34, 92, 121, 192 

Shah, Nicole 40, 56, 88. 113 

Shah, Ryan 33, 119 

Shannon, Alexander 58, 59, 76, 102 

Shannon, Stefan 30, 67, 81. 105 

Mr Shaw. 46, 93, 98 

Shaw-Antonio, Keeley 92, 123. 185. 195 
Shepherd, Ms 98 
Shepherd. Cabriel 50, 109. 204 
Shepherd, Sophia 67. 87, 104 
Sherar. Mitchell 2, 16. 38. 113 
Shimonov. Aaron 13, 76, 102 
Shimonov, Rachel 72. 76, 106 
Shopperly, Halle 30. 31. 48. 89. 90. 115 

Shopperly, Mason 52, 93, 109, 204 

Sidhu, Aamani 18, 37, 86, 109 

Singh, Bishneet 73, 86, 107 

Sladkowski, Sarah 115 

Smale, Ms 98 

Smith, Christie 98 

Smith, Griffin 32, 33, 93, 121 

Smith, Juliana 23, 117 

Smith, Katherine 14, 40, 56, 88, 113 

Soenarjo, Gabriella 121 

Sommerville, Arden 34, 92, 121 

Song, Yuxin 121 

Soules, Gillian 123 

Soules, Michelle 119 

Spilak, Benjamin 51, 77, 87, 109 

Sprung, Scarlet 17, 54, 119 

Spyker, Matthew 37, 67, 105 

Spyker, Melissa 25. 37. 86. 108 

Spyker, Michael 39. 62. 113 

St. George, John 123, 189 

Stach. Lori 98 

Stack, Teaghan 22, 42, 90, 117 

Stack, Tynan 14, 93, 121 

Stanick, Abbegayle 19, 25, 50, 80, 108, 205 

Staniloff, Ellie 121 

Staniloff, Matthew 114, 115 

Starich, Bartholomew 15, 61, 93, 121 

Starish, Bart 91 

Stark, Benjamin 91, 119 

Stashin, Matthew 23, 69, 90, 117, 187 

Stashin, Sydney 45, 92, 123, 187 

Sten, carter 115 

Sten, Garrett 25, 77, 108 

Stevens, Liam 53, 66, 67, 75, 104 

Stevens, Madeline 12, 28, 51. 87. 101 

Stewart, Clayton 15, 68, 82, 117 

Stewart, Jennifer 34, 55, 60, 91, 121, 188 

Stewart, Mikaela 34, 60, 85, 123, 188 

Stewart. Richard (Karson) 58, 59, 87, 103 

Stone, Andrew 17, 61, 119 

Storwick, Mark 26, 34, 54, 55, 61, 85. 121 

Mr Straub, 84, 98 

Street, Lindsay 123, 190 

Stumpf, Ryan 17, 55, 119 

Stumpf, Sarah 41, 63, 115 

Sullivan, Christina 34, 35, 115 

Sullivan, Michael 14, 34, 35, 46, 121 

Sunderji, Ashyana 8, 9, 24, 81, 87, 111 

Sunderji, Imaan 40, 57. 62. 63. 88, 113 

Sunderji, Kail 19, 37, 53, 67, 105 

Sunderji, Kiyan 13, 67, 105 

Szepesi-Dumonceaux, Joshua 61, 93, 121, 


Tarn, Calvin 33, 119 

Tamas, Elizabeth 22. 42, 54. 62, 79. 117, 

Tang. Christopher 121 

Tartai, Bryan 119 

Taylor, Brandon 34 

Taylor, Donald 121 

Taylor, Sara 30, 119 

Thomas, Bronwyn 58, 86, 103, 202 

Thomas, Peyton 72, 76, 107 

Ms Thompson, 98 

Mr Thomson. 98 

Thorbjornsen, Miranda 34, 55. 88. 92, 94, 
95, 121 

Tilden, Benjamin 38. 40, 113 

Tilden, William 72, 80, 107 

Toba-Oluboka. Oloruntobi 123, 158, 191 

TOPS, JUlia 79, 90. 117 

Toward. Liam 53, 73, 106 

Toward, Tiffany 9. 24, 53, 81. 110 

Tripp, Shayne 8, 24, 53, 111 

Tripp, Tori 53,67, 105 

Tripp, Travis 117 

Tsuno, Ryota 121 

Tsuno, Shota 119 

Turner. Emma 16. 22. 62, 63, 116, 117 
Turner. Michael 72, 76, 106 
Turner, Samuel 9, 13, 19, 87. 110. 204 
Turnquist, Bronwyn 40, 112, 113 
Turnquist, Keegan 82, 90, 117 


- I 

unterschultz, Mr 98 
Urban, Brandon 33, 34. 35. 60, 84, 121 
usseiman walker 19. 103 
Uzick, Mr 34, 94. 98 


Vaandering. 41, 115 

vaandering, Connor 32, 8a, 119 

vadnai, Avery 12, 48. 73. 76. 79. 106 

Vadnai. Evan 39, 57. 113 

Valentine, Bronwyn 1. 32, 61. 123. 192 

van Beek, Mats 89. 115 

Van Der Poel, Vincent 123, 193 

Van Helden, Rebecca 45, 61. 92, 123, 169, 


Van Sant, Charles 92. 121 

Van Sickle, Cassandra 34, 35, 60, 123. 195 

Vanderwerff, Matthew 12, 28, 101 

varley. Harrison 83, 84, 123, 196 

Verburg, Lucas 15. 117 

Verburg, Ryan 40, 62, 113 

vogeli. Georgia 121 


walker. Alexandra 26. 46. 61, 92, 123, 171. 

walker, Grace 34. 60, 71. 123. 180. 199. 
201, 208 

walker. Mckenzie 30, 119, 197 

Walter. Christie 94, 115 

Wang, Ran 17, 32, 94, 95. 119 

Waterous, Liam 40. 56. 88, 112. 113 

Waterous, Riley 33. 47. 121 

Watson. Alexandra 18, 50, 53. 77. 108. 202 

way. Sarah 14. 26. 34. 61. 85. 121 
Weber, Ms. 98 

Webster, Alissa 20. 68. 114, 115 
Webster, Kyle 9, 52, 93, 110. 206 
Ms weicker, 98 

Weissenborn, Lauren 67, 86, 105 
Weissenborn, Rhys 1, 18, 29, 51, 70, 101 
Wellwood, 98 

Welykochy. Katrina 58, 75, 87. 103. 207 

Welykochy. Mikayla 40. 56. 88. 113 

Weremchuk, Kyra 28, 74. 76. 101 

Ms westers, 16, 48. 89. 98 

Weyant, Anna 14, 121 

Weyant, Austin 34. 62, 63, 116, 117 

Whitehead, William 38. 61, 85, 92, 123. 124, 


Whyte. Meigan 13, 25, 50, 51, 108 
Mr Wick. 53. 88. 98. 99 
Wiebe. Connor 25. 37. 108 
Wiebe, Nicholas 68. 88. 113 
wierzbicki, Nicole 121 
Wilkinson, Elliot 17, 46. 119 
Wilkinson, Maya 13, 18, 37, 109 
Wilmoth. Ava 13. 67. 105 
Wilmoth, Zoe 9. 24. 87. 111 
Wilson. Julia 9. 81. 87. 111 
Wilson. SCOtt 34. 35. 117 
Winter, Tyler 91, 119 

Witschi, Charlee 14, 22, 38, 82, 90, 116, 117 

Witschi, Mckenzie 40, 56. 63. 88, 112, 113 

Wiwchar, Andrew 9, 81, 111 

Wong, Cameron 9, 14, 52, 81, 110 

Wong, Chelsea 31, 73, 80, 106 

Wong. Griffin 67, 75, 105 

Wong. Lauren 69. 82. 88. 112. 113 

Wong, Trinity 29, 53, 70, 75, 76, 87, 100 

wood, Heather 34, 62, 82, 83. 117 

wood, Madison 123. 185. 201 

wood. Thomas 123. 191. 200 

WOOlCOtt, Kyle 69, 89. 115 

Woronuk. Evan 16. 38. 70. 88, 113 

woronuk, Logan 55, 119 

worsley, Willem 67, 87. 105 

Wrenshall, Darian 82, 117 

wrenshall. Luka 24. 110 .205 

Wylie. Garret 67. 75. 105 

Wylie, Gavin 18, 28. 75. 101 

Wynne, Nicholas 89, 115 

Oidreas 121 
zakos, vasiliki 48. 89. 115 
Zhang. Jessica 33. 61. 91. 94. 95. 117 
Zhang. Yi Di 119 

Yacoub, Anthony 56, 113 

Yacoub. Matthew 51. 53. 72, 106, 107 

Yapa Abeywardene, Lasindu 65. 89. 106, 


Yapa Abeywardene, Onelli 72, 80, 107 

Yates. Alice 13, 54, 109 

Yates. Elspeth 17, 32, 34, 35, 47, 54. 83. 91, 


Yen. Chi-Hsuan 34. 35. 46. 91, 121 
Yen. Justin 115 
Young. Georgia 61, 121 
Young, Isabel 14. 62. 63. 115 
Mr Yurchevich. 98 


Vith Gratitude ' ' / 

A project of this magnitude requires the effort of many photographers, designers, writers and volunteers in order to be successful. Thank you to 
the following people for their work in making the 2012 edition of Paidia a beautiful and meaningful book: 

Assistant editor and STS teacher Ms Laura Westers, who spent countless hours advising students and working on layouts to bring out the best of 
what happened in 2011-2012. Thank you for the time you put into this project and your support and leadership of our student designers. 

The student yearbook team: Ibrahim Itani, Brittany Currie, Darby Lush, Michelle Fric, Michelle Grant, Seth Carson. Randi Thorbjornsen, Asha 
Ruparell, Zahra Rawji, Lizzie Tamas, Leigh-McNeil Taboika, Brynn and Kathryn McLellan, Grace Walker, Jennie-Evamy Hill, Will Clark. Billy 
Hornaday, Georgia Forbes, Michelle Kirchman, Jill Northcott, Bronwyn Valentine - your efforts were enormous and your hard work has paid off. 

Thank you for sticking with it. 

STS parent Shelley Anderson, who took on the huge role of coordinating and designing the elementary pages of the book. I appreciate all of 
your late nights and I know that the elementary students will look back on this book with fondness thanks to your dedication. Patricia 
DAgostini, who stepped up to assist Shelley with this task, and whose work has been so appreciated. 

Thank you to Mr Roth, for your beautiful and professional athletic photos. To the STS Elementary parent photographers who worked 
throughout the year photographing the students. To Jennifer Chipperfield, who graciously let us use her professional photographs for our 
book. To Communications Coordinator Tammy Rollie, who frequently attended and photographed student events. 

It has been such a memorable year in the STS family. I feel privileged to have been a part of the story. Thank you for reading and supporting 

our book. 

- Brianna Johnson, Faculty Advisor 

Warner Bros. Ent. All rights reserved/Courtesy Everett Collection Dafe Robinette/©Walt Disney Studios Motion 

Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection 

The Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick 


Will and Kate's Warm Welcome 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take part in 
Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill as they 
begin an eight-day tour, the first royal tour since 
their April 2010 nuptials. 


Space Shuttle Program Ends 

The nation's budget woes force NASA to cancel 
a 30-year program that shuttles U.S. astronauts 
to and from the International Space Station. 

You Are One in 7 

In October, the United 
concern over the planet's food supply 
now that the world population has 
reached an ail-time high of 7 billion. 

S700-million Slave 
Lake, AB Fire 

The May 16, 2011 wildfire 
forced the evacuation of 
7000 residents and is con- 
sidered the second most 
costly disaster in Canadian 
history behind the ice storm 
that hit Quebec and Ontario 
in 1 998. After a 5 Mi month 
investigation, the Alberta 

government reveals the fire Kelowna Foreclosures 

Joe Raedle/Getty Images 

may have been deliberately Home foreclosures are on the rise with ten times more listings than in 2009, in British Columbia's 

The Canadian Press/Jonathan Hayward se t. Central Okanagan with more than 1 70 court-ordered properties for sale. 

Diamond Jubilee 

The Queens Canadian flag 
flies on Parliament Hill to 
mark the Queen's Diamond 
Jubilee. The 85-year-old 
monarch ascended the 
throne on February 6, 1 952 
and will be celebrated 
throughout 2012. 

The Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick 

Doctor Convicted in 
Michael Jackson's 

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's 
personal physician, is convicted 
of involuntary manslaughter for his 
role in the pop star's anesthetic 

Arab Spring Extends 
Through Fall 

Middle East regimes topple with the 
death of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and 
the ouster of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and 
Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. 

The Canadian Press/Ryan Remkxz 

Jack Layton Passes 
Away at age 61 

NDP Leader Jack Layton died on August 
22. 201 1 weeks after announcing that he 
was fighting a new form of cancer, and just 
months after leading his party to its most 
successful federal election result ever. 

Al Seib- Pool/Getty Images 

AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito 

Pete SouzaThe White House/MCT via Getty Images Joe Raedle/Getty Images 

Cruise Ship Capsizes 

The Costa Concordia runs aground 
off the Italian coast near the Isola 
del Giglio, resulting in numerous 

Death of Bin Laden Catches Nation's Attention 

The United States watched as news came in about the death of 
Osama Bin Laden, following the Seal Team 6 raid on the terrorist 
leader's Pakistan compound. 

U.S. Troops Leave Iraq 

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq 
ends in December, concluding eight years 
of war and occupation. 

Greek Economy 
European Stability 

European nations offer 
bailout loans and urge 
austerity measures to 
keep the Greek debt 
crisis from damaging the 
Euro-Zone economy. 

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images 

Legislators Take 

Bullying Seriously 

To address increasing concern 
over harassment in schools, several 
jurisdictions in Canada are in the 
process of enacting anti-bullying laws. 

Amanda Knox 

Italian courts 
overturn the 
murder conviction 
of American college 
student Amanda 
Knox. She returns 
home to Seattle 
after serving four 
years in prison. 

Kevin Casey/AFP/Getty Images 

AP/Charles Dharapak 

Navy Rescues Iranian Crew 
from Pirates 

In the North Arabian Sea, the USS 
Kidd, a U.S. Navy warship, rescues 
the crew of an Iranian fishing boat 
from Somali pirates. 

Canadian Press/Graham Hughes 

Shafia's Found Guilty 

A Kingston, Ontario jury find 
Mohammad Shafia, 58, his wife Tooba 
Yahya, 42 and their son Hamed, 
21 , guilty in the murders of sisters 
Sainab, 19, Sahar, 17, Geeti, 13 and 
Mohammad Shafia's first wife, Rona 
Amir, 52. 

The Canadian Press/Paul Chiasson 

New $100 Bill 

The Bank of Canada releases the first 
polymer bank note that contains a 
wealth of anti-counterfeiting features 
such as partially hidden numbers. The 
new bill is anticipated to last two-and- 
a-half times longer than its counterpart. 

New York 

The Nation Remembers 9/1 


Watson Gets a 
Government Job 

After trouncing human 
Jeopardy champions, 
Watson, the IBM 
supercomputer, analyzes 
pharmaceutical patent 
data for the National 
Institutes of Health. 

Seth Wenig/AP Photo 

The Canadian Press/Larry MacDougal 

Canada Post Removes Letter-Boxes 

The iconic red boxes are getting harder to find as Canada Post removes more than 1 .000 letter- 
boxes from across the country as household mail declines. 

AP Photo/The Oakland Press. Jose Juarez 

AP Photo/Scnbner. File 

Coupon Clipping 

Coupons are a lifestyle trend as 
consumers emulate super-thrifty 
shoppers featured on TV shows 
like Extreme Couponing on TLC. 

Gabrielle Giffords 

KAREN BLEIER/AFI ' ( ietty Images 

School Buildings 
Go Green \ 

Provinces are adopting 
green building practices so 
that school buildings can 
save energy and use fewer 

Jesse Tinsely/The Spokesman-Review/ 
AP Photo 

Consumers Trash Junk Mail 

Households across the nation are 
taking steps to reduce the paper waste 
of unwanted ]unk mail from catalog 
companies and advertisers. 


Gabby Giffords Pens Memoir 

One year after she was shot by a would- 
be assassin. Representative Gabby 
Giffords and her husband publish a 

The Canadian Press/Jonathan Hayward 

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images 

Occupy Wall Street 

Outrage over bank bailouts and foreclosures 
sparks a protest movement that spreads 
from New York's Zuccotti Park to cities 
across Canada. 

"The Protester" Is Person of the Year 

As demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, 
and New York make headlines, Time magazine 

Steve Jobs Dies 

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, a pioneer in the 
personal computing and consumer electronics 

names "The Protester" as 201 1 's Person of the Year, fields, dies at age 56 of pancreatic cancer. 

PARK JI-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images 

New LED 

AP Photo/Mark Stehle 

Women Leaders Share Nobel Peace Prize 

Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee, Liberian President Ellen 
Johnson-Sirleaf, and Tawakkol Karman of Yemen all receive the 
Nobel Peace Prize. 

Lightbulbs Shine 
for Decades 

Pricey, Energy 
Star-rated LED 
bulbs debut in stores 
and outshine 
compact fluorescent 
bulbs, lasting five 
times longer. 

New Standards 

announce national 
standards to 
oversee the natural 
gas industry's 
practice of 
hydraulic fracturing, 
or fracking. 

YouTube Request Snags 

Corporal Kelsey de Santis successfully 
asks Justin Timberlake to be her date 
for the Marine Corps Ball by posting a 
video on YouTube. 

Lance Cpl- Emmanuel Ramos/ Marine Corps Base Quantico Public Affairs/AP Photo 

Canada's Best Run Cities 

1 . Burnaby, B.C. 

2. Saskatoon, SK 

3. Surrey, B.C. 

4. Vancouver, B.C. 

5. Longueuil, Q.C. 

6. Sherbrooke, Q.C. 

7. London, ON 

8. Saint John, N.B. 

9. Quebec City 

1 0. Toronto, ON 


David Goddard/Getty Images 

London Builds an Eco-sawy 
Olympic Park 

Green building practices transform 
former industrial land into London's 
Olympic Park for the 2012 Summer 


The Canadian Press/Jonathan Hayward 

Historic Prairie Flooding 

Water from the swollen Assiniboine 
River in Manitoba breaches a dike on 
May 14, 2011. Widespread flooding 
hit parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan 
and Northern Ontario and resulted in 
unprecedented water levels not seen 
in hundreds of years. 

Jloomberg/Getty Images 

Airlines Fly Toward 
Greener Fuels 

Seeking to decrease greenhouse gas 
emissions and shrink their carbon 
footprint, passenger jets are starting to 
switch to new bio-fuels. 

Harry How/Staff/Getty Images Eduardo Enomoto/NewsFree/LatinContent/Getty Images 

Boston Bruins Bear Down 

Following their first Stanley Cup win in 39 
years, the Boston Bruins keep the momentum 
going strong with a solid 201 1 -201 2 season. 


Skaters Gather in Brazil 

Lincoln Ueda, Tony Hawk and other world-class 
skateboarders headline a "Jump" festival at 



The NHL is 
inaugural game again: 

Women's Soccer 

Christine Sinclair from 
Burnaby, B.C. celebrates 
her team's 3-1 win over 
Mexico at the CONCACAF 
women's Olympic qualifying 
game at B.C. Place on 
January 27, 2C12. 

The Canadian Pi 

nan Hayward 

St. Louis Cardinals Win World Series 

With a win over the Texas Rangers in seven games, the St. Louis 
Cardinals take home their 1 1th World Series victory. 

Basketball Players 
End Strike 

The 2011 NBA lockout ends as 
basketball team owners and players 
strike a deal. The start of the season 
is delayed until Christmas. 

AP Kevin Terrell 

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images 

The Canadian Press. MontreaJ 
La Presse-Martin Chamberiand 

Sarah Burke 

1 v 
Canadian skier Sarah Burke, 
29, dies from injuries sustained 
during a training run in Utah on 
January 19, 2012. 

Talking Tebow 

Sports announcers and fans debate over 
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. 
an athlete who wears his faith on the 
sleeve of his football jersey. 

Sidney Crosby 

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh 
Penguins was sidelined for most of the 
201 1 season following a concussion. He 
returned in November to play, scoring 
two goals, but by December, Crosby was 
sidelined again. 

The Canadian Press/Jonathan Hayward 

The Canadian Press/Paul Chiasson 

Team Stoughton Takes Gold 

Team Stoughton celebrates a 6-5 gold 
medal win over Scotland at the Ford World 
Men's Curling Championships in Regina, 
Saskatchewan on April 1 0th, 201 1 . This is 
Stoughton's second world curling title. 

JoePa Loses His 
Battle with Lung 

Joe Paterno, the 
beloved college 
football coach who 
led the Penn State 
Nittany Lions to a 
record-breaking 409 
£ victories, dies at age 

New York Wins 
Super Bowl Trophy 

Eli Manning leads the New York Giants 
to their fourth Super Bowl triumph, 
narrowly defeating the New England 
Patriots 21 to 1 7. 

Gold Medal Win 
for Toronto's 
Patrick Chan 

Patrick Chan, 
21 , wins gold for 
his spectacular 
performance at the 
men's ISU Grand Prix 
of Figure Skating on 
December 10, 2011 in 
Quebec City. 

Press/Nathan Denerte 

The Dallas Mavericks ice the Miami 
Heat dream team and LeBron James 
by winning the 201 1 NBA World 
Championship in Game 6. 

Team Canada's Bronze 

Canada captured bronze in a 4-0 
victory over Finland in the IIHF World 
Junior Championship in Calgary, on 
January 5, 2012. 

Dntributor/Getty Images 

Kelly Slater Rules the Waves 

By winning top honors at the Billabong 
Pro Tahiti competition, surfer Kelly 
Slater captures his 47th elite World 
Tour victory. 

Al Bello/Getty Images 

for Latin Recording Academy Michael Tran/FiimMagic 

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMaqic 

Usher on the Upswing 

Usher wins the AMA Favourite Male Artist 
award, performs with Justin Bieber for NBC's 
Christmas in Rockefeller Center, and reunites 
with Ludacris. 


Katy Perry Stays on Top 

Katy Perry is the year's most-played artist on the 
radio, with five Number One singles. She sells two 
million albums and 24 million digital downloads. 

The Rising Star, Bruno Mars 

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars receives 
six Grammy nominations, an AMA Award 
for best Pop/Rock Male Artist, and sings 
with the Muppets on Sesame Street. 

if Hi 

Abdeljali Bounhar/AP Photo 

George Rose/Getty Images 

Lucky Seven 

Hip-hop superstar and 
producer Kanye West 
receives a total of seven 
2012 Grammy nomina- 
tions, more than any other 
artist for the season. 

Adele Turns 21 

Despite vocal cord trouble 
that forces her to sus- 
pend touring, Adele is 
Billboard's Number One 
artist of 2011 and her 
album, 27, is the year's 

Whitney Houston 
Dies 'at Age 48 

The music industry and 
fans alike were stunned 
about the death of music 
icon, Whitney Houston. 
Her body was found 
unresponsive on Saturday, 
February 11th in her 
Los Angeles hotel room. 

Mark Humphrey/AP Ptioto 

Lady A. Owns the Night 

Nashville's Lady Antebellum hits the country charts with "Just a Kiss," from their third studio 
album, Own the Night. 

2011 JUNO Awards Highlights 

Album of the Year- 

The Suburbs, Arcade Fire 

Artist of the Year - 

Neil Young, Reprise 

Group of the Year - 
Arcade Fire 

New Artist of the Year - 
Meaghan Smith 

Songwriter of the Year - 
Arcade Fire 

Pop Album of the Year - 

My World 2.0, Justin Bieber 

JUNO Fan Choice Award - 
Justin Bieber 

I 20M \ 

Joe Kohen/Wirelmag 

Mark Allan /AP Photo Press Association/AP Images 

Jennifer Lopez Goes Solo 

After the tabloids cover her split from 
husband Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez 
wins a Favourite Latin Artist Award from 
the American Music Awards. 

Dimitnos Kambouns/Wirelmage 

Coldplay Plays It Cool 

Coldplay releases its fifth album, Mylo Xyloto, and 
streams a concert in Spain as a live webcast on 

Gaga Visits Obama 

Lady Gaga drops in on President Obama to 
lend her support to his anti-bullying 
campaign, according to a White House 
senior advisor's blog. 

Frederick Breedon IV/FilmMagic 

Maroon 5 Moves Like Winners 

Maroon 5 wins an AMA Pop/Rock Favourite 
Band award. The cast of Glee covers the 
band's hit single, "Moves Like Jagger." 

Taylor Made 

Taylor Swift releases 
her Speak Now 
World Tour: Live 
album and is named 
CMA Entertainer 
of the Year. 

The Merry Band Perry 

Siblings Kimberly, Neil, and Reid 
Perry of The Band Perry celebrate a 
Platinum album, three CMA Awards 
and a Grammy nomination. 

Jason Derulo 
Recovers from 

Jason Derulo lands 
in the hospital and 
cancels a planned 
UK tour after 
fracturing his neck 
while rehearsing 
acrobatic stage 

Richard Drew/AP Photo 

Richard Diamond/Getty Images 

Casting Crowns Hit the Town 

The acclaimed contemporary Christian 
rock group, Casting Crowns, launches a 
tour to promote its latest album, Come 

to the Well. 

Natalie Grant Gets 
Grammy Nod 

Singer Natalie Grant receives a Grammy 

Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via AP Images 

Foster the People Pumps Up 

More than a year after the catchy 

nomination for Best Gospel/Contemporary single's release, "Pumped Up Kicks" 
Christian Music Performance, for "Alive fina || y rea ches the top of the singles 
(Mary Magdalene)." chart 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

Polaroid Pictures to Go 

The Pogo instant digital camera from 
Polaroid prints its own snapshots to share 
in less than a minute. 

Call of Duty Earns $400 Million No Glasses Required for Nintendo "3DS" 

The debut of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare The newest Nintendo 3DS device features a 

3 is the most successful game launch in no-glasses 3D screen and allows players to record 

history, according to Activision Blizzard, Inc. 3D video footage. 


Super Mario 3D 
Land Conquers a 
New Dimension 

Developed for the Nintendo 
3DS, Super Mario 3D Land 
receives rave reviews for its 
addictive 3D experience. 

Welcome The 
Son of Neptune 

Troubled teenage 
demigod Percy 
Jackson returns for 

Angry Birds Goes Mobile 

The humorous and addictive computer game, Angry Birds, is one of the most successful mobile 
apps in the world. 



more adventure in 

e second book of 
tfite Heroes of 
Olynqpus series. 

Just Dance 3 
Steps Out 

Ubisoft releases Just 
Dance 3, featuring singles 
by Katy Perry, Cee Lo 
Green, Britney Spears, 
Scissor Sisters, and 
/ The Black Eyed Peas. 

Madden NFL 12 Scores Big 

EA Sports adds non-NFL players like female 
quarterback Hope Bromley to the free agents 
in Madden NFL 12, the newest edition of the 
popular video game. 

Mindflex Duel Is a Brainy Game 

Mindflex Duel players wear special, 
brain wave-sensing headsets to steer 
foam balls through the air and around 

Heather Wines/CBS 

! ield/Getty Images for PCA Sergei Bachlakov/© The CW/Courtes 

ang for the Buck 

Bang Theory, a popular sitcom 
about geeky research scientists and the 
women in their lives, is in its fifth season. 

Missing Michael 

Critics and fans tune into the eighth season of The 
Office to see how the ensemble cast fares after the 
departure of star Steve Carrell. 

Bewitching Teens Cast a Spell 

When Cassie Blake moves to a small town in 
Washington State, the teen is invited to join a 
coven of witches in The Secret Circle. 

Victors in 

Storage Wars 

In southern California, j 
abandoned storage 
lockers are sold at _ 
auction to competing 
buyers who hope to 
find hidden treasure in 
Storage Wars on A&E. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images 


X Marks The Spot 

Simon Cowell is set to 
kick off season two of 
the U.S. version of the 
X-Factor. This year's 
competition will feature 
new judges to replace 
Paula Abdul and Nicole 
Sherzinger, as well as 
a new host. 

NBC Finds 
Its Voice 

Christina Aguilera, 
Cee Lo Green, Adam 
Levine and Blake 
Shelton compete 
to coach unknown 
singers to victory in 
the reality talent 
show, The Voice. 

Ray Mickshaw/Fox via Getty Images 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

CBS Captures 
Viewers Interest 

A mysterious billionaire 
scientist hires a former 
CIA officer to help him 
prevent crimes before 
they occur. The crime 
drama, Person of 
Interest, is a hit for CBS. 



Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images 

Big Stars on Small Screen 

Mike & Molly, a sitcom about an obese couple who start dating after 
they meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, is in its second 

Bobby Bank/Wirelmage 

Vermin, Beware 

An eccentric Louisiana 
exterminator works 
the front lines of his 
family business in the 
reality show Billy 
the Exterminator. 

AP Photo/Peter Kramer 


Playing the Pawn 

The History Channel has a hit 
with Pawn Stars, featuring the 
Harrison family and selected 
treasures from their Las Vegas 
pawn shop. 


The Boys 
Are Back 

Robert Downey, Jr. 
and Jude Law return 
as Sherlock Holmes 
and Dr. Watson in Guy 
Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes: 
A Game of Shadows. 

Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection 

©Warner Bros. Ent. All rights reservedyCourtesy Everett Collection 

Harry Potter Series Finale on Home Video 

After inspiring moviegoers to camp out for the first midnight showings, Harry Potter and the 
Deathly Hallows: Part 2 comes to home video. 

Eugene Gologursky/Contributor/Getty Images Wilson Webb/©Universal Pictures Courtesy Everett Collection 

Agent J Returns 

Josh Brolin joins Will Smith, 
Tommy Lee Jones and some 
seriously sinister aliens in the 
long-awaited science fiction 
comedy sequel, Men in Black 3. 

Diyah Pera/TM & S201h Century Fox Film Corp 
All rights reserved/courtesy Everett Collection 

Chronicle Flies into 
Theaters \ 

Three students discover they have 
superpowers far beyond their 
understanding. As their powers 
grow, so does their dark side 
to use them to their advantage. 
Their lives take unexpected 
turns as they try to deal with the 
unexplainable changes.' 

War Horse Sells Tickets 
and Tissues 

When a boy's beloved thoroughbred is 
sold to an Army captain on the eve of 
World War I, a deeply moving drama is 
set in motion in War Horse. 

The Revenge of the 99 Percent 

When the boss squanders their 
retirement savings, the little people get 
even. Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy star 
in the crime comedy. Tower Heist. 

Animal House 

Matt Damon stars as a well-meaning 
widower who brings his young children to 
live in a rundown zoo in We Bought a Zoo. 

Make Some Noise 

Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton star in Joyful Noise, 
about conflicts within a Georgia church choir as the 
group prepares for a national competition. 

Breaking Dawn Breaks Records 

The Twilight. Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, 
the fourth installment in the series, earns 
$500 million in its first 1 2 days in theaters. 

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images 

AP Photo/ Frank Connor, Disney Enterprises 

A Boy and 
His Dog 

Steven Spielberg 
and Peter Jackson 
collaborate on 
the dazzling 3-D 
film, The Adventures 
of Tintin: The Secret of 
the Unicorn. 

Fox Searchlight Pictures- All rights reserved/Courtesy Everett Collection 

James Devaney/Contnbutor/Getty Images 

Live Action 
Adventure Is Out 
of This World 

Disney delights sci-fi 
fans with John Carter, 
which chronicles the 
adventures of a 
Confederate captain 
who is drawn into 
conflict on another 

Save the World 

A cast of superstars 
portray Marvel Comics 
superheroes recruited 
to battle an evil villain 
and his army in the 
theatrical release, 
The Avengers. 

Francois DuhamelAt.'Param 

urtesy Everett Collection 

Heartstrings in 

George Clooney plays 
Matt King, who loses 
his wife but keeps 
his land and draws 
closer to his two young 
daughters in The 

Super 8 Is 
Super Spooky 

After teens witness 
a train accident in 
a small Ohio town, 
strange occurrences 
lead to extraterrestrial 
suspense in Super 8. 


" r i ; i 

The Help Is a Hit ^ 

In the early 1960s, an idealistic, Caucasian writer 
wants to write about the struggles of the African- 
American maids who serve her peers in The Help. 

Dale Robinette/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection 

Hoodies Are Classic Casuals 

Comfortable, cozy, and laid-back hoodie 
sweatshirts convey an easy going attitude 
toward style. 

Slaven Vlasic/GetTy Images for Pandora 


Equestrian Style Steps Out Pandora Opens 

The classic English-style riding boot, worn with Pandora charm 

skirts or tucked-in skinny jeans, is one of the design-your 

strongest footwear trends for fall and winter. exp 

acelet Craze 



From Locker 
Room to 

As temperatures drop, 
comfortable, cozy, 
sweat pants make the 
leap from gym class to 

Energy Drinks as Teen Fuel Both Popular and Controversial 

The caffeine and sugar in popular but controversial energy drinks fuel teens to help stay awake 
for late-night study sessions and socializing. 


Go Retro 

A modem adaptation 
of the mid-century 
classic cardigan adds 
an extra layer of color, 
warmth, and style. 

Shaggy Chic 

Tall, fringed suede boots 
add a touch of irreverent, 
hippie chic to short skirts 
leggings, or tucked-in 

Aviator Shades Are Retro Chic 

A new generation embraces the iconic shades of 
the 1970s. Metal-rimmed, aviator-style sunglasses 
make a stylish comeback. 

Layers Make the Look 

Layering is one of the strongest trends for fall and 
winter. Mixing textures and lengths, like a cropped 
jacket over a long top. creates looks that are both 

cozy and cool. 

Mismatched Socks Are No Accident 

Bending the rules is always in style. Students 
express their creativity by mixing brightly colored, 
patterned, mismatched socks. 

The Time Is Right for the Neon Watch 

One of the must-have accessories for both guys 
and girls is a big, chunky watch in bright, neon hue. 

Yogurt Goes Greek 

Greek-style yogurt, which is 
creamier and less sour than 
ordinary yogurt, adds more 
delicious options to the dairy 

Stepping Out in Ballet Flats 

Cute, comfortable, versatile ballet 
flats go with just about everything 
from school outfits to party attire. 

Nail Polish Crackles 

Ordinary manicures get 
contrast, color, and texture 
with special, crackle-effect 
topcoat formulas. 

Boy Style '0 

Whether they're boot cut, skinny, 
or loose fit, jeans are still the focus 
of today's style. Just throw on your 
favorite tee or hoodie and you're 
good to go! 

Music Goes to Your Head 

Dr. Dre introduces high-performance, 
over-ear headphones that cancel outside 
noise and enhance the listening experience. 

Faux Is a Go 

The posh look and plush feel of faux 
fur inspires designers to go wild. 
Fabulous faux jackets, vests, collars and 
accessories are hot — and warm. 

Smartphone Users Love Wordplay 

The number-one mobile word game is Zynga's 
addictive "Words with Friends," a cross- 
platform challenge for friends and strangers. 

Moviegoers Stay Home With Netflix 

Netflix, a popular online movie rental service, 
delivers new flicks to home screens via instant 
streaming and discs in the mail. 


Nike Makes 
It Personal 

Online custom build-it 
functionality allows 
consumers to design 
their own Nike ID footwear 
by specifying colors and 
performance features. 

Stephen Hilger /Bloomberg/Getty Images 

Walt Disney 
World Celebrates 
40th Anniversary 

Press Association ap inwjes 

Facebook Makes 
It Easier to Go 
Back in Time. 

Facebook introduces its new 
interface, Timeline, which allows 
users to easily view everything 
from past photos, wall posts, and 
status updates from any year they 
were subscribed to Facebook. 

Apple iPhone 
4S Launches 

Apple unveils the iPhone 
4S, which features arV 
8-megapixel camera arid 
the same dual-core chip 
as the iPad. 

PRNewsFoto/Disney D23 

The Walt Disney World Resort 
turns 40. The celebration at 
Magic Kingdom Park includes 
fireworks and a mass sing-along 
of "When You Wish Upon a Star." 

Oprah Moves On 

Oprah Winfrey airs the final episode of her 
daytime television talk show after 25 seasons. 
The hour attracts 1 6.4 million viewers. 

is 9 Foods Invented 
by Canadians 

• Ginger Ale 

• Instant Mashed Potatoes 

• Marquis Wheat 

• Mcintosh Apples 

• Baby Pablum 

• Poutine 

• Processed Cheese 

• Yukon Gold Potatoes 

• Canola Oil 

Source: Lifestyle 

Tammie Arroyo/ AP f 

Kardashian Sisters Build 
Reality Show Empire 

Between Kim's 72-day marriage, 
Kourtney's second pregnancy, and 
various scandals, the media can't 
resist covering the Kardashians' 
every move. 

Paul Taggart/Bioomberg via Getty Images 

Tablet Computing 
Trends Upward 

The tablet computing craze is going 
strong. Consumers can't resist the Apple 
iPad 2, as well as competitors like the 
Kindle Fire and the Transformer Prime. 

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